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tv   Today  NBC  January 17, 2015 5:30am-7:01am PST

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third time is the charm? mitt roomily sounds like he's launching another run for president. >> the results of the hillary clinton barack obama foreign policy has been devastating. >> but why is he facing skepticism up side his own party. history in the making the u.s. supreme court is going to decide one of the biggest issues of our time whether same-sex should be allowed to mary. this morning a look ahead to a landmark case. will the face of marriage be changed. the teenage bonnie and collide. the nationwide manhunt this morning for a 13-year-old girl and 18-year-old boy on the run and police warning they should be considered armed and
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dangerous. and dog napping. a canine caper caught on camera has a little dog is stolen under her owner's noses. but the tale has a happy ending. january 17th 2015 from nbc news this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill were live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a sad morning. i'm leather holt. >> erica and dillon are enjoying the day off. >> right near the top, you can see daylight. finally we ore on the way up. >> finally. >> it's the little things. a little hint of sun. anyway want to begin with our top story. mitt romney making a run for the white house again. more fuel has been added to the
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fire after a speech he made last night during a republican national committee meeting. chris ten welker has more for us. >> reporter: mitt romney didn't say outright that he plans to run but he sounded a lot like a candidate when he spoke in california last night mapping out a platform. but he's missing a key ingredient for a third presidential bid. broad support within his own party. speaking to the party faithful in california mitt romney joked about the one thing on everyone's mind. >> let me state unequivocally that i have no intention of running for u.s. senate in massachusetts. >> reporter: but the former rep nominee got serious fast mapping out what sounded like another platform for a run. focused on national security and opportunity for all, even taking direct aim at possible democrat
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contender hillary clinton. >> and the results of the foreign policy. >> and his wife ann. >> she believes people get better with experience. >> reporter: but there is skepticism in his own party. >> how is now going to be different from four years ago or four years before that? >> reporter: if he runs he's face off on what consider a strong field of primary candidates as the party tries to appeal to a broader case. scott walker new jersey gove forchris christie rand paul and tea party favorite texas senator ted cruz. then there's former florida governor jeb bush who is already getting big donors on board. >> in 2012 most of the republican rising stars decided to stay on the sidelines. they're not on the sidelines this time.
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>> reporter: when asked about th. >> reporter: when asked about the news he's considering a bid, president obama deeyded to stay multiple. >> i have no comment. >> reporter: last night romney talked about raising up the poor trying to distance himself from 2012 when he was painted as an out of touch elitist who didn't care about the poor. fuelled by his 47% comment. the rnc will have nine debates instead of 22 last time. a move to protect gop candidates from making potentially damaging remarks during debate. lester? >> waes the thinking here? he said he wouldn't run again. what might be change ing his thinking? >> reporter: first of all, romney has never been shy about acknowledging that he'ses always wanted to be president. those close to him say he feels he has a case to make on foreign policy, especially given the
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crisises sin you ukraine and with isis. with jeb bush mulling over a run romney thought he would have to take steps now. the biggest problem for him is convincing republicans he'll be a different candidatement the gop wants to win back the white house. >> kristen welker, thanks. now to the stepped-up security across europe as the search continues for anyone who may have been involved in the deadly attacks in paris and plots in belgium. nbc's bill neeley is in belgium. good morning. >> reporter: good morning from the site where two suspected terrorists were shot dead by police on thursday belgian police still questioning suspects suspects being questioned across europe. all this of course part of the aftershock of the massacre in paris. the gunmen in the massacre were furious at the magazine "charlie
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hebdo." the fury continues in europe and beyond. a muslim backlash is building in algeria police struggle to contain huge crowds angry that the frempblnch magazine once again published a cartoon of the prophet mohamed. in jordan, pictures of of the paris killers and confronted police. in pakistan protesters marched to the french consulate where police fired teargas. protests in iran, turkey, and elsewhere. muslims are rallying and europe is rattled. dozens of armed police responded in paris to a deranged man in a post office. in belgium it was real. police gathering evidence of the two armed men just back from syria. they shot and killed. men who had weapons, explosives
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and police uniforms for an attack police believe was imminent. police in germany arrested men for allegedly sending recruits to syria. in britain, police stepped up security at synagogues. >> it's a time for heightened aware withness -- awareness but not to be scared snrk britain's prime minister was talking tough with president obama. >> the world is sickened by this terrorism. we will not be standing alone in this fight. we know what we are up against. >> it is widespread. it has penetrated communitieses around the world. >> reporter: the u.s. is now promising more help to europe at a time of oh trouble and deep trauma. for the first time this morning, belgium is deploying troops to guard key sites. it's rewriting laws to deal with those radical threats.
