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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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area. we'll tell you about what's going on in the east bay. >> and, yup, people getting up and about, maybe excited for a little preweekend. who knows. it's thursday, october 9th. that's probably a stretch on my part. this is "today in the bay." and a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. most travelers to the u.s. from west africa will be facing additional screenings as airport after the first ebola patient in the usa passes away. saddening news here, stephanie. what does this mean? >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. let's make clear sfo is not one of the airports to get the extra screenings starting today but we did speak with passengers who
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said they would like to see these measures here, especially since it's such a large international hub. the cbc announced there will be another layer of protection in the u.s. that see the most travelers. they are set to question and take the specific of the people from ebola-stricken countries, measures some say should be in place here in the bay area, too. >> i think we should seriously consider checking everybody coming from abroad so we don't import any diseases or anything that hurts our people. >> now, ebola is no airborne, you can't get it through the air, it is through bodily fluids. every day about 150 passengers from the u.s. travel from those west african countries hardest
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hit by ebola. there are some screening procedures already in the bay area involving the cdc and homeland security. and should there be a suspected case of ebola and at the airport and april board flights. the chances of contracting ebola are very low but people are not taking chances. coming up, hear what other local measures are being taken. >> and interesting to know, stephanie, that fo is not one of those airports implementing the new procedures. >> there are new questions this morning about hospital protocol involving the ebola patient who died, thomas duncan. duncan initially sent home from the hospital, this despite showing ebola-type symptoms and that he had traveled from west
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africa. doctors are hoping that antibodies in his blood will help -- >> today the former livermore golf instructor who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing three of his students. andrew and was about to see the 2013 junior leadership award. he was also charged with allegedly trying to hire a hitman to kill the victims while
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he was in the jail. >> this video showing two men attacking two others at levi's stadium just before the 49ers game started on sunday. police say jose ramos was the major attacker and his brother, dario, participated. both have long criminal histories. one of the men was hurt so badly, he needed brain surgery and he may be paralyzed. >> i think they need to be trained on how to spot somebody who is already intoxicated and give them back to the gate. >> a new warning out this morning for peninsula tech offices. police are on the lookout for a burglar posing as a fake i. tchlkts worker.
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bob, i understand investigators say they have a pretty good description of the guy. >> an have nicknamed this burglar the i.t. poser as he per tends to work. here's an image of the suspect. according to police, he's gained access on -- sometimes on the end of a lanyard. and if he's confronted, he tells people -- you saw on the image you be, he had a pony tail. he has tattoos on the arm and torso. police think it's possible he
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might be driving a white ford taurus. so if this man rings a bell to you, police would love to hear from you and they also want you to be on the lookout if you work in an office building, especially on the peninsula, if you see somebody who looks suspicious, better watch out for a guy looking at the bay. >> a san jose man being called a hero after saving his mom and daughter from a house. >> it happened in the willow dl dlen. >> the first part is that he acted fast. can you see the plywood surrounding the condo right now but on a day of the fire it was a -- take a look at the fire
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captured by a witness. it was just after 10:00 on friday night when the fire started in the garage of the garros home. it looks to have been sparked from a gas leak by a car in that garage. guerra reacted so fast he got his child out and then got his mother out, without letting her get her purse. >> went in here, went upstairs to get my daughter and my mom. we got to go. we got to go we gotta go, we gotta go! >> once they were safe outside, he remembered the family dogs. once outside guerra went back inside because he realized the family's poodles were still in the garage, the very place where the fire started. he managed to get them out safely. they are staying with a family
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friend. quick action saved his family but fire experts say what can make the difference between life and death is having a plan that you practice with your family. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk more about the tips the san jose fire department has for you and your family to have a plan in place and we'll hear more from guerra's mother and his little girl. >> glad they're okay. >> thanks very much, chris. >> meteorologist christina loren joining us with a whole bunch of news this morning. where do we even start on this day? >> with a really good start, you know, we and then we're going to heat you up for the weekend. but that's also a good thing because after that, our pattern changes and we are going to go right to winter-like readings. wait till i show you how much rain we're expecting. 58 degrees in oakland to start
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with. 57. you'll in the your mornings are feeling more crisp, more like fall. i definitely want to pull out a coat this morning. sunrise, you you want to put that jacket right by the door so can you grab it. we're going to see a 30-degree jump in most of your temperatures. friday is going to be fantastic your your outdoor plans, temperatures similar to today, 80 degrees on the south bay, san francisco beautiful 67 degrees and let's get to the good stuff because this makes me want to dance, my friends. take a look at this. this from but that's not all the rain in our sights.
