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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> some good news on the economic front. the unemployment rate dipping to a six-year low. scott mcgrew joins us next to break down the new job numbers. >> and temperatures 60s, near 70s start your morning off. we'll have a look at your weather forecast, which includes a heat advisory coming up. >> and your friday lights over here at the bay plaza and a crash on the peninsula. >> san francisco, not a patch of fog in sight. today is friday, october 3rd and
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. and happy world smile day. i'm vicky nguyen in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and it also happens to be friday and i'm sam brock. a half dozen homes are flooded as a water from a broken pipe came gushing down a san francisco street overnight. this happened not far from candlestick park. stephen tyrone joh stephanie chuang joins us live. investigators say this is no typical water main break. >> reporter: good morning. investigators saying this is a little built larger. this is a 1953 cast iron pipe so the line is a little bit older. they capped the break at about
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4:00 this morning. they're trying to get to the water line to figure out how to repair the thing. that does mean the water was gushing down the street for four hours this morning. homeowners were out with their gloves and boots, out of bed early sleeping out the water, which we're told was as high as a foot or more into their homes. at first it was believed 25 homes were flooded but it turns out it was 6 or 7. one car fell into a sinkhole. just a few years ago, they were only focusing on replaces four miles of water line per year. >> we're already upgrading the number of repairs.
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>> reporter: firefighters were the first one out here after the 911 call. it will reimburse homeowners for the damage and provide contractors to clean up the mess. the water is still sort of building up but it's a lot better than it was even just a couple of hours ago. they still don't know why the water line broke. they don't know if it's age or something else. the latest estimate is that they're lucky if you're out there by noon. >> live in san francisco, stephanie chuang,oid today in the bay." >> the heat is on. a live look now across the bay area this morning.
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no matter where you live, it is going to be hot red across the maps that rob mayeda has been showing us. san francisco. >> already getting warm there. we'll see poor air quality again. we begin with meteorologist rob mayeda. this could be some of the hottest weather the bay area has seensome time. >> that's what's going to set this heat wave apart from others we've seen this year. with a mild start for you in san francisco, 66 degrees. clear skies and dry air have allowed temperatures to drop. close to 70 in the financial district and toward north beach, mid to upper 60s. as the temperatures climb through the day, the heat advisory through the financial, mostly 90s across the board from the coast. you can't escape the heat.
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head out to pacifica, san jose, those areas, too, will soar into the the 90s. the reason here is the absence of that onskort conditioning. in the 90s for san jose, upper 90s south of downtown. and 90s across the board from the east bay, north bay and tri-valley, we will see some relief as we go mid kay through the weekend. in the meantime, plan for two very summer like games. >> this track is very busy this morning at the campbell community center. you've got a good mix of people who are just outright dedicated
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to working out and are just here every day or very often. then you have another group of people who are definitely here to beat the heat. we found an exercise class warming up with boxing moves. great way to start the morning with a few jabs to strength i don't know the arms but most people are here to use the track, to run or walk. these people are actually smart to oaks arize. >> it's especially hard on people with respiratory problems and on children and the elderly. still for those who are healthy and can take the heat, exercising in the heat, they say, can be better for them. >> you have to be more cautious, hydrate yourself, you're going o be beening.