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you know what happened here and in paris really sent a shiver across europe. >> thanks bill. a the u.s. supreme court greed to take up the question of same-sex marriage. the justices will decide one of the biggest legal and cultural issues of this generation. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more. >> reporter: in suburban detroit april and jane cheered the news that their legal fight will be part of a potentially historic uh ruling on gay rights. >> we set out oh for a goal. that was equality for our family. we are proud that we are affecting so many other familieses and proud that we are an inspiration for other families. >> reporter: the justices agreed to answer two questions -- can states refuse to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples and can states refuse to recognize same-sex marriages legally performed somewhere else? the court takes up the questions
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after a surge of court rulings from coast to coast, striking down state bans on same-sex marriage. nearly 60 separate decisions in more than half a states over the past year and a half. >> there will not be many cases like this that we are going to look back in a hundred, 200, 300 years and say, gosh that was a critical moment in the country's history. >> reporter: 36 states now permit gay couples to get married covering roughly 70% of the u.s. population. the supreme court's order comes just threes months after it declined to take up the issue last fall -- an action that allowed same-sex marriage to begin in 20 more states. since then lower courtses have split on the issue. the obama administration says it will urge the court to rule in favor of same-sex marriage saying it would help ensure equality for all americans. the cases will be argued in april. the court will issue its decision by late june. for "today," pete williams, nbc news at the supreme court. more americans than ever will begin traveling to cuba now
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that a relaxed set of rules will make it easier to go to the island nation. you might be ready to go to cubament the question might be is cuba ready for you? mark potter is in havana this morning. mark good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. there is widespread hope here that a lot more americans will soon visit cubament experts say it could be some time before that actually occurs. on the day of the new u.s. travel rules went into effect there were hundreds of americans already visiting cuba. they and even those arriving today arranged their trips before the rule changes. joining expensive tour groups controlled by the u.s. and cuban governments. >> we are learning about history a great deal. we're learning about the city. we have a lot of contact with the people. it's just a pleasure to be here a privilege. >> reporter: many wonder what it will look like when thousands of americans arrive here under the new, relaxed travel rules.
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at the havana airport friday american seener yors and a bird-watching group arrived for their tour. >> welcome to cuba. >> reporter: believing travel here next time will involve less red tape. >> certainly the red tape will lessen at least on the u.s. end. >> reporter: a question being raised here and especially in the united states is whether cuba, with its stagnant economy and a shortage of resources will be ready to embrace a flood of oh americans. ex perts say cuba has a sizable tour ieconomy serving tourists from around the world but it needs time to prepare for more americans. chris mcinnis thinks it could take several years. >> it will take a while before they can expand the airport, build hotels add taxicabs. >> reporter: still to be arranged, the use of american credit and debit cards here. under the old rules u.s.
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tourists could only carry cash. on the streets, many cubans say they are ready now for all the changeses to start taking place. and u.s. officials say they hope this will lead to more opportunitieses for the cuban people and less reliance on the state-controlled economy here as they also vowed to push cuba to improve the political and human rights record. sheinelle? >> thank you. pope francis's trip to the philippines had to be cut short this morning. peterer alexander hases that and other storieses. good morning. >> good morning. pope francis arrived safely in manila after an approaching storm changed the pontiff's travel plans. anne thompson joins us from the philippines with the latest. anne? >> reporter: peter, i think the only thing that could rival pope francis for attention in the philippines is the weather. it forced changes in hi schedule
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today. it threatens tomorrow's mega mass. it could be a water logged mess. the main reason for the pope's visit to the philippines was to spend time with the victims of typhoon haiyan. he flew to tacloban as the storm approached. instead of spending the day in the recovering area the pope was forced to cut short the trip but not before celebrating an emotion that will mass. thousands of people in yellow ponchos, as was the pope listening with tears in their eyes as he told them he had to come to see them. he put aside his prepared homily and spoke from the heart saying these people are not alone and though they have suffered greatly, god will not let them down. the same tropical storm is headed to manila. we are basically under a tropical storm watch here. one to two inches of rain are predicted for tomorrow. we'll see how that impacts the
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up to 6 million people who are expected to attend the pope's final mass of this visit. peter? >> anne thank you very much. police closer to home in florida under fire for using mug shots of african-american men for target practice say they are suspending the sniper training program. the north miami beach police chief said the department realizes how, taken out of context the photos of the six black males in the line-up may appear to be offensive. bill cosby's lawyer said he was not at the playboy mansion the night his accuser said she was attacked. he was in new york 2500 miles away. he intends to prove it. they met this week to detail her account of the alleged 2008 sexual assault. hundreds of students at penn state took to the streets to celebrate the ncaa decision to
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restore 112 team victorieses stripped from the team amid the jerry sandusky child molestation scandal returning joe paterno to his place as major college football's winningest coach. for decadeses. he was ousted after the arrest of sandusky and al gags of a school cover-up. lawyers say the move sends the wrong message. the ravens struck a financial settlement with their former star running back ray rice who filed a grievance seeking more than $3.5 million in back pay after his contract was terminated following the explosive video of oh rice hitting his then fiancee, now wife. the ravens said it is time to turn the page. they wish janae and ray the best. rice remains a free agent. nba history was made in l.a. last night when austin rivers hit the court for the l.a. clippers. he was playing for his dad doc rivers. austin is now the first nba