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it's the following week when we get three additional storm systems. let me shout some of these totals out for you. 2.5 inches, an inch and a half in san moon bay and the same here in san jose. we're kind of in the rach and wait period. but this is looking good, fees. >> over the course of how long is that 2 inches expected? >> she's talking 36 hours, fos around the roadway in the bay area. oaf the ear the over at the bay bring, we're looking at the clouds id -- whatever backup we had on that left approach has cleared up. looks like all the cash lanes are open now. we're talking about a smooth
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drive around the maze and on the approach toward the bay bridge. getting away from oakland, we're looking at eastbound 580, reports of an earlier crash, sound like it's only affecting the on-ramp there. so there's either a crash or a disabled vehicle. disney on ice over at the coliseum later today. not a real crowd, just a little built p build come being out of the altamont pass. no delays. we'll look at pal a.m., quick shot here, easy. >> and amazing video to show you. a mountain lying making a bit of a visit to a south bay neighborhood on top of a car. we'll have more. >> is it that a jaguar he's
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hitting on?
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new morning, police in st. louis are bracing for potential violent this morning. investigators say a man shot at an officer and the fire shot at the man at least 17 times. it sparked protests in the neighborhood and one night before protests are set to take play in ferguson, missouri.
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>> an australian jet fighter has made the country's first air strike against an isis target in iraq. overnight the jet fighter dropped two bombs on the militant facility. it's unclear what type of facility had been attacked or where it was. australia is also planning to send about 200 troops to train and advise the iraqi military. >> 5:15 this morning. a corporate raider promising new trouble for apple. carl icahn looikes to call themn activist. >> apple should offer dividends, check, and teasing an announcement saying he's up to do something. he wrote "tomorrow we'll be sending an open letter to tim
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cook. believe me it will be interesting." microsoft has a new ceo. she's lisa su. she's not the first woman to lead a chip company, but if you narrow it down just to the really big chip companies, then okay, she's the first. >> we were talking earlier yesterday that hardly a day goes by that the dow didn't move triple digits and it did again wednesday. let's turn to kate rodgers. >> reporter: good morning, scott. futures are higher after stocks surged wednesday with the dow posting its best this year and the s&p 500 their best day in more than a year. the move comes as last night's fed meeting suggested the fed
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will tiptoe instead of running. >> kate, thanks much. today's the day that tesla announces something. >> what does directionally correct? >> i always try to go the direct direction. >> we have no idea. >> he's going to say something. oh, wow. >>. >> to be determined. >>. >> it looks like we'll be getting more than we want all at one time. i have a couple of concerns, you getting home from work safely and getting the kid to school. i think we're going to see a lot of this rain on friday morning.
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not tomorrow, the following friday morning. but when we meet back here next monday, we're going to be talking about an entirely new weather pattern opinion everything i'm looking at leads me to believe this weekend is going to be kind of our last hurrah of summer weather for a while. if you want to get out to the beach, this is going to be a great weekend to do so, fantastic conditions this weekend for fleet week. there's a lot of people in town and some really cool ships to check out, even if you just drive into the city, you can see those. we're at 57 in san jose.
