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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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safety issue. >> and another spare the air day. hazy skies yet cooler temperatures for today. even cooler for the weekend. even better air quality as well. then we'll see seasonal temps followed by rain next week. more on that in moments. >> and an overturned truck on one of the focal points of one of your commutes. we'll tell you to the tri-valley and how long this is going to take to clear. >> nothing to clear up for the time being as we take a gander at doesn't san jose. christina has been talking about the fact that the air will be thick and hazy once again. more from her momentarily. it's january 8th and you are watching "today in the bay." >> a very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we mentioned breaking news this morning, a second shooting in less than 24 hours shaking up the people of paris.
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a female police officer has been shot and killed in a paris suburb after responding to a traffic accident. a sweet sweeper in the latest shooting is still at larch. let go to kris sanchez live in the newsroom. good morning, chris. >> this is a quickly developing story and right now fren as t s thises that according to the bbc and the nbc news crew is trying to independently confirm that report. we can confirm that the youngest of the three suspects has turned himself in. these are the money at the center of the manhunt. french police say they are two brothers. police say they are extremely dangerous and heavily armed. police issued the photos
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appealing to the french people to help them track down these men. and there have been sightings there, including one that they were seen on a highway in northeastern france, which is in the area where the gas station was robbed. the manager of the gas station say the two robbers match the description of the other and they were armed with launch grenade launchers and they were driving the same kind of car as the killers from the attack. they do have passports and may try tack to that's a big problem. >> our french media report one
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of 1 of the 2 brothers did time in prison in 2008. he was charged and con vbd of criminal activity with a terrorist enterprise. meanwhile, several victims are still fighting for their lives this morning. parisians opening the death toll will not go higher than the 12 people killed at the magazine. today is a national day of mourning, but not a day of rest where the manhunt will tn there and work will ten to find out whether or not the shooting that happened on the police officer this morning is connected to all of this. >> of course across the globe people are grieving this morning over what happened. thank you very much, kris. >> a staffing shake-up in san jose leading to more patrol units on the street. but it means san jose police
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will disband its specialty unit. those officers will be temporari temporarily. >> we've also learned the department is talking to the chp to potentially contract out services. >> 13 flight attendants say they were fired by united airline for speaking out. they say they spotted this drawing on the plane, which said "bye-bye." they ordered the plane to fly. when the flight attendants refused, they were fired. >> a lift went up and looked at the compartment on the plane. they concluded there was nothing there and the plane was safe to
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go. >> earlier the attendants filed a moment saying they're protected as witness blowers. >> and they deemed the aircraft entire live safe to play. >> san francisco city leaders and it interesting, steph, the bay area bid could give hoch oakland an edge and keep the raiders from leaving. >> reporter: yes. this is a bit of an interesting chang to this proposal that would have long lasting change in the bay area. the chronicle reporting just yesterday. and this does the main ven up u
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at a tem pre. according to the chronicle, the last-minute change is an idea to host the opening and closing ceremonies and track and field vants at a new stadium in oakland that would lk the they say it enhances san francisco's bid. the estimated cost of hosting the game, $4.5 billion, all from private sources. >> that would be received contributions, that would be ticket sales, that would be domestic u.s. licensing. >> now, the other parts of the city's bid is using existing venues, baseball, soccer stadiums already in place,
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boxing at the palace, gymnastics at the new warrior stadium in mission bay, a new swimming ven venue. >> in denver, it will announce it right after and then is set to come to the winning city, hope flip san francisco, to hold a press conference tomorrow. >> we could see a lot of prucing up. >> meantime one of our selling point has got to be the "mediterranean climate o "we saw the 80s here in the bay area as well, that big ridge of high pressure that kept us so warm,
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finally. you don't even need a heavy coat. maybe just whily morning conditions. you'll in the israel. it is going to stay mild this afternoon. 3 to 6 degrees cooler, you'll notice that. and by this evening, all that haze really banks up against the mountains. you're going to see the sun set at 5:07. one of those where you can stand out thering the 64 on the east shore, 63 in san san jose. as we head through talking about better air quality, cooler temps
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and then back to more rain nks week. >> i heard it was a pabst truck? i wouldn't know anything about that. >> you know nothing about that. we're looking at pabst blue ribbon, hipster beers. here's the build coming out of the alt monday day will the me geo geoff. >> from what i understand, they have to offload that truck and clear those two right lanes. it going to take three or four hours to clear that truck. there's slowing all the way pass
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and the crews there make nor progress you see the speed sensor at the limit. we do have the cash lanes, just starting a couple of cars but nothing dramatic just yet. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. >> right now the fight over a teen's right to choose her fate. 17-year-old cassandra haase is fighting having to do tao take
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chemotherapy. >> cassandra stopped taking chemotherapy and the hospital because she is a minor kept her in a monitored room. >> whohow about a european vacation?
