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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 22, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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around bay area, san jose 49. radar looking dry for the moment. seeing changes ahead which will bring rain back into the forecast. as we watch the commute building up at bay bridge toll plaza, tracking two more, issues of a crash in hayward and a crash out of san francisco as well. live look at downtown san jose, calm. giants fans in the south bias well. we'll be roaring come 5:00. it's wednesday, october 22, this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia-cannon. santa claire ra county coroner trying to identify a body found in a dump in milpitas.
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stephanie chuang with more on the story. an interesting spot because it's on the border of milpitas and san jose. who is investigating? >> reporter: good morning. it's actually under san jose police's jurisdiction. that's the agency investigating this. we are by mccarthy boulevard and off of 880. we just got confirmation of the discovery of the body here, a place that processes waste and recyclables in the area. the coroner's office tells us it got the call around 4:00 yesterday with a report of a body discovered in one of the dumpsters here. as i said, this does fall in san jose's jurisdiction, police will not release any more information, as it's a matter with the coroner's office which is working to identify the body at last check. what we do know, republic services serves various bay area cities including milpitas and san jose. the question, where does most of the stuff that ends up here come
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from? according to the website, it collects trash and recyclables from san jose's more than 8,000 businesses and recyclables from 85,000 households in south bay, processing up to 110 tons an hour. quite a large operation here. not sure how someone discovered the body. workers can use hands to sort recyclables or big, heavy machinery that separates pieces. again, to sum it up here at milpitas plant, they found a body yesterday around 4:00 in the afternoon. live in milpitas, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> we'll wait to see who that is. thank you. >> new this morning, some people in east san jose particular neighborhood warned not to drink the water. collect this out. people who live in this neighborhood, outlined on the map right there, have been told to boil any water they use for drinking or for cookingen that's because their water tested positive for e. coli. officials say that water's safe for regular household uses like
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showering, washing clothes and dishes. it's unclear when water will be safe to drink again. crews flushing out the water main. in the air to center, well hit. and gone! >> this is what we like to call a royal thrashing, felt all the way to the bay. giants fans erupting into cheers, sworng blaorange and bl dominated kansas city. >> peopling of a possible victory parade through street of san francisco next week. live at at&t park now. right outside the zone, but 2,000 miles away, giants know their work is not done. they're being more humble this morning. the sun is shining on cukauffma stadium in kansas city. giants and royals game two world
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series. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell with us kansas city monitoring the mood. you have to feel good about the fact 10 of the 11 last world series winners won game one. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. don't get too far ahead of ourselves. they still have three more games to win if they are to take the world series. good morning. i know that royals fans are certainly happy that madison bumgardner will not be pitching consider wag he did to the royals, keeping them to one run, giving giants a 7-1 victory over the home team here in game one of the world series. game two here at kauffman stadium, just under 12 hours from now. remarkable about last night's game, how hard it was to actually find a giants fan. i kid you not. most orange and black that we saw in the stands, right there in the foreground. concessionaires who worked for
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the royals, odd choice of colors. from my vantage point in the press box i counted four giants fans. >> we lost bob's microphone. we can tell you, an exciting game. we were glad to see end in traditional nine innings because otherwise, it makes it hard -- >> hard for us and many of you as well. as bob mentioned, jake peavy on the hill for game two. madison bumgardner dominating in game one. if you're a giants fan, got to feel good about the state of affairs. >> peavy was greeted -- interrupted -- by an old friend. >> come on, big man. >> the dark side. >> you ain't never on my dark side. >> here he -- who is mystery man in that's red sox great david ortiz, he's telling peavy he,