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a touch more fog for this evening and then we get into the heat as we get to the weekend. we're talking about your weekend and more on that rain coming up in just a little bit. right now let's check your drive. >> we're talking about a very clear view of the san mateo dri drivewe'll check the foster city side of our bridge. we can do that here. you're picking up a little company, no drama. all moving close to the speed limit but we're picking up the volume as you're heading toward
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the bay bridge. no problems for the east bay northbound. we'll track those speeds so far they're all right. san jose with our live camera here knocked, 101 easy drive. and overall look at this map. you pick your path and you pretty much have a green bill for the highway. >> police in north carolina mistook a black teen-ager for a burglar and pepper sprayed him inside the house inid. >> it's like how can you tell me you stay here when all the kids in the picture are white? you know, i was like right then i really started to get mad.
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>> and emotional surely. >> and have you seen this yet? the mountain lion just climbed on top. here, kitty, kitty. the homeowner wants people to see the video and be careful. it may have come from o open park that has several fields and good trails. >> jay leno reportedly working on a return to tv. the new show he could be starring in coming next.
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the giants saying good-bye
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to mccovey cove today as they take off for solution. why, sam brock? >> because they'll be right back after they've hopefully notched a couple ws under their belt. >> that's right. 5:23 right now. jay leno could be making a return to television. the former tonight show host is in talks to host a primetime show on cnbc. the show is expected to center around cars, something the comedian is very fond of. he's toured the country, performing at a lot of comedy clubs. he recently went to afghanistan with al roker to perform on the uso tour. >> according to new york magazine, nbc news approached stewart to ask him to host "meet the press." the network was willing to pay stewart a lot of money to host that sunday morning political talk show.
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that did not materialize. nbc political news director chuck todd took that role. >> that could have turned that show around. >> we'll go to meteorologist christina loren. >> up in santa rosa, probably cold enough for a coat. 58 in oakland versus 48 in santa rosa. much colder in the north bay than anyone where else this morning. also a lot of fog out there this morning. really thick at the coast. it's fog horn status this morning, that means travel cautiously. that brings me to my next point, mike inouye. >> i thought it was because when i'm on the road, you better be careful. >> heading towards matilda
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avenue, some report of a hazard. we don't have the details. the rest of your south bay, typical pattern here. the yellow, don't worry about it, at 60 miles an hour or 59. the rest of your bay, typical build there, as well as coming out of the tri-valley/altamont area. fog horn status. moving close to the speed limit. just use caution. >> in other news we shall need air to breathe. >> we now have a face to go with the accusations. peninsula police have released a sketch of a man exposing himself to young girls. >> and a live look outside at the toll plaza, the approach to
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the bay bridge this morning. mike is keeping tabs on the morning commute for us, getting closer to the weekend. 5:26 right now. at 1-800-dentist, we're about one thing. helping you find a dentist you'll want to go to for the rest of your life. we've helped over 8 million people find that dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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so how close is too close? one bay area lawmaker ready to take on the issue head on as accusations fly between the link between pg&e and the state office that regulates it. >> and we have almost made it to the weekend. and it is going to be a warm one. so enjoy today and tomorrow. coastal cooling through friday. everybody's hot this weekend. but the big story i can't wait to tell you about, we've got a rain, a rain event in fact, and it's going to be pretty active as we head through next week and the following week. we could be talking about 5 inches in the bay area. i'll show you why i think that in just moments. >> yikes. check those wipers and drains.