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>> and the air quality district said air pollutions would be trapped closer to the ground during your heat and your car e eethere are dozens of people at the track, making me feel guilty mabb. >> nanette, again, maybe walk. >> you can track the temperatures on our web site. just put in your zip code. >> welcome news at 6:07 this morning. the south bay drivers is now open. >> starting this morning, drivers heading to steven's creek from northbound 17 and
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northbound 280 will make a left-hand turn through a new intersection with traffic light. it is all part of a $62 million. it should be ready to open and should be, as you mentioned earlier, sam, a huge relief for crowd that always bottleneck at that situation. >> all you need to say about that, find a parking space. >> much easily says and done. that construction will backhoe a little bit more dramatic than what you see. now, the transition is still undergoing changes but the three groups have been eliminated over the last two days. southbound 880 we saw, folks wondering if that was the
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change, if that is. steven's question quick. changes to the area, just allow for some distracted drivers. up know what's going on. over at the rest of the bay, no big surprises. a lot of green around the area, the livermore area typical build. a look at the bay ridge toll plaza. no real problems out of the maze. there's the toll plaza. because the meter lights are on, you have full meter until you get to palo alto city. we have an earlier crash second 101 around the airport. and then the golden gate bridge is an easy drive into the city. a stalled truck around the walden tunnel and the howard street closure still going on. oracle open world will close tomorrow evening but so far it's
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been a real pain in the market area. >> i like how did you that, mike. >> a lot going on weekend. we take a look at your forecast and a live peek outside at the bay bridge looking stunning as always on a day that will stun you with some of the it was that you're about to sign. >> rob, this is going to be a hot one. >> this morning you might not even need a jacket around san francisco. temperatures in the mid 60s, but the north bay is another extreme. you have 49 out toward napa but with the breezes today, the coast will see things heating up. this hot-and-dry hair mass, hottest cycle in our -- sunday will show cooling at the coast. but look at the warmup hour by hour in the south bay.
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soaring well into the 90s for this afternoon and about the sea breeze, the financial are going to stay warm. by 9:00 very likely still seeing mid 70s in the forecast. hottest time of the day should see 90s over to sarz and muncie. santa cruz will see highs climbing into the middays. so for those outdoor events, numbers near 90s. but starting to see a cooldown as the much needed sea breeze mix back on monday. >> an nbc colleagues dr. nancy snydermen, about his condition? >>
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66 in san francisco, all the microclimates climbing into the 90s. >> no disturbance to the flow here. but we do have a crash farther south as you're heading through union city. that is an issue as far as the flow of traffic. we'll give you an update on what is going on coming up. >> here are today's top stories at 6:15. several homes and cars flooded from a flood that broke out overnight. crews aren't sure what caused the pipe to burst but they have
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managed to cap it at this point. they'll be out there for several more hours cleaning up. >> a third ramp has opened up at stevens creek boulevard. drivers from northbound 17 and northbound 280 will see a new signalized intersection designed to ease traffic congestion. >> and jahi moving her hands and feet now. her family wants the declaration of her being brain dead be reversed. >> and an nbc cameraman has
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tested positive for the ebola virus. out of caution the rest of the crew will stay quarantined for 21 days. they were covering the story of thomas duncan. officials in liberia say duncan lied on an airport screening questionnaire but. >> there is a meeting to talk about the current status of entero virus. in almeida county, doctors aren't saying much about the condition of each patient,
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whether they're in the hospital or how old they are. we do know children with asthma are susceptible. >> scott mcgrew, all he did was give shock to charity. >> it's simple enough. the founder of gopro gave more than a half billion dollars worth of stock. he probably did it to save oodles on taxes because he got very rich during the ipa. all of this happened before the end of the so-called lock out, period of time after this ipo where the founders and other insiders are prohibited from selling or giving away their chairs.
