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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 29, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. detectives are investigating a deadly fight on the peninsula right now. nbc bay area's nannette miranda has the latest on this developing story from redwood city. nannette, what do we know? >> reporter: well, kris, redwood city police say that a 32-year-old redwood city man is dead after a fight after a night of drinking. it all happened right here behind me at courthouse square on broadway in downtown redwood city around 8:30 last night. while drinking, lieutenant shaun harris says somehow the two got into a verbal argument, which
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escalated into a physical confrontation, then the stabbing occurred. a redwood city man died at stanford hospital. investigators were able to locate the suspect, a 24-year-old transient, who is an acquaintance of the victim. police then booked this 24-year-old transient into custody and charged him with homicide. he is at the san mateo county jail at this moment. the two apparently had a previous relationship, so again, one man dead, one transient in custody after fighting after a night of drinking. no names are being released at this point. live in redwood city, nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, nannette. new at 11:00 this morning, police are investigating what they say is a train that hit and killed a person in oakland. around 8:30 this morning, the capital corridor train hit someone near 37th street. no word on why that person was out on the tracks. none of the eight people onboard the train at the time were hurt. there are still some residual days on the capital corridor,
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though, at this hour. and now to new details about a deadly zip line accident involving a bay area woman. osha handed out a $7,000 fine of the owners and operators course on maui. she was on a platform when a woman on a zipline came in too fast and knocked her off. the zipline company's policy did not enforce employees to wear restraining lanyards to their harnesses. this happened back in may. she moved to hawaii from santa rosa just months before that accident. for the second time this week, police are investigating a possible case of deadly road rage. the latest incident happened yesterday in berkley. officers found a man shot to death outside the sea breeze market and deli on university avenue. witnesses reportedly told police they saw two people running from the scene and a car speeding away.
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no word yet on why officers might think this is a case of road rage. meanwhile, though, investigators are still looking for whomever shot and killed a mother of four in oakland on sunday. perla avie that and her husband were driving from the grocery store when someone shot at their car. police are offering $30,000 for help tracking down that gunman. and a serial arsonist, suspected serial arsonist accused of terrorizing san jose last winter may enter a plea in court today. william patrick brennan is charged with arson. brennan admitted to police that he set the fires in january and he knew the locations and times of each one. because of brennan's record as an arsonist and sex offender, if convicted he faces several life terms in prison. coming up, a magic pill that detects cancer. we'll show you how it would work, plus america's response to
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the ebola virus goes under the microscope. what president obama is doing today to get answers. hey john, check it out.
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an interesting development on the ebola front this morning. the nurse forced into isolation when she returned from west africa is drawing a line in the sand. she says she will not follow orders to self quarantine and is ready to take her fight to court. >> reporter: initially quarantined in a tent outside a new jersey hospital, she is now in maine, though it's not clear how long she intends to stay there. >> you know, i don't plan on sticking to the guidelines. i remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me. >> reporter: speaking via skype this morning, she says she's shown no symptoms of ebola since
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returning from sierra leone. she calls the isolation period unscientific and unconstitutional. >> so i am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when i am not a risk to the american public. >> reporter: a state trooper is standing guard outside of her home right now and authorities say she could be arrested if she decides to leave. >> we will pursue the necessary legal authority to enforce the quarantine. >> reporter: at the white house today, president obama is meeting with international aide workers who spent time in west africa and others who are on their way. without mentioning the case specifically, he has said he has concerns about a mandatory quarantine. jts i want to make sure every policy we put in place is supportive of their efforts, because if they are successful, then we're not going to have to worry about ebola here at home. >> reporter: that fight against the deadly disease, now turning
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into a legal battle, as well. she said if what she calls restrictions in maine aren't lifted by thursday, she'll fight the issue in court. jay gray, nbc news, new york. well, it all comes down to this. after 162 regular season games, 16 postseason games, the fate of the 2014 giants will now be determined in one game tonight at kauffman stadium. it is winner get a ring, loser go home empty handed. we have you covered from every angle. janelle wang is with the team in kansas city, meteorologist christina loren is keeping an eye on the skies, but we begin with bob redell live at civic center plaza in san francisco, where fans started showing up this morning, bob. >> reporter: kris, we do have a few fans, you can see behind me, who are clearly horrified at the prospect of not being just inches away from that jumbotron, hence the reason why they already at this early hour
