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tv   Today  NBC  January 9, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PST

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midnight tonight. all weekend long you can use the ferry system as well as the bugsesbugs es -- buses across. >> nbc news report will directly follow this show. >> this is an nbc news special report. here's savannah guthrie. >> we come on the air this morning we've got a west coast special edition of "today" and breaking news out of paris. two hostage situations going on right now in the wake of that deadly terror attack at the offices of a newspaper in paris earlier this week. the first standoff is happening a few miles north of the airport in paris, the suspected gunmen in wednesday's attack on the newspaper right now cornered, holed up inside a printing house, a small factory, where reports are they took at least one hostage overnight. they have been talking to police this morning, and have told them they are willing to, quote, die
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as martyrs. meantime, there is a second standoff, this is happening at a kosher grocery market in paris. it appears the person responsible for this is linked in some way to the brothers responsible for the wednesday attack. five people are reportedly being held hostage by the gun moon inside that score who as we said appears to know the brothers accused in wednesday's massacre. a lot of moving pieces this morning. in a moment we're going to richard engel. he has some on the situation with the brothers north of paris near the airport. but we'll start in paris with lester holt and the scene at that grocery store. good morning. bring us up to date. >> reporter: savannah, a lot going on. a few hours after we heard of the hostage taking outside this city that word came of this hostage taking and shooting at a kosher grocery store on the eastern edge of paris itself. there are some unconfirmed reports of casualties.
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the person who is believed to have taken these hostages is a man identified as ahead coulibaly, said to be a friend and associate of said and cherif kouachi who are accused in the attack on wednesday, the offices of the newspaper. there is a linkage. prosecutors are drawing. we don't know the extent of communications that anti-terror forces had in either of these cases with the hostage takers. you can imagine the scene. there are schools that have been locked down in the area. the wail of sirens filled the streets all day long, ratcheting up unsrnty, a day after the prime minister here warned that the fear of future attacks. again it sounds they have two suspects in wednesday's attack cornered outside the city, and then another man, apparently linked to them, also is a suspect in the killing of a police officer, a southern
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suburb yesterday, that person also holed up, again holding hostages right now. >> lester, stand by as i turn to richard engel. he is at the scene north of the paris airport outside the city there where the brothers suspected of wednesday's massacre have been surrounded, cornered by police. richard, good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, savannah. behind me right now security forces have been brought in to evacuate around 100 students who barricaded themselves in their school. that evacuation is take place right now. things developed here just as children were going to school around 9:00 this morning. police who had set up a drag net all across the country in this village which is not far from the charles de gaulle international airport, spotted the brothers, quickly there was a gun fight, reports that one of the police officers was injured in that gun fight. and as it was unfolding, the two
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brothers decided to barricade themselves in a local business. this is taking place about a mile from here in an industrial section of this village. as the two brothers barricaded themselves in this business they took the business owner hostage and potentially some of its employees and some of his family members. we're told at least one hostage is still inside. there is now a massive security cordon set up around this village and the surrounding village. helicopters have been brought in and it is possible once these children are evacuated that we could see military activity. but all french officials are saying for now it's that they are trying to contain the situation and protect the lives of the villagers and the hostages. >> stand by. this is coming to a conclusion after house-to-house search in some of the suburbs and woodsy areas outside of paris. we have a former senior fbi official here with me in new
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york and we've got michael sheehan sheehan, associate secretary of defense for special operations both are nbc news analysts. good morning to you. where to begin, don, i guess let's talk about the brothers holed up in this printing press with at least one hostage. telling negotiators we're willing to die as martyrs. how do you see this ending and what are the authorities there doing now to make sure it's peaceful? >> so many things going on. we heard reports of a hostage was released. if that's true that's a good thing because that hostage can provide valuable intelligence to the officers that may be trying to plan an attack, figure out how many could be holed up in there, what the layout is, what the mind-set is of these attackers. at the same time you've got the volatile situation in the market that appears to be tied together. and then the other thing that's going on right now that's extremely important that is outside of the tactical operation, is the intelligence operation. to try to figure out are there more people affiliated with
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these guys? is there a support network? i mean, so many things are going on. >> let's turn to michael on that. the kouachi brothers were known to french authorities, french authorities, known that they were with jihadi organizations, one of them served time in prison, the other we learned trained in -- with al qaeda in yemen, one of the most operational branches of al qaeda. how do you take those pieces together and look at what we're seeing now happening in paris? >> savannah, clearly these two individuals that in fact the newspaper are very well trained and well thought through this attack. they had contact with al qaeda in yemen, which specifically designated the newspaper and editor there as targets because of their attacks against the prophet muhammad. they had clear connections with al qaeda, conducted a very
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professional terrorist operation against that site, the newspaper. the other grocery store operation, there are linkages, personal linkages between the two brothers and the perpetrator there. whether or not this was a spontaneous reaction to the initial attack or was part of a preplanned multiple attack scenario we don't know. now we do have multiple scenarios which has been a nightmare scenario for counterterrorism officials in europe and the united states since 9/11, and now wey see it unfolding in front of our eyes. >> by the way, the french president said that recently in recent weeks that the french authorities had stopped and thwarted other plots and here we are having these two plots unfold including the soft target, this kosher market being attacked right now. if the authorities are talking to the two brothers inside that factory, what would that negotiation be like? what are the authorities trying to do in a situation like this? >> they are obviously trying to
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end this peacefully, get them to release the hostages and give up. it appears that's probably not in the mind-set of these guys. what is more likely happening they want to string this thing along to attract more media attention, because that's one of the goals of the terrorist operation is get the media. for every minute this is on the air and they are getting attention it's a mini victory. >> true. michael, of course, terrorism is as much about publicity as it is bullets and bombs. we mentioned these are at least as far as the kouachi brothers known to the french authorities, a lot of people are going to look hard saying why weren't they under better surveillance, why wasn't there notice that this might be planned. >> clearly, the french will have their own internal investigation what broke down and enabled this to happen. similar to what we did after 9/11. and there will be time to make that analysis. i think the french security forces are going to be embarrassed. right now, they need to try to contain this and see if there are other people either linked
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to these folks or copy cats that may be inspired to take action. so in france right now they want to bring this to a close as soon as they can without jeopardizing the safety of those innocents at both locations. they need to get this under control because as don said, minute by minute they are getting tremendous publicity out of this and energizing their base of other radicals around the world. >> if both of you will stand by i want to go back to bill neely who also is at the scene north of the paris airport where the two brothers are holed up. what do you have for us? >> reporter: good morning, we're six or seven hours into the siege here, and the situation remains the same in that these two brothers are completely surrounded by french anti-terror police and we still believe that they are holding one hostage. what is am withing clear is that the two incidents really are linked, both right now and in the past. it appears that the three gunmen
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that we know about were part of one radical cell ten years ago. they were trying to recruit people to go to iraq ten years ago. the man who is in the jewish supermarket at the minute, 33 years old, he was a friend of cherif kouachi, one of the two brothers who is in the factory very close to me. they were committed followers of another terrorist, so this is if you like, the reawakening of a terror cell from ten years ago. and it's an absolutely extraordinary situation after an unprecedented massacre. we now have two unprecedented and simultaneous hostage situations involving three gunmen and remember, one other named woman who the french police say is probably armed and dangerous, who is we don't know where and the french police
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don't know where she is either. quite extraordinary. >> released pictures, actually of coulibaly and this woman to be on the lookout for these. as you mentioned it's believed that amedy is inside the market now and some authorities say he also is likely the person behind the killing of a french police woman yesterday. there are a lot of moving piece this is morning. our correspondents will stand by on the scene. stay with nbc news and for the latest on this still unfolding situation. >> on the west coast rejoining the "today" show as we continue our coverage. very, very busy morning overseas as well. >> another fast moving snowstorm is adding misery felt by millions this morning.
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still in the grip of that dangerous weather. let's get a look at the weather. >> the good news is here in new york area, we have seen the end of the snow. take a look. we've got a shot of our plaza and about two hours ago it was snowing to beat the band. but the good news is that has moved out, moved into the northeast. new england as well. no problems there. look at what's going on now in the pacific northwest. we have got some very dense fog in seattle. about a quarter mile visibility at the airports, fog this morning, probably slowing down both road and air travel. starts to clear off later in the day. we look at the rest of the west, some fog, also down in northern california, central idaho we're looking at fog, you get down in south phoenix going to be gorgeous, sunshine. 76. los angeles, 71. 50 in medford. here is the other story, once this clipper moves through much colder air comes in. 5 in minneapolis today, 6 in chicago, 18 degrees in st. louis. we've also got a developing ice
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storm down through southern texas that's going to be pushing to the north and that ice storm is going to make its way into the midwest and then the northeast by monday, causing a major, major commuter nightmare for air and roads from washington, d.c. all the way back to chicago. >> winter. >> thanks for that. >> following breaking news on the airasia investigation. >> developments in the search for the wreckage of 8501, pinging signals possibly from the black boxes have now been detected in the java sea. kelly is in indonesia. she has the latest on this developing story. >> reporter: good morning. the pings were detected six miles from where the tail section was found, that tail section is in about 100 feet of murky water. it's upside down, it's partly buried in silt and it may be largely intact. in fact, searchers are trying to lift it out of the water, thinking that possibly the black boxes are still inside.
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they are using a system of straps, flotation balloons and cranes. now with the pings detected a half mile away they are also going to send divers in to that location to see potentially if the black boxes broke loose and are on the sea floor in silt and mud. we could know a lot more in several hours. >> thank you, kelly. jury selection just under way in boston in the murder trial of former new england patriot star aaron hernandez. hernandez accused of killing semiprofessional football player odin lloyd in 2013 and among those who could be called as witnesses, patriots coach bill belichick and robert kraft. if convicted hernandez faces life without parole. >> community college for free? president obama made the proposal thursday night in a facebook video shot aboard air force one, the president said he would like to see first two years of community college free for everybody who is willing to
7:15 am
work for it. >> it's something we can accomplish, and it's something that will train our workforce so we can compete with anybody in the world. >> the administration officials didn't provide many details where the money would come from except it would be paid for by the government and participating states, a formal announcement is expected later today at a community college. >> a maryland man is charged with attempted murder after police say he intentionally rammed his dump truck into two patrol cars. wednesday this caught on camera, two of the officers walking away from their cruisers, then seconds later a dump truck comes around the corner and barrels right into the cars. the officers got out just in the nick of time, police say the suspect has a history of mental illness. >> a basketball fan got too close to the action during a professional game in monta nag ro. the home team, with only a couple minutes left in the game
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a fan runs out on the court, pushes that turkish player in the back, one of the teammates took exception and knocked the fan to the ground. a scuffle then ensued. the game was dlied for 15 minutes. >> and video this morning that will melt your heart. some injured koalas on the road to recovery after their paws were burned in a wildfire. they need mittens to help so an animal welfare agency is urging volunteers to dust auer their sewing machines and get to work and thousands have responded and have come to good use with those little mittens. poor thing. >> i know what i'm doing this weekend. i'm going to be sewing koala mittens. >> you take the baby mittens. donate them. >> there we go. >> thanks. >> her little jumpers. cute. >> what's the weather for the golden globes? >> spectacular. take a look. we'll show you what was going
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on. out west in fact, 71 degrees in l.a., 61 in san francisco. 50 in portland, oregon. look for after the fog lifts in seattle, temperature about 49 degrees. 30 in denver with light snow. the volkswagen golf was just named motor trend's 2015 car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf, and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least the high performance gti. looks like we're gonna need a bigger podium. the volkswagen golf family. motor trend's 2015 "cars" of the year. hey there. good friday morning to you. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter.
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shower activity today, if you're doing traveling in that direction, heads up. here at home a cooler day on the way, better air quality for this weekend. but today still a spare the air day. 63 in san francisco, mid to upper 60s elsewhere. weather. >> with carson here we've got the u.s. last time since 2002, that was the winter games in salt lake city. all of you guys were there. then 1996 the summer games in atlantic. boston joins rome as the only other city to officially bid.
7:19 am
others considering are france, hungry and germany. following the decision social media lit up. this is one of the tweets that came out from dear old chuck who said that 2024 boston olympics is going to be so awesome. showing a picture of the potential tragic -- the traffic gridlock, excuse me. but of course we know that's one aspect. the games often bring wonderful moments and a great crowd and the white house pretty excited. they said in a statement that the city thought all of us what it means to be boston strong. the president and first lady could not be prouder of this accomplishment and of all of our nation's athletes. and i love this. i think this brings home the spirit of boston and what we're rooting for. jay put out this picture of his little boy at boston 2024. when will we hear? my 2-year-old a hash tag thumbs up. look at that face. we win.
7:20 am
the final pitch, 2017. can you imagine what this does for boston if they are able to get the games after all that's happened. >> incredible. >> they are boston strong. >> what, 12 years old. >> thank you, tamron. laughing matters. bill cosby makes a joke about the scandal. >> more to the story the past of the son accused of murdering his wealthy hedge fund founding father as he heads to court. this is "today" on nbc.
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what that says about your personality. >> and the fashion, the jokes, the nominees, we'll get you ready for hollywood's biggest party of the year. dave, i'm sorry to interrupt. i gotta take a sick day tomorrow. dads don't take sick days.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> a very good friday morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. starting at midnight tonight and through the weekend, drivers will not be able to cross the golden gate bridge in either direction. that will give crews the time they need to install a new movable median barrier. the bridge is scheduled to open before monday morning's commute at 4:00 a.m. the sidewalk on the eastern side will remain open for pedestrians and cyclists. >> tuition at bay area community colleges and across the nation may soon be free. that's the plan being floated today by president obama. if lawmakers eventually agreed on the deal students may receive two years tuition for maintaining a minimum gpa and
7:27 am
working actively in their program. >> rescuers will try to rescue a whale. people noticed a pig mi sperm whale yesterday but they couldn't get there before dark. they will try to rescue it today. let's hope it goes well. let's go to anthony slaughter for your forecast. >> today we still have to spare the air. as you take a look from our sky camera network, we do have clouds out there and haze developing but otherwise we are expecting to see lots of cloud cover today and cooler weather, 63 in san francisco, 67 for the south bay and 68 for the north bay. it's going to get cooler as we head towards this upcoming weekend. 50s return to san francisco and low, low 60s for san jose. it will be chilly but the caveat here is better air quality. let's talk to mike and see how the drive is shaping up. >> we're trying to help with the air quality by reducing the cars. well, the drivers have done
7:28 am
that. the fastrak lanes are backed up but not the metering lanes. nothing dramatic towards the maze. here toward the san mateo bridge, picking up a little volume but nothing dramatic. the northbound routes through south bay, look at this silicon valley moves nicely your steady build for 101, 280 and south of the dumbarton bridge, you have compression for 880. >> back to you. >> we'll be back in half an hour with another local news update. have a great friday.
