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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 27, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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alleged bad behavior could put some suspected bad drivers back on the road. one of those officers allegedly involved was supposed to testify in a dui case today? >> reporter: that's right. we're told a chp officer robert hazelwood was supposed to be the first witness to testify at a dui trial at this very courthouse this morning. but when everyone arrived, a prosecutor announced the case had been dismissed. defense attorneys say this is just the start of the fallout of what many are calling a chp scandal. >> so, i mean, there's serious, serious implications. >> reporter: defense attorneys across the east bay are shaking their heads tonight as details emerge about an alleged chp scheme to steal nude photos from arrestees' cell phones and then text them to others as a "game." >> it's far from a game. it's a betrayal of the public's
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trust. >> reporter: search warrant documents detail the text messages sent between several dublin-based officers about the racy photos. "her body is rocking," states one. another reads, "taken from the phone of my in custody while she's in x-rays. enjoy, buddy." >> demeaning to women at the very least, and the fact that they're sharing it, absolutely unconscionable. >> reporter: defense attorney kim burgess specializes in dui. she's been reviewing her cases and has already identified a few where the arresting officer is named in the search warrant. she believes many cases could be impacted. >> i think the credibility of those officers that have been involved in this applies to traffic, dui, anything where they are a primary witness. >> and it goes to the heart of his credibility. can we believe anything that this officer says? >> reporter: francisco rodriguez had a dui case dismissed this morning. the arresting officer, robert
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hazelwood, was scheduled to testify this afternoon but he too was named in the search warrant. >> the matter was dismissed by the district attorney's office, who did the right thing. but nevertheless, the information should have been turned over to us back at the beginning of october when they first knew about this incident. >> reporter: now, the chief of the california highway patrol's golden gate division calls the allegations disgusting and disappointing but insists the practice was not widespread. so far none of the officers has been charged but we are told that a decision as to the charges should be made sometime this week. just into our news room a grim discovery along a busy street. what you're looking at is investigators looking at a case of a dead body found along thornton avenue and willow. so far police are only saying the body is that of a man.
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no cause of dead has -- death has been determined. they're not saying whether the person died at the scene or whether the body was dumped. the roadway just reopened within the last few minutes. could a shooting outside of a troubled bar in san jose force it to shut down immediately? this bar has been in business for years. a security guard was shot four times outside of the el torasco bar on north 13th street friday night. marianne favro is in san jose near that bar. a lot of people want this bar closed asap. >> reporter: they certainly do, raj. 23 neighbors have signed a petition asking the city to shut the bar down immediately. in the past two years, police have been called out here to respond to reports of shootings, assault with a deadly weapon, and felony hit and run. neighbors are fed up with el torasco bar and one city councilman is asking that the
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bar be shut down immediately. this afternoon, el torasco bar on 13th street in san hose quiet. friday night, this video shot by a neighbor shows just the opposite. a chaotic scene outside the bar after a security guard was shot four times at point-blank range. he was wearing a bullet-proof vest and is expected to survive. rico mendes lives a few feet from the bar and says friday night's shooting is not the first. >> we've seen multiple people almost die at our doorstep directly as a result of the activities of the el torasco bar. shootings, fighting, stabbings, prostitution, drug use. it's been horrible. >> reporter: so horrible, for months he and more than 20 neighbors have been pleading with the city to shut the bar down. as a result, the state is expected to pull el torasco's liquor license december 16th. after the shooting friday night, city councilman sam liccardo is working with the city attorney's
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office to shut the bar down immediately. >> what we really want is an injunction to shut it down right away. we've been talking all weekend about how we can do that. i hope that this latest incident will give us enough ammunition to convince a judge to shut the bar noun. >> reporter: we reached out to the operators of the bar for comment but received no response. but this long-time neighbor says he has no problem with the bar. >> i have no concerns. i've never felt like my safety was in jeopardy. >> reporter: as for rico mendes, he says every day the bar remains open is a day he will live in fear. >> all it takes is one bullet to come through our door or window or wall. that could end our life when we're just watching television. >> reporter: liccardo says that the bar has consistently drained the limited resources of the police department. we've just learned tonight the reward to track down a killer is now $30,000.
