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tv   Today  NBC  January 21, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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ea. >> got to love that degeneres dead pan humor. just why? why would you? we'll see you in 25 minutes. good morning. taking credit. good morning. taking credit. a confident president obama uses his state of the union address to declare the economic crisis has passed. >> good news, people. >> while shutting down republicans after they mockingly applaud the coming end to his presidency. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- i know because i won both of them. >> this morning reaction to it all from vice president joe biden. deflate gate reports this morning that 11 footballs used by the new england patriots in sunday's game were under inflated. the question, was the team trying to cheat? and what will the nfl do about
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it? still spreading, an oregon man comes down with measles. while disney admits five employees have come down with the disease including two who had been vaccinated. some schools taking drastic action. >> the whole tooth? a race official comes forward to say tiger woods' tooth wasn't knocked out by a camera man. -is girlfriend is responding saying tiger wasn't telling the tale. wednesday, january 21, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. everybody listen to the speech last night or watch? >> yeah, it was an interesting state of the union address. a little bit of sassiness on both sides. >> that's a moment a lot of people are talking about.
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we'll have more on that coming up. >> the state of the union, president obama displaying renewed swagger a he outlined a vision for the final two years of his presidency. peter alexander at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. last night the refrain this morning the reality check. the president confidently calling for action even if little is likely, with an estimated audience of 30 million americans. president obama was upbeat, optimistic, touting his major accomplishments and pressing republicans to turn the page. >> the state of the union is strong. >> reporter: president observe speaking in his next to last state of the union took credit for the recovering economy. >> a stock market that has doubled and helped keep inflation at its lowest rate in years. it's good news, people.
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>> cassing aside his lame duck status a list of proposals aimed at helping the middle class, tax hikes for the wealthy, paid sick leave and free community college tuition, and he challenged republican support of the keystone pipeline. >> let's set our sights higher than a single oil pipe line. let's pass a bipartisan infrastructure plan that could create more than 30 times as many jobs per year. >> on foreign policy to lift the trade embargo and the battle to defeat isis. >> it will require focus, but we will succeed. >> reporter: despite calls for unity. >> i still believe that together we can do great things even when the odds are long. >> reporter: republicans jumped on this line, teeing up what may have been the comeback of the night. >> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda -- i know because i won both of them.
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>> reporter: joni ernst delivered the republican response. >> congress is back to work on your behalf, ready to make washington focus on your concerns again. >> reporter: one of several republicans offering their take. >> in the sense he wants to claim there's been a great economic recovery which a lot of people said it's been fairly tepid. at the same time he wants to say we have these problems of income inequality and i wonder whose fault that is. >> reporter: in the american heartland ames, iowa less than a year from now they set off the picking process. three generations of a family judged the president's performance. >> i really felt like the president emphasized just character of our nation. >> he speaks well. gets the message across. whether he can do it or not is another subject. >> reporter: the president will hit the road to punctuate his message with stops in idaho, he
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heads to kansas tomorrow, both of them red states. but the bottom line here that sounded like a democratic party platform speech putting the president on another collision course with republicans. matt. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. joe biden is the vice president of the united states, mr. vice president, good morning. >> go morning matt. >> i want to talk about the speech. let me ask you about this shooting incident at your home in delaware over the weekend. there were reports that the security cameras at your property did not capture images of a gunman or gun men and that the authorities have no leads. do you feel safe being there or having your family there? >> i feel completely safe being there. matt, what they established is someone gone by at a high rate of speed, shot four shots, probably in the air, it could have easily shot and hit the guard shack or hit there is a garage up front, no evidence
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bullet holes and the reports by the county police that an hour later similar shots were heard about a mile and a half down the same road. so, i'm not worried about it. and i think the security at my home is fine. >> let's talk about the speech then. a lot was made mr. vice president, about the fact this was the first time the president was delivering a state of the union address in that room where both bodies of congress were controlled by the republican majority. you were sitting there. did the room feel different to you, more tension than normal? >> no, it didn't. as a matter of fact it felt the opposite. i think what's happened is not going to say dawned on, the republicans realized they are in control and have to govern. so it's a split government and they have an equal responsibility of governing. that's why i'm more optimistic to get things done than i was before. everybody knows they won the election, they control both houses, now what are we going to do about everybody talking about
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middle class. help the middle class. >> there were odd moments, the one that a lot of people are talking about this morning, mr. vice president, where the president was talking about having arguments that are worthy of the body and the country, and then he said i've run my last campaign and there was a smattering of applause, maybe even laughter from some republicans. and the president shot back. did you see that as a moment of disrespect? was it a symptom of the very pettiness that the president was referring to? >> look, matt. i sat through a lot of the state of the unions with eight different presidents, and similar things have occurred. i just think it's the nature of a body of 535 people and there's always something like that that comes out. i don't think it represented any institutional desire respect. >> the president spent time talking about the economy.
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did you get a sense in that room there is any glimmer of hope that republicans in that room would be willing to go along with a tax hike on the wealthy to pay for that tax cut for the middle class? after all, taking care of the middle class is not a partisan issue. the way you pay for it seems to be partisan. >> there is nothing partisan about saying that this really unique group of people gets an extra $210 billion, so called trust fund babies. look, if you go out and you buy stock and you buy it at $10 and it appreciates to $20 and you sell it you pay on the capital gains of $10. if somebody buys $10 million of stock, died, leaves it to his family it's now worth $50 million they pay no tax on that. it's a unique set of basically trust fund babies. no thinks there is productive value to that. no one thinks it's going to damage the wealth or the
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capability of people who have that kind of money. and the question is, my dad said if everything is equally important to you nothing is important to you. is it better to spend the money, is it better to spend the money with that tax expenditure or spend it by giving middle class people a tax break on child care or give them a tax break on homeownership or a tax break on education. i don't think it's close. and if you notice matt, you have a lot of republicans claiming credit for the recovery. that everybody acknowledges there is a recovery now. the only question is how do you deal the middle class back in fully. and for the first time i'm hearing, matt, i don't think you ever heard in the last eight years republicans use the phrase middle class as much as you heard lately because they know they need help. to restore wealth and their income base. and lastly, matt, the two things that are going to work is the president said jobs, and we're going to continue to attract jobs around the world and corporations from around the
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world if we have two things, the most highly skilled workforce and the best infrastructure. they used to be republican ideas. i'm convinced there is a core of republicans who still think those basic principles have nothing to do with politics. >> you are known as the guy who can work a room. boy, are you good at that. do you think you could work that room, vice president biden? bring those people in that room together to work for the american people? >> being president and being a leader in the senate are two different things. when i was in the senate i had the great honor of being able to work the room. i had -- i was fairly effective getting controversial things resolved whether it was relating to law enforcement and crime, violence against women act. as reminiscent when i wrote the violence against women act i was told by everybody there is no possibility republicans will support it. no way this would get done. so we started talking about it. we brought it -- we brought it
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to the attention of the public. and everybody said well, yeah, i guess we got to do something. we got it done. >> would you like the opportunity to work that room again from that podium? >> well yeah, by the way, matt, i think i could do a good job but that's not my focus now. my focus is keeping this recovery moving and i have plenty of time to make that decision between now and the summer. and i will make the decision in that time frame. >> vice president joe biden. nice to talk to you, sir. thank you for your time. >> thank you, matt. appreciate it. he had the best seat in the house. the president delivers it and you're looking at democracy. >> he dreams of the presidency he wouldn't be the first vice president. so we'll stay tuned for summer. let's turn to natalie the latest on isis. >> right. involving the two japanese hostages, the secretary of state john kerry has spoke within his
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counterpart in japan vowing u.s. support against the islamic state. now they are threatening to kill the two japanese hostages. in a video released tuesday an isis militant demanded ransom of $200 million from japan. the man criticized japan for pledging aid to countries fighting the extremist group. on tuesday japanese prime minister abe vowed to save the hostages saying his country would not give in to terrorism. moments in israel a palestinian man stabbed at least nine people on a bus including the driver. four people were seriously wounded and four others suffered minor injuries. officers saw the suspect running away from the bus, they shot him in the leg and took him into custody. they say the 23-year-old palestinian man entered israel illegally a few days ago. >> a cardiac surgeon who was shot at a boston hospital on tuesday died late last night. police say a 55-year-old man walked into the hospital and asked for the doctor by name,
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then proceeded to shoot dr. michael davidson. just outside of an examination room. the gunman shot and killed himself. police don't have a motive for the shooting, they say the man was not one of davidson's patients. >> we now know more about the final moments in the crash of airasia flight 8501. officials said tuesday that the plane climbed too fast before suddenly plunging into the java sea. the plane asended at a rate of 6,000 feet per minute, that's fighter jet speed, considered by experts to be impossible for a passenger jet. the crash on december 28 killed all 162 people on board. meantime, rescue crews will attempt to recover the fuselage using floating bags to help lift it to the surface. >> this is a story you'll love. a group of tourists got the surprise of their lives while visiting the rocky steps in philadelphia.
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♪ of course you remember that scene one of the most memorable movie scenes. sylvester stallone running up the steps in front of the museum of arlt. imagine if you were visiting there and ran into rocky himself? stallone is in town to shoot a movie and he took the time to chat and pose for self es with a group of guys who apparently ran up the steps and stallone said hey, you're too fast for me. making me look bad. >> the best scene. you want to jog? >> i've done that run up the steps. >> of course you have. >> the others screaming adrian! pretty good too. natalie, thanks. mr. roker is in atlanta on assignment for the weather channel. hi, al. >> that's right. that is #best selfie ever. we are in the lab, this is where all of the weather experts here at the weather channel have
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every bit of information at their beck and call. they made it available to us today. we are watching this clipper coming out of the midwest from minnesota, it's going to dive to the south, already bringing snow to cleveland, on into pittsburgh, light snow. but about 1 to 3 inches before this is over. it will end later this afternoon. it dives to the south bringing snow from pittsburgh on into eastern pennsylvania, even new york by overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. the good news is not a lot of snow with this, we're talking basically 1 to 3 inches, but in the next half hour we've got a more potent system to talk about, may cause problems all across the country. that's what's going on. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. dreams are born. hopes fly high... we love this country with a passion. you can see the pride in our eyes. read the joy on our faces. hear the love on our lips. we create products
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that deliver an effortless beauty look. genuine and glowing with confidence. almay. simply american. right now, we're seeing mostly clear skies across san francisco. 49 degrees. patchy dense fog around the north and east bay valleys will break up around lunchtime. through the afternoon, some low clouds moving down the coast. highs today in the low to mid 60s around the south bay. san jose 63. 61 palo alto. low 60s for the north bay and tri-valley locations for today. but trending warmer as we get into the weekend as the highs make a run at the 70s for the weekend. muy bien, este laboratorio tiene >> you always need a chalk board. >> that's right. i'm going to out and clean the erasers.
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>> thanks, al. >> al, thank you. the nfl so called deflate gate scandal over the footballs used in sunday's afc championship game, that scandal is widening. willie has the latest on the investigation. good morning. >> good morning to you. espn is reporting that almost all of these footballs used by the new england patriots in the blow out victory on sunday over the colts were missing air. >> the fact they were 11 out of the 12 balls discovered to be underinflated was certainly a big disappointment. >> citing sources in a report not verified by nbc news saying the nfl found 11 out of 12 patriots game day balls were significantly less inflated by two pounds. the league now trying to determine how it happened. >> this initial finding doesn't feel good to anybody.
