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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 20, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. >> and a live look outside right now on monday, october 20th. lots of news to get to, a ehave important forecast. you are watching "today in the bay." and good monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> let's get you your live forecast. good morning christina loren. >> good morning. looking good today all across the board for rain today. you can see the showers are
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pressing into clear lake and as we head throughout the morning hours, that will continue to be the trend. then by about 8:00, getting our first showers in the north bay. we're at 63 in concord, 62 in san jose and kicking off the day after a fantastic pumpkin festival in half moon bay. this one looks pretty good for rain, the one later this week looks even better. so stick around. that forecast is coming up. here's mike inouye and your morning commute. traffic and weather, they go together. >> that's the warning for you. >> that's the golden gate bridge. it will be a clear shot if we do have wet roads. no problems right now. let's check san rafael. so far a smooth drive and an easy flow for traffic up here,
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southbound 101. we'll take a live look forward fremont as well. and that's before all that rain comes in but later on this afternoon, watching for some slick conditions. so far your morning commute moves nicely. >> some good news. you should not face the same gridlock that kept people on the bridge for hours on friday. stephan stephanie chuang is live in san francisco. >> reporter: good morning, kris. for anyone who was on the bay bridge on friday, they probably remember it pretty clearly. the source of the problem on the bay bridge was the approach to fremont street. that is where there were these steel plates installed and had this backup all the way across -- all the way to the
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main span. they replaced six expansion joints of the upper deck. the joints allow for natural movement. this is part of a project to update a section of the bridge where caltrans found wear and tear cracks but it didn't slow drivers down until the morning commute. >> predicting traffic is an inexact science. we knew there would be some delays but when we looked at how long it did, we made the decision to reevaluate this. >> this isn't the first time caltrans has installed these steel plates.
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it did similar work back in 2002. both times previously there were major backups. they'll have to figure out another plan. >> hopefully a smooth commute. thanks, steph. >> the world health organization says after a months' long battle, nigeria is free of ebola. meantime, a memorial was held last night in minneapolis for eric duncan, the liberian man in texas who died from ebola. >> i loved my husband. >> a sad time obviously for many
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folks in that community. meanwhile the 48 people who came into contact with duncan are now in the clear. yesterday marked 21 days without symptoms, which means the danger period has passed. and nurses are finally getting the protection they've been asking for. the centers for disease control issued new guidelines for health care workers who come into contact with ebola patients. the cdc officials say all nurses and doctors need to have skin covered. >> back here in the bay area, students in marin will show up to a new headmaster. the previous headmaster was arrested on drug charges.
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he was found with a 21-year-old woman and a stash of heroin and methamphetamine. >> the search is on this morning for a missing man who disappeared out of san jose. police have issued a silver alert for 71-year-old nicholas ortiz. he is 5'2" weighing 140 pounds, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans and possibly wearing a hospital wrist band. they say ortiz suffers from a medical condition and may be disoriented. >> new surveillance could help mountain view police identify a burglary suspect. take a look. the surveillance video shows a man entering where a cell phone was stolen. officers are not releasing the name of the business.
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>> san jose is considering a mandatory overtime program. the department has lost hundreds of officers in recent months, many to neighboring cities who offer better pay and pension packages. >> the glass shattered overnight in san jose's willow neighborhood. investigators say this is not the first time. police athere have been several similar crimes in the area. >> that's right, the owner boarded up the gear. over the last few months, the
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window smasher has been targeting several businesses in willow glen. i was outside a business two months ago where a window had just been shattered. burglary doesn't appear to be the case and the suspect doesn't even appear to go inside the stores, it seems like just plain vandalism. but it's become a major headache for merchants since august. the damage usually runs in the hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for repairs and at this point police have not made any arrests for the vandalism. this is not considered a high priority crime for police, but they are making reports and keeping an ion the the surveillance video of one of e the.
