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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 23, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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another attorney. >> reporter: reached by a phone in omaha he admitted to the talk with ettinger but was shocked by the allegations saying he would never ask anyone to lie, saying he had retained an attorney. >> i don't know what happened in the conversation. i can't comment on something i wasn't party to. >> reporter: mayor reed asked the u.s. attorney's office to investigate claims made by rivas. the police union will ask for a federal investigation on mayor reed and his close adviser vick agiloni. >> there's a problem with the san francisco fire department. the chief feeling the heat, especially after today's meeting. leaders of the firefighters union and employee working groups sat down face to face with chief joann hayes white. she called for this meeting and there was nothing shelkd say to make them want her to stay on the job. >> we don't have confidence in her. that's why we took the vote,
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saying we need new leadership. we've lost that confidence that we've had in her ability to lead this fire department. >> this has been boiling over for weeks. the chief as spokesperson said the chief is committed to staying on the job. >> she's looking forward to working closely with the employee group. she has a very positive attitude about it. i think that there's been some misinformation that's been given out by some of the members of the group. and that they may have their own agendas. >> so what's next in this political tug of war? the groups plan to hire their own auditor to review the fire department. this just in, take a look. this is in san francisco's potrero hill neighborhood, gushing. a car rammed into a hydrant about an hour ago. no one was hurt and no buildings have been flooded, at least not yet. as you can see the firefighters are still trying to determine how to shut off this hydrant.
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it's pretty high, water being wasted, no word how long this intersection will remain closed. this is in potrero hill. it was a tour bus ride no one on board will ever forget. >> they make all this [ muted ] noise all the time, okay, there's too many of them out here. >> that is cell phone video of a san francisco tour guide going on a bizarre racist tirade against chinatown. right now city and community leaders are gathering to rally against what they call hateful speech. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in chinatown with more on the rant and what city leaders are asking for. >> reporter: good evening. supervisor chu and others are calling for more training, cultural sensetively. this video stunned people here in san francisco. not just because of what this tour guide said but also because she said it in front of people who were here to see the beauty and culture of san francisco. >> [ bleep ] your salon.
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[ bleep ] your bars -- >> reporter: the video posted on youtube shows a tour bus guide on an expletive-filled racist rant in san francisco's chinatown. >> when you come to america you got to simulate a little bit. and here in america we don't eat turtles and frogs. >> reporter: with bottle in hand she bashes the noise, the laundry, and more. nicole williams' jaw dropped when she saw it. >> that's just -- really uncalled for and racist and wrong. you know, unbelievable that she would say anything like that in public or in general. >> reporter: supervisor david chew called for an apology. >> it was incredibly sad and disheartening to think that in 2014, someone would say such hurtful comments. >> reporter: the ceo of city sightseeing san francisco released this statement. "i deeply apologize to the residents of chinatown and san francisco for the conduct of a former employee. comments made by this former employee on her last day of employment are absolutely not a
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representation of how much we love and support chinatown." john iverson took the city tour today. >> great tour guide. i think it's really stupid. >> reporter: because of this incident the company is saying that they have added additional training to make sure that their tours in the future are up to their standard. and coming up in our next hour, san francisco mayor ed lee weighs in on the rant. also in san francisco, a trolley-type tour bus hit and killed a woman near the intersection of mccallister and polk next to city hall. police say the victim, in her 60s, was in the crosswalk when it happened around 11:00 this morning. it is not known if the driver will face charges. new developments now in the attack in the canada's capital city of ottawa. police are piecing together the gun man's past in hopes of understanding his motive. michael zehaf-bibeau may have
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had extremist views and applied for a passport to syria. >> he did not possess any information at that time that would reveal any criminality. his criminal records indicated infractions due to drugs, violence and other criminal activities. >> he's accused of shooting and killing a soldier guarding the tomb of the unknowns at canada's war memorial yesterday. minutes later he drove to the parliament building and opened fire. here's cell phone video of that attack. officials released this surveillance video showing him running in. three people were hit. the sergeant at arms, kevin vickers, shot and killed bibeau. vickers was honored today. cana canada's prime minister told his country this morning, we will not be intimidated. that was a goat. bibeau's mother issued a statement saying she's weeping for the victims and not for her son. "nightly news" with brian williams, why did he do it? what investigators are learning about this gunman. the shooting in ottawa