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oakland police are hoping it will help lock up the person who shot and killed a mother of four right in front of her own husband. pearla avina was the passenger when someone shot into their car after some kind of confrontation around 12:30 in the afternoon in on rossmoor in oakland. the husband flagged down a neighbor for help. >> as soon as i got over there to see what was going on, i seen he was putting pressure on his wife's face saying that she had been shot. immediately i called 911 on my cell phone and they directed me on what the next step to do as far as cpr. >> the neighbor continued to do cpr until the paramedics arrived but it was too late. police are asking anyone with information about the shooting into this 1998 black toyota camry to please come forward. a troubling crime spree in vallejo. innocent and unsuspecting people are being targeted. thieves are running up to people at shopping centers and
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snatching their bags and jewelry. surveillance cameras actually caught one suspect right here in action yesterday at an office max. police say it's a growing problem. the crooks are targeting shoppers during the day and each time they use force or threats. for years anyone in the city with a spare room could rent it out to a traveler, no problem, no questions asked. but that's about to change. today mayor ed lee signed a law that will track and regulate short-term rentals through websites like airbnb. obviously there's going to be people that are unhappy. >> reporter: yes, as mayor ed lee signed that new law there were protesters demonstrating outside saying they don't want de facto hotels in their neighborhoods. rodolfo and his wife rent out this room in their western addition home to out of town guests. >> it's been almost a lifesaver. >> reporter: he says it's helped
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pay for dental bills and part of his son's graduate school. he's among hundreds of homeowners in san francisco who use short-term rentals to make ends meet. >> i don't do this full-time. i do it 10, 15 days a month. and that just gives me the sense of security that i'm not depleting my savings so quickly. >> reporter: the rules on renting through websites like airbnb have not been clear. but today mayor ed lee signed legislation to change that. >> it's a little bit of the wild west right now. and we want to make sure that it's been overseen and not being abused. >> reporter: the new law keeps people from converting units into full-time hotel rooms. starting february 1st, san francisco residents who want to rent out rooms short-term on a limited basis will have to register with the city. >> once you start engaging in this activity, you won't be allowed to do it for more than nine months of the year and you'll have to pay your full share of taxes, get liability insurance, abide by rent control
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laws, as well as building safety laws. >> reporter: not everyone is happy with the new guidelines. >> this is the death of san francisco the way i know it. >> reporter: protesters laid flowers outside the mayor's office saying it's a symbolic gesture to mourn the loss of the city's neighborhoods. >> basically we're introducing commercial uses in residential neighborhoods. and i don't think that's right. >> a lot of the apartments that could be going to rented to regular people are being used as like vacation rentals. and that's not helping the people of our city. >> reporter: supervisor david chu who introduced the legislation says he expects to collect $50 million in taxes off the next few years. it's traffic they want. new information shows san jose international airport is getting busier and busier. today the airport announced it's seen an increase in passenger traffic for the 21st month in a
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row. last month alone the airport saw nearly 10% more passengers than september of 2013. the airport credits new flights and new destinations from several airlines as well as planes carrying more passengers. okay, catch your breath tonight. tomorrow, the drama continues. it all comes down to this for the giants. one more game, if they win, and they're world series champions. the giants arrived in kansas city after leaving this morning as you can see from at&t park. a lot of the players arriving for duty. players stayed in the bay area following last night's electrifying complete game shutout by madison bumgarner. the giants now lead this best of seven series 3-2 games. tomorrow, game six, if the giants lose they'll force a game seven which is wednesday night. no steve perry no watered-down infield. the royals regain home field advantage. geraud moncure joins us. we've seen great baseball here. >> some great baseball, and you
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know what, when you're the home team you do whatever advantage you can get your hands on to make the scoreboard finish up in your favor. giants find themselves as you said a win away from another title and the history books. only the st. louis cardinals in the national league have won three championships in five years. back in 1942, '44, '46. an off day at kaufmann stadium with optional workouts. giants arriving kansas city late this afternoon and have a chance to breathe and regroup, needing just one more victory to win the series. this group has been here before. according to the skipper there is no need to try and fix something that's not broken. >> i've got a good group here. they're not going to change anything, they're not going to put added pressure on themselves. they've been through so much with their history in the postseason. and the world series. so, you know. i don't know what you'd change. i mean, hopefully you get good pitching, get timely hitting. that never changes.
