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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 9, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> good thursday morning to you and thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. the ebola virus has gotten worldwide attention. now there is another confirmed case of a different virus. many bay area parents even more worried about. santa clara county has its first case of enterovirus. we confirmed this morning a child was diagnosed with this virus. nbc bay area's bob redell live at santa clara county. bob, how is this child? >> reporter: in good condition, which is good news. good morning to you, scott. the santa clara public health department confirming to us this morning, yes, a person under the age of 18, wouldn't give the
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exact age, did contract the enterovirus d-68. if you're not familiar, this is a virus that can attack the respiratory system and in some cases can kill the patient. as i mentioned in this case, this child was treated in a hospital, eventually released and is in good condition. because of privacy laws, that's all the public health department will say about this case. this person is the sixth person in the bay area to test positive for the virus. alameda county has seen two cases, this virus is a concern because it is spreading nationwide. the cdc reporting today 664 cases since mid-august. nearly all of them children with five dying from a respiratory infection. kids with a history of wheezing or asthma are most vulnerable to contracting the virus. what's noteworthy, enterovirus d-68 is not new. it has been around for years. it's not clear why it's
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manifesting itself more now. now, there is no vaccine or specific treatment if you were to contract this virus. what doctors instead do is treat the symptoms, and the symptoms are mild for most. fever, runny nose, sneezing cough, body aches, little bit of a cold/flu symptom combination there. and if it's severe, the symptoms can include wheezing and difficulty breathing. to keep yourself protected, you want to follow some obvious advice, wash your hands, if you have a sick kid, don't send them to school, and, of course, cover your mouth if you have a cough. reporting live outside of santa clara county public health department, nbc bay area news. >> thank you for keeping an eye on it. to the ebola virus. doctors are hopeful a blood transfusion from the doctor who recovered from ebola will help the journalist still fighting it in omaha. while in texas, a community pauses to remember the first-ever person to die of ebola in the u.s. other folks are still asking many questions.
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nbc's chris pollone joins us live from dallas. folks are mourning the pass of this person but are wondering what does this mean about the containment of ebola? >> reporter: yeah, kris, here in dallas, they have wrapped the body of thomas eric duncan and removed it for cremation. they are still monitoring those people who came in contact with him, trying to make sure that over a 21-day period that he has not -- that none of them have come down with this disease, and now there's a family here that is anxiously awaiting some test results. that's on a sheriff's deputy who got sick yesterday and he had been in duncan's apartment. dallas county sheriff's office sergeant michael monnig is in isolation at texas presbyterian hospital after getting sick wednesday. he had served quarantine orders to thomas eric duncan's family at the apartment where duncan first experienced symptoms of ebola. health officials say it's not likely monnig contracted the
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deadly virus, but they are not taking chances. >> sometimes things do not turn out, but we cannot afford to make mistakes. >> reporter: many are asking if mistakes were made, he was initially sent home from the hospital, only to return two days later. ♪ the church duncan's fiance attends paused wednesday night to pray for the family. their pastor says troe has questions about what might have been. >> she's thought he should have been admitted right away and should have taken this more seriously. >> reporter: 48 people who came in contact with duncan remain under close watch for ebola symptoms. it's a crucial week, as this is the most likely time people who were exposed to the disease would get sick. amid growing fears about ebola, the federal government is said to start more rigorous screening of people arriving in the u.s. from west africa this weekend. it will happen at five major airports, which account for 95% of all passengers arriving from areas hardest hit by ebola.