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7:30 on the west coast. a friday morning and a busy one. january 9, 2015. you're seeing some of the scenes coming out of france this morning. this is an unprecedented situation in paris, just outside overnight security forces swarmed the town north of the paris airport where the two brothers, the suspects in wednesday's deadly terror attack, are holed up in a factory holding at least one hostage and police have them surrounded. >> a short time later a gunman burst into a kosher supermarket holding five people hostage. we're learning that is a friend of one of the brothers accused in the attack on the newspaper. >> this is coming together in
7:31 am
disturbing way. nbc's richard engel is at the scene outside the factory where the brothers have been cornered. richard, good weremorning. give us the latest. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. right now in this town some students who had been barricading themselves in a school about 100 students, are being evacuated to a safer location. this, what had originally been a manhunt became a multiple hostage situation began about seven hours ago. the two kouachi brothers, the men that france believe were responsible for wednesday's killing, multiple killings at the satirical newspaper had been on the run until early this morning. they were spotted in this village, there was a gun fight, the brothers barricaded themselves in a local business, in the industrial park about less than a mile from here. they are still holding at least
7:32 am
one hostage in that printing press. as this hostage situation was unfolding, and more reinforcements were brought in to encircle the town, right now it's completely encircled, that's when word broke of the situation in paris. one that is still ongoing, a related militant who was of senegal decent, friends, colleagues similar to the brothers here, went into a kosher supermarket tolding at least five people inside hostage as well. now it is up to the french authorities to decide will they negotiate, are they trying to wait this out, or will they launch commando operations which obviously is a great risk to the hostages. commandos have been brought in here, helicopters and special forces, but so far they have not received an order or not acted on an order to storm the
7:33 am
building. >> richard, stand by. i should mention our colleagues at the associated press report this morning that the market gunman, the man holding hostages in the supermarket, has now told police he will shoot the hostages there if the terrorist brothers who are in the separate area, if they are seized by authorities. so as we said there are a lot of moving pieces here and our correspondents will continue to bring you developments. >> in other news bill cosby was back on stage and this time alluded to the sex assault allegations with an off the cuff remark that has people talking. >> reporter: good morning. that performance was much more heated than the night before with more protesters outside. inside a heckler interrupted the performance and impromptu comment from cosby stunned the crowd. protesters jeered people going in to see bill cosby perform and things got more ruckus during the show.
7:34 am
in an episode recorded by an audience member. >> be quiet. no, no, stop. >> cosby worked to quiet the crowd as a heckler who called cosby a rapist was removed. the crowd responded with applause as the show resumed. at another point audience members tweeted that cosby stopped a woman who left her seat in the front row, to ask where she was going. when she said she was going to get a drink, and offered to get him one he said no, adding, you have to be careful drinking around me. an apparent reference to the allegations made by women who say cosby put drugs in their drinks in order to sexually assault them. cosby has never been charged with any crime and his attorney repeatedly denied the allegation. but the canadian crowd gasped at the joke and then applauded. >> most of the audience laughed, but it was very awkward after that. it was awkward because we're
7:35 am
waiting for the next thing to happen. >> reporter: cosby's pr team didn't comment on the joke but did release a statement referencing the heckler, saying one outburst but over 2600 loyal patient and courageous fans enjoyed the most wonderful immediate a sin that exists for human kind. laughter. i thank you, i'm far from finished. cosby is scheduled to perform tonight in hamilton, the last stop on his canadian tour. we're told that protesters may have bought blocks of tickets for that one. >> kristen dahlgren, thanks. >> and we'll turn to al, the weather, big story. >> that's right. in fact, we're watching this one area down in texas that is really focused there right now. but is going to have an impact around two thirds of the country. you can see down south, we've got all of this moisture. okay. so basically, we've got gulf moisture coming out from the gulf but we've also got this cold air that's banked in on top and that area in pink, that is icing. watch what happens as the
7:36 am
weekend goes on. we're going to see this push to the north and as it does, it's going to make an incredible mess for commuters here from the mid-atlantic sta anthony slaughter in for christina loren. we're looking at cloud cover over the golden gate bridge. we have cloud cover because of the system to our seth expected to bring rain to southern california. no rain for us just cooler weather and better air quality. today is another spare the air day but this weekend better air and cooler temperatures will make things feel good out there. 65 in the peninsula, 63 in san francisco. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you. the 30-year-old man accused of killing hi wealthy father at the family apartment is making a second appearance in court today. kate snow has been following the investigation. kate, good morning. >> good morning.
7:37 am
we're learning more about tommy gilbert jr.'s background and issues that might come up. his father was the founder after hedge fund with $15 million in assets as of the end of december. police say father and son argued about money on the day he died but friends say there may be a lot more to the story. friends of the family say tom gilbert senior and his wife shelly doing all they could to help their son tommy. the parents paid their son's rent of $2400 a month, and gave him an allowance of $600 a week. when the father tried to lower the allowance to $400 a week sources say tommy got angry. wnbc reporter jonathan dean. >> several family friends say the father was really concerned about his son, his mental il n alleged drug abuse and the fact that he couldn't hold down a job. and then it all came to a head in the apartment that afternoon. >> reporter: on sunday, police
7:38 am
say tommy asked his mother to leave the family's manhattan apartment and then shot his father in the head. police have said they have a substantial amount of physical evidence inside tommy's apartment, they found a carrying case and accessories for the gun used to shoot tom senior and ammunition, they also found a skimmer device and 21 blank credit cards which led to charges of criminal possession of forgery devices. >> it's very difficult cases depend on the facts. i think they will probably work out extreme mental duress or some sort of psychiatric defense to mount to minimize the damages. >> reporter: tommy has never been convicted of a crime but has a history of arrests, law enforcement sources say he was questioned this fall about the arson of a home in the hamptons owned by his former classmate's family but police never named him a suspect. >> in the past he allegedly assaulted this former classmate, there was a restraining order. that friend called the police on tommy again after allegedly violating that restraining order.
7:39 am
and then two weeks later the house burned down. he was never charged in the case but police did question him about it. the arson remains a mystery. >> reporter: attorneys for tommy gilbert jr. had no comment tommy's mother is heart broken not only did he lose her husband but may lose her son if he's convicted. >> kate snow on this story for us. thank you. >> coming up next, the nfl cleared in an ongoing handling of the ray rice scandal. why are critics of the league's commissioner still demanding his resignation? >> and coming up on trending, are you hot? the hottest food trend of the year, we'll tell you about it. hottest new food trend of the year, but first these messages. nbre l. i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. enbrel helps relieve pain and stop joint damage. i've been on the course and on the road. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including
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we're back at 7:43. the report on an independent investigation into the nfl's handling of the ray rice scandal is out. and it found out that there was no cover-up in that infamous elevator video but calls the league's handling of the case into question. peter alexander has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the nfl endured perhaps the worst public relations in its history. the report doesn't absolve the league for mishandling of the rice case, instead says the nfl's own investigation was badly inadequate. with more hard hits expected on the field this weekend commissioner roger goodell has again escaped serious blow. >> roger goodell survived i think that this report probably puts an end to his job insecurity. >> reporter: nearly a year after that punch ray rice knocking out the woman now his wife robert mueller's investigation found no evidence that any one at the nfl
7:45 am
had or saw the in-elevator video before it was publicly shown. still he blasts the league 4 a limited investigation and ignored substantial information that suggested it should have done much more. >> the take away is that the nfl's internal investigation was deficient. >> reporter: critics like the national organization for women are demanding goodell resign. how do you spell white wash. nfl they wrote. the nfl had a new personal conduct policy. the league is tackling its problems. >> why should critics be confident this time you have it right? >> we changed the policy. >> the report leaves some questions unanswered. the associated press says muller's investigators never spoke to the law enforcement official who told the ap he sent a dvd of the assault to the nfl last spring. but muller's report says the ap declined requests for information. including the law enforcement source's contact information. for now rice is focusing on his
7:46 am
future as he told matt last year. >> i take full responsibility for everything that i did and only thing i can hope for and wish for is a second chance. >> reporter: on the sideline free agent without a team. the nfl says it accepts the report's findings and recommendations, the scandal, though, isn't over. ray rice has a grievance hearing against the baltimore ravens, his old team next week, where he is demanding the $4 million he lost when he says he was unfairly fired by the team. >> peter alexander, thanks. >> coming up, who will win maybe more importantly what will the stars wear? your complete guide to sunday's golden globe awards. first these messages.
7:47 am
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vow to wow sale. book now and get 50 percent off your second guest. call 1-800-royalca . . . . . . we're back at 7:51. with the latest on the developing situations in france. police have cornered the alleged gun men in paris. inside a printing office north of the city's airport. >> and meantime there is another standoff taking place at a kosher grocery store in paris itself. that gunman has ties to the brothers, the suspected brothers in wednesday's case. police reportedly are now saying that the suspect in the grocery store is threatening to kill at least five hostage there is if the french special forces launch assault on the brothers at the first scene. there is a lot to get to right now. we want to go to bill neely at the scene. good morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. so after an unprecedented massacre unprecedented double
7:52 am
hostage situation and the two situations are linked. here for about the last six hours hundreds of french anti-terror police had the two brothers suspected of being behind the massacre cornered in a printing factory a short distance from here. they are cornered, they have one hostage. and it looks like the end game in their situation. about 20 miles from here in paris, another gunman with about five people cornered in a jewish supermarket. there are reports that two people are dead. that is not confirmed. and reports that he's saying if police storm this place, he will begin to kill the hostages. and we know these three people are known to french intelligence, and were linked in [ female announcer ] knows her way around a miniskirt. can run in high heels. must be a supermodel, right? you don't know "aarp." because aarp is making finding the career you love no matter what your age, a real possibility. go to to check out life reimagined for tools,
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it's 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the woman accused of arson at san francisco's mrs. doubtfire house will be in court today. she was arrested wednesday in san jose. mourners left flowers and candles on the steps of the home when robin williams die. >> a new film at santa clara university that all freshmen will be required to watch, it's based on the real accounts of date rape victims. >> news is sparking speculation that valley fair will continue expansion fans it dropped in
7:57 am
2008 due to the recession. a new wing may be built where the parking garage now stands. looks like we're going shopping anthony! >> like the good and the bad, we're going to see that in the weather department as well. we've got the good and we've got the bad, which is the cooler weather for the weekend. not too cold because of the cloud cover. later this afternoon we're not going to be that hot because the cloud cover is going to keep us cool. 67 in the south bay today, east shore you'll be at 64 and 63 for san francisco. today is another spare the air day. but cooler weather means better air quality as we head toward this weekend. saturday and sunday temperatures clear out even more but the good news is better air quality so we can all get out and enjoy the sights across the bay area. we start off the next week dry but we'll end it wet. >> nokes excuses.
7:58 am
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♪ it's 8:00 on "today." ♪ >> it's 75 degrees in arizona but we would rather be in new york city. >> we came to the "today" show to warm up. >> good morning.
8:01 am
>> we're freezing from florida, and it's snowing! >> celebrating our 24-year anniversary from texas. >> we're maddie and maggie from st. louis. >> hey, mom and dad, we're on the "today" show! whoo! good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." that was the scene just a few moments ago. couple of great plaza employees making snow angels, which we are now able to do. the snow is coming down. >> it's coming through. >> just as al roker predicted. >> the reason it's sticking so much, the ground is so cold. usually the first inch or so melts. not this time. >> weather week for you. >> it will move through pretty quick, right? >> move out of here by 10:00. boston, a little later. >> four j's are back this morning, jean, jill, jenna, joy. go to our facebook page. we'll check in with them in a
8:02 am
little bit. >> don't they look so warm and toasty? >> they do. >> tamron is over here going -- >> i'm just doing the same thing everyone else is. >> natalie has been following what's happening in france again this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. we are dealing with some breaking news at this hour once again. outside of paris at that printing factory where two suspected terrorists are holed up and have taken a hostage. there is a standoff going on there. nbc's bill nealy is in france. reports i'm hearing of gunfire, possible explosion. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yes, and you can probably hear the police sirens right behind me now. a few minutes ago, we heard bursts of gunfire. colleagues are reporting the sounds of explosions, stun
8:03 am
grenades, smoke over the factory where the two gunmen responsible or believed to be responsible for the massacre at the magazine were holding one hostage. it looks like this is developing fast and that the police are moving in. there's a lot of movement of police now. helicopter taken off just from over the site, away from me here. simultaneously, this is an extraordinary situation. about 20 miles from here, there is another siege where a gunman linked to these two guys, the two brothers, have gone into a jewish supermarket and taken hostages. there are reports that he said if the police stormed the two brothers here, he would begin killing the hostages. but at the minute, we have no further information from the jewish supermarket. quite clearly here, things are in an end game. gunfire, explosions, smoke. we believe the police are moving in to try and kill or capture these two brothers. back to you. >> savannah guthrie here. we want to take a pause and let
8:04 am
other stations join us for a special report. this is an nbc news special report. here's savannah guthrie. >> morning, everyone. 11:00 a.m. on the east coast. 8:00 a.m. in the west. we're following a developing situation in france as we speak, where two brothers suspected in wednesday's terror attack at a paris newspaper are holed up inside that building. our reporter on the scene is reporting hearing gunfire. other witnesses saying there have been explosions inside. this may be coming to a head. separately, there's a man holding hostages inside a kosher grocery store inside paris itself on the eastern edge of the city. let's go to bill nealy, nbc's correspondent, who's outside that printing press factory and hearing some of this as it's going down. bill, good morning again. tell us what you're hearing and seeing. >> reporter: good morning. yes, just within the last few
8:05 am
minutes, we suddenly heard the sounds of gunfire, first of all, then a lot of police cars and ambulances began to move towards the center of this town. colleagues have reported hearing loud explosions, probably stun grenades. smoke is rising from the industrial area. there's a helicopter overhead now. it looks like the siege is coming to -- the helicopter just going over my head now. it looks like the siege is coming to a rapid end. just to remind you, in this printing prezss are the two brothers believed to be responsible for the massacre at the magazine in paris. they were supposedly holding one hostage. this is one situation. about 20 miles from here in paris is the second siege situation. again, this is unprecedented. a gunman dressed in full combat gear is holding up to five hostages at a jewish supermarket. there were reports that two people there were dead.
8:06 am
that hasn't yet been confirmed by french police. but here, the siege of the two kouachi brothers who were thought to be responsible for the "charlie hebdo" massacre, things are quite clearly coming to a head. we have gunfire, explosions, spoke, and helicopters overhead. >> these are extraordinary moments in france right now, bill, because as we understand it now, the kouachi brothers accused of the massacre at the magazine in paris know the person who is accused of holding hostage those people inside the kosher grocery market. in fact, there was a report from police sources to the associated press that the hostage taker at the supermarket had threatened to kill his five hostages if authorities at the factory behind you moved in a siege to try to take control of that situation. >> reporter: that's right. obviously, a very difficult
8:07 am
moral dilemma for the police. i mean, as soon as that man, that gunman, issued that threat, you know, it certainly would have ratcheted up the levels of concern. they would have thought it's probably better to go in first and simply wait for a long siege. nbc news has talked to the founder of france's anti-terror force. he said that the s.w.a.t. teams and anti-terror police would not storm that building unless a hostage had been killed and unless negotiations broke down. now, we know they have a hostage. we don't believe he was killed. but they may have made the calculation that since the hostage -- since the two gunmen, the two brothers here said that they wanted to die as martyrs, that it was probably a case of no negotiations were possible. therefore, they gave the all clear to go in. we don't know that at the minute, but clearly within the last few minutes, they have moved forward. there have been explosions, gunfire, smoke.
