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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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and she saw a mountain lion walking down the sidewalk in front of our house. at 11:00, mountain lion sightings. plus. >> we have almost come to expect this. the giants winning in october. celebrations after a dominating win in game one.
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thank you for being with us. i am raj mathai. >> i am jessica aguirre. first, how to keep the lions away. san jose parents met with wildlife officials. people want to know, are they safe? so are they? peggy bunker joins us life. do they think it's the same mountain lion being spotted in all these places? >> reporter: they say mountain lions, solitary, very tearer toial. there are reports of people leaving water and food for deer because of the drought. >> she looked outside. there was a mountain lion
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walking down our walk. >> reporter: her daughter spotted a mountain lion at 2:30 in the morning out the window. tonight fish and wildlife reminded residents they are not to attract them. >> we want people to be aware that there are mountain lions here. there is no need to be afraid, no need to pan dwrik. >> reporter: what are the big cats looking for? >> they are looking for deer. >> reporter: after a mountain lion was spot dollars at williams elementary school, people panicked. since 1986 there have been only 15 mountain lion attacks in the state of california. of those attacks, six were fatal. they occurred in a state or county park or a wilderness.
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>> the video of the mountain lion on top of the car is misleading. that house is built into the hillside. the lion could literally jump out of its habitat onto that car. >> reporter: she lives just down the street from a mountain lion habitat. >> we live four miles in from the foothills. there were sightings throughout that night. >> reporter: the fish and wildlife say the recent attack in couper deupertino was a comp fluke. many say they have been using the foothills 30 years and never seen one. in san jose i am peggy bunker. to the world series, boom for the giants, bust for the royals. they dominated every aspect of
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this game. after a win, a lot of people are thinking about a victory parade in san francisco. this was just game one, but you could hear the cheers across the bay clear. we begin with jean in sfrans. >> happy hour is not over here. lots of celebrating going on here. giants fans, get this, it turned out to be a winning combination. giants fans go wild at levity owe dual's in san francisco. they say winning game one is a good thing to do. >> this is a dynasty. >> reporter: the win unfoldled before a unique crowd.
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a bar filled wl san francisco baseball history took awing into the future, hosting royals fans in kansas city on a life video feed. people in missouri didn't always like what they saw, but royals fans felt at home. >> that's one of my favorite bars, corner cocktail. they are sister bars. >> reporter: he sat in the corner at lefty's. >> it's a good idea. it's good sportsmanship. we can watch the game with fellow baseball fans. >> reporter: they are pretty quiet. i like that. the royals had their moments. fans are eager for more. >> bringi it.
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it's been so stinging awesome to do this. >> reporter: tonight's victory dance belonged to san francisco. that was victory singing. the managers of lefty's and corner bar in kansas city bet on the game. tomorrow night's game means another bet. rofrting live in san francisco. with the piano man going full speed. east coast love for the giants. bay area native tom brady posting this picture on his facebook page. he wrote, gearing up to watch my hometown giants in the world seeies. he grew up in san mateo.
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>> bumgarner and pence becoming a household name. >> amy, you are with these guys almost ever night of the season. >> reporter: the giants have won and all of those wins have been on the road. tonight the giants talked about how big game one is in setting is the tone for the rest of the series. >> to win the first game in a series, in a short series, it's huge. that puts pressure on the other team. >> definitely gives you confidence. tomorrow's game is equally important. you don't rest on winning game one. you have got to put out everything you have got to win game two. >> reporter: he is now 3-1 in
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the postseason. all the victories have been on the road, no surprise given how well he did on the road in the regular season. reporting from kauffman stadium, amy gutierrez. one more game and the world series shifts to san francisco on friday. you can go if you have the cast. the cheapest standing room ticket for game one on friday going for $592. a huge increase for game four on saturday. $794. that's the earliest the series could send. 663 for sunday night's game five if it gets that far. we have live reports starting at 4:30 in the morning. tonight the city council agreed to move forward on a
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curfew at the staircase. it's a hot spot for runners and hikers. at night it's plagued by drug and alcohol use. if it's changed to a public passage way instead of a trail, the police will be able toll move to those steps ishlgs we have a timeline in mace that's going to hopefully bring results is encouraging. >> that will have to be approved in sacramento for the change. a warning in the bay area, don't drink the water. people in the area of east san jose had their water tested for e. coli. workers from san jose water
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company handed out bottled water to the families in this area. >> it's irritating since i am home all the time with these guys. stuff like remembering not to use the sink water to brush your teeth. >> no timetable has been set when when the water will be safe to drink again. ebola free. nbc cameraman has a clean bill of health. he will be released from the nebraska medical center tomorrow. he was infected in liberia. he said there is no more ebola in my blood is a profound relief.
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nina pham has been upgraded from fair to new condition. there are new restrictions on how passengers travel to and from west africa. every person coming from an ebola stricken company must now fly into one of five u.s. arnts that has enhanced screening. four were taken to a medical facility, but as a precaution. so far none have tested positive for ebola. air b&b will be legal in san francisco. the supervisors approved an ordinance. it forces air b&b hosts to carry insurance. it's up to the mayor to sign off on the ordinance. if approved the system will take effect in february.
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right now they are essentially banned in the city. there is no such thing as a free ride or walk. the golden gate bridge authority is looking at charging cyclists or pedestrians using the bridge. drivers will see a 25 cent toll increase refresh year for the next four years. it already costs as much as $7 to cross the bridge. still ahead, the bold move in the bay area to curb smoking and why say it's gone too far. apple's icloud under attack. plus the future is now. we take you on a ride on a
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hoverboard. >> i am meteorologist. we will talk about these relatively clear conditions are happening right now, when it caulk replaced by the possibility of rainfall.
