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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 20, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and of course those gray skies. you'll also be able to see by afternoon blue sky then clouds came back. how much rainfall about this mean? we did the best across parts of redwood shores to king's mountain, .03 to .1 inches. trace amounts toward portola valley and menlo park. tonight we still have upper-level energy in place with this trough of low pressure. i think mostly it will mean an isolated chance of showers as we head throughout the evening hours. there is a side effect not only from the storm system we're following but from a larger storm offshore and that is very high waves. you can see the buoy reports with 13-foot waves that have been reported in the past half hour throughout our coastline. and also some very dangerous rip currents. mainly those waves getting sparked off by this much larger storm offshore. coming up we'll have details on when this storm arrives and how much rain it could bring in about 15 minutes. that pacific storm in the gulf of alaska has generated
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huge waves and dangerous rip currents as jeff said. michelle roberts is live in santa cruise. you caught up with at least one surfer today who was torsed around and struggling big time. >> reporter: he was a beginner, got in over his head. it can be deceiving. some of these waves don't look big. right now things look fairly calm although every now and then a major wave will come in and take out even some of the best surfers out there. andrew didn't want to miss this. >> there's a good one, a big one. >> reporter: each set rolling into lighthouse point in santa cruz is another opportunity for that perfect shot. >> you look for waves to develop and guys who look like they're paddling hard and trying to be first on the wave. >> reporter: some swells are bigger than others. >> it's calm right now. >> reporter: peel like earl. before today he'd never tried to catch waves this big. >> wave came in, pushed me into the cliff. >> reporter: waves as high as 13 feet plowed into the coastline.
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>> all the energy breaks right on your face. >> reporter: even experts lost their boards. earl says the rip current was that strong and he couldn't make to it shore. >> i got separated from my board. >> reporter: a kayaker spotted him struggling and pulled him to dry land. which is why andrew plans to stay behind the camera. >> stick to the shores and take photos for now. >> reporter: although some of these surfers are making it look easy, it can be very dangerous out there. earlier this month a fisherman was killed at rodeo beach. he was fishing on a rock and was hit by a very big wave that pulled him in. if you are going to be by the coast in the next 24 hours, be really careful out there. >> we continue our coverage online. click on the weather tab and go to maps and radar. track the rain in your neighborhood. only on nbc we've obtained the confidential audit of the san jose fire department. at issue, failure to meet the
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911 response times goals for more than a year. not only is it a public safety problem but a financial issue. all this started with our investigation. nbc's robert honda got a lack at this audit that's raising eyebrows. >> reporter: there are a lot of surprises in this confidential draft report. and some of the findings show just what happens when a big city fire department is cut to the bone. the san jose fire department is in a five-year contract with santa clara county to provide first responder services to 911 emergency medical calls. the department agreed to respond to at least 90% of calls in under eight minutes. but the county stopped paying in february after calculating the fire department failed to meet response times consistently. capped by 18 straight months from may 2013. the audit was launched after nbc bay area's investigative unit revealed response time failures were even worse than numbers released publicly. the audit shows many firefighters complained about basic tools.