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quote, joined the dark side because ortiz moonlighting as a member of the media. dark side. peavy and ortiz teammates last year when boston won the world series. after a quick hug peavy told ortiz to, quote, text him after the game. other red sox players reaching out to peavy how to handle the lineup. we'll check in with bob momentarily. anytime not on the air, visit nbc a 6:06, time to check the forecast. look at at&t park. this is where the giants are playing on friday. we know that wind is sometimes a factor. watching for rain with rob mayeda. >> game three will be in san francisco. how are things looking? >> watching changes coming our way, by friday, for the bay area. right now watching perhaps changes closer to kansas city for game two. right now seeing clouds coming in from the west. you see showers moving off the
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rockies. that could bring showers, we think, late in game tonight as we approach midnight kansas city time. 64 around first pitch, chance of showers later. shift the series back to san francisco, friday rain likely late. saturday, cooler and mainly dry, we think, towards saturday evening and sunday. 40s and 50s right now. cool start to the morning. partly cloudy skies as we approach lunchtime, temperatures in the valleys climbing into the 70s. nice day today. showers staying to the north of santa rosa towards afternoon. south bay, close to 70, san francisco, high clouds. mid to upper 70s around the tri-valley. and north bay today, 70s, but turning cooler tomorrow as rain line which is on the north coast, begins to drop to the south during the day thursday. increasing clouds heading into thursday, first chance of showers right there, thursday afternoon for the north bay. for friday, increasing clouds, few sprinkles possible by friday evening. before the main event. and the next batch of rain comes
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in affecting friday night into saturday morning. for a check of your wednesday commute, here's mike. >> all right. rob, we'll look here, you guys, at the bay bridge, traffic slowing here. slow drive for most of the folks. if you have a fas-trak, good for you, easier drive. that's not a big surprise. take you toward another look here, guys. traveling through the area, we have -- sorry, gilroy, we have this coming in, a fire. i'll show you where this is. it's my -- we are looking at fire right now in gilroy. chopper just got here, eastern gilroy, north of 152 on the eastern side of 101. we'll show that to you on the maps. a number of -- i'll get the you the traffic report. smooth drive towards the bay bridge, but there's a crash south 880 approaching 92 and that's the issue, a bit more slowing than you might expect heading to the area towards
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hayward. rest of the east bay smoothly. extra slowing for north 101. nothing reported go on at mckee. the fire, south of there, 101, we know landmarks, folks heading to gilroy, toward l.a. area, part of the drive there now off of 152, smoothly. ferguson what it turns into, as you make the bend. i circled the area where the fires reported. closures around done lap, 152. that stretch there south of that circle, looks like that's affected, as far as local traffic flow. 152 open, slowing because of the volume of traffic starting to build. if we can get that shot, we will end with that chopper shot. good deal of flame visible. we can't get it, chopper's having trouble with the signal. it's north of 152, east side of 101. >> it done have to be that close
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for folks to hit the brakes and see the fire. >> they can see the orange flame. there you go. they'll be able to see the smoke. i don't have details. we just got chopper on the scene. >> we have more details. >> chp telling us, morgan hill, gilroy, san jose involved right now. no local homes are threatened now at this point. but a barn heavily involved, multiple municipalities involved trying to fight the flames. >> cal fire request type i engines, ones used for wild land fires, they're involved as well national weather service for the bay area says it's creating so much heat, it's showing up on satellite imagery as well. it's very big. we'll get more details. we'll have for you coming up. >> tracking it all morning long. ramping up the fight against ebola. new travel restrictions in effect. >> another mountain lion spotted in the south bay but why wildlife officials say you don't need to be that afraid.