7:18 am
>> the colts grew suspicious late in the second quarter. the team relaying the info to league officials. brady was asked about the report on monday. >> would you care to weigh in on that? >> i think i heard it all. >> boston globe reporting that the league was informed. the patriots saying we have been in complete cooperation with the league and will continue to do so. if the patriots are found to have deliberately doctored the footballs, the nfl could fine the organization a minimum of $25,000, and take away a draft pick. reaction to the espn report came quickly on social media. retired nfl great jerry rice tweeting 11 of 12 balls under-inflated. can any one spell cheating. while on instagram several took note of a poorly timed post from the nfl unrelated to deflate gate with the caption behind the
7:19 am
scenes making the super bowl 49 footballs. when reached for comment the nfl said it is not commenting at this time on the report. nbc news reached out to the patriots and we have not heard back. if this is true this is a big deal, it's cheating plain and simple though i don't think in a 45 or whatever, 45-7 game that made the difference. >> that's the question. why bother. >> one thing is for sure. media day on tuesday at the super bowl is going to be a bigger frenzy than it usually is. >> feel bad for the patriots fans. whatever happens it's going to call into question this whole thing. >> they are going to take it i have a feeling. >> you're calling it. >> no. i don't mean the game. i mean whatever criticism they get. mr. daly. >> i'm doing well, thank you. back to the state of the union when the president was giving his speech 2.6 million tweets were going, take a look at some of the trending topics. of course even before the state
7:20 am
of the union began the white house started posting pictures. president obama suiting up. using the #yes, we can if you remember this after august when he wore that. that's not what he wore. the white house getting social media going. of course the first lady always is a heavy trending topic. she wore this michael kors creation. someone said that's the same in the good wife. who would know that. if that wasn't enough impact, if you went to buy the thing currently unavailable. it sold out. sorry, savannah. not going to happen. of course the most talked about moment of the night here that many are referring to as the president's drop the mic moment when he shut it down where he said i have no more campaigns to run, i know because i won both of them. the #i won both of them immediately a top trend on facebook and twitter. >> i wonder if he was prepared
7:21 am
that he might get reaction in the room. >> i don't know. >> he was quick with that. no question. coming up was tiger woods' tooth really knocked out by a cameraman? there is some doubt as lindsey vonn comes to her boyfriend's defense. >> who is watching you. the concern over new technology that lets police see through your walls. first this is "today" on nbc.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 7:26. good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a developing story in the south bay. a busy street in san jose closed all morning due to a ruptured gasz main. kris sanchez has been live all morning. have you got an update for us? >> i do. the hope is they can reopen the roadway at 7:00. we do have the road crews starting to move some of the signage out of the way, and they are confident that they can move the cones. the westbound lanes are actually open and that's the one that has the higher volume headed for the freeway there. and then farther behind me you see the trench is still open right where that rupture happened. and right where the crews were trying to fix it ever since --
7:27 am
about 3:00 yesterday. it was capped at 6:00. so we'll give a couple hours in between. but again, this has been going on since yesterday afternoon. the good news is though that businesses in this little commercial district are going to be able to open as promised. their usual opening hours, no problem. and no one is without gas service because they did use high pressure gas trucks to restore that last night. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. let's check the forecast right now. it's a cold start, at least in the south bay. >> yeah we saw some 30s earlier. clear skies south of san francisco. not the story, though, in the north bay and some of the east bay valleys. dense fog advisory up through about 10:00. visibility at times less than a quarter mile as you head over from concord into fairfield. low clouds should break up. a few passes of low clouds moving down the coast later on. highs today near 63. san jose near 60 for san francisco. low 60s around the north bay and tri-valley. still seeing some 70s as high
7:28 am
pressure strengthens by the weekend. mike? >> we're looking to the south bay. you have your normal traffic flow, we'll call it the surface street. we're looking at great america parkway, the intersection is still closed by an overnight deadly crash. you can use lawrence expressway or lafayette to get you between 237 and 101 as your alternate. a lot of traffic control in the area. that's a busy area this time of day. also very busy heyward and fremont. but the crash has been moved to the shoulder. >> thank you for joining us as well. i'll be back in half an hour with another update.
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7:30 am
>> 7:30 on a pretty wednesday morning, of us on the east coast are going to get snow. we will check in in a bit. take a look at the headlines. >> president obama heads to idaho today. he is going to promote the ideas he laid out in the state of the union address. among them tax hikes on the rich and a push for more paid sick leave. >> a cardiac surgeon died after being shot at boston's brickham and women's hospital. the gunman specifically asked for 44-year-old doctor michael davidson and shot him twice and
7:31 am
took his own life. a motive has not been identified. >> the measles outbreak traced to disney theme parks in california. it includes five park employees. health officials say two workers are still being treated and three others have recovered and are back at work. >> on a happier note, the tube's hottest video. delaware police officer shaking it off to taylor swift's hit song. >> just five days it's reached more than 20 million views and the star himself will teach me his moves. >> look forward to that, but we will start with drama over tiger woods' missing tooth. his agent claims it was knocked out by a cameraman, but is that really what happened? stephanie goss is here with that. stephanie, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. >> lindsey vonn is defending her boyfriend, tiger woods after a race organizers cast doubt on the golfer's tooth story. fresh off her record breaking world cup victory -- >> lindsey vonn across the line!
7:32 am
>> the race organizers is saying a mouthful about his broken tooth. the agent said the tooth was knocked out when a photographer bumped into the golfer as the media rushed towards vonn. and the awards podium. a member of the race organizing committee tells nbc news we did not have any report on an accident involving tiger woods and that the golfer never sought medical attention. the organizers said once woods was recognized we added extra security around him and lindsey. he also added that during the ee sent he noticed the golfer was missing a tooth, but they chatted amicably as if nothing was wrong. no one expected woods to show up for the race. vonn told us even she was surprised. >> tiger showed up today and it was a huge surprise. it was an incredible day. >> von is backing up woods' story posting i feel terrible his tooth got knocked out and said a cameraman accidentally knocked into him and took out his front tooth. he was still in great spirits
7:33 am
and didn't complain once or ask for special assistance or security. vonn said while she didn't see it happen, the nerve is still showing so he will definitely get it replaced asap. >> that probably means he will get it fixed before he tees off at the phoenix open. as for what happened, they don't know. no official incident report was filed. back to you. >> thank you so much. >> a lot of people talking about remarkable new technology, but there is concern attached to this. the technology allows the user to see inside your home. should police be using it? kerry sanders is in atlanta where it was first developed. good morning. kerry, good morning. >> good morning, matt. if you were a fugitive in a house, the police officer may be able to take a peek through the window. if the curtain were closed or if let's say, the fugitive was up against the wall it might
7:34 am
surprise you that police can still see you like superman. they can literally see through walls. it sounds like science fiction, but what the inventor came up with is an a real life x-ray vision that can see up to 50 feet behind walls. i am hiding and you can't see me. >> not visually. i see you between the wall and another echo over in the room. >> if i was running from the police and i was exhausted, what do you see there? >> i see the respiration signature very large. >> should i be afraid it's that easy for you to use the electronics to see through a wall? >> i don't think so. >> when u.s. marshals used a hand held version like this one in wichita, kansas, to find fugitive steven denison in a home, it raised questions. without a search warrant, is
7:35 am
this technology unconstitutional snooping? >> we believe that a device like this that allows the police to peer into people's living rooms to look into peoples' homes is an inherently creepy technology, particularly because it can be used without the people who it is being targeted at learning it is taking place. an estimated 50 police agencies have quietly equipped their officers with these radar systems. the company that makes it shared this video but you would not comment on its use by law enforcement. the military used this equipment in iraq and afghanistan and even been used to try to find survivors buried in the rubble of collapsed buildings. >> i think it's great and i hope it saves the lives of many officers. >> the radar units are about the size of this stud finder. they can see through the walls. the courts say this needs more attention. in the kansas case, they said
7:36 am
that arrest was legal. everything was fine, but the courts also said this technology needs to be addressed to balance our rights. guys? >> it's fascinating. our resident lawyer here will be on this case and we will have her write a thesis. >> big law school dork. good exam question. doesn't that sound like a good time? get a check of the weather from al. hey, al, good morning. >> we have a system out of the southwest that is going to affect the northeast over the weekend. here you go. here's the system. it will be pushing through rapidly and develop snow, ice, and rain as it moves through and pushes through this morning. you can see it all developing and pushes down to the south. it is bringing good snow to new mexico. heavy rain later tonight into tomorrow morning into the gulf coast. rainfall amounts with the system. basically going to be about one to two inches from austin to san angelo. look at the snow in the southwest.
7:37 am
we're talking about anywhere from 1 to 2 feet of snow. that's what's going on around the sun is out right now in san jose. 40 degrees this morning. kind of chilly. no fog in the south bay, but the north bay and east bay, dense fog advisories through 10:00, visibilities at times less than a quarter mile. as we pass lunchtime into the afternoon, some patches of low clouds along the coast, but clearing skies inland. highs in the mid 60s south of san jose. closer to 60 in san francisco. the trend for the weekend does bring those temperatures up. some 70s saturday into sunday. , but three storms that will be affecting the mid-atlantic and northeast by tuesday of next week. we will tell you about it coming up. >> we'll look forward toer to that one. >> just ahead, want to be in a relationship without all the drama? there is an app for that. an app offering women an
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invisible boyfriend. yes, it's true. >> what could go wrong? a new rossen report warning. >> i'm jeff rossen. coming up, you pull into a strip mall to do some shopping you park your car and you come out a few minutes later and there is a tow truck hauling your car away. how do they swoop in so fast? are they watching you and is it fair and legal? wait until you see what we found coming up. lowe's presents: how to make your guests think they're at the wrong house. oh wow.
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or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest ...baddest ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest... ...harshest... ...or nothing. at mercedes-benz, we do things one way or we don't do them at all. introducing the all-new c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. . >> tow truck operators targeting shoppers at local malls and grabbing cars as fast as they can. the national correspondent jeff rossen has the story. >> imagine you are running err
7:43 am
apds errands and your car is gone. officials say it is happening coast to coast. tow truck companies literally standing by right there watching and ready to pounce. the moment you walk away from your car they swoop in and tow it away. you can't get it back until you pay big bucks. you are about to watch it happen. even to us. this tow truck operator is in a hurry. literally running to get this car hooked up and hauled away. >> it's on. he's got it. >> i'm watching it all from a van across the street. >> he's making quick business of this. >> in one morning, we watch it happen to unsuspecting drivers again and again and again. >> there he goes. >> these guys work fast. the minute you walk off the property the tow truck zooms in. >> it's bull. complete bull. >> it just happened to john. he parked in this strip mall and went shopping and when he came
7:44 am
out, he saw this. >> it's being towed away as i'm standing there. >> did you say take it off the tow truck? >> he was driving away. i couldn't stop him. >> believe it or not here and in most places it's legal because he made a common mistake saying he parked on the wrong side of the lot. in front of this sign. in just minutes, his car was gone. >> how many complaints we get. all of these. >> eric friedman is the director of the montgomery county maryland office of consumer protection. >> how is this legal? >> it is designed to create a balance so make sure only people coming in are parking there. the towers are hoping for one slip up. if the consumer makes one wrong move they can get the car and make $150. wrc washington found spotters scouring the lots
7:45 am
taking photos of cars to be hauled away. >> swooping in within minutes even though the lot sat empty. >> business owners say that cars are being towed by the dozens. >> so did wcau in philadelphia. >> i freaked out because i don't have $205 to get my car out right now. >> they are acting as judge, jury and bailer. >> it's hefty. a few hundred dollars. >> it's at least $150. >> to find out how fast they operate, our producer parks her van in this lot. the sign said she can only shop at the mattress store, but she runs into the cell phone place. >> he's here. >> in just minutes, we watched the tow truck go straight for her van. >> it's on. he's got it. >> let's go. it's happening. >> how they know to come so fast. the company said it doesn't use spotters. >> excuse me.
7:46 am
jeff rossen from nbc news. >> i stop him. >> this is our producer's car. she just parked here literally ten minutes ago and you are towing it? >> that's my job. >> ten minutes is a long time. five seconds if she walk off the property i would tow the vehicle. >> if she was gone for five seconds, you would tow it without a move your car? >> that's not the job. the job is to tow vehicles that are parked illegally. >> he said the signs are clear and it's the driver's fault. >> people need to stop victimizing themselves. you need to learn how to accept it and just read the signs properly. >> the towing company said all protocols and laws were followed. drivers say it may be legal, but come on. it's a matter of common courtesy. >> they should have come into the store and said hey, can you move your car. please move it. i would have moved it. >> experts say there specific rules about how the tow companies are allowed to take
7:47 am
your car, but they vary from place to place. they have to wait like an hour for you to walk away and hook up your car. if you think you were improperly towed and they can get your money back. >> they get a lot of complaints. >> the driver defended himself pretty well. >> this is the job. i tow cars. >> they don't hire me to go after people. they hire me to tow cars. >> paid per tow. >> carson shows you a way to experience our newest member wrangler. first these messages. >> wow. ♪ hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye.
7:48 am
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new smoked chicken quesadillas on chili's lunch combo menu, starting at 6 bucks. fresh is happening now. . welcome become to today. we like to daal wrangler wednesday. how is our newest member? >> he's having a little nap right now. it has been a week since this little guy made his red carpet entrance into the studio and he made himself at home here and online. he has a combined following between twitter and instagram of 42,000 members or followers. that is impressive. he has posts from inside. that's where he uses the potty. in the dressing room and hangs out with the celebrities. most of the pictures shared with wrangler is him sleeping. we are streaming his puppy cam live for the next hour. go to and that shot can be yours and you can watch
7:52 am
wrangles snore at work. >> you can watch it. it's mesmerizing. >> he's on a tight schedule. he sleeps at this time every morning. >> he does. you can watch it all. thank you very much. >> coming up have you taken your kids out of school for a family trip? some parents say that's illegal. >> joan lunden's battle with breast cancer enters a new phase. first your local news. no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c.