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in the midst of silicon valley they say mobile data computers on fire trucks that suggest routes to a call are slow and antiquated and many stations still use old paper maps as well as rely on hand-drawn index cards. this is a map being used at one station, dated 2003. and this is a so-called run card that firefighters read while going full-speed to an emergency. >> it's frustrating as a firefighter to look at a piece of paper that is not up to date, doesn't have the new buildings, new areas, hydrant locations, and rely on that to take care of citizens. >> reporter: the audit indicates police staffing shortage slows down responses especially when a crime scene needs to be cleared before medical personnel can proceed. you haven't seen the audit. are you glad that this is coming out and that it was done? >> i am glad. i think it will shed some light on some of our deficiencies. we've known that our system is archaic, yet we've been able to take steps to update our mapping system. >> reporter: some officials
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anticipate a final audit will be presented to the county and city but not until after the upcoming election. as we noted this audit began after our investigative unit exposed inaccuracies about the official reporting of those response times. if you'd like to see what we found out in that original investigation, go to our website. click on our investigations tab. a death threat against a family in danville stemming from a deadly accident more than a decade ago. bob pack's two children were killed by an inpaired driver in 2003. pack became a political activist. the move that might have put him and his family in jeopardy. southern california, conan nolan. >> reporter: for the first time bob pack confirmed that the attorney general's office for the state of california, as well as the contra costa county sheriff's department, started investigating this threat ten
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days ago. we have pictures of a news conference where he appeared with his wife carmen as well as u.s. senator barbara boxer endorsing proposition 46. he told us that it was a phone call to his home in danville where the person on the other end said, if you don't back off from proposition 46 and your support of this ballot measure, harm would come to your 8-year-old daughter. bob pack says that he relayed that information to the sheriff's department as well as the ag's office. they are investigating currently. but it has not kept he or his wife from speaking out on behalf of the ballot measure. >> a family's life was threatened recently. serious threat. the sheriffs and the attorney general's office is currently handling it. and we'll go on with our march to prop 46 and do what we need to do. >> reporter: now, the contra costa county sheriff's department says that they have identified an individual,
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41-year-old man out of concord, who has not been arrested but they are continuing their investigation and plan on turning it over to the district attorney's office. we contacted the in on 46 campaign and they said they side with the pack family, are outraged anyone would say something like this or conduct some kind of threat against the pack family. they said that whoever did it has no affiliation whatsoever with the no on 46 campaign here in southern california, or in northern california. a staggering amount of methamphetamine is off bay area streets tonight thanks to "operation road trip." one of the largest drug busts in east bay history. law enforcement officials say they uncovered 500 pounds of pure meth. department of justice-led drug task force seized the drugs with an estimated street value of over $18 million. agents say traffickers with ties to a members call drug cartel were using highway 4 as a
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pipeline to drive it into contra costa county. they say it would come in on trucks hidden inside cans of food and water coolers. >> with the amazing quantity of methamphetamine that we have, with the quality of methamphetamine, with the ease with which it's being brought up through the highways, with the assistance of the metered drug trafficking cars tells, we are overwhelmed with methamphetamine in contra costa county. >> agents also seized cash and weapons. another blow for traditional taxis. sfo giving uber the green light. sfo today announcing deals with lift and uber. within the next 30 days drivers with permits will legally be able to pick and up drop off passengers. as our investigative unit recently reported drivers with hide have sharing companies have been taking fares to sfo without legal clearance. sfo inked a similar deal with side car last week. the giants are ready. are you ready in the world series less than 24 hours away.
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>> we've done this a few times. we have a small army of people in kansas city, missouri. the leader of our army is amy g. it's 8:00 p.m. in k.c. either you're about to get some barbecue or you just ate. which one is it? >> reporter: i got barbecue first thing this morning. i'm a true bleeder. of course i've had barbecue. as you're aware this is not the giants' first rodeo to a world series and it showed. the players today cool, calm, and collected during the media session, during the workout. however, some players did admit that on this eve of the 2014 fall classic, the anticipation is beginning to build. >> i think we're all pretty excited. it doesn't matter if it's our first or some of these guys' third time. it never really gets old coming back to the world series. but yeah i mean, that's about it. we're having fun, ready to go. >> everybody's pretty excited right now. everybody's confident coming off. st. louis, we played very well
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there. offensively, defensively, and pitching. it's exciting just to get it going. >> the last time i was in the world series i thought to myself, this is so hard. it was so hard to get here and win this thing, i don't know if we'll ever be able to have this opportunity again. just to be back, super excited about it. >> everybody's definitely excited to be here. you know. we have had a lot of adversity. you know, we've pushed through it and then come out doing pretty good for ourselves. everybody's looking forward to it and excited to get the series started and it should be a fun one. >> reporter: if you guys didn't know the giants are pretty excited and there's a lot more excitement coming your way as our coverage of the fall classic continues right here from kansas city. in fact, several giants are making their third appearance at a world series and you're going to hear from them on how rare and special that is.