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live picture of downtown san jose. yes, it's still dark outside. but sun is on the way, according to rob. good day ahead of you. get you through the workweek. californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way." it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks
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to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." check of temperatures showing you morning you'll want to bring a jacket with you. upper 40s, low 50s for now. 70s on the way this afternoon. check of the forecast coming up freeway for 880, truck scale as
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long side the nimitz freeway, moving nicely now. a big build, a crash going on in hayward. the latest for that slowdown around the san mateo bridge coming up. developing right now, we mentioned this just a few minutes ago, breaking news out of gilroy, fire crews work on a large palate fire east of downtown. a fully engaged fire. gilroy fire, it's east gilroy, ferguson and cruise road. crews from cal fire, morgan hill, gilroy, san jose trying to get flames under control. no homes are in danger. but we understand a barn is on fire. chp telling us, all roads around the fire are still open, so no impact at this point to your commute. we're keeping an eye on the situation. we'll bring you live updates. top stories right now. 13-year-old andy lopez remembered today, one year after shot and skilled by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. the teen shot after the deputy
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mistook lo mistook lopez air soft gun as a real ak-47. back on american soil this morning, jeffrey fowle landed this morning in his home state of hawaii. this is the happy homecoming. arrested back in may, after he left a bible in a nightclub. christian evangelism considered a crime in north korea. one of the largest venture capital deals on record, google and several other companies are investing in a secretive start-up. the companies investing $542 million in magic leap ink, eyeglass device that projects computer images over real life. happening today, new rule goes into effect restricting which u.s. airports people can fly into from west african nations. people from liberia, sierra eloan, new guinea, can only enter the united states through one of five airports going do
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special screenings and fever checks for ebola. the nbc photograph who got ebola working with dr. nancy snyderman is free of the virus and could be allowed to leave the hospital today. he released a statement saying, recovery from ebola is a humbling feeling. he also tweeted that he does not regret returning to liberia in september to help raise awareness about ebola. after serving as two-time vice presidential chief of staff, ron klain takes over the czar position to fight ebola. klain's duties include leading the decision making process when it comes to how the nation should respond to the spread of the virus. coming up at 6:30, tracy pots will have a live report on the latest efforts to contain the spread of ebola and possible reports of a new case of ebola in the united states. 6:16 on your wednesday. perspective is everything. wildlife officials coming to
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defense of mountain lions amid increased sights in south bay and also in the peninsula. last night san jose parents asked them to gauge the real threat of mountain lions roaming their neighborhoods. here's what officials told them. you have a significantly higher chance of being struck by lightning than being attacked about a mountain lien in urban area. they're not looking to relocate the lion but to help people not attract them. that means not leaving food out for deer because the feed ultimately attracts mountain lions. the most recent mountain lion sighting needs to be put into perspective. >> the video of the mountain lion on top of the car is misleading because that house is literally built into the hillside. the lion was -- could almost jump out of its natural habitat on to the car. >> since 1986, there have only been 15 mountain lion attacks in the entire state of california. of those 15 attacks, 6 were fatal but those attacks occurred in state or county parks, or wilderness areas not urban
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areas. fish and while life say the recent attack on a 6-year-old boy was a fluke. that boy attacked by a 65-pound juvenile mountain lion last month while walking near the winery. officials say the lion was probably startled while sleeping because attacks like that are extremely rare, as we just cited. the mountain lion later tracked and killed after it became aggressive. the boy was treated for cuts and scratches but is okay. an environmental group will announce plans to sue the city of san francisco over toxic turf installed on numerous soccer fields. the coalition to protect golden gate park is taking legal action against the recreation and park department and the city field foundation. it claims the city installed turf that contains toxic crumbs, made from ground-up tires. those are blown up all over the field, as players run and fall, ingested by children and players. the coalition worries the crumbs could cause health problems
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later in life. back to the breaking news out of gilroy which could slow the commute because flames are visible from the roadway. crews are working on a large palate fire east of the downtown area not far from the outlets in gilroy and coyote reservoir. gilroy fire the point agency says the fire is in east gilroy near ferguson road, if that sounds familiar. now on the scene right now, cal fire, morgan hill, gilroy, san jose, all trying to get the flames under control. no homes in danger but there's a barn on fire and it's an impact on our air quality at least in the surrounding areas. rob mayeda watching the fire as well because it's creating a lot of heat, showing up on satellite imagery. >> satellite we look at would be the fog imagery, which looks at the low level of clouds and heat showing up around gilroy.