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> go ahead, grab a suitcase. it's a good team to travel abroad. scott mcgrew, we've been waiting for the prices of airfare to fall but they haven't yet. >> one euro is going to cost you $1.18 american. that's the cheapest it's been in years. frankly, it makes trying to figure out how much stuff costs overseas a lot easier, too. airfares have not dropped, despite the huge reductions in the price of fuel but at least you'd be saving on hotels, right? speaking of air travel, the faa will start enforcing a new policy that will allow musicians to carry their instruments with them as carry-on bags.
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it gives us a chance to run this clip. ♪ united, united, you broke my guitar ♪ >> this is a classic song by sons of maxwell. united uses this complaint music video as part of its internal training in customer service. i do have bad news for landon dowdy over at cnbc. they will not allow pianos on board. you at least try to play the piano from time to time. >> i did but maybe i can get one of those mini keyboards and carry that one on with me. and the markets gr going after stocks rallied on wednesday. futures are higher today, snapping a five-dave losing streak. and investors reacted favorably.
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the fed signaling it could start raising interest rates earlier this year, even if inflation doesn't pick up. new filings on consumer credit tracks americans' borrowing habits. scott, back over to you. >> thank you. spacech has delayed the launch of its rocket. it was originally scheduled for last tuesday but it was scrubbed because of a mechanical problem. nasa says it passed the last big hurdle before manned tests. the art said it's much more close to certifying spacex military launches. >> sam and laura. >> thank you very much. we know that landon dowdy used
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to play the piano. i'm not sure what instrument scott mcgrew was up to. did you play a musical instrument when you were younger? >> i played the tambourine like nobody's business. and i hear you can hit a cow bell. more cow bell, it makes everything better. this show could use some cow bell. temperatures are nice and mild this evening. i like to keep things in perspective for everybody. maybe you just moved to the bay area from the east coast or maybe you're headed that way for business. temperatures are frigid. we're starting out of the 20s if we see any of these cities in the midwest, northeast region of the country today.
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we. so we get to enjoy really comfortable temperatures in january. we usually see the upper 50s this time of year. we are going to get that as we head throughout next week specifically. we'll also see better air quality as high pressure starts to head out of here. that's going to help them thaw out. for us, it's going to enable that sar. that will in. >> i've been telling you these days, 17th through 18th looks like we'll get some significant rainfall, potentially measuring that rain in inches, which is what we need to dig out of that drought. plus there's some weekend activities happening in the bare
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and this will continue to be the case for the next two, possibly 3 hours when chp thinks this can off will the if they tried to pull it up on to its whools when it full, it will likely. just past the edge of this sign, that's where we see all the lights, that's where that overturned truck is located blocking those two right lanes. as we show you the map, this is the tri-valley again. as we're approaching, there's slowing out of dublin. it's unusually heavy for this portion of the bay. as we widen out this shot, west 580 continues to see the slowing into livermore now. this will be a problem over the
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next 45 minutes. again, we're looking at three hours for that to clear from that portion of dub -- p dumbarton bridge. >> kranz' plans would increase traffic at charleston road,
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meadow drive and churchill avenue. the environmental impact says there's no way to widen along that board. >> "tonight show" host gets a little help predicting who will win this year's ncaa championship game. >> which one do you have? >> the cute one.