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7:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a developing story in san jose. a busy street shut down all morning after a ruptured gas main. kris sanchez has been live at the scene. any updates? >> reporter: yes, progress on the repairs all morning long but progress finally for the commute. you can see some of the cones that are going in the eastbound direction of tully road and that's because they're about to reopen, at least one of those lanes. the higher volume on the other side of the road heading westbound toward the freeway. crews are still working on that repair laura and they are still in that trench, which looks to be a little less deep than it was a bit ago. so it seems that perhaps the gas line is repaired. the traffic, that may take longer to be repaired. >> it's taking some time. let's check the forecast right now with rob.
7:57 am
looks pretty behind me. >> it does. mostly sunny skies across the board. a little deceiving because in the north bay and east bay, still especially in napa fairfield, concord, and santa rosa, visibility less than a quarter of a mile. toward the afternoon, like we saw yesterday clearing skies. highs today in the low to mid 60 this is the south bay. closer to 60 for san francisco. low 60s into the north bay and tri-valley. still expecting for the weekend a bit of a warm-up with those temperatures climbing into the 70s. for a check of your commute, here's mike. >> standard on the peninsula side. not so bad for san mateo. it is wednesday. jammed up two crashes northbound. tied up out of heyward and in towards san leandro. now on the south bay, your northbound routes are still slow continuing to build for this commute. the tully should be reopen soon in the eastbound direction. westbound coming to the freeway, it's clear from that gas main
7:58 am
repair. back to you. >> busy morning out there. we'll be back with another local news update in half an hour.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> coming up, joan's journey. >> thousands of people are taking time to sit anticipate say to me i'm going to include you in my prayers. >> joan lunden shared her battle with breast cancer since day one. she's back with her courageous fight. >> then start today, time to year the clutter. >> people have souvenirs. we have junk. >> how to get organized and take charge of your life from the bottom to the top. >> dash cam confessional. 20,000 people have watched this officer to shake it off.
8:01 am
here's to talk taylor, tunes today on wednesday, january 21st, 2015. >> hi mom and dad. >> good morning skylar. >> good morning "today." sisters in new york city. >> it's 8:00 on a wednesday morning. 21st day of january. 2015. i'm going to tell you something. it's a little chilly. you might want to rethink that no hat. >> i know. >> we appreciate them being out
8:02 am
here braving the elements. coming up on"today" easy ways to clear your junk. >> look who is inside our studio because joan lunden here this morning. she's been so open and so candid about her battle with breast cancer. we'll check in with joan and find out where she is right now. >> let's get a check of the top stories from natalie. >> good morning. once again, president obama travels to boise state university to highlight the kind of hi-tech education and jobs he promoted in tuesday night's state of the union address. the president said the u.s. economy had turned the corner and he challenged republicans to turn the page. >> we have risen from recession free to write our own future than any other nation on earth. >> the president laid out an agenda which he said was designed to help the middle class including paid sick leave, free community college and tax
8:03 am
hikes on the wealthy. in the official gop response iowa senator joni ernst said the new republican congress will fight to repeal president obama's health care law. >> americans have been hurting. but when we demanded solutions too often washington responded with the same stale mindset that led to failed policies like obamacare. >> senator ernst brushed aside the president's call for higher taxes on the wealthy. there's new this morning on the outbreak of the measles that started at disneyland. five park employees have been infected and a school in california is taking drastic measures to stop the disease from spreading. janet is at huntington beach high school. >> good morning. what's happening here illustrates the level of concern
8:04 am
over the outbreak. because a student was on campus with measles, they are asking all students who have not been vaccinated to stay home, stay out of class until the end of the month. rebecca is grounded. not by her parents, but by her school. they told her not to come back for three weeks. >> it's kind of scary and i'm kind of stressed out right now because i don't know what to do when i get back to school. >> the 15-year-old is among two dozen students at huntington beach high school told to stay home. they are not sick, but they could become ill because none have been vaccinated for measles. >> they might be at school and be contagious and spreading the disease to others. then it can take up to 21 days to manifest itself and the others who caught it. >> people without the vaccine are 35 times more likely to contract measles than those who have been vaccinated. >> in 2000, we eliminated measles and now we are seeing an upswing and it has to do with
8:05 am
people not getting immunized. >> 644 cases across 27 states in 2014. that's a 455% increase since 2001. the latest outbreak likely started at disneyland and is now in mexico, colorado, washington, utah and oregon. rebecca's parents decided against vaccinating her after her older brother had an allergic reaction. their pediatrician recommended against it. >> would you make the same decision now >> yes. i would not risk her life for anything. i would rather have her get the measles then for her not to be breathing. >> the case is not related to the outbreak in disneyland. here in orange county 18 confirmed cases. 53 confirmed cases in california. health officials say that they really do expect these numbers to rise.
8:06 am
so they are keeping a very close eye on what's happening here. back to you. thanks so much. australian fishermen say it was like something out of a horror movie when they pulled this rare and frightening 6-foot creature from the water. it's a living fossil because it descended from a fish that lived 80 million years ago. a similar shark is in an aquarium. it has 300 teeth and 25 rows. it can swallow its prey whole. that's just creepy. 8:06. now. we will get another check of the weather with al who is in atlanta. >> that is frightening. thanks for showing us that. we are here in the weather channel headquarters. i have to tell you, we have the low pressure coming out of the southwest. by friday it's in the gulf. this will cause problems. icy mix through the mississippi river valley. strong storms in the southeast. during the day friday, it tracks up along the coast and this will be a deepening storm.
8:07 am
we don't know the track yet, but we look for an icy mix along the i-95 corridor. there is the snow/rain line as it continues up saturday afternoon. right now we look at a couple of different models. the model number one, snowfall amount gives us about to six inches and heavier back to the appalachians. second model shows not quite as much snow. we will continue to watch this. then another storm after this that comes in monday and tuesday. we have a lot going on, friends. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's hazy skies from san burno mountain and sunshine around san francisco and san jose but patchy fog around the east and north valleys. we'll see the low clouds eventually breaking up to mostly sunny skies. high in the 60s. low 60s close to san jose. low skiths in the north bay, and around the trivalley and for the
8:08 am
weekend, we should see temperatures climbing up more. saturday and sunday 60s and low 70s. next chance of showers next tuesday. back to you. >> wasn't that a long weather cast? just because it's like 12 degrees out there. >> it seems so much longer than that. >> coming up next -- >> justin bieber gets set to face his harshest crowd yet and he wanted to. we will explain. >> plus, would you be treated differently? curly haired women surprise their families and friends by wearing their hair in a much different way. let's go to matt. >> thank you very much. joan lunden is here with an update on her fight against breast cancer. you look fantastic. great to have you back. first these messages. fantastic. great to have you back. first these messages.
8:09 am
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8:14 am
out of school for a family vacation? >> yes. >> for how long? >> a week. >> but they are in like kindergarten. really young. >> it's actually illegal in some states. that surprised me. the new york sometime times sparked an interesting discussion online. from the parents side of things they said it's family time and it's important. teachers say it creates a burden on them. they have to prepare take homework and schedule make up lessons and sometimes it can be disruptive to the student's education and the other students in the class. i think it's an interesting question. when we start talking about it i thought what's the harm to take them out for a few days. >> i don't think there is any harm if your kids are young. kindergarten and first and second great. as they get older -- >> is it illegal? that's harsh. >> we have done it for one or two days. nothing longer. >> we had it for a week and it was more important to get away
8:15 am
as a family and we talked about it. we don't like to pull him out of school but we talked about it and our family time truchld the school. >> you said 92% not illegal. should not be illegal for families to take their kids out of school. >> absolutely. justin bieber had his fair share of ridicule and a pretty good sport about it but he has been asking for more ridicule. apparently being the subject of a comedy central roast has been on his bucket list for a long time. his wish is coming through with a roast scheduled to take on march seventh and air at a later date. he tweeted for years i wanted comedy central to roast me. they said only if i provided them with more material so for a year now i have worked very hard. >> you have to explain the calvin commercials. >> you have been roasted. >> by the friar's club. >> why would anyone want to be
8:16 am
roasted? >> the fire stuff is a charitable organization. when you look at the other people, it could be a bit of a careful experience. >>or that note i think we have a clip. >> but you on the other hand you found happiness doing the same thing every day. sitting on a couch interviewing the car from night rider or -- making five-minute radish puffs with rachael ray. >> that's the only part of that we could show. >> the rest was vile. >> google it. >> it has been seven months since our friend joan lunden told the world about her battle with breast cancer. since then she has been an advocate for breast cancer
8:17 am
awareness, empowering women to take control of their well being. the latest step in joan's journey. >> after decades of telling other people stories, joan lunden became the story when she announced her stage two triple negative breast cancer last year. >> i don't know why i thought i was exempt. >> she began a public fight against the disease and joined us as a special correspondent during our breast cancer awareness week. >> thousands were taking the time to sit and say to me i'm going to include you in my prayers. it totally changed my relationship with the viewing audience. >> she ditched her wig and graced the cover of "people" magazine. >> we are doing this. we are losing our hair in order to live and survive and be there for our families. >> lunden and her doctors chose an aggressive treatment. 16 rounds of chemotherapy and a
8:18 am
lumpectomy. >> very last of the chemo given to me and then it's all over. there it is. you just heard it. it's done. that's it. >> after a few weeks from the taxing treatment, she is back and ready to fight again with six weeks of radiation. >> this six weeks of radiation is the insurance policy to make sure i don't have to go through this again. >> hi joan. good morning and nice to have you. >> good morning. >> you were here last time and you were just about to start a new wave of chemo. it was anxiety-causing. how did you get through it? >> you know i will tell you one of the best ways is with your attitude. you can get up in the morning and say this is stage four and by 10:00 a.m. you will have all of it. to get up and stay engaged, i almost hesitate to say i had wonderful family support.
8:19 am
my husband and older daughters. sometimes when i say that here on the air, i get people that write me and say just remember some of us have no one and it makes us sad to hear that. when you say that to me i cry. it's a good reminder for me because i have been thrust out there in the front of this breast cancer to be a voice for everyone. it's good that every woman reminds me. >> you are in the middle of radiation. do you have a strategy for periods like this? do you take it one day at a time or try to pick something in the future to look forward to to look past the radiation and past the chemo? >> this is the very, very first time i havse enough to the finish line to see that i can see the finish line. for me, everyone is different. for me radiation is a walk in the park after chemo. i just say you have more hair than i do. that is not fair. >> i don't get that very often.
8:20 am
you are feeling good? >> the further away i get from the last infusion of chemo, december 3rd. >> you said december 3 >> oh, yes. and the farther away you get from it really the better you start to feel. fetch you're going through radiation. that could produce fatigue in and of itself. the fatigue and the no hail. but i'm start to go get eyelashes again. look you can see. >> i can. >> they're tiny but they're growing back out. >> and you felt well enough over the holidays to travel with with your family. you said the last time you were here it's important to try, as hard as it can be to maintain some sense of normalcy even for your family's sake. >> i want them to get up and go to school not thinking gosh is mommy going to be okay is she going to live. so i try to be as normal as i can. it's also important for us to do that. i hear from women.
8:21 am
they're bald. they say, oh you know i'm in sweats. i don't even bother putting on my makeup. but you can get burned down in that and become the sick cancer patientment if you go outside, take a walk, getten door fins going. >> you say don't let one bad day, and everybody going through this has bad days. don't let the bad day become a bad week become a bad month. >> it's very easy to let one bad day do that to you. we have the ability at any moment in time to change our mind. you can change your mind about how you're feeling that day. even if you feel a little crummy. just remember that what we're going through that has us feeling bad one day is killing off the cancer in our body. >> how often will you be
8:22 am
monitored? >> i have an mri checkup, all extra sound. my prognosis is good. by the way, all of you who are writing me you have no idea what it's meant to me. the strength that they have given me. >> we love having you here. >> it's great being here. >> keep us posted, okay. >> yes. >> and continue feeling more. for more on joan's story head to we're back in 15 seconds. >> they've just been incredible. now the star of the hottest youtube video in the land the dover delaware police department jamming out to taylor swift's"
8:23 am
shake it off." ♪ >> the video has more than 20 million hits in just five days. even caught the attention of taylor herself. master corporal davis is joining us now. this is unbelievable. >> it's crazy. without a doubt, it's crazy. >> what do you think when you see this. almost 20 million views on this. >> it's amazing. it's just nice to get the word out and get a little positive attention from the police department. >> dover has 38,000 in the community. you did this at the police department to get more likes on your facebook page. >> right. >> and here you go. were you surprised when they asked you? >> no. i'm kind of a crazy kind of guy anyway. i like to have fun. when they picked me i was 100% for it. >> you have four kids. i'm sure you're familiar with taylor swift's shake it off. >> i am. my daughter gabrielle loves her. in the car driving around we're
8:24 am
always listening to her. i knew all the words. pretty much all the words. i had to brush up a little bit. it's been fun. a whirlwind for sure. >> taylor swift tweeting out has to get you political capital as a father. >> for sure. >> some of these things i know it means a lot to you. i'm currently working at the french central law enforcement office. i hereby would like to thank master corporal jeff davis. thanks to him in a time that means so much. this is a deeper, nicer meek. meaning. >> for us it's get a little tarnish off the badge and shine it up a little bit. we've been getting a lot of negative publicity worldwide, nationwide, police in general. getting crazy negative publicity. it's nice. and then to see stuff like this that is just as important.