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>> coming up later we'll hear from tomorrow's game six starter jake peavy who has a shot to win his second world series title in just two years. okay, the giants gearing up for the big game. san francisco's gearing up too. crews are setting up to publicly broadcast game six on the jumbotron screen at civic center plaza. the game starts at 5:07 p.m. arrive early if you want a good spot. take muni or bart to avoid traffic. no alcohol will be and coming up in half an hour -- >> it's just like raising your kids and they go off in the world and you see they've become something great. >> in the south bay, now their first fans are remembering their fumble beginnings. in cupertino a teenager was hit and killed riding his bike this morning. hear from one city councilman
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and what his plans are to make the streets safe ever. security scare at l.a.x. what popped up on a passenger's phone that forced the pilot to abort the takeoff. apple pay denied. the reason two major drugstores have stopped taking apple's new phone currency. a few clouds in san jose. fog-free in san francisco. but we're going to talk about some dramatic changes this week and a halloween storm system. we'll let you know when the rain arrives in just a few minutes. it's a fresh approach on education--
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superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools. torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools.
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a teenaged boy was hit and killed this morning while riding his bike to school. throughout the day and into evening investigators are trying to determine what led to this accident. many witnesses say the truck kept going after it hit the boy. it happened around 8:00 a.m. at the intersection of mcclellan and bubb road a few blocks away from monta vista high school.
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>> reporter: here at the scene there's now a very small memorial. people are stopping by with flowers and paying their respects to this young man who was killed this morning at about 8:00. officials are not releasing his name, making sure his family is notified. but at this point, what we do know is he's a teenaged boy, had a backpack on, possibly on his way to school. a cupertino family received devastating news this morning. a teenaged boy was struck and killed while riding his bike along mcclellan road. >> it would be a lot to take in. >> reporter: students who crossed the tracks at bubb road are shaken up. >> hard to imagine. if it was one of my friends that would be really sad. >> reporter: it happened just after 8:00 a.m. the boy was wearing a helmet and seen riding in the bike lane before he was hit by a big rig. >> it looks like the cyclist may have been hit by not the front of the truck but possibly mid to rear side of the truck or trailers. >> reporter: the sergeant with the santa clara sheriff's department says it's unclear at
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this point if the teen swerved into traffic or if the truck driver was at fault. >> you know, we're also going to go through his cell phone to see if he was distracted by anything. >> i don't want to see it happen again. we've got to do something. >> reporter: cupertino city councilman chang is offering a plan to provide shuttle buses for students to get to school. it comes after five kids in addition to today were hit by cars in the school year. in those other cases the injuries were minor. >> always look around, see if there are any cars. >> reporter: investigators say that the truck driver didn't know he hit anybody until witnesses flagged him down and stopped him a couple of blocks away. the truck driver has not been cited. we reached out to the company moonlight express for comment but haven't heard back. a flight from l.a. to london was canceled because of an
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unusual terror threat. a wi-fi network's name. the american airlines flight was set to leave around 10:00 last night but a man noticed his phone had picked up a wi-fi network named al qaeda free terror. >> i didn't believe it. it's like, what is this? what is this? >> we were told to sit down, we weren't allowed to move, we couldn't do anything. >> the plane sat on the tarmac there at l.a.x. for three hours before turning back to the gate. air marshals, homeland security, and customs and border protection all joined the investigation. they say they found no evidence the wi-fi network originated on that flight. passengers say despite the inconvenience, delaying the flight was the right move. the plane took off for london this afternoon. you may soon are dissing your credit card and using your iphone. apple is looking to exup and down apple pay to public transportation, instead of tapping that blue card you could be tapping your iphone as you go
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through turnstiles. you won't find apple pay at cvs or rite aid. they stopped accepting payments over the weekend. the parent company of the chains says it's working on creating its own system called current-c. driving your own tesla got more affordable. the company unveiled new model s leasing packages. a new arrangement with u.s. bank means lease options can run up to 25% below the ones tesla currently provides. it also introduces a new three-month trial period that allows drivers to return their car if they're not satisfied. tesla's program starts at. >> $800 a month. four new high-tech cameras are keeping watch over marin county to combat fire danger. the cameras are mounted on mt. t tam, mt. barnaby and two others to monitor locations regular lookout towers did not cover.