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>> there's cameras ashd that part of town so hopefully they'll find something. >> rain expected on the way very soon. we're joined now by meteorologist christina loren. good morning. >> good morning to you, sam. kris, happy monday to you al ho home but we do need the rain so we're happy to see that showers have moved into northern california. they'll slowly but surely make their way into the bay area. right now it looks like an 8:40 arrival. couldn't on that as we head throughout the second half of your morning drive. otherwise looking pretty good. temperatures mostly in the 60s. you'll need your coat in san francisco. 64 degrees is the high today, 68 on the peninsula, 70 in the south bay. hopefully you've been able to
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give your a.c. a break, it's been really nice. temperatures stay put throughout the week and we bring the rain back as we come the end of the week. right now i want to check on your drive. say good morning and welcome back, mike inouye. >> good morning. a smooth drive, as christina was saying, the commute is moving nicely. we have a little slowing north 880 and north 680 coming out of mission and heading out for both of those respective freeways. must have been some slower moving vehicles earlier, no major construction through that area. there's a slowdown right here,
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typical of how 84 runs but nothing unusual for the tri-valley or approaching that bay bridge. and we'll show you the late well there is an easy flow into and out of palo alto. >> businesses may be hiring but there's something else they are not doing for employees this morning. >> is everybody out? >> no, there's a man inside! >> it's a heroic rescue caught on camera. a man runs into that burning home and saves a grandfather trapped inside. this story coming up. my grandson's got this
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it is 5:13 on the start of your work week. if you asked for a raise last week and didn't get one, you're not alone. only 24% of companies gave their workers raises in july to september, in that quarter. that's down from 43% the quarter before. experts say the numbers suggest there are still enough people out of work that companies doesn't feel pressured to pay more. >> another company jumping into a very competitive market, the smartwatch wars. kate, good morning. >> good morning, sam. futures are pointing to a higher open as the markets come off a negative week, despite friday's rally. trading was very volatile last
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week answs investors worried ab economic impacts and about ebola. look for earnings today from ibm, apple and chipotle. the dow raised 263 points and the nasdaq up 41 to 4,258. and microsoft wants in on the smartwatch game. forbes reports the company plans to watch its own device within weeks. it will be able to passively track the user's heart rate. forbes says the watch could be in stores in time for the holiday season. >> this battery lasts, i don't know, i think years. >> we are watching for the possibility of some rain this morning. you were saying this may not impact some commuters. >> yeah, i think everybody's going to be a-okay, especially if you're leaving before 8:00
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a.m. good monday morning to you. 62 in san jose, the good news is temperatures are still going to be comfortable. it's not going to be too cold out there just yet. even with that rain cooled air coming in. still talking about the upper 60s to low 70s today. the good news is we have rain already on the radar, most of it to the north of the bay area. 63 in livermore, 62 right now in beautiful san jose. hopefully you had a great weekend. as you can see here, beautiful storm. you can actually see that counterclockwise rotation. overall a pretty good looking day with rain moving in by about 9:00 a.m. into the north bay. just give you an idea of how dry it is at this point across the bay area. lunchtime expecting showers to move into the south bay and really comfortable temperatures
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yet again, similar to over the weekend but just a touch cooler. san francisco mid 60s coming your way. then wussy head throughout tomorrow, just a touch cooler. more rain returns. and this system is looking pretty significant. coming up in my next report, i'll give you an deof when you need your umbrellas and when you'll need your windshield wipers. >> and i don't want the muddy streaks on my karks i want a wash. as christina said, that's not till later on. now we'll get a chance for this construction to clear up from 17 south, down towards hamilton, we're still losing a lane and construction around stevens
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creek and 880 continues. over on the eastbound, no major delays. the rest of the bay is moving nicely. crossing the san mateo bridge, very light. we do have a couple of folks waiting for these cash lanes. we'll send it back to you. >> it's 5:18 now and new from the investigative unit, ebay, walmart, coca-cola, just a few big name companies that have installed bloom boxes, fuel cells made by the sunnyvale
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based bloom energy. they are supposed to create electricity and supposed to help companies be green and cut their carbon footprint and you help pay for them. every month a part of your pg&e bill goes to a state program that gives rebates to companies that install bloom boxes. but tonight an investigation looks into how they perform. >> when you're a company that benefits this much from public money, should you answer questions about how efficient your technology is? >> absolute lip. and if you are receiving public money or even private money, you need to own up to what your data is.
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>> a man is trapped in a fire. >> there's man inside! >> witnesses say the man in the blue had seemed to appear out of nowhere but calmly pulled the vick trim to safety from a burns house. t firefighters say it could have been much worse. neighbors did not call 911 right away and were trying to put out the fire with a garden hose. >> cases of west nile virus have exploded across the state and they're blaming the drought. 562 human cases have been reported this year, more than twice the number from just a year ago. health officials say this could
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be linked to a range of factors including climate. the number of birds and mosquitos in the area and of course the drought. >> the details of a comet that made state history today. this year an animation from nasa of that moment, it also managed to miss the sign tisk spacecraft. -- scientific spacecraft. >> surely there's a hollywood moving in the making. >> i'll bet it's already in the work. ykykykéñ an item that everyone seems to want this year.