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about 150 people a day. >> we're talking about per each airport, only a handful of people. >> reporter: this morning, a hazardous material cleaning company was seen leaving texas presbyterian hospital, the same company which decontaminated the apartment thomas eric duncan shared with his family. and that cleaning company spent the entire night here at the hospital decontaminating duncan's room and the hallways around it, and we have learned more about that sheriff's deputy, the hospital here says at this point today he is not showing any symptoms consistent with ebola and initial blood tests show he doesn't have the disease. they are waiting for more deeper running tests to come back a little later on today to confirm that it is not ebola. live in dallas, chris pollone, nbc bay area news. >> meanwhile, the two doctors who treated a spanish nurse who has ebola are now themselves in the hospital for observation in madrid. there are now six people being
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monitored at that facility, but a spokeswoman says it is just a precaution and none are showing ebola symptoms. it's a break in a case a san jose family has been waiting for. police arresting three suspects for shooting a father to death. the suspects are luis gonzalez, alexander reyna, and michael castro. richard watkins was killed while he was in the driveway of his own home off monterey road last month. watkins, the father of two girls and had a son on the way, as well. investigators are checking on the registered sex offenders who live in palo alto to see if any matches the descriptions of a man who exposed himself to two young girls. this sketch was released yesterday. officers say this man is considered dangerous. police think the man followed a 14-year-old girl as she walked home from school on monday. that girl called 911 after he exposed himself to her. then on tuesday, police think the same man did the same thing to a 10-year-old girl who was
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walking her dog in the same area. police have added extra patrols in the area in case he shows up again. new details now on the burglar posing as an i.t. worker on the peninsula. four office buildings have been hit by this guy in burlingame in the last month or so. the man walks in, claims to be there to check the internet, and after pretending to work, he leaves with items like wallets and computers. businesses in san mateo and palo alto report similar incidents with the man and police have named him "the i.t. poser." >> because he kind of looks like an i.t. guy and is representing himself to be an i.t. worker, but as you can see in the photo, he generally tends to wear the same type of clothing, wears a lanyard with a badge on it, no picture on it. sometimes he puts it on his pants, sometimes on his shirt. >> police say the lesson here is, businesses should always verify workers who are coming in are actually employed by the company they claim to represent. investigators don't believe the i.t. poser is dangerous.
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whenever he's questioned or confronted, he does leave the building. >> kind of awkward to question people in your building. police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed a motorcyclist in fremont yesterday on mission boulevard near warm springs. police say a motorcyclist was headed down mission when the rear axle of a truck hit the bike and killed him. the truck driver left the crash scene. witnesses say the truck was towing two chrome-colored tanker trailers. crews are battling a string of wildfires along the road to tahoe in applegate now near interstate 880. one lane between applegate and weimar cross road closed to traffic. about 80 buildings threatened. so far, 380 acres have burned and the fire's just 10% contained. a major resource that cal fire uses to battle wildfires is out of commission once again
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today, those air tankers, and there's no word when they will be back in the sky. the entire fleet of air tankers has been grounded since a deadly crash in yosemite on monday. mechanics will inspect each plane, that's protocol after any incident. cal fire has more than 20 of the s-2t tankers, meaning firefighters will have to battle the fire from the ground. it has already burned nearly 250 acres and is 10% contained. highway 140 remains closed because of that fire this morning. and flags are flying at half staff this morning honoring the pilot who died in that air tanker crash, 62-year-old geoffrey craig hunt was a retired navy pilot from san jose. there is a memorial growing outside the hollister air attack base where he was based. friends say hunt was a lot of fun and loved to joke. no word yet on when a memorial service will be held for him. you could be getting a refund in your wireless bill,
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all because of a federal investigation that found companies making charges of hundreds of millions of dollars in fees. plus -- >> we have got an interesting change coming to your forecast. beautiful conditions starting today. that will maintain for tomorrow. then we're going to heat you up just in time for fleet weekend, but here's the big weather story. we've got rain and a lot of it on the way to the bay area. measuring it in inches, now this is for next week, but if i piqued your interest, stick around, more about that when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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and we have breaking news affecting east san jose, where firefighters are battling a garage fire right now on gerard
