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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 14, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a good tuesday morning to you. it's 4:30. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning to you and everybody at home. today is the day we've been waiting for. the pattern change i promised you kicks in today. we are noticing the changes out there today with temperatures all over the place. it is mild in oakland. 56 degrees this morning in san jose. and i've got to tell you, we'll wake with a mostly clear sky. then the clouds thicken up throughout the day. i'll let you know when to expect
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the first rain drops on your doorstep coming up in my next report. first, it's a traffic tuesday with rain on the way. mike, what are we working with? two crashes, folks. first one in san francisco. this is affecting octavia. it is closed between page here off highway 101 in toward city street. that's an issue with a reroute to go a couple blocks in either direction. we'll watch that. and we have stephanie trong heading there. and remember there's a closure between third and fourth. westbound 80 is closed in the north bay, westbound 80 in vallejo coming to highway 37 there's a crash right before the connector or right at the connector. folks are forced off the roadway and then back onto the roadway at highway 37. that's your reroute around that. expect slowing because there are traffic breaks through the area. we'll track this and send it
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back to you. 4:316789 police in san jose are looking for a driver who hit and killed a woman in a crosswalk and then took off. this happened 8:00 last night at 33rd and mckee road. the woman was coming from the neighborhood and may have been heading to the store. bob redell is live at the intersection with the very latest on this search. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. fortunately and unfortunately, no arrests as of yet, but police have spoken to witnesses and do have a description of the suspect's suv that i'll tell you about in a few moments. but based on what those people told police, they say this woman clearly had the right of way. she was coming from over there in that neighborhood as you mentioned crossing the center section at 34th and mckey. she had the pedestrian light activated with the lights there flashing. again, this is according to the witnesses. other cars stopped to let her cross except for one. she was across the median more than half to the other side when the driver of an suv came
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speeding along above the posted speed limit and ran her over. that driver did reportedly stop briefly at the next light but then continued on to the freeway and has not been seen since. the woman did survive the initial impact with a faint heartbeat when the paramedics arrived but died later at the hospital. >> the problem in this area is the cars never stop. with the light here, the cars have no respect. the people cruise it free. this is a big problem in this area. >> reporter: police believe that the hit-and-run suv is going to have a lot of damage to its front end. they are still looking for the driver as i mentioned and believe that he or she was driving a chevy tahoe suburban light in color, possibly silver or brown. now, a nearby restaurant owner who we just heard from tells us this intersection has been dangerous for quite some time, which is why he fought to get this crossing signal here at the
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pedestrian crosswalk installed a year and a half ago. but he says that vehicle stills /* come speeding through here. >> thank you so much, bob. new developments overnight in the ebola crisis. a german hospital says a medical worker being treated for the virus there has died. the 56-year-old man contracted ebola while working in liberia and was being treated there. mean while, the texas nurse is getting help from the doctor who survived the illness. nina pham has received a blood transfusion from kent brantley. people who develop the virus have antibodies in the blood that can last for ten years. this nurse helped thomas eric duncan, the first person who died from ebola in the u.s.