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live pictures from chopper. weather computer, you see the flames near the barn there in gilroy. take a closer look at the conditions there, near the fire, relatively light winds right now. but very thick smoke moving up and away from the site reducing visibility around highway 101 and also 152. if you're in some of the areas, you would have some air quality issues as we do not have enough wind now to disperse that smoke out over a larger area. but again, little bit of good news, we don't have strong winds blowing embers all over the place there, just to the east of highway 101 in gilroy. 40s and 50s, a chilly start to the morning. some spots around the east bay, including livermore waking up to 47 degrees. 50 now in walnut creek. we'll see 40 and 50s for morning jacket weather, turning over to short sleeves by noon. temperatures into the mid to upper 70s for areas south of san
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jose, close to 80 towards gilroy. san francisco near 70 for the north bay highs in the low 70s. mid to upper 70s around the tri-valley. no rain for now, that's up on the north coast. during the day tomorrow, rain line does start to approach, sonoma county and parts of northern marin county late in the day tomorrow. then as you transition into friday, we'll see breezy conditions during the day and setting up for showers towards friday evening where the next main event for the rain that will hit the bay area coming up friday night into saturday morning. rainfall totals impressive, up here to the north around ukiah, northward on the north coast, two to three inches rain and over a tenth inch of rain as the rain line pushes through. temperatures trending mild but chance of showers early saturday for the weekend. clear things out in san jose and san francisco. for the north bay, chance of rain increasing for thursday and skies clear for the second half of the weekend. watching your morning commute, impacts around the bay area so far, let's sent it over to mike.
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we're following the issue here. this is the fire, look at that in gilroy i want to make sure you know about it. as the time before sunrise, the sun coming up, a sizable bright spot, north of 152, east of 101. we're showing you this for a second. possibility of a barn on fire. look at the map, located on the freeways. outside gilroy. give you a better location. reason why the road might sound familiar, the gilroy outlets there, popular this time of year, toward the end of the year with folks holiday shopping there. we have this stretch of ferguson road a concern between dunlap and crews, that's where majority of the activity is. watch ferguson at 152, chp may be closing off-ramp to the scene.
6:23 am
take 152 through 101. that's a sizable fire. farther south for most drivers san jose and northbound 101, slowing past 101 and toward the airport earlier jam spread out. whatever was going on has cleared. it wasn't enough to cause a chp report. south, earlier crash at 92 on nimitz, cleared to the shoulder. that kicked off extra slowing watch that south 238. nimitz, smoother drive towards the bay bridge. earli earlier crash, 101, cleared. toll plaza, all lanes backed up. no problems for the east shore freeway. 6:23. update on breaking news. live look at the palat fire. no homes in danger but could affect commute. >> multiple agencies engaged trying to fight the fire. more updates momentarily.
6:24 am
plus a look out at sfo this morning. glowing orange, basking in the glow of last night's victory, in support of the san francisco giants.
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it's a fresh approach on education-- superintendent of public instruction tom torlakson's blueprint for great schools.
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torlakson's blueprint outlines how investing in our schools will reduce class sizes, bring back music and art, and provide a well-rounded education. and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. 6:26 right now. back out to breaking news out of gilroy where multiple agencies are working on a pallet fire east of the downtown area, not far from the outlet mall. an update from cal fire, this
6:27 am
fire is 10,000 square feet on flames. it's now at three alarms though no home evacuated and in danger. a barn is burned. >> they don't know what's in the barn now or how that fire started. we've been in communication with cal fire. lots of resources sent there. we'll bring you updates on the state of the blaze as soon as we can, including traffic impacts, if there are any. >> near ferguson and crews road.
6:28 am
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through pallets in south bay, shutting down roadways and slowing traffic. update on the progress, next. jacket weather for the morning and short sleeves for the afternoon. we'll talk about warming temperatures coming up. >> we'll talk about what you can see on the fire, what we expect you can see and roadways where i see the slowdown and reasons
6:30 am
why. a problem for hayward. coming up on 6:30. but to hear the bell ringing on the new york stock exchange. there it is, right on cue. some people are excited, make a rebound in the market. there's the nasdaq opening as well, confetti coming down. a quick live look outside as well amid the stream of confetti. rit now, it's wednesday, october 22nd. you are watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. breaking news, out of gilroy, crews working on a large pallet fire, just east of downtown. gilroy's fire telling us it is east gilroy near ferguson and crews road. on the scene now, crews from cal fire, morgan hill, gilroy, san jose, trying to get flames under control. live images from chopper.