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they can't sell but they gave it away to an organization that can sell it. go propel. >> you know, wall street had a so here's your number, 24le,000 new jobs created for our friend and neighbors in the month of september. unemployment rate drops to 5.9%. good news indeed. with all the people buying iphone 6 six. >> make sure that kill switch on the apple iphone is you don't want somebody else being able to break your phone. so apple has had new site where
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can you enter the serial number in question and figure out what the kill switches are. if it is, make sure the guy you're buying it from turns off the kill switch so you can set your own password. a year from you now ci i make sure you controlion. >> 6:19 right now on your friday morning. time to take a look at your forecast as we peek outside over downtown san jose. a day in the offing. we're joined by rob mayeda. warm be now it's killy, 66 for you. look at the north bay, very
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interesting out there. we've got some very dry area, high pressure acting like an and in some cases, the temperatures have really dropped off. 49 around napa. let's give you a closer view around san francisco. still 7 07b degrees around twin peaks, you're looking at numbers there in the mid 60s, closer to the edge of the bay, which will later on today ensure a very warm day in the forecast as that dry air moves up into the see area and it warms up as it heads to the coast. we will see temperatures soaring quickly in san francisco. and just slow cooling with the absence of that onshore sea breeze. san jose, climbing into the 90s today, 93 degrees warmed in the
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upper 930 p 0s, 9d 0s down so santa cruz, really no relief out on the coast. enjoy some of the cooler conditions with the water temperatures in the mid 6 0z offshore. mid 90s around the north bay and the tri-valley for today. we'll continue to see these warm conditions through tomorrow. sunday starting to see heat relief in san francisco as we wait for the sea breeze to pick up. it will take probably another day before we get into the cooling. and finally mid 80s by tuesday of next week. now, watching your friday morning commute once again, here's mike. >> as you might expect, a light volume around the bay this friday. as we look at the map, you see the maze and no drama, no problem. that's great news and expected for friday. we do have some slowing, additional slowing approaching a crash which has made its way to
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the shoulder. we are clear down to fremont as well. the rest of your bay looks nice and nothing unexpected. >> the truck scales just about as busy as the freeways. so for the anymore it's, week looking at nice job there as well as coming across the golden gate bridge without delay. >> thank you, mike. 6:22 on friday. the road to the world series iends up wf? >> right there. >> you quit it right back. monday at 58:00. >> they're looking for family members. i'm looking for stars.
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if you want to get involved, go to our facebook page and post a question you would like to see answered by the candidates. >> a showdown on the diamond. a live look at at&t park this morning. all quiet here because the giants are in our nation's capital, ready to take on the nationals of the nlds. first pitch today is just after 5:00 this afternoon. we should get word of the team's final roster in about 30 minutes. manager bruce bochy has until 7:00 this morning to make the announcement. he said his decision hinges on the health of slug are michael moore. he's been nursing an oblique since 2001. >> eremember the break as does anyone here. >>. >> and we are following breaking
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news. incredible video out of san francisco this morning. you're going to want to see when a water main breaks, it noods a number of homes. >> and a lot of pictures of san bruno in the early morning hours. we'll be right back with weather, news and traffic
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should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. . breaking news, a busted pipe sends water through the san francisco area. that is just ahead. >> and a heat advisory in effect for the bay area. that and your microclimate forecast coming up. >> and we have one crash here as well as a news incident heading toward the bay bridge. both of those coming up. >> wall street off to a roaring start after we got really good news blt american economy. 248,000 jobs added in the month of september.
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the unemployment rate drops to 35.9%. here you see the nyse. the big question, will interest rate goes up soon? let's go over, that's where idly is going all the way. >> son, hurt? ing ten scoring. >> and i going to be hot out there this weekend. today, though, friday, october 3rd and you are watching beibei. >> i'm sam brock. >> and i'm vicky nguyen, in for laura garcia-cannon this morning. homeowners in san francisco are cleaning up after a water it was
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thought 20 to 25 homes were flooded but it later turned out only seven were damaged. one car fell into a sinkhole and crews managed to coming up in about 15 minutes. >> an nbc worker is on his way home this morning after testing positive for the ebola dri discuss. he'd been in the country for three years, nit turned out he wasn't feeling well, his temperature spiked, he did get positive and to try to get the whole crew back.
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cnn is private pla plane to used to every quarantine. is thomas aaron duncan, the man here in texas who have ebola. rest residents in texas is as muchi muching. >> the snyderman said he tried to get a pregnant woman to the hospital but she died about two hours later. and they're saying a computer error led to this man not being diagnosed the first time he showed up at the e.r.