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way near story road. now, the fire is contained to just that one building and isn't spreading, but the concern for the outlying area is there could be live power lines on the ground. pg&e crews are on the scene trying to shut off the electricity for now, but avoid the area if you can, again, gerard and story. we will continue to follow this story for you, bring you the latest as we get it. a former livermore golf instructor who sexually abused three students learned his fate this morning. he was sentenced to 27 years in prison for abusing three boys between the ages of 12 and 17. he was giving them golf lessons at the time and was about to receive the 2013 junior golf leadership award from pga northern california branch when he was arrested. he also pleaded guilty to try to hire a hitman to kill his victims while in jail. new video today showing a mountain lion pouncing on top of
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a car in san jose. you can see that mountain lion climb on top, look around the neighborhood. this all happened earlier this week. the home owner wants people in the neighborhood to see the video of this so they can make sure to be extra careful. the mountain lion may have come from a nearby park, which has open space and several trails. i was glad not to have that this morning. >> no lions, just bears on the market. rough day on the stock market. one day after the dow had its best day of the entire year so far, 30 industrial is now down better than 300 points. concern over slower growth in europe, anxiety over american companies reports may be to blame. tesla to announce something later today, we don't know what. this is the tweet that elon musk sent out last week, you see what appears to be a car peeking out of a garage there. what could it be? lots of car experts think it's the all-wheel drive model "s." the "d" there, maybe it stands
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for dual, like dual drive. >> we'll see. apple reportedly delaying production of its larger ipad. wall street journal reports apple is struggling to keep up with demand of the iphone 6 and 6 plus. as a result, that has pushed production of the larger screen off until early next year. those in the know say apple's larger tablet will have a 13-inch high resolution screen. the news comes as apple sends out invitations to a special october 16th event, where it is expected to launch the next generation ipad air and possibly a new imac. you have one of those. >> i do. mark zuckerberg giving a thumbs up to india's growing internet market. today he's visiting parts of new delhi as part of a campaign to promote global connectivity, saying he wants to make the net accessible to those who can't afford to go online. tomorrow he'll meet with india's prime minister. if you are a at&t wireless customer, you could have some
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money coming your way. the company will pay $105 million to settle allegations that it put unauthorized charges on your cell phone bills. nbc's peter alexander shows us how. >> reporter: today's cell phone bills can be as long as they are confusing, but not reading that fine print could cost you. maybe you've heard this -- ♪ and received a text message like this, and this is a real example. the placement of a donkeys eyes on its head enables it to see all four feet at all times. random, right? at&t customers were billed for unsolicited texts, or spam just like that to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. >> they call this cramming, which means what? >> that means placing charges, cramming charges on bills that you don't know are there. >> reporter: now, at&t will pay $105 million in penalties, including $80 million refunded to consumers for the unlawful billing, where the fees show up as an unauthorized $9.99
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subscription. at&t says it discontinued billing for those charges last year. the ftc is currently suing t-mobile for the same thing. you never check the bill to see if you're paying for it? >> no. >> reporter: you're thinking maybe i should? >> yeah, i should. >> reporter: so here's our expert's take away. >> you might get a spam text message, inclined to ignore it, that's a big mistake. you should probably run to your computer and check on your bill. >> reporter: look for vague terms like usage or service charges, watch out for $4.99 or $9.99 items, and check your total bill. if it's higher than usual, call your provider and make sure you didn't get crammed. >> that was peter alexander reporting. if you have at&t and you think you may have been unfairly charged, the federal government has set up a special website you can apply for a refund. go to and search "cramming." well, fleet week is back in the bay after a one-year hiatus
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because of budget cuts. it's a welcome sight for hundreds of thousands of people who look forward to the event. stephanie chuang live in oakland, where the blue angels are lined up. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. it's that time of year again where you get ready to get throwbacks to your childhood. it's, of course, fleet week. the blue angels show, a huge highlight and sweet return, because as you mentioned last year due to budget cuts and sequestration, they had to ground the show. i'm going to bring in lieutenant commander john hill. thank you so much for joining us. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: can you tell us, first of all, how good it is to be back? >> so special to be able to drop into america's hometowns and backyards, and nobody's backyard is more beautiful than san francisco, so we are ecstatic to be back here, this is the highlight of our season. to be a part of fleet week and have the whole fleet in town is really special for us. >> reporter: perfect. now talk to us about all the tricks you guys do, and you were