6:31 am
you can see the fire's not -- we have been told by cal fire no homes in danger from the 10,000 firefighter square foot fire. a barn is on fire. they're not sure what's inside. ferguson road at highway 152 closed. fighter scorched under a quarter ache other of land. no one is hurt. we are keeping an eye on the situation. we'll bring you live updates throughout the course of the morning. a deadly form of meningitis that claimed the life of a california college student is the same strain that infected students at other colleges throughout the country. a san diego state freshman taken off life support this weekend. she had been vaccinated against meningitis but contracted a rare type bacteria. two students nationwide have died from the same bacteria in the last year. vaccinations against that strain aren't legal in the united states but there's a european vaccine. >> good news to report this
6:32 am
morning. 6:31. nbc news cameraman is expected to walk out after a nebraska hospital with a clean bill of health. contracting the ebola virus working alongside dr. nancy snyderman. but doctors say he's fully recovered. tracie potts joining us live. relief comes as officials in new jersey worrying about a possible new case there. good morning. >> right good morning. this is a liberian national, source tell us, who came through brussels and landed with a fever. so they put this passenger in the hospital and are now awaiting test results to be sure they don't have ebola. >> reporter: this morning, newark, new jersey, hospital evaluating a passenger from west africa who the cdc says has symptoms and was possibly exposed to ebola. nearly of 600 people screened, none had the virus.
6:33 am
doctors say he's virus-free. the freelance photographer scheduled to walk out of the hospital. he tweeted it's a profound relief. he's lucky and thinking about the two nurses infected. pham upgraded to good and vincent is responding to treatment. the government says flights from guinea, sierra leone and liberia must land at one of five u.s. airports with enhanced screening but no travel ban. >> if you prevent people from traveling you'll drive them underground. >> reporter: klain will meet with president obama and top advisers. >> a responsibility for making sure all government agencies responsible for responding to this effort are coordinated. >> reporter: part of his job to fight fear. a new pew research survey finds most americans are not concerned they'll be infected but 4 in 10 are, and that number is rising.
6:34 am
now, here in capitol hill, on friday, there's a hearing about ebola. the house oversight committee is holding that hearing. we were told they invited ron klain but that he is not on the list. he's not on the witness list. . white house says he's the background guy, not making a lot of public appearances. >> thank you for that report. appreciate it. 6:34. check the forecast as we give you i live look at pallet fire in gilroy, east of the downtown area. but certainly likely going to create a diversion this morning as folks can smell it in the air. rob mayeda. >> conditions hospitable. >> bad for the air quality but good for fighting fires, winds are light. areas of dense smoke are moving over highway 101 or 152 off to the east of gilroy where the fire's burning.
6:35 am
winds being light. not a lot of embers blown from the pallet fire and partial barn fire across a wide area. areas of dense smoke an issue, mike inouye watching that closely in the traffic report coming up in a moment. now as you step outside around the bay area, you'll fiend cool temperatures, jacket weather for sure this morning. 40s and 50s. but look at these afternoon temperatures. talking some upper 70s for saratoga, morgan hill, 78 degrees. 74 san jose. gilroy approaching close to 8 on san francisco close to 7 on you can see around the north bay highs in the mid-70s. turning cooler tomorrow, a chance of rain. for the tri-valley, highs to mid to upper 70s. head up to the north coast, that's where the rain's going to find you north of mendocino count tip tomorrow, raindroping into the north bay. marin county northward for thursday. friday, breezy, clouds. our best bet of seeing rain
6:36 am
starting up friday, late in the evening into friday night. it looks like start of the weekend, five-day forecast will include the how showers. different story north of the golden gate. santa rosa showers as early as thursday and off and on showers as you start the weekend. clearing and turning warmer sunday. >> we will talk about the fire. spectacular sight. north bay, looking at southbound 101 through san rafael. here curve at terra linda, bump in the volume, close to the speed limit. visibility, no fog or visibility issues through the north bay. bay bridge over from the east bay towards san francisco, standard backup. we have metering lights turned on, just about 5:41 as is typical wednesday. backup going in towards the maze and off of the east shore freeway and berkeley curve. into the area through oakland, 880 smooth as well. northbound taillights past high