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player to play for his father. austin played more than 11 minutes. he didn't score. the clippers acquired him from the celtics as part of a three-team deal. aus austin's dad said he finally has to listen to me. his allowance, $1.8 million a year. >> he has to make his bed. >> family affair. we have a check of the forecast. >> you guys, it's frigid out therement the northeast. not bad yesterdayment it got cold late in the evening. this is what we are waking up to. look at this. it eat it's minus 18 in watertown. feels like minus 8 in boston. minus 27 in caribou. this is serious cold in the northeast. not everybody seeing it through the central plains. we have a january thaw. temperatures up more
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good morning. 5:46 the time. waking up to showers across the north bay. everybody else waking up to clouds. shower activity isolated today. really north of san francisco. everywhere else 40s and 50 with clouds in place. notice through the day, temperatures will be warm south bay, back to 67 degrees. 65 for the peninsula. east shore, more cloud cover at of 6. 64 san francisco with showers for the morning. the same for the north bay. spare the air. and that's a look at your saturday forecast. >> all right. thank you very much. nice to have you here. a maryland couple is under investigation for letting young children walk around town without supervision. it has sparked a heated debate over the right of parents to raise their children the way they want versus the kids' safety. here 's kristen welker. >> reporter: danielle says part of growing up is learning how to do things on your own. that's why she and her husband
5:48 am
allow their 10-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter to walk short distances around their suburban maryland neighborhood by themselves. >> they need to learn that intangible thing we call street smarts. the only place to learn that outside. >> reporter: it's called free range parenting, a rejection of the over protective helicopter parent. >> i feel safe because i know my parents have confidence in us. >> reporter: now this family is being investigated by child protective services because last month police found the kids walking home from a park a mile away from home. some of the roads get a lot of traffic. does that concern you? >> well if my children didn't know how to cross streets and if we hadn't spent time that would be a concern. my kids know. >> reporter: c p ps didn't talk to this case but says a child under the age of 8 cannot be left alone in a building enclosure or motor vehicle. they say their kids were walking
5:49 am
outside so they didn't break the law. the founder of the free range kids. >> our parents did it. nobody blinked an eye and the crime rate was higher when we were growing up. >> reporter: according to the latest fbi study more than 58,000 kids were abducted by nonrelatives in one year. >> we are asking parents to talk to their children and have them know about safety. >> the kidnappings are rare. they are scary and dramatic but they just don't happen often. >> reporter: the family will meet with child protective services next week with no planses to back down. for "today," kristen welker, nbc news. a canadian couple was all shook up after their dog was stolen while the el vis presley fans were in memphis. luckily their hound dog is back in their arms thanks to good samaritans. kevin tibbles has more on the canine caper. >> reporter: a trip to celebrate elvis presley's 80s birthday
5:50 am
turned into a trip to the heartbreak hotel. this tune ends happily. canadian couple lori and terry travis had their dog dixie stolen from their truck as they were having dinner on elvis presley boulevard in memphis. >> we'll give you money. just bring the dog back please. >> reporter: dixie, a yorkshire terrier was grabbed by the neck and tossed into the back seat of a getawayer car, picked up by a camera. >> i can't believe people treat animals like that. >> reporter: a week went by and nothing as the traviss sat in a hotel, waited and hoped. some in memphis offered to pick up the tab for the family's food and lodging. a facebook page was set up to assist with the search. >> she's part of the family. >> reporter: late in the week a break. a series of tips led police to an address where dixie was found. >> good deeds are done every day. >> reporter: the travises
5:51 am
decided to drive back from houston. >> i just want my dog. >> reporter: just for this precious moment. >> oh baby! >> reporter: while police questioned suspects seeking the hound dog responsible the memphis mayor awarded dixie with a special police citation and gave the travisses their own honor. >> you won the key to our hearts already. now we are giving you the key to our great city. >> thank you. >> reporter: for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> the dog's like whatever, i'm good. >> part of the family for sure. still to come we saw how happy a dog can make its owner. the feeling is mutual and we have the pictures to prove it. first this is "today" on nbc.
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but to get covered you've got to get going. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. speak ing of dogs which we were a moment ago we are back with a look at the incredible ways a dog's life can be changed.
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>> if you have seen a dog in a shelter they don't always look happy . it's incredible to see what happens when they finally find a loving home. peter is in the orange room with more. >> this is exciting. from the white house to the orange room. my first time in here. anybody whos's adopted a pet knows what a big undertaking it can be. while it may change your life it's absolutely going to change the life of your dog. we have the evidence to prove it. back here some reddit users with before and afters. you can see the dog all caged up. now out with a big smile. jackson, after. showing a little bit too much there, jackson. you can see how excited he is. spokey behind glass and after with a big grin and a tongue out to show it. harper a little leopard print and the black b ork ark. harper feeling good as well. this one i like. this is alanek. look at that shot. stuck in a wooden box. after the fact hanging out like how you like me now? i feel good.
5:55 am
finally mona. all caged up before. after the fact with the pink shawl to go with the pink smile. everybody going, i'm sorry the rest of you are stuck behind the scenes i'm living life. when my 1-year-old daughter sees a dog she goes dog, dog, dog. she's loving this. # orange room. >> that was my kid's first word. dog. >> i'm dogless for the first time in 20 years. >> really? >> taking a break. i don't want to do puppy training in the wint wither time. we're close. still to come on "today" the man hunt for two teenagered feared to be armed and dangerous. >> and an investigation about parents who aren't making sure their kids are buckled up. >> this is all part of our school danger zone series. coming up just how many parents aren't buckling up the kids. when you're not looking the kids
5:56 am
unbuckle themselves. that's coming up. good morning. 5:56 saturday morning. live look over a misty san francisco in the trans-america pyramid. might be seeing rain in the city. good morning to you.