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staked out their spots in the front row. now all they've got to do is figure out how to burn the next six hours in front of city hall. first pitch isn't until 5:07 tonight, do or die time for the giants as they try to become the first team since 1979 to win game seven of the world series while on the road. >> going to do it, might as well be with the faithful, front row, which is nice, you know, might as well get the best seat we can. >> what did you tell work? >> what did i tell work? i got a bit of food poisoning last night. >> reporter: your bosses don't have television? >> no, they'll be at work. >> work didn't sound good with the giants going to be in game seven. >> reporter: what do you do for a living? >> work at a machine shop. >> reporter: do they have television? >> no. >> reporter: here's a baseball fan turning a lot of heads this morning. you're looking at eric callahan. he lives here in san francisco,
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born and raised in kansas city. had no worries about wearing his royal blue throughout the downtown, tells us he's been treated well by giants fans. his unbiased decision, kansas city getting a world series title for the first time since 1985. >> want it so bad for their city. you know, you watch the royals, they want it so bad. it would be very nice. it's good for either team, i think, i think they are both very good teams or they wouldn't be in the position they are today. >> reporter: the city of san francisco is preparing for a giants win this morning, workers were installing a stage and tents on the steps of city hall, presumably where a victory parade would end up, just like 2012 and 2010. police are also prepared. police chief telling us they will have extra officers here at civic center marina mission and
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south of market. again, you do want to show up early if you plan on coming to watch game seven, the final game on the jumbotron here in the civic center plaza. you need to be here at 11:00 a.m.? probably not, maybe a couple hours early. keep in mind, no alcohol allowed. reporting live here in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> when it's really important to you, bob, you get there early. we all know that. thanks so much. well, as you can tell from bob's live shot, it looks nice and sunny and warm in san francisco, but the question is, will it stay that way for the fans headed out to watch the game? meteorologist christina loren has a championship-winning forecast, we call it. >> it is going to be nice out there, kris. you know what, a lot nicer for the viewing parties here in san francisco than those fans who forked out hundreds to watch that game from a cold kansas city tonight. we'll talk about that in just a second. i want to start with at&t park. you see the coca-cola bottle there looking over the city. we do have some high clouds, but
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it's really pretty out there and as a result of the warm day coming your way it's going to be nice for the viewing party. 5:00, 76 degrees out there. in san francisco, comfortable conditions, dropping, though, to the 60s by 9:00 p.m. a lot more comfortable than what we are expecting at kauffman stadium for the final game of major league baseball this season. we have game seven first pitch 53 degrees. by the fourth inning, cool, dense air settling in and colder out there tonight than it was last night by a good five to ten degrees. as a result of that, that could keep the ball from traveling as far as if it were warm and not as humid. this is going to be interesting. let's go giants. rain on your way for your forecast, including halloween evening. trick or treaters, got to tell you, there are going to be opportunities to get out there. stick around, that forecast is coming up in just a couple minutes. kris, make sure you're ready. little ones are going to need maybe an umbrella this year.
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>> ghostly poncho wearing ghosts. thanks, christina. the excitement for the game is building. we are now just six hours away from first pitch and nbc bay area's janelle wang is in kansas city, where giants fans are still optimistic they'll bring home the title. >> reporter: giants and torture go hand in hand. the series all tied up 3-3. tonight, game seven here at kauffman stadium in kansas city. it's do or die time for the san francisco giants. last night the giants, tough game to watch, they were shutout by the royals 10-0, even though the giants didn't win last night, fans admit it's been fun to watch this matchup. giants and royals, both wild card teams, making it all the way to the world series and playing all the way to a decisive game seven. we spoke to giants fans after last night's game. they remain hopeful and confident. >> game seven, baby, we got it. >> we thought we'd give kansas city one more night to enjoy the world series and tomorrow we're going to take it. >> we flew out today, me and my