8:08 am
we don't know whether they have entered the building or any more about it. this is a rapidly developing situation. >> and not far from you, as you mentioned, another rapidly developing situation inside that kosher grocery store on a busy friday morning before shabbat dinner, supposedly full of people. this man has walked in and apparently held these people hostage. this is a suspect who police believe, they're not sure, but they believe may also be responsible for the killing of a policewoman somewhere else in paris on thursday. so as you can see, if you're just joining us, there are a lot of moving pieces to this story. we have two active scenes, two standoffs going on. one concerns the two brothers accused in the massacre at paris newspaper on wednesday. as our reporter bill nealy has been telling us this morning, something is happening inside that factory where those two brothers were said to be holding a hostage.
8:09 am
there have been reports of explosions. there are schools in that area that have been evacuated or locked down. a very troubling situation there. not far from there on the eastern edge of paris itself, we have this scene at the grocery store where a gunman is holding at least five hostages. i should also mention that factory scene is very close, about ten miles from paris' international airport. for a time, a couple of runways there were shut down as a precautionary measure. i want to go back to bill nealy. bill, what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, you can probably hear behind me more police vehicles going past. yes, police believe that the two sets of gunmen are linked, that they were part of a jihadi or terror cell in paris. they tried to recruit people to go to iraq to fight american troops. another ambulance just passing me now. this is, if you like, the reawakening of a terror cell.
8:10 am
these people were fringe players ten years ago, and they have now matured, if you like, into assassins. clearly, here lots of activity. ambulances, police vehicles going forward. here this siege appears to be being brought to a head. it's end game here. there is no indication that at the kosher supermarket closer in to central paris that there is any movement there. clearly, these two sets of gunmen are related. and you know, forgotten in all of this was the incident yesterday in which the man who is now believed to be the gunman at jewish supermarket shot and killed a french policewoman after the horror of the "charlie hebdo" massacre. that was almost forgotten. and police initially said that had nothing to do with terrorism, that that was some kind of criminal act. well, now we know quite differently, and it's also quite clear that all these gunmen were
8:11 am
known to french anti-terror police. no sounds within the last few minutes. i think it was about ten minutes ago that we heard a burst of automatic gunfire and then colleagues of mine heard some explosions and saw smoke in the distance. but clearly we are into the end game here. >> and bill, we're putting an image on our screen right now. you may or may not be able to see it. this comes from twitter and reportedly is the aftermath of an explosion at that printing press. it's a small factory. it's a family owned business. richard engel had reported that the owners of this printing press were inside. there's at least one hostage. and just in these last few minutes, we've been hearing gunfire, seeing smoke, hearing explosions. you can hear the police sirens. so something is clearly happening and somehow coming to some kind of conclusion at that scene in the factory outside of paris. meanwhile, at the kosher grocery market on eastern edge of town, we still have an active scene there as well with the gunman
8:12 am
who has taken at least five hostages there. i should also mention that the french president francois hollande has said in the previous weeks that there had been several plots they believe they had stopped, they had thwarted. then this massacre happened wednesday at the satirical magazine's offices. so much happening in that country right now. an extraordinary day. the worst terror attack in france in at least 50 years. as i go back to bill nealy, at least for part of the morning, bill, these suspects apparently were on the phone with some french officials. and as you mentioned, they said they were ready to die as martyrs. >> reporter: yes, that's right. let's take it back. it was about ten past 8:00 this morning local time that these men were seen by a village teacher hijacking a car. she saw not only guns, but she saw one of them with a rocket-propelled grenade. there was then some kind of chase, some kind of shootout, and the men took refuge in this
8:13 am
industrial area to my left. then the siege began. hundreds of anti-terror police and s.w.a.t. police descended on the area and surrounded it. then a hostage negotiator made contact, presumably simply ringing the printing works where these men were. and a local lawmaker said they told police, we want to die as martyrs. it was another extraordinary moment when a salesman turned up at the door of this factory, shook hands with a man he believed to be a policeman who he later realized was one of the gunmen. he's been dressed in black. he was armed. the gunman told him, go away, we don't kill civilians. he did just that and left. only later realized this was one of the gunmen. so something, as i said, is clearly going on seven hours after they first took refuge in this factory. it would seem to be the police
8:14 am
storming the factory itself. now, whether they have entered, whether they have killed or captured the gunmen, we simply don't know. this is unfolding as i speak. >> well, bill, i know you'll continue to watch it. please jump in if you have anything to report. i want to turn to nbc's justice correspondent pete williams. as you follow this story from washington, i know you've been talking to your sources about these individuals who were well known to french authorities, and in particular the older brother we've now learned from u.s. officials had gone to yemen and got some training from al qaeda in yemen. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, which is one of the most dangerous and active branches of al qaeda in the world. >> yes, and i think intelligence officials are still trying to figure out what exactly was happening in paris earlier this week, whether it was directed by what's come to be known as aqap, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the yemeni branch of al qaeda, whether it was inspired by it, what the connection is.
8:15 am
they don't know. but the two brothers that were involved in the newspaper attack have a long history with french law enforcement. the younger of the two was arrested in 2003 and convicted of being part of a cell in paris that was trying to recruit people to go to iraq to engage in jihad against american forces. then the brothers were also involved in a second attempt to try to free some french prisoners. so they have a connection with law enforcement. at the same time, authorities say they believe that the two people involved in a second hostage standoff in france at a kosher supermarket were part of the same original cell -- >> and pete, while you're on that point, we're showing this picture of the grocery market, and we're getting reports simultaneously of gunfire and explosions being heard there as well. so we're in a situation now where we have these two standoffs occurring, and now we're hearing about a siege or
8:16 am
what sounds to be a siege. gunfire, explosions in both of those locations. as you were just saying, pete, as it turns out, the kouachi brothers responsible for the attack on the magazine and this suspect inside the grocery store knew each other and appear to have come from the same group of jihadis in the same area. >> precisely. amedi coubali is the person authorities say staged the hostage situation here at the supermarket. it may well be the hostage standoff involving the two brothers is simply their last refuge refuge, that they took it by happenstance. but the authorities suspect that the fact it's a kosher supermarket that was the second standoff site that you're looking at now, they believe that seems more planned. the target being a jewish target. the two brothers originally,
8:17 am
according to the trial, at least the younger brother, according to the trial and the judge who prosecuted him at the time, the younger brother was said to be virulently anti-semitic and told authorities he wanted to engage in attacks on jewish targets in france but was persuaded to go to iraq. they believe there's a connection between these two hostage standoffs and between the now four people involved, or at least three people involved and a fourth person, a woman, who is said to be a co-conspirator, an associate of coubali. her name is hayat boumediene. >> the one on the right, who's supposed to be the person inside the grocery store, is also believed by police to have possibly been the person who gunned down a policewoman in paris yesterday, another piece of this.
8:18 am
so pete, as i understand it, we know, according to french officials, that these individuals are connected in a sense that they know each other. what we don't know is whether or not this has been operationally connected. in other words, whether this grocery store hit was somehow planned in tandem with the brothers and what's happening with their situation over at the printing press factory outside of paris. >> absolutely right. that's been a key question. was this planned all along, or did this second scene that we're looking at now, did they decide to act after they saw the first attack at the newspaper on wednesday? the people i've talked to said they simply don't know the answer to that. >> i think i have a former senior fbi official involved in operations like this. although, what we're seeing in france is clearly unprecedented. don, we hear the gunfire, word of explosions going on in both of these locations. what do you make of it? >> well, it would appear based
8:19 am
on the gunfire, the explosions, that they would have launched simultaneous rescue operations to try to free the hostages and capture the terrorists. you know, based on the fact they're both happening at the same time, it's likely that this was given the order to execute. and we don't know why at this point it was. maybe there was some intelligence that was gained. remember, there's a lot of things going on behind the scenes. search warrants, searches of e-mails. maybe they found some kind of manifesto or a martyrdom video, which might show that negotiations are going to do nothing be prolong the inevitable inevitable, so let's take action now and see what the outcome is. >> stand by with me, don, if you would. we're looking at video from just outside that grocery store. our producer chapman bell is there. good morning to you. can you tell us what you're seeing and hearing? >> about five minutes ago we heard a series of explosions
8:20 am
followed by a hail of gunfire. the police, who are minding this corridor, shuffled everyone back. i'm standing next to a police officer with his side arm drawn, holding it in his hand. they told people to leave the windows. people looking out of their windows in their homes, they told them to close the windows and get away. it's been quiet ever since this. the police are very tense. very tense moment right now. several police officers around the scene with automatic weapons. like i said, it's been quiet since then. it appears that something has happened in this hostage scene. also, there were reports earlier that the gunman had said if they storm the building, he would shoot his hostages. but it's unclear what just occurred. however, it's clear that something is under way or possibly over now. >> i wonder, chapman, if you can
8:21 am
clarify something for us. we know there's at least one gunman inside the grocery store right now. as you also know, the french authorities released two pictures, one of the suspect, amedi coubali, and then a female suspect, who was thought to be inside that grocery store. is it just one assailant? is it two? do you have any information about that? >> i don't. it's been described as one gunman. however, there's been so much information coming out, and police have also been very tight lipped about the number of hostages. there were reports earlier that two people were killed at this location. we have seen ambulances leaving the scene with their sirens on, but it's really unclear if this gunman is alone or if it is, as you say, possibly a pair. >> we'll keep an eye on this scene. this is scene one on the east side of paris, a grocery store. a gunman inside with hostages. our reporter is on the scene saying they've just heard
8:22 am
gunfire and explosions. at the same time, almost simultaneously, we've got a scene that is outside of paris, about ten miles outside of the airport, the paris international airport, where the two brothers suspected in wednesday's massacre at the satirical magazine have been holed up all morning long. about seven hours now saying they want to die as martyrs. holding at least one hostage, having been on the run for the last 48 hours. an incredibly complex dragnet that french authorities had set out for them over the last 48 hours, looking house to house, through the woods, trying to find them. they turned up this morning and were chased inside this printing press where they're cornered, surrounded. something is clearly going on in both of those locations. these are individuals who know one another, who have consorted with one another. we don't know just how much detail there is, how much planning and coordination between these two attacks. i want to go back to bill neilyaly, outside the scene at the factory.
8:23 am
bring us up to date. >> reporter: good morning to you. there's a helicopter just going past me now. we have just had a convoy of red cross ambulances and police with their lights flashing going past, heading straight for the factory. there are reports by the french news agency that the two brothers, the two gunmen suspected of the massacre at the "charlie hebdo" magazine have been killed in the police storming of this factory. also, the press are reporting that the hostage the men took has been freed and is in police custody. i'm afraid that's just from one news agency. that has not been confirmed by french police or any other authorities. but certainly, from what we heard just a short time ago, i heard a burst of gunfire and then colleagues heard explosions. there are pictures on social media now of flashes around the printing works where this siege
8:24 am
was taking place. clearly we are -- it's probably over, although i cannot confirm that. the police have not made an official statement. >> we'll stand by for that, for any official word. we know you'll bring us up to date, bill. i want to go to lester holt in paris this morning. he's on the phone. lester, where are you? tell us what you know. >> we're several blocks from the scene of the hostage taking in paris itself, on the very eastern edge of paris. we were delayed as we were coming down the street. suddenly someone said there's guns. we look out and we're surrounded by police officers on the street with guns pointed across, yelling. it turned out to be a false alarm at a bank. we talked to people on the streets. they're at the breaking point. their nerves are frayed by all of what's happening here. the streets, there are still people on the streets in this area of eastern paris. but traffic getting close to the scene of all this is cut off. we're working our way there and tried to get a better picture of what's happening on this end. >> okay, lester. stand by. i know you're making your way slowly to the scene.
8:25 am
you can imagine how the people of paris feel today. their city under siege for much of the day. many people being told to shelter in place. it's near that factory where the brothers were holed up. there were reports that schools were being evacuated. in some cases, students were being read nursery rhymes to calm them as all of this unfolded in the area around them. that's the scene at the grocery store on the eastern edge of paris where gunmen walked in, is holding several hostages. just moments ago, in the last ten minutes, reports of gunfire and explosions. separately, on the outskirts of paris itself, that factory, the printing press where the brothers suspected in wednesday's attack have been holed up as well. let's go to pete williams, working his sources in washington. clearly the president has been briefed this morning several times, pete. i know your sources are watching this closely as well. >> yes, and one of the things in the last couple of day, ever since the paris shooting, that's been going on virtually around the clock and now with the addition of these two new terror
8:26 am
associates that were mentioned and put out in the wanted poster by the paris police today is whether there's any kind of connection between any of these people and people in the u.s. telephone, e-mail contact, travel records, any checks at the borders. we've been told as recently again as just an hour or so ago that they have found no connection between these people in france and anyone in the u.s. and that is one of the reasons, one of the many reasons why the decision has been made not to make any change in the posture of the terror alert level in the u.s. the second reason for that is they believe that these attacks in paris were directed as specifically at parisian targets, and there was no known threat no the united states. last night the president convened a telephone conference call on his way back to washington aboard air force one. he talked to officials from the fbi, homeland security, the intelligence agencies asking
8:27 am
them for the latest, whether there was any reason to change the security posture in the u.s. they all said no. there was no reason to do so. and really, the only change we've seen in the united states since all this happened, savannah savannah, is increased security at french diplomatic compounds, more security at the embassy here in washington. there's been more security at the french consulates and the mission at u.n. and the u.n. in new york and some of the other french consulates. there are a half a dozen of them around the country. that's been the only change in the u.s. >> all right, pete. stand by. want to go to richard engel. he's at the scene just north of the paris airport by the building where the brothers were being held. i should mention, richard, and i'm sure you know this, there are multiple outlets of french media now reporting that the brothers have been killed, something not independently confirmed by nbc news at this hour. we see multiple reports of that. what can you tell us about what you're seeing now?