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. i love it because it gives everyone a chance to dream a
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little bit. let's see what bob redell picked out this morning. this one looks like it's high tech. >> it is. good morning to you guys. show opening at 10:00 this morning. the 2015 silicon valley international auto show. right now you're looking at the honda crv. we're looking at the driver-assisted technology. this is a camera that's attached to the side view mirror so that when you're making a turn, you get a better idea of where you're headed. christian, how does this particular technology work? >> it works through the turn signal. it will tell you if there's a driver in your blind spot. >> and it makes it easier if you're not paying attention, which you should be doing. >> this car will do the work for
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you. >> so the camera is looking for the paint? >> looking for the paint. >> how does it work? >> it will tug the wheel. >> that's not just a symbol -- >> it's a radar. it works with a radar signal. it will base itself on the car in front of you. >> so if the car in front of you is going 50 -- >> it will go at 50. if the car in front of you stops, it will stop. >> what's it like? >> it's incredibly difficult to n ngs. >> reporter: you're thinking
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based on your experience how many years will we see driverless cars? >> i'd say in ten years, from audi, ford, honda. >> reporter: we're already seeing a lot of features on the cars. you can actually come and look at the cars. there's no sales pressure. the show opening here at mckcal. >> jimmy fallon says go to the real pundits, the puppies. >> let release the puppies. [ cheers and applause ] >> everyone loves puppies. what are you doing? who will be it, ohio state? oregon? last night they let puppies
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choose. this is not the first time fallon has used those little puppies to predict the winner. after some coaxing, the dogs finally picked oregon as the winner. >> but that one dog also ate the ohio state bowl. so which one is he? >> the puppies are far from a perfect record they say. but you know what? they're adorable. >> let's do it again, best of seven. time, right now, 5:27. worries about a measles outbreak at disneyland. details on that coming up next.
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good morning to you. we have some really mild temperatures out there. another spare the air day. even cooler as we get into your weekend and we're going to see much better air quality. seasonal temps next week followed by some rainfall. we really need it. >> and the tri-valley, an overturned truck. the crews on scenes. we'll let you know how many hours this will affect tri-valley. >> and it's a look at bay bridge. we look to call it friday eve. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and sam brock. >> breaking news this morning, a
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second shooting shakes paris. a female police officer has been kill killed. the gunman may hareports that t have been part of yesterday's shooting may be unfounded. >> there are reports that two. >> the third of the suspect is off the street of a turning himself in. the two brothers still at the center of the manhunt are still at large and police say they are heavily armed and extremely dangerous. there have been reported
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sightings there that the suspects were seen on highways in northeastern france. the bbc cite the brother with the grenade. that was in turned himself in after seeing his name in social media. while this indicates they are fleeing by ground, they do have passports and could try to fly. >> if any of them get on the plane without having to go through a via interview at a u.s. embassy in you're. that's a big problem. one of the two brothers did time in prison in 2008 he was charged with criminal association to a
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terrorist enterprise. meanwhile, there are several victims still fighting for their lives this morning and of course. >> hoping that the death toll will not go beyond the 12 people who were killed at the satirical magazine yesterday. while the two brothers are still on the run, police have detained seven other people with connection to those two brothers, perhaps disrupting in. >> in the moon time the country and many nations in mourning for those people. the bay area certainly reacting to the attack in paris. take a look at this huge turnout in front of the french consulate in san francisco this.
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>> tonight it's much better. i see me compatriots gathering and doing the same. >> it's a strong communication to be here with all of these people and to be sending love and thoughts to folks in france and everybody here who has been affected. >> in honor of the journalists kille killed. >> kris sanchez will join us with another update coming up. >> the almeida county public health department says it's monitoring two people right now who may have got i don't know people at myselfle.
