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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 25, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it's absolutely horrible. horrible, just horrific. >> coping with tragedy. a community stunned after a high school student opens fire during lunch hour. what we're learning about the teacher who came to the rescue. what she says happened to her during her time in isolation that has her upset. plus a soggy day across the bay. your full weekend forecast straight ahead. good evening, everyone. happening right now, the rain is not done with us yet. a live look outside. san francisco on your left. dublin on your right. the clouds are here. more rolling in. our meteorologist is tracking the action right now.
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>> i'm glad you showed dublin. rain totals pretty impressive. a half inch of rain for mill valley. some other totals in the santa cruz mountains about 3/4 of an inch of rain. san jose just over a 0.1 of an inch. san jose, you got sunshine. a few clouds over the santa cruz mountains. you can see some of that rain up towards marin county. still scattered showers here in the north bay where we did have some thunder earlier north of santa rosa. here's another line. a good one here from half moon bay heading towards hayward. san jose, relatively in the clear right now. the main cold front as passed on
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by. this view from north star. 6,000 to 7,000 foot snow levels. those will drop. just how much more snow we're expecting in the sierra and the rain in your forecast coming up. it is a somber day as sheriffs deputies remember two slain deputiy edeputiey eied -- shot and killed yesterday. >> they were remembered today with a very solemn procession. 25 patrol cars escorted the car to a funeral home in roseville. the community lined the highway to salute the fallen deputy. 47-year-old danny oliver was shot and killed yesterday. 42-year-old michael davis jr.
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was also shot and killed 26 years to the day after his father, also a sheriff's deputy, was killed in the line of duty. davis is a father of four. the man is behind barred accused of murder, attempted murder, and carjacking. his wife is also accused of attempted murder and carjacking. the violent rampage stretched for 30 miles from sacramento to auburn. two other people were also wounded in the shooting spree. and today the sheriffs said today, we're just numb. nbc bay area news. thank you very much. governor jerry brown extending condolences to the families of the deputies. he says friday's killing of deputy danny oliver and detective michael davis are, quote, a tragic reminder of the sacrifices we demand of our peace officers. he ordered flags at the state capital to fly at half staff. new details surrounding the
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deadly high school shooting in washington state. a newly hired teacher tried to stop the gunman's rampage as he was trying to reload. the shooter jaylen fryburg ended up killing himself. >> a doctor is nearby constantly. >> one boy is in critical condition. another in serious. friday's shooting also left one girl dead. police say the gun was recently purchased and they have not named the owner. the free wide is over. beginning monday, bart will start phasing out free parking. we are live in concord where a
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new parking fee begins on monday. >> reporter: well, terry, you knew this was coming. the other bart stations, the other 29 to be exact, all require commuters to pay for parking during the week. the new signs in concord just went up this week and it's telling customers they'll have to start paying a fee, a dollar a day now, when leaving their vehicle starting monday. back in 2005, bart started charging for parking because the lots were filling up so fast and so early, hoping to encourage people to find another way to bart. four stations remain fee-free, but concord's new charge is starting and it is getting mixed reviews. >> it is unfortunate because bart is expensive to begin with, so not necessarily really happy with it.
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>> other stations charge and so since this was the last one, it was inevitable it was going to happen. >> reporter: bart says that it costs $1.33 a day on average to maintain the stations. the other stations will also begin charging, north concord, hayward, and the oakland colise coliseum. this is only for commuters. it is still free to park here after 3:00 p.m. on weekdays and it is free on weekends and holidays. they are considered armed and dangerous and police need your help identifying these men. the fbi and san francisco police released these photos of two suspects in an armed take over style bank robbery. this happened september 29th, when they held up a bank on 24th street near sanchez. police say at least one of the suspects displayed a gun.
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both men about 5'10". the suspect in the gray sweatshirt right there, between 25 and 30. the other suspect dressed in all black is about 40 years of age, had a shaved head and a short beard. health care workers are fighting the new rules. the mandates, they say, are making them feel like criminals. the federal changes now in effect. plus, the music passion turned into action. the generous way this teacher dealt with his school's lack of instruments. we're watching partly cloudy skies at least in san jose, but other parts of the bay area still seeing parts of rain. how much more rain can we expect for your weekend? we'll have a look at that when we come right back.
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continuing coverage in the fight against ebola tonight. the focus, the new york area now where officials have stepped up how they will deal with those who have had contact with anyone infected with the disease, including international aide workers, doctors, and nurses. >> reporter: just back from west africa, a nurse remains quarantined tonight in this new jersey hospital and will be there for a whole 21 days despite a test that shows she does not have ebola.
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>> this is a very serious situation. >> reporter: so serious, they have instituted a mandatory quarantine on anyone arriving at newark or jfk airports who has had direct contact with ebola patients. casey calls the measure, quote, a frenzy of disorganization and fear that made her feel like a criminal. dr. craig spencer remains in isolation right now at bellevue hospital after testing positive for the disease. it reopened last night and the mayor had lunch there this afternoon. >> to feel the support from the mayor and the mayor's office, the department of health, and the office of emergency management, they responded so quickly and they came to our aid and to make sure that our
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servers and staff and customers were safe. >> reporter: disease detectives continue their search for anyone who may have had contact with dr. spencer and his fiance and two friends, who are in quarantine. nina pham is clean and back home in texas tonight. the military is investigating the death of a california marine in iraq. he died in baghdad on thursday. this is the first casualty in iraq since the u.s. began its inherent resolve mission against isis. according to the pentagon, his death occurred in a noncombat roll. more benefits are on the way for same-sex couples. those states are alaska, arkansas, idaho, north carolina, west virginia, and wyoming,
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couples in these states will qualify for benefits. the push to add a different kind of halloween decoration to your front porch. plus -- i fought what we needed for right then and there. >> you have heard of teachers digging into their own pocket for classroom slupplies, but ths story will make you feel bay area proud. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
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preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse.