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talking about how close you guys get to each other, it's pretty amazing. >> this is towards the end of our season, so we've developed a tremendous amount of trust and integrity, so the right wing and left wing, we'll be within four to six inches, the number four will be tucked under my wing. you'll see a really tight formation. to be able to do that and showcase the ability and things the american military is capable of in san francisco is unique for us and we're excited to do it. >> reporter: up to maybe as close as four to six inches? >> we don't start out that close together. we've developed that trust and executed a crawl, walk, run mindset, we're excited. >> reporter: perfect. how about the speed? people are watching it from, of course, on the ground and it's amazing from here, but up there it's even more. >> it's a dynamic and impactful show and i think people will be excited. you'll see the broad spectrum of the capabilities. we're excited to showcase that. i'm lucky to get these weird
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snapshots in time, you know, in my periphery as i'm flying, i'll see the golden gate bridge as i'm rolling upsidedown or alcatraz in the background, and those sort of snapshots in time are the memories i'll take with me for the rest of my time. >> reporter: oh, my gosh, thank you so much. anything else you want to say? you're going to be up in the air again today? >> sure will, 1:00 and 4:00, 3:00 p.m. the rest of the weekend. i want to make sure people understand how hard that our maintainers work to have these jets ready to go. these are the oldest in the navy, so it's a testimony to our maintenance crew and enlisted personnel to have the jets ready to go every day. >> reporter: absolute teamwork, thank you so much. you'll see him at a different vantage point, up there in the sky. the real shows are happening 3:00 in the afternoon saturday and sunday. of course, you can't miss it. it's a great show. live in oakland, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> i would say he's up there in the sky right now. >> he made stephanie look tiny. one year we went for the practice session because we
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struggle for parking and it was the year that was cancelled because of the fog. practice, beautiful. hopefully, you'll be able to see it this year. christina loren has a look at that. >> you'll be able to see it this year. in fact, we have some heat coming our way, scott, kris, everybody at home. but for san francisco, you're going to get some really comfortable conditions. it's going to be hot out in the tri-valley over the weekend, but today is really, really nice. the clouds are starting to burn off, even in the south bay it's cool out there. 63 degrees. 65 for san francisco, and 61 degrees, slow clearing taking place in the north bay. you can see all that cloud cover banked up against the city of san francisco. the next couple hours, temperatures will really start to climb, now that the sun is coming out. 73 degrees for the east shore. that's a picture of the oakland hills and you can see how clear it is there at this point. high pressure takes a hike as we head throughout this weekend, then low pressure moves in. we've got some major changes coming to your weather pattern. i've got to tell you, if you want to get outdoors this
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weekend, any sort of summer activities you're yearning to do, going to the beach, maybe a nice hike, well, it's going to be good to do so this weekend because we have a major pattern change starting on monday. let's talk about that. this thing is going to move in quickly, and as it does so, we're talking about two consecutive weeks with rain in the forecast just about every single day. i really want you to make that clear, because i get to see it, i'm watching these models all the time, but i want everybody to know how rapidly things are going to change and how long they are going to be changed for. 93 degrees by sunday. look at what comes into the bay area as we head throughout late tuesday, into wednesday, we get our first round, saturday into sunday we get another round, but what's really impressive is the potential for a sub tropical moisture tap, and right now it looks like we are going to get that tap. and that's the difference, as i always tell you about, between .3 of an inch and 2.5 inches. now, at this point, i do think we're going to hit that tap and not just for the first round of
11:23 am
rain, and this is what we're tallying up from the first round of rain. it takes a lot to perk scott mcgrew's eyebrow up, but i see it over there. he's excited about this. i am, too. over an inch and a half in pacifica, under an inch and a half for san jose. we're in a drought, we need it, with more on the heels of the first storm system. so we've got something to watch and we're going to let you know every time i check and see something new, i'll tell you, especially because scott's so interested. >> i am. any time we can get rain. we'll talk more about the massive storm brewing in the pacific ocean, all sorts of details ahead. and we will also show you the earthquake's new stadium and how it's coming together. the thing that we captured that's fresh for you this afternoon.