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best buddy, it's been a phenomenal day. kc fans are great people. they are great people. >> we love you, man! we love you. >> giants are the champions, baby! >> reporter: giants fans leaving disappointed but feeling confident about tonight. many have to shell out more money for another night at the hotel, another day for the rental car, and, of course, those tickets. i just checked this morning, tickets for standing room only going for about $600. and if you want to sit behind the dugout, you'll have to pay more than $2,000 for a single ticket. but giants fans say it will be worth it if the giants emerge as world champions. in kansas city, janelle wang, nbc bay area news. >> like when they come home champions. and we are all things giants. win or lose, complete coverage of this decisive game seven. any time we're not on the air, go to our website,, and we have up to the minute information there for you, as well. for now, happening right
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now, a rescue effort is under way in a town called grosspoint wood following a trench collapse where a worker is trapped. you see there, a crane there. we understand the worker is trapped, however, the worker is alive and receiving oxygen from emergency crews. it is a very tricky rescue effort that is happening right now in grosspoint woods. this is a suburb north of detroit in michigan. wayne county is the county there. the urban search and rescue team also assisting emergency personnel, as well. we'll watch that one for you, bring you more details as we get them. google is working on a pill to detect cancer. the pill is packed with tiny magnetic particles. the idea is the particles travel through the patient's bloodstream, looking for malignant cells. then patients report their findings to a sensor on a wearable device. google says the pill is still in the experimental stage. speaking of google, the
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internet giant's youtube is considering going ad free, but there's a catch. it's going to cost you. the company's ceo says youtube is exploring ad-free subscription services, following in the moves of netflix and amazon, which offer ad-free streaming for a flat monthly or annual fee. shopping at san jose's orchard supply hardware store is about to get high-tech. the company will test four customer service robots. the makers of the bots gave us this video. as you can see, the robots are white columns on wheels with two display screens. they can talk, scan, identify items, and lead customers to what they are looking for. i wonder if they can help you find a bathroom. they do speak both spanish and english. the robots are expected to start work early december near the 280/87 interchange. well, it could soon be a whole new way to fly the
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friendly skies. check it out. the center for profits innovation is releasing this video of a new concept plane that has no windows. it includes a cabin with curved high definition screens and cameras mounted on the outside of the plane to make it look like the walls are see through. so what you're flying over is projected on to the walls there. the idea is still in the development phase, but researchers say you probably won't see it in the friendly skies for at least another ten years. depending on the day you want your forecast surrounding you. which day are we having, christina? >> it's going to be a tricky halloween this year, unfortunately, kris, but the good news is we get the treats in the form of much-needed rain in this california historic drought. now temperatures out there, reflective of summertime levels. 73 degrees in livermore, 68 degrees in san martin, this is where we would be at this time of day if we were in, say, april. i can tell you right now, this is going to be the last warm
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day, so if you're looking for warm conditions, maybe you want to go out and work on your tan more before the weather really changes. this is it, last day of full vitamin "d." you can see what's happening in healdsburg, mid level clouds increasing already from a storm system throughout tomorrow night. san francisco you can see it's much clearer here and even clearer picture for you here in san jose. so today's highs work like this, 82 degrees in the south bay. 81 degrees for the peninsula, and 78 degrees on the east shore. even out in the hot spots like the tri-valley, you'll end up about 83 degrees, which is warm enough for the ac, but i can tell you right now, this is the last day you'll have to use it, if you have to at all. 75 degrees, beautiful conditions for today in oakland. so this is what we're working with for today. warming trend continues. this is it. by tomorrow we take about five to ten degrees off your high, then bring in the rain on halloween. it's going to look spooky around the bay area, dark clouds, breezy conditions. watch out for that creeper.
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62 degrees at 3:00 p.m., 61 degrees at 6:00 p.m., so we are expecting the bulk of the moisture to come through, periods of moderate rainfall between 1:00 and 5:00. that right now looks to be the heaviest time frame. this could change, but everything i've been looking at the past few days leads me to believe that's still it. i'll let you know tomorrow. i'll have a much better assessment as that storm system is going to be knocking on our front door. in terms of totals, they are looking so good for us. over a half inch for ukiah, .3 for santa rosa, closer to .4, and here in the south bay, typically shattered by the santa cruz mountains, we're looking at a quarter inch of rainfall. stick around, we're going to talk a little more about the weather the giants are going to have to play through tonight, and hopefully they'll win, kris, because if they do, we're talking dynasty right here in the san francisco bay area. back to you. >> and an orange and black parade on halloween. >> love it.
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well, still to come, ever wonder what the bridge looks like without lights? we got a glimpse for just a moment overnight. find out why coming up.
