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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  January 4, 2015 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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good evening to you, thank you for joining us. terry mcsweeney is off tochbtnight. dozens of people in san jose are living without hot water for nearly a week now. last tuesday a tree fell down near an apartment complex. well that knocked out the gas and the water service. now residents are waiting for the city of san jose to approve work to fix the gas line. we talked to residents there. you'll hear from them coming up in a half hour. homeless people in san francisco may soon have a new place to live. later this month they will be
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accepting applications for their waiting list. also a sea of blue in attendance for a funeral today for a new york city police officer killed last month. officer lui along with the fellow detective were gunned down while sitting in their patrol car. new york city mayor spoke at the funeral. some police officers did turn their backs as the mayor spoke. they believed the mayor has not taken a strong enough stance against antipolice protestors. several officers from the bay area also attended that funeral. >> new details now on doomed airasia flight 8501. indonesian officials are speculating that weather may have played a role in the fatal accident. meteorologists believed that engines iced up mid flight. that won't be confirmed until the plane's black boxes are recovered. they are blaming weather and the formation of ice for the crash. today more pieces believed to be from the wreckage have been discovered. also four more bodies are
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recovered. that leaves 1208 more passengers still missing. the plane crashed over a week ago now. this comes as there's another mishap to tell you about as a plane is preparing to take off. one of the engines died on the run way. the passengers were asked to de deboard the plane. 90% of the passengerers refused to deboard and were given refunds. >> bracing for a chilly night in the bay area. another ban on wood burning will take place tomorrow due to the bad air quality. this will be the 10th alert issued this season. more now on how this air quality is going to stick around. >> actually in some instances it's getting a little worse around the bay area. hazy skies in oakland 52 degrees. the view from campbell looking back toward san jose 54 and you see the haze from the top of the mountains and san francisco 53 degrees. mostly sunny and hazy skies around the bay area as high
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pressure is not only blocking storms it's ally not allowing a lot of wind to scoop some of the smoke pollution and get it out of the bay area. so in short-term below average rainfall increased air pollution as this has a cumulative effect and it's the wood smoke which is the highest contributor to wintertime air pollution and look at these levels spare the air levels for unhealthy air due to the smoke pollution all up and down the area. the highest accumulations in and around the santa collar rangersclara valley. we'll let you know how much rain we expect in our forecast. >> can't get here soon enough. thank you so much. $13 million that's how much damage they're dealing with from the recent rainstorms even though it's no longer reigning new damage
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-- raining new damage is coming to light. nbc bay earmark matthews explain what is flooding did to that project foundation. >> is this where the smart train station will be along civic center drive. a week ago it looked more like a big muddy pool. the smokes woman said work had to stop for several days. >> so the rains did have an impact on our construction. >> smart's board of directors were told this spot and others need to be reengineered to deal with the amount of rain that fell this december. >> we're going to reevaluate and make sure we have the proper drainage in place. >> and the reevaluation and reengineering could take months. >> it may take weeks or months but we certainly don't anticipate any delays on opening. >> the $428 million smart train will connect the santa rosa airport with the ferry terminal but for the moment some is
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sidetracked from the flooding all over the bay area. two weeks later we're still tallying up the impact. >> well mark matthews there reporting. eventually the operators want the rail line to stretch all the way to cloverdale connecting the north bay and take passenger into san francisco. >> on tuesday it's full steam ahead for one of the top ageneral za items. frez know will host the groundbreaking ceremony for the high speed rail project. the $68 billion project will be the largest public works effect in california history. once finished it will transport passengers from san francisco to l.a. in less than three hours if you can imagine that. state leaders hope that the 220 miles per hour bullet trains will roll out in the year 2020. authorities say this system will extend to sacramento and san diego and hopefully beyond. governor brown starts his historic fourth term this week and will be sworn in tomorrow. according to his office he will
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deliver his inaugural speech inside the assembly chamber that will also serve as this year's state of the state address. according to nbc bay area political analyst governor brown has several priorities to touch on including pension reform. >> the drought is not going away soon. we know that. whether it's tunnels canals some way of dealing with agriculture reduced there. the amount of water consumption, imperative for the governor. he's going to have to deal with protecting his flank when it comes to high speed rail and making sure it's moving along and making sure that cap and trade is going along despite the fact that people will be upset as gasoline prices go up. >> as we move to the east coast the long awaited trial of suspected boston bomber tsarnaev is set to start in boston. it could mean a death sentence for the alleged bomber. sarah has more. >> for more than a year and a
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half federal prosecutors have been building their case against tar tsarnaev. he faces two death penalties. it was an attack that left three people dead and injured more than 260 others. tsarnaev is also charged with the killing of an m.i.t. police officer in the days following the attack. his brother was killed in a shoot out with police during the pair's attempted escape from the area. many hope the upcoming trail will bring closure to the dark painful memory of the terror attacks and the days that followed. >> people want to move on. >> moving on like victims of the attack. >> i am standing! >> rebecca was just feet away from the finish line when the two bombs exploded ripping apart her left leg. >> for me to be that close to something that could have destroyed me and it only allowed
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me to be stronger. >> small steps moving forward. while some 1800 miles away the city of boston hopes the start of this long awaited trial will help them do the same. >> well he was only 49 years old. today the sports world is remembering a broadcast legend. >> our life's journey is really about the people that touch us. when i first heard that i was going to be honored with this award the very first thing that i did was i was speechless, briefly. >> stewart scott inspiring his colleagues with his talent work ethic and devotion. still to come after the break the legacy left behind by the espn anchor. >> also changes may be coming to a south bay landmark. just ahead the new entertainment that the winchester house is
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hoping it can offer it's guests and why neighbors are not so happy about it.
