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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 29, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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going to have to sort out, because at the same time the states have to protect the public. >> under the new california regulations, people traveling from west africa who have not had contact with an ebola patient will be screened on a case-by-case basis. it's important to note that there have been no reported cases of ebola in california. reporting in the newsroom, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. as you alluded to, this is becoming a political hot potato here. a nurse in maine, pictured here is, fighting a mandatory quarantine that has her locked up in her home for three weeks. kaci hickox has been told to self-isolate after returning from west africa where she did treat ebola patients. state police are parked outside of her home, making sure she obeys. hickox and state officials are both vowing to battle this out this court. >> i am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when i am not a risk to the american public.
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>> hickox was already quarantined outside of a new jersey hospital for three days upon arriving from sierra leone. she's twice tested negative for ebola and showed no symptoms. well, the super bowl is coming to the south bay next season and that has a lot of air traffic for san jose international airport. now some people are hoping to leverage that big game as a way to get the city to lift or revise its flight restrictions that would allow private jets to fly in at all hours. robert handa joins us to tell us what all the noise is about. >> reporter: today the city considered a letter sent by an aviation consultant publicly urging the nfl to try to get san jose to drop or adjust its curfew on flights. it's all about noise, but city officials don't want to hear about it. it can be noisy around san jose international airport, but as more than one person said today, what do you expect around an airport? today the san jose rules and open government committee met to discuss issues that will or won't be taken up by the full
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city council. one issue was a letter sent to nfl commissioner roger goodell saying the league should persuade san jose to drop or revise the curfew around super bowl time. john rogers has corporate clients with private jets and told us as co-host of the super bowl, the city should do more to accommodate the incoming guests. >> if they want economic policies to expand and they want major league sports, then run the airport to handle it and manage the communities to take the noise. >> reporter: some people who live near the flight path agreed and say the city's noise abatement measurements work. >> so it wouldn't matter if they let planes come in and out when they wanted? >> i don't think so, as long as it's not a permanent basis. >> reporter: but today the mayor silenced the discussion. >> i say it can't be done, shouldn't be done and won't be done. they're very, very restrictive on curfews. we have to apply it to everybody. >> reporter: now, reed points out most incorporate jets do not
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exceed the noise levels and those jets can fly in any time. coming up at 6:00, why the airport curfew issue is far from resolv resolved. robert handa, nbc bay area news. a man in a speeding car nearly hit several people near san jose state today. it started when deputies spotted a car parked illegally in a bus loading zone. the suspects drove off and they chased them until the car crashed into the curb. both men in the car got out and ran away. they arrested one by city hall and another in a parking structure. there was a gun found inside the car. are you ready? the bay area's biggest party of the year is about to get started. take a look. this is giants style. our nbc chopper over the civic center in san francisco right now. not just a few hundred, but thousands of giants fans ready to watch one of the most exciting things in all of sports. a decisive game seven. in a few hours from now, we'll have either pure joy or heartbreak.
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let's go to the ground level. mark matthews joins us from the midst of the excitement. mark. >> reporter: well, raj, if the giants win tonight, if they win, the parade here in san francisco will be on halloween. and if you are at all superstitious about that, welcome to the ball club. the giants are so superstitious, they don't want us showing you these floats that are being readied for a possible parade on friday. a spokeswoman said bluntly, we're not saying anything about any of that. we are, quote, a very superstitious organization. so i thought we'd ask the float builders. >> so what can you tell us about this? >> i've been told not to talk, i'm sorry. we don't want to jinx anything. sorry. >> who told you? >> the giants and everybody involved. we've been asked not to say anything. we don't want to jinx anything. >> reporter: if the giants don't want to blow their horn prematury, june vasquez certainly does, vasquez quit his
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day job to go into the horn business and he has been trying to contact the giants about handing out his orange and black noise makers at the parade. >> we've contacted them, facebook, twitter, instagram, e-mail. >> reporter: and the giants response? deafening silence. >> not any response. >> reporter: and the same goes for larry of snl. he's offered his tricked-up fire bird done up as a giants mobile right down to the hubcaps and high beams. >> they should have a parade for those guys whether they win or lose, because they are all champions. >> reporter: just one of the giants fans out here at civic center plaza. coming up at 6:00, we'll take you inside the police mobile van that is parked right over there controlling -- well, able to control hundreds of officers. we'll also tell you what precautions the chief of police is ordering for tonight in order to not repeat the 2012 celebration that went awry. that's coming up in an hour from now. mark matthews, nbc bay area