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still ahead, the reaction was swift but the recovery not so much. the latest details on the napa earthquake and how the community is responding. his comments about women in the workplace sparked anger all over the world. i'm scott budman. we hear from the ceo of microsoft about how what he said changed his company. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. cloudy skies in san jose and also for san francisco. we'll talk about how long this lingers into your tuesday forecast. plus details on another storm system developing right now and when that could bring us some rainfall. hey john, check it out.
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download the xfinity tv app today. the one on one-interview you'll see only on nbc bay area. the ceo of microsoft apologizing for comments blasted as insensitive to women. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here with more on that story. >> this one caused a firestorm
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of protests. the ceo of one of the world's biggest companies saying women should not ask for raises, but should just let it happen. it didn't go over well. but it did start a discussion. >> what do you advise to women who are interested in advancing their careers -- >> reporter: it was the comment made at a conference about women in technology, heard round the world. >> it's not really about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. >> reporter: microsoft ceo satya nadella angering women who say being passive is not the way to get ahead. and now -- >> the last thing i want anyone is to be passive. >> reporter: while speaking to our partners at cnbc, nadella says he was wrong. >> because i basically took my own approach to how i've approached and sprung it on half of humanity. and that was just insensitive.
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>> reporter: being aggressive in the workplace is a big issue these days. because not everyone is ready to lean in. >> the women actually undervalue themselves. >> reporter: tracy lee is ceo of dishcrawl. she says nadella's comments ultimately helped spur discussion inside tech companies. she also said passive is the wrong way to go. >> be aggressive in general. anybody should be more aggressive. everybody should be aggressive in general about asking for things and getting what they deserve in life. in the workplace, everywhere. >> this is a real issue that we want to make real progress on. and i just was i would say a bit naive. >> reporter: changing his tune and maybe sparking change in the workplace. as for his company, microsoft says its workplace is currently 29% female. satya nadella says men and women
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at microsoft are paid the same salaries for the same jobs. it's all about the new iphone. strong demand for the iphone 6 helped apple easily beat their quarterly earnings expectations. the cupertino-based company reported revenue of more than $42 billion for its fourth quarter. apple profit surged more than $8 billion. apple stock is up 2%. also making headlines for apple, its new mobile payment system made its debut today. apple pay allows people to use their iphone 6 and 6 plus in the checkout line to pay for food, clothing and other goods. tim cook says apple pay is a secure and private way to guy things because when purchases are made, a user's financial information is not exchanged. the response was quick, the recovery not so much. eight weeks after the 6.0 earthquake hit napa, help from fema has not arrived. today lawmakers and the state emergency officials reviewed the response and the recovery. they were impressed how the
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community came together immediately after the disaster. >> most of the responders that were committed to helping the citizens of napa and vallejo were victims themselves. and yet they were out there committed to helping the people and doing their jobs. several people i talked to in the city and county government didn't know what the status of their homes were. >> napa city officials say there are still 160 red-tagged buildings. president obama has declared the quake a major federal disaster. officials say state relief has been held up by lack of information from fema about eligibility. estimated damage from the napa quake $1 billion. heavy metal is no longer slowing traffic on the bay bridge. traffic is moving much better tonight now that cal trance has removed those trouble-making steel plates. we've been showing you how they've been slowing traffic as drivers really reduce their speed when approaching those steel plates. they were installed just last
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week on the upper deck of the bridge to cover expansion joints which are due for replacement. now cal trance is postponing that work while it reconsiders a substitute for those metal plates. money, brains and creativity. that's what governor brown says california is going to need to grapple with climate change and water management. and it's just going to get tougher. >> we're going to have even more difficult tests. so with that vote yes on proposition 1. >> the november ballot measure that would provide over $7 billion for water infrastructure. brown spoke at stanford university which horsted a water policy forum. credit tibs of prop 1 say there are better ways to spend the money on water resources. take a look at this, it looks nice to see rain. time lapse video of the storm rolling into san jose. we sped up the video from weave our live cameras so you can see the sunshine to clouds and then