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and ebola patients become more contagious as the disease progresses. all doctors treating or who treated duncan are going to be investigated. and passengers are ready to get back on board their flight when their plane was forced to return to dallas yesterday afternoon shortly after takeoff. passengers reported hearing loud popping sounds and a ripping noise. that's when the wall panels inside the wall's cabins came loose and the terrifying moments were caught on camera. >> seams on both sides of the cabin started ripping and tearing in. we started to scream and shout. >> the pilot decided to turn back to make an emergency landing at sfo. airline officials believe a blown air duct is to blame. we are told american airlines will have another jet ready to take the passengers back to
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dallas later this morning. >> happy everyone is okay there. san jose police are tracking down a thief who stole two cars while a man was visiting his wife at the hospital. dan you'll stewart's wife recently diagnosed with a rare form of m.s. while visiting his wife at the good samaritan hospital, he lost his key somewhere between his wife's room and the car. then he checked on the car and the car was also gone. he drives for a living and works at lift. >> it's not about catching the people so much, it's about recovering the car. it's not about the value of the car but what the car enables us to do as a family. >> good news, somebody found one of the cars the next day. police checked for fingerprints and immediately returned it back to stewart. this morning a south bay school board member will learn if he'll be permanently banned from his own child's school. right now santa clarified
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unified trustee sam fulles is barred from interacting with the principle at the peterson middle school where his son attends after the principal accused him of harassment. this morning the principal will argue in the santa clara courtroom to make the temporary restraining order a permanent one. the san jose police academy begins today with the smallest class ever. just 22 cadets are in the case forcing the department to consider a mandatory overtime program to keep enough officers on the streets. the department is now surveying officers for input on their plan. san jose's police force dropped from 1300 officers to somewhere around 900 active cops. the police union says many officers have left for other departments or better compensation packages. speaking of better money, sunnyvale is going to consider raising their minimum wage to $10.30 per hour starting in january. just last week the city of mountainview approved the min e
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minimum wage of $10.30. several cities including san jose, san francisco and berkeley already have minimum wages above $10. there it is. >> how about show me the money? a live look at at&t park right now. eight hour ace way from game time. the giants are back home in the nlcs series against the st. louis cardinals tied 1-1. first pitch at 1:07 today. >> and the team is staying loose in front of the home crowd. on the mound today, tim hudson. this is his first championship league appearance in his career. >> on the cardinals side of the ball, they are waiting to see if yadier molina is going to play. he left sunday night with what appears to be a serious injury. the team has left him on the active roster and he's listed technically day to day. he could play today, we'll keep track of that.
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>> that's one to watch today if you're lucky enough to get into at&t park. what is the weather going to be like, christina? we have interesting weather coming our way. good morning to you. i do believe wind is going to play a very big factor in today's game. watch for those flags to blow out towards right field. that is totally against the prevailing wind direction we typically get inside at&t park. winds are out of the south/southwest, 15 to 20 miles per hour. gusting to 30 miles per hour. the wind is going to play a big factor out there today. will they get any rain? i do believe a little bit of drizzle is possible especially toward the end of the game and hopefully at that point we'll all be celebrating a big giants win. now temperatures today are going to be much cooler than where we ended up yesterday. we're talking about the low 70s down from the 90s we had yesterday. you'll only end up in the 60s today in san francisco with rain on the way. as of about 1:00 p.m., we get what we call pre-front tanl precipitation. you can see that on the
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futurecast model. most of this occurs north of the golden gate bridge, but bring your umbrella just in case for that reason. we continue the futurecast as we head through the overnight hours with the main front arriving. we'll wake up tomorrow morning and have to drive through pretty slick conditions. expecting most of the moisture in the heart of your morning drive. i just want to show you something. look at what the models are hinting at. a little bit of snow on the way to tahoe. and this is not our only rain event as we head throughout the remainder of the week into the weekend. we have more on the way. a heavier system. we'll talk about this coming up. we'll check the drive and say good morning to mike inouye. good morning. toward the end of the workday, look at this shot from the coliseum camera. the bottom of the screen shows the flashing lights blocking one lane southbound past the coliseum. it's a slower drive because of the restricted traffic flow through the area. you're still able to make the off-ram off-ramps. this is north of the coliseum past 98.
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that's the slower zone. they should start to pick that up 20 minutes from now, just before 5:00 we'll see more slowing and then they clear through the area. the commute northbound past the coliseum is moving smoothly. the rest of the bay is looking good with the crash in san francisco. stephanie troung is up there. that's an issue just off the freeway. she'll bring you details on that. the freeway westbound 80 is seeing a crash going on since 3:45 this morning. westbound 80 approaching highway 37, chp is reporting traffic breaks as they have an overturned box truck or tractor-trailer over there getting folks off the highway at highway 37 to the parkway and loop back around to get back on. there's a slowdown approaching but then past that the cartinas bridge is looking okay. back to you. thank you, mike. >> 4:41 right now on your tuesday, a new way to spend the credit card points.
