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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 22, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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coming up. the giants off to a strong start in kansas city. couldn't have asked for more than this, game one in the bag. we'll get you ready for game two. >> live look outside. kauffman stadium, kansas city. game two, we mentioned, set to start tonight, 5:00, orange october rolling right on. it is wednesday, october 22. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very happy wednesday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia-cannon. >> happening now, after sieving as two-time vice presidential chief of staff, ron klain takes over the fight to combat ebola. klain's duties include leading decision making process when it comes to how the nation should respond and prepare for the spread of the virus. new rule goes into effect, restricting which u.s. airports people can fly into from certain
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west african nations than affects travelers from liberia, sierra leone and guinea. now they can only enter the united states through one of five airports doing special screenings and fever checks for ebola. nbc photographer who got ebola while working with dr. nancy snyderman in west africa is free of the virus and could be allowed to leave the hospital today. coming up in 40 minutes, "today in the bay's" tracie potts will have a live report from washington, d.c., on the latest effort to contain the spread of ebola and reports of a possible new case of ebola in the united states. 5:01. investigators are looking into what caused a bay area rock climber to fall to his death at a popular utah park. san jose man fell nearly 80 feet on sunday at zion national park, over 100 miles northeast of las vegas, as you see on the map. fellow climbers said he fell backward and was not roped or wearing a helmet. the accident marks the fourth death in the park this year.
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an environmental group plans to announce a lawsuit it will file against the city because of toxic turf installed on numerous soccer feel. the coalition to protoque golden gate park is taking legal action. the coalition claims the city installed turf that contains toxic crumbs made up of ground-up tires. those crumbs are blown all over the field and eventually sometimes ingested by children and players. coalition worries crumbs could cause health problems later in life. >> fremont police ramping up efforts to reduce crime by using privately-owned surveillance cameras. stephanie chuang live in fremont. the department holding a workshop to teach people how to get involved. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fremont is attacking this burglary issue two major ways. first, it got $300,000 from the city, the police department did, this year to install about a
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dozen security cameras, including license plate readers along 12 points, along the highway, look this area, mission and 880, to try to catch criminals. the other 30 partner with property owners in fremont who have their own cameras, they've been successful in catching package thieves. the burglary rate dropped by 27% from 2012 to 2013, but feels it can make -- register the security cameras with the city and they would do that so police know where to look if a crime's committed nearby. hosting a workshop, partnering with one neighborhood group, that's come up with a step by step plan, including how to map where cameras are, how to string video together that shows the crime in progress, looking for suspicious cars caught passing the camera several times. fremont police have held workshops like those, but it is growing in popularity here in
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the city. tonight's event is sold out, filled up and set to be held at forest park elementary school at 6:30 tonight for a couple of hours. so that's tonight. but coming up in a half hour, a preview of advice, they got nice tips for everyone, not just those in fremont, on what kind of cameras to get if you want to catch criminals on cam rap stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> police department getting creative this morning. thank you. you saw it here first on nbc bay area, our investigative unit uncovered a santa clara county director using tax dollars to get travel perks and now he's out of a job. he was fired after an a unanimous vote by the board of directors. our investigation revealed the head of the child support services department had been picking up the department's tab on his credit card personal one for the past ten years, all so he could rake in travel miles. he was reimbursed but never gave back travel rewards.