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happened hours before the white house dealt with another fence jumper and both cases have the white house considering some more security changes. this stunning video captured by fox news shows 32-year-old dominic adasanya kicking and punching the secret service dog who were attacking him. the maryland man has had scuffles with secret service before. his father says he has mental health issues. the white house says it is considering a higher fence around the executive mansion and possibly a fence around capitol hill, which is fully exposed. new york city health officials are waiting for test results to see if it has its first case of ebola. the patient seen in this photo being removed from his apartment is a fit for doctors without borders. the group notified officials as soon as they learned one of their own was sick with fever and nausea. nbc news has identified the patient as dr. craig spencer. he returned to the u.s. last friday after treating ebola patients in the west african nation of guinea. tonight he's isolated at
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bellevue hospital. his ebola test results will take about 12 hours. did you see the eclipse this afternoon? if you didn't you'll have to wait another three years. the west coast got to see a partial solar eclipse from about 2:30 this afternoon to 5:00. at its peak, close to 70% of the sun was blocked by the moon. among those watching, scientists at foothill college observatory in los altos hills. >> during an eclipse like this, you can in sense get in touch with the sun, you can have more of a personal interaction with the sun. i think a lot of the students and the public are here because it's so rare you get to see the sun doing something up close and personal. >> astronomers say there will be a total eclipse of the sun in august 2017. we also had one earlier this year in april. they are back in town. the giants landed at sfo and made their way to the ballpark. this is video of the team buses
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caravanning from the airport to china basin. while in kansas city the giants split the first two games of the world series in this best of seven series. >> in a perfect world the giants win all three games this weekend and the victory parade would be next week. >> you've got the timing down. >> but the world is rarely perfect. mark matthews is at the ballpark. >> reporter: raj and janelle, it was a giant crowd but not a big one here to welcome home the giants as they returned to at&t park. a few dozen people scattered around the intersection of second and king. let me show you the pick does of the buses rolling in. the players got off the buses to the applause of the crowd that was here. many of them with their families. we saw mabs, he was the first one that we saw, guster posy strolled on by, gregor blanco, yusmeiro petit, brandon crawford, mike morris among those headed into the stadium. the players didn't show much emotion or even acknowledge the
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crowd that was shouting at them. they looked like men on their way home from work or on their way to do a job. but for the folks here who were watching, it was a treat just to see them. >> i just wanted to share this with my kids. it's a golden era of the giants. the supernatural era of the giants. >> we're all huge fans. just amazing to watch them walking through the ballpark, to the world series. >> when you see them on tv and you get a more closeup view of them, get a little insight into what they really look like with their families and everything, it's kind of fun to see that. >> that was the homecoming. tomorrow 42,000-plus will see them in person. right now the giants doing light practice. before they returned home workers at the ballpark spent the day getting the stadium ready for game three. seats were power washed, tv crews set up for the game
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broadcast. tomorrow marks the fourth world series at&t park has hosted since 2002. you can't get enough of the orange and plaque? visit click on the giants fan photos tab in the upper left-hand corner to check out a slide show. show us us your team spirit by e-mails us. you're nervous. you're frustrated. high anxiety, wondering what's going to happen to you. >> several people say they got sick from drinking the water in their own home. i'm michelle roberts in san jose in a neighborhood where the water has been contaminated with e. coli. coming up what officials say may have caused this problem. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. the radar looked exactly how we want it to look this time of the year. we've got rain and clouds just off to the north. we're tracking this rain and we'll let you know when we'll finally get some and what it's going to mean for us in just a few minutes. i'm clair, i learned to have
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grace and dignity when you're battling an illness. >> she didn't just teach math. the life lessons one teacher passed along to her colleagues and students and how those lessons are being celebrated at a high school, sometime in the pool. at 6:00, chp pulled her over for suspected dui. then things got weird. >> she trusted this officer. >> why the officer faces charges for what happened to the racy pictures in her phone. >> it's a simple disgrace to the uniform. >> that's new at 6:00. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death. only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes.