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a little bit of rain which is really nice to see. >> how much did we get? let's get a check of our microclimate forecast with jeff ranie ranieri. >> trace amounts to .1 inches. check out this video. >> i like it. looks like my iphone video. >> nice, steady hand. great skills getting us this rain video from the peninsula, los altos. this much-welcomed across the bay area. across the peninsula when it comes to rainfall totals .1 inches closer to the coastline. the south bay picking up on raindrops. not a whole lot but enough to at least lower the fire danger. .04 inches in the valley. loma prieta .04. on the radar nothing major. we don't expect anything in terms of heavy rainfall. the isolated chance of a few scattered showers. we'll get you into the sky
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camera network. the other thing, temperatures, it was hard for a lot of the bay area to get out of the 60s today. right now we are still of course in the 60s. the north bay right now averaging 64. a few sprinkles in the tri-valley and also for the south bay. now through tomorrow's forecast you're going to notice some large differences here. not only sunnier and drier weather but hotter as well. we'll average mid 70s in the north bay. also for the tri-valley 75 degrees. for the south bay 72. coming up in that full forecast we'll talk more about two more systems and how much rainfall they can bring us in about 20 minutes. still ahead, the countdown is on. just two weeks to go. the san jose mayor's race. new numbers reveal how wide open this race still is. trusted to lead? tonight we investigate reports that a local chancellor broke the rules.
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15 days until election day. the san jose mayoral race is wide open according to the latest poll. nbc bay area's political analyst larry gersten is with us. tell us about the poll. >> it's interesting, the poll conducted by san jose state for "the "san jose mercury news"" shows dave cortese leading liccardo 34% to 26%. but 40% remain undecided. interesting, this is a virtual replica of the june primary when cortese came in with 33%, liccardo 25%. but in the june election, the rest of the vote went to the other candidates. now it's just there as an undecided mass. >> so what happens now? how do we account for such a high undecided vote? >> good question. it has to do with the method used to define "likely" voters.
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the survey asked respondents if they voted in one of the past four elections. typically likely voters are determined by whether they voted in the last three or four elections. as such the findings include a lot of casual voters. which helps explain the large percentage of undecideds. we know casual voters don't make up their minds until the end and that's if they vote at all. >> let's put the poll aside. what's it going to take for one of these two to win this. >> it's going to be fun. this looks to be a low turnout rate in a low turnout election which means every vote counts. mobile i'd is the base is most important. that's where reliable supporters are. what do we do? look for liccardo to appeal to those who like his support of measure "b," the pension reform plan, passed two years ago. and its impact on reducing the city's costs. look for cortese to appeal to those who worry about increased crime due to the departures of hundreds of officers because of measure "b" and the cost to the
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city's safety. so it's a matter of competing approaches if you will. efficiency versus public safety. with the voters ultimately deciding which issue is most important and we won't know that for a couple of weeks. >> it's the bay area's biggest city, thank you larry. supreme court justice us sonia sotomayor was on the campus of san jose state speaking to a sold-out crowd. the topic was her memoir "my beloved world" based on sotomayor's journey from the bronx projects to the nation's highest court. the justice and author talked about her experiences can kidly. at one point reminding the audience she sees her memoir as therapy. she also had some advice for students. >> don't go through college and law school the way we did. slow yourself down enough to really talk to people about who they are inside of themselves. that is really, really something
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i regret. >> sotomayor is the first latino u.s. supreme court justice, serving since august 2009. still ahead, she's the call girl accused in the death of a google executive. her attorneys have a new defense for what led up to that deadly dose of heroin. you know, i know you're an expert at headlines. and i know where you're trying to get. and you're not going to get that headline from me. >> she's the chancellor of a major bay area community college district. making headlines with decisions she made with her district credit cards. i'm tony kovaleski. we investigate next. i'm marianne favro live in san jose where the south bay's biggest school district is preparing to prevent students from getting the ebola virus. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
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preventable medical errors, now the third leading cause of death.