5:57 am
anthony slaughter has a look at microclimate forecast. you're telling me san francisco's like the dividing line. >> yes. really is. if you're in san francisco, it's not all-day rain just talking about a shower activity from time to time. but really that dividing line the golden gate and points north. north bay traveling there, expect a few showers, key word few, not a bunch. talking about less than a tenth of an inch. south of san francisco dry. san jose, east bay, dry conditions. 40s and 50s. cloud cover overhead. farther north, that's where you'll see showers. north bay, san francisco, south of sfo, sun. 70s. >> wow. talk about a different forecast. >> microclimate full effect today there definitely. thanks. the stage set for a final answer on marriage for gay couples. the supreme court taking on a history making case. will they leave it as is or will the justices make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states?
5:58 am
the legal debated started in san francisco city hall 2004 when the city began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. excited the supreme court has agreed to decide same-sex marriages must be allowed across country. for 28 years, among the first couple in the nation to get married at san francisco city hall 11 years ago. right now, 36 stated recognize marriage for same-sex couples. arguments expected to happen in april and ruling is expected in june. police in the bay area already in the midst of what they are calling 96 hours of action. started yesterday morning when protesters took over b.a.r.t. stations for more than two hours in downtown san francisco. some demonstrators stopped trains by blocking the doors from closing. protests planned through the martin luther king jr. holiday. owners of shops and businesses in oakland aren't taking any chances this time. instead, taking precautions, boarding up windows and doors
5:59 am
ahead of the black live matter protest. businesses in downtown oakland have been vandalized and looted over the past several months during other protests. coming up on today in the bay, one day away from championship sunday in the nfl. and the bay area is well represented among the four teams fighting for a super bowl berth. that, plus top stories at 7:00. right now, we'll send you back the "today show."
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♪ >> come on, guys! what's the hold-up? >> sweet fancy moses. >> we are back on saturday morning, january 17th. a classic scene from "seinfeld." >> that was a favorite. a lot can be learned from the personalities of the show's characters. jenna wolf is here to show us how a college professor is using "seinfeld" to teach students. we have a great crowd outside trying to stay warm on this bitter january morning. they deserve gold stars. >> still to come how to get the best deal when buying a thu car. what to ask for and make sure you are you are the one in charge of the negotiations. >> reporter: we begin with the multi state man hunt for a
6:01 am
13-year-old and her 18-year-old boyfriend. the kentucky teens have been on the run from police for weeks. they may have been spotted in florida on friday. kristen dahlgren is following it all. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. authorities are on high alert across the sunshine state. police say it may have started as a couple joyriding as a joke but it's gone much farther including felonies firearmses and a fear that it might not end peacefully. 13-year-old cheyenne phillips and her 18-year-old boyfriend dalton hayes may be in florida this morning, on the run with a stolen truck like this one, and loaded guns according to police. a situation they say is growing more dire by the hour. >> the longer they are gone the more they try to flee from the police the more dangerous the situation becomes. >> reporter: the teens started two weeks ago in their small town in western kentucky. hayes was already facing indictment on burglary and theft charges when he changed his
6:02 am
facebook status to "engaged" and the two disappeared. dalton's mom said she had no idea phillips was just 13 or the two would run off. >> i just wonder what's going on. you know if they're safe warm eating. >> reporter: police say the pair stole at least three trucks along the way. they were spotted in a south carolina walmart accused of using stolen checkses to get $40 in cash. the truck they allegedly stole in georgia had two loaded guns inside. >> law enforcement doesn't look at this as two kids on the run anymore. these are two potentially dangerous people -- to themselveses to the public and to law enforcement. >> reporter: in florida witnesseses tell police the teens may be panhandling for money and staying in homeless camps or shelters. some who know hayes wor eriery he won't come in willingly. >> he's fled from police before. he's making bad choices. i though dalton personally.
6:03 am
he's a hard-headed kid. >> reporter: his mother hopes he hears her plea. >> it's a feeling i wouldn't wish on anyone else. in addition to the stolen cars and guns hayes is wanted on charges of custodial interference luring a minor away from her legal guardians. they haven't committed violent crimes but authorities would like it to end before harm cops to anyone. the sheriff tells me he will personally pick them up if they give him a call. >> kristen, thank you. dylan is off but do min ka is on the plaza with another check of the weather. >> it's cold out here. i'm proud of you guys. it's freezing. guess what. we're going to have rain coming into the picture by the end of the weekend. dry today. on future cast high pressure moved to the koe making the way for rain from carolinas. the rain will get heavy from new york up to boston by late
6:04 am
afternoon. ear is a look at rain and snow amounts. we are looking at not a lot of snow. up state new york to northern new england will see snow. generally it's an inch of rain. pretty much a wet end to the weekendment a new storm on the pacific northwest will make for soggy conditions once again good morning. waking up to clouds especially across the north bay. showers falling north of santa rosa clearlake. showers will stay concentrated across the north bay from san francisco north today. that's where we will see the rain. elsewhere, plenty of sunshine but hazy sunshine. we have spare the air once again today. 67 for your high in the south bay. 65 peninsula. san francisco you'll be at 64 with showers for the north bay, 63 there. it's giveaway day on the plaza. we found the girl -- the woman
6:05 am
with the thinnest jacket. what were you thinking? >> i wasn't. >> are you from the west coast? >> from illinois. >> you should know better. here. take these warmerers and use them. she's been here since 6:30. oh my gosh. back to you. lester peter, sheinelle. >> she looks good. i won't try to get that accent. just ahead an eye opening rossen report about how important it ♪ edward jones. this is shirley speaking. how may i help you? ♪ oh hey, neill, how are you? how was the trip? with nearly 7 million investors he's right here. hold on one sec. you'd expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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music: melodic, calm music. hi, this is jennifer... ... i will be out of the office until monday... ... and won't be checking voicemail during this time. i'll reply just as soon as i get back to work. sail with the number one cruise line in alaska. save up to $500 during our 50th anniversary sale. call your travel consultant or 1-800-princess. princess cruises. come back new. this morning on rossen reports, more on the special series "school danger zone." car crasheses are the lead death for children but a lot of parents are ris ing their children's lives because they are in a rush. today jeff rosse n is here with a warning from police. >> good to see you.