6:37 am
street new yoo major problems. the maps, talking about that. the maze and standard approach, slowing out of the maze. south 880 slows. 238 jams up towards 927 earlier crash might have activity on the shoulder, near the interchange. ought sofuth of 92 number it, standard slowdown. rest of the bay standard for the tri-valley. northbound. 101 through san jose, issue west 237 right at 101, that may cause more slowing as the crash is clearing but this is the location. talk about the fire in gilroy. 101, 152 locals know that area, leesly road, by the mall, outlet mall of gilroy, i've sickcircle area. traffic control on ferguson, you cannot access ferguson from 152
6:38 am
because of the fire. chopper overhead. if you can get that shot, a good signal. look at that, continuing there. a pallet, wooden pallet. >> barn on fire. >> so that flame, it's the flames visible from the roadway, a distraction. as the sun comes up, smoke an issue as well. >> doesn't take much to get people to hit the brakes. careful going up on 101, certainly in that area near 152. >> move along now to the big board with some flat news so far to start the morning. only eight minutes in. dow jones at 16619. we are hoping that the markets continue to make a rebound. >> we'll take a positive even if it's a forward take. 6:38. air bag problem on millions of cars is getting worse. details on that expanded recall, next.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." 6:41 on wednesday. deadly air bag warning expanded to 6.1 million vehicles overnight. ten carmakers affected listed on the screen. safety officials warn that air bags could break apart and spray metal shrapnel. so far it's believed four people have been killed because of this problem. drivers are told to immediately get the air bags fixed if you've noticed the problem top view the list of the makes and models and years of the cars affected,
6:42 am
visit and search air bag. >> a lot of different makers. 6:41. breaking news out of gilroy, massive fire burning in the south bay. what's fueling the flames. a disturbing discovery, what authorities are saying about a body found inside of a south bay dump. live at at&t park, we are back with 15 minutes of nonstop news and giants after the break.
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6:44 am
brecking news from cal fire on that blaze, pallet fire burning east of gilroy, right now the three alarm fire noted 10,000 square feets, no injuries or
6:45 am
evacuations. that's a fully engaged, large fire. cal fire telling us a barn is on fire right now. they don't know what's inside of the barn. crews are trying to figure out how this started. as we mentioned, burning in east gilroy, near ferguson road and crews road. ferguson road currently closed. on the scene, crews from cal fire, morgan hill, gilroy, san jose trying to get flames under control. chp telling us ferguson road highway 152 closed but a detour on to highway 101 will get you around. the fire has scorched under a quarter acre of land. we'll bring you live updates. note that cal fire telling us that no homes in the area are threatened at this point. it's one of those deals you don't rest on winning game one, go out and, you know, giving you've got to win game two.
6:46 am
>> eyes are on the prize. giants focused on the task at hand. that is beating royals tonight and heading back home to san francisco up two games to nonen that's what they're hoping for. >> live look outside kauffman stadium where the sun is shining. not too brightly. kind of brightly. mood is somber, at least, if you're a royals fan. bob redell with the royals and giants. he joins us from kansas city. good morning, bob. you're spirit must be lifted this morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. i'll tell you what, royals fans, at least, happy that madison bumgardner will be not pitching game two, kauffman stadium, under 12 hours from now considering what he did to the team last night, keeping them to one run, giving giants 7-1 victory. last night's game, how difficult it was to find giants fans here at kauffman stadium.
6:47 am
most orange and black we saw was from the concessionaires, odd choice of colors for those employees who work for royals. from my vantage point along the third baseline i counted four giants fans in the stadium. they're not hard to spot. someone else wearing a stadium counted 6 oh it does not include staff. no surprise, considering the cost, the travel, hotel, hundreds of dollars more for the tickets. but for few who came, it was worth the trip. >> it's over. just ask these fans. er. >> best of seven, not best of one. >> our best pitcher. this game i knew he'd whip, but it's going 6 of 7. good for us. >> they'll be sad when we take it in five, honey.