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only heart disease and cancer take more lives. proposition 46 will save lives with drug and alcohol testing to make sure impaired doctors don't treat someone you love. safeguards against prescription drug abuse. and holds the medical industry accountable for mistakes. i'm barbara boxer. let's save lives. vote yes on 46. fellow nurses speak out and show their support. the first time we're hearing from those on the front lines of the ebola outbreak at a texas hospital. that's our developing story. the battle against ebola. today nurses in dallas talked publicly. >> their hospital's response to the infected patient who died. >> like we did with h1n1, when we got the message from the public health department that we needed to create isolation areas for children, we would find areas in the office. so it could be the conference
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room and any child that had a fever, any h1n1 symptoms, we would put them into that conference room until the parents came to pick them up. >> the nurses at texas health presbyterian hospital spoke today and showed their support for two co-workers. each contracted ebola after treating thomas duncan, the liberian patient who died two weeks ago. quarantine ended for several dozen people who came in direct contact with duncan. they have safely passed the incubation period. we're looking at a bay area school district, taking steps against ebola. marianne favro has that part of the story for us. >> reporter: if you look at this, this is a health prote call for all the schools in the san jose unified school district. it starts right here with the first step. when a student walks into the nurse's office, the first step is to take their temperature.
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schools in the south bay are stepping up control efforts in case a student is diagnosed with pohl virus. san jose unified school district, which has 32,000 students, is taking the same infection control precautions it has always relied on to deal with the flu, whooping cough, and enterovirus. but now it's doing even more. >> if they come into the health office for any reason, skinned knee, elbow, anything, we're going to check their temperature. >> reporter: the district is identifying rooms to isolate sick kids should the county public health department require that. like it did in 2010 to prevent the spread of the h1n1 virus. students have also been instructed to embrace the gold standard of infection control. good old-fashioned hand washing with warm water ask soap. the district is reminding parents to do their part. >> the big message for parents, if your child is sick, keep them home. we have cases where parents need
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to go to work and we understand that, but if your child is running a temperature, keep them home. >> reporter: the child has had a temperature, they must be fever-free for 24 hours without medication before they'll be allowed to return to school. if a child is at school with a temperature of 100 or higher the school will call their mom and dad to pick them up. another court hearing for the high-end call girl charged in the deadly heroin overdose of a google executive. alex tickleman accused of injecting forrest hayes with a lethal dose of heroin last year. hayes died on his yacht in santa krauts harbor. tickleman faces felony manslaughter charges for leaving the boat as hayes lay dying. her attorney calls it an accident. >> my client alex did nothing to mr. hayes that he didn't want to happen to him.
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she did what he asked. two consensual adults engaged in mutual drug usage. it went wrong but it wasn't intended. >> tickleman's next court appearance is scheduled for december. the chancellor of one of the bay area's largest community college districts is answering questions about the use of her district credit card. the issue? plane tickets and cross-country trips with her husband. chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski breaking the story tonight. >> the chance already's had a lot to say but never directly accepted responsibility for her actions. it's about accountability at the highest levels. records we uncovered and the timeline we put together make it clear, the chancellor violated the district's rules. i want to make sure you have every opportunity -- >> and i want to make sure you don't get salacious headlines. >> reporter: right sa cepeda
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serves as chancellor. she's in charge of the san jose evergreen community college district. >> was it a mistake to use the district card to buy plane tickets for your husband? >> you know, i know you're an expert at headlines. and i know what you're trying to get. and you're not going to get that headline from me. >> reporter: she's defending decisions on these expense reports. a december trip in 2011 to attend a holiday party at the white house with president obama. and then a few months later, a conference in orlando. >> this particular incident was a serious problem. >> reporter: maria fuentes is on the district's board of trustees. she was the board president when cepeda submitted that second expense report. >> should chancellor cepeda have known she shouldn't have done this? >> yes, absolutely. >> did that disappoint you as