6:09 am
trust me i know how tough it is getting the kids out the door. no judgment here. getting them into a car, to school on time. police say in the chaos, so many parents are making a dangerous mistake. forgetting to put their kidses in seat belts or sometimes the kids themselveses sunbuckle while you are driving. it seems simple but can be devastating. wait until see how many we saw doing it. why isn't this child buckled in? or this one? is there a reason why none of them are wearing seat belts back there? >> reporter: parent after parent pulled over by deputies. >> uh you need to keep it on until you get to school. >> reporter: already this school year tragic headlines. parents ignoring the law. kids not in seat belts. ejected from the car. and the danger is real. even at slow speeds. take a look at this government crash test video. this child is properly buckled
6:10 am
in when the car slams into a wall at 30 miles per hour. experts say he'd likely survive. but here is with a it looks like when your child isn't strapped in a dramatic difference. both kids uh hurled into the windshield. experts say the injuries would be life threatening. and, remember this is at slow speed s. >> our lives were changed so quickliment when they were changing we didn't even know. it happened so fast. >> reporter: rosalind and tom were on a family vacation with their four kids when the suv rolled over. the only person not buckled in was 12-year-old calvin. he was the only one who was killed. >> there are always the regrets that if we would have done this that maybe it wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: pull over in the grass for me please. now officials are cracking down. broward county sheriff and fire rescue inviting us along to do
6:11 am
seat belt spot checks outside a florida el pentry school. >> is there a reason he's not wearing a seat belt? >> reporter: on this day an incredible 50% of the cars had kids who weren't buckled in. >> this is a life and death situation. it is. buckle your kid. paycheck your kid safe. >> reporter: hey, buddy. are you forgetting something? what are you forgetting? the seat belt. put that on. the car should never move without a seat belt on. it's dangerous. during this stop mom isn't buckled in either. hi ma'am. jeff rosse n. why wasn't your son in a seat belt? >> we just forgot. >> reporter: you just forgot? >> yeah. >> reporter: in fact lots of parents tried to exes plain themselveses. >> i told them to belt in as we were leaving school like i always do. >> reporter: they didn't? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's important to wear seat belts. you're wearing yours. will you make sure they are belted in? >> yes, i will. >> you're driving 15 miles an hour. you think it's a safe speed.
6:12 am
>> reporter: are you going to get on top of it now? >> definitely. >> reporter: you need to help dad, too. when he forgets your seat belt put your own on. perfect. the parents and kids were good sports. most of the parents said i just forgot. new only the may change that. the seat belt reminders that go off the ding ding. keep doing that. it's really annoying. congress has passed legislation to make it happen for the back seat seat, too. awesome experts say it will save lives. when the kids unbuckle you will hear it. >> thank you very much. before you go i know you have been working to drop a uh few pounds is. >> looking good. >> working out with jenna as part of the "today" start series. jenna's here. >> the drill sergeant. >> jenna is here. >> is she everywhere? do you sleep? >> we were supposed to meet at the gym. he said i have to work. i didn't believe it. as long as we're done we're off
6:13 am
and running now. i'm on him like white on rice my friends. this is how it goes. >> i wake up in the morning, she's popping from under my bed. >> one time. >> you're taking the heat off me. >> you're my inspiration. >> your wife is like good morning, jeff. >> the chit-chat is over. i'm serious. we're going now. >> okay. see you later. more working out. >> we have more work for you. >> not until i'm done. >> up ethics, if you arenext if you're looking for a new car we have the tricks things made with love are the best things. you put your heart into it make it special. you go out of your way to show how much you care. and that's exactly how we grow our avocados all year round. with love, from mexico.