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ammex is teaming one a fast food giant today. plus, typhoon vongfong brings heavy rain to japan. christina loren will be along to tell us what it means for the bay area forecast, next. and the new earthquake warning for the bay area. where experts think the next big one will strike coming up next.
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good tuesday morning to you. two companies are charting new territory in benefits for female employees. apple and facebook adjusted their fertility coverage to pay for employees to freeze their eggs. this allows women to save their eggs until they are ready to become parents. apple and facebook are the first major employers to cover this for non-medical reasons. facebook just started offering the coverage and apple will cover it in january. google is getting ready to charge you for your shopping experience. plus, mcdonald's and ammex are
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teaming up. for that and a look at how the futures are trading, we'll go to jackie deangelis this morning at the cnbc headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning. futures are higher this morning after we did see stocks fade on monday falling for a third straight day. quite significant. the nasdaq actually closing in on correction territory to drop 10% or more from recent highs. meantime, investors continuing to worry about signs of the global economy slowing. they are waiting for earnings today from the likes of jpmorgan, citigroup and intel. the dow dropped and the nasdaq dropped as well. google expanding its delivery service and starting to charge membership fees to try to take on amazon prime here. reports saying that starting today google will charge a $10 a month or $95 a year fee for some unlimited same day overnight delivery orders of $15 or more.
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google expressing and allowing customers to buy items from physical stores like costco and staples. the service is available in the san francisco bay area. finally this morning, american express is teaming one mcdonald's to let customers use reward points to buy the next big mac or happy meal. that's being launched in new york this week, then going to chicago, san francisco, los angeles, phoenix and should be in all restaurants by december. >> you can get coffee with reward points as well. thank you very much. >> i want to save them to go to paris or something. but that's a lot. new video this morning as typhoon vongfong leaves destruction after moving through
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tokyo. they received heavy winds and rain. 600 flights were canceled yesterday. >> chaotic stuff in japan and asia, but are the effects being felt here in the bay area? we'll check in with meteorologist christina loren. good morning to you, sam and laura. all the remnant moisture is going to make its way over to the bay area. as we head throughout this weekend, we are going to have to wait on it, but yeah, we're going to see the moisture travel all the way across the pacific ocean from japan to right here in the bay area. that's this weekend's storm. but for today, we have another one brewing. this one came from the gulf of alaska and is going to bring cold air and rain with it. this morning temperatures are mostly in the 50s and the 60s. if you're waking up with us near daily city or north, go ahead and grab your umbrella this morning. rain late for places to the north of the golden gate for the most part. we'll see showers as far south as san francisco into daily city. getting into your thursday, it
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will be dry but chilly. we'll have great air quality out there. then another round of rain on friday into the weekend including some of that remnant moisture from vongfong. this is what we look for throughout the next couple of days with temperatures in the 70s. i have to tell you, this is a good 10 to 20-degree drop off from where the highs ended yesterday. we'll see a break on thursday. more rain comes in late friday into saturday. a little bit of a break for saturday afternoon. you can make the outdoor plans. then sunday into monday yet another storm system. so the pattern is changing. we'll talk more about that and how long it could last, when we might get the return of the sunshine and the warmth, that's coming up in a little bit. back to you, sam and laura. thank you. 4:49. happening right now, a south african judge is hearing testimony on the second day of olympic sprinter oscar pistorius' sentencing hear. pistorius is convicted of culpable homicide similar to a manslaughter conviction in the u.s.