8:25 am
>> how is somebody when you pull them over in dover now and you come up to their window and say roll down the window they would start laughing and say i know you. >> sing and dance entrepreneur way to jail. can you show some of your moves. >> sure. >> let's cue up a little taylor swift here. >> where are you sitting? >> right here. >> who is driving, you or me? >> we're both driving. i'm in driver's ed. ♪ she's like oh, my god, i'm just going to shake it ♪ ♪ shake, shake, shake ♪ >> you know every word. look at you go. great moment. congratulations. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thanks for your hard work. >> i appreciate it. >> let's go over to you.
8:26 am
>> we're working on our own moves to shake it off. >> it's a tough one. >> it's going to get loud in it's 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening in sacramento new right to die legislation will be unveiled. it's inspired by a bay area woman's choice to end her own life. she chose to die by assisted suicide. she had to leave california and go to oregon to do it legally. the new legislation is called the end of life options act. britney maynard's mother and widower will be on capitol hill showing their support for the law. >> let's switch gears. check the morning commute with mike. >> it's still busy as far as the volume of traffic. but it's starting to lighten up.
8:27 am
we have the closure. the investigation continues in santa clara from the overnight deadly crash. >> the bay shows an easier drive. basically between the dumbarton bridge and the coliseum we have a tough drive. we'll show you the metering lights are still on. look at the pattern. the fast track lanes and the right approach. the left looking better and a smooth drive down the east shore. back to you. >> sun breaking through as well. another local update in about a half hour. hope to see you then. have a great wednesday morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 on this wednesday morning, 21st of january, 2015. it is a cold one out here on the plaza. we thank the visitors for coming by. they have a good reason to be here. >> carson went to the hat for the last half hour. it's freezing. we have one of our favorite bands, fallout boy. their album is at the top of the charts. they will perform a big hit for
8:31 am
us. >> men, women, and kids. if you have it straight you want it curly and if you have curls, you want it straight. what happens when you make the change and surprise your family and friends. hoda shows us what happened with women who tried it for us. >> savannah will take over and do a live chat. get the questions ready. she likes the really, really personal stuff. bring that on. she encourages it. >> thanks carson. >> more of that chat coming up. >> looking forward to it. hey, al. >> thanks so much. you are in the weather lap. here at the weather channel, doing stuff with those folks. the storm system is out of the southwest bringing rain and snow. this system makes it through the gulf and up along the east coast. the clipper bringing the snow into the mid-atlantic states. for tomorrow we expect the
8:32 am
system. look at how this advanced into the gulf bringing rain into parts of georgia, mississippi and alabama. the panhandle of florida. sunshine and temperatures in the upper 30s and mid 20s. another system outside of that one. that will bring more activity. we have a busy 72 hours at right now, we're seeing sunny skies around the bay area with hazy skies over san jose. 43 degrees but patchy dense fog continues in the north and east bay valleys. passing lunch time hour by hour we'll see clearing skies and highs today in the low 60s. mid 60s around lose gatos. fran closer to 60 for the north bay today. 64 in plenzenten. we'll see a warmup as temperatures climb to the 70s in time for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. should i take my time so you can
8:33 am
enjoy the outside? >> i'm inside. thank you so much. now to the month long series start "today," it is time to organize and clear the clutter. we sent jill martin to a home on staten island for the ultimate basement clean over and you had your hands full. let's take a look. >> hello! good morning! >> good morning. >> ready go? >> brace yourself. this is the basement. >> wow! michael tweeted into the show he tweeted at me directly saying come do my parents's house. that must have meant a lot. >> he is a real tweet heart. >> tell me about you and anna. >> married 38 years and living here since 78. people have souvenirs. we have junk. >> stuff. and fours and two grandsons. >> yes. we want the kids to come down where they can play where we
8:34 am
don't have to be with them because they are not going to get hurt. >> i'm going to put stick ums on everything that is important to keep. >> everything. they consider me the purchasing bag. anyway. >> goodbye. goodbye. goodbye. >> see this? you get to clean up and you get a work out. >> i have the only two things that i would like to keep. it's time for you guys to go. is your wife going to flip out? >> make sure you have a lot of tissues. >> see you guys in the morning. >> team jill is going to have to get bigger. i'm calling in from the cleaner store and we are going to turn this cluttered mess into a beautiful basement. >> one, two, three! >> jail joins us now.
8:35 am
>> good morning. we are here with cliff and anna. so she doesn't pass out. they are blind folded and ready to go. i want to you take a look at what it looked like before one more time and now before they get to see it, i want you to see what it looks like after. >> everyone at home has seen it. all your relatives. cliff and anna take your blind folds off. >> wow! >> sa va an what do you you think? more importantly, what do you think? >> it looks like a totally different house. we could live down here now. >> what you have done in 24 hours's time we couldn't do in
8:36 am
24 years. >> i'm impressed. >> really impressed. >> you told me you haven't entertained here in 16 years and this was a place you loved to bring your family. do you feel like this is a place now? it is so sweet. >> you did a good job. >> thank you. >> you are the best. was there anything they wanted to hang on to? >> as you look around the room you can see different things. there was wrapping paper that we found in the back and we put that in the frames. the couch was a black futon you let the family cleep on. we picked up the chairs to make separation in the room so there was a living area for the adults and for the kids we are about to meet to move over to the play area. with the help of the fabulous people from the container store, we had the troops in here. we put up the shelves. the other ones with the
8:37 am
beautiful books that are falling down. we found your snow globes and salt and pepper shakers. >> let's see what the kids think. >> all the kids's stuff. you know how it is to find places. i want ethan and ryan and the rest of the family to come out because they wanted a play area. to see everything. hi ryan. look! what do you think? look at your toys. >> it's nice. >> ethan, do you want to say hi? you are on tv. hi. what do you think of all your toys? are you excited? >> yeah. >> now you can play down here. say bye. that will do it from the majors. do we have a happy family here? >> very happy. thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. you are moving out. get rid of us. >> what do you think? a man of few words. thanks so much. jill will be back later on and
8:38 am
reveal the gut major's guest bedroom that she decided to clean up. you can find more tips on getting organized and we hope it inspires you. coming up next curl power for the way you wear your hair change perceptions of you. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> we are back at 8:40. anyone who has curly hair knows it has an agenda all its. with dove marketing research nearly 1500 surveyed 57% of teen girls and 44% of women agree their hair defines who
8:41 am
they are. with that in mind, hoda has an interesting experiment. curly hair we try to make straight. >> we're challenged curly hair women to keep a diary to show how they wear their hair and what it takes. we asked them to switch up their styles to see how they felt about it and how others rekted. here are the results of our curly hair challenge. >> mead karen hall a 36-year-old physical therapist. >> here is my hair ka taft officery is what i call it. >> monica is 23 an environment environmental coordinator. >> here with the last curl and testament before i start straightening my hair. >> chantler piper from wisconsin. >> i kept it in a bun from last night. it's messy. >> clair bell a 26-year-old in sales. >> i normally have my hair straight but i'm going to go ahead and leave it curly. >> each spent three days wearing
8:42 am
their hair opposite. >> i have been under the drier for about an hour. i am getting it blow dried out. >> i straightened my hair last night and this is what it looks like fresh out of bed. >> and the last thing that i'm going to do is go ahead and prep it. >> this is why i do not straighten my hair that often. >> this is day two of the curly hair challenge and the first day i had my hair curly for a long time. >> this is me with straight hair. i will see what people think at work. >> i sent a picture to my friends and her response is what's going on? it's really funny that she thinks there is some crisis i'm going through. >> what am i supposed to do with this? >> i know what they are talking about. with this hair i need this and i need this and i need this and i need this all to look like
8:43 am
this. hi! >> i met up with these ladies after days of dealing with kinks and curls and driers and flat irons to talk about all things curly and challenging. >> this must have been weird. what reactions did you get? >> i work at a nursing home and one resident didn't recognize me. she said who are you? i said it's chandler. she said i didn't realize it was you? >> did she like it? >> yes, but she liked my curly hair better. >> did strangers react in a more or less positive way? >> some people say i like it better straight and my hair is normally curly. >> i like your hair the opposite of the way it is. >> exactly. >> monica you have these luscious great curls and you went straight. how was it? what did people say? >> i got a lot of stares at work. a lot of people gave me a double
8:44 am
and triple take. >> i haven't straightened my hair in quite sometime. i'm a doctor of physical therapy. they said you look like a doctor now. i'm not sure if that's a compliment. it changes my personality. it makes me appear serious and much older. the curly hair gives me a bubbly and youthful personality. my dad hates my straight hair. he said why did you do that. i like the curly hair and it's natural and it's you. >> i think we are the same. i like it straight. you decided to let it go curly. what happened? >> two types of reaction. my mother the first thing she said was that bird nest. i'm fine. i will have my curly hair. how did people treat you? >> at work one of the reactions
8:45 am
is you have an o beatient look. that's what i was going for. other reactions like i love the curls or i wish i had curly hair. >> a lot of people say that. you have great curly hair but you fought it for a lot of your life. >> i was confused. i wanted to look like how the other girls looked. may hair wouldn't do that. my mom said honey, your hair is different. >> i do the hot oil treatment and the relaxer and i have done the flat irons and the curling irons and the keratin. i have done all of it. don't light a match anywhere near me. my head might explode. it's funny the lengths we go. don't you think? what advice do you wish you would have gotten earlier to maybe stop the fight that you would give to your younger self? >> embrace the curls and wear it out and get used to it. have the option of straightening it but love your hair the way
8:46 am
it is. >> great advice but the bane of our existence. >> it's hard to do. it's hilarious that it's so deep for us. >> i don't work out sometimes because your hair is it going to rain that will determine my night time plans. will i have to blow dry my hair is the deciding factor. >> it matters. the women were treated more professionally when their hair was blown out straight. that found that discouraging. >> with all of our women, i thought they looked great both ways which is not true for all of us. did you see my hair? it's like me deucea adeucea craziness. is the grass always greener? >> sometimes it is. it depends on who you are. >> curliness was in in the 80s. everyone got a perm and flash dance and everything. we want to hear what you think about this. don't forget to join our conversation. it is important. we have been flooded with the curl power pictures. keep them coming and use the
8:47 am
hash tag. join us on the plaza and proudly display your curls. >> we want to see it. we will be there with our hair that took two hours to straighten. live performance from fallout boys.
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> of the most popular bands in the world. they have another hit on their hands with their album american beauty american psycho. good to see you. we learned something about you guys this morning. two of you don't eat fritos. >> you know right before playing.