6:35 pm
the board president, surprise you? >> it was unexpected. it was unexpected. >> reporter: in this memo, obtained by nbc bay area, president fuentes questioned the chancellor's use of district's credit card, pointing out the charges were not for official district purposes. >> the issue here is that we have a policy that prohibits any purchase that is nondistrict related. with the credit card. >> reporter: specifically the district's policy states, the procurement card is to be used exclusively for district business purposes. and it's also spelled out in the chancellor's employment contract saying, the chancellor shall not use district credit cards for nondistrict or personal purposes. >> that's my duty and that's how i handled it. >> reporter: trustee fuentes also points to the contradict's recent history. in 2010, independent investigators found
6:36 pm
then-chancellor rosa perez violating district policy. recommendations followed giving trustees greater oversight in supervising the chancellor's budget and travel. how did you react when board president fuentes questioned your transaction? >> i was flabbergasted. >> reporter: these credit card statements show the charges. apparent violations of both district policy and the employment contract. >> airfare two people round trip, and i did a single transaction. i used it as a credit card. and i immediately reimbursed the district for that cost. >> when you say immediately, what does that mean to you? >> well, certainly before the bill even arrived. >> reporter: but that's not what the records appear to show. take a close look. on the second trip, chancellor cepeda purchased her husband's ticket with a district credit card on february 5th. the bill was february 22nd. and the money order to reimburse the district wasn't purchased immediately.
6:37 pm
instead, six weeks later. and on the first trip, she purchased her husband's plane ticket on november 11th. the credit card bill was dated november 22nd. the money order to reimburse the district was again not purchased immediately. the date shows january 10th. >> my question is, what happened here? it tack two months to reimburse one, six weeks on the other -- >> i indicated that it was a matter of submittal of those records by staff. >> with all due respect you're passing the buck. you could have written a check the day after you purchased the tickets and said, here's the money back. it seems like you're taking no accountability here, dr. cepeda. >> i am telling you that i'm a person of integrity who has followed the rules as best as she can. >> chancellor cepeda pointed us to internal reviews that did not find a problem with her violating her contract and district policy. as you heard the chancellor believes she did nothing wrong.
6:38 pm
but this is telling. she did say she no longer uses the district credit card for personal purchases, a move recommended by her auditors. if you have a tip for our investigative unit call 888-996-tips. e-mail still ahead, vandals strike a high-end salon and neighbors in this quiet south bay district say it's not the first time. hillary clinton joins some of the most powerful women in politics at a fund-raiser in san francisco today. i'm monte francis. i'll tell you about her urgent message for democrats comes up.
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we have the surveillance video. this camera is inside a willow glen hair salon in san jose. watch the window on the right. you can see the moment it was shattered. that's early yesterday morning. the demoda salon, it's the third time they've been hit in the last two months. >> it's costly for us. this is our office day. i had to spend today having the window boarded up and finding a glass company, ordering a new sign, installation. >> the bill for the damage? $2,000. police say several businesses along lincoln avenue right there in willow glen have been targets of vandals. banning pets may soon be a thing of the past for rental units in berkeley. tomorrow the city council will consider a plan to prevent landlords from restricting pets. as part of the deal tenants would be required to disclose up front that they have pets. council members do not plan to vote on the measure, it will be discussed and perhaps sent to a
6:42 pm
committee for more examination. if it does come to pass, berkeley would be the first city in california to have such a law. our forecast not just for us normal people in the bay area but major league baseball, we'll be watching the forecast for the world series. >> it's not going to be the classic sunny and also cloudy forecast coming our way. we do have more chances of rain coming down the pipeline. also beauty doesn't come cheap. yosemite is raising its prices in a big way.