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as we speak, crews are rolling out the new turf at the earthquake soccer stadium under construction in san jose near the airport there. maybe you've passed it. this morning crews started rolling out those 96,000 square feet of grass. this is the same kind of turf the team played on when they played the first event at levi's stadium in santa clara. the turf did not hold up there. but the team spokesman for the earthquakes says at this stadium the grass has five months to grow and get deeply rooted and should be ready for action come opening day. >> levi's stadium early on
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worked great for soccer. soccer is a little different than football, but we have more time to get it installed and get everything right and we have time to test it, so we think it's going to work perfectly. >> they've been kicking it around on the practice field for a while now. the team kicks off its season at its new stadium in march. well, from soccer to hockey, it was redemption for the way the season ended, revenge, sharks playing spoiler. the sharks won, they beat the los angeles kings, as they were raising that stanley cup banner you saw it earlier, sharks shut out the kings at home, winning 4-0. next game will be a home opener at sap center saturday night. no practice for the giants today, they are heading out of town. live look at at&t park, so the grounds crew will be getting the field ready for tuesday's game three of the nlcs. the giants did get a boost in the lineup against the cardinals, bochy says michael
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morse is in arizona getting some bats in the instructional league. if things go well, we think morse will be on the roster for saturday. he missed several of the last week with a sore hip. game one of the series saturday 5:07. >> i don't think his sore hip is the same as my sore hip. the nfl is outlining a game plan on domestic violence. what entails and what it will mean for players. a man says he was attacked by an uber driver. plus -- >> i love my dogs and they didn't deserve to die like that. i wasn't going to let them die like that. >> saving the lives of every member of his family, only on nbc bay area, the dramatic video of how this man saved his mother, his daughter, and his beloved pets. (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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and you're eligible for medicare, anthem blue cross can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our new medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs original medicare doesn't. so you can focus on other important decisions. anthem plans help protect you from high medical costs. and, we've built stronger partnerships with trusted local doctors and hospitals, to bring you special benefits like... and vision, prescription drug coverage,
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plus free memberships at participating gyms. now's the time to switch! if you live in san francisco county, there are new plans with zero-dollar monthly premiums available this year. plans also include zero-dollar preventive care. the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. well, football team owners and commissioner roger goodell hammering out a new strategy on
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how to deal with domestic violence. >> the changes come after the string of cases that plagued nfl players, including one who is now accused of child abuse. nbc's craig melvin reports. >> reporter: nfl owners and commissioner roger goodell huddled up to tackle the domestic violence situation. >> we want the right policy in place as quickly as possible. >> reporter: owners are considering who should conduct investigations, law enforcement or independent agents, how to handle players accused of a crime and awaiting trial, and who should discipline players. until now it's been goodell, but that could all change. >> how real is the possibility under the new plan that your power to discipline unilaterally is going to be reduced? >> well, i said everything's on the table. >> reporter: nfl owners also watched a 40-minute domestic violence presentation featuring former player and activist joe
11:32 am
irvin. >> think about the women in your life, women that you love. >> he thinks the nfl can lead on this issue. >> i think the nfl has a dominant position to really put its stake in the ground and make a difference. >> reporter: as owners and the commissioner met in a manhattan hotel, minnesota vikings star adrian peterson faced a judge in texas to answer charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child. police say he beat his 4 year old with a tree branch. >> adrian is chomping at the bit to publicly talk and publicly defend himself. i urge all of you just to wait. don't rush to judgment. >> and that was craig melvin reporting. now, as for the league, commissioner goodell says that he hopes to have a new personal conduct policy in place by the super bowl. maybe better than domestic abuse against women, right? so unprovoked and brutal, we're learning that an attack inside a levi's stadium bathroom
11:33 am
started with a tap on the shoulder. two brothers, amador rebollero and dario rebollero were arraigned yesterday on assault charges. police say they started beating a man after the man pointed out there was an open urinal to the suspects. >> that tap basically has put this victim in severe condition and will probably affect his life forever. >> a cell phone video of that attack has gone viral. prosecutors said the victim needed emergency brain surgery and it is still possible he will be paralyzed for the rest of his life. san francisco man says he was attacked by an uber driver with a hammer. the passenger said the driver assaulted him after he was trying to advise the driver he was going the wrong way. nbc bay area's mark matthews reports. >> reporter: his left eye still