8:50 am
>> really? the 6th album came out and number one. do you hold your breath a little bit when you release new music in. >> it's always like the top of the roller coaster. you can't get off. this is it. partake the right. >> even by this time you were confident things would go well? >> it doesn't become an album until your fans embrace it. do what they do. >> what are you going to play? >> centuries. >> i love this song. ladies and gentlemen, fallout boy. ♪ some legends are told ♪ ♪ sometimes it just doesn't go ♪ ♪ you will remember me remember me for centuries ♪ ♪ just one mistake is all it would take ♪ ♪ go down in history ♪
8:51 am
♪ remember me for centuries ♪ hey, hey hey ♪ ♪ remember me for centuries ♪ ♪ now it starts to roll with me ♪ ♪ the stories are lot ♪ ♪ every little broke my heart ♪ ♪? legends are told and sometimes it just doesn't go ♪ ♪ you will remember me ♪ ♪ remember me for centuries ♪ ♪ just one mistake is all it will take ♪ ♪ go down in history ♪ ♪ remember me for centuries ♪
8:52 am
♪ hey hey hey hey ♪ remember me for centuries ♪ ♪ shadows of the youth ♪ ♪ i am the opposite you look so good ♪ ♪ ♪ some legends are told and sometimes it just doesn't go ♪ ♪ you will remember me remember me for centuries ♪ ♪ just one mistake is all it will take ♪ ♪ go down in history, remember me for centuries ♪
8:53 am
♪ hey hey hey hey ♪ ♪ remember me for centuries ♪ ♪ we will live forever ♪ ♪ here's the frozen proof ♪ ♪ i will sing forever ♪ we are the boys of youth ♪ ♪ legends are told sometimes it just doesn't go ♪ ♪ you will remember me ♪ ♪ remember me for centuries ♪ ♪ just one mistake is all it would take ♪ ♪ go down in history ♪ ♪ remember me for centuries ♪
8:54 am
go down in history, remember me for centuries ♪ >> fallout boy. you can see more on coverage of the nhl all-star game. check them out on the boys of zummer tour. this zummer now. nice to have you here. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. now you're living.
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> we arerare back. >> who would make the better baby-sitter. a very good morning to you. it's 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a busy section of tully road is open again after some 15 hours. the tarted when workers hit a gas line near east ridge road. workers had to detore between quimby and capitol expressway. >> happening now, the san francisco giants latest world
8:57 am
championship trophy is headed to new york city. virgin america providing the first class treatment to the big apen. it's the first leg of a trophy tour. they were the new york giants until 1957. they're in san francisco now. another update in half an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> from nbc news, this is "today's" take live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to today it's wednesday mornig, january 21st 2015. i'm willie geist with tamron hall and natalie morales. al, we can report to you it's downright bone chilling cold in new york city. my gosh. >> yeah and we have interesting features here on the weather map for this weekend and into early next week along the east coast. >> beachers. snow?
9:01 am
>> it's going to be -- this is the lab here at the weather channel. the weather experts inhabit this area, but here's what i like the best. out of all this technology, look at this over here. they got a chalkboard. old school, baby. look at that. >> look at the algo rhythms. >> i only saw the dancing sun at the top. >> we are going mention numbers. that doesn't mean anything. >> that's right. this could be anything. i have no idea what it is. none. >> it looks smart. we will talk to al in a second and start with the state of the union last night. the president as he does every time this year lays out a list of proposals many aimed at helping the middle class. here is the moment that spurred the most conversation online.
9:02 am
>> i have no more campaigns to run. my only agenda [ applause ] i know because i won both of them. >> unscripted moment from the president. he said he is not going to run any more and republicans applaud that and he went off in front and said i won't let that one go. >> the delivery and the laugh at the end. that's amazing. >> that was a big moment. people were talking about it an hour before the speech. the white house teased that the president's tan suit, the original. here's the tease he's. this was the tweet. president obama suiting up for the big speech. yes we tan. the reference to the tan suit. >> the the infamous tan suit. >> he did not wear that suit. >> also the first lady's outfit got a lot of attention the not my me, but a lot of people.
9:03 am
it was worn on the good wife. >> it sold out immediately after the speech. it's a michael kors tweed top and skirt. >> andrea mitchell pointed out that it was on sale. i think it might have only been one left and they say sold out. then someone was hiding. it's amazing that people saw the suit and knew. i would have never put it together. >> so many eyeballs and so many people to tell people about it. make the comparison. people checked out did you see justice ruth bader ginsburg nodding off? >> i didn't see that. >> i guess she was wearing -- >> something else caught my eye. the sleeping part did not, but her lace gloves also trending
9:04 am
online. fashion moment. a little edge. i like that. >> i love it. >> a good look for the justice. >> that embrace is touching for a lot of people. "huffington post" had the headline like picture of the year and liberals and progressives. >> i saw the gloves. >> i saw the gloves though. something else we were seeing. maybe red depending on what nfl team you love. this deflate gate we were talking about, an allegation that patriots deflated their footballs to help tom brady be able to grip and throw better. they won boy a million points, it requires an investigation. they said the nfl said 11 of the 12 footballs used in the patriots game were underinflated by about two pounds. >> that's a lot. >> i don't know because i never have gripped a football. >> two pounds per square inch.
9:05 am
>> would it make a difference? >> it helps you grip the ball better. he likes a fully inflated ball. maybe it depends on your taste. >> it was cold and raining and they say in this case bill belichick likes the balls to be flat. >> they would have lost by six? >> the out come does taint their record and bill belichick's legacy. they put the spy gate back in 2007 and now this added on top of that. >> to detractors it will, but if they win the super bowl, nobody will top it. >> i don't think there is a little asterisk next to the patriots and did they win it fair and square? >> not with a deflated football. they won by 38 points. >> it's cheating. >> you only cheat yourself and your teammates and fans.
9:06 am
>> it will be swept away. it's far more serious. that was injury and that could end someone's career. anyway, nbc has not confirmed this report and they are not commenting. the patriots are cooperating with the league's investigation. if people don't like the patriots it adds to the hay. they will be sold out wherever they play. people will celebrate tom brady and he will be in the hall of fame and they will not have the deflated balls. >> the seahawks will be checking them out. >> you have to be clear. that means they shouldn't have worn it. >> it's clear they would have won everybody. >> it is still being
9:07 am
investigated. maybe the barometric pressure. >> just their teams. the hot hands of tom brady. >> anyway. this is what i wanted to other than about. the whole tooth thing with tiger woods. we talked about it yesterday. tiger woods with the photograph of his tooth missing. his agent said a photographer bumped into tiger and knocked his tooth out when he was there to support his girlfriend, lindsey vonn. now there is discrepancy. security at the location in italy, they claim that tiger was kept in a secure area and this event did not happen. lindsey vonn is defending tiger saying the tooth was knocked out by a cameraman. she did not see it happen but the nerve ending apparently was still showing. i don't know how this got to this. >> tooth gate.
9:08 am
>> why would you say your tooth was knocked out if it wasn't? >> a lot of people could discredit it. i think it happened and someone didn't see it. >> there has to be video. there is a crush of cameras around lindsey vonn in that winning moment and there has to be video evidence that someone can provide. tiger woods shot that proves or disproves it. >> she sets this all time greatness record like she is the best ever and we are talking about this. we had her on when we set the record. >> gave him a kiss with or without the tooth. this story, wow. this guy is certainly not winning husband of the year any time soon. it happened here in new york. a man has been charged with criminal mischief and free on bail right now for doing that. he had his wife's home bulldozed
9:09 am
while she was out of the house without her knowledge. better with her out of the house, right? police say james ryan rented a bulldozer and illegally demolished the house on monday. he said he did it because the foundation was crumbling and it needed to go. he did try to call his wife and tell her what was happening. his wife apparently didn't find out until after it was over. neighbors alerted to her and said she screamed when she discovered the house in rubble. here's what james ryan told our nbc station here in new york. take a look. >> why not wait and let her get her things out? >> i tried calling and she didn't answer the phone. >> she got one day's notice. >> how many days should i give her? >> did you do anything wrong? >> no. i didn't do nothing wrong. the house had to come down. that's it. >> most people get permits
9:10 am
before they tear a house down. >> i'm working on it. >> because they are all good now. they are still together. i guess they were not living in that house but the house is in her name. i'm assuming, i don't know that they are still a couple. after this, who knows. >> someone had to press charges. >> criminal mischief. police did because he rented the bulldozer illegally. he did alert the electric and the water so that everything was cut before he did this. >> you better do something big on valentine's day. >> if she wants. >> if they are still together. >> that's another problem. >> a huge nice gorgeous house somewhere else. a nice pool in the back yard. >> would you wednesday. i would not ask if you would demolish someone's home because the answer would hopefully be no, but we all traveled especially long trips and delays and things happen. have you tried to sleep on a
9:11 am
flight and you can't get it going. you worry about who is sitting next to you or if someone will take a picture of you with your mouth wide open. they came up with nap cabs. these are private pods with a bed, wi-fi and alarm clock also known as a new york apartment on about 12 to $18 an hour. you can actually go inside and take your nap. pictures from the nap cam website, this is what they showed us. it's in munich, germany. >> i love it. i totally would take a nap in there. >> i would do it. >> if they change sheets after every use. that's a brilliant idea. imagine all the times you are sitting at the airport and all you want to do is take a nap. or you are waiting around endlessly. >> i have this thing about sleeping in public places. i sleep in a hotel room.
9:12 am
>> the only thing i don't like is it seems like there is glass. >> we are going ask the audience outside on the plaza. brave folks out there. would you sleep in one of those? it looks like an overwhelming number of people on the plaza. a couple of nos. i'm with them. the yes it seems are ruling. even now with the hotel rooms, i go under. i'm all camera phobic. >> i think there would have to be frosted glass. >> with the guys in there, when you wake up. would you sleep in the nap cab? >> as long as there was a privacy thing for the door i absolutely would. >> it looked nice. there is wi-fi. you can have a private conversation without having travelers listen to you. >> without the pictures on snap
9:13 am
chat. >> that's fine. not doing anything i shouldn't be. >> okay. al? >> thank you, natalie. for taking it to that point. as i knew you would. dark natalie taking a nap. this storm system on friday will be in the gulf. thunderstorms along the florida panhandle and icy mix from texas on into parts of kentucky. this will make its way along the coast. friday afternoon into saturday. it spreads snow, ice and rain. it's going to be a rapidly deepening storm and it will move along i-95. this blue line is the rain-snow lines. we will be watching and it continues on saturday. how much snow are we looking at? it depends on the track of the storm. we look at a couple of models. the first model shows new york all the way down to washington about three to six inches. some areas up to nine inches.
9:14 am
the second not as much snow in the northeast, but we will track this and there is another storm behind that. we are about t we're seeing a lot of sunshine and hazy skies there, looking from the peninsula. san bruno camera there. looking back to san francisco, the trivalley right now, around pleasanton, around 46 degrees as we see the low clouds and fog still thick in spots around the north and east bay valleys. clearering out, more sunshine for the afternoon. highs today in the mid 60. south of downtown san jose near 60 in san francisco, and in the north bay, low 60s for the afternoon and about the same for the trivalley. next five days you'll see a warmup that should put temperatures close to the low 70s and approaching 70 in san francisco on sunday. guys, back to you. >> up next, why that cup of coffee could lower your risk of a certain type of cancer. that and more when we look at
9:15 am
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9:18 am
a school ban to contain the measles outbreak. >> here with the story behind the health headlines is from the american college of emergency physicians and dr. marty mccarey, professor of surgery at johns hopkins. good morning. let's start with the concerning news for a lot of people. the measles outbreak. the latest cases and it started in disneyland. over 50 people sickened including park employees. it is reported that a school in huntington beach, california told kids who were not vaccinated not to send the kids
9:19 am
to school until they get vaccinated. what do you think of this? is this the right course of action? >> people have the right to refuse a vaccine, but among doctors, you should get the vaccines. they are incredibly safe. the community has rights too. if the community decides during an outbreak they don't want people at risk of spreading during that four-day period when you are contagious, they have the right to say this. >> the measles is one of the most contagious childhood diseases. it can hang in the air when you cough or sneeze for almost two hours. the people who have not been vaccinated and have been exposed get it. we talk about kids that are dying of the flu, but not too long ago, we have a short memory. people were dying of diseases like measles. >> there could be another benefit to drinking coffee. >> the new super food, coffee.
9:20 am
they found that there was a 20% drop in the risk of melanoma for people that drank four cups of coffee. this is not the first study. they had shown in mice it works, hairless mice. they have shown in the petri dish it can prevent cancer cells from reproducing. load up the starbucks card. >> i like that. this new test could be a better match for blood donors. why is a test like this needed? >> it turns out there is not just four blood types. there is at least 33 different types. as we appreciate this more, we look at why transfusions hurt the immune system in some. it's not a fatal complication in people when they get a transfusion, but there is a set back in hospitals now, they are saying less tests for all 33 pigment types. >> what benefits the most from
9:21 am
this? >> people have sickle cell disease and it's true even if you don't get a fatal reaction, if you are exposed to the new types of antigens and genes, you can attack your own cells. this is a new test that can be done and identified in six hours. it used to take days to identify. we get better in defining this, it will be safer and safer. >> thank you both for being here. >> natalie get your tissues out. parenthood. it's a great show. preparing to say goodbye. two episodes left. lauren graham is here ♪ at philadelphia, there's an art to making cream cheese. we always use fresh local milk real cream, and no preservatives. and it's these real ingredients that give philadelphia cream cheese its delicious, one of a kind taste. when it comes to making cream cheese philadelphia sets the standard. so rich. so creamy.