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hillary clinton was the headliner at a democratic fund-raiser in san francisco today. it featured some of the most powerful women in american politics. clinton had a lot to say about
6:45 pm
the upcoming midterm elections. monte francis is live outside the fairmont hotel. many people wanted to know about something else, whether she's running for the white house. any word? >> reporter: janelle, that's right, but no big announcement from hillary clinton today about 2016. but as you say, she did have a message for democrats about the election coming up in just a couple of weeks. >> please welcome hillary rodham clinton! >> reporter: the first woman to become the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, told the crowd at the fairmont hotel she long hoped hillary clinton would be the first woman to run the white house. now shouldn'ts her to run again. >> and so hillary clinton, mother and grandmother, decides to run for president, she will win. >> reporter: but clinton herself did not address that election. still two years off. rather, she urged democratic party supporters to get out and vote on november 4th and to elect the more than 100 women
6:46 pm
running for congressional seats. >> i can't think of a better way to make congress start working for american families again than electing every last one of them. >> reporter: outside the fairmont hotel a small group of protesters urged clinton to oppose the keystone pipeline. while inside, clinton spoke directly to women voters. >> you can elect democrats who will fight every day for all women to have the rights and opportunities we deserve. >> reporter: in the midterms, most democrats are focusing on the u.s. senate where polls show control could shift to republicans. and it's a possibility senator dianne feinstein acknowledges. >> there was a big call to action of how important it is. and i believe very strongly democrats need to hold the united states senate. >> reporter: but some democrats already have their sights on the presidential election in 2016. and along with nancy pelosi, are beating the drum, encouraged clinton to run. >> i hope she runs, yes.
6:47 pm
>> of course. a lot of us would like to see her run. but again, we have to rely on her best judgment. >> reporter: today's fund-raiser brought in about $1.4 million for the democratic party and clinton has already left the bay area. she's scheduled to attend an event in southern california tonight. beauty does not come cheap. yosemite is raising its entrance fees by 50%. plans are in the works to raise the park entrance fee from $20 to $30 per car. the money will go to pay forrest race and maintenance projects inside the park. the increase would begin january 1st. fees will also be raised at 130 of america's 401 national parks. a system moving out and another one moving in. let's get a check of our microclimate forecast. >> just the way we like it this time of year. you can see that larger storm system is offshore and eventually, yes, that is going to give us some rainfall.
6:48 pm
but right now out ahead of the storm system some massive swells getting kicked up across the california coat line, 9 to 13 feet. the best advice if you were planning to head to the beaches even through tomorrow, stay out of the water. we're looking at dangerous rip currents. the leftover energy from our storm system that brought rainfall is still lingering. that's going to pass through areas near the border tonight. we'll see a slight chance of a stray shower through the evening hours. but that's just about it. we're really done with the heaviest portion of this storm system. we'll take you outside of the sky a.m. a camera network. you can see temperatures in the 60s. it was a cool fall day out there. it was hard for most of the bay area to get out of the 60s. right now 65 in the north bay. averaging 68 in the east shore. and very dark skies in the south bay. so we haven't really seen anything like this in quite some time. usually this time of the night we've got plenty of sunshine. tuesday we do have sunnier skies
6:49 pm
coming back. warmer temperatures. and no rain expected throughout the day. 71 for downtown san jose. morgan hill just a little bit warmer. but very comfortable. 73 degrees. 72 in palo alto. for the coastline a few degrees cooler with 65. westerly winds will keep the fog near the immediate coast line. san francisco expected to eke out sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60s near the golden gate bridge. and for downtown, 67. for the north bay, east bay, tri-valley, we'll have a awesome rebound up into napa and sonoma counties. mid 70s and sunny skies. but if you're headed near the bay at all, like sausalito, a few clouds lingering and cooler temperatures like 69. some of the best weather tomorrow will be in walnut creek, sunny, 75. danville expecting 74. now let's take you to the next thing, that is that possibility of rainfall. we've got a storm system lining up for thursday. the core of the storm is way off to the north. so we're not expecting any major
6:50 pm
rain for us, for the north bay, a few spotty showers possible. the larger storm system will likely move in as we head throughout friday. giants playing here at home on friday. you can see it 4:00 p.m. it's dry. as we head throughout 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., we'll start to see showers move in. we'll see showers continue throughout early saturday morning as well. late friday and saturday we're looking at rain that could equate up to .25 inches. for the world series forecast, game one, two, three, clear skies in kansas. temperatures in the 60s. by friday again a chance of some showers as that game gets going, 67 degrees. i don't think it's going to be a rainout. but keep a close eye. throughout saturday's forecast, a chance of rain, colder weather, 60s. by sunday's forecast, sunnier skies and conditions expected in the mid 70s. a lot happening this week. a bit of that up and down pattern. keep the umbrella close by. and you will be prepared. we just have to watch the forecast.