11:34 am
swollen shut. he says he was trying to do the safe and responsible thing by taking uber home that night. >> to do that and then wake up in the icu is something that i hope nobody has to go through. >> reporter: the 35-year-old bartender says he cannot work, he still faces reconstructive surgery for the fractures to his face. he says he was attacked when he questioned why the uber driver was taking the freeway to go home from the mission to the lower eight. his attorney says uber is clearly responsible. >> you can't offer this kind of service out into the marketplace, reap all the benefits and profits, and not take responsibility. that's pretty simple. >> no, not in my opinion. >> reporter: eric globeman is a professor of law and santa clara university and says uber's terms of service says riders use the
11:35 am
service at their own risk. >> we have doctrines that hold sellers reliable, we don't have a similar doctrine for services, so those are different animals altogether. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for uber says the company's insurance provider is in contact with representatives of both the rider and the driver and a protest in front of uber's headquarters, taxi drivers said they have been talking about what happened. >> if i hit someone with my taxi cab, the cab who i drive and dispatch for will pay all of their medical bills, so why hasn't uber done that for anybody that's been injured by an uber driver? >> reporter: cab drivers say uber doesn't play by the rules. >> cab drivers are being crushed, why? it's a planned lobby, these people are robbers. >> reporter: uber responded to the cab drivers with a statement saying in part, "rich taxi medallion owners should spend time improving customer service rather than complaining about
11:36 am
competition and choice." mark matthews, nbc bay area news. san francisco police plan to release more details today about the deadly police shooting near at&t park. this happened tuesday night, as the giants were finishing off their playoff game. investigators say police saw three men break into a car and then officers confronted them. according to police, one man pulled out a gun. an officer shot at the suspects, killing one, wounding another. a third suspect tried to run, but he was arrested. and now to a story you will see only on nbc bay area. a man goes back into his burning house not once, not twice, but first he saved his mother and daughter, then he went in again to save some other special members of his family. and those heroics were caught on camera. nbc bay area's ian cole has this exclusive interview. >> reporter: a fire burning in san jose caught on camera. >> everything's catching on fire, man. >> reporter: narrated by the witness who didn't realize what he was filming.
11:37 am
the man who lives there had just rescued his mother and 5-year-old daughter and then realized his dogs were still in the garage and went back in for one more heroic act. >> wow, dude, the fire is kicking up right away. holy moly. dog ain't answering. >> where's he at? >> dude, he went back in for the dog. oh, he got the dog, man, he got out, man. >> reporter: that man was jose guerra. >> my daddy's a hero. >> no, thank you, baby. >> reporter: guerra said the fire started in the front of the home and quickly spread, blocking the front door. >> ran to the back over here, and went in through the back gate, and sliding door, went upstairs, when through the house, went upstairs to get my daughter and my mom. got to go, got to go, we've got to go. >> and so we came down the stairs, he helped me out the back door. >> reporter: she wanted to grab her purse on the way out, guerra wouldn't let her. once outside, she realized why.
11:38 am
>> i wouldn't have made it out alive if i stopped for anything. in my mind, my babies are safe and that's all that mattered. jose saved us. >> reporter: but jose wasn't done. he ran to the garage where the dogs were. >> they were in the back, in their dog house, grabbed them, and came back out. and thank god they were alive. i knew i had to get them out. i owe them so much. >> reporter: and those dogs are these two poodles, healthy, playful like nothing even happened. they are staying with a family friend now. guerra just happy they are all still alive. >> i couldn't let that happen to them. >> reporter: in san jose, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> he got lucky. san jose state is taking action to make the campus safer nearly a year after an alleged hate crime. school leaders are planning to include culturally themed dorm floors and have diversity training for staff and students. they will also hand out campus surveys and diversity classes. the move comes after white san
11:39 am
jose freshmen were accused of bullying their black roommate last year. the family of janay mcmath will have to wait longer. a court hearing set for today has been postponed. it was going to decide whether the oakland teenager could be declared alive. jahi's family says its team of international brain death experts needs more time to review a letter sent from a court-appointed neurologist from stanford. he says there's not enough evidence to prove she is indeed alive. the letter in response to video taken by the family they claim shows jahi moving feet and hands on command. she was declared brain dead after complications of surgery last year. an undercover sting operation this week targeted crooks trying to scam victims of the south napa earthquake. we have video of arrests that took place in napa. state investigators went after unlicensed contractors who did work after the 6.0 earthquake.