8:28 am
>> reporter: i can tell you what i'm seeing, also what we're hearing. we're less than one mile from that industrial park where the koh kouachi brothers were holed up with a hostage. we heard a burst of gunfire. one police officer said that at least ten shots were fired. then we saw helicopter flying in the sky, a lot of activity. all of this was taking place just as it is getting dark here, just as local officials are completing an evacuation of a school that is quite near to this area. that is what we have been able to see. people here are very busy. they are continuing to protect the area. they have not been able to give us any official confirmation. french media, however, is specifically reporting that the kouachi brothers have been killed and perhaps also the
8:29 am
attacker at the supermarket. >> let me pick up on that. the associated press is now citing a police official saying the kouachi brothers have, in fact, been killed and the hostages freed at that location near you. we're still wait to hear what happened and what is going on inside the grocery store that's in the eastern outskirts of paris itself. so we are seeing a situation, you see the live picture on the screen right there. heavy police presence. i have don birelli with me, a former fbi official. this is such an extraordinary moment for that city. i think a lot of people are wondering, is this the new flavor of terrorism? is this the very thing that people like you in those jobs have been worrying about for years? >> sure. especially in paris and france and other countries in europe where they've seen so many of these foreign fighters who want to go and join isis and other groups. we've had less of it in the u.s. i think we do maybe a better job
8:30 am
of assimilating people into mainstream society. but clearly when these people go, they get trained, they get that mental indoctrination and want to come back home and take the fight to their home turf. that's a huge concern for officials. especially given the fact that these guys were with aqap, the al qaeda group in yemen. that's been their main focus, to attack the west. we've seen that with their bomb maker that's been trying to perfect a bomb that can be put on airplanes with the underwear bomber, for example. so aqap is particularly dangerous to the west because that's their focus, to attack the western targets. >> and french officials have said they stopped some plots, but the french have been facing a lot of threats recently because of their involvement with the coalition, fighting isis in syria and iraq. there's also an operation under way in mali that the french have been involved with. so there's a lot of reason why
8:31 am
france has been a target of these jihadists in recent weeks, days, and months. i want to go to lester holt on the phone with us. he's in paris. what can you tell us? >> we're at the edge of the perimeter around the store here. they're still holding people back right now. i saw three ambulances pull out a few minutes ago. they were in a convoy. it wasn't clear if anyone was in them. police are still holding a position here as we wait to find out if this is, in fact, over on this end, the very eastern edge of paris where that other hostage standoff is going on right now. we're just watching, trying to get some word here. >> okay, lester. i'm just getting a note from our producer that reuters is reporting that the supermarket hostage taker is dead as well. once again, that's from the wire service reuters. nbc news working to confirm this independently. as i said, our media partners,
8:32 am
ap, reuters, two wire services, have both reported citing police officials that the hostage taker in the supermarket as well as the two brothers accused in the wednesday massacre at the paris newspaper all have been killed this morning. we continue to follow this situation. as i turn to richard engel, who's outside the scene, northeast of paris near the airport there where the two brothers were inside that building, richard, these are two men who were known to french authorities. in particular, the older brother, we've learned, spent time in yemen around the same time that anwar al awlaki was there. a lot of people wondering if he was inspired by awlaki. these are the questions that authorities are going to be asking in the coming days. >> reporter: absolutely. i can tell you right now the mood here is already starting to calm down. it does feel like something has
8:33 am
happened. there was a lot of activity over the last half hour or so. but you can see in the body language of the counterterrorism officials who are here, the police. they are starting to be a little bit more relaxed. i wouldn't say dropping their guard entirely. but it feels like a moment has passed. now the intelligence piece. what were the connections between all of these militants? who sent them? and why -- do they have other operatives in this country or in other places? a lot of this does seem to be going back to yemen. one of the kouachi brothers, who now there are multiple sources saying they've been killed in a raid that took place not far from here just a short while ago, one of the brothers, the older brother, said, travelled in 2011 to yemen. u.s. officials tell nbc news he received months of training from the al qaeda affiliates in yemen, one of the most active
8:34 am
and aggressive al qaeda divisions in the world that is seeking to carry out international attacks, not just in europe but also in the united states. but the situation here, we are told that school has been evacuated. there are no more buses. for the last hour or so, buses have been coming in and out, bringing children. that evacuation was just wrapping up. it's getting darker here. that evacuation was just about over and the light was starting to change. that's when we heard these explosions. almost simultaneously, there were reports of explosions also at the supermarket in paris. either simultaneous or near simultaneous raids. >> richard, we'll go back to you in a moment. i want to go to bill nealy, our international correspondent who's also at that scene as nightfalls in paris. what can you tell us, bill? >> reporter: well, all the major french media networks here are now reporting that all three
8:35 am
gunmen, both the two here at the factory and the one in the kosher supermarket in paris, are dead. we are also hearing that all the hostages have been freed. there's a huge caveat to that. number one, nbc news can't confirm that. number two, there were reports that at the supermarket, two people had been killed earlier on. now, all of that is one thing. french police earlier on put up a request for help a wanted notice. one of them was a woman. if the three gunmen are indeed dead, that still leaves the woman who french police described as armed and dangerous free. so that's the first issue. number two, the inquiry will begin now into how these three gunmen were not tracked, were not traced by french intelligence. because it's known they have been known for a very long time
8:36 am
to be on the fringes of jihadi groups. just passing me now, another convoy of it looks like fire service vehicles. this situation may be over, but the follow-up operation is going on. so the questions will be asked. why did french intelligence not manage to keep track of these people who ten years ago were on the fringes of jihadi groups? they have matured ten years late sbeerlate later into assassins. if these sieges are now over, that is the next step, as well as tracing that woman, who was an associate of the gunman who took the hostages at the jewish supermarket. still a lot of questions to be answered. >> a lot of soul searching and work for intelligence officials. i want to recap for everybody what's been going on in and around paris this morning. the two brothers accused in the wednesday massacre at the
8:37 am
newspaper were cornered into a factory, a printing press on the outskirts of paris not far from the airport there. according to multiple media outlets in france, they have now been killed. the hostage they were holding freed. that is one piece of the puzzle. we have also learned simultaneously there was a hostage taker, an attacker who went into a kosher grocery store inside paris itself on the eastern edge of the city and took hostages. we learned this morning that all three men were known to one another, who came up together in essentially the same jihadi cell. at one point, the grocery store hostage taker had threatened to kill the hostages he had if the brothers were not set free. again, according to multiple sources, including ap and reuters, media outlets, all three of those men have died in the standoffs that have taken place this morning. all of this being watched closely around the world and especially at the white house where our correspondent kristen welker is this morning. you reported this morning that
8:38 am
the president has been briefed this morning and is watching this very closely. >> reporter: he's watching it very closely, savannah. he's currently aboard air force one traveling to knoxville, tennessee, where he's going to talk about college affordability. his deputy press secretary just updated reporters aboard air force one saying that president obama had been briefed extensively this morning. also that top officials here at the white house have been in contact with their foreign and french counterparts on an almost minute-by-minute basis while all of this has been developing. of course, the white house, the obama administration has continued to stay up to date on the ongoing crisis in france. president obama has been on the road quite a bit this week, but yesterday aboard air force one he convened a call with his national security team not only to get the very latest out of france but to get updated on the security posture here in the united states. we know that security has been stepped up at french embassies in major cities. new york, boston, chicago.
8:39 am
and again the white house continuing to monitor this situation. president obama on the road to preview his state of the union address. but what's happening in france continues to dominate the conversations here, savannah. the white house calling france one of its oldest allies and obviously a key ally in the fight against isis. >> kristen, thank you very much. let's turn to richard engel. he's outside the scene of the factory where the two brothers had been holed up this morning and are now reportedly dead, according to several media outlets. richard, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. this all began here this morning or this hostage siege, i should say, began here this morning around 9:00 a.m. the two brothers, the prime suspects in the murders at the satirical newspaper two days ago had been on the run for 48 hours. they came here. this is a fairly sleepy town, very close to the international airport. they were spotted.
8:40 am
people weren't looking for them here, but police spotted them in an industrial area. a gunfight broke out, and then those two brothers holed themselves up, barricaded themselves inside a printing press. they took, we now know, one hostage, a hostage who is now free. and for the last seven hours, they had been holed up inside that building. and we hadn't heard much from them. just a short time after they barricaded themselves in the building, that's when the second incident took place. that's when the other militant, a friend of theirs, went into the supermarket, took several hostages there, and was demanding, linking these two situations, demanding that the kouachi brothers here at the industrial site be released or he would kill his hostages. then things changed just a short while ago. two simultaneous raids or almost simultaneous raids that
8:41 am
according to multiple sources killed the hostage takers. >> richard, please stand by and let us know if there are any further developments you can report. i want to turn to don birelli, former senior official with the fbi. you think about this plot, what's happened this week in france, the worst terror attack on french soil in at least 50 years. it's not just the human toll and the carnage we saw on wednesday and thursday and now today but also the propaganda victory. now you have terror suspects inside the grocery store, inside that factory who were able to terrorize, who got the attention of the world for all of these hours, and that's exactly what they want. >> absolutely. that's part of their goal, to get the world focusing on them. hopefully get new recruits to join. it all goes into that equation. as richard mentioned, the tactical aspect of this operation might be winding down, but now comes the long, tedious process of the intelligence piece, trying to figure out
8:42 am
basically what is the life story of all these guys. who have they been communicating with? where have they traveled? what does their network look like? was there any foreign direction, or was this a plot that was completely hatched by the brothers themselves? this could take weeks or months really before we know the full aspect and the full spectrum of this investigation. >> also, the terrifying possibility that there could be others who know them, others who are inspired by them who think, well, maybe this is the time for maximum effect to try to attack a soft target. >> absolutely. you always worry about that copy cat effect. if it were somebody on the fringe and they see what happened, they get enamored by the coverage and say, i'm going to do the same thing. >> i'm going to go back to bill nealy, outside the factory near the paris airport. good morning, bill. what do you have? >> reporter: good morning. well, clearly within the last hour we've had explosions and
8:43 am
gunfire. there are widespread media reports here in france that the two brothers, the kouachi brothers, here are dead and that the single gunman in the kosher supermarket in paris is dead too. that is not being confirmed either by french police or by any authorities. there are also images on social media at the minute of the hostages from the paris supermarket being carried, literally carried on people's shoulders and backs out of that building. they are all reported to be alive. but again, the police have not updated us with anything. as i said before, there are a couple of questions here. chiefly, is this really over? because there were four suspects all together. the kouachi brothers, the man at the kosher supermarket, and his partner, a woman who was pictured in a french wanted notice. so the question is, where is she? the french police said that she was possibly armed and dangerous.
8:44 am
have they really ended this? or is she -- well, she clearly is still on the loose as far as we know because her presence wasn't detected at any of the locations. as i also said, there will be an inquiry now after the massacre, the man hunt, the siege. now the inquest, how did french police and intelligence manage to let these guys out of their sight, if you like? it's always very difficult. we remember back ten years ago to the london bomb inging. police knew who these people were, but you know, it's difficult to guard them, to watch them, to have intelligence follow them all the time. one intelligence official here told us earlier on that, will be the problem. simply a man power problem. you might identify someone as an al qaeda suspect or as a recruiter, but can you follow
8:45 am
them 24 hours a day? on the loose still at the moment is a woman the french police described as armed and dangerous. i suppose before this can be declared over, they need to catch her too. >> absolutely. bill, stand by. we'll head back to you with any developments. i want to go to andrea mitchell, our foreign affairs correspondent. she's in washington this morning. ann droo anndrea andrea, good morning. >> good morning. talking to those at the state department, they are very sympathetic with what france is undergoing. here in the united states, as we saw with the tsarnaev brothers after the boston marathon bombing, there are people who are on the no-fly list, as thee french were. there are people on the watch list who are not under surveillance. it would be impossible to keep under surveillance all of the people who have come up on nsa intercepts overseas as well as domestic intelligence. we don't have the man power. we've seen the political reaction against nsa surveillance, especially in
8:46 am
france, also here in the united states. so there is a real push/pull here politically, but the practical effect is there are a lot of potential lone wolves here in america. and it is a tremendous concern. they go through immigrant communities, but no one agrees with profiling or with invasive kinds of surveillance if they don't have a real threat or any real reason of an intelligence nature. >> and you really put your finger on some of the complexities of the issues. it's bad enough when you don't know who might be targeted in this country. but don, as andrea just mentioned, it is a huge task to try to surveil any one person. i heard a law enforcement official saying, you're following one person, you need ten people just to do that one piece of surveillance. >> ten people probably and an aircraft and what other technical equipment. sure. it takes a lot of man power. it's very resource intensive. but the others a peck of it is
8:47 am
there are legal issues that are in place. for example, you get a nugget of information that says somebody might be plotting something. do you have enough to arrest them? no, so what do you do? you do your investigation and come up to the point where, you know, you've gone as far as you can go. then what? do you follow them 24/7? you can't arrest them. you can't do anything with them. there are guidelines that dictate how long you can keep somebody under investigation. these are the constraints law enforcement has to deal with every day. >> as we ask those questions that bill nealy posed about what french officials do, was there some inadequacy in their investigation, you have to take it also with a grain of empathy for the enormity of the task, the difficulty of the task. clearly, this is something they'll be looking into very closely. i think bill is still with us. bill, i don't want to put you on the spot. i wonder if you can clarify one thing. on wednesday with the two brothers, there was a report of a third gunman potentially.
8:48 am
so there was the young man who turned himself in, the two brothers, then some reports of yet another person. is there any indication that the man inside the grocery store might have been involved wednesday as well? >> reporter: sorry, savannah. can you repeat that? i beg your pardon. >> no problem. i know it's a loud scene there. remember on wednesday, there were some early reports that not just the three people, that there was yet another gunman who had gone into the satirical newspaper. i wonder if there's any thought or suspicion that the man inside the grocery store may have also been involved in some way in what happened wednesday inside the satirical magazine's offices. >> reporter: well, yes, this is what french police must be doing, trying to join the dots. if you remember, going right back to the attack on the "charlie hebdo" magazine, those videos, all we ever saw were the
8:49 am
two black-clad heavily armed gunmen. police insisted there were three suspects. you remember an 18-year-old gave himself up to police. he's been named on social media as the third suspect. he said, hey, i had nothing to do with this. we believe they're still holding him. but then we heard of the shooting of the policewoman. again, it didn't seem to be related. french police didn't relate it. but it was again a black-clad man with a kalashnikov killing a police officer. clearly he, according to french police, is the man who has just been shot dead at the kosher supermarket in paris. but yes, who was the third suspect at the "charlie hebdo" magazine, and how does this woman who french police have named as armed and potentially extremely dangerous, how does she fit into the jigsaw? one thing i should just say is that nbc news is now just getting confirmation that the two brothers here have, in fact,
8:50 am
been killed. also, the mayor of the town where this has happened is also confirming that. we're also hearing officially from police that the hostage here has been freed. so that just within the last minute. >> okay. let me add to that, bill, i'm told there's a tweet from the french ambassador to the united states who says the kosher supermarket has been stormed, according to this tweet. the terrorist is dead. the hostages are alive. once again, that's a tweet that comes from the french ambassador to the u.s. regarding the situation you see right there. that's unfolding as we speak. this grocery store on the eastern outskirts of paris where a man walked in this morning with a gun, held hostages all morning long. this is a man who now officials say is connected to the two brothers responsible, believed responsible for wednesday's attack in paris, that massacre. we continue to follow all the develops here. do i still have andrea mitchell with me? okay.
8:51 am
oh, i do have andrea. let me ask you, when we talk about france being a target, we mention francois hollande, the president of france, said they thwarted several attacks recently. that's no coincidence. france has been particularly aggressive in its fight against militants militants, not just with the united states and allies against isis in syria and iraq but also in mali. >> indeed. the french were critical in helping to put down an islamic insurrection there and stabilize mali. the french have been very aggressive militarily and very close allies to the u.s., of course, against isis in iraq and syria. they've been flying. their pilots have been going alongside u.s. pilots as well. they've been very strong militarily. also, the tensions in france, not only the large immigrant population, but the political tensions, the anger of the muslim community against
8:52 am
restrictions, the head scarf controversies there. this goes all the way back to their algerian conflicts back in the '70s and '80s. but it has metastasized. and there has, in fact, been a lot of tension between radical muslims in france and the jewish community. the jewish community has been on guard for quite some time. of course, we're seeing an outbreak of this in this incident today. in fact, savannah, there's been an enormous jewish immigration to israel just within the last year. wealthier jews buying property in tel aviv if something does become more critical because of their fears of the anti-semitism growing in france. and those less advantaged just moving to israel and giving up their property. it's been quite extraordinary. more jews from france have been emigrating there than from russia for the first time. a lot of civil unrest in france in the last year.