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news. >> we love that car, by the way, that you showed us. let's go back live to our nbc chopper. this has turned into a tradition, right? these free viewing parties. group torture you can say for giants fans. historically speaking if the giants win tonight, they would cement themselves as a baseball dynasty. three world series titles in five years. now, coming up at 6:00, janelle wang among our team of reporters in kansas city this evening. janelle is with many of the giants fans at kauffman stadium. yes, there are a bunch of them out there. we'll check in with them next hour. police academy graduates are leaving the san jose police department and finding jobs in other cities. but now mayor chuck reed wants to find out if the police union is behind that. he filed a formal request for an independent investigation today. this comes after a former cadet talked to nbc bay area yesterday about that controversy. that cadet said the police union told him and other cadets to get trained at the san jose police academy and then find jobs
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elsewhere. the city council will vote on the request next week. it will be emotional. the public will have a chance to say their good-byes to the two deputies who were gunned down in the sacramento area last week. a memorial service is scheduled for sacramento county deputy danny oliver on monday. then on tuesday a public memorial for placer county detective michael davis. both services will be held in roseville. the two men were shot and killed last friday during a crime spree spanning two counties. a husband and wife were arrested and now face murder charges. tonight a san mateo county social worker is accused of molesting a child he was entrusted to help. investigators say they want to make sure it didn't happen to anyone else. 38-year-old manuel sedillo faces 35 felony charges including sex with a minor. he's been a social worker since 2006. sheriff deputies arrested him yesterday in palo alto. a 16-year-old client reported
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she had sex with him while he was her caseworker and she may not be the only one. >> he was placed on administrative leave on july 15th for a similar allegation. >> the agency began termination proceedings back in october. he resigned october 24th. this is last year. the agency is now reviewing -- pardon me, this year, his caseload to see how many children he may have worked with. we have new video tonight of a break-in that wiped out a high-end inventory of an oakland bike shop. the burglars were selective here, targeting pricey folding bikes and grabbing about 50 of them. police say they got caught when they tried to sell them. apparently folding bikes aren't sold secondhand that often and the buyers were suspicious enough to call police. while the suspected burglars have been caught, the bikes, which can sell for a couple thousand dollars or more, are still missing.
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police hope anyone with information will give them a call. i'm jodi hernandez in concord where a neighborhood is on edge after surveillance video shows a car burglar somehow getting access into a keyless locked car. are the bad guys going high tech? the story coming up. i'm scott budman. they're students and their curriculum is up in space. coming up, meet the young people controlling the satellite. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. it was a warm day across the bay not only inland but check it out, san francisco 82 and as well in pacifica. we'll talk more about a dramatic shift in our temperatures and our halloween storm system and how much rain we'll pick up in about five minutes. then at 6:00, san jose pd has a problem and a new development shows how bad it really is. >> something is going to have to change that makes the job more attractive. >> people who say they want a career in law enforcement don't want to work in san jose. that's new at 6:00.
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it is quick and it is quiet. you're watching a burglar in the east bay. and look, the car thief doesn't leave any smashed windows behind. that's because he's found a way to hack the locking system that doesn't need keys. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is in concord with neighbors thinking twice about the car and technology. >> reporter: jessica, people who live here are definitely on edge. let's face it, many of us now use these key fobs to lock and unlock our cars, but the folks who live here now fear that the bad guys have found their own high-tech way to get into keyless cars. >> i've been thrilled with the keyless entry system up until now. >> reporter: dr. graham hamilton loves the ease of getting into his keyless infiniti sports car, but apparently a bad guy loves
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it too. you're looking at surveillance video taken from hamilton's concord driveway early monday morning. he believes the burglar used a high-tech device to get in. >> it appears he used some sort of electrical device. my car was locked. to disengage the locking mechanism. >> reporter: the burglar made off with an ipod and items of clothing that were in the car and in the trunk. hamilton's surveillance system captured it all. >> the actual burglary was very quick and it was a couple minutes, they were in and out in what i thought was a locked vehicle. it was locked. they unlocked it somehow. >> reporter: at least four other cars in the neighborhood were also burglarized that same morning. some of them keyless as well. concord police say they haven't been able to verify if a device was used, but say car burglaries are definitely on the rise in the city. hamilton's worried.