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new video of a pretty unsuccessful landing at the airport says spy planes flipped over on the run way saturday afternoon. an airport spokesperson said the plane's mainlanding gear locked up and caused the plane to flip over. the plane was set up right and a fuel leak cleaned up. there were two people on board the plane. neither was injured. >> a popular tourist attraction wants to begin serving alcohol to its guest. that has neighbors raising a few eyebrows. robert honda tells us how neighbors brought plans to a screeching halt and the fight may have just begun. >> the legend of the winchester mystery house is sarah winchester kept adding rooms to accommodate ghostly spirits but the theme keep building hit a community road block when the people that run it tried to spread out the operation.
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they wanted to expand it's licensed due to department of alcohol beverage control with plans that included outdoor special event music with sales of alcoholic drinks and a run until midnight but about 150 resident of the neighboring winchester ranch mobile home park sent a selective letter of protest. >> who is going to be coming to these events and the fact that it has the potential to get really rowdy and start causing issues in the neighborhood in general. >> i wouldn't be concerned if they were doing it inside any of their buildings but outdoors in the summer sound carries so easy. >> the abc rejected the application. the mobile home group was disappointed they weren't contacted beforehand. >> 25% of the people that live here are in their 80s and 90s. 2-thirds are over 70s the rejection is for the so-called
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informal application process. they can still submit a new formal application. we digit hear back on whether they want to resewell the plan and neither has the mobile home park residents but they say they are ready if or when it happens nbc bay area news. >> coming up next they call themselves medical refugees. hundreds of families moving to colorado for something they can only get in that state. the promise of relief from a rare type of medical marijuana. >> and another spare the air alert for tonight. you see the hazy skies there in san jose. we can use a descent storm system to bring us rain or snow there's one opportunity for that as we head into the new week. we'll look at that when we come right back.
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attention focused on the
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boom of marijuana sales. people are turning to the state of colorado and moving there to gain access to a special kind of medical marijuana. nbc's harry smith explains. >> we need to change the perspective of what people think of cannabis. >> they call themselves medical refugees. some 200 families move to colorado for something they can only get here. a rare type of medical marijuana. >> i'm harry. >> nice to meet you. >> including 10-year-old braden fleming that has epilepsy. >> you're a hansom young man. >> his family came from houston to colorado springs to be on the waiting list to get a medicine called charlotte's web. >> several people's response was who does that? who picks up their life and just moves but those are people that don't have a child with epilepsy. >> he suffers from a syndrome marked by small and uncontrollable seizures.
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he had one in the middle of our conversation. >> or, i watch baseball. >> was that one right there? >> charlotte's web is a strain of marijuana low in thc but high in cbd. a mystery compound believed to have healing properties. >> cbd is something that has captured the national imagination political imagination, the fear of the medical community. >> he is a denver neurologist and he warns it doesn't reduce seizures for everyone. well aware of the odds the flemings moved here anyway. >> how happy would you be if you could live your life every day and not have any seizures anymore.
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>> it would feel like i'm in heaven probably. >> just before christmas he started taking charlotte's web. now they wait to see if it works. nbc news colorado springs. >> now to australia's brush fires in victoria and south australia are prompting an emergency declaration by police. stroj winds are fuelling the flames that burned down at least five houses. they had to stop owners from saving their own properties because it got too dangerous. another woman trying to save these kangaroos here at her home, one firefighter rescued a very thirsty koala. this guy was found on the side of the road. a possible tornado caused heavy damage in south alabama county today. high winds knocking down trees and power lines and ripped apart outbuildings. roofs were torn off several homes and falling damage hit parked vehicles.
