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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now. gearing up for the biggest party in two years. floats are ready to roll for tomorrow's parade. but how much will it really rain on the giants' parade? good evening, i'm jessica aguirre >> i'm raj mathai, champs back home tonight. tomorrow morning they all meet at the ballpark. no game. all parades. thousand of fans will skip school and work and line the streets of san francisco. the parade begins at noon near foot of market street and end at
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city hall. as you can imagine a lot of streets will be closed traffic will be challenging to say the least. nbc bay area's jean elle in san francisco. we have done this a couple times before. always tricky. >> reporter: a tricky treat for giants' fans on halloween. a lot to see tomorrow. including fun parade floats like this panda done in orange, black, red. a big event that will create challenges downtown. >> i frobabprobably will go out part of the parade. enjoy that for a short period of time. brings us altogether. >> karen connor is ready to join an expected 1 million giants fans for a world champion parade. and doing her best to avoid them on bart during her commute home. >> a lot of talken my office about leaving early. or really exceptionally late. >> bart and muni are adding
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extra service. expecting hundreds of thousand of riders. police are adding extra patrols. >> we'll have all special operations, people working. lots of dogs. the parade starts at noon. road closures on market and mission with some streets in between begin at 9:00. lights. barricades. no parking signs are ready. troy cooper gets off line when all the work is done. >> try to avoid everything. avoid all the traffic. people that are going to be crazy. >> the crew making the giants' parade float working like craze yae to get them done in time. our biggest challenge, believeorthe not. the giants colors are not made in huge quantities. we run the nation out on papers on the side. today we had to switch off paper and go to paint. >> holding up in the wind. expected to glimmer in the rain. it is going to bea busy day and
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night here in san francisco. tomorrow. first there is the parade. then in the evening krichlt ccr mass, and halloween celebrations. if you are coming in. urged to take public transportati transportation. it will be crowded. jean elle, nbc bay area. >> it gigs to be busy. give you a live look at civic center plaza. city hall all basked in orange. players taking the stage for the world series ceremony. lots of speeches and to come. and for many fans they're hoping to avoid some of the rain. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri here with the timetable for when drops are falling. >> unfortunately no forecast model that has dry conditions tomorrow. we know the rain is on the way. unfortunately the timing still looks very bad. at 7:00 a.m., not too bad. few areas of scattered rainfall. so if you plan on driving in. and you know you are going to be doing okay. of course, bart the best thing to be doing as we have been
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mentioning. 9:00. scattered showers near san francisco. but watch what happens as the cold front starts to hit, san francisco. by 10:00. started to see the rainfall. and the parade gets going. some heavier pockets of rainfall likely. that's what the yellow. also orange is showing up on the radar. so, prepare for the rain. right now. for tomorrow. and you'll be better off if you are heading to the parade. temperatures colder as well. low 60s. again, rain all the way through. the 12:00 hour. by 3:00, may get a break. now for the rest of the bay area. we are looking at rainfall totals that could go as high as 1 inch. also talking winds, 15, 25 miles an hour. chance of thunderstorms. you won't want to miss it. coming of in 15 minutes. the full forecast update and storm time line right into your weekend. >> jeff, we'll check in in a little built. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, last night's giants celebration not all fun and
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games. for san francisco police. some got out of hand. police, reported 40 arrests mostly for drunkenness. half of the those arrested are not from san francisco. people also wound up in jail, assault, gun possession and outstanding warrants. a stray bullet struck one person in the arm. people have yet to make an arrest in the case. >> want some of the giants' championship gear. in many cases it is going, going, gone. shirts, hats, and other items, flying off the shelves today. at giants dugout store. this one in san jose's valley fair mall. yeah, the line. take a look. out the door around the upper concourse. the scene similar across the bay area. dugout store, at & t park. opened to a loon ine of fan. wanting to own, something that says world series champs. go to for complete giants' coverage. tomorrow's parade route, street closures, phone photos, behind
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the scenes. interviews with the players. if you don't want to brave the traffic and rain. watch it on tv. jessica and i will be at city hall broadcasting the parade live. the parade starts at noon. our coverage at 11:00 a.m. >> 12 years of planning. down the tube. residents saying happened to their b.a.r.t. station. promised to them in 2002. peggy bunker, tonight, where neighbors met again. peggy, sound like they cam together for a whole different planning meeting? >> reporter: you can say that again, jessica. a group that knows each other well. they call each other by first name. they have been working on the project together for over a decade. so dedicated to bring bart to east san jose. tonight they cam together for another reason. entirely. >> the rug is pulled out from under us. we are feeling betrayed. >> promise and project that brings this deter menned group of neighbors together. brings this determined group of neighbors together.