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
gel technology delivers instant, true-color clarity ...with a smooth, weightless feel revlon. love is on. a very good wednesday morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. a developing story in san jose. crews have now reopened a busy section of tully road. closed briefiously by a ruptured gas main. this started last night at a construction project near the east ridge mall. drivers this morn hg to detour around quimby and capitol expressway. both directions were open after 8:00. >> also new details on a story out of concord. an overnight shooting left a car riddled with bullets. this happened at 1:00 a.m. concord police now say that two people were in that car and the male driver was shot in the leg. he drove his car to a hospital in walnut creek and has been
9:27 am
released. the passenger was not injured. the shooter, though is still at large. >> happening now, the san francisco giants latest world championship trophy is headed to the big apple. virgin america is providing first class treatment on a commercial flight to new york. it's the first leg of a three-month trophy tour. you may remember before they were the san francisco giants they were the new york giants until 1957. so a tip of the cap to history there. we'll have a tip of the cap to your weather and traffic right after this brarb.
9:28 am
hazy sunshine from san burno mountain. across the north bay and some of the east bay valleys looking at patchy fog. that will be clearing up by lunch time. later on today, you'll see low clouds moving down the coastline. as the winds turn aoffshore, that's going to allow the temperatures to warm up. low to mid 60s around san jose. north bay highs in the low 60s.
9:29 am
in the five-day trend, temperatures clieing into the 70s just in time for the weekend. now here's mike. >> a very slow drive. look at this looking northbound coming up to the coliseum. as far as the eye can see, that side of the freeway is jammed up. it's north 880 and oakland at 23rd where there's a crash blocking the slow lane. that's enough to keep things tough. 580 westbound is clear. 680 both directions very slow as well. a crash causing a big distraction. to mission boulevard, an earlier crash clausing a slowdown to the sorth bay. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll see you in 25 minutes.
9:30 am
>> it's wednesday morning, january 21st 2015. al is on assignment in atlanta. we will check in with him in a moment. you are a tourist and you are visiting philadelphia and go to the rocky steps in philadelphia. the museum and look at the selfie you end up with. rocky himself is standing up at the top of the steps there shooting a movie. he decided to make that walk one more time and the lucky fans got to see him. >> the selfie of a lifetime. i used to live three blocks from there and ran up and down there a million times.
9:31 am
not one sighting of sylvester stallone. only the statue. they have the philadelphia half hair thon one year and you run past the steps and get back on course. >> one of the things in life that you want to do. stop there. you have to jump. sing the song in your head or bring a boom box. >> i walked up it. i actually sacheted up and by the way, went inside. the philadelphia art museum is world class. one of the most beautiful places you can go. enjoy that. for today, we have got this system coming out of the southwest. snow and rain through the gulf
9:32 am
coast. sunshine in the pacific northwest. this clipper comes into the mid-atlantic. looking towards tomorrow, here comes the system. keep an eye on it. icy mix through texas and wet weather through the lower mississippi valley. sunshine in the northeast and temperatures below normal. the sun continues from the plains all the way pretty nice right now. san francisco, you're seeing a few high clouds in the north. 53 degrees. the third day of king tides around the bay area. the next one at 10:46 this morning. just under 7 feet. another low tide at 5:30 later on today and the fog, what's left of it in the north bay and east bay, starting to dissipate as we head to the afternoon. low to mid 60s for san jose and the peninsula. for the north bay, highs in the low 60s. as we go into the weekend, expect a warmup with the highs returning to the 70s.
9:33 am
that does it for your weather from the weather channel. we have one of my favorite comedians ever on the show in a little bit. >> eliza. >> we got to know lauren graham as the magnetic lorelei gilmore. >> sheer played a single mom struggling to find herself on parenthood and sadly there just two episodes left to find out what happens to the whole clan. >> good morning, lauren. good to have you here. >> i have been watching the season and i'm sad to think the end is near. >> i know. it was just a wonderful experience with a great group of people. it's hard to say goodbye. you aware of the emotional connection? natalie is almost breaking down now. i know the night when i walk into our bedroom and my wife is
9:34 am
crying, parent hood is on. it's such a beautiful way people relate to the show. >> we feel lucky and there not too many people. >> you have great luck with shows that connect. >> i judge them on how many they watch. bgag and after gilmore. it says a lot about you. we have to run with the shows. >> this is the second show that i have done that hit 100 episodes. hopefully it doesn't mean my career is over. >> no. are you happy with the way the show ends without giving anything away and what happens with sarah and her and she just got proposed to. >> i am happy with it. it was a nice journey. it started with my character who needed to come home and she
9:35 am
needed help. she was working as a waitress and he has really grown into a career and a relationship. it was a nice resolution. it has a second life because it went to netflix. you have a whole generation of viewers. >> it is gratifying because that was odd at its time. very simple, tweet show. it's nice that people get to see it again. >> how did that feel with the next generation? >> we have the tissue box. >> do you know it's drinking games.
9:36 am
>> i was drinking a lot last night. >> full of stoli. >> this is a word association. >> as far as i understand it. >> he is so funny. i hate karaoke. i refuse to do it. horses i rode a lot of horses growing up and i really loved them. i don't know who i am like this. ray romano, a doll and i loved working with him. such a sweety and she makes good home goods that you should know. sat prep, i was a tutor. you can quiz me on vocabulary. i'm on the "today" show. i won. >> i love the "today" shows. >> that's a good speed dating thing. i'm afraid what you could pull
9:37 am
out. lauren graham, so great to have you here. you can catch the final episodes and thursday night 10:00 9 central. >> the uso tour and our friend tries out some of her best ♪
9:38 am
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9:42 am
how women find out what the weather is like outside. >> girls always refer to the guy for the weather questions. you wake up in the morning and first thing in the morning next to your husband or boyfriend or whatever, dairy queen manager that someone set you up with. 8:00 a.m. first thing out of your mouth babe is it cold outside? your boyfriend wants to be there for you and he's like, i don't know, because i'm inside. >> that are is so true. good morning. >> good morning. >> how is the relationship with the dairy queen manager? >> we are not on speaking terms. >> it ended badly. >> you turn the thing upside down to see if it sticks? we did that. >> the guys ask about the weather you guy from the uso tour. al roker from atlanta.
9:43 am
>> how are you doing this morning? >> you are my hot spot. let's explain this. >> we will do this and he is the only who had the foresight to bring a mobile hot spot. i turn on to check instagram and it cost $500. i followed him. he was my hot spot and i told my mom al roker is my hot spot. >> you know he will be using that line. >> everybody has to be known for something. >> you do such a good job explaining to men why women do things. one of the things i take out of your act is the clutch purse. that's one of the things. why the clutch thing? >> women carry a clutch that is neither a sin him in for the word cool. you have all of this perfection came from the contents of this
9:44 am
tiny red bag. every girl want you to think i'm super low maintenance and we mean well, but the next time you go out with a girl listen to her as she said that. if you stare into her eye, you will hear satan. listen carefully. oh my god, it takes me ten minutes i'm super low maintenance. >> the different voice for women. it is the same voice. >> every girl has that crazy satan evil. whatever part of the country voice. that's what we really feel. >> what al calls dark natalie. >> is it in the morning or later? >> any time. any time. >> when she wants to appear. >> your party goblin. she lives in the back. whatever your favorite drink is and whatever night, the moment where you take a drink and something in the back is like you need to rage.
9:45 am
go outside and lift up your shirt and she what happens? this little monster. >> the last time you heard that voice. >> i love that. >> you need to listen to the goblin. she's in there. >> the worst version of yourself on a drunk night. >> let's talk about men and women and eternal gps. the differences with us with gps. >> guys have sonar in their junk. i don't know how they find everything. it's morning show. i said junk. it was a quick edit. girls have girl gps. i can do the example of it. it's pretty much any girl when you are lost this is how we find anything. um, i feel like it's this way. she is never heard from again. only her and her party goblin lost in a parking garage for hours clicking the thing. >> oh, my gosh, i can't get enough of this.
9:46 am
commercial breaks. that's the conversation for another day. >> that's on flat bread. >> freezing hot will be available on netflix this friday. come back every day if you want to. >> love you. >> thank you. >> al says goodbye. >> bye, al. >> bye, sweet. goodbye, eliza! >> willie has been waiting for -- that's what i heard on the streets. let's just say the queen of selfie revealed the cover. i won't reveal much more. a sneak living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox® an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine. 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's proven to actually prevent headache days. and it's injected by my doctor once every 3 months.
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take the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge visit for details. in delicious gummies too! we need a bigger car. hi, how's it going? whatever you're looking for, start by test-driving nearly every make and model all in one place. carmax. start here. . >> hello. >> we were talking about our acting plan. get the mugs up. speaking of pop kim
9:51 am
kardashian's eye popping cover of selfies have been revealed. we have been waiting for this moment. hide your children's eyes and get closer to the tv if you need to. this is the book called selfish. it features what might be considered the ultimate selfie. the photo shows her in a low cut top and damp hairstyle. she proudly posted the picture on her instagram. thanking her husband kanye for helping to design this book so i can share a decade of selfies in an intimate and artistic way. she is just taking a bunch of selfies and she is saying this is art. she selected them. >> i would go on the cover where she was waiting for kanye to get home. that has to be prominent. >> she was photographed in a fur bikini. >> they sell them in alaska.
9:52 am
>> speaking of someone who has broken ground jessica chastaine. there with the times, when her looks actually kept her from getting roles. this is what she said. the 37-year-old stars with two oscar nods told the telegraph magazine that she had to fight for every role she has gotten. it's only in the past five years, people kept telling me i wasn't pretty enough. everyone's idea of what's pretty is different. she was told to die her red hair blond. she had four new films last year alone. we are thinking all that is behind her. >> talented. >> and looks at that picture. she said i don't know. you are thinking pretty. >> change that. this is my favorite story of the day. jennifer lopez is not sorry for being a sexy mama.
9:53 am
milk is what they called her. the stunning 45-year-old mother of two is speaking out against the critics who say her choices of roles and movies are too sexy. not only because of her age but because she is a parent. when asked about her booty video and how her kids might sect she said i'm not allowed to be sexy because i'm a mom? how do you think i got my children? the boy next door star added although her children may some day find them embarrassing, she knows they care about them.
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
good morning. 9:56. i'm scott mcgrew. happening today in sacramento the new right to die legislation will be unveiled. it's inspired by a bay area woman's battle to end her own life. 29-year-old newlywed britney
9:57 am
maynard chose to die from assist assisted suicide. she had to leave california and go to oregon to do it. this is called the end to life options act. maynard's husband and mother will be on the steps of the state capitol today, showing their support for the proposed law. >> the giants front office on a victory lap of sorts right now. virgin america flying the team's world championship trophy to new york city. that's the first stop on a three-month trophy tour and why new york? of course, that was the giants' home until 1957. >> we'll check your weather coming up right now. >> we've seen a cool start to the morning and still some patchy dense fog, especially out towards the north and east bay valleys. that should begin to break up after lunchtime. some low clouds moving down the coast, but that is going to change as we get to the weekend as winds turn offshore and temperatures start to climb up friday and saturday. today, low 60s around san jose near 60 in san francisco.
9:58 am
low 60s in the north bay and trivalley. notice the five-day trend for san francisco and san jose. highs approaching 70 degrees for the weekend. >> we're looking toward oakland where traffic northbound toward the coliseum a lot smoother than a half hour ago. the lanes have cleared. the bay bridge toll plaza who set a lot of folks up near 23rd where there was a crash, and now they're bathering at the toll plaza. we'll show you the whole area. a slower drive for 880. 580 is clearer. fog reported. south through fremont as the crashes is cleared, things are moving nicely on mission boulevard. back to you. >> we'll have another local news update in a half hour. see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> wine wednesday, access hollywood's billy bush is back. he's been filling in for kathie lee, she's on vacation. filling in all week. >> hello. >> hey. how are you? >> is today the greatest day in the world? we have a huge celebrity with us here? we are so excited. gerber baby is off camera. i've seen gerber baby, don't
10:01 am
show yet -- oh. >> she's so cute. baby grace. we're calling her amazing grace. no one is cuter than that little baby. beat out a lot of other kids. we're going to bring her out in just a few minutes. >> how do we interview gerber baby? have we worked on that yet? >> i don't know, but we have techniques that will work. i love that kid. big show we have a big show. we love befores and afters. jill martin went for this house that was very messy, and she redid one family's house, basement got redone before that was the reveal they did that in the earlier hour, here's the after. >> wow. >> and there's another room that's going to get done, they're guest bedroom. >> the bonus room. >> that's going to happen. >> you have four sons, and they have four sons and two grandsons, there is no female presence other than lovely mom. it's a disaster. how great is that? >> did you have fun yesterday? >> i really did.