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there were no injuries to be reported. rob is here with our own microclimate forecast and it was a pretty good start to the day. >> we had a lot of clouds too and enough we had sprinkles crossing the bay area. we saw enough of that into the north bay. the view shows you the mid and high level clouds coming at you from right to left moving out of the northwest and look at the haze layer below. it's the overnight pattern of cold temperatures below the temperature inversion which high pressure was good for and unfortunately locking us into our fourth consecutive spare the air day tomorrow. the view in san jose shows you 54 degrees. you can see the tops of the mountains off to the east. san francisco 53 as well. you should see mid 40s later tonight and into oakland right now. 52 degrees and lows in the low 40s for oakland but still mid 30s in the cooler spots. so the wind direction kind of interesting here especially as we get toward the middle part of
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the week. if we see patchy fog forming that light offshore breeze may push some of that fog back into napa and around concord and livermore. so while we're talking about a significant warm up for the south bay they may miss out a little bit. another night into the bay area and tomorrow that haze is probably the only concern for to recall morning and the trend through the middle part of the week for the north and east bay valleys may be cooled by the light east breeze coming from. look at the temperatures down toward santa cruz. we could be breaking records. right now we're going to get very close to that including downtown san jose which does have a chance of maybe getting close to 70 for tuesday and here's the reason why. it's almost a repeat of last january. unfortunately a ridge of high pressure is keeping the storm track off to the north and allowing the air pollution to build up under it. the cloud view shows you not much in the way of high clouds or low clouds and the storm
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track well off to the north on monday and will likely stay there until later on this week. high temperatures tomorrow 65 in san jose. and over toward saratoga we should see upper 60s tomorrow but not quite as warm around san francisco with highs in the low 60s. also low 60s around santa rosa and livermore close to 60 degrees. temperatures will warm up a little bit toward tuesday and wednesday. here's the 5-day outlook the chance of showers is greatest for places like santa rosa. livermore with a few brief light showers at best and they may not get anything out of it on thursday. early friday morning maybe a few sprinkles and as we get into next weekend what we're seeing right now could repeat itself once again. our temperatures not too far off from what we saw today. so your next weekend forecast low 60s around the south bay.
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that dry pattern continues. in fact, peggy, the next big storm we're seeing there in the long range forecast may have to wait until the 18th of the month. we set all kind of records for the driest january on record. the first half also running dry. >> nice to see rain again. thank you so much. still to come forget about the slot machines. tens of thousands are heading to las vegas but they're looking for the next hot gadget. it's one of the world's largest tech events coming up next the technology and gadgets that generate a lot of buzz. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that.
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they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. his voice stood out from the rest. stewart scott died this morning. he had been battling cancer for the last seven years. he gained a lot of popularity as one of the most colorful personalities on the network signature show sports center.
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on air catch phrases such as booyah that came from him and also as cool as the other side of the pillow, those phrases helped to make him a star during his 21 year career. scott's fight against cancer was well publicized following his diagnosis in 2007. at last year's espy awards he inspired many cancer survivors to keep on fighting. >> when you die that doesn't mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live why you live, and in the manner in which you live. >> he survived by his two daughters and was 49 years old. fans in the latest in high-tech gadgets gear up for this week's consumer electronics show. vendors are still unpacking their displays as they fill up the 2 million square foot exhibit. that's where they'll show off their newest and most innovative technologies. key things to look out for is
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wearable technology and drones. ces has been in las vegas since the 1970s. to make room this year's massive event will be spread out across the strip. >> it's shaping up to be the biggest ever. we're in three major venues. the las vegas convention center, the sands convention center and the area hotel. >> the consumer electronics show will kick off this tuesday january 6th. it's sure to be very crowded. coming up in our next half hour they're raising quite a stink. neighbors and city leaders facing off over a southbay land fill. why some people want to shutdown it's plans to expand. thousands show up to pay their final respects to a new york police officer killed in the line of duty. the bay area officers that shared their photos from today's services. >> i'm live in san jose where frustrated tenants say they have been without hot water for five
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days and they don't know when they're going to get it back. i'll have that story coming up in a live report.
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nbc bay area news starts now. >> tonight at 5:00 an ocean of blue uniforms. the show of solidarity representing officers from coast-to-coast. it's all for a fallen officer in new york city. the bay area agencies that also joined the services today. they may soon have to place a call home t. bay area agency's new push to help homeless residents find a place to live. plus. >> it's really upsetting because, you know we're like in the blind right now. we're just pretty much sitting and waiting and trying to find a place to shower. >> thinking about how busy this past week has been imagine spending it with no hot water. that's what's been happening to a south bay apartment complex that has several neighbors sliver
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shivering. the latest on that as well. thank you for joining mess. how does a cold shower sound on this cold night? that's what dozens of people in san jose are dealing with. this is their fifth day with no hot water. marion joins us live from san jose. how did this happen. >> well a big three fell across this road knocking out gas and hot water to the part. the big tree was removed right away and you can see crews have been working on repairs but according to a letter apartment managers gave residents the gas service cannot be turned back on until the city can inspect the work and that won't happen until early next week. no hot water for the people that live here. a situation that is especially tough on families. >> i have three kids and it's hard for us to boil water and


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