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now the search is on for a new director for that department. 5:04. hot button issue in the north bay, plans to raise legal age to buy tobacco in healdsburg sparking a polarizing debate. monday, city leaders voted to raise the legal age from 18 to 21. experts say generally when people start smoking before 18, they will continue to smoke later in life, potentially causing future health problems. majority of the council for the legislation, for the proposal. but one council member is against it. >> the federal and state has said when you're 18 you're an adult everybody you can vote, go to work, you can sign contracts. but now we're saying, we don't think you should be able to make up your mind about cigarettes. >> the ordinance needs a second vote, which will take place in two weeks. if approved healdsburg would be the first city in the state to raise the smoking age to 21. mountain view raising funs to buy winter good morning for
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the homeless after santa clara county's shelter closed there is year. since then, several nonprofits have been scrambling to find a replacement for more than 100 beds lost when that shelter closed. >> it's all the rage. giants fans excited, waking up happy, have to be content. team now only three wins away from another world series title. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in kansas city where fans of both teams waiting to see what game two has in store for them. bob, people treating you nicely there? >> reporter: they're actually very nice, midwestern charm, some place i grew up in out here, not k.c., but another place. good to be back to hometown roots. good morning. there's a sense i hear among royals fans they got to win game two tonight while they have home-field advantage here at kaufmann field, because as you
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can imagine, it would not be a good thing to showing up at at&t friday night down two games. of course, mad disson bumgardner's showing on the mound kept k.c. scoreless for the first six innings. allowed one royals homer in the seventh, their only run in game one. with the help of hunter pence's homer over center field, giants creamed the royals. 7-1. i can't tell you how the mood changed inside kaufmann field early on as it became clear mad baum was shutting it down. fans began leaving in the sixth and seventh inning. and, yet, in spite of what happened last night, they're still confident their team has what it takes to win this seven game series. >> this is just one game. >> they're bringing it. the blue is in to win. it is what it is.
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>> it's a practice? rehearsal. >> no, just a game. nerves, it's okay. they got this. we got it in five. >> better than they are on the mound, 5 out of the next 6 games. royals in 6. >> you sound confident. >> i am, i am. >> why so much after tonight's showing. >> six games. six games. pitch willing do it. >> what's surprised me most about the game is how many giants fans were not in attendance. and they would be hard to not find because the orange and black sticks out like a sore thumb in the sea of blue. but we did find a few, we'll have their reaction coming up in the next half hour. again, game two, tonight, 5:07 california time, right back here at kaufmann field, before game three friday at at&t park. >> all right. >> bob, i thought he said the fans were treating him well.
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one fan in his face. push back. push back. >> thanks, bob. well, meteorology christina loren is out this morning but we have rob mayeda in here because we know that your forecast is important to you. >> watching the forecast here and kansas city. could see changes in kansas city late in the night. frontal boundary approaching kansas city. a southerly flow will bring in more clouds and a chance, late tonight, approaching midnight. kansas city time, might see showers late. look for increasing clouds, 64, first pitch time game two. as series shift back to san francisco, chance of seeing showers late during the day friday and saturday, skies clear on out around san francisco. right now, outside, chilly start. jacket weather for most of the bay area, 40s and 50s. as we head into the afternoon, we'll see temperatures climbing up into the upper 70s, close to 80, down by morgan hill. 78 today. 74 san jose. san francisco, seeing highs
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close to 70 today, oakland low 70s. north bay here, low 70s today, for the tri-valley, mid to upper 70s. starting tomorrow, cool temperatures in the north bay, two opportunities for raindrops closer to the bay. a closer look and full microclimate forecast coming up. >> we'll take it here. bay bridge, we have a little bit of slowing. earlier slowdown on the left approach that has cleared up as all cash lanes reopened. smooth drive off the east shore freeway and berkeley curve. we look toward the direction, patting 98. earlier lights, they've cleared. maps, the entire approach through the bay bridge, off the caldecott, smooth, easy drive, getting into san francisco on the peninsula, smooth drive as well. quick check, slower spots developing, northbound 680, slowdown developing into san ramon that will clear up over the next few. crash i was watching in the
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south bound side, it's cleared out of the area. in fact, chp crews clearing it as well. i'll take that off of the map now. smooth drive into livermore and dublin. slowing out of the altamont pass, typical for west 580. south bay no real slow spots but highway 17, south of hamilton, i saw slowing in both directions. i have no incidents here. i'll correct the sensors. 5:11. south bay community coming together to deal with mountain lions. interesting context in a live report. plus, one of the original apple commuters now up for grabs. how much it could go for.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back. 5:13 now. while life officials are coming to the defense of mountain lions