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working with vta off to build a b.a.r.t. system. after a decade of planning they caught wind the plans were being dumped. this group poured blood, sweat, tears into plans to transform land, providing jobs and transportation to those who don't have it. >> 4,000 jobs. 4,000 jobs. i have been involved for eight years. people have put their heart and soul into the project. >> october surprise. >> their frustration is not going unnoticed. >> held up as a model how to do things. all of a sudden. vta says we don't know. the federal government will go for this. people feel betrayed. >> vta board member says he disagrees and is pushing to build the station at 2th street. >> nothing has changed the i the
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that i am committed. and other board members are committed to ensuring that the plan developed, over many years, is followed through on. >> now, of course the money that they're looking for to get a federal agent build the bart station could turn out to help the neighbors. because legally a portion of that money must go to serve underprivileged areas for transportation hubs. certainly, east san jose qualifies as that. in east san jose, peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. >> big issue. thank you, peggy. >> have you seen this viral video. motorcycle stunt riders, taunting a chp officer there on 680. they were speeding. popping wheelies. refusing orders to pull over. now chp says the man who filmed it has been arrested. chp identified him, from brentwood. fates s faces a felony charge for evading an officer out on bail. dozens of stunt riders seen in
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the video shot three weeks ago. chp is identifying them and saying they're getting a great assist thanks to social media. ceo of apple has come out. tim cook said he never hid his sexuality. today announced to the world that he is gay. he becomes the fully openly gay ceo of a fortune 500 company. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us in the castro where she attended a forum featuring a female high tech giant. she knows a thing or two about huh to break the mold? >> yes, she does, raj talking about yahoo! ceomarissa meier, one of the very few women to head up a fortune 500 company. she received an award at castro theater tonight. many people i talked to believe that meier and cook have something in common. >> ceo tim cook established himself as a leader in the tech field. marissa meier, ceo of yahoo! and
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one of the very few women to run a fortune 500 company. meier is leading the way for women in tech. cook can now add inspiration to his resume. >> i think it is wonderful he is in a supportive environment even at the top of apple. he is able to, embrace who he is, truly as an individual, and help others get to that same point. >> in an essay, cook wrote for business week he officially announced himself as gay, saying while i never denied my sexuality. i haven't publicly acknowledged it either. until now. so let me be clear, i am proud to be gay. and i consider being gay among the greatest gifts has god given me. among those happy to hear of his announcement women in tech. >> what he did today is really coming out for, getting some hope to other people to actually you know, say it is okay being gay. >> myers showed the world it is okay to be a woman running a tech giant. >> everything, you know, in
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terms of how do we -- pick the right acquisition, how do we approach say, picking advertising or design. >> however cook is reaching millions of people around the world through this product. myers is having the same experience. through tech. >> the amazing thing about the internet. the way you can reach so many people. >> cook coming out probably won't affect to xhfuture produc sales. if you saw him, you may be wondering who interviewed myers. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> totally natural for parents to have questions. >> next at 11:00, aims to help busy parents. a new ride share service for kids, is it safe? >> starbuck's at your service. the new delivery plan. why some baristas are steaming mad over a strict dress code. >> good evening.
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i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri from shot of the bright orange. and tracking the rain chances the storm system continues to strengthen. we will have details in about five minutes.