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the fire department's goal is to keep 95% of fires in that area to ten acres or less. they say to make that happen, early detection is key. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, there was kind of a chill in the air today that really signaled we are entering fall. >> you've got that right. you needed the extra blanket last night. also the click of the heater. coldest cities, we got to 40 in gilroy. menlo park 44. and napa was the coldest microclimate zone at 38. with clear skies right now, clear skies through tomorrow morning. you can expect more chilly temperatures to start. you can see right now for the most part we've got 60s. let's go ahead and bring you into tomorrow's forecast. after the cold start we do have a warming amp. it looks 3 to 5 degrees hotter than today. we'll keep that sunshine in the forecast. the north bay 77. we'll average 78 in the tri-valley. for the south bay looking great at 76. let's take you into the next
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four-day weather trend. what you'll see here is dry wednesday and thursday. temperatures crash in the south bay by friday on halloween, unfortunately. it does look like wet weather for those trick-or-treaters. for the peninsula, same scenario. from 80 wednesday to 62 on friday. san francisco of course, rainfall there. north bay, east shore, and tri-valley. not only the possibility of rain in the north bay on friday but a chance of some thunderstorms with again temperatures dropping down into the low 60s. while it's bad coming on halloween. we still need that rainfall despite some storm systems already this year. we're at 30% of average in livermore. san jose 53% of average. we'll have more coming up in 20 minutes. coming up next at 6:00, trouble in paradise. take a look. the sudden change in course of this hot lava that has people packing up and leaving their homes. i'm scott budman with good news if you commute and if you
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shop. coming up, the connection between your local gas station and your christmas tree.
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governor brown campaigned in the east bay but he wasn't asking for votes for himself. supporters were carrying signs promoting brown's pet propositions 1 and 2. >> because it's all about the basics. save water. save money. >> prop 1 authorizes $7 billion for water projects. prove 2 would modify the state's rainy day fund. brown has a 16-point lead over republican neel kashkari. the governor said he'd rather talk about his proposal to improve california's future than his own. election day is one week from tomorrow. if there's an upset it could involve a well-nope education leader. harry gersten joins us. state superintendent for public
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schools. this is a big one. wasn't this looking very good for the incumbent tom awhile ago? >> what a difference a few months can make. torlakson cruised to the top spot besting his challenger tuck at 47%. in fact, he just missed winning the race outright which would have been 50% plus 1. but that was then. >> yeah, that was june, this is now. what's the forecast heading massachusetts next week's election? >> wow, it's changed dramatically. a field poll released in early september showed that this whole thing collapsed, so to speak. great erosion in support. take a look at the poll and see what happens for yourself. torlakson 28%, tuck 41%. here's the deal, 41%. tuck's pretty much unchanged from june but the bottom has fallen out of torlakson's
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support. sliding with 4 of 10 voters undecided. >> why the change? what did he do right or wrong? >> there are a few reasons. first, performance by california students remains well below the national average. tuck maintains this is due to flimsy tenure requirements and an overbureaucratized educational environment. torlakson says california's made strides especially with poor students and english learners in an underfunded educational environment with the most overcrowded classrooms in the nation. there's a couple of other things. remember this is the year of the anti-incumbent. that manners that people like torlakson are expected to be more accountable than in recent years. and finally the tuck campaign is well funded with charter school and privatization supporters contributing big bucks. i mean millions, millions.