10:02 am
are you going to give me words of wisdom? >> i am. people build up walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down. >> that's how i'm actually feeling. right. >> yes. >> ask me how i'm doing. >> i want you to ask me how am i doing. not what's up? how are you? >> and then to ask a second time. i always say fine on the first ask and tell the truth. >> how are you, hoda, now that you are fully liberated woman. we've set her free yesterday. >> i know. >> the news came out about your boyfriend, we saw the pictures, we saw the barrel chested man walking down the beach. and facebook is on fire. karen sent in you go girl and she says, you go girl -- >> oh like that. >> he's a nice-looking fella. >> when you're finally in love, you want the world to know.
10:03 am
doesn't it feel good? >> it does feel good. >> i thought you were dating dean cain. that's me. >> oh my god. >> he looks like frank sinatra. >> what? he's a great looking guy and a kind-heart the guy. i'm happy we did it yesterday. i feel like a different person. i have to tell you. >> once you got out here, free. you wanted to sing, so the world could hear you. >> oh my god. >> tell us how it went yesterday. >> there is a new show coming out, you guys, in the spring whereby and it's a lip sync battle. youl go head to head with another person lip syncing. it's so much fun and i had to do it yesterday i went against michael strahan, that is me. don't ask. when you get there, they tell you, they give you a chorographer. i didn't know that was a huge protection. they give you back up dancers, oh that one. okay. but anyway, it was so much fun.
10:04 am
and let me show you what they have to do. when you get there, there's a chorographer. come with me. >> oh really? >> they give you moves, not simple. okay. so you have to go like go like this okay walk out, follow this lead you have to go with your right leg, you have to go, step, step then up top then up top, then step, and step and up top and up top. and step, anticipate step, and top up top. and some slides. by the way, i have to point out, you are taking nice steps -- >> speaking of liberating. >> in these jeans. >> do you have a husband at home with large thighs? because finally something for him. these are they look like jeans, right? they're actually nice jeans but in fact, they are jegings and if you pull them look they're elastic. >> he's right. >> made by lulu lemon.
10:05 am
they're not, but for large-sized men. get them for your men. >> how does it feel? >> i have ballet legs. they're huge -- >> who makes these? >> joe. >> joe. >> joe's jeans. anyway, battle is this spring, you guys, so much fun. for ten seconds -- strahan he's tough. >> chrissie teigen was there and her husband john legend. she's one of the hosts along with ll cool j, they're taping john legend's tonight. he has a little advantage because he's a singer. okay. but anyway it'll be fun. >> he knows where the actual words come. >> big day. national hugging day. >> national hugging day. >> i think that should be every day, am i wrong? >> i do too. . you're wondering, look, most hugs they time them. the right hug is supposed to last about three seconds. and then they say, once it goes too long and i think ladies you know, when someone hugs you, and
10:06 am
then they go past the point of normal, you start to feel like something weird's happening. at work, you're like oh okay, it's over. but you know -- >> i like to confuse people here. with the ladies, if the average is three, i go about two and a half and leave early so they're saying where'd he go? he just got here. and with the fellas about four and a half -- >> longer. >> to be silly. what's happening, and it keeps people on their toes. >> at work it's tricky. >> we had a sexual harassment training session. we took a little longer, we're hand si. rules of engagement on how to hug in the workplace. you can't just, you know give somebody a hug and then later explain, no i'm a hugger that's why. you have to identify the other person, god i love how portfolioly correct we are, as a huggy. they're a huggy. >> is that what they say? >> before a hug. >> come on. >> it's true.
10:07 am
and i don't need to see look at you -- >> one, two where'd he go. >> it works. >> where did he go? you're right. a hair back works. >> yes, the next day the crew showed up and everybody had i'm a huggy lapel pins everywhere, it was a hug fest. >> sweet day you guys, because oreo has come out with a new one. brand new one. we had these yesterday and we were so blocked in our conversation that we didn't even get a chance to try them these are red vel set oreos, inside a cream cheese flavored center. it hits on february 2nd. >> i am getting thicker with word you are saying here. >> you care about your weight? do you worry? >> of course. >> how much? >> i'm wearing jeggings right now. i'm more of a woman than you are, it's true. i have to watch it, but i'm naturally a thick fella. >> you are. >> yes. i'm a traditionalist. i also love red velvet, so this is -- >> give it a go.
10:08 am
>> really? yum. >> they've done it. >> i was not a fan of cherry coke but i am a fan of these. >> very good. >> uh-huh. incredible. >> so a big football game coming up. >> okay. >> called the super bowl. and now there's this big to do about the balls. >> confirming here, it seems that we have a problem here with the balls. >> yes, we do. now, the patriots bams were -- balls were deflated. >> i want you to get a load of this tom brady, inclimate weather. here's the regular ball. >> okay. >> tough to grip. >> yeah, that's hard. >> and plus, it's rainy, boom. okay. that's the hard one, that's fully inflated. couple pounds out of this one. give testimony a grip. >> oh my god. it makes a difference. >> does it make 45 to 7 become
10:09 am
28-21, i don't know -- >> but maybe momentum's going, you're on a roll. >> it's $25000 and maybe a loss of a draft pick if nothing. is that worth it to get to the super bowl? i would say maybe it is. >> maybe it is. >> if you're the cheating kind. >> do you think they did cheat? >> we're in new york right now and you know there's history with the jets and the patriots coach belichick was videotaping the defensive coordinator of the jets a while ago. a lot of jets fans here, very edgy about this story. >> all right. well we're going to hear more about this, i'm sure. it is time for the moment that we've been waiting for. all right. it is time to meet our gerber baby. >> she's cute. >> let's take a quick look back, do you remember the very very first gerber baby? okay. ann cook there she is. remember on all the little jars and stuff. >> she had a solid reign far while. >> back in '26. she's 88 years old now.
10:10 am
here she is holder her picture. >> gerber baby is now gerber lady. >> a new one's been crowned, and we've waited, this year's winner is drum roll, please. >> don't touch the baby. >> gabrielle's baby grace from lancaster pennsylvania. grace is seven months old. hi. >> hi. >> how does it feel -- >> can you say hi? >> i can't even. such competition. baby grace, you can see why she won. what does it feel like to be declared the winner? >> we're so thankful. >> dada. dada. >> dada is right over there. >> there he is. >> say hi dada. >> that is so great. we're so happy for you. so, a big future ahead nor little one -- for this little one. will she be on the food items? >> we have the potential to be
10:11 am
on a gerber ad. >> people want to know this and touch and grab and, you know, cheeks and the whole thing? >> oh yeah. yeah. >> oh my god, baby grace has a lot to say. >> we are interviewing baby grace. how do you feel about this high distinction? >> hi. >> you look to so beautiful. and i bet you're going to be intelligent and kind -- >> we can't even. thank you so much, baby grace, we love you, we'll see you soon. >> you can hold her. >> yeah. >> are you sure? if she cries this is an ender for me. >> hi. i have three girls and they were all once your size, and now okay, let's go right here. >> aww. >> a little more comfortable. hello there sweetheart. >> are you happy to be here? are you happy? >> are you having thoughts of a baby? >> this is the one, we are allowed to hold you.
10:12 am
aww. you guys can go to commercial on your own, we're staying here, so whatever you want here this is unbelievable. seeing changes in your skin? aging is not just about wrinkles. your skin could be losing volume. introducing revitalift volume filler from l'oreal. with our highest concentration of hyaluronic. used daily, l'oreal volume filler penetrates to volumize skin surface layers. cheeks are fuller. hollows under the eyes less pronounced. wrinkles smoother. i can see the difference here and here. new revitalift volume filler from l'oreal paris. skin losing volume? visit we're worth it. ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the
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10:15 am
family gathering. dawn, it's amazing what a drop can do. all right. now to the special series series #starttoday where every wednesday jill martin has been taking people from complete chaos and trust me i know, to clutter-free. >> this time around, you were ask to send a photo of the messiest room in your house. but there was one family who in staten island new york, who really stood out. and there they are standing out with a blindfold on. >> we have jill to where they are. she introduced us to cliff and anna gutmajor, and their basement, okay they've been using as a storage place for the last 38 years but take a look at this. jill transformed the space into a beautifully organized area where cliff and his grand kids can play and everybody can enjoy. amazing. >> now jill is ready to kick it
10:16 am
up a notch and surprise cliff and anna with one more room. hey jill. >> hi guys, i'm here with cliff and anna again, blindfolded for the second time this morning and i want to show you, ethan has all his toys here and they are enjoying the play area for this makeover, it has really worked. the family's already here, but the surprises, oh, i love that i do this. the surprises they're not over because now, we are going to surprise cliff and anna with a new guest room. so i want to show you what it looked like when we walked into it, take it look. so this is the guest room? >> you could say that. or you could say it's a room that we put things in when we've ran out of room out there. >> we're going to do it. see ya. all the guests -- >> keep. >> will keep these books. >> are awesome these donatable? >> yes.
10:17 am
your superman pants, we found them. the '80s called. maybe flowers. this is an official intervention. we are going to make this situation into a guest room. team gutmajor, are we ready? >> knock yourself out. i am bringing in my troops from the container store and we are ready to roll. this one goes and this one stays. oh, i remember nothing like this. this is funny. okay. back to work. look at the shirt, you can play the guitar on the shirt. let's get those garbage bags and boxes. gutmajors guest room. bye, we have to go to work bye, see ya later.
10:18 am
>> loving. >> you will not believe this transformation. so cliff and anna are standing by, and guys, ethan has something to say to you. >> back to you. >> back to you. >> horray. >> jill, we're going to take a quick commercial break. we're going to come back because i have to see the room. >> there's no clutter, it's memories. beautiful moment with their sons. >> all right. first let's take another look at cliff and anna's bedroom before. >> memories. >> yeah. >> keep in mind, these are memories. even the drumset they've got to be happy. they'll get to see the newly you give... and you give... and then you give some more. but sometimes you get. and so you take. tylenol® cold is strong enough for you while children's tylenol® is gentle enough for them. we give you relief from your cold and flu. you give them
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10:22 am
we've been waiting, we're back for two of our start today series and jill martin is live in staten island new york, at the home of cliff and anna gutmajor, she's about to reveal their newly made over guest bedroom. >> but before she does, a look at the before one more time. closet full of memories. here we go take a look in there. >> okay. here's the before. okay jill. and then jill, we can't wait. take it away. >> okay. okay. so now again, cliff and anna, blindfolded, are you ready to see your next guest room. anna is about to pass out again she passed out at her son's wedding. are you ready?
10:23 am
one, two, three, take off your blindfolds. >> oh. >> wow. >> oh, oh my god. oh my god. >> it looks like a room. how did you do this? oh my god. this is beautiful. look at these, oh my god. >> who would even think, it looks like a room. >> totally different, right? >> his wedding. >> so this room is so dramatic because when we -- come on. >> on camera? >> this is different and amazing because when we walked in, the bed would come this way. >> uh-huh. >> it was such a different situation because the bed was here. look how it opens up space by just moving the bed. >> uh-huh. >> and then you have so many pictures beautiful family, so we took all of the pictures and just put them on frames on the
10:24 am
little shelves. we up the little shelves, it's so simple. just to highlight the room. and then, this area i think we have a, a before picture of this area with technology from like you know the '80s moezyed on in. we couldn't even donate some of that stuff. and we made it into this beautiful area so all of your books and now the play pack and when the family comes over, they said they can even bring everyone and have -- >> it looks so much longer. what do you think? >> i think you did a great job. >> you outdid yourself. cliff. >> couples camera, don't get too loud with the grandchildren and sons run down to the couples cave, beautiful place to hide out. >> see what i mean? >> now blindfolds. >> all right. kim. thanks a lot. >> amazing. >> head for more organizing tips
10:25 am
from our series can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel.