11:40 am
it is a felony in california to act as a contractor without a license. coming up at 5:00 and 6:00, we'll show you how many people were arrested and how they took advantage of those victims. tonight, city leaders will talk about how much to raise the minimum wage in mountain view. they will vote on increasing it somewhere between $10 and $15. most are largely in favor of the hike because of the high cost of living there. the city's current minimum wage is $9. several other bay area cities already have a minimum wage above $10, including san francisco, san jose, and berkley. well, it's a tough battle against isis already taken over one town. just now, we'll tell you how the u.s. is not going to give up. and we'll show you where hundreds of people are fleeing to get away from this massive volcanic eruption. and you know what, it's really nice out there today. temperatures are crisp and cool, feeling like fall, but your mind might be on the weekend. it's going to heat up quickly across the bay area. we're talking about a return of the mid 90s.
11:41 am
in the hot spots, but the big weather news is, big pattern change and a lot of rain on the way to the bay area within the next seven days. stick around, your full forecast is copping up next. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46.
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well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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we do have an update now on the breaking news happening in east san jose. firefighters knocked down a garage fire in gerard way near story road. the fire contained one building. it did not spread, which was their original concern. fortunately, nobody hurt and the
11:44 am
live power lines on the ground have been secured. obviously, this is all now under investigation. u.s.-led coalition forces are bombing isis positions near the syrian town of kobani. it fell to militants earlier this week, but as richard engel shows us, american forces and its allies are not giving up. >> reporter: the u.s. military has dramatically increased air strikes around kobani. kobani is a strategically significant town right on the turkish border that has been attacked by isis militants for the last three weeks, and the u.s. military says in just the last 36 hours, it has carried out 23 different air strikes around kobani. they have attacked isis tanks, isis troop positions, a small concentration of isis fighters, a larger cluster of isis militants. the question is, why did the u.s. wait so long? it is much more difficult now to dislodge isis from kobani because the militants are already in the city.
11:45 am
the u.s. air strikes are focusing around kobani. the isis fighters who are not yet in the city, but the u.s. is not carrying out air strikes inside kobani itself because of fear of civilian causalities, fear that while trying to attack isis, they could inadvertently attack the kurdish defenders of kobani. the kurdish militants defending kobani say they still control the majority of the city. isis has taken over about a third of kobani, and this has really become a test case for the u.s. strategy in iraq and syria. the u.s. promised to defeat isis, now it's taking action in kobani, but it is taking action after the militants already entrenched themselves in the city. richard engel, nbc news, turkey. >> meanwhile, another volcano blowing its top in indonesia. erupting sending clouds of ash almost two miles into the sky. the volcano first erupted
11:46 am
sunday, covered a nearby town with smoke and ash. indonesia has more than 100 active volcanos. last time the volcano erupted was february. villagers evacuated that time are still living in makeshift tents. developing right now, the strongest cyclone of the year is churning towards u.s. military bases in the pacific. forecasters say super typhoon is equivalent to a category 5 hurricane and is right now moving towards japan. the storm could hit this weekend. experts say this is the strongest storm since haiyan hit the philippines last year. that storm killed more than 6,000 people. it looks a lot more calm around these parts. your neck of the woods. let's check in with christina loren. >> it is, but you know what's interesting, the rel man-to-mans of that typhoon are going to produce some of that ample rainfall that we're talking about. it all ties together, so let's talk about what's happening
11:47 am
right here, right now, first and foremost. don't think for a second i didn't notice that haircut, scott. we have a really good looking day shaping up. temperatures are comfortable, it feels like fall, high clouds moving in, but overall, a good looking day. mid 60s now, sun is starting to make an appearance, we're going to climb, and nicely. 73 degrees on the east shore, that's it. places like oakland, fremont, and we always like to tell you the difference when it comes to the east bay because the valleys are so much warmer. that's 84 degrees for the tri-valley today. pretty big difference, but not too bad. 80 degrees for the south bay, and we'll hit a comfortable 77 degrees, beautiful day on the peninsula. so i want to show you this, looking pretty good on 880 through oakland, maybe you're getting ready to take a drive, that's always good to know. throughout the weekend, temperatures are going to heat up for fleet weekend, and we're talking about a return of the mid 90s inland and 80s at the beaches with some big changes coming our way as we head through next week. so first i want to show you the
11:48 am
totals, then we're going to talk about the timing, but this is part of the reason why as we get some of the moisture from that very powerful typhoon. so this is what we're working with when it comes to the first round of rain, because like i said, we could be looking at two consecutive weeks with rain in the forecast just about every single day. two and a half inches slated for ukiah. these numbers could come up, or they could fall dramatically, but right now we're also bringing in what's called a sub tropical moisture tap, and for us, that's the game changer. that's what brings in the high totals. if you got nothing to do this weekend, you want to say hi, shake my hand, i'd love to shake yours, 84 degrees, silicon valley dogfest in cupertino, should be a good time out there. we are going to get warm over the course of the weekend, cooling you off as we head through sunday, into monday. anything outdoors you want to do will be warm, just keep that in mind. big changes on the way, whole new wardrobe as we meet back here next week.
