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tv   Today  NBC  October 2, 2014 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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own jersey. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we'll be back without confetti in 25 minutes. > buenos días. around that dallas hospital that released a man who was eventually diagnosed with ebola, how did they ignore the warning signs? we have exclusive interview with the patient's nephew as 80 people came in contact with his uncle. secret disservice? is the agency charged with pr protecting the president in need of a massive overhaul? the day the embattled leader steps down, a former special agent steps in. in court, the suspect in the disappearance of hannah graham facing the judge in virginia for the first time this morning
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while authorities confirm he was investigated for sexual assault not once, but twice while in college. a mixup, a white mom sues a sperm bank after she was innated with the sperm of a black donor. >> you can't say, oh, i'm sorry, be happy you got a child and walk away from this. >> why she says the mistake made her daughter the subject of ridicule today. thursday, october 2, 2014. ♪ from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer and gnat le morales is here. good morning, ladies. the story on the sperm bank
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clippic getting a lot of attention. >> upset with the details here, and you look at that picture of the little girl and what she's facing described by her mother, incredible story. >> beautiful girl. >> perfect girl. the top story now, though, serious concerns tied to the first case of ebola diagnosed in the united states. a dallas community is on edge after we're all learning more about serious missteps in the handling of the patient. this morning, the a patient held in isolation in hawaii over fears the person could be infected with the virus. people have a lot of questions. talking to dr. nancy sniderman and dr. oz in a moment, but we begin in dallas. kate, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the state health department says they identified a hundred people who somehow came into contact with the patient or with the immediate family. the state is now also ordering four of his family members to
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stay indoors, to stay at home, and, in fact, this morning, four police suvs planted outside of his apartment building. in a network exclusive, the man's nephew tells us that he thinks the hospital actually put more people at risk. >> he's doing all right. he's a fighter. she's still fighting. >> reporter: this morning, the nephew of the 42-year-old thomas duncan is making explosive allegations accusing the hospital in dallas of not taking the ebola threat seriously when duncan walked into the er last friday telling the neurse he'd come from liberia. >> regretfully, that information was not fully communicated. >> reporter: sent home be antibiotics, and on sunday, taken by ambulance to the hospital, but they were not treating him like a potential ebola patient. the nephew called the center for disease control himself. >> i called cdc to get action
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taken because i was concerned for his life, and he was not getting the appropriate care, and i feared that other people might, you know, also get infected if not taken care of. >> reporter: we know he traveled from liberia to brussels to dulles airport in washington, d.c. to dallas. once he was feeling sick, he came in contact with up to 18 people. >> the only close contact we're aware of of this patient was with his immediate children. and his wife. now we're looking at close friends. >> on wednesday, the school district sent letters to parents that five students are monitored because they may have had contact with duncan. >> they were in school this week. >> doo you know when they staye home from school? >> today. >> you have to remember, if the children have not shown symptoms and only way transmission happens is when you show symptoms. >> reporter: classmates are safe? >> they are safe. >> reporter: parents rushed to
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take children home early. >> it's dangerous. i just started crying, like, hysterical. >> i just want to get to my kids. i went and got them, and i felt better when i got them. >> reporter: we reached out to the hospital and to the state health department about the nephew's comments with no response there. we know more details about the journey he took. he left liberia, went to brussels, had a seven-hour layover there first, and flew on to dulles airport outside of washington, d.c. with a three-hour layover before flying to dallas. the two u.s. aircraft he's been on serviced 30 other cities, but important to note the cdc ins t insists when on the plane, he was not symptomatic. that's what we know at this point. reassuring everyone in the public that everyone on the planes were safe. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> the outbreak killed 3300 people in west africa, majority
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in liberia where he traveled from to the u.s., and now a team from the cdc traveled there to take a closer look at the screening procedures. nancy sniderman is in liberia, good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning. the ebola continues to gallop along here in liberia, and, unfortunately, with no end in sight. we are talking about americans now in this part of africa, it is out of control. it remains the belly of the beast. liberia is on edge. struggling to contain the outbreak. the urgent message on billboards in the capital city? ebola is real. even a marching band spread the word. as we left the city, crossing from one county to another, all traffic was stopped. police ordered people to exit their vehicles and get their temperatures checked and
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elevated temperature can be an early warning sign for ebola. >> this is a check point separating one county from another, and up here, someone taking someone's temperature, and a sign, of course, saying e "ebola is real." no one's taking any chances anymore. 36.3, excellent. bleach, a common weapon against the virus. at hotels and businesses in monrovia, a diluted bleach solution is the line of defense between people and the virus. everybody is obeying the rule. life here has changed. shaking hands is now taboo, and flights in and out of liberia have come to a stand still. >> it needs to be tackled here or it's on everyone else's doorstep, and in the texas case shows us this. >> reporter: in the meantime, corpses are piling up.
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a man died in his car while awaiting treatment. too little help is coming too late for too many. as we talk about the virus, reminder again, you cannot get it casually. you must come into contact with bodily fluids, blood, europe, vomit, diarrhea. a sobering and important reminder today if not contained here, we'll see other cases around the globe. matt? >> that's for sure. thank you very much. dr. oz here with us now, host of "the dr. oz show," and it's good to see you. no doubt in my mind we'll stop it here, and people want to believe those words, but when you hear about the missteps occurring at this hospital in dallas, when this patient went in, had the symptoms, told people he traveled from liberia and was sent home with antibiotics, it only takes a few mistakes like that to create a
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much bigger problem. >> i think they crafted a wonderful strategy how to deal with ebola. the problem is, people have to follow the strategy. go to the hospital and you volunteer, forget about being asked, volunteer you are from west africa, and people don't ask, that remind us how flawed fundamentally we are. it's going to get worse before it gets better. >> how much worse do you think? how big a spread will we see in the country? >> worldwide, 1.4 million cases, more than we've identified. the duncan case, abruptly resigns from his job, watches his neighbor's daughter who is seven months pregnant die of ebola. would you leave liberia? i would. there's 10,000 people in the community in dallas. people in west africa are going to leave any way they can. i don't blame them for coming to the country. >> there's fear. he came in contact with five children who went off to school, so there's a lot of fear of parents who have children in the schools.