6:51 pm
we are on the eve of the world series. kansas city is buzzing tonight and we are there live. we'll check in with amy g. and the players next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
one of the country's prestigious cycling events is returning next year but only one bay area city will be on that route. the amgen tour of california begins may 10th in sacramento. stage two will take racers to nevada city in the sierra foothills and lodi before heading to san jose. today organizers also announced next year's race will mark the expansion of the women's race did a four-day event.
6:54 pm
the men's race concludes in pasadena on may 17th. let's bring in jim kozimor from our comcast sports net studios. we've done this three time in the past five years. we're pros at this, koz. >> absolutely. it's good to be pros at it but good to enjoy the excitement while you can. i know you can feel the excitement. even-numbered year, that means the giants are in the world series. giants/royals open the 110th edition of the fall classic tuesday night at kaufmann stadium. madison bumgarner facing big game james shields. so let's go to the paris of the plain where amy gutierrez is. as part of our eight-member team coverage. more boots on the ground than anyone else. we have the excitement here in the bay area. what its is it like in kansas city? >> reporter: hi, jim. it's definitely exciting. they're hosting a gall la at kaufmann stadium. the music going, food, beverages
6:55 pm
are being enjoyed for sure. so the excitement is building for sure. and of course san francisco giants fans are the most excited because, that's right, the giants back at the fall classic for the third time in just five seasons. and of course dynasty discussions have begun. nine different giants have been along for the ride all three types. today they reflected on how a three-peat appearance is rare and very special. >> it seems fresh every time no matter if you've been there before or not. so that's what makes it so special. the last time i was in the world series i thought to myself, this is so hard. it was so hard to get here, i don't know if we'll ever have this opportunity again. just to be back, super excited about it. >> this is my second one in three years. so, i mean, it's just fun to be a part of. worry about dynasty talk or anything like that after the series. >> it gets more special because it's a different experience every time. it's a different group of guys
6:56 pm
every time. then again, some of the same faces. so to be able to experience seeing them go through it, guys like hudson who's never been on this stage before, you get excited. >> i know how crazy it is. it will be one of those things whether it's an offseason or maybe years down the road you really are able to reflect back on it some more. because right now, we're still in a moment of trying to win four games. >> everything was manufacturing so fast. it was almost like it was a blur. stuff has slowed down a lot. now we'll be able to know what's going on a bit ask know what to do to contribute to a team win. >> reporter: some of those veterans are certainly enjoying themselves. of those nine players that i mentioned that are returning for their third world series, four are from the bull pen and romo, casilla, affeldt and lopez. if continuity breeds success, it's well worth mentioning that the giants coaching staff has
6:57 pm
not changed in this phenomenal five-year respond. span. >> it's going to be a fun ride. nfl news, 49ers style. daniel kilgore scheduled to have season-ending surgery on his broken left leg, suffered in the third quarter of the loss on sunday night. third-round pick marcus martin slated to replace kilgore. the countdown has begun. giant in their third world series in five years. raj, janelle, i am excited. we hope you are as well. we're all ready for another one, gang. >> did he call us the paris of the plains? >> i know, i've never heard that. i'd love to visit paris of the plains. >> yes, also the city of fountains, kansas city. >> midwestern towns for $300. >> thank you, alex. >> thanks for joining us, see you back here at 11:00.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
kris jenner breaks her silence about bruce's hook up with her close friend. >> now on "extra." ♪ kris jenner crying herself to sleep over bruce's new relationship. the kardashian matriarch taking on the rumors. >> they say he's slowly developing into a woman. >> we have to talk about kim's latest look. new details on the backstage brawl on david letterman's show. cue card guy accused of attack ing the writer. >> monica lou win sky.


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