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empowering the guy to really go forward. meanwhile the california teachers association, torlakson's major support group, they haven't been able to do nearly as well. put it together and tom torlakson, a former teacher, may well be outflanked by a small group of extremely well-financed contributors and by the way large amounts of public supporters tired what was they see as the status quo. >> this could be a big shift. we have eight days, can we read the tea leaves? >> we're back to 41%, the undecideds. that's what it's all about. tuck's counting on them voting for change. torlakson's counting on them coming back into the fold. one way or the other it's a wide-open race that nobody expected last june. >> we'll see how it shakes out next tuesday. you'll be with us for our election night coverage, thank you. coming up next, they were the first fans to meet the people who hosted san francisco
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giants players before they made to it the big league when they were in san jose. concern over ebola continues in new york and so does the quarantine. i'm jay gray. we'll explain coming up live.
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right now at 6:30, is it irrational fear or warranted panic? that's what more people are
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wondering as ebola concerns run rampant tonight. a nurse who returned from sierra leone was forced into isolation in new jersey. then a sick 5-year-old was admitted into the same new york hospital where a doctor is being treated for ebola. turns out both tested negative for the deadly virus. but it is clear tonight there's a lot of mixed signals when it comes to this global problem. jay gray joins us outside of that hospital in new york where that doctor remains in serious but stable condition. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, a lot of frustration, a lot of concern as well. as for that 5-year-old, he had just returned from a trip to west africa. he did test negative today. still, he remains right now in isolation here at bellevue hospital. he's got to undergo more testing and has to test negative in subsequent days before he's released. the 5-year-old was rushed to bellevue hospital overnight by medical teams dressed in full protective gear. >> the child was showing some signs of an illness.
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not clear what the illness was. we did the cautious thing and brought the child in under the full protocol. >> reporter: a protocol that's come under fire. specifically the decision by governors in new york, new jersey, and illinois to impose a mandatory quarantine on anyone returning to the u.s. who's had direct contact with an ebola patient in west africa. >> these individuals are heros. and their commitment to their common man and to their country is one that should be respected. >> reporter: this afternoon, the centers for disease control announced four new risk levels for travelers returning from west africa and none of those include mandatory isolation. but nurse casei hickox said she was "made to feel like a criminal." the health care worker was first to return to the united states and isolated in a tent outside a new jersey hospital after returning from aid work in sierra leone and remained there three days, despite two negative ebola tests.
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today she was discharged from the hospital and allowed to travel by private transport to her family home in maine. >> i understand she's uncomfortable. no one likes to be in the hospital. we're not going to take risks with the public health of new jersey. >> reporter: governor christie unapologetic says the protocol will not change. despite growing criticism and questions of whether it's legal or necessary. now there's no mandatory isolation, but several states are now requiring anyone who returns from west africa to undergo twice-daily monitoring and testing for 21 days. he invited his victims to lunch by tech message and shot them point blank. that's what investigators revealed today about the gunman in the washington school shootings. we also learned today that one of the four victims who survived that initial attack died.