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right here we're looking at the bay toll plaza, you're starting to back up there. >> and the folks getting excited, a big weekend in store with fleet week ready to go. this is thursday october the 9th and you are watching "today in the bay". and a very nice thursday morning to you. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. people traveling from west africa to the united states will soon have to go through extra screening. stephanie chuang is live with more. good morning, steph. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, laura. i want to make clear that sfo is not one of the airports that will get extra screening starting today and a big reason
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is because there are no direct flights to and from africa. so in that sense it's not really a top priority in terms of ebola prevention. however, there are five major u.s. airports that will start to get extra layers of protection today. that's new york's jfk, washington, dulles, newark, chicago o'hare and atlanta. now, these are the airports federal officials have identified as the ones that see the most travelers from guinea, liberia and sierra leone. staff at those airports are set to ask questions and take the temperature of the people from the ebola-stricken country. sfo is not adding more screening, local health departments are prepared here. >> contra costa has been working
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with the medical field and are prepared. >> reporter: as for local airports, there are already some per protocols in place. there's a plan in place for first responders. the airports in africa are already screening passengers and making sure they wash their hands. still not enough, though, for some people. coming up, just how many americans want extra measures in place and exactly what those are. >> there's a balance between information and fear. you don't want to add to that. the new airport security rules were actually created with a man -- after a man with ebola managed to fly into the u.s. from liberia. what washington is doing to keep us safe. >> police are surfing for a
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serial burglar bob, investigators say the subject likes to pose as a fake i.t. works are and he's aerntly he has it on the end of the lanyard. once he gets inside the buildings, if people confront him, he just tells them he's a computer tech or construction worker there to check on the internet lines. according to and a san mateo and once he is inside, he robs people of their wallets and or
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what you couldn't tell from that surveillance image they blee he be. >> the i.t. poser. >> he's a man they definitely want to catch sty tim. >> creative nickname there. hopefully they catch him. >> 5:34. the family of ia offia needs moe to review a letter sent from a court-appointed board member in stanford.
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he says there's not enough evidence to say she is alive. the video of jahi's family says she moves her hands and feet on command. >> and investigators are checking on registered sex offenders to see if any of them meet the description of a man who has been exposing himself to young girls. a 14-year-old girl on monday contacted 911 after he exposed himself and on tuesday he did the same thing to an 10-year-old who was walking her dog in areas of palt true the shooting happened tuesday night. investigators say police saw three men break into a car and
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when officers confronted them, one man pulled out a gun. the officers killed. >> police say a motorcyclist was hit by a a truck. >> and senator hill plans to unveil legislation today that would ask for a vote to remove michael peavy from his current job. critics blame healy to properly monitor pg&e leading to the explosion that killed people a year ago.
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>> and we don't know much about this thing yet but we do know that unclear at this point how many people were actually victimized or how many unlicensed contractors were caught doing illegal work. >> are you getting up in out in >> that was you? >> i saw him going pound, pound, pound. >> that was you, laura, i saw you encouraging . the weather today and tomorrow, really easy, it's going to be perfect. if you want to get outdoors and hit the beach, it's going to be a great weekend to do so. 61 in san francisco, 60 on the
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east short. we're starting in the 50s in the north bay as well. in a couple of spots you have fallen into the upper 40s like santa rosa and napa. roo temperatures are going to be in the low 80s for most of us. look at the numbers over the weekend. we'll really boost up those numbers. you'll have to use your a.c. in most spots. this looks like our last hurrah for a while as temperatures steadily drop as we head through next week and bring on some pretty significant changes when it comes to your rainfall total. as we get into this weekend, it starts to break down and we kick open that storm window for several days, possibly for two straight weeks. let me show you what some of the computer mod els -- this is completely computer generated. this is what they're hinting at.
5:39 am
and we have more on the way for the following week. so 2 1/2, over 2 inches for santa rosa and even here in san jose where we typically get rain shadowed, we could get an inch and a half. all this coming in at once obviously could mean flooding. we'll talk about that potential coming up. also what this means for the king fire area and tahoe smo snowfall. that's in my next forecast. first let's check in with mike inouye. >> now the fast track lane is starting to slow down. it 5:39. we should see these metering lights on in two, three minutes. no problems as far as visibility on the deck or heading over toward the east shore freeway. a smooth drive anywhere else across the san mateo and the
5:40 am
dunbarton bridge. pretty typical commute getting off that dunbarton bridge. on the fremont side, a crash at 880 that could clause more distraction. we'll get a live look at fremont 880 south of there, we see a lighter volume of traffic. no big drama right there. >> thanks, mike. >> doctor, still monitoring nbc photo journalist who contracted ebola while on assignment in liberia. >> and firefighters battling a new fire this morning, burning on a main road to tahoe.