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amid increased sightings in south bay and along the bin laden. our sister station telemundo 48 joins us where people say they have seen the mountain lions roaming the neighborhood but wildlife people say it's night imagine cause for concern. >> reporter: good morning, kris. we're out in front of williams elementary school in south san jose because it's right here in this neighborhood where people say they've seen a mountain lion and it's right around this neighborhood, as you can see, a lot of homes surrounding this school. very close to the school. although the sightings are scary for residents here, a spokesman is assuring them there's no need to panic. the main reason, they don't think the mountain lions are looking for children or pets. they believe they're after deer. they're asking people not to leave food and water out to avoid attracting big cats to the neighborhood. people got to hear that information at the school and not to ask questions but again,
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department of fish and while life said the chances of getting struck by lightning are higher than being attacked by a mountain lion. they're not looking to relocate animals but asking people not to panic, and stay away from cats if they see one. to put things in perspective, since 1986 a total of 15 mountain lion attacks here in california, 6 of them fatal. but they all happened in state and county parks in california. none happened in urban areas. so again, asking people not to panic and take precautions necessary to avoid mountain lions. >> don't feed the while life. thank you very much. take care out there. quick check of your markets now. turn to kate rogers live at cnbc's world headquarters to find out what's going on before the markets open good morning, kate. >> good morning, sam. futures have turned lower this morning, after a big rally for the markets tuesday. investors reacting to apple's
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good earnings and talk that european regulator regulator me. a new economic package. it had its best day in two years. dow jumping 215 points to 15614. nasdaq up to 4419. >> kate in orange, perhaps rooting for the giants. apple warning its users of hackers. i thought that's why folks got apple. the company says there's a concentrated effort to steal passwords and data from its cloud service. many users in china have reported being diverted to unauthorized websites when they attempt to logon to apple icloud. the attacks appear unrelated to the hacking of celebrity photos last month. on the topic of apple, if you want your hands on one of
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apple's first computers, today's your chance. sell an original apple computer, one of 50 the company created back in 1976, expected to fetch up to 500,000. maybe one of the original, maybe jobs put that together. we don't know. >> we don't know. >> rob mayeda here with a look at forecast using computers way more -- >> we've got interesting weather coming up next few days. in the meantime, dry w. whether warm temperatures to look forward to this afternoon. this this time of year, 40s and 50s. temperatures rebounding nicely lunchtime. valley spots, a chance of climbing into the low 70s, in time for lunchtime. outside now, not much in the way of fog, 47 chilly degrees in napa. 51 san jose. closer view of the bay area east
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bay microclimate, showing you 48 in livermore, 49 san ramon, more mile, back over to oakland. you expect that back over the water. you can see, close to 50 right now in alamo. the forecast, partly cloudy skies 40 and 50s. lunchtime, temperatures warming nicely in inland valleys. chance today, up towards ukiah, northward, chance of showers and that's going to spill to the south as we get into thursday and friday. today, highs in the mid-70s, close to 70 for san francisco. north bay highs near 72 and santa rosa. livermore, 76. partly cloudy skies. nothing on the radar yet. as you move up the coast, clouds and rain by eureka. that will move to the south tomorrow. for north bay, around midday thursday, santa rosa, sonoma county northward, chance of rain.
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north of marin county for thursday. friday we'll see winds picking up out of the south. area of low pressure tracks over northern california coast lean and rain line will drop south as we head into friday and friday night. which will bring a chance of seeing rain showers all the way into the south bay, probably by saturday morning. you see totals, highs to the north coast, we'll see a half inch or more. in the of santa rosa, system continues to drop to the south during the day thursday. san jose short term, warm-up through friday. partly cloudy skies. breezy at times for san francisco, winds pick up friday. rain coming in from friday and saturday. north bay, where the man event and the focus of the rain should be, showers thursday into friday. sunday, see temperatures climbing up, second half of the weekend, warming up and trending drier next week. for another check of your wednesday commute, mike. >> talking about the potential for rain and coming up in the next few days north bay. i'm talking about now in the south bay with easy drive north bound 101, under that 680/280
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interchange. now live sensors on the maps. we don't see major problems here. road work going on 880. here earlier slowdown, that has cleared itself up. it's not enough to be an incident for chp. might have been crews. i'll track that as well as the rest of the bay. if you see no major concerns as far as speed sensors go, mostly green except out of the altamont, westbound 580, typical slower for livermore. and in livermore, highway 84, first start commute beginning there. live looking golden gate bridge, easy, clear drive across the span as cones have been moved. no problems and no delays out of the north bay and san francisco. into san francisco, via bay bridge, easy drive. cash lanes starting on either side. stackup starting now. fas-trak lane advantage here. maze moving at speed. great stuff. back to you. 5:20 now.