8:53 am
>> bears repeating that one of these attacks happened at a kosher grocery store on friday just hours before shabbat dinner, a time when one would expect the store to be filled with customers. we're reporting now this morning that the hostage taker at the grocery store as well as those two brothers have been killed. we await further detailings. we've also been told that the hostages have been released. we wait for further details on that. i want to turn to don birelli, former senior official with the fbi. talking about this older suspect, the older brother, his travel to yemen, that is absolutely key. clearly, al qaeda and the arabian peninsula, this is one of the most aggressive franchs of al qaeda, the most operational right now. they tell their followers, go after western targets. >> absolutely. we've seen it. they have this magazine called "inspire" magazine, where they've said, you know, you don't need to come over and get trained in yemen to be effective. you can use simple items, your car, things in your house, but
8:54 am
basically do what you can do to, you know, promote the cause. and they have been very aggressive against the west, against u.s., against our allies. and trying to recruit people to take action at home. >> i should mention, in "inspire" magazine, weren't there several occasions where the call went out to attack this particular newspaper because of its perceived affronts to islam and the prophet mohammed? >> absolutely. you have to think that played into it as well. you also have mentioned anwar al awlaki being part of this, that he'd met one of these brothers. back when i was doing my fbi informations, anwar awlaki was prominent. it's really no surprise that he's popped up again. >> anwar al awlaki, for those who don't remember, extremely influential, killed by an american drone strike. but still having an impact, it
8:55 am
would seem. i want to turn to pete williams on this issue. >> well, in fact, al awlaki was central in several plots around the world and against the u.s. he's thought to be the operational leader of the underwear bombing plot, the plot to attack a plane coming to the u.s. to detroit on christmas day. that young man ultimately pleaded guilty. thought to be involved in -- at least to have been a major inspiration for the attack on the u.s. army post in texas. his name came up over and over and over again. you were talking about this issue of surveillance. talking to law enforcement folks here in the u.s. the past couple of days, there's a real sense that, you know, there but for the grace of god because of this the u.s. faces the same problem, in a different way though. two factors. one is, you know, perhaps five or six years ago the french authorities would have been able
8:56 am
to keep better tabs on these two, but a former u.s. intelligence official says they're just overwhelmed by the number of would-be jihadists, people coming back from syria, from iraq, from algeria, from around the world. they simply have a massive challenge now trying to decide who are the highest priority targets. apparently the information is that the two brothers, while at first seeming virulently anti-semitic, then tried to put on a happy face basically and tried to look like they weren't a threat. and how difficult it was to know that they were plotting this. i'm sure it's something that will come out in the next few days. but it is a massive operation to try to keep people under surveillance. you have to make decisions. the u.s. faces this challenge every day, constantly churning the list of people they want to keep under surveillance in the u.s.
8:57 am
it's an enormous challenge for law enforcement. perhaps nobody faces it more right now than the french. >> and you've heard it a million times. i've heard it from people we know in the terrorism community saying, you know, they only have to be right once, where the officials trying to stop them have to be right 100% of the time. always bears remembering in times like these. pete, stand by there. i want to go to nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel, who has, i believe, some new information. richard, good morning again. >> reporter: good morning. we just spoke to the deputy mayor here who told us he believes that this hostage siege is over. he believes that there was one hostage who was inside the printing press. he has been recovered safely. but there are french media reports that three police officers were injured here. four police officers injured in the raid in paris at the supermarket. the french media have been all over this and have been ahead of us in many ways.
8:58 am
they have been -- the associated press -- i'm sorry, the french press has given a quite detailed account of what happened exactly at this location. they say that the two brothers, the kouachi brothers, were spotted in a separate room from their hostage and that when they were separated from their hostage, the french counterterrorism authorities decided that was the moment to go in and begin the assault. we heard that assault from where we are. we heard two explosions separated by about five minutes. we heard gunfire. police officer told us he thought there were at least ten shots. as this gunfire was taking place, the press reports that the two brothers came outside and engaged the police in a gun battle. >> all right, richard. that's the situation where you are in that factory where the two brothers were. as you know, there are two scenes here. the other one we see in the
8:59 am
corner of the screen outside the supermarket, the kosher grocery store where a hostage taker went in and was holding several people. we don't know how that ended in terms of the hostages. again, several media outlets, including french tv, reporting that the hostage taker amedi coubali has been killed, but there were reports all morning that hostages had been killed too. so we do not know the fate or the status of the people inside the grocery stores. as we mentioned, it must have been a rather busy time when all this happened. night has now fallen in paris. what a day it has been there. you see three men on your screen, all accused of launching attacks. the one on the right, amedi coubali accused of going to this grocery store and taking hostages. the two brothers that attacked the magazine. as we approach noon eastern, we're going to pause and give some of our stations the
9:00 am
opportunity to return to their local programming for. for otherings, our live coverage will continue. thanks for being with us. multiple outlets reporting from france, including the associated press and reuters, the hostage takers, the gunmen, have been killed. there were two separate scenes. cherif kouachi, said kouachi, the two brothers believed to be behind the killing, the massacre wednesday in paris, there was a dragnet through the woods and house to house through the last 48 hours and they were found this morning barricaded inside a factory outside of paris, about ten miles, actually, from the
9:01 am
international airport there. we reported in the last hour or so the sound of gunfire, explosions, and french authorities saying they had gone in and killed the hostage takers at that printing press where the brothers were a hostage has been freed. separately, as this was all unfolding, a gunman walked into a grocery store on the eastern edge of paris, a kosher grocery store kill withfilled with people, took several hostages and threatened to kill the hostages if the brothers were not released. apparently all three of these men, the men we'll show on your screen, knew each other and all three of these men according to multiple reports now from media in france and international media covering this story but unconfirmed by nbc, they reportedly have been killed. i want to get right to richard engel, our chief foreign correspondent. he's been watching this all morning long and we find him to the north of paris where this scene happened at the factory, the printing press where the two brothers were cornered,
9:02 am
surrounded and apparently, richard, there was no way out. >> the deputy mayor here has just told us they believes it is now over. at least here he believes it is now over, that there has been a commando raid, that the two brothers, the two chief suspects who are accused by french authorities of having carried out that massacre at the -- on wednesday at president satirical newspaper, he believes that they have been neutralized. that is the word the french authorities are using. this all began this morning right here, this hostage phase of this terrible incident in french history. those two brothers were on the run and then they were spotted here. no one expect they would be here. this is a sleepy village very close to charles de gaulle airport. in fact, all day long we've been watching planes coming in to land just a few miles are from here and they were spotted.
9:03 am
they were spotted around 9:00 a.m. local time by local police. a gun fight broke out and the brothers holed themselves up in the nearest building they could find. it was a family owned printing press. they took the owner of the printing press hostage and then this hostage drama unfolded. police, riot police, i should say counterterrorism police, military all started to swarm into this town and as they siege began the second hostage dilemma unfolded in paris with their associate, who's believed also to have killed a policewoman yesterday taking hostages. and now the intelligence investigation. >> absolutely. richard, as we keep talking here i believe we have some images of some of the hostages being freed, walking out of the supermarket where they had been held all morning long and to go back to, richard -- >> some of them being carried. >> some of them being carried.
9:04 am
you can imagine what they have witnessed this morning on the eastern side of paris, a busy, populated area, richard, and this person who came in as you say was an associate, a known associate of the kouachi brothers. >> that is the thing is most worrying to french officials, that these three suspects, these three men who are now reportedly dead were all associates, they were all affiliated, ideological, may have all been part of the same cell that received some training from al qaeda in yemen and the question is, do they have more associates? if you remember earlier today, french authorities put out a bulletin, put out some wanted posters and there was a fourth suspect, a female suspect on that wanted poster. her whereabouts remain unknown at this stage. >> richard, i want to go to pete williams now. he's been talking to his sources
9:05 am
in washington and this is just the scenario, pete, that officials have been frightened about. this is homegrown jihadis with western passports who in some cases have ease of travel although as we understand it the two kouachi brothers were on the u.s. no fly list. i imagine that people on -- in our country are saying, officials there are saying this is the very thing that we are concerned could happen here. >> well, there's sort of two questions here. one is the thing we've been talking about of how do you decide to keep under surveillance? that's a tough question. there's no good answer to that. the second one is one that the united states certainly hopes it has much better handle on and that is tracking certainly young men who fly to syria and try come back, who fly to yemen and try to come back. that is something that has been a huge priority for american law enforcement and intelligence to make sure that they keep tabs on
9:06 am
everybody that goes to syria or yemen. now, yemen is in a way an easier task to track. syria is more difficult because there's so many round about ways to get there. the most popular one has been to go to istanbul and turkey and then work your way into syria. however, it appears that the people going there are on to the fact that the u.s. is closely monitoring that and they're looking at other ways to get there. so the ease of travel in europe into syria is a huge challenge, but the fact that authorities say that one of the two brothers who was involved in the paris shooting was able to get to yemen, spend some time there and come back, in a way i think that's going to be a more difficult thing for the french government to answer, although, again, as one former prosecutor once said in france, if france has become a huge black hole sucking in all these people who want to come to france and
9:07 am
engage in jihad, it's an enormous challenge for them. but i suspect that that's where a lot of the attention will be focused. >> that's right. also, to be fair, the younger brother is the one who had spent time in prison trying to get to iraq via syria to fight american soldiers there. and the older brother, said kouachi was sort of on the periphery of some of those cases but all of it, of course, going to be the subject of a lot of scrutiny by french officials themselves as well as others looking at what happened here, how it was able to have happened. i want to go to lester holt in paris. he's on the phone. i think lester if i understand it you have made your way to the scene of the grocery store standoff. lester, can you hear me? >> we're just around the corner, savannah. a moment ago we saw a mother pushing a stroller and a handful of other people being escorted out of the area with what looked like perhaps emts. no emergency and it's not clear whether they were hostages. we have to understand that some of the places that are occupied adjacent to this, people were
9:08 am
held in there for the duration of this so it may just be someone who was finally getting out. also, you know, it's worth pointing out in any hostage situation, i've covered a number of them, even after they get the initial hostage, they've still got to work the building. they've got to clear every aisle, every storm room and make sure that a, there's no one hiding and, b, there's no further perpetrator. that's what we may be witnessing right now as they continue to hold back. the stature of their posture is certainly dropping a little bit but they're holding a perimeter here. i'm assuming they're going to the store making cleared there's no no booby traps. >> lester, stand by there if you would i want to go to richard engel at the scene outside of paris where the brothers were cornered and ultimately killed this morning. nbc now reporting that as well that the two brothers
9:09 am
responsible for wednesday's massacre are now dead as is a third man, the gunman who attacked the grocery store. and i should mention, richard, something somewhat lost in all of this is that there was a policewoman killed thursday in an incident that initially french police said wasn't related to all of this but now we believe it may well be. >> it seems like it was absolutely related. one thing you'll notice behind me, traffic is starting to flow in this town. this town has been under siege all day, a very tight cordon had been put in place, no cars were allowed to move except for emergency vehicles. all the people who'd been kept out of the town all day are coming back in. so we're seeing for the first time all day the first time since this hostage situation began here in this little village close to charles de gaulle people coming back, this cordon being lifted. the clearest sign yet the that
9:10 am
the situation has turned a corner. back to your other point. there were so many moving parts in this story since it began on wednesday with that horrific shooting in downtown paris. the next day there was a shooting of a policewoman. initially french authorities said unrelated. they might not have wanted to make a connection, some french analysts i spoke to immediately thought there was a connection and that french police were deliberately trying to down play it because they didn't want to encourage other copycats and they thought at the time it may have been a copycat. then even later in the day yesterday french officials were starting to admit, yes, in fact, it was related and they were starting to narrow the search for who they thought was responsible. they didn't know where the person was but they were starting to narrow that search. they didn't need to look very long because then that person, that same shooter went into a
9:11 am
kosher supermarket in downtown paris, took hostages in solidarity and perhaps even in coordination with the two brothers who were killed. nbc now can now report killed in this small town near charles de gaulle airport just over an you are a ago. >> we have an image into our newsroom from ctv. you can see an explosion at that grocery store we presume as the siege was taking place and the suspect inside, amedy coulibaly was reportedly killed. french media reporting he was killed. i want to ask you, richard, earlier this morning the french authorities put out two suspects, one of the suspect, coulibaly, and the other of a woman whose name is hayat boumeddiene. apparently she is still on the loose as far as we know. do you know what her involvement, if any, is? why authorities are looking to talk to her? >> she is described as coulibaly's wife, that they were a couple.
9:12 am
in fact, french media had been dubbing them "bonnie and clyde" at one stage earlier in the day. so they were both wanted. she, as far as we understand, is still at large and that is a dangerous development because she was considered armed and dangerous before all of this and should probably be considered armed and dangerous now as well. >> richard, we know you'll continue to stand by there. i want to just revisit with don borrelli, former senior fbi official just the situation that french authorities, swat teams found themselves in this morning. two live scenes. two men -- three men armed, ready to die, as it were. and then the one brother -- the one system at the grocery store threatening to kill his hostages if the brothers at that other scene weren't let go. it doesn't get any more dangerous for authorities, more complex, more difficult. kind of take us in what they might have been thinking at that moment.