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there are new questions about hospital protocol involving the man who died from
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the ebola virus. tracie potts joined us. >> a sheriff deputy who was inside the apartment for 30 minutes has come down with symptoms, stomach pain. no fever but in an abundance of precaution, that deputy is being taken to the hospital, being watched and tested. meanwhile, the body of thomas duncan was wrapped three times in plastic before being cremated. plus new concerns at the airport. the cdc is now going to be taking temperatures of people who arrive in this country from the affected nations. that starts saturday at jfk and goes to four other airports in coming week. >> thank you, sam. crews are battling a string of
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wildfires on the way to tahoe this morning. about 80 buildings are threatened, some roads are closed and there are evacuations are in place. investigators are looking into the cause of these fires. a major resource cal fire uses to battle wildfires, you saw it in that video, it's actually out of commission. we're talking about the entire fleet of air tankers. mechanics will inspect every plane. it's protocol after any incident. cal fire has more than 20 of the tankers. firefighters will have to battle the fire from the ground. it has burned nearly 250 acres but is only 10% contained. highway 140, a main route to yosemite national park remains closed this morning. flags are flying at half staff
5:45 am
this morning for the pilot who died in the crash. 62-year-old jeffrey craig hunt was a retired pilot from san jose. friends say hunt was a lot of fun and he loved to joke. and there's no word on when a memorial service will be held for hunt. >> our hearts go out to him and his family of course. >> a lot going on in the bay area this weekend. >> that's right. we've got the giants -- well, they're out of town but we're still cheering them on. and fleet week as well. >> and christina's dancing about it. >> i am really excited about this rain, i got to tell you. last season was so grim and by the end of the summer, you know, we didn't know what was going to happen as we got into the new rainy season. you just cannot predict lit at. i don't think people are aware of that. we can predict weather but that's a short-term basis. it's going to be nice today, going to be nice tomorrow, hot over the weekend and then we dive right from summer into
5:46 am
winter-like weather. as you're heading out and about this thursday, you can expect a chilly start. break out that code, especially up in the north bay where temperatures have fallen into the 40s. we're going to see a pretty good spread for today. that means you want to layer up, a really comfortable finish? did you enjoy last night when that beautiful breeze started to build? can you open up the window, good air quality. this evening a little more fog that will lead to a touch cooler weather as we head throughout tomorrow. similar but a degree or two cooler for friday. 77 on the east short, the hot spot per usual, the tri-valley up to 85 degrees. that is not a bad day at all. 82 degrees for wine country. fantastic weekend for wine country. let me talk about your changes. it's going to stay nice for friday. we're talking about a good 10 to
5:47 am
15-degree jump for today and sunday. after that the cold blast settles in. we're get our first rain chances in the mid section of next week. can you really see the temperature trend, they stay nice and level for today and tomorrow, then come way up for saturday into sunday. by monday temperatures start to fall and then this starts to move into the bay area. we call this the pineapple express. this is what we want, a subtropical moisture tap that extends all the way out to the hawaiian islands. it's a rich plume of moisture. you need a storm system to tap into it to bring it to the bay area. that's exactly what it looks like has happened. you can see here getting head heavy to moderate rainfall in the north bay. what i have to tell you, though, next friday morning could be downright treacherous getting to work because all of this is
5:48 am
going to come in right during "today in the bay." that's going to be a tough one. the good news is today and tomorrow looking good. it's next week, though. people have to be ready, get the fires ready, the windshield wipers. it's acomin'. >> looking over here, we didn't have to wait for this. we had those metering lights turned on. a couple minutes earlier than we often see on a thursday. they're just watching the flow of traffic, they turn it on, see a good flow of traffic as well as the golden date bridge where you can't really see it. the fog is an issue here. typical pattern. no surprises. we'll look at our maps and we're talking about where the road weather index sets the orange stuff over here. we get that from our weather system. they're tied together. that will be an issue for
5:49 am
highway 1 and the san rafael bridge looking really good as the san mateo and dunbarton bridge, we're picking up a little more company. same thing for the tri-valley. we'll show you north 101 coming through san jose. there's that first burst of traffic we typically see about quarter to 6. this will clear up and come back again about 6:30. so a similar volume of traffic. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> san jose fathers, fast thinking, saved his child, his mom and the family's dogs from flames that consumed their house. >> it happened friday night in the city's willow glen neighborhood. in a story you'll only see on nbc in the bay area, kris sanchez has the story about how he was able to get his family out. it was pretty daring. >> reporter: it was pretty daring, laura. firefighters battled the fire at this condo for two hours but
5:50 am
before they were on the scene, there was already a hero here. it's amazing that anyone got out alive. it was just after 10:00 friday night when the fire started in the garage of jose guerra's home. firefighters say it looked like it started from a gas leak from the car. then he asked her son to give her a minute to get her purse. >> i wouldn't have made it out if i stopped for anything. jose saved us. >> daddy's a hero. >> no. thank you, baby. >> once his family was safe, jose guerra was outside. he realized the family dogs were inside in the very garage where that fire started. he managed to go back inside and get them out. they are staying with a family friend while the family figures out where to go next.