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>> i've never seen it in my life and obviously technology is wonderful until things like this happen. but this is very scary. >> reporter: now, you're looking at a still image of the suspect. he appears to be wearing a letterman jacket with a new york emblem. now, the concord police tell me they haven't had a chance to closely review the video or the images to determine whether or not he indeed used an electronic device, but they say if they do make that determination, it would take car burglaries to a whole new level. now, coming up at 6:00, we'll talk to some neighbors and see what they're doing to protect themselves. reporting live in concord, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. the death of a bay area woman in a zip line accident has prompted fines against the company. the woman, patricia, worked at a zip line company on the island of maui. in may she was knocked off the platform when a rider came in too fast. osha has fined the owners and
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operators $7,000 each for not mandating that employees be harnessed to the platform. she had moved to hawaii from santa rosa just months before that accident. also in hawaii, the flow of hot lava. it's now less than 100 feet from wiping out the first house. right now the flow is moving about ten yards per hour. take a look at it. about 50 homes and a school are in its path. this is on the big island. the 2,000-degree magma has already crossed into two properties,in sin rati in siin abandoned vehicles and a shed. yesterday's rocket explosion while it cost a lot of time and money, at least it didn't cost any lives. the rocket loaded with cargo supplies and experiments for the international space station. although the cause of the failure is still unclear, several outside experts are casting suspicion on the older russian-built engines that
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powered the rocket's first stage. coming up at 6:00, what an opinionated local tech expert is saying on that. you might say it's research that's out of this world. bay area students are talking with satellites in a unique program based in the south bay. >> our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us live at santa clara university where that program is beginning. >> reporter: well, good evening, jessica and raj. yeah, it begins here at scu, goes on to nasa ames and hits the road. a mobile laboratory where students control what happens in space. they start on the ground, but pretty soon it's time to raise the dish, reach for the heavens and communicate with some satellites. >> we're actually working directly with nasa. >> reporter: jake hedland and nick are graduate students at santa clara university but
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they're not always on campus, spending time in this mobile mission control to learn about how to reach up and work with satellites. >> what our missions involve are gathering science data, sending commands to the satellite to tell it to run an experiment. >> reporter: and they can do it on the go. >> 8,000 kilometers and closing. >> we have living quarters here. we can sleep, go to the bathroom. we have everything that we need to live out of the rv while we do operations. >> reporter: it's the only school in the country where students operate government satellites like this based on the ground with a workstation that's much, much higher. the mobile lab will soon be hitting local schools to show off the technology and try to get students involved in science and engineering. reporting live in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you very much, scott. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri, our chief
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meteorologist. and it is perfect weather for a viewing party in san francisco. >> yes. look at this, fog-free conditions. we've had offshore winds for today, that's helping to pump temperatures up. still again in the upper 70s. looks great for any watch parties for tonight. expect fog-free conditions at least for about the next six hours or so. we'll get you across the sky camera network and it is beautiful. after upper 80s in the south bay today for daytime highs we're beginning to cool off. 77 throughout the south bay, 75 through the peninsula and the east shore checking in right now at 79. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout our thursday. there are going to be a few noticeable differences. we'll see temperatures cool off by 3 to 5 degrees and also get some high clouds in here. still going to be a beautiful day despite some of the dramatic changes you're seeing on that scrolling seven-day forecast by friday and also saturday. san jose expecting 79, morgan hill 84. cooler at the coastline after some beach weather today.