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an american man detained in north korea for almost six months is back on american soil this morning. looking at the emotional reunion between jeffrey fowle and his family back in his home state of ohio help landed just about an hour ago. fowle arrested in may after he left a bible in a nightclub. christian evangelism considered a crime in north korea. fowle is back at home, two other americans are still detained in north korea. matthew miller and kenneth bay. miller is from california and accused of ripping up his tourist visa and asking for asylum. bay has been in custody since 2012 he is a missionary. >> 5:21 on your wednesday morning. it's almost halloween, trick or treating may be scarying for parents than kids. >> because of food allergies a new halloween decoration could keep kids safe and give parents
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peace of mind. >> asking people to hand out toys instead of candy. those who do put out a teal pum ken to show it's safe for kids with allergies. >> they're not being singled out because they can't have something in particular. this helps them to be included. >> allergy experts warn even if you buy peanut-free canny, fun size versions are manufactured differently, making them potentially dangerous for kids. >> don't know if i'd have the same experience without the candy. if you have allergies, that's problematic. two bay area restaurants considered among the best in the world now.
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californians are discovering the real risks behind prop 46. it was written and paid for by the trial lawyers to make them millions... while, for the rest of us, health care costs go up. no wonder every major newspaper in the state opposes prop 46. they say 46 "overreached in a decidedly cynical way."
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it's a ploy "for trial lawyers to enrich themselves." and prop 46 has "too many potential drawbacks to be worth the risk." time to vote no on prop 46. >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> bay area known for good restaurants. now two san francisco restaurants received a
5:25 am
three-star michelin ranking. >> serves up american cuisine blocks from the sony center. it's added to the elite list that includes the restaurant in st. held len into. >> also making the list, saison. >> despite the fire in july that destroyed the restaurant in los gatos, it's found its way on to the lisp awarded the restaurant two stars. it's expected to reopen next year. >> michelin star's no joke. >> make reservations for 2018. >> giants play -- could be named the largest in the world. >> play-doh, habitat children's muss seem applied to the guinness world record for 50 pound nearly foot and a half tall mall.
5:26 am
since then, parents and children have turned the ball into different sculptures. guinness will have to create a new category. the ball's about promoting the power of play. that will all end up in the carpet. >> 5:26 now on wednesday. let's find out what your weekend's in store on the weather front. >> forecast looks nice, playing outside or running outside. this afternoon, comfortable, but chilly this morning, you want a jacket especially the north bay, mid-40s. across the board, south bay, valley, plid to upper 70s with high clouds heading later on today. >> toll plaza shows cash lanes starting to back up. typical pattern here. no surprise at the toll plaza or coming from oakland and 88 on smooth drive south of 880 or north bound, headlights towards the coliseum. picking up the volume, still at
5:27 am
the limb the south the south bay. and over to the peninsula, lo lookinglook nice flow of traffic off the high-rise. there's the hayward departure. towards the peninsula approach. 5:27 on wednesday. pg&e tool that can fit in the palm of your hand but monitor the safety of gas pipelines. south bay neighborhood being told to boil their drinking water this morning.
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a possible new patient with ebola as a liberian man check himself into the hospital with a fever. we'll give you the latest on who the man is that is the new ebola czar. new efforts to check san jose buildings to make sure they can withstand rigors of an earthquake. >> cool start for the morning, 40s and 50s outside as we await our next opportunity of rain in your microclimate forecast, coming done the coast. a look at that coming up.
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folks not waiting for the morning commute. they're part of. it's build in north bias well towards the bay bridge. the latest way to the toll plaza coming up. and looking live, at&t park folks are looking forward to staying home, 2014 world series champions. wednesday, october 22nd, you're watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." thanks for joining us on this wednesday on this orange october. i'm kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off. >> i'm sam brock. giants off to a good start. san francisco giants waking up in kansas city three games away now from winning yet another world series title. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in kansas city where fans, both the royals and giants, on the edge of their seats to see what happens today in game two.