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14-year-old gea serrano. her family tried to turn the death into hope for others today. >> we've made the decision to donate gea's organs so others may benefit. our daughter was loving and kind and this gift honors her life. >> gea's death brings the number who did not survive that shooting rampage to three, including gunman jaylen fryberg. the question that haunts the community is why he opened fire. in the interim as police continue that investigation, voters in washington state are considering two gun laws. one would broaden background checks. the other would strengthen gun ownership rights. the husband and wife crime team accused of killing two deputies is now facing serious charges. police say marcelo marquez and janelle monroe's shooting spree started in sacramento last friday. that's when the two shot two deputies who approached their car. then police say they shot another deputy and an innocent
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bystander who they tried to car jack. they were eventually caught in auburn. the couple faces several charges including carjacking, attempted murder, and murder. legal experts say the pair is facing more than just a long prison sentence. >> district attorney's office may take the position, we are not going to plea bargain, we are going to prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law. >> there's a very good chance that they're going to be charged with the death penalty. >> the motive of this crime spree is still unknown. they'll make their first court appearance tomorrow. the search is on for a missing san jose woman. this is nelly aguilar sant at a time oyo hernandez last spotted friday night around 7:00 in the alum rock neighborhood. officers found her car in the parking lot but no sign of her. if you know where hernandez is, you are urged to call the san jose police department. it's not often we say this. good news at the gas pump.
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prices have been dropping dramatically. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman. what can we say, a hot spot which is a low spot in the south bay. >> reporter: perfect way to put it. gas prices across the country dropping to very near their lowest levels in four years. right here on mckee road in san jose, we've got two gas stations across the street from each other. both charging less than $3 a gallon. and it's that competition putting money in your pocket. the lines at san jose's gas and shop were long all day. customers drawn in by the $2.94 a gallon price. >> the less money you spend on gas, you have more money to spend on other things. >> reporter: down, according to the lundberg survey, by 18 cents a gallon in the last two weeks. what do you think you might spent it on? >> maybe on clothes or gifts or something better than just gas. >> i think it's definitely a
6:37 pm
very positive stimulus for most of the economy. >> reporter: santa clara economics professor alex field says the drop in gas prices, spurred by a higher supply of oil with less demand for it, is coming just in time for our holiday shopping. >> people are not going to feel as bad about getting that new iphone or maybe being a little more liberal when they start doing their holiday shopping. >> reporter: and competition is fierce. gas and shop was packed. moe's across the street, 3 cents a gallon more, and just about empty. >> i remember when it was way back 75 cents. when i was in high school. >> not that low but getting a little better? >> exactly. >> compared to $4, yes, definitely. of course. >> you're saving a little money? >> some. some money. >> what might you do with that money? >> drive around more. >> reporter: more driving and at
6:38 pm
least for now, more saving. for now these falling gas prices, good news for shopping but not yet good news for air travel. why is that? even though oil is falling, many airlines will buy fuel contracts months in advance. so it will be a little while before their fuel prices will drop and they'll be able to perhaps pass the savings on to travelers. >> the average cost is $3.38 in san jose. $3.50 in san francisco. in oak land $3.42. overall prices have dropped over 30 cents in the last month. coming up next, tricks, in the treats, on walmart's website. the halloween gaffe that has triggered a lot of complaints. a giants start. meet south bay families who house the san francisco giants before they made it to the big
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. >> the fight over the accreditation of community college of san francisco. 80,000 students served by ccsf, the city says the school is part of the fabric of san francisco. city hall challenging the commission that revoked the school's' credittation claiming the evaluation wasn't based on performance but political bias and conflicts of interest. the commission warned the school several times about financial management issues.
6:42 pm
the trial is expected to last a week. walmart has made some changes after facing outrage on social media over some halloween costumes. online customers were outraged to see women's plus-size outfits categorized under the heading "fat girl costumes." the page was removed this morning put an outcry on social media was already well under way. walmart social media staff responded to the first tweets saying "your comments and suggestions are important to us" but no changes were made until today. >> inappropriate indeed. the best costume for halloween is going to be a rain boat. >> yes. a rain coat. >> you've got to change the forecast for all the kids. >> i know. i'm not sure it's going to happen, you guys. we still have four days for the forecast models to change. it is possible. but right now we're going to show you at least the worst of what's coming our way in that forecast update in a few minutes.