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you've got 70 tomorrow, palo alto 78. san francisco also from the upper 70s and low 80s today down to 67 by the golden gate bridge and also 70 in soma. napa valley expecting 80 degrees, oakland 71 and for the tri-valley around here some upper 70s and low 80s and sunny skies. by all accounts, tomorrow looks great, but we are now continuing to get more information on this storm system for halloween. we're going to be able to break it apart a little more than we have been in the days past just because the forecast model data is really beginning to fine tune things. you can see 3:00 a.m. on friday the cold front lines up offshore with widespread areas of rain. i don't think we'll really start to get in on some rain here across the bay area until 7:00 in the morning. you can see it will be from santa rosa down to san jose. we'll likely see areas of rain continue down into san jose through about 11:00 in the morning but here is the key change. after that, we may actually
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undergo a little bit of a clearing period through 5:00 p.m. so good early on potentially for some of the its trick-or-treaters. then as we head throughout the evening hours, we'll see an upper level disturbance moving in offshore and that will bring us a second round of rain that will likely arrive by the late evening hours, also into early saturday morning. before we begin to clear out saturday night. so big question, how much rainfall could we get? we'll go ahead and take you to the totals and it still looks impressive here, especially at the coastline. potentially over a half inch, maybe near an inch. san francisco close to a half inch. for san jose, over a quarter inch. some of the hills in the east bay, like near orinda may get up to 0.76 of an inch. for your halloween forecast, it still looks wet, cloudy and cooler. bring your jacket and also the umbrella. winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. we do want to underscore again friday night into saturday
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morning there is a slight risk of severe weather coming in from the storm prediction centering. not only isolated thunderstorms but also some small hail that will develop. we'll be here to track it for you and of course more any time you want at if you've got your halloween plan already going, just take a look at our web page and you can figure out hour by hour what you need to do. >> we're on it, thanks, jeff. still ahead here at 5:00, don't be fooled. the trick pg&e says scammers are playing on customers. plus the growing problem that's driving up the price of rice here in california.
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one man is dead and another man in jail accused of killing him. it happened here at courthouse square in redwood city last night. it's right in the middle of town. the two transients got into some kind of argument that escalated into a physical fight. it ended with jake mona han allegedly stabbing the victim to death. the victim's name has not yet been released. jose canseco used twitter to update his gunshot injury. got no sleep. hope i can keep my finger, but grateful it wasn't something worse. note the giant bandage on that hand of his. can sayiseco was rushed to the hospital while nearly shooting off a finger while cleaning a gun near his vegas home. doctors say he'll never have full use of that hand. canseco was a six-time all star during his major league career. back in 2005 he was back in the news after writing a tell-all
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book about the use of performan performance-enhancing drugs in baseball. there's a phone scam that makes it easier to pay late bills. pg&e's caller i.d. flashes on the phones. the scammer attempts to access financial or personal data. there's another scam that targets hispanic business customers. the scammer says it will scale down late fees if the victim uses paypal or a green dot card. there's also an e-mail scam. when they follow up with pg&e, they found the e-mails were fake bills. if you're thinking of refinancing, now might be a good time. the federal reserve announced today it is keeping interest rates low. in a statement today the fed suggested the way to support a job market that's not fully healthy. most economists predict there will be no hike in its benchmark short-term interest rate before the middle of next year. the price of rice on the rise, though, and you can blame the drought for that. california is the country's second largest rice growing
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state after arkansas and it sells half of what it produces to countries abroad. this year, though, watering restrictions forced farmers to plant 25% less than last year. nearly all sushi restaurants in the u.s. use rice grown in the sacramento valley. sushi restaurants have paid 8% more for rice this year and it expects to cost more next year. the south bay's newest elementary school and what sets it apart. that's next.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, not wanted.
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google glass gets banned in new locations across the country. we'll fill you in at 6:00. well, kids and scissors may not be such a bad combination after all. these kids wielded a huge pair of scissors to cut a very special ribbon. it opens san jose's newest elementary school today. it's the fuerza community prep. the charter school is designed to put kids on an early track to college. each class has two teachers. one for science and math and one for humanity studies. good luck to that new charter school in san jose. >> the kids would like to know what halloween is going to be like. >> a little scary, but i think manageable. let's go ahead and get a look. you know, the halloween forecast, what we are tracking is the potential, of course, of the rain. i think the heaviest rain on halloween will be in the morning hours. by 3:00 p.m. you can see a little sun. we'll have a few breaks in the clouds and then eventually by the late evening hours we'll see
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another round of some wet weather. so prepare for some rain, folks. >> so trick-or-treat at 4:00 is what you're saying? >> yes. >> see you at 6:00. our broadcast tonight, $200 million disaster. incredible new views of that explosion up close as a rocket fails to launch on liftoff to the space station. tonight, in this era of contracting out the space program, what went wrong? standoff, the ebola nurse not sick but being quarantined in her home and now vowing to fight. also, thorder from the pentagon tonight about members of the military in the hot zone. losing his temper, chris christie flies off the handle at a protester at the jersey shore on this second anniversary of superstorm sandy. and math problem, are you smarter than a second grader? why so many parents are feeling so frustrated these days just trying to help the kids with the homework. "nightly news" begins now.


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