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>> you don't ever want to get a virus or anything to do with that. it a little scary but i don't think it's too a hysteria point. >> six weren't vaccinated, two are too young pr yeah, it's going to be an interesting day today. we have an low pressure that's trying to dig in and we still
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permanent you're on your way to comfortable levels once again. 69 degrees later on, ditching that jacket by about noon, 66 on the peninsula. 64 degrees, hazy sunshine but better air quality than yesterday. that to improve as we head to your all-important weekend. saturday to sunday, temperatures start to drop off. we'll have some parts of the bay area that might get a little sprinkle. by monday, average back to the. >> right now, know, let get an update from mike inouye on that traffic alert. >> this is the tri-valley,
5:37 am
folks. . . making its way just past that sign that says "toyota," on the other side we have an overturned rig, west 580 just past foot hill road. this truck here is full of cans of beer and they have to offload it before they can right that truck. so we're hearing past 7:00 a.m. when that is expected to happen. we might be able to get a shot from them. i'll get out of your so you'll use dublin can boulevard or dublin canyon road. that's your alternate through the area. now, the rest of the bay aside
5:38 am
from that tri-valley drama is moving very smotly. we do have a particularly. >> it is 5:38 right now. divers searching for remnants of the airasia plane today were unable to find the black boxes. yesterday search officials found the plane's tail in the java sea this this find is important because the black boxes which record the data and voices from the cockpit are in the black tail. . >> a surprising number of parents make a potentially fatal mistake when they strp their kid into a car seat. a new poll finds that 75% of
5:39 am
parents transition their kid to a forward facing car seat much earlier than is recommended. the american academy of pediatrics bay. >> it is a viral video that looks like it kind of straight out of a western and it stars two quick thinking young boys born and bred in texas. it starts when a horse takes off in ranger, texas, while giving wagon rides to children during a birthday party. the two boys already on horseback already behind giddy-upped ahead while pa used his camera. the boys used their kills to why
5:40 am
that's how it's done. >> plus police finally get their man, a lockdown lifted in one peninsula neighborhood this morning after an hours-long suspect search finally comes to an end. >> and a live look outside this morning waiting for the sun's arrival. you doesn't have wait for all your news, traffic and whether
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happening today, san francisco leaders could learn if the city will be chosen as a finalist to host the 2024 olympic games. >> stephanie chuang joins us from the city. a recent last-second change could actually help oakland from keeping the raiders going to another city. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, sam and laura. the raiders have struggled for
5:43 am
years to make a deal for a new stadium in oakland. the olympic could help provide the funding. the last deal yesterday was that would host the opening and closing ceremonies and that stadium would become the permanent home for the laiders, maybe ed reid saying the olympic and the olympics athletes village, which the mayor said would be converted into affordable housing after the game. >> and have that as an ongoing legacy for affordable housing in that region. >> now, if the oakland city idea doesn't pan out, the original idea could still happening, building a 60,000 seat
5:44 am
recyclable stadium in brisbane that would be torn down after the game. the committee last met in december in redwood city. today it meets at the denver international airport. if the board selects a city, it will announce right after and would then host a press conference in the winning city tomorrow pip just heard back saying if the decision is made today, it could come out at 3:00 or 4:00 afternoon who are. >> some stiff competition. meantime, this might be the kick in the pants need the area needs to get some of these facilities built, a new basketball stadium, a new raiders stadium. who knows, could probably use
5:45 am
some others 5:44. we only won two gams this season and i'm still a die hard fan. >> i don't know if you nope this. >> in a is certainly we're really excited about. i can't believe it right around the corner now. you might be planning a party. we're going to keep tabs on that for you. 50 degrees in half moon bay, 50 in san francisco to kick off the day and you're arl woor
5:46 am
typically in a warming trend. high is on the east coast. midwest to the east coast, all the way to new york city today. wind chills down to negative 20. they're going to have wind and really cold air settling in. it going to be very chilly for today. for us, we've got high pressure here. our big ridge of here will start to moe to but not san francisco is at 63, the east short is at 64 degrees. we are noticing a return of that fog already this morning. if you're trying to get down to the central valley, maybe you have three days off, maybe you're taking an early weekend. you want to watch out for that thick fog vlg between from
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on-shore flow needs to be strong. we need that wind to get better air quality. it has been rough out there. mike, just driving around with all that particulate matter in our atmosphere, you definitely needs your haze. >> this is blocking the two lanes slowing at the scene, a big slowing. let show you enside that rig. we have video there. those are supposed to be cases of beer shrink wrapped but they're over on their side. if they try to right that rig
5:48 am
before they do clear that, it will likely tear through the side of ridges from prks. >>. > . -- police say steven carlton
5:49 am
wrote checks to himself from the peninsula symphony and used the money to pay off debt. he was found guilty of tax fraud in december. he faces up to 16 years in prison. >> concerned nurses are planning to rally once again today concerning the meeting of a controversial sale of four bay area hospitals. they're being sold by the nonprofit daughters of health ca care. >> foie gras is back on the menu in california. a bid outlouing force fed --
5:50 am
animal right groups are angered by the decision. they plan to appeal. >> it's one of the most gruesome, disgusting things that can be done, forcing and basically killing an animal. >> san francisco burger wount, 44-5. they wasted no time to put it on the money u. >> which was interesting it was available. >> nobody knew it was coming. >> some of the newst cars the show is taking place and look at you, not behind the wheel. they don't trust you that much. >> they don't want me behind the wheel. especially indoors. do you guy want to go on a road trip? >> let do it!