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obviously giant fans hoping for a repeat. bob? >> reporter: they're feeling confident, especially from ones we spoke to, the few that showed up here at kaufmann field. royals fans, the sense they've got to win here tonight, why they have home-field advantage, this game two of the world series because, as you can imagine, showing up friday at at&t park would not be a good thing to be down two games. madison bumgardner's showing on the mound kept kansas city scoreless first six innings. one run in the seventh. you saw and heard it hunter pence's homer over center field early in the game. giants are creaming the royals 7-1. i can't tell you, sitting in the stands, of course a lot of excitement at beginning of the gam boy that mood turned sour early as they watched mad baum shut down uh-the offense.
5:32 am
many fans leaving the sixth and seventh inning. first time they've been in the world series since 1985. many spent hundreds on the tickets and yet in spite of the fact they didn't do well, they're confident their team has what it takes to win the seven-game series. >> this is just one game. >> they're bringing it. the blue is in to win. it is what it is. >> this is a practice? rehearsal? >> no, no, just a game. >> nerves, nerves. it's okay. they got this. we got it in five. >> better than they are on the mound. 5 out of the next 6 games. >> five. >> royals in six. >> you sound confident. >> i am, i am. >> why? why after tonight's showing. >> six games. pitching will do it. >> i've got tell you, i admire the bravado and confidence of the royal fans especially after the shellacking and change in the mood there last night. to come out and feel confident,
5:33 am
a lot of people saying this is coming back to kansas city, a lot of royal fans, coming back to kansas city for game six. no one's talking about a giants' sweep, at least among royals fans. giants fans think it will be going to sunday or monday. we'll have some fans coming up live again here from outside kauffman stadium in kansas city. >> for those optimistic k.c. fans, espn reporting that 10 of the last 11 world series, whoever wins game 1 wins world series. like our odds there. >> thank you. we will follow the giants all morning long. in a little bit, why tim lincecum was not at opening ceremonies last night. then in 30 minutes, we'll check back in with bob redell. in santa rosa 13-year-old andy lopez remembered one year after shot and killed by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy.
5:34 am
the teen shot after deputies mistake the air soft gun as a real ak-47. that shooting led to mass protests but no charges filed against the deputy who is now back on patrol. county officials did approve plans for a memorial park in lope pez's name. the rally held at noon at sonoma state university. 5:34 on wednesday. pg&e is testing out state-of-the-art technology to make inspecting pipelines easier and faster. starting on a street in san francisco being done by a pipeline robot like this one. the robot travels inside of the gas pipelines and inspects the condition of the wells. using a new inspection method, it detects defects without the need of cutting into the material or dig up the pipe. pg&e hopes to this method is less disruptive to customers and reduces inspection time into police ramping up efforts to
5:35 am
deter crime using privately owned surveillances in homes and businesses. tonight holding workshops. police say private surveillance cameras like the one that caught this package theft were at least part of the reason for a slight decrease in crime. they say they hope more people will install them and help to reduce crime even farther. further, i should say. officer will answer questions about what type of cameras residents should get. >> san jose home owners could be getting a break when it comes to making properties earthquake safe. a proposal to waive permit fees and create other financial incentives to get folks more prepared, to encourage people to seismically retrofit properties. officials say more than 1,000 properties are softer to story buildings which could pose a deadly risk in the event of an earthquake. the city council approved a
5:36 am