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a kid who has never played
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basketball in his life is now $10,000 richer thanks to his abilities on the court. check it out. he was selected as a contestant in tennessee earlier this week. he had to make a layup, then a free throw, then a three pointer, and a half court shot in 30 seconds to win, and he did it at the buzzer. he grew up in london and played soccer for the college team. he won $10,000 to go towards his college tuition. it was 11 years in the making, millions in cost, plenty of controversy, and now cheryl hurd shows us why the bay bridge went dark. >> reporter: photographers like ray proctor really appreciate the unique lighting of the eastern span of the bridge. >> it's very well balanced, and it actually demonstrates the actual architectural structure of it rather than lighting the outline of it. >> reporter: so if you love the
11:24 am
lighting, there's more to love. the lights on the eastern span got a facelift. >> we have a milestone, we'll be turning on the last of the architectural lights tonight. >> reporter: 1,600 l.e.d. light fixtures are strategically placed on 270 poles along the bridge from oakland to treasure island. we got the opportunity to see what the bridge would look like when it's dark. the lights were turned off and switched on again in a matter of seconds. >> there's three main advantages, the first is efficiency. next one is longevity, and control. >> reporter: each lamp has about 30 small l.e.d.s inside of it. each light has a special lens attached to it, making sure the lights are beaming in the right direction. >> they use about 40% of the energy that a standard metal traditional old school light would use. >> reporter: the lights save energy and last longer, up to 15 years. all of those things equal beauty that photographers can
11:25 am
appreciate. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> interesting sight. well, former a's star jose canseco is recovering after shooting himself in his hand. he was cleaning his gun yesterday when the gun accidently fired. a bullet hit one of his fingers on his left hand. his fiance spoke off camera about the severity of injuries. >> the gun did blow, you know, a part of the bone and we just found out that it also destroyed one of the two main arteries in his finger. >> canseco helped lead the a's to the world series title back in 1989. still to come, a former police cadet calls it sabotage. he says the union is derailing recruitment for the san jose police department. we'll show you how.
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well, we hit his identity as he revealed new accusations of sabotage. the tactics one recruit says some are using to discourage cadets from joining the san jose police force. the bitter fight between san jose city hall and the union is escalating. is the union sabotaging the police department? mayor chuck reed asked for a federal investigation and in a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, a recruit now tells us the union encouraged him to quit. robert handa has the exclusive story. >> reporter: the san jose police academy is the focus of the recruiting effort and some people say that effort is being undermined. a former recruit says the union
11:29 am
president told cadets to quit during orientation. she admitted never said quit, but insists they encouraged recruits to leave to strengthen the pension fight with the city. today another man backed up revis's claim. he asked not to show his face and disguise his voice because he's pursuing a job in law enforcement. we have verified. >> he told the class to take advantage of the academy and find jobs elsewhere. >> reporter: why come forward, why say something? >> i think it's important that the truth come out. >> reporter: what's the truth? >> that the police union tries to get us to leave the department. >> reporter: jim scoffed and emphasized several officers at the orientation signed sworn statements to the contrary and pointed out the union recently accused a political consultant of trying to coerce a former officer into making a similar allegation. >> obviously, said, no, i don't know what type of arrangement
11:30 am
has been made here. this is desperate politics in the last week of the campaign. where liccardo is trailing behind in every legitimate poll i've seen and they are running out of time and they know it. >> reporter: robert handa, nbc bay area news. now to decision 2014 and one of the questions california voters will be asked next week is whether we send too many people to prison. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. takes a look at the debate. >> when i got out of high school, i was in a very popular band. >> reporter: there was a time in richard martin's life -- >> people around san francisco for a long time would know me. a lot of drugs around then. i think almost everybody in the band got strung out. i progressed up the drug ladder. i was a heroin addict. >> reporter: but the twists and turns transformed him from a musician to criminal. >> you get strung out, go through a recycling, revolvering door of prison. >> reporter: martin was jailed numerous time, he was now a
11:31 am
convicted felon. >> they called a collateral consequences of being a felon have haunted me throughout my adult life. >> reporter: that chapter of martin's life closed many years ago when he cleaned up, but his life still bears the legal scars. >> i have to click the box, yes, i've been convicted of a felony. >> reporter: as a result he and his wife were turned down as adoptive parents and denied a teaching credential. >> we have been incarcerating increasingly more people for low-level offenses. >> reporter: san francisco district attorney wants to change the way martin and other low-level offenders are prosecuted in the state's justice system. gascon crafted prop 47, that will appear on the state ballot in november, converting many low-level crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, crimes like drug possession for personal use and other crimes that normally go along with drug addiction and mental health issues. >> we're looking at shoplifting,