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6:17 am
sure you get the most for your money. i set out with hidden cameras to make sure i was in the driver's seat when it came to negotiating the best price on a brand new car. when it comes to buying a car, driving home a good deal can be a tough assignment. so much talk. >> i'm not sure where you're at right now. how low you've been. >> right. >> reporter: and so many choices. >> once you're established as a serious buyer and a dealer knows you're going to buy a car from some dealership in the next 24 to 72 hours you get a lot of leverage. >> if we do give you a good price are you going to buy a car today? >> reporter: that leverage only goes so far. what happens once you're inside the dealershipment. >> hi. >> how are you? >> reporter: depends on you. to see how effective a little negotiation could be we took hidden cameras into four new york-area dealerships. the same car. >> 2015 accord lx. >> reporter: the same starting
6:18 am
point. >> what numbers do we have to beat to make you happy. >> reporter: how close can you get to $18,500? work with the overalle price rather than monthly payments. >> the asking price is 23 and change. i believe it's $23,550. i'm able to get this car down to $21,000. >> reporter: that's still too high. remember be patient. the person who talks the least is controlling the negotiation. >> let p me ask you a question. have uh you shopd around for priceses? >> i have. >> is this a fair deal or not? be honest. >> reporter: here's a tip. consider left over previous model year vehicles. if they are still on the lot, dealers are are going to offer heft y discounts to get them sold. >> where are you trying to be? >> reporter: you tell me how low you can get. >> always be prepared to leave the dealership. >> the number right there. this $1299 below the invoice
6:19 am
price. >> reporter: how did we fare? deal one -- >> take an in stock car today and we'll do it today. $20,500. >> reporter: dealership two, $20,970. the third? $20,457. and our last stop -- >> the best deal i can do on the car is $20,495. >> reporter: all below the average national transaction price of $21,929. proof that getting a good deal on a car puts you on the road to savings. here's another piece of advice always know the market value of the vehicle you want to buy. go into the dealership knowing what you should pay. so you know if you're getting a good deal on the car. there's edmond's and kelly blue book. do your research. >> i want to ask about financing and insurance. sit ease ier to go with what the
6:20 am
dealership offers you? >> it's easy but not always in your best interest. find out the financing beforehand. get a good deal. if the dealership beats the price, go with them. at least you have bargaining power. >> thanks for coming in. all right. still ahead, is it a class about nothing is it nothing? how one college professor is using "seinfeld" to teach medica huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪ ♪ know when to fold 'em. ♪ ♪ know when to walk away. ♪ ♪ know when to run. ♪ ♪ you never count your money, ♪ ♪ when you're sitting at the ta...♪ what? you get it? i get the gist yeah. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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still to come on "today" our conversation with oscar nominee bradley cooper and costar sienna miller about "american sniper". >> and debate about whether a killer whale should be released into the wild after four decades this captivity. could setting it loose do more harm than good?
6:23 am
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it is 6:26 on saturday morning. if you can even guess what we're looking at right now. that's the san mateo bridge this morning april clear and warm day for san mateo.
6:27 am
good morning, i'm kyra. anthony slaughter has a look at microclimate forecast. very micro. >> in san francisco and points north, a few showers, but if you're san francisco southward, from south san francisco down towards the peninsula san jose east bay, tri-valley including those spots, you will see sunshine. hazy though. we have spare the air. this is 20th winter spare the air day. north bay of the peninsula the worst air quality. of course we'll see sunshine though most of it will be across the south bay, 67 there, for thor north you go more cloud cover. san francisco, showers. tomorrow morning, repeat performance of showers in the morning for san francisco and the north bay. that's where showers will be this weekend elsewhere, plenty of sunshine. >> good to know. thanks. investigation is under way in the east bay after police shot and killed a man in a park. witnesses say the man had a knife and was threatening children. it happened yesterday afternoon
6:28 am
at freeway harvey park near great salt lake drive and lake arrowhead avenue. witnesses reported the man approaching two young children with a knife. investigators say three veteran officers rushed to the scene and confronted the man on the outskirts of the park. one officer fired his taser, another fired his gun. the man killed the knife still in his hand. fremont has low crime rates. this is the first officer-involved shooting in nearly two years. police in the bay area in the midst of what they're calling 9 hours of action. it started yesterday when protesters took over b.a.r.t. stations for more than two hours in downtown san francisco. some demonstrators stopped trains by blocking the doors from closing. protests planned through this martin luther king jr. holiday. owners of shops and businesses in town town oakland aren't taking any chances instead, taking precautions. boarding up windows and doors
6:29 am
ahead of the weekend's black live matter protests. many businesses in downtown oakland have been vandalized and looted over the past several months during protests. coming up this morning on today in the bay, we are one day away from championship sunday in the nfl. we all know the bay area really isn't involved but it is well represented among the four teams fighting for a super bowl berth. that, plus top stories at 7:00. right now back to the "today" show show.
6:30 am
good morning. it's saturday, january 17 2015. here is a look at today's top stories. third time's the charm? mitt romney signals he's leaning towards another presidential run after a high profile speech in which he appeared to lay out a platform for a run for the 2016 white house. but this morning he's facing some head winds inside his own party. history in the making. the u.s. supreme court will take on the issue of same-sex marriage in what will likely be one of the biggest decisions of our time. this morning reaction is pouring in to the case that will make history for the future of marriage in the united states. and free lolita? a killer whale held in captivity for decades could be released back into the open water this year. but this morning while many are
6:31 am
applauding the decision there are some who say lolita should stay right where she is -- inside a seaquarium. we'll get into the debate. [ cheers and applause ] good morning and welcome back to "today." we have come outside to brave the cold. our amazing crowd this morning. if you listen you can hear the sound of teeth. it's a bone-chilling cold. i'm lester holt with sheinelle jones. erica and dylan are enjoying the weekend off. >> i thought it was so cool as a kid when i could go -- >> not fun anymore. >> not so fun. we want to begin with the strong indication that mitt romney is launching a 2016 presidential run. peter alexander is sitting in at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning to you. the two-time republican presidential candidate issued a hint that he's mulling a third bid for the white house. speaking before the republican national committee friday night romney said his wife anne believes people get better with
6:32 am
experience. making his case for a possible run, romney emphasized renewed focus on the poor and middle class. voters he may have alienated in 2012. the obama administration will urge the supreme court to rule in favor of same-sex marriage. on friday the justices agreed to decide whether states can refuse to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples and whether states can refuse to recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in a different state. a decision from the court is expected by late june. the f.a.a. said it's suspending a program allowing safety inspectors to bypass security screenings at airports. the this comes after an f.a.a. employee was arrested with a gun in his carry-on bag flying from atlanta to new york. less than a month ago an extensive gun smuggling scheme involving current and former airline workers was uncovered on that same route. bill cosby's lawyer plans to prove the comedian wasn't at the
6:33 am
playboy mansion the night his accuser said she was attacked. the 24-year-old accuser met with police this week to detail her account of the alleged 2008 sexual assault. this as protesters continue to taunt cosby while on tour in colorado. "top gun" fanses have a last ditch campaign to save the beloved battleship from the hit class sec. the u.s.s. ranger was decommissioneded in 1993. last month a company paid 1 cent to take the warship. it's scheduled to arrive at the wrecking yard in a month. fans want to see it turned into a museum. no comment so far from maverick or goose. >> put on the brakes he'll fly right by. >> in the danger zone no doubt. >> that was the best movie ever. remember that? >> people of a certain anyone will always love kelly mcgillis. >> and the movie.