11:49 am
tuesday we get our first chance for rain. it's going to be very slim, about 20%, but then watch what happens. look at this powerful storm system, ample moisture comes through the bay area and looks like we're going to be measuring that rain in inches with more on its tail. i got to tell you guys, i'm excited about this. we need it, and this could actually give us some pretty good totals, help us get out of the deficit. back to you. >> certainly would like that. well, have you ever sat over pancakes with the kids over breakfast, what not, and wondered, is aunt jemima real? >> probably. >> there's a family that says she is real and they are suing. bay area bringing home another prestigious award. who it was this time. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11, access hollywood live, followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m. hey john check it out.
11:50 am
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- "i had been going round and round with a problem with a prescription drug order." - "it is nice to know that one phone call to you, and you take care of it right away." - "your kindness and helpfulness has been appreciated "more than you will ever know. i could not have done it without your help." - i'll never be able to thank them enough. uh...and it's the truth. - "thank you so much. sincerely, donna markow." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - "sincerely, shirley ramgren." - that's what really sets scan apart from everybody else. scan cares. - i don't know a better way to say it than, the heart of scan. - scan, for your health and independence. well, descendents of the women who appear as models of aunt jemima are suing quaker
11:52 am
oats. claiming they should get a share of future sales to the brand. they claim she and green were instrumental in creating the pancake mix recipe. quaker oats says aunt jemima was never a real person, these women were just models. >> wow. well, the champagne is flowing after another nobel prize was awarded to a silicon valley entrepreneur. scott budman was at that celebration. >> cheers, everyone. congratulations. >> reporter: the silicon valley got to toast its own nobel winner. started a company to bring more efficient light to more people all over the world, and he was recognized with the nobel prize in physics. >> this is a highest award.
11:53 am
yeah, yeah. >> reporter: the l.e.d. technology is 1,000 times more pure than any other l.e.d. crystal. its fremont manufacturing facility is growing and creating jobs, earning praise from investors. >> today's about shuji and i really want to congratulate him. >> reporter: while its light spreads across the globe. >> five or 7 billion people want it. the only way that happens, the only way, is through large technical breakthroughs. >> reporter: which is why he does business here, tapping local talent to create a better company and better light. >> thanks again for, you know, inviting me to start a company with you, but also really i think the world, you know, really thanks you for giving us a more energy efficient light solution. >> reporter: a task recognized with one of science's highest awards. scott budman, nbc bay area news.
11:54 am
>> so cool. well, up next, bedtime shenanigans taking over the internet.
11:55 am
11:56 am
more breaking news for you. the cpuc chief stepping down. this comes amid criticism for his handling of the deadly gas explosion in san bruno. some blaming peavy for properly regulating pg&e. eight people killed in that 2010 disaster. more about this story tonight at
11:57 am
5:00 and 6:00. when it is time for bed, you expect that the children will go to sleep, right? wrong. >> not these twin girls. the father decided to check on them as they were giggling coming from their bedroom, he opens the door and finds megan and molly playing peek-a-boo with each other. >> that's so cute. if they are not yours it's so cute. if you are the frazzled, tired parents, not so cute. we walked into our daughter's room one night, heard the christmas chicken, had a chicken with a santa hat. yeah, the two of them, party was over. >> christmas chicken. >> christmas chicken. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. lots of breaking news today. all of the latest at 5:00 and 6:00.
11:58 am
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today on "access hollywood live," does joe giudice have a drinking problem? >> listen up, jennifer lawrence reveals the five things that she's looking for in a boyfriend. i have to tell you, they're good. >> the mystery star who says sex is better after 50. they're here. "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> step by camera 2. we're live, five, four, three, two, one. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> she is so cute.


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