6:48 am
>> reporter: i didn't realize we're hotties. she could be wrong, not if the giants played like they did last night. hunter pence's monster homer early and mad baum shut down the offense. royals did have a chance to even it but it never happened because of at amazing pitching on the mound. only run for them a homer in the seventh, why many royals fans left early. leaving in the sixth, seventh innings. that's remarkable. they waited 29 years for this. it hasn't been since 1985, you think the amount of money they put out that shows how frustrating it was to see the team dissolve in front of the giants here last night. again, game two, world series, just under 12 hours from now, 5:07 california time. and sense among the royals fans you can imagine, they've got to win tonight, it would be difficult to arrive at ta&t par
6:49 am
friday two games down. robbery dell, nbc bay area news. >> hot bob redell. >> we saw that moment. >> my middle name. >> back here at home, you can feel the excitement as giants are inching closer to the team's third championship in five years. giants fans hoping for a repeat of last night's game tonight. >> we're in it to win it. >> this is a dynastying you're witnessing it, come on. >> it was a full house, quite the celebration inside lefty o'doole's the bar showing live video feed from sister bar in kansas city. not too late to get tickets for friday's game at at&t park if you have the cash. last check, cheapest tickets $592. standing room only.
6:50 am
for game four, price jumps up to $794. and earliest the giants could win the world series. sun the price drops just a bit, $663. we want to see how you support the orange and black. that's why we have a whole page on our website dedicated to you and the fans. tweet your photos or send us an e-mail. right now, an update on breaking news. we've been following all morning long in gilroy. a pallet fire, you see flames still going there. east gilroy, just north of 152, following this, 10,000-square foot fire, three alarm fire, so evacuations or injuries. flames substantial right now. what are the winds like down there? we'll check in with rob mayeda. what are you seeing? >> you saw the smoke going straight up, not blown sideways across the ground. not strong winds, dense smoke in
6:51 am
areas dealing with the fire. the winds right now close by, north-northwest, up to five miles per hour. san martin airport, northwest wind at two. i don't think we'll see the smoke drift too far north. concentrated off the heeft of highway 101 and north of 152, mike keeping a close eye on this. right now wind does not look to be a factor. temperature of 46 degrees. you see wins from san jose out of the northwest. if we had a south wind, we'd notice smoke pouring into the south bay. winds do not seem to be configured that way. game two, kansas city, showers on the approach from the west, some of this may creep in towards the second half of the game, we'll call for a slight chance of showers showing up later. temperatures around first pitch time 64. game three in the bay area friday, rain likely late in that forecast, too. this morning, 40 and 50s outside. afternoon's forecast from a cool morning to low 70s around
6:52 am
lunchtime and eventually mid 70s inland today. showers well off to the north until tomorrow. we'll see showers in the north bay. 74 in san jose. close to 70 for san francisco. 70s across the board, to the north bay low 70s. tri-valley, highs in the mid-70s. rain heading north of ukiah today and line will drop to the south during the day tomorrow. so the north bay, marin county northward around thursday, you'll see showers. and then next wave started to come in for friday. breezy conditions out of the south during day. a few showers possible as early as friday. the main rain ban push through. mild temperatures in the south bay through friday. rain early into saturday. the same for san francisco, sprinkles for friday. it's the north bay that's going to go the biggest em pack out of the pattern change beginning tomorrow, taking us into the start of theened and skies clear again as we head towards sunday. a check of the wednesday
6:53 am
commute. impact on that gilroy pallet fire highway 101 to the south, mike. >> first view from chopper overhead. substantial fire. a lot of glowing orange. you can see the smoke. as the sun comes up, might be a factor. show you on the maps, 10,000 square feet of fire off of ferguson that come off of 152. because it's dark right now, it may be a distraction. we see that west 152 slowing coming into the area. it's closed for the ferguson road off-ramp, you cannot access that. over toward 101, take lee liz road. minor reroute for the locals through the area. but smoke and orange glow from fire might be an issue as the commute starts to build. it will sound familiar to folks, because that's where the gilroy outlet malls are. no affect on 152 or 101. it will be a factor later on, pr probably for distraction.
6:54 am
slowing for north 101 through san jose. 85 and 87 now kicking in with their commute. that's typical pattern. atypical the amount of slowing we have. westbound 237 toward mountain view, crash around the connector with 101 making that transition there, and that's a factor heading up toward matilda toward mountain view. rest of the peninsula smooth. maps we see no big surprises slowing through hayward, we had an earlier crash which is clearing. look at palo alto, talked about the peninsula, heavier volume of traffic, you see slowing here, southbound 101 and north patch will le and san francisco. no big surprises on that side of the bay, bay bridge toll plaza has backup. sun's coming up nicely here. metering lights are on. backup going back into the maze. 580 to 24 and off of the berkeley curve. easy flow once on the span itself. santa clara county coroner trying to identify a body in the south bay dump.