6:34 am
>> right. >> we have another check of the forecast. i'm still cold! >> i know. you don't have to study to be a meteorologist to get this forecast. look. it's cold! there you go. that's the forecast. thank you, sir. it is frigid out here this morning. let's look at the saturday forecast. we'll show you what's going oh on. it's thawing out through the central plains. stays cold in the northeast. to the west a brand new storm in the pacific northwest. that will bring soaking rain to seattle and parts of oregon. sunday hr of the same in the pacific northwest. we'll have rain moving up the coast with a mix through northern new england, up state new york. staying mild through the middle part of the country and martin luther king jr., day. it's looking good. snow through the northern plains but the temperatures are looking very comfortable through the middle of the country. that'ses a look
6:35 am
good morning. 6:34 the time. cloud cover across the north bay. this is where you'll see showers across ukiah, petaluma. i think san francisco and points southward will be dry but the immediate coastline expect drizzle and light shower activity from time to time. farther south you go today, that's where you'll see more sunshine. temperatures close to 70 in the south bay, notice san francisco 64. showers ending by noon. the same for the north bay. morning showers expected. okay, guys. we are all in agreeance it's cold? there is a lot of teeth chattering out here. >> thank you very much. animal rights advocates will be rallying in miami today over the future of a killer whale who spent more than 40 years in captivitiment the fight over lolita has been raging for decades. as gabe gutierrez reports the decision whether to free her could come soon. >> our killer whale!
6:36 am
[ cheers ] >> reporter: she's been the star of the miami seaquarium for almost 45 years. >> we loved it. >> reporter: what's the best part about the show? >> lolita. >> reporter: lolita the majestic 20-foot killer whale is believed to be the oldest orca in captivity. >> fabulous. >> reporter: later this month the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is scheduled to decide whether to deeclair lester holt part of an endangered group of whales. >> free lolita! >> reporter: that brought renewed hopes to animal rights advocates fighting to free lolita for decades. >> it's hard to imagine her between shows. >> reporter: howard garrett said the 7,000 pound whale's tank is too oh small. >> the conditions are mistreatment. they amount to abuse. she's in this tiny concrete box with nowhere to go and no one to go with. >> reporter: he wants to retire
6:37 am
lolita and take her back to her native waters off washington state where she and six other whales were captured in 1970. what would it do to the animal if she were moved to the pacific northwest ? >> she'd die. >> reporter: robert rhoads called the activist's plan a misguided experiment. he points out the real life whale from "free willie" didn't survive when it returned to the wild. he said lolita is not just entertainment. she's educational. >> this is her home. she's interactive, healthy. >> reporter: whatever federal regulators decide they won't give her up. both sides expect court battles as the fight over lolita keeps making waves. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news miami. >> a lot of people will be headed to oh the movies this weekend hoping to catch some of the oscar contenders before the award show. one of the films on the list "american sniper" picking up
6:38 am
best actor and best picture nominees. >> bradley cooper portrays real life sniper chris kyle. i had the opportunity to meet chris kyle two years before the movie began filming and a year before he was tragically murdered in texas. >> i've got a military aged male on a cell phone watching the convoy. >> reporter: "american sniper" is getting high marks for the realistic portrayal of some of the iraq war's most intense urban battles ass seen through the eyes of chris kyle the u.s. military's most lethal sniper. i met the real chris kyle on a gun range in 2012. in the movies they go for the head shot. that's not what you do? >> no, sir. it's easier to miss than this is. >> reporter: he was a hum able texan with a need to protect people in danger. it's what drove him to four deployments to the war zone. it sounds like you were torn.