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it is 5:23 right now.
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looking live at downtown san jose, it is going to feel like fall today. christina has your forecast coming up in a bit. >> this year's hottest halloween costume is taking people to the hot zone as ebola patients. halloween stores started noticing a jump in haz-mat suits. some believe the fear of the disease is too real to make light of. >> i think people try to push the envelope and they want to shock. that's what they do at halloween. >> and stores are selling them. viral suits are hot. >> they won't actually protect you. >> no. >> and hundreds gathered on the beach in carmel for the 54th
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annual sand castle contest. the theme was motion in the ocean. look at that. that looks like a giant squid. the winner was a work in progress. they tell us it's an octopus attacking a boat. let's go to meteorologist christina loren. >> a storm is barrelling toward the pacific and driving in the big waves. i promised you a sneak peek at the timing of these systems.
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first one today as i stop that clock for you at lunchtime, you'll need that umbrella just about everywhere. look at that, tomorrow morning some snowfall over the sierra, nevada and then we hold off on rain until we get into your thursday. expecting showers late thursday into friday. the moral of this story, mike, rain continues to stay in our forecast. that is great news when it comes to the drought situation. over to you. >> looking at the westbound 580, this is the truth right here as well as the area through the double interchange. typical pattern, it sorted itself out. you pick your path here. golden gate bridge, a crash from the north bay and into the north bay. a clear view across that span. and bay bridge, these folks just wanted to be on camera. a few more cars waiting for cash
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lane. back to you. >> another possible victim in the case of a flasher on the peninsula expands.
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the wait period is over for the men and women who died from ebola. >> and the clock is ticking down to the arrival of showers this morning, expecting that activity in the north bay by 9:00 a.m. and the south bay by lunchtime. i'll tell you how much we're expecting today and then when more rain moves in later this week in just moments. >> so as we watch that rain making its move, i'll talk about the effect it is will have on your drive so far. a smooth drive but you have more company now.
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>> and looking live at san francisco, and the clouds making for a glowing moment. this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. the roads are drive rigy right that certainly will not be the case later on today. get those umbrellas out, christina. >> yeah, not just in the north bay either. we're kicking off the day with a little bit of shower activity, kicking off a new work week with a new pattern. as we head toward the end of the week, we have nor rain on the way. the good news is this is the pattern that we want to see to help us get out of this terrible drought. expecting showers in the south bay, but you'll see activity in the north bay. as of about 9:00 a.m., i'll show
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you your future cast and we'll look at how much we're expecting. back to you for the rest of the top stories of the day. >> now to the latest developments on ebola. in dallas more than 50 people are no longer in quarantine after possibly coming into contact with the first person in this country to die from the ebola virus. we go live to the hospital where he died of the disease. mark, what is the latest on that? >> reporter: those who first came contact with thomasva4g duncan are now free from quarantine. two nurses were infected but so far those are the only two cases that surfaced. federal health officials are coming to meet with the hospital
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staff. the dallas county judge, who is dallas' top administrator says today's quarantine limit is a smileston milestone. >> looking forward to shake the hands of 48 people who need to get back into society and i want to urge people to give them a welcome. >> this morning an ad was taken out apologizing for mistakes that happened here. the hospital initially turned away duncan, sending him home for two days. the hospital says they hadn't seen an ebola case and simply didn't recognize it. many of the comments, there's still a lot of distrust. meanwhile, two dozen hospital health care workers are waiting out their quarantine period here at the hospital, rather than run the risk of ineffecting their
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families should they become symptomatic. and there are 50 other hospital workers at home waiting through the quarantine period. that's the latest from here in dallas. mark matthews, "today in the bay." >> thank you, mark. as a result of the safety breach at the texas hospital, the cdc is issuing new rules for health care workers. we go live to washington, d.c. later for a look at what is changing. >> it appears there is another victim in the case of the palo forward to say something similar happened to their daughter. a 13-year-old girl said she saw a man touching himself in a car and looking at her. she kept walking and he showed up again doing the same thing.
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the suspect sketch is similar for those of those three incidences. however, the sketch is different for a 13-year-old girl riding her bike earlier this year. police think there are two different flashers. >> and tickleman's attorney says she has no motive because she was in love with him. >> testimony will be heard from city and county representatives.