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in case you didn't know giants are one win away from the glory. city hall lit in orange and black. coit tower, the embarcadero, and sfo lit up in giants' colors. >> for so many the fame and fortune came in san francisco but early memories were in san jose. the paycheck much smaller which meant they had to live with host families. >> damian trujillo joins us from san jose's municipal stadium. if you want to see the stars of tomorrow, go to a san jose giants game. >> reporter: tharlt. the only players in last night's lineup who did not play here in san jose, hunter pence and
6:46 pm
gregor plaung co. everybody else on that lineup learned how did win here in san jose. >> 3-2 pitch. high ball into center -- >> reporter: he came through with the bat. juan perez's run-scoring double similar to the ones he used to hit at san jose's municipal stadium. where mom and dad watched him blossom. >> juan was here. juan's my son, he's my baby. >> reporter: the resemblance might throw you off. you see, the musgraves were perez's san jose parents. >> when he hit that ball i was crying. >> reporter: the musgraves were a host family allowing san jose giants players like perez and the panda to stay in their home during the season so they could concentrate on baseball. >> i only had one rule for any of the guys. and that was, i don't care where you go, what you do, it's not my business. but if you're not coming home, call me, that's all i ask. just call me and let me know you're okay. >> like a mom does. >> yeah. >> reporter: it's been rewarding
6:47 pm
for the musgraves to see their son grow up. in fact, seven of the nine players in the lineup last night made their way through san jose. bumgarner, the panda, buster, phelps, panik, crawford. >> travis ishikawa hits one into right! >> reporter: and ishikawa. >> it's very exciting for our front office and exciting for our fans here in san jose. because this is really where it all started for these players and their professional journey. >> reporter: joe ritso is the voice of the giants at minuteny, a place where he saw the musgraves help raise their boys. >> just like raising your kids and then they go out in the world and you see they've become something great. it's amazing. >> reporter: thrilling that her boys are one win away from being labeled a dynasty. the san francisco giants team is still young but what are the names of the future? here in san jose, watch out for the names like mack williamson,
6:48 pm
sheikh lu shane lukes. happen. happening now on the big island of hawaii, lava less than 100 yards from a community. most of the people who live there are packing up or have by this point already left. but a few are refusing to leave. the lava flow is wider than a football field and officials say it can shift directions or speed without warning. on top of that there are dangerous meth 18 explosions at the edges. the flow was triggered by volcanic eruption four months ago. jeff ranieri our chief meteorologist joining us now. we'll talk about the halloween forecast but even more so tomorrow night for the giants here and in kansas city. >> so far for the san francisco giants, wetherelltively had been benign. rainfall on saturday but overall pretty good. throughout game six on tuesday, 63 and also mostly sunny skies. coincidentally in san francisco, temperatures will also be very similar on tuesday for any kind
6:49 pm
of watch parties. we know in civic center they're going to be having a viewing party as we head throughout game six. sky camera network, the sun sets, it is beautiful. temperatures in the 60s right now. really no disruptive weather to talk about. you can see across the peninsula as the sun sets looking gorgeous. not waste any time as we head throughout our tuesday, we're going to have sunny conditions. temperatures about 3 to 5 degrees warmer. we'll hang on to high-level cloud cover but it's not going to be anything that's going shield the sun too much. san jose 71. hotter in morgan hill, too far away from any kind of bay breeze to keep your down. a little last surge of summer for the peninsula. 74 in palo alto. cool in pacifica 67. wait till you see what we've got coming our way for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley. napa winning out with probably one of the best forecasts tomorrow. 77 and sunny skies for the east bay.