5:51 am
>> all right. christian just frnlt -- this is a dream. when you talk about electric vehicles, some of the factors are charge time, the cost. what peaking out at? >> probably about 300 miles right now. but that should change quickly.
5:52 am
>> and e-vehicles, it seemed like a few years ago they came out on the market. now it like, what, you are don't have any vehicles? >> everyone's got one now. ford, chevy, volkswagen. everybody from these guys to bmw has an electric car. >> first of all, your driving stills are kent hp it was a long road trip. i can't believe how much diet pepsi we went through and red bull. >> coming up, some of the gee whiz gizmos on there are amazing. >> do you always have to control
5:53 am
the stuff? >> you know he likes to be in control. >> social networking is being credited for helping an injured hiker. he was hiking a remote part of the blue ridge trail this weekend when he fell over a cliff. mi his 11-year-old son called 911 but they lost a connection. a dispatcher located the man on linked in and then on facebook and they were able to locate the man. he was not hurt. >> scott mcgrew, don't most full-time workers already work 40 hours per week? >> that's the standard for
5:54 am
companies. but the law saw 30 hours is the magic moment where you go from a part-time worker to a full-time worker. congress said they are going to bump that 30 hours up to 40. that will affect companies having to give health insurance. the up side is company tend to hold some workers below the magic number. so instead of your boss saying go home, i can't have you going over 30 hours, now they can say, go home, you're at 39 hours. >> europe is going to take more action to solve its economic
5:55 am
problems. our fed hints the european central bank needs to inject cash into its economy. not interest rates. stimulus. our still laws worked. our bankers think europe should do the same thing. but there a lot of reasons europe does not like stimulus. thank you very much. >> good morning to you, sam and laura, and everybody at home. temperatures are in the 60s typically. look at the rebound later on for the north bay, 66 on the peninsula. we love telling you what's happening, free for you and the family over the course of the weekend, jack london square,
5:56 am
it's the jack of all trades indy market. 11-5. it's a good time if you're someone who likes to do it himself or herself. definitely you'll find a lot of great stuff out there. now on sunday, absolutely free for you and the kidos, the marine mammal center. comfortable conditions out there. bring a coat as we're going to see a cooldown. and then rain in the forecast. let's check your drive. here's mike. >> i wanted to show first of all the wide shot. we of course have a huge issue in the tri-valley. but the rest of your bay, san jose at the bottom of your screen, the rest of your bay along the water here on either side, looking up toward the bay bridge. no big deal here. it is over here in the tri-valley where nings are jammed up. you have your typical build coming out of altamont. as you're approaching the dub length interchange, there's the backup, approaching foothill road. on the other side of the
5:57 am
interchanges, we're hearing 10:00 until they can clear that truck. meanwhile over here you have the metering lights on. >> quite the jam, though. >> quite the discovery. trying to unclog a toilet and they found a snake in there. >> there's been a new sighting of the two men accused of the shooting at the french newspaper.
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with a stronger onshore flow, we're one step closer to better air quality. it will still be hazy out there. cooler for today. even cooler as we get toward the weekend. and then next week seasonal temperatures followed by some rain. more on that in just moments. >> an overturned truckload of cans. what's going on at the scene right by that 580-680 traffic mess. >> and a live look at the bay bridge, you can see folks making it across that span. this is "today in the bay." >> a very good thursday morning. thank you for joining us


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