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a doctor speaking out, while under voluntary quarantine after treating ebola patients in line beer yeah. he explains why he put himself at risk traveling to the hot zone. >> i dent want ebola to come to the u.s., or in california, the
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way that will happen if we are striking at the heart of the beast so to speak. felt it was my responsibility. >> he isolated himself until november 14th. he spent five weeks in africa. now using his knowledge to educate others. >> in describing ebola as a, a wicked virus. and i would never wish it upon anybody. because the the symptoms are really agonizing. >> he arrived in california before the 21 quarantine became mandatory. he is self quaur an teng. checks in with officials at the cdc. checks symptoms and working on all fronts to battle the disease. >> then the controversy in the state of maine. a defiant nurse is challenging the governor's orders. she is under a mandatory quarantine but want out for a bike ride. casey hicocks arrived in new jersey as mandatory three week quarantine went into effect. she tested negative for ebola
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when sheep first landed from west africa. state officials want her confined to her home. hicocks and her boyfriend had other plans. >> there is no legal action against me. i am free to go on a bike ride in my home town. >> what about the courted orrer? >> i don't know. when you find out. tell me. >> the couple was followed by state police and journalists. police could not detain her without a court order the her quarantine whether she abide by it or not end november 10th. >> new at 11:00, ride sharing service like uber for kids. just launched here in the bay area with more than 100 drivers. the big question, is it safe. nbc bay area's correspondent took a drive to find out. >> reporter: when julia need a ride home from school and her mom is at work. instead of hitching a ride with a friend she uses shuttle. a brand new service like uber and lift. for kids. meant for families who need to be in two places at once.
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>> going to dress up for halloween tomorrow. >> drivers must have child care experience to get hired. julie lee is a teaching assistant. >> i love meeting the kids. i really look i can schedule into my schedule. >> shuttle launched on the app store two weeks ago. nick allen, co-founded side car. there is high demand from parents. >> my last company saw parents using side car for this exact thing t it wasn't really built for that. drivers were confused. parents were confused. didn't hatch tve insurance. >> parents can schedule a pickup up to a week in advance. >> go from home to swimming. >> the child gives the driver a password to make sure they're getting into the right car. then parents can track the trip on the app's, gps, receive alert at dropoff. parents are encouraged to meet the driver and can ride along. safety is key priority. >> our drivers go through deep background checks. national, local level. meet them all train them in
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person. they all have child care experience which we, verify through employment reference checks. >> julia says it took a while to warm up to the idea. >> at first a little strange. after the second ride i got used to it. it felt like, it was very comfortable. >> the service is $9 a month. plus the kacost of the trip. 100 drivers serve the bay area except san how say where allen says they plan to expand to soon. >> forget the trip to starbuck's and have the coffee meet you at the office. starbuck's planning to launch food and beverage delivery service. ordering and payment through your phone. available to loyalty customers first. in portland oregon. eventually it would go national. next year. now, however, there is another move by star bucks that has baristas steaming. telling them to leave their engagement rings at home. the dress code allows simple jewelry look wedding band.
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no gemstones. no watches. no bracelets. employees are venting about the changes on line. >> bring in chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. don't say this too often with the drought situation. a microclimate weather alert, jeff. >> yes, coffee would go tomorrow morning. storm system showing no signs of slowing down. right now cold front offshore. we have seen increase in cloud cover for tonight. also a few areas of spotty drizzle across the bay. going to take time for that rainfall to get here. now there is two thing i want to point out. first one the fact that the storm prediction center has portions of the bay area under slight ris of k of severe weath. wind. photo storms that do develop may produce hail. the second top item for tomorrow. that will be disruptive. sierra. interstate 80. highway 50. a pileup. the snow. hit 6,000 feet.
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accumulations. range. that is in effect until 2:00 p.m. saturday. get right to the time line. we have the world series premiere tomorrow. and halloween as well. evening hours. 3:00 a.m. overnight. and still developing. but as we get you into the time line. 7:00 a.m. we have rainfall. early commuters are going to be okay. if you are taking the day off. planning to head to san francisco for the parade. thinking you will lead. an hour before the parade. you've will be okay. this may change your mind. check out heavy rain. develop from north bay done to san francisco. bart your best bet. not stuck in the traffic jam. and check this out. forecast models right now. for the past two updates. consistently put heavy areas of rainfall right on top of san francisco. at 12:00 when the parade is expected.