11:32 am
petty theft, writing checks with insufficient funds. >> gascon estimates prop 47 would save the state as much as $250 million a year by reducing jail and prison populations. the savings would go towards mental health services, substance abuse treatment, and schools. >> we need to deal with the addiction and the addiction cannot be cured by incarceration. >> if 47 were to pass, it is difficult, if not impossible, to undue the unintended consequences. >> reporter: serving on the california police chief's association says prop 47 has serious flaws. >> one of the things that 47 does, it has negative impacts, it removes discretion in the charges. >> reporter: he believes seasoned criminals could exploit the law to get away with serious crimes and doubts its potential to help low-level offenders get into drug treatment. >> if you take the incentment or
11:33 am
conviction away and now it's just a misdemeanor, how many first time or second time offenders will truly seek treatment? these days martin runs a nonprofit organization that helps former convicted criminals turn their lives around. a job, he says, that would be easier with the passage of prop 47. >> every voter would have a stake in the recovery of the people they were sending to treatment. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. click on the election guide tab towards the top of the page for information on key races, polling places, and results, as well. new video this morning of an unmanned rocket exploding on takeoff. the ship had just launched from virginia, headed for the international space station when it exploded and crashed to the ground. fortunately, no one was hurt, but onboard, supplies for astronauts. one of the experiments was some
11:34 am
sixth graders supplies from oakland. >> we have every confidence in the orbital team and the ability to get to root cause, resolve the issues, and get back to flying to i.s.s. >> space-x also has a contract to resupply the space station and is set to send a supply to late december. instead of the game making headlines, the co-owner of the team is on damage control. what he wrote in an e-mail that's sparking some controversy. he said it was a typo, but jodi hernandez has details of the e-mail. >> reporter: warriors players may be focused on tomorrow's season opener, but they are also fielding questions about a controversial e-mail sent out by the team's co-owner, peter
11:35 am
guber. >> i know peter. i know him personally, and talked to him. doesn't sound like something he would say. >> reporter: in an e-mail responding to the team's diverse international roster, guber wrote, i'm taking rosetta stone to learn hungarian, serbian, australian, swahili, and hoodish. >> hoodish, who speaks hoodish? >> when the comment turned heads, guber back pedalled, saying he meant to put yiddish. >> a lot of people are saying things they think they can get away with because they have money. >> not a lot of jewish basketball players around. >> reporter: while many fans are crying foul, players and the head coach say they'll give guber a pass. >> from what i know of peter, he's a really straight forward guy and a guy that's always been, you know, great with everybody on the team. we have nothing but respect for him. >> i make typos all the time on my phone. i'm going to take him at his
11:36 am
word. i don't think there was anything malicious. >> do you have any players that speak yiddish? >> no, but peter does. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> why would he need rosetta stone, right? in the south bay, water officials are drawing up a battle plan for a worst-case scenario. we're talking about a drought that stretches through this winter and beyond, but what does the plan involve and how will it impact your wallets and home? >> australia had a ten-year drought. we might have a multiple year drought continuing, and so the drought will not end any time soon. >> reporter: santa clara valley water district officials say we are in deep with this drought and customers need to do more. over the past seven months, water district customers are averaging 12% reduction in water usage compared to last year. the goal, though, is 20%. another idea here tonight would also change the landscape of new neighborhoods. >> maybe limit bonds or require
11:37 am
no longer in certain situations, multiple strategies. required for all new homes or hot water recirculation systems are a requirement for all new homes. >> reporter: another year of drought could mean more costly water for customers and more costly for heavy water users. officials say there must also be a reduction in the pumping of ground water. over the past 70 years, residential customers using wells have changed the landscape of the valley. >> some parts of the valley around san jose by as much as 13 feet, so once land subsides like that, due to ground water reduction, ground water pumping out, it never recovers. >> even if we have a normal winter, which we're hoping we will, we will not be out of the drought. >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. well, the good news is, we have rain chances in the very near future. showers arriving within 48 hours. then as we head throughout the
11:38 am
first few weeks of november, we're talking about the potential for a lot of rainfall. we'll dive into that. enjoy today. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. we'll detail the changes for your microclimate in just moments. i think i'm going to have to hold my breath, because it's going to be emotional. >> still ahead, the technology developed here in the bay area that is unlocking a very special piece of one family's history. it is a story that will make you bay area proud. plus, steve perry's favorite song caught right smack dab in the middle of the giants/royals rivalry. we explain coming up.