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>> there will not be a repeat of friday's commute that had drivers stuck for an hour or long longer. the good news, steph, is the project is on hold. the bad news is it's just delaying the inevitable. >> reporter: the plates were first installed wednesday night but the impact not felt until friday morning. the black steel plates were along the far left three lanes of the upper deck right before the free mont street exits. caltrans is replacing six expansion joints after the agency found traffic was backed
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up for over an hour on friday. >> we discussed can't sustain those kind of delays. >> caltrans did taper the front and back of the plates to ease the impact to vehicles. now the agency has suspended the project and today will meet to figure out a new plan. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> interesting note that stephanie made that the signs were actually throwing drivers for a loop. >> anything else out there to throw drivers off this morning?
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>> so far not yet. but as kris said, anything can cause that distraction. in l.a. we saw signs lit up that said "no problems" and that was slowing people down so they turned them off. there you go. right here no problem. a sign they should turn on the metering lights pretty soon. but we don't have them yet. fast track, you have a transponder and save a little time. the metal plates have been removed and the project suspended. a little build for north 87. over here for the tri-valley, right here at the dublin interchange with our live camera, right here is where it
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slowed down. maybe someone slammed on their brakes a few minutes ago. the golden gate bridge, a clear view right now. but this dry roadway and clear view, things are going to change a little bit later on, right? >> that's a good warning. you know we always get a little bit of a lunch rush out there. everything is still to the north of the north bay. we're going to hit 70 degrees later on today in the south bay, temperatures keeping cool. 64 in san francisco, the east short today at 67 and a comfortable 70 degrees for those of you waking up with us in the north bay. you can see at lunch time wide ran range, looking more like a half
5:39 am
an inch for palo alto and spls especially -- now we will keep you updated. more rain on the way later on this week so stick around. we're looking priddy good for the traffic to hold off. back to you. >> ibm making some changes. big blue's big announcement from just a few hours ago. >> and apple is jumping into the mobile payment system. why the cupertino company says it's better than the rest.
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this morning the military gearing up to help fight ebola. tracie potts has more on that. the lawmakers are not too happy with the person the president
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has put in charge, the czar. >> good morning. some of them are not. some say he's a washington insider. >> reporter: 20 critical care nurses, 5 doctors and 5 infectious disease specialists will soon be suiting up to respond to any ebola case in the u.s. today hospitals are preparing for new guideline from the cdc on how to care for ebola patients. >> one of the things will be complete covering with no skin showing whatsoever. >> reporter: there's still debate on whether to ban flights from west africa. >> i'd suspend those leases until we have this under better control. >> reporter: and there's
5:43 am
criticism of president obama's ebola czar, a white house insider, not a doctor. >> you don't need to be a doctor, you need to be a good organizer. >> when you appoint a lobbyist and political hack to head up the ebola crisis in this country, it doesn't give any confidence in this president. >> starting to sound political. lawmakers are warning against that saying they need to be careful because we are just two weeks away from an election. sam? >> it sounds like a lot of conservative opposition to that appointment. thank you very much. >> and now decision 2014, president obama will cast his ballot in chicago today because it is illinois's first day of early voting. back here in the bay area, today is the last day to register to vote for the november 4th election. the registration deadline also
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applies if you have moved or if you have changed your name. >> hillary clinton is back in the bay area today. the former secretary of state and first lady will appear longside house leader nancy pelosi. you might remember clinton is just here last week for dream force but she still has not answered the question when whether she plans to run for the white house in 2016. >> ibm will be making payments for over three years but it will take a $4.7 billion write-off in the third quarter when it reports results today. meantime, apple is launching its new mobile payment system today.
5:45 am
apple payworks hold up to a special reader. and they touch the fingerprint id sensor. apple is telling cnbc the service is secure and the company will not track or supply informing about what people buy. >> and damien, you were out there covering a similar story not very long ago. >> reporter: i guess a couple months ago. this is what's been greeting shoppers here, boarded up windows and the merchant frustration is growing here in willow glen. it's the latest in a series of window smashes rack back in
5:46 am
august, i was just side and in many cases burglary does in the appear to be the cause. it seems to be just plain vandalism. but it has become a major headache for merchants here here. the damage usually runs in the hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars for repairs. at this point police have not made any arrests for the vandalism. also at this point, this is not considered a high-priority crime for police because they are all vict victimless perhaps i don't see any surveillance cam ross here.