10:26 am
sensational! new lash sensational full fan effect mascara from maybelline new york. our unique fanning brush captures every layer of lashes... for a sensational full-fan effect. new lash sensational full fan effect mascara ♪ maybe it's maybelline ♪ good morning, everyone. 10:26. new details out of concord this morning. an overnight shooting on highway 4 left a car riddled with bullets. this happened around 1:00 this morning. two people were in the car and
10:27 am
the male driver was shot in the leg. he drove his car to a hospital in walnut creek. he's been released. the passenger not injured, but the shooter is still at large. >> crews have now reopened a busy section of tully road closed by a ruptured gas main. started last night at a construction project near east ridge mall. they had to detour between quimby and capitol expressway. we'll take a look a weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
10:29 am
chilly start. still some fog issues with the dense fog advisory for midmorning. as we have passed lunch time we should see dry air break up the clouds. temperatured today closer to the coastline, in the upper 50s to low 60s. for the north bay, highs in the 60s. as we approach the weekend, north bay including san jose and san francisco warming close to 70. now for another check of your wednesday morning commute, let's send it to mike. >> we're looking to palo alto. it looks like it's slowing down from the live camera shot. but on our maps we have an incident reported but it's out of lanes, just north of there. maybe a distraction. that might be what's going on. meanwhile, the rest of the commute heading south moves smoothly. we have a little slow one heading to oakland for 880 as well as 680. another crash in the backup. that will be an issue and also, we have fog still reported through concord as well as north
10:30 am
of the bridge and farther north in the north bay. >> join us at 11:00 for our newscast. we'll see you then. well this wine day wednesday ready to play the trivia game we call who knew. today we're going to find out how well you know this by testing you on popular advertising ad lines. mr. billy bush is across the street at nbc experience store, he's ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who gets the question right. those who don't, they get a kathie lee cd and who doesn't want that? >> kathie lee is not here, but her cds here. >> here to help me is adweek editorial director james cooper. are you ready? >> absolutely. >> let's have fun, billy, hoda coop. which candy -- what is your
10:31 am
name? >> susan. >> from florida, you're freezing. >> which candy melts in your hand, not in your hand. >> m & ms. >> i had options. $100 gift card. >> that is such a famous tagline, isn't it? >> longest standing tag line. it was developed during the second world war for soldiers they didn't want the chocolate to melt, so they developed the candy coating around the m & ms, and debuted with peanut m & m launch. >> now the pretles, peanut butter. >> what's your name? >> josh. >> josh. all right. >> from miami. >> also from florida. >> you didn't come to together. >> which technology company encourages its customers to think different? >> microsoft, apple, google, yahoo. >> apple. >> bingo my man. give me that.
10:32 am
>> am wants you to pick different. >> yep, this is definitely one of the most famous ad campaigns. probably one of the most icon ib turn around stories in technology and they developed two campaigns, both of which were from richard, one was steve jobs, the apple founder they went with the campaign the morning of the launch of that campaign. >> wow, is that grammatically correct? >> probably not. >> maybe it is, i don't know. over to you, billy. >> my mom would say think differently for sure. i am with from the motor city, dina are you ready? you love kathie lee don't you. you want to hear her sing? which cosmetics company says a woman should use its products because you're worth it and you are. is a loreal, covergirl maybelline? >> i will say loreal. >> yep. >> she throws up a hail mary and walks out $100 richer. >> bill is like regis isn't he?
10:33 am
all right. so loreal, that's a great -- yeah. >> did this campaign in 1971, it was originally because i'm worth it. they changed it to you're and then we're to make it more inclusive. it was written by a 23-year-old copy writer at mckent ericson that's during an heir of empowerment, she's been famous for it ever since. >> all right billy. >> i have taylor from philly here. we're going to go full regis on this one, are you ready, taylor. >> all right. >> which clothing company tells you that quality never goes out to style? gap, lee vies, ralph lauren, american eagle outfitters? >> the first one. >> buzzer. >> regis was tearing up with kathie lee for years and had to listen to her music, you will now join me. nice. >> all right. luke, the levis.
10:34 am
one of the most iconic of all times. >> they launched for a rebrand, they want to sort of have people sort of enjoy the comfort of their brand but also still rely on the durability that they were founded on. >> okay. billy, we have time for one more. >> we have a mother/daughter combo here. what's your name? >> charlotte. >> this is your ma. >> esther. >> all right. we're going to let you play together, you can whisper, i'm fine with that. which city assures you that what happens here, stays here. now esther, you should know nothing about this, but let me hear it is it new york miami los angeles las vegas. >> it is las vegas. it's las vegas. >> it's show time. never stays there, does it? >> love that one. >> that's the one. campaign was developed in 2003 as a way to sort of get people to come to do more of an
10:35 am
example but obviously covers up lots of indiscretions. >> love it, all right, esther, billy, we have time for one more? that's it. that was fun. all right. thank you for joining us. billy will come back across the street. all right. he's been called one of the stars of tomorrow, we're going to meet him today from song one musician and actor johnny flint. if you like romantic come dis, you're going to want to watch it this week. the stars, the great re gee in a when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster. that's 30% sooner. call your doctor right away. and attack the flu virus at its source with prescription tamiflu. tamiflu is fda approved to treat the flu in people 2 weeks and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu
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you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising bleeding, or paleness. finally, clearer skin for more than a few days, weeks or months. enbrel works for me. ask your dermatologist if you can have clearer skin with enbrel all right. there is a reason for all this beautiful wedding decor nobody's getting married today, but our next three guests do hope to walk down the aisle, at least on tv. >> you probably know re gee in a, bride to be from a mother-in-law from you know where. successful think like a man 2, this time she plays a career-driven talent agent. >> here she is. >> welcome, down the aisle.
10:40 am
>> lovely re gee in a. >> hi sweetie, how are you? love you. >> hello. >> next up is jill scott the grammy award winning singer turned actress recently starring in get on up as james brown's wife de rks de rks. she plays a villain, successful gossip columnist and a hotty. hey how are you? >> it's all happening. you look terrific, smashing. >> all right finally, eve, another grammy winner, she's a hip hop artist, actress whose appeared in several movies like barbershop and in this movie, she plays the struggling actress. >> yeah. >> hey. pretty. how are you? >> hello beautiful lady. >> all right. so the reason for all this is because they are starring in the lifetime original movie with this ring, i watched it yesterday. i loved it. they make a special pack take a
10:41 am
look. >> within a year. me too. >> we're in. everybody's in. >> it's lifetime. it worked out. it better work out. >> did you love the concept of this movie you guys? >> i loved it. i thought it was so cute and like really um, such a positive movie for women. >> uh-huh. >> realistic. in some ways because regardless of what we do and how much we accomplish everybody wants to be loved. >> uh-huh. >> the pressure to get married though. who was applying the pressure? >> mother. >> and there's a cultural pressure. >> cultural, but we apply pressure to ourselves, especially women who have a lot
10:42 am
going on. sometimes it takes a little while for us to find the right person because we've been working on our careers then after a while you're like i forgot to do that. marry, kids. >> eve, in your real life, hello, somebody tied the knot to a gorgeous man. >> he's cute. he's cute. >> his name is bill. i have to tell you maxa millio. you don't say no to that. >> somehow married life? how does it feel? >> it's really good. it is different, but i love it. i'm really happy. >> you know what's fun about the movie, billy busting in talking about how much he loved it. this is definitely a chick flick, but it's not just a chick flick. >> lifetime sucks me in constantly. i don't want to, then it happens and i'm in, it's civilly, it's funny, it's life. the vow have you ever your friends, ever heard of anyone really making it vow to get married in a year? >> i made that vow. i was talking to my girlfriend,
10:43 am
and we were on the phone and i was like by this age, a certain age we have to get married, we can't walk around blaming being single on our career. >> it's time. >> and we said we're even going to, the same thing the one we don't -- i couldn't do it. we couldn't do it. >> jill, what about for you? >> i did put pressure on someone to get married. >> you did? >> yeah an ultimatum. >> okay. >> i didn't feel like it was an ultimatum. >> no i did that. terrible, terrible decision. yeah. i was asked december, late 2000 no, i said if it's not, it doesn't happen by new year's eve, then it's over. and i was asked december 30th. >> it worked. >> it worked. >> should we play a game? >> let's play it. many great wedding songs. you have to finish the lyric of the classic wedding song, ready? >> here's the first one.
10:44 am
♪ at last my love has come along -- >> finish that, baby. >> my lonely days are over. >> yes. >> oh. >> come on. >> bam. >> that'll work. >> all right, sing it out, here's john legend, all of me. ♪ all of me loves all of you -- >> all your imperfections -- >> edges. >> perfect imperfections. perfect imperfections. give your all to me. >> all-time classic love songs. >> i think you are absolutely right. >> it's beautiful. >> okay. we have to run you guys but
10:45 am
this movie is so so much fun. it premiers saturday night pop the popcorn, get with your husband, boyfriend, friend, and watch on lifetime. >> make a vow, this is not a good thing to do. here's one of the u.k.'s hottest young stars in the music you know pig, this is a real special place. it never rains but the crops never die. you can get eggs whenever you want. and a pig just gave me bacon. a pig just gave me bacon. hay daaaaaaaaaaaay!!! download hay day for free. if you have enrolled in a medicare part d plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy you could be saving up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies. if you transfer your prescription to a walmart pharmacy, your copays could be as low as a dollar. so you can enjoy the things that really
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10:49 am
10:50 am
all right. he was born in south africa, raised in the u.k. and now tv stations film actor and musician, johnny flinn is one of britain's hottest young stars. >> and we're finally getting a taste of johnny's talents in the new film, "song one" where we stars opposite ann hathaway. >> what a beautiful thought by the way, what a beautiful plot, in the movie ann hathaway's brother is in a coma and you are his favorite singer. ann hathaway thinks it's a good idea if she plays some of your music to her brother, hoping
10:51 am
it'll it'll revive him. >> yeah. >> was that, i mean you playing music, that's obviously not a stretch for you it's your first love. >> yeah. and in fact, there was a kind of confusing thing for me to kind of go out of those boundaries and i try to keep those separates and taking a role was really diving in and saying, okay i'm going to explore what my life is like you know, as a musician and yeah. >> right. >> acting before anything on the level of you know, jumping in, opposite ann hathaway. >> uh-huh. >> not really. i mean, she's you know she's incredible. and it worked. yeah, it just like you sit opposite like an oscar-winning actress, what have you got, and she was just, she blew me away. she was incredible. >> one of my favorite stories that ann hathaway tells, it was
10:52 am
an intimate scene. she claims she wanted to loosen you up so she brought a bottle, she brought a bottle of jamison and did that happen? >> yeah. yeah. >> and how was all that? >> she was very cool. she just you know, put me at ease. obviously did a lot of thinking and worrying before this particular scene, and, um she -- >> barrel into your dressing room with a bottle of jamison? >> we were in the bed about to do the scene, she sent everyone out and she's like have you done this before? i was like, not really. and she, she pulled out a big bottle of bourbon, and we had a glug, it was like 9:00 a.m. >> glug. >> yeah, put me right at ease. >> can't get her out of my mind now. >> any acting now. >> thanks so much. again, "song one," opens in select theaters, on demand, but
10:53 am
also itunes this friday, great film. >> heartwarming and millions of you will see on super bowl sunday. >> first this is "today" on nbc. ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ [ female announcer ] at 100 calories, not all food choices add up. some are giant. some not so giant
10:54 am
when managing your weight, bigger is always better. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ ♪ green giant ♪
10:55 am
10:56 am
all right. super bowl sunday is less than two weeks away. half of the fun is watching the commercials. >> right. >> one that's getting a lot of buzz is from dove, and it's for all the great dads out there. >> let's check it out. >> hey daddy. >> dada. >> daddy. >> daddy. >> daddy. >> daddy. >> dad. >> dad. >> daddy. >> dad. >> daddy.
10:57 am
>> daddy. daddy. >> dad. >> oh my god. oh my god. >> i'm sitting here in my jegings crying. >> promoting dove's products. it's an awesome ad campaign. >> good for them, they did it. >> met your man yesterday joel, what a stud. and now your assistant kathy, her man has been here all day long. >> jerry. >> greatest guy. >> jerry is here. >> man, we've got a good show. who's your man? >> all right tomorrow, we're going to catch up with joey zan za, he'll be here with the cast of honeymoon. >> plus louis louis, not lewis, louis. surprising a couple of lucky ladies with a ambush makeover.
10:58 am
>> after i surprise for billy. billy, more fun tomorrow. >> we do. >> it does not stop. we're going to see ev ♪ ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ ♪ every now and
10:59 am
then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪
11:00 am
well good morning. thank you if joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. san francisco is taking on a tough task, eliminateing new hiv infections in the city and one trying to get to the zero effort. >> we have all the details. good morning. >> good morning, scott and kris. yeah, the city of san francisco once known to be a hotbed of hiv/aids, of the epidemic. now people leading the fight against it say this have o has been a model city on cutting down on transmission. the zero initiative being


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