plan yesterday, according to the oakland tribune, 557,000 used to pay for legaled a for hundreds of children in the east bay trying to escape violence in their central american native land. alameda county officials could add a half million for social services as well. hundreds of people in east san jose warned not to drink their water. check this out. people in this neighborhood, that map right there, have been told to boil any water they use for drinking or cooking. that is because water tested positive for e. coli. officials say the water is safe for regular household uses like showering, washing clothes and dishes. unclear when water will be safe to drink. crews working to flush out that water main. 5:36. meteorologist rob mayeda watching for a chance of rain and with big game coming up friday at at&t park we want to
5:37 am
know about that. >> maybe seeing showers and wind kick up for friday around the bay area. not much wind to talk about, seeing temperatures on the chilly side, like we saw yesterday. 47 right now in napa. 57 in san francisco. and 51 in san jose. like jacket this morning. wind speeds light. friday, though, a different story. notice south winds kicking up as that frontal system drops down the coast. for right now, seeing partly cloudy skies, cool start to the morning, for afternoon, lun lunchti lunchtime, 70s. mild day, showers to the north of santa rosa today but things change in the north bay is that righting tomorrow. today, 77 in saratoga. 74 san jose. close to 70 san francisco. and across the east bay and tri-valley, highs in mid-70s, partly cloudy skies today. notice showers towards areas north of ukiah, high clouds over the bay area. rain-producing clouds coming in, we think, during the day tomorrow for parts of sonoma and
5:38 am
northern marin county. friday, isolated showers during the day friday afternoon, but the main rain ban pushing through friday night into saturday morning. so the five-day outlook will show you rain totals highest in the north bias the system moves through later tomorrow. for another check of your wednesday commute, mike. >> checking over here towards dublin, west 580. as you expect volume builds here, approaching the dublin interchange and map will show you the same thing as well as speed sensors go. slowdown. moving nicely, no problems either direction of 680 off of 580. 84, typical pattern here. smooth drive past the ge plant towards 680. farther back, there at north flynn, we have a crash reported. observe on the shoulder. not enough of a buildup to cause a break for livermore. that's good for the altamont pass out of central valley, moving nicely. greater bay area smoothly as well. an easy drive, close to speed
5:39 am
limits, a tiny bit of bill 101 at 680 in the south bay an cross the bay, check the san mateo bridge, nice drive westbound, clear view of the high-rise and the peninsula. from the oakland side, bay bridge, backup, cash lane to the end of the parking lot here. we should metering lights on any second. we'll check on that and let you know. back to you. 5:39 wednesday. new developments in the ebola crisis. possible new case, live in washington, we'll have details next. >> cdc prepares to update us on that enterovirus affecting kids across the u.s., including the bay area. my grandson's got this
5:40 am
blankie that gets filthy but he's got such sensitive skin that you worry about what you use in the laundry so i use new tide pods free & gentle to get a deep clean that's gentle on skin. ohhh new tide pods free & gentle you use tide pods? yeh. that little guy cleans, brightens and fight stains so now i can focus on more pressing matters woo your sweet peppers aren't next to your hot peppers. gasp tide pods three times the stain removal power available at target
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new and renewed concerns after a liberian man checks himself into a hospital on the east coast with possible ebola symptoms. "today in the bay's" tracy pots live from capitol hill. what are you hearing? >> well, the cdc's watching it. we don't know this is an ebola
5:42 am
case but this person went through brussels and landed with a fiver. . an abundance of caution taken to a hospital. now waiting for test results. >> reporter: this morning in newark, new jersey, hospital evaluating a passenger from west africa who has symptoms and possibly exposed to ebola. nearly 600 people screened, only four transported, and none had the virus. doctors say he's virus-free, but this morning the freelance photographer scheduled to walk out of a nebraska hospital tweeting it's a profound relief, he says he's lucky. pham upgraded to good. amber vincent responding to treatment. the government says flights from guinea, sierra leone, liberia must land at one of five u.s. airports with enhanced screening but still, no travel ban.