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his agent testified today after being called as a witness by the defense. pistorius could be sentenced up to 15 years in prison or he could leave court as a free man. the sentencing phase could take several days. back at home president obama meets with the top military commanders from 20 different countries today talking about the fight against isis. the u.s.-led coalition has carried out more than 350 strikes against isis since it was formed last month. the islamic militant group continues to plant bombs and spread its influence in iraq and syria. the joints chief of staff recently revealed isis came within 15 mimes of taking control of the airport in baghdad. now turkey has agreed to allow u.s. troops to utilize its air bases for air strikes. this morning one person is dead after a powerful earthquake struck in central america. the 7.4 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of nicaragua and el salvador's border. it was felt across central america. a tsunami warning was issued for
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the coast of honduras and nicaragua. el salvador residents moved inland but there are no reports of major damage. and the bay area is not immune to that activity as the usgs says the bay area is overdo for a big one. this marks 20 years since the loma prieta earthquake. experts are now expecting larger quakes from three faults in the bay area in the next 30 years. researchers looked at 30 years of fault lines along the san andreas fault line and saw pressure is building. >> it is getting more train and eventually it has a limit to its strength and will break. >> researchers predict the hayward, rogers creek and the green valley faults all are ready for a major earthquake. >> which means we have to be ready as well. >> absolutely. preparation is key.
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>> 4:51 right now. collin capernick is defining the nfl this morning that is getting national attention. and we are looking at the traffic flow, even though the traffic camera is zoomed in. you can use the off-ramp but the rest of the freeway is down to one lane for this portion. we'll talk about the slowing here as well as interstate 880 where we are jammed and forced off the freeway, coming up.
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coming up on 4:55 this tuesday morning, a show of defiance from the 49ers quarterback. >> during his post-game interview, kaepernick was sported wearing the same head phones he was fined for wearing last week. the only difference is the beets logo is taped up. he was fined $10,000 for wearing the same head phones because bose is their official league sponsor. he says he was wearing the pink headphones for breast cancer awareness. >> he'll refute that. it's the delay of game you won't see every day. >> an argentina soccer game delayed because of a puppy that wandered onto the field before the first half. one player actually took the time to give him a good belly rub before another player came over to carry the dog off.
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that's enough, fido. the game then continued on as planned. >> hey, i would run out there, too. i want to check in with mike right now to look at the morning commute. we have some problems out there? >> we have the problem caused by fixing going on here. road work south of the coliseum with traffic jamming up south 880 from high street slammed down to a crawl past haguen berger. then that should be clearing up in the next 10 to 15 minutes. but no trucks have been moving just yet, so that's a slower drive. eastbound 580 is leer through oakland. the rest of the area approaching the bay bridge is your commute direction moving smoothly. so is the north bay except for one section where you follow this crash continuing an overturned box truck that is blocking westbound 80. you're forced off at highway 37 to look back around to get on there, but traffic breaks and cleanup is going on in the area. continue the slower drive coming out of american canyon and
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approaching that portion. highway 29 is all right if you just skirt along interstate 80 and jump on later on. the rest of the bay area commute is looking really good because it is very early. the south bay, no problems here. >> things look good. 4:57 right now. we are following breaking news in san francisco with a crash involving a taxicab shutting down a major intersection. we have a crew on the scene right now in a live report. plus, coming up, police need your help to find the man accused of breaking into a south bay home and attacking the family's small dog. and plans today for a bay area landmark after the late robin williams takes a major step forward.
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police look for the person involved in a deadly hit-and-run in san jose. this is an intersection they warned the city about before. details in a live report. plus, we continue to follow developing news this morning. a medical worker for the united nations becomes the latest victim of the ebola outbreak. new details we have just learned
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overnight. and before you piece that wardrobe together today, keep in mind we have rain on the way as of this afternoon. but the changes are starting this morning. clouds increasing, the weather is going to be cool and we've got wind whipping by the day's end. a lot to go over in your microclimate forecast. and watching the freeways, that's a major backup going on for oakland. we are watching a crash block all of i-80 and on city streets? san francisco. we'll have the latest blocked by an intersection and a crash this morning. and san francisco, we're taking a live look outside this morning. the giants are back home looking to win game three against the cardinals. fans are certainly ready for the orange october. >> it is tuesday, october 14, 2014. this is today in the bay. a very good morning to you. >> i like the orange october. i'm sam brock. i


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