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the new twist on a story, several people are sick after drinking tap water contaminated with e. coli. they were drinking this from their own home. san jose water company says hundreds of homes are impacted. right now the water is not safe to drink in this specific
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neighborhood. michelle roberts joins us from sydney drive in east san jose. when will this water be safe to drink? >> reporter: they believe sunday is the earliest that this water will be safe to drink. it's still contaminated. they believe an animal may have climbed inside the pipe to cause this e. coli problem. san jose water company is flushing out the pipes on sydney drive to clear out water contaminated with e. coli. >> i just thought it was a stomachache. >> reporter: lakisha rodriguez says her family and two children who attend her day care have been sick, suffering from nausea and diarrhea. >> it's very frustrating. it's very disappointing in other ways. >> reporter: until the water is safe lakisha can only care for two children and it's costing her $300 a day in lost business. >> it would have been too difficult to, you know, flush the toilet and wash their hands and keep them clean without getting sick.
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>> reporter: on friday the san jose water company issued a boiling water notice for 300 homes in east san jose. because the water tested positive for e. coli. >> the experience has been that an animal might have gotten into the pipe. >> reporter: the company spokesman says crews are working 24/7 until the water is clean. some neighbors aren't sure they'll ever trust the tap again. >> i would never drink city water again. as long as i live. >> reporter: 300 families are receiving free bottled water, but officials say that's out of the abundance of caution and only 50 homes were affected by this contaminated water. there are many great teachers who have a great reputation with their students. >> but it must be an exceptional one if the kids think she has a good reputation and they've never even met her. tonight's "bay area proud." >> the history in a place like san jose's presentation high school comes not from its old
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buildings but from the people who have walked its whats. it's something they want their students to remember. just how they're choosing to do it is tonight's "bay area proud." it takes a special teacher to get this many teenagers out of bed and into a pool at this hour of the morning. even more special when you consider it is a math teacher that has these girls swimming lap after lap. a math teacher, by the way, none of them ever had or likely even knew. that is because clair bookser died of breast cancer almost a decade ago. yet each fall at san jose's presentation high school the lanes are full of students and adults swimming to remember clair and raise money to fight breast cancer and fund a scholarship in her name. >> she was a quiet force.
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for sure. >> reporter: amy did have clair bookser as a teacher and later, when a teacher herself, as a colleague. >> she was quiet. she was kind. she was the grandmother next door. she made everybody feel good about themselves. >> reporter: as good a teacher as clair was, though, it was her bravery while battling cancer that most at presentation remember. and admire. >> i'm clair. from clair i learned to have grace and dignity when you're battling an illness. and to just keep trucking. >> bring them back here -- >> reporter: it was marisa watts' idea to honor clair with a yearly swim a thon. the presentation swim coach wanted to teach her students lessons about just what true dedication is. marisa, like others, marveled that even with just months to live, clair with the help of husband bob showed up at school to administer the work
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scholarship program. >> i'd never seen anybody handle a life and death experience with the kind of grace that she did. >> reporter: and that is a lesson at presentation they believe deserves to be taught over and over again. >> i checked in, they're in the thousands of dollars that they raised and when i was talking to mary miller, the principal that was involved yesterday when a couple of students came in to the check on their pledges, they take this very seriously. combined, about $1,000. they had swum about 400 laps, i believe, each. almost 500 laps each. this is something at that school they take very seriously, raising the money for fighting breast cancer, raising money for scholarship that allows someone to attend presentation. >> incredible fund-raiser for a remarkable woman, such a great idea. let's bring in jeff ranieri. i believe bruce bochy will be watching this forecast closely. >> the pressure is on. we do have some changes for that world series forecast as the
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giants come back home. right now we've got a stationary storm front across california and it's doing just that. it's staying stationary right here near the california/oregon border. for us a few spotty showers in the north bay. the most consistent rainfall is even north of ukiah at this point. so through tonight, might get a spotty shower there down towards santa rosa. as we take you outside the sky camera network, drastically different conditions right now at 5:19. north bay, temperatures averaging in the low 70s. foggy conditions at the immediate coastline and our weather underground sky camera network, areas of drizzle. south bay, this is where there was no chance of any rainfall today. you can see just that, blue sky right now. also in that weather underground sky camera network, looking great back down in the south bay. for friday, what you're going to be able to see is it's a beautiful day. we're going to be in between storm systems. so not too bad. downtown san jose getting up to
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80 degrees. partly cloudy skies. sunny skies in morgan hill. and a last push here towards some summertime temperatures with 84 degrees. for the peninsula, sunny and 79 in palo alto. back towards pacific character a little bit of sun. 70s for a bit. most of san francisco will remain in the 60s. a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. we'll get you to the north bay, east bay, and trivalley, and you're going to see again a sunny rebound here. really no indication at least in the forecast for tomorrow that we've got a storm coming our way. 77 in napa. san santa rosa 75. unlimited visibility out here in the trivalley. remember that spf. 80 in danville. low 80s in livermore. the storm system is still on the way, despite the fact that we've got sunny weather for our friday forecast. throughout tonight, areas of showers continue to diminish. we're not going to see that next storm system line up until friday evening, keeping the heaviest rainfall offshore. great news for game number three back here at home at at&t park.