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>> thank you very much, tracy. >> now let's give you a live look outside at the bang tollplace a and the back tram, move bring in rob high ea is pa when you look at san francisco being the hottest place around the bay area tonight, it was in the mid 60s and we don't have onshore winds and we're thinking the exact opposite. to show you a closer view of some of those temperatures, in and around san francisco this morning, still in some of the hill top locations, near 70 and winds offshore, that air will warm ufrm and dry out heading out to the coast. so even pacifica heading down toward santa cruz, you'll see temperatures touching some of
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those 902, now low pressure as the sea breeze. today 90s from san jose over to saratoga and look at the coast. upper 80s and low 90s. the heat is being felt all the way out to the beaches. mid 90s around napa today. tri-valley and it's going to take time before the valleys cool off. san francisco will be the first spot to notice the cooling as we see sunday to monday back into the 70s. for the north bay and liver more, you'll probably have to wait until about tuesday.
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>> if you don't like these fall temperatures, go to the pool. >> fine. >> as vicki said, those fast lane tapes are working. a smooth drive coming out of oakland as well. those are just before up get to the off ramp. and not enough of a distraction as it turns out to be causing a lot of significant nant flowing. that little bit of slowing we saw there. the slow drive to the bay right now is second 880. as you approach half that cemetery, it ties to when i havele. and on the 20s and 30s on the approach south but clear by the time you get to dunbarton.
6:36 am
northbound to 101 show as little build here and a look at dublin, 580 west bond, another spot for your typical tri. >> all right, mike, thank you. >> people are getting ambitious. 6:36 on your friday morning. the markets have been open for about five minutes. let's check on what's going on with scott mcgrew. >> it's a good day on the markets after some very good news on the jobs as well, 248,000 job added in the month of september. the nasdaq is up about a half a percent. yodele 16, 891.
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vicky and sam? >> thanks a bunch. still ahead, the domestic violence case against 49ers ray mcdomd moves forward. what legal experts are saying abo about, hey, bridge on that friday morning. finally the sun starting to up look there will be heat aplenty out there.
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. time now 6:40. you're looking live at san jose. a lot of hot temperatures headed our way. rob mayeda will be along in a moment to tell you exactly what it looks like. santa clara's district attorney is deciding whether to file charges again ray mcdonald for felony domestic violence. mcdonald was arrested last month, accused of assaulting his pregnant knee on say on august 31st. legal experts say detectives were extremely thorough in the investigation because of the
6:41 am
national spotlight on this issue. mcdonald continues to play for the 49ers since the arrest. that has angered many fans, former players and toll tigss. >> coming up, sad news this morning. a plane took off in the persian gulf wednesday with four people on board. the plane lost power after a short time actually. back on the navy ship, one marine was pulled from the water. the other deadly frank. >> coming up thein trer. >> a city street turned rushing river, a busting pipe and several homes in san francisco today. >> and a noisy fight is brewing
6:42 am
in san francisco. why a construction project meant to draw people in is pushing some people out. >> and a live picture outside of san bruno, i think it's right there, look at that shot from san bruno. it will be a ninth, very hot day. 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather right after the break.
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you're watching 15 minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> we have an update to breaking news. for the next few hours, crews will be in one san francisco neighborhood cleaning up after a busted pipe sent water gushing into seven homes and several cars opening up a sinkhole.
6:45 am
it happened near the intersection of carr street and sallinias avenue. stephanie chuang has an update. >> reporter: good morning. crews thought the valve that was shut off is not completely shut off because the water keeps flowing. the crews are trying to get to the water line that is eight to nine feet deep but the water keeps filling up so they can't get to. this scene, though, is much calmer than a couple hours ago when water was gushing down the block and had been for four hours. homeowner woke up to water streaming into their houses, some up to a foot or more. one car was towed away after
6:46 am
falling into a sinkhole. it was a scene that startled people in this bay view neighborhood. >> unbelievable. never seen anything quite like it. interesting. i don't know what it is. a pipe must have broke or something. never seen anything quite like it in my life, in this area especially. >> the city replacing four miles of water lines a year but with 1,300 miles of line in the city, it will be a slow process. they will reimburse the homeowners for any losses and will pay for contractors to come and clean up the mess. they're hoping crews can get out of here around noon. >> never a good time for a water main break but particularly not during the drought. thank you for all of your live reporting this morning.