9:13 am
>> obviously, you're right. it does not get more dangerous than that. you have hostages, you have individuals with weapons training, heavily armed, not afraid to take on the police as we've seen. presumably they said they want to martyr themselves so you know that if that's true, negotiations are not going to ultimately get to the end result, which is to free the hostages. so at some point the decision has to be made when can we do a deliberate assault and give the security forces the best chance for success? it appears that they did a fantastic job. the fact that the hostages were not killed and -- except for possibly initially but based on the raid itself that the terrorists were killed, the hostages were freed. it goes to the level of training and experience that the french security forces have. >> i want to ask richard engel about that. you're there, richard, you're still with me. i'm curious about the tactical
9:14 am
ability of french authorities given what happened there. at least the three suspects killed. it appears they are quite experienced and effective. >> they are considered system of the best in the world and french media have given quite a few tactical details about how this raid went down. they are saying that this ises according to afp that the two brothers were spotted, that they were spotted in a separate room from their hostage. that they had, perhaps, inadvertently left their hostage alone and that as soon as they were isolated the french counterterrorism authorities acted. they went in with this raid. the brothers then burst out of the building and engaged the french police, wounding three of them and that's what we were told was the trigger, that when the they were spotted that there
9:15 am
was an opportunity to go in and to engage the militants while they were separated from their hostages. >> all right, richard. i want to mention, and this is a sad note, we've been alludeeluding to it, recorders and the french news afp are a saying there were hostages killed in the grocery store. we don't know if that happened during the siege that ended in the death of the gunman, amedy coulibaly. but sad news because not all of the hostages taken there made it out alive this morning according to reuters and afp. although we've been showing this image of several hostagings fleeing, one of them having to be carried out of the grocery store. this is a kosher grocery market. friday, middle of the day, a busy time. the sun coming down with people getting ready for shabbat dinner. these are suspects who, as we
9:16 am
understand it from our reporting, were virulently anti-semitic and so there's probably no accident in the target here. and you see the three men who according to sources now have died. the kouachi brothers on the left accused of the siege, the massacre, the bloodshed inside the paris newspaper on wednesday and the man on the right, amedy call bally who was accused of taking hostages at that kosher grocery store where we've just reported according to wire services. kristen welker is nbc's white house correspondent. the president has been briefed all morning long. bring us up to date. >> savannah, president obama just touched down in knoxville, tennessee. he is going to discuss college affordability there. no word on whether he will address what has happened in france but we know that he was briefed extensively before he left on the ongoing development
9:17 am
s we also know top officials here have been in touch with their french counterparts on an almost minute-by-minute basis while the entire situation has been unfolding. president obama has been on the road for the past two days, savannah, and he's gotten regular briefings on this situation, yesterday convening a call with his national security team not only to get updated on the situation in france but the security posture here in the united states important to stresses there no known threat that intelligence officials are aware of right now. we know security has been heightened at some major cities like new york, chicago, boston. so the obama administration continues to stay up to date in france and continues to stay in contact with intelligence officials here in the united states. president obama again going to discuss the economy. college affordability, what is happening in france continues to update the scenes at the white
9:18 am
house. richard, you have reporting to share with us? richard is right outside the factory where the two brothers were killed. i hear you have new reporting for us? >> savannah, you were just talking a moment ago about the anti-semitism, that it was no coincidence these were jewish targets. no mic? >> we have a mic problem there so we will return to richard. he was talking about some of these targets being targets because of people there being of the jewish faith and that this was part of the ideology of these jihadists. i'm sure there's something which doesn't surprise you. >> not at all. they just -- it's part of their ideology.
9:19 am
they want to attack the jewish targets. anything that really even represents the western values and soft targets with supermarkets, with synagogues or churches or whatever. the soft targets, anything that represents the western values can be in play with these guys. >> i think i've got richard engel now. richard, you were making a point. >> i was, sorry, we had some microphone issues here. it is absolutely no coincidence that these were -- or at least one of this was a jewish target. cherif kouachi, the younger of the kouachi brothers said in his own testimony that he initially -- and this is going back a decade -- wanted to carry out attacks in france against jewish target bus that he changed his mind, he was convinced by a radical cleric who was also later imprisoned to
9:20 am
go to iraq to fight against u.s. troops. he never made it to iraq. he was sent to jail. she was further radicalized in jail but clearly this group never gave up or strayed far from their origins which was to attack jewish targets in france. >> on the other side of the screen, we're looking at the grocery store and passing on sad news. our colleagues at the a.p. are saying according to police that at least four were killed including the gunman in that grocery store siege. we'll continue to follow and try to confirm that on our own but as had been reported throughout the morning it was believed some stages perished and that seems to be the case. richard, you're in france. you've spent many, many months and years there yourself and i think about how the people of france must be feeling today. we all went through 9/11 and we know how that changed our country collectively. is that how it feels in france now?
9:21 am
i mean, is that how people are talking about this on the streets of paris? >> there is a lot of anger here and the concern is what was lill the reaction be to the large immigrant population? france has an enormous muslim population and from north africa, algeria in particular. can kouachi brothers were born in france but they were first generation. their parents algerian immigrants. they were raised in foster care after their parents died at an early age. they lived in public housing in subsidized housing. we were at the apartment where they lived yesterday. there was a sense in this country that these two young immigrants were given every opportunity and yet they became radicalized, traveled abroad and returned home and turned their
9:22 am
guns on their own countrymen and there are already right wing groups in this country that want to take more draconian steps against immigrants and this could potentially just give them more ammunition. >> richard, stand by there, i want to tush torn to pete williams in washington for us. pete, anybody watching what's happening in france from this country has to, of course, have enormous sympathy for the people of france but also concern because fiscal cliff f it can happen there, people wonder could something like that happen here? >> right. and i think what people i've been talking to the last couple of days say that one of the critical things that has arizzen from all this is the necessity for people in the united states and law enforcement, government, to keep close ties with the islamic community in the u.s. and there have been many cases where relatives, friends have tipped off law enforcement that something may be going wrong, that a young person may be trying to head over to iraq or syria and that is extremely
9:23 am
valuable. and secondly for people who are here -- who are immigrants perhaps from islamic countries to feel welcome. and that they're not being persecuted. so that's an essential part and many people in government think that's one of the reasons why this hasn't happened here because that's been handled relatively well. a couple other points here, savannah. one person i talked to this morning in law enforcement said that this is not a surprising end involving the two brothers who were in the paris shootout. that the thought all along here among law enforcement and intelligence folks is that these two would not give themselves up, that the only way this was going to end would be in their deaths and that seems to have been the way it ended. however they say that in contrast to the way the initial assault was carried out in the newspaper with some calmness and deliberation deliberation, it appeared there was no end game here. that they hadn't thought that part through. perhaps they thought they were going to die in the attack on
9:24 am
the newspaper and when they managed to shoot their way out they didn't know what to do. they seemed to be ad-libbing as they went along. so that's the second point. and the third point savannah is we have to remember that initially the french said that there were three suspects in the shooting. two brothers and an 18-year-old who turned himself in. we've heard nothing about whether french authorities concluded whether he was involved or not. that's a question that will have to be resolved? >> and we're watching those images we've mean is, many times of the get away car. the two gunmen we know to be the kouachi brothers as they lay siege to the paris newspaper on wednesday the worst terror attack in history, in france's history in 50 years. i want to go to bill neely north of paris. bill, what can you tell us? >> just an update on the casualty figures. just to remind you, both sieges are over. nbc news can confirm that all
9:25 am
three gunmen are dead but we can also confirm the death toll is much higher than anyone believed and that the french authorities will have hoped for. we've spoken to police sources and they confirm that at the kosher supermarket the casualties are as follow. the gunman, amedy coulibaly is dead but four other people are dead, believed to be hostages. four further hostages have been injured and three police officers have been injured and they still don't really know how many hostages are inside that supermarket but several of those hostages dead are thought. there were a lot of women and children in doing the shopping before the jewish sabbath. so just to recap, as well as the gunman it would appear that four other civilians thought to be hostages are dead. there was a report earlier on of not just the gunman being killed
9:26 am
but an accomplice. remember earlier on the police issued wanted notices not just for the gunman at that supermarket but for his girlfriend, a woman described as armed and dangerous. no confirmation at the minute where she is, whether she's alive or dead, on the loose or perhaps one of the casualties at the supermarket. but, you know, taking all those casualties together, five at that supermarket, the two brothers here and the 12 at charlie hebdo magazine, that brings to a total of 20 the number of people killed in and around paris in the last 48 hours. >> just a heartbreaking scene there. bill, thank you so much, continue to stand by if you would. don borrelli is here. i want to pick up on something pete was talking about which was on the one hand you had the two gunmen who appeared calm, who were well armed, seemed to have some kind of training. according to witnesses knew when that editorial meeting was, knew the names of some of the people that would attend that meeting
9:27 am
but at the same time as pete said didn't seem to have a plan much beyond getting out of there. didn't have a way out of the country. didn't have even knowledge of what -- if they had the right building initially. what do you make of that? it seems to be in conflict. >> it absolutely does. in terms of just their weapons, the way they handled the weapons and moved tactically and all those things. they seem to have at least rehearsed that and have some training in that. but as the plan unfolded, things started to not go as probably they planned because of the get away, losing the i.d. which led law enforcement to rapidly identify them. then the wheels came off. they were seeming to be kind of a bit more ad hoc at that point in time, possibly that's when the third accomplice decided to take action as a diversion and i mentioned about the driver of the vehicle, this young man that was picked up, questioned still
9:28 am
in custody and there's been reports about alibis for him so if, in fact, who was the driver of that car? if the alibis hold out. still a lot of questions to be answered. >> when you look at the weaponry they use, these kalashnikov assault rifles essentially, does it tell you anything about whether they had resources? is that's something that's rather easy to come by? >> i wouldn't think it's easy to come by but there's a black market for that type of thing. they had plenty of ammunition on their body ready to be used. these are also signed of some training that they had received presumably in yemen but maybe not. >> the training in yemen is going to be absolutely key and i think we've talked about it this morning. just as much as the questions for french officials about why they didn't track these brothers is how is it that at least one of them, the older brother evidently was able to travel to yemen, get some kind of training around return to the west, return to paris. >> we talked about that all morning. how difficult it is for law
9:29 am
enforcement to follow these people 24/7. so resource intensive. you have legal constraints that you're working against. it is a big challenge but also it was mentioned earlier, too, about it's not just the law enforcement problem and intelligence problem. you've also got to figure out why are these guys not feeling like they're -- why do they assume their only hope in life is to join jihad? you hear of these programs countering violent extremisim in the united states and elsewhere that are a bit more wholistic trying to figure out how can we stem the flow of young people wanting to join ranks of al qaeda and isis and others. >> that's the ultimate fundamental question and why there are so many disaffected young men and women who feel this is their best option. to recap for everybody, two scenes in france this morning. one in paris, a kosher grocery store where a gunman went in and apparently killed several hostages. that gunman is now dead. then two brothers accused in wednesday's massacre have been
9:30 am
killed in a factory outside of paris. the hostage they were holding has been released. we're going to give a pause, get stations an opportunity to return to local programming. for the rest of you, we'll have more in a moment. 12:30 on the east coast, 9:30 in the morning on the west coast and 6:30 in the evening in paris and you are looking at the scene outside a grocery store in paris, the eastern outskirts of the city where it has been an extraordinarily eventful and disturbing day. a gunman walked in, held several hostages inside a kosher grocery store. some of the hostages you see there have been released. part of the siege in which that gunman was killed but other hostages we can now report have been killed at least four killed, four others injured and several other police officers were injured as well. that was one scene. in the meantime outside of paris
9:31 am
a scene in a printing press, a small factory, kind of an industrial area not far from the international airport there. the two brothers accused in wednesday's massacre holed up, cornered, no way out, holding a hostage. and about an hour ago, about 1:15 ago, authorities there, police, made their move. there was a siege, gunfire, explosions and those two men were killed, their hostage release. our global correspondent bill neely lab at the scene all morning long. bill, good morning to you, tell us what's going on. >> yes. it would now appear that both sieges are over and nbc news can confirm that all three gunmen are dead, both the two brothers who were on the run here at the printing press and have been on the run they were believed to be the people who carried out the charlie hebdo massacre, they are dead and their hostage has been released. there were reports that some
9:32 am
police officers might have been injured injured in this scene but we can not confirm that. about 20 miles from here at a jewish supermarket in central paris a single gunman was holding many people hostage. again, it wasn't clear how many people were inside the supermarket but nbc news speaking to senior law enforcement officials in the know here, they have told us that the death toll there is not just the shooter who was called amedy coulibaly but also that four other people have been have been killed. we don't know exactly who they were because this man had an accomplice. we don't know whether she is one of the dead, but certainly some of the hostage there is and our sources saying four were killed at that supermarket. also four other hostages were injured and three police officers were injured. so if you put all that together,
9:33 am
it's just totalled up to a very bloody 48 hours in and around paris. 19, perhaps 20 people killed here in the last 48 hours. but it would appear that the two sieges are now completely over. >> the worst terror attack in a generation in france. we'll continue to have you stand by as i turn to nbc's white house correspondent at the white house this morning. this is something that the president has been briefed on repeatedly in the last 48 hours kristen. >> repeatedly, savannah. and he just touched down in knoxville, tennessee, where he is expected to make remarks in about an hour from now about college affordability but certainly the developing events out of france have dominated the discussions here at the white house. president obama briefed extensively this morning and white house officials say top administration officials have been in touch with their french counterparts on a minute-by-minute basis. while all of this has been unfolding, of course, france is one of america's key allies in the fight against isis. the white house describing
9:34 am
france as one of america's holdest allies. president obama visited the inch from embassy here in washington, d.c. yesterday, savannah. clearly this is something that has dominated his attention. this was supposed to be a week in which he was going to unveil various policies he's going to talk about in his state of the union address. he's been on the road quite a bit but what's happening in france has really taken up his attention. we know that he convened a call with his national security team last night aboard air force one. he was briefed on the ongoing development out of france and also the security posture here in the united states. important to point out there is no known threat here in the u.s., savannah? >> this is a situation that national security officials will be watching very closely for any lessons to be learned. kristen, thank you so much. once again, the two suspects in the massacre at the paris newspaper on wednesday have been killed in a siege at a factory outside paris and a colleague, an associate of theirs, has also been killed.
9:35 am
a gunman who took hostages at a grocery store on the eastern side of paris earlier this morning. we'll have a lot more of this on, on msnbc throughout us on this contraption here. natalie wants one of these for her apartment. >> yoga on the paddle board is a hot new trend. >> stand-up paddle got the big attention. this year it's about stand-up paddle yoga. we're cheating a bit because we're inside. imagine you're out on the water. warrior pose lounge out. bend down. bend back a little bit to mix it up. now imagine if you're on water. that's going to be a lot more challenging.
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>> ready. >> let's start off with angelina jolie's visit to the vatican. it's not enough that she was made an honorary dame by the queen. she shook hands with the pope and presented her version t film to vatican leaders. the pope did not see the film but jolie issued a statement about the experience saying, in part being invited by my film is an honor. not a bad way to kick off the year. >> apparently the pope is familiar with louis zamperini's story. >> moving from holy to -- you pick the word that comes to your mind. 50 shades fears, star of "fifty shades of grey," 32-year-old chosen to play the coveted role of christian grey is afraid of
9:44 am
fans on the series saying -- >> or afraid of buttoning his shirt all the way. >> i fear i'll get murdered. what? like john lennon by one of the mad fans of the premiere. that's a dark turn. i wasn't expecting that. i'm a father now and a husband. i don't want to die yet. looking at these photos there, he enjoys being the gorgeous lead. i'm not sure. i did not expect that. >> wow! >> there are a lot of crazy fans. >> yeah but you don't assume that. >> he should look at the fact it's quite an honor. obviously, he's concerned about his safety. >> role of the lifetime. >> fans love the book. >> think boss jamie. >> come on jamie. yeah. we're here for. >> you fifty shades of happy. singer apologizing for her
9:45 am
much buzzed about video, showing a shirtless 28-year-old shia lee buff and 12-year-old dancer maddie ziegler dancing together in a giant cage. but she says the video represents her battling herself but critics accuse her of showing pedophilia or child abuse. she says i apologize to those who feel triggered -- or feel triggered by elastic heart my intention was to create some emotional content not to upset anybody. i saw the video. i didn't click on it but i saw stills of it. it was a little like uh. but art and, obviously, her parents approved of the video, the 12-year-old. >> she was also the dancer in chandelier that song right? >> she's from "dance moms" the popular show there as well. >> do you have anything happier? >> no. i'm going to keep the hits coming apparently. another bachelor couple bites the dust. full of joy today. despite being all smiles at the
9:46 am
premiere of "the bachelor," bachelorette, andi dorset and her fiance parted ways. the two called it a sad split. splits always are. we will continue to be good friends and have nothing but great things to say about each other and. >> i'm going to end this on a happy note. >> banana split. >> what's natalie's twin doing here? >> huh? >> okay. we're about to meet her. >> maybe. >> one of the hottest tv stars [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? ♪ get ready, get ready ♪ ♪ 'cause here i come ♪ [ male announcer ] take osteo bi-flex®. osteo bi-flex® is specially formulated with joint shield™ to nurture and
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9:50 am
. she has appea she's appeared in more than 50 movies and tv shows and right now she is one of tv's hottest stars? >> how hot? her last spanish language series "queen of the south" became telemundo's highest-rated program in the network's history. we're talking about kate castillo starring in a new series "masters of paradise." >> it's set in miami, based in the real life event in the '80s. she plays a powerful woman who partners up with two local drug traffickers to take on a rival cartel. kate, good morning.