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then as we head throughout saturday morning any plans you have, maybe even early on for a road trip, we've got areas of rain moving in by 4:00 a.m. we'll likely see areas of scattered rain through 4:00 p.m. and the latest update today not only has areas of showers lingering through the afternoon, but enough uplift in the upper levels of the atmosphere we could have a few thunderstorms fire off. still the possibility of spotty showers through saturday evening. we'll begin to clear out as we head throughout sunday. on top of the rain we've also got wind, 15 to 30 miles per hour from the morning hours right throughout portions of the afternoon. so be prepared for that. we may get a few minor power outages even with winds in the 20s and 30s. we'll get you to that world series forecast. you can see through tomorrow just a little bit of fog rolling in at 5:00 p.m., patchy drizzle. by saturday, a 60% chance of isolated thunderstorms. we're tracking it at still to come, a break in
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the case. the key piece of evidence police say led them to a serial burglar. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg wowed a crowd in beijing. the reason his mandarin is so good, next.
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the power of social media. police nabbed this burglary suspect after finding stolen equipment in his storage unit. investigators believe he's behind at least ten burglaries in the bay area including this one. the owner posted surveillance video on social media websites and that led to a tip and his arrest. tonight a south bay landmark has a new owner. the pruneyard towers and the
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surrounding shopping center in campbell is a walkable mix of retail, office, and hotel space in the south bay. the new owner, ellis partners of san francisco, reportedly purchased the pruneyard, built in the 1970s, for about $300 million. ellis properties owns town and country village in palo alto and recently completed a $20 million improvement plan there. while checking your timeline mark zuckerberg is learning mandarin and he wowed some students. [ speaking foreign language ] >> impressive, we think. zuckerberg speaking mandarin in beijing during a 30-minute q&a session. zuckerberg said he spent years learning the language because his wife is chinese and he loves the culture. a sure sign the holidays are coming. the second harvest food bank is kicking off its annual drive. hundreds of families lined up at a church near the food bank warehouse, the goal to show the
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need for food is not seasonal, it's every day. the need for food has not eased a bit. >> silicon valley is such an expensive place to live. and with rents going up 10% year over year, that missing $200, $300 may be what people used to spend on food. >> and there is a drought connection. since fresh fruits and vegetables are most of the food bank's inventory organizers worry another year of drought will rate the cost of produce because there will be less available. up next, gold medalist with a golden yard, kristi yamaguchi getting ready for her next big ice skating event in san jose. h. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine.
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but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv. tiny sharon is mean. i'm right here. watch any channel live on any device around your home. download the xfinity tv app today.
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a bay area olympic gold medalist came to the south bay to help celebrate a new triumph. kristi yamaguchi visited washington elementary school in san jose, awarded about 200 students for their achievement in the always reading program which promotes reading by offering incentives. she along with robert honda handed out free tickets to the upcoming skating event. tickets went to students who had accumulated 50,000 minutes of reading. >> to be able to reach out and be in over 14 schools in the bay area, absolutely it means a lot. i think i'm really finally starting to see firsthand in touching the kids and really seeing us making a difference. >> yamaguchi will be the best on
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"asia-pacific america" with robert hon that this sunday. her skating event is going to be an all-star skating cast. >> november 2nd. on our broadcast tonight, ebola scare. a doctor here in new york rushed to the hospital with ominous symptoms after he treated ebola patients in africa. moment of crisis. the startling new images released tonight showing the gunman storming canada's seat of power. and tonight the man who stopped him is being hailed as a national hero. taking action. the high school changing its plans for an artificial turf field after seeing our report on the potential health risks. tonight, our follow-up. and "making a difference." the seeds so many of you helped a young girl plant, assuring that hundreds wouldn't go hungry. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc tl


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