6:47 am
>> and it's 6:46 right now. a live look outside at downtown san jose. the entire bay area bracing for heat. temperatures could top 100 degrees in the bay. >> and let's start off with meteorologist rob mayeda. this could be some of the hottest weather the bay area has seen in quite a while. >> yeah, in terms of how widespread it will be, that will bes question of the day. it will be the coast and san francisco later on seeing some of that heat climbing into the 90s. you see 66 degrees. we'll take you in a little bit closer here. around the water toward north beach, you're seeing the numbers down toward the embarcadero in the low 70s caused by offshore winds. as the winds continue to move
6:48 am
offshore, it's very dry air. we're talking low dew point air out there. for the north bay, you don't have any winds this morning, you're waking up to low 40s and 50s. but otherwise the air is forced to drop down in elevation and dry out. it's the opposite of the more typical marine air, which brings in higher humidity and cooler air from the ocean. that pattern is going to be on hold for a while. probably not until around sunday will we see the return of that sea breeze. notice without the sea breeze, it's going to take a while to cool off. we'll see those numbers well into the 70s into the evening and around the rest of the the bay wear today, low to mid 90s around san jose. could get closer to triple digits. no relief out on the coast, unless you enjoy some of the the
6:49 am
water temperatures offshore. low 90s around oakland. so cooling should come to san francisco. more noticeably, san jose starting to see cooling sunday into monday. the temperatures into the tri-valley hanging on to those numbers probably until monday until cooling arrives on tuesday and wednesday. back to you. >> thank you very much, rob. the heat raising concern for those heading to severity events. you see and there is also the rock half and roll, half, they're getting their exercise out of the way right now. >> reporter: that's right. i never knew so many people got
6:50 am
up so early to exercise. at least a couple dozen people have been here at the campbell community center, it's a track area, since about 5:30 this morning. while there are always people here working out no matter the weather, many said they are getting their outdoor exercise in now before the -- it gets too hot. the temperature is cool and conditions are perfect. it's spare the air day today. the tenth one of the year, which means air quality declines as the heat intensifies, making it harder to work out for some people. so it actually is smart to exercise outdoors now before breathing or dehydration can become a problem. >> i make sure i'm hot. >> because? >> number one, it's. >> spare the air day does also
6:51 am
mean you should try to ditch your car and take public transportation. air pollutants will be trapped closer to the ground during the heat and your car's emissions will contribute to that, making the air quality worse. with any outdoor activity, keep well hydrated. the hardly blue gras festival will be prepared for the heat and help people how to deal with that. >> you can drop the temperatures right to our web site. >> now to some welcome and long-awaited news for south bay drivers, a 280 interchange. >> and drivers heading to northbound 280 will see a new signalized intersection. traffic will no longer cross under stevens street bridge,
6:52 am
they'll instead make a left-hand turn to a new intersection with track lights. it's part of the $62 million dollar project that has much more to come. for a look at how drivers are handling the ramp and some of the other roads in the bay area, let's bring in mike inouye. >> good morning, vicky. good morning, sam. yesterday yesterdayy. >> and hopefully the week after they adjust, it will be much smoother to the area. the off ramp hoping this morning. so no more loops. that will make things smoother but the adjustment will confuse folks adding to the slof done. going just a little bit slower, that's why this is something unfamiliar. slow it down and watch the other
6:53 am
drivers drive defensively. even on a friday, the. >> the lowest is hayward toward whichle. it's tough getting to the son mateo works very nicely. >> we're holding a good city pace, with no delays on 101 or 280. we'll show you the toll plaza itself. the fast track lanes are moving really well right now. down the golden gate bridge and into san francisco. use alternate forms of transportation today. but the car is getting to the city. we saw the buses over the delay.