6:50 pm
you've got 71 in oakland. back to walnut creek, 78. also a round of upper 70s for the tri-valley and sunny skies. the forecast, we want to advance things to this talk of a halloween storm. for the past three days it is notable here that the forecast models have not waivered on this storm system arriving throughout halloween. that is still in the cards as we head throughout this friday forecast. what you're going to see is by 5:00 a.m. friday, rainfall begins to line up to the north. unfortunately, the way the timing goes on this, right through 2:00, we're looking at chances of rain from santa rosa down towards san jose. so for the young trick-or-treaters early on, it looks wet. for the kids that are a little bit older here and adults with any kind of parties on friday night, you can see rainfall staying in the forecast through 8:00 p.m. likely areas of rain all the way through saturday morning and we won't probably clear out till saturday afternoon. so how much rain are we talking? looks a little bit juicier than this storm system we had on
6:51 pm
saturday. especially for the south bay. possibly over .25 inches, likely .5 inches or higher for the north bay, especially in the hills. so for halloween specifically, a little bit spooky as you've been saying. cloud cover staying in place. chance of rain throughout pretty much the entire afternoon and evening. temperatures in the 60s at 6:00 p.m. by 9:00 bringing late trick-or-treaters, dropping down into the 50s and a bit of wind. the umbrella and jacket, find some way to incorporate it and you could still have a sweet costume. you've got to figure it out. >> i will say the timing might change on this in the next three days. so let's hope for that. for right now, prepare for rain. >> fingers crossed. giants baseball, mad bum last night, tomorrow night jake peavy. can the magic continue? peavy showing up in the world series news conference with two very interesting sidemates.
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6:54 pm
got to dig out another piece of orangewear for tomorrow, wearing all the clothes. >> you're right. what they're trying to dig out, one more win. that's all they need. giants are a victory away from a third world series crown in five years. and the main reason, of course, the left arm of madison bumgarner. the ace of the g-men has not only won two world series games in the fall classic but done it in history-making fashion. his four-hit shutout victory in game five lowered his world series e.r.a. to jaw-dropping
6:55 pm
numbers. sitting on top of some of the best pitchers ever in the history of the game we're talking. at 0.29, mad bum's earned run average right now the best in history all-time with a minimum of 25 innings pitched in the world series. the list goes so far back time-wise, obviously some of the names are not household, with the exception of babe herman ruth. so now with game five in the books the pressure shifts to jake peavy to close out the series. >> our bunch is focused. we're trying to grind this thing out the way we have for feels like forever now. not even sure the date, the day, doesn't matter. we're focused on trying to find a way to win one more game. just got to do all i can do. to be in the moment, to think about executing pitches, to find any way, anyhow, for the san
6:56 pm
francisco giants to win this game. i promise you i'm going to exhaust every option. >> he has the experience to get it done without a doubt. another tough setback for the raiders sunday where they seemed to find a way to lose another game. interim head coach tony sparano has to be looking in disbelief as he watched darren mcfadden fumble in the third with the silver and black trailing 9-6 at cleveland. on their way to tying or taking the lead, later in the fourth derek carr makes be a unforced turnover. basically sealing the raiders' fate. >> we can't continuously have to patch up something every single week. you know, eventually those problems have got -- we've got to fix all those problems. we need to concern ourselves with our own goals right now. and there should only be one. it should be seattle at this point. >> obviously that is going to be a tough get next sunday. 49ers nose tackle glenn dorsey returned to practice
6:57 pm
today. while he remains on injured reserve after suffering a torn biceps muscle early in training camp, this is a positive considering he just went under surgery august 4th. still not known if we'll be able to play. 49ers got a chance to heal burg during the bye week. patrick willis and vernon davis should be good to go sunday when the red and gold host the st. louis rams. >> we like seeing make peavy's sons at the news conference. >> so cute. coming up at 11:00, exposing silicon valley's dark secrets. we investigate so-called body shops to reveal what's being called a troubling labor system tonight at 11:00 after "the blacklist." >> thank you for joining us, hope you have a great evening.
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