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prepare for potentially heavy rain. get through it. see, we take a look at the rest of the day. 2:00. areas of rain. lingering. then as we head throughout 6:00, 7:00, 8:00. better news for trek or treer trick-or-treaters. scattered showers. this area of low pressure develops. looks like may your thunderstorm chance ma chances may not come until overnight hours. i don't think we will get rid of the rainfall chance here until saturday afternoon. so, weme wettest weather friday. lingering through the day. estimated rainfall totals. impressive. possibility of thunderstorms. just boosted up the totals. at least half inch possiblen san jose. san francisco, maybe close to an inch. up into the north bay. we're not going to spend a lot of time on my crow climate temperatures tonight. the storm arrives. it will level everyone out. we have widespread 60s from san jose down to san francisco.
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for the north bay, east bay, tri valley. temperatures in the 60s. so, for the world series parade, for some reason, just tuning in right now. and want to get that weather forecast. here it is. rain expected at 9:00. noon hour. temperatures in the 60s. a break by 3:00 p.m. kids we have not forgot about you. not all about the parade. see hall week. trick-or-treater. bring the jacket. umbrella. later you are out better chance of isolated thunderstorms. be safe. on your halloween. >> big day tomorrow. >> yes. >> lots of stuff going on. lots of stuff. >> thank you, jeff. still ahead emotional text message that madison bumgarner's dad sent hem during game seven. >> and we have "jimmy. >> raj, jessica. tonight. cool kids. and gordon ramsey. and, we have a lot. watch next.
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>> madison bumgarner made giants' fans proud. imagine how it made his father
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feel. mad bum's dad, dad bum sent this text message to his son during last night's game right before the ninth inning. it read "omg, you're so much more than awesome. to see you work on the mound remind me of watching you in high school. you are willing yourself to perfection and dragging the team along with you. i couldn't be more proud of your baseball accomplishments." pretty incredible from mad bum's dad. watching at home in north carolina. by the way that text was shared with "the new york times." >> mad bum mania is going underground or at least underneath. with limited edition underwear. a mad bum after all. lucky fans will actually get some of these undies thanks to one of kind underwear issued by jockey. don't go looking online. they went have it. 2,000 pairs of boxer briefs were made the they will be handed out to fans lining tomorrow's parade route. and if you don't get a pair tomorrow, well then, that's a bummer for you. >> yes. >> bring me -- my underwear
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tomorrow to the parade. that's how it works? >> hopefully not your only underwear.
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good evening. geraud moncure. on the eve of the third championship parade in five years. most giants players get much needed r & r after a full night of celebration and jubilation on the flight home from kansas city. the team buses rolled up to at & t this morning. around 4:45. bright and early. team president, larry baird showing off the commissioners trophy to faithful who probably didn't sleep one wink last night. acknowledging accomplishments. 49ers team that has come up short on a few occasions. >> you know, i was, in kansas city for a while. and everything. i am, in san francisco now. so, i was pretty excited. and coming into the game. it was awesome. >> put the pressure on us. see what, see if we can make this a -- san francisco thing this year. you know. baseball. football. >> in kansas city. over 10,000 strong. showing off at kaufman stadium
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to present appreciation for a royal team. fell one game short. mostly due to the skills of madison bumgarner. others took notice to the mvp performance. >> we're going to go with the bumgarner guy i think. you got to be kidding me? five innings after all that work. but, but anyways. machine. >> rex ryan always full of jokes. on the ice. sharks skating. third when tonight at minnesota. wins, anaheim. colorado. sharks up 2-1. and joe thornton on the break. too many to deal with. 3-1, san jose. now, just ten min the utes to p. and teaming up. the equalizer at 3. controversy in ot. brett burns, driving the net. gets the puck.
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game winner. ruled no goal. due to making contact with the goalie. sharks go on and lose in the shootout. 4-3. finally, the warriors have exercised their four year contract option. harrison varnes. and not much of a shock there. surprisingly, still no word on contract extension for shooting guard. clay thompson. they can reach a deal tomorrow. they'll aindividual a restricted free agent. more news coming up after the hey john, check it out. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home.
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okay. it could be happy but soggy. >> right? >> yeah. >> the expression. rain on your parade. well, it is the giants. doesn't matter if there will be rain. fans are going to come out. forecasting rain, 9:00 to the start of the parade. temperature thousands 60s. trick-or-treaters at night. and chance of thunderstorms. we'll see you tomorrow at the parade. >> bye-bye. . . >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- gordon ramsay. fallonventions. musical guest, little big to


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