9:51 am
>> cool! a, >> is this like miami vice meets "scar face"? >> yes, like in miami the psychedelic drugs were fading and then the cocaine book started going on so it's like based on the cocaine cowboys but then my character is fiction, yeah. >> so what do you do? what does your character do? >> i shoot people all the time. [ laughter ] >> have you met "dark knight"? >> i know, you and i -- >> we're like sisters here. latina sisters. >> yes, i kill people all the time. it's a beautiful character that becomes really tough because she was just born in the wrong place but then she has to survive. it's -- for me it's amazing. i have a lot of fun, i love to be back at telemundo because
9:52 am
they dare to do these kind of roles, this kind of -- it's no a telenovella because it's a hybrid between telenovella and a tv series. for me i love action so i get to do my stunts. >> there's a set in miami so we have a quiz for you ladies. take a look at this picture. can you name the characters that these actors are portraying. >> sonny crocket and tubbs. >> in spanish it was other names. >> james "sonny" crockett and ricardo tubbs. name the quarterback who joined the miami dolphins in 1983. >> dan marie knowno. >> his number. >> 13. >> what was gloria estefan's band? >> miami sound machine! >> this is "today" on nbc. everybody wins. .
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> erica hill is here with a preview of what's coming up on today. >> happy friday. i don't know if you ladies and you, too, al, were at the nail salon but more and more there are young girl there is. i'm not talking tweens or teens but even seven-year-olds, four-year-olds. a quarter of the spas in the united states offer services for children so the debate raging now 1 how young is too young? there are big spa pampering parties for girls. as a mom of two boys we don't talk about this a lot but it makes you think. i didn't get my first manicure until i was in college. >> i didn't, either. i couldn't afford one until after college. >> so you think what do you have to work for, as my dad would say. if you give a new car -- >> sometimes i bring my son to get a pedicure. he puts his feet in the water to sit there next to me.
9:56 am
very good morning to you 9:56 on your friday. i'm sam brock. the woman accused of arson is being charged with attempted murd murder. she was arrested wednesday in san jose.
9:57 am
mourners left flowers and candles and notes on the steps of that very house when robin williams died. the new film is premiering tonight at santa clara university. it is called "can't thread a moving needle" and exams campus date rape. that film will become available to other universities nationwitd. good news and bad news for shoppers in the north bay. macy's will close but also announced the opening of a blooming bloomingdales. that news is sparking that it will resume its expansion plan that it dropped in 2008 at the height of the esession. the business journal is reporting that a new wing will be built where a parking garage currently stands. we're ever so close to your weekend. let's see what the weekend has in store with anthony slaughter. >> keep the pollutant down to the surface. in the south bay today, we'll
9:58 am
see unhealthy levels of air pollutants and everywhere is expecting to see moderate to unhealthy levels and because of that it is illegal to burn in the next 24 hours. speaking of the next 24 hours. beautiful weather headed for this weekend and while we're in the mid to upper 60s for today, cooler for saturday and sunday and because of the onshore wind both san and frontsunday. lots of cloud cover this upcoming weekend. the next storm system will not arrive until late next week. about a week away with our next rain chance. >> all right anthony, thank you very much. we're if joying that dry period. have a great weekend. we'll see you again in 25 minutes for another local news update.
9:59 am
have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out!
10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> try day friday here january 9th, 2015. jenna bush hager back for more punishment filling in for vacationing kathie lee. she'll pay us a visit a little bit later. we have a fun show today. we also kind of had a fun show yesterday with garth brooks. >> kind of had a fun show. >> okay. everybody loved him because he went up to each person asked questions, got to know people. he took this group selfie at the end. he was, like everybody get in. he even gets --
10:01 am
>> he's like you. >> he does the selfie thing. oh my god. and he kept stand up every time a woman walked in the room and kept hold the door and just did everything right. >> it seems like you have a new country crush. >> i think i might. >> you might have -- if i was blake shelton, i would be shaking in my boots. you know what i'm saying? >> he's got such a way about him. funny thing he said yesterday, he said -- i said because he was standing up when i was walking in he was handing me food and i was eating part of it, i was, like i feel like we're on a date, he said, you're going to hate how this date ends. he's funny and everything. >> he's in love with his wife. >> trisha yearwood. they're a perfect kind of couple. we like them. okay. so it is try day friday. and because it is try day friday we decide we're going to try something called a skinny mirror. >> which, by the way, i've seen
10:02 am
a skinny mirror and i love a skinny mirror. >> okay. have you ever gone to try on clothes at the store and you're in the dressing room and the dress looks awesome and you go home and you look at yourself and you go what? it doesn't look -- i think they do it at the gym. sometimes i feel like i look good when i'm working out and then i come back and i get home and i'm like a sloppy wet roll -- doesn't look like what you think. so we wanted to find out if it really does work. >> some people don't like skinny mirrors. they wouldn't to look the way they look in reality. i think you walk out the door thinking you look like giselle, you are giselle. >> you walk like giselle and you're happy. >> skinny mirror for sale? i would like to buy one. >> yes, it is. here is -- this is the image that was provided by the makers of the mirror. it shows what you look like in a bad mirror. >> that's the one on the right i assume right? >> yes. then a normal mirror. >> okay. she looks good. >> the one in the middle. >> and then the skinny mirror. oh yeah. boy, that looks different. >> she looks good.
10:03 am
>> we wondered ourselves -- >> if we look skinnier. we did take our before picture -- >> which by the way, the camera adds ten pounds. >> at least. that's the before. >> enjoy yourself. >> okay. does it make a difference? >> yes, it does. it does make a difference. >> i can't see it. >> we need to look up in there because you look good. >> what? >> look at that. >> oh my -- >> you don't need a diet. you need a skinny mirror. >> oh my god. i want that. here is jenna's before. okay. >> by the way, right after my -- the producer asked if i needed a belt with this jacket. i won't name any names. >> get on the purple. >> you won't be able to see it but we will. >> i don't see a difference. is that because -- is that the skinny mirror. do i need to take it off. >> just unbutton it.
10:04 am
no button it. >> look in the mirror. >> oh, yeah -- >> it is not different. >> it is because your jacket is a little boxy. >> obviously. >> oh. there we go. >> now do you see a difference? >> mama came to play. you have a flat stomach? >> that's just in the skinny mirror. >> no, i saw it in person. >> you did? >> oh my god. >> i love a skinny mirror. >> you know what i get -- i think if it gives you confidence, why not? you feel better. you walk around head held high. sometimes if i gain weight and i'm in the gym, i get on the scale, i gain weight i feel terrible. >> did you weigh yourself? i do not. >> i do. >> when i was pregnant i would go into the doctor's office and if there was a new nurse and say, okay listen we have a deal here unless i gained too much, i don't want to know. i wanted to enjoy my pregnancy and never put a number on it. >> you never did? >> no. i'm sure i weighed a lot.
10:05 am
>> we have a little follow-up we want to go over. so the other day, jill redid my closet and got rid of that clutter. and it is like so weird by the way now. >> does it still-like look like that? >> kind of. >> day three. >> i got some dry cleaning back and i panicked i'll put it over here, somewhere else. >> did you take it out of the bag and put it on the new hanger? >> i didn't do that yet. a lot of people sent us pictures. here is michelle lynn. see? michelle lynn okay, i like it. here is allison mcclure's closet. >> that's a little cleaner. >> that's where she stores the pampers. there is not enough room to store -- >> that's not fair. >> this is gloria connolly. >> gloria is just trying to show you she can do it on her own. >> she has pictures of -- she did the whole thing with the shoes. >> and she color coded her dresses. >> oh, my gosh. i wonder what she's like in real life.
10:06 am
>> look at that closet. that's beautiful. >> they turned that into a little boudoir, like a little chandelier, it has got -- beautiful. it really does make you feel differently when you get your closet cleaned. >> i think jill will help me with my bathroom. i share a bathroom with mila. it is a good thing for a marriage for each person to have their own -- >> why is that a great thing? >> i think it is a private place to use, you know -- >> what stuff of mila's is in yours? >> shampoo, body wash a thousand rubber duckies and they're really invading my space. >> all right. >> so jill will help me figure that out. >> if you want eye candy, why wouldn't you, look for one quick second. we'll talk about pets in a minute. this is a calendar that combines firefighters and puppies. >> puppies and kittens. >> or kittens. >> let's play a little game. >> we were both -- before the show, we were like you can
10:07 am
only have the guys in your month. i went to my month. >> i feel like i used to play this game in the third grade. >> i was like this look who i get. i get this guy. >> pretty lucky. >> then jenna, look at her month. >> look who i got. my new best friend. just like the type of things that always happen to me. >> 20 bucks if you want to buy it. they provide funds that help pets. so pets tell a lot about you. if you're a dog owner or cat owner, it tells you different things. >> you're a dog owner. >> you're a cat owner. >> i'm a cat owner, bernadette. >> let's see what it tells you. okay, so said the happiest pet owners of all pets, cats dogs rabbits, birds, the happiest pet owners are fish owners. >> you know why? they don't need to be walked. they don't poop very much, if they do you don't clean it up it dissolves into the water. >> they say it is calming to
10:08 am
watch them. the happiest are the most fun, the most fun of all the pets in the universe are dog owners. >> now, cat owners that's me they're the most dependable. >> why is that? >> i don't know. but i am quite dependable. and emotionally -- >> is that your cat? >> that's bernadette hager. she doesn't make noises like that. that ain't bernadette. though, i have to tell the truth right now. it hurts me to do it. when i was pregnant bernadette had to go live with my parents. >> why? >> because i'm very allergic to cats. >> oh. >> i know. >> aren't you still allergic? >> i'm still allergic. she lives with my parents. >> she does now? >> she lives with my parents. i would take allergy medicine every day before i was pregnant and then when i became pregnant i couldn't take it so now bernadette got shipped off to my parents. >> and now you don't feel like taking the medicine anymore. >> now she's fallen in love. >> right.
10:09 am
you can't take her away. >> she has a backyard. she lived in new york city there is a baby, believe me not into mila at all. anyway. >> okay. >> i love you, bernadette. >> all right. real quick, the golden globes are coming up. we're going to pick real quick who the winners -- who we think the winners are going to be. play with us. best picture comedy. i'm going to pick -- bird man, grand budapest hotel -- >> don't tell anybody. >> okay. got it. do i need to write my name on it. >> write yours. best picture drama. imitation game theory of everything -- >> okay. >> best show comedy. girls, jane the virgin orange is the new black, silicon valley, transparent. >> never heard of -- >> best tv show the affair downton abbey, game of thrones, good wife house of cards. >> you know what? okay. >> all right. >> close that box. >> golden globes airs sunday night. we'll open this up and see who
10:10 am
was right. probably nobody. it is time to facetime the one, the only the bronze the rested kathie lee gifford! >> you're looking good. >> hey! >> hi you guys. this is the first time i had my hair done in like three weeks. >> how does it feel to get the blowout? >> it felt so good. i -- you know i'm going to try to go all month spanx free. i'm not sure i'm going to make that. you guys look awesome. i'm sorry about how freezing it is up there. >> cold. how does it feel there? >> well everybody here thinks it is freezing but it is about 62 degrees. >> oh. >> kathie lee is in sunny florida enjoying it. for friday funny -- >> yes. >> we'll play a cold game. >> yes. >> ready? >> ready. >> okay. >> what are we saying? >> it's so -- it was so cold -- >> how cold was it? >> it was so cold that the -- the snowman came up to the door knocked on the door and asked if he could sleep on the couch.
10:11 am
i. >> i like it. >> it was so cold. >> how cold was it? >> that when we milked the cows we got ice cream. >> great. >> it was so cold. >> how cold was it? >> that grandpa's teeth were chattering, in the glass. >> yes. >> good one. >> we got -- hi bam. we want to point out, kath is busy. where are you going to be? >> tonight i'll be in the phoenix area at a child health founders dinner the organization deals with child abuse abuse. then i'll be at albertson's with my stuff from 11:00 to 1:30 and that is at north higgin boulevard in phoenix. i would love to see everybody. >> there is always a line -- whenever kath brings her stuff, the people line up for miles. >> that stuff is good.
10:12 am
>> that stuff is good. >> it is a party. >> kath we miss you so much. enjoy the weekend. >> thank you. i miss you guys. love you. hoda, i just want you to know i like that dress on you so much, every time i see it. >> nice talking to you. >> all right, kath. here's the question should you stay or should you go. >> the results of our couples quiz, stay split or work on it. >> and our girl bobbie thomas is all abuzz over products that will help you keep your new year's resolutions. we love our bt right after this. until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. right now find the lowest prices of the season with the c3 queen mattress set only
10:13 am
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10:16 am
they say love is blind. whether you're still dating or married 20 years, sometimes it is hard to open your eyes and find out where you stand. >> thanks to relationship experts we posted a quiz on our website to help you assess the situation you're in with your significant other to make sure you're on the right path. >> here to help us okay this quiz is so revealing and telling. when i first saw it i thought it going to be another relationship quiz. great, great questions. it really -- >> lots of people took it. over 2,000. >> yes. you want to put a check on your relationship. does your relationship is it making it to the finish line does it need a tuneup or is it a clunker? a lot of people we have a biological clock that is ticking. you want to know where it is heading. if it is a clunker, we can't control time you got to start off the new year right. >> we're going to take this quiz. i want you to -- please take it at home with us. here is the first question.
10:17 am
how much do you trust your partner? there is three optional answers. trust is the most important. >> the most important. there are some people, do you really have a reason not to trust your partner? i have several clients bringing in past relationships and things that happened to them in their childhood into their relationship. so do you really have a reason not to trust your partner? >> if the person says i'm different now, i used to be a cheater, but now i'm reformed. >> if you're my partner and you said that to me i said you know what i accept it you have to move on or else get out of the relationship because you're not trusting, it is going to end anyway. you're checking his phone, her phone, following them that's not a way to live your life. >> good question. question two. have you discussed your future -- >> we talked about this. >> we had spencer pratt and heidi montag didn't know if they wanted to have children or not. >> people come to me and say we're not on the same page. if you're not on the same page and you're different, that's good. i like chinese you like indian
10:18 am
we meet halfway. i want to go to ballet you want to go to the game we'll meet halfway. religion and children is imperative to get out first couple of months. you don't want to have kids you want to raise your kids jewish -- >> money too, how to deal with money or not important? >> i'll tell you something. if somebody comes to you, i met my husband, he didn't have money, today we're standing on top of the world, love is not about money. how you >> but how you deal with it. >> i'm a spender, he's not. you can work that out. >> dealing with conflict. some people say they never fight. >> oh baloney. can you imagine? the best part of breaking up is making up. people who don't fight don't have a real relationship. it is how you handle those fights. hold on to it do you not talk for months do you keep bringing it up years later or let it go and say, honey, i understand, i'm not giving in i'm not going to apologize, i understand why you're coming from. and you move forward. >> got to look at the website to take the quiz. >> i like this one.