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it's a tight-knit community known for great food and wine. it could make california history for smoking. sthe want to raise the smoking age from 18 to 21. sheryl herd is in sonoma county.
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why do they want to do this? >> reporter: those who run the city would like to be considered healthy. if you are 18 years old you are considered an adult but some city leaders believe you are not old enough to buy cigarettes. >> if you make it harder to pie cigarettes we think it will reduce the amount of smoking. >> reporter: he is in favor of raising the legal age for buying tobacco products from 18 to 21. >> we thought this was a positive way to try to help the community by keeping young people to healthy. >> reporter: generally when people start smoking before 18 they will continue to smoke later in life, possibly causing health problems in the future. they voted 4-1 on monday to
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raise the legal age to buy tobacco to 21. only one councilmember voted against it. >> the state has said at 18 you are an adult. you can vote, go to work, and sign contracts. but we say we don't think you should be able to make up your mind about cigarettes. are we pushing the issue out of our city limits? >> reporter: it was tough to get people to go on camera about the issue. the people i talk to share the opinion of stephanie gray. >> we are sending troops out to fight for our country. i think having a cigarette at your own discretion is your own problem. 18 is old enough to make that choice. we apologize, we lost sheryl. people who live in san jose's evergreen district rally at the city council meeting tonight.
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upset about burglaries. they say there are double and  they want more police officers for the city and are asking for a substation in the area. >> they keep saying crime is down and we are safe. we are not safe. i was a victim myself. i don't want this to happen to other people. that's why i am speaking out. >> folks who showed up hope to address the concerns at the next meeting. new iphones and ipads. there is a concentrated evident to steal passwords and other data from cloud service. people report being diverted to unauthorized web sites. >> let's bring inever ran --
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jeff han eerie. >> reporter: we are tracking this atmospheric river of moisture pushes into oregon and california. a few hundred miles away. eventually it will be lower and closer to the bay area. right now i want to draw your attention to the current temperatures. we are clear across 95% of the bay area. that's helping temperatures to drop. not a lot of friction in the lower atmosphere. when wind picks up, the temperatures are warmer. numbers are dropping. 54 in the north bay, 55 in the east bay and 50s in the south bay as well. even colder conditions about six hours from now. tomorrow morning you might need that extra cup of coffee in the
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north bay to help keep you warm. don't forget the jacket in the east bay. temperatures dropping to 53 degrees. the microclimb forecast as we head throughout wednesday, not a huge difference in temperatures. we will have mainly sunny skies in san jose and 75 degrees. temperatures close to 80 degrees but it's not going to go there. no warm wints to tinds to heat . the things you notice here, napa 77. if you are on vacation heading to wine country, it's great. sunny skies. now we bring you to the possibility of rainfall.
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it looks like by thursday the storm system that's getting close is going to be too far north to bring rainfall. as we head to friday's forecast, the models have been flip-flopping on timing and intensity. by 10:00 p.m. the storm off to the north. we are not talking about a lot. i will say, for the game on friday in the bay area, look for cloudy skies, 60s and drizzle at first pitch around 5:00 p.m. >> that's perfect playing weather. >> still ahead, think michael j. fox in back to the future. we will take you on a ride on a
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hoverboard. >> plus we have jimmy. >> baurbra streisand is my gues tonight. we are on next. it's great.
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on. three teenage girls are back home after they apparently tried to join the terrorist group isis. they were stopped at the airport, about to board a plane to istanbul and syria. it's not clear how the girls made contact with the militant group or if they were recruited. they have been reunited with their parents in denver. he won fame and admiration as an olympic runner. now oscar pistorius is serving a prison sentence for shooting and killing hoist girlfriend.
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he could be released after ten months in jail and would serve the rest of the sentence under house arrest. up next we go back to kansas city and what to expect for game two.
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good evening. game one of the world series speaks volumes. six of the last 11 teams to win the first game of the fall classic have gone on to win the series. james shields pitches for kc. top of the first, runners on the corners. pablo sandoval lays a shot into the corner. 1-0 giants. hunter pence. center cut fastball. this is a no doubter. two-run bomb. that was pence's first home run in over a month. bumgarner on the hill, excellent once again.
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he allowed just one run in seven innings of work. here is amy g once again with more. >> reporter: michael morris said it best when he said the giants have to win with their ace on the mound. the giants' offense gave their starter madison bumgarner a few runs to work with. he did the rest. he gave them a game one world series win. >> you have got to keep pressing and keep making pitches and keep being aggressive. >> he is not human, he is like a machine. it's unbelievable the way he is pitching right now. i will support him. >> you know what, we all dream of it being here. he shows up.
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>> reporter: a good night for pablo sandoval. he extends his streak. his teammates said pablo has been calm and quietly leads, which means the opponent should be scared. to the ice. sharks and bruins in beantown. coming off their first regular loss of the season on sunday. griffith fires a wrister. his first believe nhl goal. later the sharks turn the pucks over. -3 bruins. the warriors over the clippers tonight. more news after the break.
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somewhere tonight michael j. fox is smiling. back to the future has arrived in the silicon valley. a real hoverboard. it's part of a kick-start campaign for a company. it involves a magnetic field that literally pushes the board in the air. that's above the ground. the company says the ultimate
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plan is to develop hover technology to combat earthquakes. how much for this? $10,000. if you have to ask, you can't afford it. >> a new way to commute to work. >> he is above the ground. just barely. >> he is doing a good job. >> that's going to do it for us this evening. hope to see you tomorrow. >> good night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- barbra streisand. musical guest, barbra streisand.


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