5:43 am
>> if you prevent people from traveling, you'll drive them underground. >> reporter: ebola czar ron klain starts work today, meeting with president obama and top advisers. >> he's got a responsibility for making sure that all of the government agencies that are responsible for responding to this effort are coordinated. >> reporter: part of his job to fight fear, a new pew resent survey finds most americans are not concerned they'll be infected but 4 in 10 are, and that number is rising. now, back here on capitol hill, there's a hearing on friday, the house oversight committee wants to talk more how to deal with ebola. we were told they invited ron klain to testify, but just this morning we checked, his name's not on the witness lisp white house said he's the background guy, organizer, and not expected to make a lot of public appearances. >> thank you very much. centers for disease control updath natidating the nation on
5:44 am
entero outbreak. cdc cautioning this does not mean the virus caused deaths but there was a link there. 938 confirmed cases of the enterovirus in 46 of 50 states. handful of cases located here in the bay area. new this morning, police investigating the body found at a san jose landfill. stephanie chuang on the scene with the latest. what do we know about this person? >> reporter: good morning. early, so we're waiting to see to get more details from the coroner's office. we do know that the office got a call around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, to come here to the republic services recycling centers off of 880 by the landfill. the call report of a body found in one of the dumpsters here. again, 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the coroner's office was still working to identify the body. now this falls in san jose's
5:45 am
jurisdiction among the milpitas boarder. this is a matter for the coroner's office and they're not releasing any information. it's formerly bfi, serving milpitas and san jose. it collects trash and recyclables from 8,000 businesses. a lot of this stuff comes from is san jose's businesses. not sure how someone discovered the body yesterday, though operations range from workers using their hands to separate recyclables, big machinery separating different pieces. trying to see if the core reer in's office will give us move details. a body found yesterday. and still working to identify the body. live in san jose, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thank you. they're saying crime's down and we're safe? we're not safe. i was a victim myself. there are so many victims here
5:46 am
i'm done want this to happen to other people. that's why i'm speaking out. >> the evergreen district wants city council to address concerns over a spike in burglaries at the next council meeting. they rallied outside claim bers asking for more police officers and substation in their area of town. the group claims 45 burglaries back in 2004 for the year, they say last month they saw double that. san jose's most popular staircase is now one step away from getting a curfew. last night city leader as agreed to move forward with a plan to keep the grant staircase on communications hill closed from sunset to sunrise. the staircase is a hot spot for runners and exercisers during the day. at night, neighbors say they have seen people abusing drugs and alcohol there. they want the area designated public passageway, a trail, so police can enforce a curfew there. for that to happen, amendment will have to be approved in
5:47 am
sacramento. all sorts of smoking news, including in san mateo, the county approved a ban of smoking around multiunit residences, a ban in town homes and condo complexes. it's also amended a county ordinance to include e-cigarettes in smoking bans. the ban goes into effect in 30 days. the expanded definition will go into effect 14 months from now. meteorologist rob mayeda is for christina loren this morning. we have been talking about rain but you've been talking about wind for friday for sure. >> wind and rain. a bit of the win before a chance of the rain developing for friday. if you're in the north bay, you can see the rain before friday. we'll show you that in a moment. right now 40s and 50s outside, clear skies, mostly fog-free. a few spots in the north bay and along the coast could see patchy, low clouds. right now 47 in napa, 51 san jose, mild 57 degrees in san francisco. closer look at some of the east bay microclimates from our
5:48 am
weather underground data network, 48 currently in livermore. and around pleasanton, 49, san ramon and 52 in newark. hayward hills seeing 56 degrees. forecast this afternoon, despite cool temperatures for morning, highs climbing up into the mid to upper 70s. san francisco, 60s to near 70 today. for the tri-valley, 75 in danville. 76 in livermore. walnut creek, looking good. 74. radar will be dry for most of today. you can see, if you drive up the coast towards eureka and north of ukiah, that's where the rain will be wednesday. thursday we'll see rain line dropping further south. approaching santa rosa midday thursday, and we think for thursday most showers stay north of marin county. friday, clouds coming in. notice by friday evening, starting to see showers in the coastal hilltops, game three of the world series starts after 5:00. breezy conditions, shower there.