6:54 am
>> family of jahi's family will filed paper with the courts today that show that she is improving. she was declared brain dead ten months ago after undergoing a procedure for sleep apnea at the children's in oakland. if she is alive, the hospital could be spop san francisco's building boom may be driving some long-time residents out of the city. they say construction noise is unbearable. some say it starts as early as 4:00 a.m. crews are building more housing units in the area. they have been able o get around
6:55 am
the 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. work permits. >> eventually we agreed upon them starting at 5:00 a.m. instead of 3:00 a.m. trying again to strike this balance. >> reporter: residents are pushing to stagger construction days and limit work hours but so far nothing has changed. >> a live look now at a very empty at&t. but giants fans do not get. >> the first game against the nlds against the nationals. the game starts just after noon. >> wall street is reacting to some very strong job numbers, much needed good news from wall street. >> and scott mcgrew is standing by with a look at our business headlines. good morning, scott.
6:56 am
>> good morning. wall street doing well, the dow industrials up and nasdaq adding 20. 248,000 jobs added in the month of september. 5.9% unemployment, the lowest rate since 2008. that's great, though i do have one concern. remember the unemployment rate measures how many people are looking for a job, not how many people are unemployed. if you quick looking, you do drive that number down. the participation rate, the number of people working or actively looking for a job was lower than expected. part of that could be what appears to be good news but really isn't. >> any time we do have to ask ourselves what would so the good news can be bad news if you're an investors and you look at it that way. >> former fed chair ben bernanke
6:57 am
said he's had trouble refinancing his house. he was turned down for a mortgage. he just left his job after 11 years and now he has a regular income. he makes a quarter of a million per speech. kind of an on-and-off thing. we suspect that he was trying to make a point, that he thinks there ought to be better access to credit. what was your previous job? being the most powerful man in the world when it comes to the economy. >> but you quit that job? president obama commenting recently that he just paid off his law school debt. >> they're trying to bring it down to the common man, i suppose. >> 6:57. one final check of the day's top stories. >> several homes and cars were flooded when a water main broke this morning in san francisco's bay view district. crews are not sure what caused the pipe to burst.
6:58 am
they have managed to cap it. they'll be out for several hours cleaning it up. >> state health leaders will meet today to uk about the enterovirus. almeida has two with the virus. >> and a cameraman in liberia is on his way home for treatment after testing positive for ebola. he started working with dr. nancy snyderman three days ago but he's been in libya for three years. >> and it looks like -- even the toast. upper 80s and mid 90s. and at the hardly strictly blue grass, keep hydrated.
6:59 am
it will be hot. >> i'll turn our fremont camera over to michigan boulevard. reports of something going on there but i don't see any slowing, don't see any incidents. from 238 down past the cemetery, two earlier crashes. that's the slowest spot for the bay. the metering lights are on. it's not surprised. >> this is proof right here. look at that smile. this is vicky's favorite story of the day, aside from the fact it's friday. another reason to smile is what? >> it is world smile day. happy world smile day. this was started by the man who created the iconic yellow friday face. since then the first friday of every october has been dedicated to smiling. he acted people to do one act of
7:00 am
kindness and make somebody smile. >> that's what's going on right now in the bait bayh. we're back in 25 minutes with a live look at local news, weather and traffic. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. > buenos días. good morning. las noticias de último minuto. breaking overnight an american un camarógrafo americano que camera man working for nbc news trabajaba para nbc noticias en liberia, fue diagnosticado con in liberia diagnosed with ebola. he and the team he was with ébola, el y el equipo de la doctora nancy snyderman fueron including dr. nancy snyderman evacuados para estados unidos set to be evacuated to the u.s. this morning dr. nancy and the parents of that cameraman join us live. hoy. la doctora, y los padres del >> in harm's way. camarógrafo se unen a nosotros en vivo. severe storms tear through texas, 90 miles per hour winds tormentas terribles en texas. vientos a 90 millas por hora. ripping the roof off a college dorm. and this morning millions more from pennsylvania to georgia are now in that system's path. >> biggest breach ever. banking giant jpmorgan chase reveals more than 83 million


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