6:39 am
a sense of duty to god, family, country, butless also to the fellow soldiers that you were with. how much did it eat at you to go about your job? >> well when you're out there and you're with one of the guys or troops that you're entrusted with goes down you feel like a failure. >> reporter: the sense of duty framed the other conflict kyle found himself in. >> tell me. tell me why you do it. i want to understand. >> babe i do it for you. i do it to protect you. >> no you don't. >> i do. >> i always thought, shall be somebody else could do it. you have done your time. >> reporter: thea is his widow. >> the military couples who is have seen it said they have had the exact same conversations. they have had the exact same feelings. >> i'm state side. >> you're home? what are uh you doing? >> i guess i just needed a
6:40 am
minute. >> reporter: for the film oos stars, bradley cooper and sienna miller stepping into the kyles' shoes was eye opening. >> it's an essential part of chris's story. the dilemma he's in trying to juggle a home life with a wife and two children but feeling when he's at home there are people dying that probably wouldn't if he was there. >> i just want to get the bad guys. if i can't see them i can't shoot them. >> the main thrust the thread through the narrative is this constant almost schizophrenic nature of having to go home and back on the tour. >> reporter: in 2009 chris kyle left the navy retiring to native texas where he found a way to still be there for his comrades. >> i want awareness for the troops. thank you is greatment. but i'm asking people to do random acts of kindness to show your thanks. >> reporter: you also exposed the soft under belly and that's the toll it takes on family life.
6:41 am
you're honest about your relationship. it took a toll. >> it definitely did. we struggled to keep our marriage together. >> reporter: the couple's complicated love story is woven into what otherwise might be ju an action movie. it ended in a way no one saw coming. kyle's murder allegedly at the hands of a disturbed veteran he was trying to help. >> i stand before you a broken woman. >> reporter: in the eulogy you said -- >> the messy, passionate, full of every extreme emotion known to man, constantly changing crazy ride was rolled up into the deepest, most soul-changing experience that only one man, chris kyle could bring. >> he had such a humility such a heart of service that in this pack kanl that was fun-loving
6:42 am
protective and had all these nuances that made it interesting. but he chose war because he knew he was protecting people. >> having met the real chris kyle i'm biased. i thought the movie was excellent. especially bradley cooper's performance. he really worked on this particular texas dialect, to gain 40 pounds. everybody who knew chris kyle and saw the performance said it was chilling. at times it seemed like the real guy. >> in the beginning people said and bradley cooper even said oh they thought i was too pretty wouldn't be able to do this. he was impressive. >> yeah. it's a tough thing. i remember asking chris, 160 confirmed kills as a sniper. i said did you ever lose sleep. he said no every person i shot was actively trying to harm americans or allies or civilians. he had absolute clarity about what he did. this overwhelming need to protect and serve. >> what a story. >> glad we could share it. >> all right.
6:43 am
let's go to peter. he's with "today's" fans of the day. i put an s on it. >> rachel and rhonda we practiced. >> still to come on "today," how one professor is teaching students by using "seinfeld." >> jenna explains that but first, these messages! [ cheers ] ♪♪ the adventures you've been imagining. the heroes you've been admiring. the worlds you've been dreaming of. the thrills you've been craving. the moments you've been missing. the vacation you've been looking for is here. come and take it. universal orlando resort. when the flu hits, it's a really big deal.
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6:47 am
unbelievable class which revolves around "seinfeld." i'm obsessed. when i heard about this class centered around the show there was no way i was going to miss a chance to check it out. >> it's a defense mechanism. >> reporter: this is no average grad school classment forget pie charts dull lectures. at rutgers medical school in new jersey they are watching tv. >> kramer demonstrates the side effect of novacaine. why focus on this. >> reporter: "seinfeld" is the backbone of dr. anthony tovia's curriculum. >> wald you consider in terms of differential diagnosis. >> nars cyst. >> he thinks you're mentally challenged. >> the four core characters works. in every episode it has human
6:48 am
behavior. i can teach psychiatric concepts. >> reporter: it's called psy-feld and it's working. >> it gives a face to the diagnoseis and a context in which to remember it for the future. >> reporter: each character, rife with psychological issues for the studentses to pick apart. i'm sorry. is this the "seinfeld" class? while college is said and done for pe i had to head back to see the class whose curriculum is based on the greatest show of all time in my opinion. >> does anybody remember the episode? >> there's a party on long island and elaine got sfruted. she said maybe the dingo ate your baby. and if you think this is about nothing. >> there would be tortico oh lis. do you remember the treatment?
6:49 am
>> tylenol or -- >> reporter: after much discussion and participation on my part it was time to put the hands on knowledge to the test. >> the person is meticulous. number two, loves to cook. i will finish it up with a heart. >> i'm not sure love of cooking and being positive would be in the realm of psych. >> reporter: bottom line according to a room full of geniuses they are both going to be okay ! >> i am loving this yada-yada thing. >> hey. >> to wit. >> i wrote the script to be eight minutes. i went through the seasons, i had examples different diagnoses. i had to get it down to a couple minutes. i could have gone on oh for hours. >> i'm picturing people going for analysis. docker tors say you remind me of
6:50 am
an episode of "seinfeld." >> that's where are we are going. >> they tell kidses to learn through play. this is an iadult version. >> it's sinking in. the kids learn it enjoy it. i learned things. it was win-win. >> the class fills up quickly, i would guess. >> thank you very much. up next some more of us. we'll be right back. i thought there would be something there. it's just us. we'll be right back.
6:51 am
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i'm kira klapper. "today in the bay," the fight for same-sex marriage isn't over yet. how a supreme court could affect couples who already legally married here. with the 49eres and raiders on outside looking in bay area football fans still have plenty to root for on championship sunday. and another spare the air day. plus, anthony slaughter lets us know which part of the pay area will see rain today. the hint is it won't be this part of san jose.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> it is 7:00 on saturday morning. you're getting a live look outside in san francisco this morning. you can see the palace of fine arts in foreground and beyond the golden gate bridge on a cloudy morning. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at your microclimate forecast. the


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