6:55 am
discovered at republic services recycling dump in milpitas. that's where we find "today in the bay's" stephanie chuang live with more on the story what happen do police know? >> reporter: very little, sam. good morning. we're off 880, early in the investigation. we just got confirmation about the discovery of the body at republic services plant which processes waste and recyclables. the coroner's office tells us it got the call around 4:00 yesterday, with a report of a body discovered in one of the republic service dumpsters. this plant is in milpitas, police say it falls in san jose's jurisdiction, however, sjpd will not release any information as it's a matter with the coroner's office, which is still trying to identify the body. what we do know, republic services, formerly bfi, serves various bay area cities including san jose, milpitas. where does most of the stuff come from? according to the website,
6:56 am
collects trash and san jose's more than 8,000 businesses and recyclables from 8,000 households processing 110 times an hour. this is a large operation. a lot of questions remain. of course the main one being, how did this body end up here? and of course who is this person? live in milpitas, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> we'll have updates i'm sure, stephanie. one year since 13-year-old andy lopez shot and killed about a sheriff's deputy. lopez shot and santa rose zae after the deputy mistook the air soft gun as a real ak-47. that shooting led to mass protests but no charges ever filed against the deputy who is now back on patrol. officials did approve plans for a memorial park for lopez. a memorial rally held at noon at sonoma state university. time now 6:56 on wednesday. a look at day's top stories.
6:57 am
new rule going into effect restricting which u.s. airports people can fly into from certain west african nations. they can only enter the united states through one of five airports during special screenings and fever checks for ebola. >> one of the largest venture capital deals on record, dole and several other companies investing in a secretive start up. the companies investing $542 million in magic leap inc, a company that develops its own eyeglass-like device projects computer images over real life. >> the giants up 1-0 in the world series partly courtesy of the hunter pence two-run homer. face the royals again tonight. game time 5:07. bob redell is there, more live reporting starting tomorrow morning at 5:00. we have updated information from cal fire regarding that
6:58 am
pallet fire burning east of gilroy. the three-alarm fire is 10,000 square feet but good news new york injuries, no evacuations and no homes in danger. cal fire does tell that is there is a barn on fire, they don't know what is inside that barn but a lot of horse ranges in that area. crews trying to figure out how the fire started but as we mentioned, it's burning in east gilroy near ferguson road and crews road on the scene now, a crew from cal fire, morgan hill, gilroy, san jose trying to get flames around control. chp tells us ferguson road at highway 152 is closed but a detour on to highway 101 that can get you around the area if that's where you are. right now fire has scorch under a quarter of an acre of land. keeping an eye on the situation and we'll bring you live updates throughout the morning. >> different agencies getting involved there and help from mother nature wouldn't hurt either. important observation how the wind is going straight up, the smoke is. >> not seeing em bars pushed far
6:59 am
away. good news. dense smoke in the area in the fire. but wind speeds less than five miles per hour. wind direction keeping that smoke away from the south bay. 40s and 50s now. we can look forward to mid-70s for highs inland today. >> thank you. and we mentioned the closure of ferguson road but what about the rest? >> we'll talk about that, folks, there's a lot of folks watching, overall the bay air looking standard even slowing through hayward for 880 simmered down. extra slow, westbound 237 through sunny vil. approaching 101, an earlier crash, out of the roadway. slow into toward mountain view as a result. and the build, south bay shows typical pattern. the fire in gilroy, just off of leesly and ferguson, the smoke and know from the flames likely distracting folk but was not a big deal from gilroy. 101 smoothly on the freeway.
7:00 am
>> a crew headed to the scene. we have chopper overhead. we'll monitor this one and bring you it latest updates in a half hour. >> until then, get news see you in 25 minutes. overnight, ano3 c3 jersey, muestra síntomas de three of the women tasked with cleaning up the nfl's domestic violence scandal speak ou


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