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former journey frontman steve perry is taking the giants party on the road. you'll remember seeing perry at all the past giants playoffs games, leading the crowd in the rendition of the band's famous song, "don't stop believing," a mantra for giants fans and played at every game. now perry is in kansas city, hoping to bring the giants luck there. some fans, though, happy to take pictures with him, while other folks held up signs like garth brooks is better than journey. they used to play "friends in low places," but this year fans voted to play journey's "don't stop believing," but then found
11:42 am
out it's the giants song, so the team stopped playing it. >> unlocking secrets from the past using some local technology. what it unlocks is sound, and it was very valuable to a san francisco man. garvin thomas is here with our bay area proud series. >> that technology developed at lawrence berkley national labs makes a digital map of the surface of old recordings, then turns them into sound. it's been used on some very historic recordings and as you'll see in this bay area proud, very personal ones, as well. there is a place in endover, massachusetts, where they are experts at preserving histories, like a hospital for old books, documents, and photographs, a place they go to get their lives extended, or in the case of this
11:43 am
70-year-old 78 rpm broken record, be brought back to life. 21st century technology recovering 20th century sound that matt has waited decades to hear. >> i think i'm going to have to hold my breath, because it's going to be emotional. >> reporter: the sound on that record, you see, is the voice of matt's grandfather, ray. lieutenant ray skryia flew 50 missions over southern europe during the second world war. he returned to the states, started a family, became a pharmacist, and eventually moved to the bay area. he passed away when his grandson matt was just 8 years old. matt says as a child he used to pore over pictures of his grandfather at war, imagining the adventures. and that was good enough for a kid. >> when i got older, my
11:44 am
curiosity went beyond that and i wanted to know some of the facts beyond just pictures. i wanted to know the story behind the pictures. >> there's no doubt this is a personal search for me. >> reporter: so math, at the time a television reporter, poured himself into the research, eventually producing a two-part tv series about his grandfather's service, tracking down and interviewing surviving crew members to hear their stories of his grandfather, yet still lacking something matt would have loved to have had. >> the words of my grandfather, i never had it for the stories that i told. it was the one missing link. >> reporter: missing, until matt found these earlier this year in the garage of his grandmother's home while helping her move. it seemed upon returning from the war in 1944, ray sat down for an interview with an omaha, nebraska, radio station. an interview they recorded on two 78s. records matt's family had lost
11:45 am
track of years and years ago, now they were so close, literally in his hands, yet still lost in a way. >> there's a radial crack on both of them, which makes them unplayable. >> it was back to research again for matt, this time to find a way to uncover the audio, which led him to andover and technology developed at lawrence berkley labs, where a camera captures high resolution images of the record's groove, then a computer processes those pictures into sound. sound that matt, along with his father, are about to listen to for the first time. >> all right. here we go. >> name is lieutenant ray skyria from omaha. >> yes, sir. >> what were you doing before the war? >> i was working in a grocery store. >> reporter: once matt and his father got over how young ray
11:46 am
sounded, they settled in to listen to a ten-minute interview made 70 years ago. >> we started out in amsterdam, later on moved. >> reporter: a small piece of american history, perhaps, but one that couldn't sound any bigger to one man's ears. >> i'm just really glad we had it done. this is precious, right, this is it. it's really nice to finally hear it and be able to pass it on. >> that was just the first time matt and his father listened to the recording. he promises he'll listen to it many more times again. he certainly waited long enough to hear it. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin and the rest of us would love to hear from you. go to our website,, search bay area proud. there you can e-mail garvin your idea, follow him on twitter, or watch any of the more than 200
11:47 am
bay area proud stories he's come up with. now meteorologist christina loren has a forecast important for a ball game and ghosts and goblins. >> or frozen, that's a big one this year, big one, elsas, anas. 63 in san jose, 72 degrees in san martin. really if you take a look at this map and what's going on, it's really interesting. you've got the 70s in all of your outlying cities, san francisco is at 63, but half moon bay is at 72 degrees. 72 for san martin and 73 in livermore. these are the places where we had abundant sunshine right off the bat this morning. also here in tiburon, completely clear. i want to take you about 60 miles up the road to healdsburg and look at the different sky up here. your microclimate is making a big appearance this morning. i can tell you why, we've got a storm system on the way, so it's nice and clear for most of the bay area, clouds are going to increase for all of us as we head throughout the day today,
11:48 am
and this is our next weather maker. this is a really well defined cold front. it's going to bring in some of the coldest air of the season thus far as we head throughout the weekend. before we get that, we have some rain on the way. i'm going to kind of show you what's going on and you can really tell the difference from your satellite imagery. nice clear sky from bakersfield north to san francisco. meanwhile, clouds increasing steadily. rain showers coming into our north. what's going on is we have a big range of high pressure that's keeping us nice and clear and dry and warm. that thing breaks down, heads out of town throughout tomorrow, and that storm moves in, so this is our final day of temperatures in the 80s. 82 degrees for the south bay. the peninsula is at 81 degrees, 78 degrees for the east shore, and 75 degrees in san francisco. as you know, we got a lot happening across the bay area. if you're going to be headed to san francisco for that viewing party tonight at 5:00, temperatures are still going to be mild out there, because look at the high for today. 76 degrees in san francisco.