10:19 am
how many times are you intimate -- >> that doesn't mean -- >> sex is imperative for a relationship. people can't have sex all the time. it is called touching. this is a human touch. hi honey, how was your day today? you look beautiful. or my husband walks in the door i give him a kiss hi baby it is all about touching kissing on the cheek. people who don't touch don't have a great relationship. you got to be intimate. >> honesty is big. honesty -- >> honesty is imperative. it is the base of a relationship. guess what i don't believe in revealing too much. that's called tmi. what did you do today? if you weren't at work and hooking up with your ex be honest about it. i believe in honesty. there are some things that -- you got to be honest. >> and your friends. >> your family is -- they have your back. they really care about you. but you found you need to take a back step to your relationship.
10:20 am
unless you're in a physically emotional abusive relationship and they have a reason to be concerned, your relationship is your number one priority. you are not dating your family you're dateing your partner. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> love her. >> she's the best. >> get moving sit up straight stop stressing. >> we got stylish gadgets to help you keep your new year's resolution right after this. >> bobbie is amazing. >> so cute. (richard) america, last year, we did not get you your billion back. we got you your billions back! so many billions, we started thinking "this isn't tax season..." "this is refund season!" and nobody gets more of your money back than block- guaranteed. get your billions back america! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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10:24 am
appointment, a big one coming up, but i'm going to come back and take you all on. >> we love you. >> show us a few of these things. >> okay. the first one, amazing. i'm such a bad sloucher. you put this little pin on it tracks your calories and it will buzz and literally aleft you, it will buzz and say i have to stand up straight. >> okay. >> next up two really great -- i have everything on. this is i total body roller you can roll your knots out. this body ball was developed by a sports therapist. it is amazing. use it against the wall. we have a photo. >> as you're showing -- we need to go to break, baby. >> keep it going. >> a bracelet that tracks how much water. >> all on our website, we love you, bobbie. we love you. if you have enrolled in a medicare part d plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy you could be saving up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies.
10:25 am
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10:26 am
a very good friday morning to you, 10:26 i'm sam brock. lasting throughout the entire weekend, drivers will not be able to cross the golden gate bridge in either direction. that will give crews the time they need to remove a barrier on
10:27 am
the bridge. the golden gate is scheduled to open before monday morning's commute at 4:00 a.m. in the meantime, the sidewalk on the eastern side will remain open for pedestrians and cyclists. try to save a beached whale this morning. some hikers noticed a whale there yesterday still alive. because the site is simple to access, marine experts could not make it there before dark and they're spear heading that effort.
10:28 am
we are waking up to lots of
10:29 am
cloud cover this morning. the haze will be with us as well. because of the haze in the north bay and the south bay. the worst air quality and another spare the air alert for the entire bay area. strong onshore winds that will return today and because of that the air quality will improve, but for today and in our inland valleys, we'll see mid to upper 60s with a good mix of sun and clouds. even low 60s today in san francisco and the onshore wind that will bring in the cool ocean air over the weekend. so 50s expected in san francisco this weekend. low 60s for our inland valleys. our next chance of rain that's not going to arrive until about a week away from today. in fact, friday night into saturday our next storm system pulls in from the north and a week away we still have time to track this. overall, a cooler weekend headed our way and that is good news about our air quality. back to you. >> anthony, let's face it a lot can happen in a week. earlier this week 70 degree temps and talking about going to the beach. probably not with these temperatures, but still very nice. we hope you have a great weekend. we'll see you for our 11:00
10:30 am
newscast. thank you for watching. we're back with more of "today" on this try day friday. jenna bush hager is here helping me out while kathie lee takes some vacationing time. >> if it is time to change things up we have some inexpensive help. >> here to show you how to perk up your place with a little paint is interior design erer lindsey langdon. color can change a room completely makes you feel better. >> unbelievable. paint is one of the most inexpensive and amazing ways to transform your room. >> if you're tired of the white walls, you say accent walls, i'm scared of them -- >> don't be scared. the trick is sometimes people don't want to paint the entire room. choose one wall that has a focal point, like your sofa or your
10:31 am
bed is on it. and paint it a bold color. it is super easy. i can paint an accent wall in about 2 1/2 hours. >> that's huge. >> the other thing that is great is it is only about a gallon of paint, maybe 38 bucks. >> we have photos of what we're talking about. >> so here you can see too, i love a rich dark color. but you're going to do that first make sure it is a flat finish. then it gives you that velvety look. you also want to make sure you get something up on the wall. >> you say you need to hang things over the -- >> you have to. otherwise, it is just a big dark wall. but it works with different styles. it can be contemporary. it can be traditional. so -- >> that's good. >> yeah. >> that's good. >> see how much it changes the vibe. >> sure does. >> changes the look of the furniture already in there. >> okay. >> that's a good quick thing. the other thing is if you're a little bit scared to tackle the entire wall, the inside back of a book case.
10:32 am
>> that's what we may do. we may do that. >> that's a great way -- you can see how the accessories pop. yeah, yeah. >> if you want anything less than that -- >> less than that one thing i love is stripes on a wall. and this is fun. what -- >> what we do here you can do it yourself. >> that's amazing. >> i don't trust myself. go on. >> you can do this. the key is good painters tape. so what i'm going to do is -- we're doing eight inch stripes, black and white. do this in a smaller room a foyer, a powder room not in a big room. >> a nursery maybe. >> exactly. so what we have got is a line here that was drawn with a level, and a pencil. and so now what we're going to do -- >> go hoda. >> put the tape on that so you can see where the b is that's the black. this is our black stripe. >> i worry i wouldn't get it straight. >> i know. >> but you use a big level and then you match the line as you're going down. >> got it.
10:33 am
>> this stuff is frog tape. it is awesome. what you want to do is when you're actually painting it the key is just remember see how uneven this looks. it is because it is two inch tape. so that's going to help you remember what is the one -- let's see -- that looks therapeutic. >> it is so awesome. the key to with this paint or the actual tape is it has got this, like glue adhesive stuff so when you rip it off, it looks good. >> do you rip it off -- >> after it drys. the other thing is do not -- do not judge the way it looks when the tape is on. it looks horrible. >> can i rip it off to see a difference? >> yes you can. >> you can. >> how do you -- >> is it messy? >> never mind. malfunction. >> these are really fun little sample pots. in the hardware store, you're nervous about color, got to get it up it is about three bucks and it covers 16 square feet of
10:34 am
paint. what you want to do is -- paint furniture, little pieces of furniture you have a little accent piece. >> with the chair, you can see what you've done already. >> this is a plain sort of cream chair. >> that's cute. >> you take the boring thing out. put in a cute throw pillow. >> look. >> that's adorable. >> awesome! all right. from working to stepping out, we'll show you how to wear your workout gear to work. >> i like it. and will they rekindle their on screen romance. the lowdown on what happens in "taken 3" right after this. ings made with love are the best things. you put your heart into it make it special. you go out of your way to show how much you care.
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serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis,lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever, bruising bleeding, or paleness. finally, clearer skin for more than a few days, weeks or months. enbrel works for me. ask your dermatologist if you can have clearer skin with enbrel from model to actress, the bond girl, famke janssen focuses on making hearts race. >> "taken 3," she gives it all
10:39 am
for her ex-cia husband one last time. take a look. >> do you know what i fantasize about? >> i'm afraid to ask. >> us. >> yeah? >> make me a bad person being married to one man, fantasizing about another? >> no. >> juicy. >> oh my. >> that's my ex-husband. >> do you kiss your ex-husband? >> what is he like to work with liam neeson. >> i love him. dreamy. he's taller than i am. for once in my life to feel dwarved by somebody it feels great. >> were you surprised? "taken" was a terrific movie. then "taken 2 ." were you surprised the legs --
10:40 am
>> we were all surprised. not in a negative way, but the first one was such a big runaway hit. >> sure. >> we realized it was a good movie. and we hoped for people to see it in the movie theaters, but the fact that it just blew out of proportion and took a life of its own, and just became such a big success and struck a chord with people at the time. and then i thought how do you mack a make a sequel what do you do? they came up with a really good idea, which liam and i both got taken in the second one. and then in the third one, i thought, now we're really done. it's over. and so nobody gets physically taken other than their lives are taken. >> spoiler alert. you die in this movie. >> i die in the movie. but it is okay. it is the last one. somebody had to take the hit and i was the better person and i took it. >> you're the catalyst for all the action. >> all the action. that propels the entire story
10:41 am
forward. he gets blamed for the murder. >> mm-hmm. there is great chemistry among the group. what was it like working with this group over and over? seems like a nice bunch. >> it is great when you get to do it. over the years, i've been so privileged, the x men with hugh jackman and the whole game for eight movies or something with all of us together. and now with "taken 3" films, to repeat a role initially i would have -- i would have said i don't know i would get bored, but you can grow with your part. when you revisit it a couple of years later, you go i've changed, my character has changed too. that's okay. we can add some nuances or different character qualities or whatever. >> beautiful. >> i know. >> beautiful cheekbones. >> you're like scared. >> stare, ating at me. >> what else do you want to do? you've done action films and
10:42 am
dark films. comedy? >> i've done comedy. a little movie called "love and sex" that came out years ago, and more of that would really be great. i love doing comedy. so much fun. and i wrote and directed a movie, i want to do more of that. >> great. >> so yeah just i love the business so much i feel so lucky that i get to go to work and do something i love to do and someone pays me for it. >> we have a couple of seconds. >> we want to play a quick game. >> okay. >> spin it. spin the bottle and i'm going to choose -- okay. i'll choose over here. >> okay. and here -- there it is. here is the question. >> okay. >> you can eat like a model -- >> chocolate. >> that's right. you can't eat like a model all the time what is your one cheat food and when do you eat it? >> chocolate. >> always? >> all the time. >> a little though. don't eat tons of it. >> tons.
10:43 am
but i found 100% chocolate, it sounds disgusting but it comes from france and it is absolutely to die for. i eat it all the time. i eat it with pecans. and the mixture of the two together -- >> delicious. >> it is so good. >> good luck with "taken 3." not that you need it. you know it will be good. ness theaterit is in theaters right now. >> if you want to go to the movies in comfort but still look good, we have the workout gear that will get you there. >> that and a lot more after this. sometimes i feel bloated or gassy with rumbling uncomfortable. i feel less motivated and sluggish. it's time to start the year off right with the activia challenge! enjoying activia twice a day for four weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues like bloating, gas discomfort and rumbling. and if your tummy smiles you can start the year off right. try the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ dannon! ♪
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all right, leggings have become a staple in most wardrobes these days mainly because they're really comfy. >> but they're not just for yoga and running errands. you can wear them with other pieces for almost any occasion. >> here with the chic looks for work and play is one of our style experts, the lovely and wonderful author janay luciano. >> i love that introduction. >> how are you? >> replay that over and over
10:49 am
again. >> this is cool. athletic wear you expect it at the gym, but we live in it often, don't sfwhe. >> it has been huge this past year with all the celebrities, kate hudson carrie underwood, beyonce coming out with fitness lines and running around in them. i thought we all want versatility, why not dress the looks up? >> our first lovely lady is a college student who goes from work to class, straight to her internship. this is the workout gear. how can she zhuszh this up? >> i gave her a nice office look. she's in the traditional boot cut yoga pants that look great. >> they do look great. >> they're from land's end, they have shaping and control. i'm adding this little chic tweed jacket really easy fix. there you go. and then a nice pearl necklace. >> oh hi. >> it looks like you're wearing a suit. >> right? and we switched out the shoes. we're just not showing that. >> that is terrific. so great.
10:50 am
>> okay. thank you. >> thank you. >> now we have alesha a 52-year-old mom and three teenagers who just finished writing her first novel. >> absolutely. >> go girl. >> we wanted to give her a really nice dinner look really upscale look. i found these ballerina leggings from yoga smoga. these are actually made with a special dye so they're darker than most. you know the see through ones we hate that you avoid that she has a tank with a built in bra, which is great. she doesn't have to change the undergarments. i'm just adding this great gold detailing jacket for under $50. heels and a clutch. >> this is to go to a fancy meal. >> absolutely. and she's ready to go out to dinner. >> that's cute. >> i'm shocked you can do that and it looks like that. >> adorable. >> that is awesome. >> thank you. alina is next. 37-year-old stay at home mom of two boys. after yoga class, she needs head straight to the pta meeting and that ain't easy. >> absolutely. she needs classic and versatile
10:51 am
items like these comfy gray yoga pants from i added this button down with the belt. it has a little bit of a longer threatening to it you don't see the top. you know how the yoga pants have the band? it doesn't look like yoga pants anymore and i added a nice fitted jacket for her to throw on. >> adorable. >> she's on her way. >> you look ready to roll to school. >> funny. when you do see the before and afters side by side -- >> look at the difference. >> you look at night and day. >> i love the layered -- the layering pieces you can add to your wardrobe. every woman has a button down or a blazer. these are important. >> thank you. >> now we have jennifer. >> jennifer is here. >> a realtor who sneaks in yoga classes, which i love this between showing her homes and meeting new clients. >> absolutely. >> what should she do? >> printed leggings are a huge trend this year. they can find a pair that suits them. i choose these muted black cheetah pair from marshalls.
10:52 am
fun take on the go. and then again with the built in bra. she doesn't have to change the undergarments. >> look at her. look at you doing this on tv. >> here we go. because she's going from the gym to the house, versatility this is the three-way poncho from suzanne somers. >> under $20. >> you can wear it three different ways. she can make it look different. and then adding a belt to give her a little shape, a little more -- >> chunky booties and she's good to go. >> thank you jennifer. >> last we have ashanti. >> fashion stylist, goes to the gym straight from wardrobe fittings. she has the yoga she has the basic shell on. what should she add? >> i like these cute skirted leggings. something different. not the same old thing. these are from calvin klein performance. and adding, layering another piece and adding the cute puffer vest makes a casual look like
10:53 am
anything but boring. she's running around and she's looking cool together. >> you do look so cute. >> i wear that kind of stuff all the time. >> janay, thank you. ladies, thank you, guys all so much. >> thank you guys. >> we'll be back with more of "today" right here on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
alec baldwin's life is expecting again. >> 70-year-old michael douglas has an 11-year-old and 14-year-old. >> is it okay or not okay to have an older dad? here is what kathie lee and i had to say about it. >> my husband is an older father. and my kids adore him and are grateful he's still with them. since he's retired, he had far more time with them he had than with his first family. it has been a blessing. >> it is okay if you're a loving dad. who cares how old you are?
10:57 am
>> it is true. i agree. >> jenna, thank you for helping. heard a rumor you're coming back again next week. we'll see you then. >> i can't wait. >> bye, everybody.
10:58 am
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