5:51 am
san jose firefighters say having a plan can help you do the same if you find yourself in that situation. they say plan your escape step by step, drawing a floor plan with escape routes. pick a meeting place so you know when everybody's out and perhaps more importantly, they say practice, practice, practice. and as we enter the cold month, there's a good reminder as well that it's time to check your furnaces and heaters and you might want to consider a battery operated light for the jack owe learn tern. >> it's 5:51 right now. a fleet week favorite gets ready to do a fly-by. details next. >> and tesla's big announcement, what it may be and what it
5:52 am
definitely isn't.
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welcome back. >> a great thursday morning to you. another step forward as san jose earthquakes get ready to open the stadium. crews will be out bright and early this morning to lay the new turf. just last week they started putting seats in the stadium. it's scheduled to open for the start of next year's major league soccer season. >> i'm ready. >> tesla is going to show off something new. >> scott mcgrew we knew something was going to be unveiled. but does elon musk have a cheeky
5:55 am
sense of humor this morning. >> and always. this is the tweet he sent out last week. it appears to be a car peeking out of the garage there. what could be "d" be? lots of car experts think it's an all-wheel drive model s, maybe it stands for dual, like dual drive. i bet it's not a new car model. they've promised an suv called the model x and affordable sedan they're calling the model 3. two cars that aren't on the market yet. you don't want to draw sales attention away from those by offering something newer and better. there's a classic example, the osborne effect. it was the first portable computer. it doesn't look very portable.
5:56 am
osborne announced a smaller computer and people didn't buy it waiting for the smaller one and osborne went out of business. people think it's the newer, thinner ipad. the ipad watch was announced. why did they announce that so early? to crush sales of the current one to get people ready. >> makes you feel like you're still back in the 80s. >> thanks for taking us back. >> from the marines and sailors from san francisco fleet week 2014, go giants!
5:57 am
>> oh, yeah. check it out. san francisco filling up with marines and sailors, here of course for fleet week. and they, too, have caught some giants fever. fleet week officially gets under way today with the arrival of the blue angels. you'll remember financial issues back in washington last year kept the angels grounded but they will be back and in full force for this year's fleet week. >> another milestone as the san jose earthquakes continue building that new stadium. and the local golf pro who molested his students and then tried to hire a hitman so they wouldn't testify in court gets ready to learn his fate. >> plus ebola concerns growing. in spain, two more doctors quarantined. what the u.s. is doing to try to keep us safe.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, major security changes to keep ebola out of the u.s. what bay area authorities are
6:00 am
doing to make sure you're safe. >> plus, do you recognize this man? what he's accused of doing and why police on the peninsula want your help. >> and fierce flames shut down a busy california freeway. what you need to know if you're heading out of the bay area this weekend. >> and more beautiful weather for today and tomorrow staying really nice. but the big story is cold blast and rain on the way for next week and the following week and we are going to be measuring this rain in inches it looks like. i'm going to show you the science behind it in just moments. >> and i'll show you the traffic in front of you in just minutes. an unusually heavy commute right now. we'll see how this pattern plays up coming up. >> i can't do anything cool like you guys but we can show you a live picture of san jose on your fleet


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