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and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46.
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most teachers have dipped into their own pockets to buy classroom supplies, but there's a teacher in richmond who has taken that idea to a whole new level. >> one, two, ready, go. >> reporter: as the music teacher at richmond's middle school, tim wilson spends his day surrounded by music, using its to touch people's lives. >> you're right there with the beatles. >> reporter: it's something tim has been doing in a round about way his whole life. a very roundabout way. he was a trumpet prodigy growing up in scotts valley. he found a home for 20 years in the san francisco opera where he
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rose to the prominent position of trumpet player. when he played, the pressure of glaucoma rose. with that, tim's career was over. he spent the next decade focused on raising his two sons, not even picking up his trumpet until years later while trying to get certified as a music teacher. tim, not realizing how much he missed it, until he had an audience, a woman who had wandered in to watch him practice. >> it's going to move their hearts. >> you have a good heear for hearing when it goes up and down. >> reporter: something was
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missing. a lot of somethings. >> no resources for which to teach the kids music that they want. >> reporter: he was fortunate enough to find a program called kids rock. they also provided 30 free guitars to help him do it. still, that wasn't enough for each student to take an instrument home to practice and that wasn't good enough for tim. >> so i just bought what i thought we needed right then and there, so i didn't have to deal with the red tape. >> reporter: no red tape. just a lot of boxes because tim has since bought some 80 guitars with amplifiers to match. there are also the keyboards, drums, drum kits. the list goes on. it is between 50 and $100,000. >> i ask myself this question out of discipline and
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compassion, if it was my kid, how would i treat that child? >> heck of a question to ask. the largest day of the dead celebration wrapping up in just minutes today in san jose. festival g attendees enjoyed traditional food, music, art, and treats such as sugar skulls. let's check in with our meteorologist. this morning we did have quite a bit of rain come through the south bay. one of the sunnier spots just happens to be san jose. little bit of a different story as you look closer to san francisco. we have been seeing some showers there. breezy conditions at times. also in the upper 60s. you'll notice it is the
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tri-valley and the east bay that we have watched that line of showers. back here towards the peninsula, right around south san francisco and not too far away from the ballpa ballpark too, we've had a few showers there at at&t this evening. notice the widely scattered nature of the showers you're seeing. not so much in the south bay, but a few approaching the coast. that will spill into the south bay in the next hour or so. more of the widespread moisture has moved off to the south and east. that's where it's dropping of snow in the sierra mountain area. the intensity of these showers are starting to back off, which is good news when you see all that lightning and severe weather in places like redding. most of the severe weather will stay off to the north of sacramento and the bay area.
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we can't rule out a slight chance of a brief isolated shower as that weather moves in for the early evening. scattered showers decreasing in coverage and intensity overnight. they'll be down around san jose, morgan hill, maybe some early in the morning, and then in the afternoon skies begin to clear. you can see now over the next 12 hours or so, not a whole lot left. look at these temperatures to wrap up the weekend. upper 60s to near 70 with the winds out of the northwest. may not feel that warm outside. san francisco, mostly upper 60s to the north bay you'll see highs in the upper 60s to near 70. in the tri-valley, temperatures in the low 70s. morning temperatures, 40s and
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50s. the next five days will transition to a drier pattern. seeing those temperatures climb approaching wednesday and more clouds thursday and friday. north bay and tri-valley, same trend there. more clouds coming in towards the end of the week. as we jump forward now and look for the next chance of seeing rain, it looks like it is going to come in towards the end of next week. more snow. maybe another 2 to 3 inches of snow up towards the sierra in time for next weekend. lava flowing from hawaii's kilauea volcano. they're going to door to door letting people know that evacuations may be coming in the next few days.
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that kvolcano has been erupting since 1983. a legal fight over beer that was meant to pay homage to "star wars."
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"star wars," puns are pretty rampant, but it is rare when one sparks a legal response from george lucas himself. this one by a beer. the name of the beer is strike balk, but it is too close to the "the empire strikes back." it could cause confusion that it
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is somehow part of the "star wars" brand. they don't believe the name infringes on copy right laws. he floated up to the stratosphere. he reached a top altitude of more than 135,000 feet before coming back. from orange to teal, you may see some pumpkins turning colors this halloween. the changes to keep treats safe from allergies. it's going viral. the idea is parents can see the pumpkin from the street when
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they are trick or treating from the street and know there are alternative snacks available. imagine having a pet without all the commitment. there's a new place you can do that right here in the bay area. that's next.
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don't have a pet? don't worry. america's very first cat cafe opened its doors in oakland. you can buy a latte and an hour of play time with an adoptable feline. the owners hope this new business will help find homes for east bay cats. are you not going to take it home? good thinking. cat cavfecafes are popular in u areas. a very similar idea is in the
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works in san francisco. >> it's really neat. marketing at its best. you see here on the radar we have some fast moving downpours here. isolated showers rolling through the tri-valley. you're looking at some pretty good showers there. scattered showers out of and on. tomorrow we'll lose the rain out of the forecast. breezy and cool. highs up to 70s. >> isn't it the good news the storm doors have opened, so they say? >> yes. we need everything we can get. >> just in time for halloween night maybe? >> possibly. it could be ghostly cloudy.
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>> thanks for watching us. "nbc nightly news" is next. good night. on this saturday night, final moments. new details tonight on what happened right before a high school freshman opened fire. fighting ebola. three states put stricter quarantines in place for certain travelers from west africa. plus, what american doctors say the real threat is. falling gas prices. three words you rarely hear. why is it happening now? and, it's a dog's life everyday at one american office where four-legged friends are welcome as long as they follow the rules. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt.


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