11:49 am
82 meanwhile for san jose. once that sun starts to set, you're still going to hold on to a lot of that warmth, so between about 5:00 and 7:00, temperatures in san francisco are going to maintain in the 70s. then as we head throughout your thursday, into friday, temperatures fall even more, clouds increase even more, so we bring on the rain throughout your halloween. a lot of it going to come through for the second half of the day, into the evening hours, and it's going to continue for the first part of your saturday. then we'll clear you out, you can get outdoors saturday afternoon and sunday, as well, but look at the difference between your temperatures today. 82 for san jose, down to 68 degrees by sunday, and staying cool the whole weekend, into next week. oh, happy halloween. closer look at the trick or treat forecast coming up tomorrow, but right now i can tell you rain looking likely, kris. trick and a treat. we need the rain. give me a -- >> yes, kind of scary.
11:50 am
scared me with the forecast. got to find the umbrellas. thanks. still to come, identity theft is even more widespread than we thought. half of us in california have been hacked in some way. coming up, what you can do to protect your identity.
11:51 am
11:52 am
listen to this, half of californians have been hit by a hacker. those numbers are bigger than we thought, and it's a crime that can cost you more than money. it can cost you time and peace of mind. nbc bay area's tech reporter scott budman shows us the sobering details and what we should do about it. >> reporter: it turns out we're most vulnerable to identity theft when we're shopping. >> in 2013, the subject of our report, 26% of the breaches were in the retail sector.
11:53 am
>> reporter: attorney general says 18.5 million californians were impacted by data breaches that put their personal information at risk. that's almost half the population of our state. the result is often time consuming and expensive. >> it's a social security number is shared without authorization, the cost of the victim of just correcting the damage is $289. >> reporter: the attorney general says it's technology that often gets us into trouble. intel security agrees. >> your social security number is at risk, your credit card numbers, your address, anything you would consider private information about yourself. >> reporter: so how can we protect ourselves? well, technology like antivirus software, can help. and be aware of what you're doing with your tech devices. >> use common sense, you know, if you're getting e-mails that look suspicious, you know, before you start clicking on
11:54 am
links, take a moment and say do i want to click on this, or do i want to pause and think about the consequences. >> reporter: it could end up saving you time and money. scott budman, nbc bay area news. turns out harry potter can rap. we'll show you his skills next.
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
the actor best known for his role as teen wizard harry potter is apparently also a lyrical gangster. he told jimmy fallon he's into rap and fallon made him prove it. [ rapping ] >> daniel ratcliff got a work out with the alphabet aerobics. even jimmy fallon seemed impressed. radcliffe is promoting his new movie, "horns." our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. of course, you can get the latest information and news all day long, we hope to see you back here tomorrow. go giants!
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. is this right? am i really supposed to be here some today on "access hollywood live," proof you can totally change your look without going under the knife. >> and tom cruise and lindsay lohan a couple? i don't know. >> plus which dad is debating a vas vasectomy. "access hollywood live" starts now. no idea what that was. welcome to "access hollywood live". we're as live as live can be. >> i really like that bird kamg


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