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>> they're probably thinking about outside cameras right now. thanks, damian. >> it will be a. >> and you know, even though we haven't had a lot of really deep moisture associated with any of these systems, i can tell you every single drop in the bokt kien kients. actually looking toward some pretty decent totals. quarter of an inch, sounds good for the south bay. we're at 61 in san jose. obviously we'll see some higher totals up in the polices that and right now you can see a
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beautiful looking storm system. i like the way it looks for a couple of reasons. you can see the well defined counterclockwise rotation. look at the way this front is maintaining its organization at this point, looking pretty good, though showers starting to close in on on sonoma county. right now it looks like the steady rainfall, still a couple hours away but reaching ant and by tonight, your commute home, 5:00, things are starting to clear out of here and really looking pretty promising for some good air quality tomorrow and snowfall in tahoe tomorrow coming up.
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and 68 degrees on the peninsula. just keep your jacket with you. you want to be protected from the hours later on today. keep your umbrella by your side for wednesday and thursday, especially in san francisco and then more rain on the way late thursday into friday. so overall looking good when it comes to our changing palt rn and no heat in the forecast, mike, except for the heat you're always bringing. . . >> traffic is just fine here. 101, the only spot where we have any real slowing. no surprises for 87, although the early traffic did show a little slowing there as well. we're watching the trend. so far a standard pattern around
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much of your bay. we have a subtle build through hayward. west 580 does slow down a bit. on the peninsula side, 101 moves with a predictable pattern here, all the way up into san mateo with no delays into 92. and into the city via the bay bridge, metering lights are still on. >> thank you, mike. >> followings rules could put aldon smith back on the field earlier than expected. mike florio says the league may reduce smith's nine-league suspension by a game or two because of good behavior. if it is reduced by two games,
5:51 am
it would be over. if nothing changes, he'll be gone until the 16th. meanwhile, south boston niners fans graching the. >> that was a tough go for bay area sports fans but now maybe some more positive, optimistic outlookin outlookings. >> and of course the world series starts tomorrow. it is the giants' third visit today world series in the past five years. the team did catch a flight out of sfo yesterday morning. outfielder hunter pence often
5:52 am
not much will change when it comes to the giants' roster. bruce bochy is starting madison bumgarner. hmm, do i start bum darren or bumgarner? a lot of attention as well, especially from giants fans as you see the name of these dogs the agency posted the photo on its twitter accounts showing a new crew of adoptable talks named after, you got to, pond n new. >> i met her online not too long
5:53 am
ago and i thought she was pretty normal. >> pretty normal, that's what he thought about the woman who was then later stuck in his chimney. the online woman that did not go well.
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it is 5:55 on your monday. hong kong's leader says external forces are involved in pro-democracy protests. quote, there is obviously participation by people outside of hong kong." the hong kong federation of
5:56 am
students immediately rejected those accusation. >> ford is developing a car seat that can defect whether a driver is having a heart attack and safely stop that vehicle. the seat monitors cardiovascular symptoms and then works with a head sensor as well. ford could scale up production on the new seat for the next five years. >> a southern california man might be swearing off online dating for good after finding out a woman he met on a web site was stuck in his chimney. the homeowner said he went on a few dates with her before breaking it off and all of a should she was allegedly spotted on his roof. before that happened, police arrived for the very first time with her inside the chimney. >> there wasn't too many red flags. the biggest one was the person
5:57 am
on my roof. and after that i pretty much gave her -- let her know i wanted interested. >> i think we can safely concur that was a red flag. the woman was taken to the hospital and then arrested for illegal entry and provided false information to the police officer. >> come on, if he doesn't want to be with you, he doesn't want to be with you, move on. it's embarrassing. >> plus concerns about ebola at an oklahoma school. what the principal is telling students there. >> and rain is in the forecast. meteorologist christina loren will be along with a few minutes for a look at your microclimate forecast.
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right now at 6:00, missing and at risk. police need your help to track him down. >> plus students told to stay home because of concerns over the ebola virus. >> and a san jose neighborhood seeing an increase in crime. >> and we have a really interesting pattern for this week. grab your umbrella. we have a storm on the way for the end of week as well. i'm time out the changes in your microclimates in just moments. >> if you need that umbrella, you need good wiper blades as well. we'll show you the slowdown for 580. we'll check that out coming up. >> we have rain on the brian but nothing appearing to be raining right there so far. a live picture of san jose at sun getti


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