5:49 am
main event for the rain coming in 3:00 a.m. saturday into saturday morning. briefly heavy rain for the north bay and the system should move through quickly impacting mainly saturday morning. highest rain totals across the north bay. the main impact late friday into saturday morning. our temperatures next few days coming up for the south bay through friday. saturday morning seeing showers, same story in san francisco. for the north bay, extended run of seeing rain chances tomorrow for around santa rosa. temperatures cooling for the start of the weekend and rebounding as skies clear, approaching sunday. let's see if roadways are clear for wednesday commute with mike. >> not here. this is bay bridge, we have clearly seen the metering lights turned on and the activity that happened, backup after they turn on. backup at toll plaza. right on schedule. as we look at the map, no surprises on the approach for the maze out of the area. look at your bay area, sensors
5:50 am
showing you slowing northbound. 101 at 680, typical pattern for the south bay. that will clear out over the next 20 if things stay according to schedule. north 880, marina boulevard, reports of boxes in the roadway. may be a distraction in done see slowing. north of 238, okay towards bay bridge. volume building toward 92. typical building there. west 580, dublin, pleasanton, easy flow. standard bill up through the morning commute. north bay southbound 101, live shot san ra fef, the curve, steady with volume of traffic. north of here, north 101, petaluma boulevard, four-vehicle crash moving to the shoulder, and into the north bay. that is an issue for locals there. back to you. >> thank you. 5:50 on wednesday. supporters of san francisco's independent paper the "bay guardian" will be rallying in the city today. it's the first wednesday without
5:51 am
the weekly paper in 48 years. this is what the cover of the final issue looked like last week. the bay guard yans"bay guardian shutting down because of issues. today's rally held at noon at powell and market streets. >> former san francisco owner eddie debartolo could find himself one step closer to the pro football hall of fame. committee would nominate cotwo contributors. contributors have had a big impact on the league but never an opportunity to play the game. debartolo among 11 people under consideration. the committee will narrow down the list to two candidates and then the inductee will be selected on the day before the stoop so super bowl. >> a los altos woman honor at white house for her work in the
5:52 am
community. barbara camm, ceo of tech union. this year, at wards handed out to people who are helping immigrants become u.s. citizens and strengthening the economy at the same time. the white house says she was selected because of her tremendous work and leadership. >> we joke about the name of the award but it's the cause is great. >> noble cause, huge effort. very happy for her. 5:52. target trying to win some of their customers back. the holiday specials running next. you thought parking prices for the last giants game were shocking. we'll tell you what they're charging for those spots in kansasty for the world series.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
a year after its massive data breach, and target getting ready for the holiday season. the retailer believing that customers have largely moved on. target's proffits down 41% this year. among promotions, free shipping on all online orders through december 20th. longer period for price matching and expanding ship to store pilot program. this allows items to move faster as target uses stores for distribution centers trying to win back consumers. one of those deals you don't rest on winning game one, you've got to go out and, you know, give everything you've got to win game two. >> come on, you can be more cocky than that. giants gearing up for game two, taking nothing for granted
5:56 am
despite 7-1 win. they lead the series, 1-0. >> buster my be stoic but we are not. game two, tonight 5:00. expect a lot of fans there like last night's game. teams introduced before the game but a key player missing for the opening ceremonies. tim lincecum running late. he watched the events from the dugout. >> he should have been on time. one of the most interesting things to come out of last night's game wasn't inside the stadium but outside. "san francisco chronicle" reports parking outside the ballpark, you're not going to believe it, $13. big difference from the bay area, one person found this valley parking for $150 before game five of the nlcs, not even talking world series. a picture of $100 spot, saying he would never complain of parking prices in toronto.
5:57 am
>> even without a game, it's like $25, $26. >> amazing. 5:56. getting pitching advice via text message. >> google jumping into east coast start-up. the latest investment. toxic turf, an environmental group getting ready to sue san francisco over local soccer feels.
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ 6:00, disturbing discovery. what authorities are saying about a body found inside of a south bay dump. >> clean bill of health. any minute, the nbc photographer now recovered from ebola, could walk out of a nebraska hospital. royal blowout. giants dominated kansas city game one. live from kauffman stadium with reaction, next.
6:00 am
>> chilly start to the morning around bay area, san jose 49. radar looking dry for the moment. seeing changes ahead which will bring rain back into the forecast. as we watch the commute building up at bay bridge toll plaza, tracking two more, issues of a crash in hayward and a crash out of san francisco as well. live look at downtown san jose, calm. giants fans in the south bias well. we'll be roaring come 5:00. it's wednesday, october 22, this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia-cannon. santa claire ra county coroner trying to identify a


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