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i've seen reports of parents going to schools, picking the kids up, not symptomatic, no symptom, and taking them to the hospital to be checked. that's not what we want parents to do, is it? >> we don't want that to happen. here's the real estate to emphasize this. i'm confident we'll get our arms around ebola, a deadly disease in west africa, but in this country, we can cope with it effectively. we've done well with the case tracking techniques to identify, contact, and get care they need. at its core, it's not panic. it's how we stress the system. >> entering the flu season. people will be presenting themselves to doctors in hospitals with all kinds of symptoms that seem similar to ebola. how much will that complicate this? >> two big fears, one is that. the flu, unfortunately, looks like ebola, tens of millions get it, tens of thousands die. when they come to the hospital, what do you do when you can't keep up and don't know if they are ebola or not?
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they are treated very differently. a second problem, it's mutated 50 times. what if it mutates and it's like the flu? passed on through air, not the way that nancy described through direct contact with bodily fluid. that's a difficult beast to harvest. >> no signs of that happening. let's be clear of that. >> not happening yet, but in the lifetime, we have to get ahead of these things, fight viruses where they start in west africa. >> thank you as always. stick around and answer more questions, send them to us on twitter and facebook usi usinusing #o using #orangeroom. >> thank you. julia steps down wednesday in a series of major security breaches and mounting calls for a change. white house correspondent has the latist for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. julia had lost the faith of lawmakers, secret service
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agents, and the president himself. the man replacing her is a 30-year veteran of the agency spending three years on the outside, a fresh perspective the president clearly thinks is needed. this morning, the secret service has a new leader, 58-year-old joseph clancey. for more than two years, seen by president obama's side, heading his security detail. >> i think he wanted to have someone he personally had confidence in. >> reporter: replacing the embattled director who resigned under pressure wednesday after this unprecedented security breach, a hearing on capitol hill, and new revelations that an armed contractor with a criminal history rode an elevator with president obama in a recent trip to atlanta. >> could be a long term fix, but time for her to go. >> reporter: appointed in 2013 to reform the agency after a series of lapses. 2009, the reality show couple crashed a state dinner, 2011, takes four days to discover a
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gunman's bullets hit residence, 2012, agents lose jobs after consorting with prostitutes in colombia, and last year, atman dell la's service, a fake interpreter with a criminal past inches from the president. many believe she was too engrained. >> i believe there were culture problems, moramorale problems, i did not believe she could correct all those things. >> reporter: for three years, clancey headed security at com cast, and worked with every president since bill clinton. >> very familiar with the security features at the white house, the weaknesses, will come in, and hit the ground running. >> reporter: interim director, not immune to controversy. in fact, he was in charge of president obama's security when they crashed the state dinner in 2009. meanwhi
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meanwhile, the homeland secretary is taking over the investigation of all security breaches, an indication the administration lost confidence in the direction of the agency tasked with protecting the president. >> more changes coming. thank you very much. thank you. suspect in the disappearance of hannah graham appearing in court for the first time this morning. this, as we learn about jesse matthew's possible connection to other crimes in the area. nbc is in charlottesville, gaib, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, matt. breaking, the court appearance postponed until december at the request of the attorney. today, there's more questions about the suspect's past. this morning, jesse matthew, man charged with abducting hannah graham was scheduled to face a judge on separate charns of wreckless driving. he sped away from a police station before being questioned days after graham vanished.
7:15 am
this as a campus is confirming matthew was investigated after an allegation of sexual assault more than a decade ago. he was not charged. meanwhile, the desperate search for the missing 18-year-old is expanding and now includes a drone. >> incredibly frustrating. >> reporter: police say forensic evidence links monatthew to the 2009 murder of harington. they connected that case to an unsolved 2005 sexual assault 100 miles away. matthew has not been charged with either crime, but authorities in virginia are looking into whether there's any connection between matthew and a woman who was found murdered there in 2009. at this point, they stress he is not a person of interest. >> investigators have to go back and create at least a ten-year timeline, and then see where that timeline might intersect with any subject or person of interest to include jesse matthew.
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>> reporter: near uva's campus, last seen on video with matthew, students are cautious. >> it's really scary to think the night she was abducted, i walked home alone too, an hour after she did, and so you know, could have been anyone. >> reporter: again, within the past few minutes, the suspect's court appearance scheduled for this morning has been delayed until december. a hearing on the other charge postponed until december. the suspect's attorney says prosecutors have not shown any evidence that his suspect was involved in any crime. matt? >> that's right. another virus causing a scare across the country this morning, four people who were infected with the virus kausing severe rez pi story illness have died. latest victim was a 10-year-old girl died from a bacterial infection and from virus 68. it was found in three other patients who died in september, but federal health officials are
7:17 am
unsure what role the vie played in their death. it's sickened at least 500 people so far, and almost all have been children. an oregon man sentenced to 30 years in prison for plotting to bomb a crowded christmas tree lighting in portland. arrested in 2010 after pressing a button he believed would trigger a massive bomb, but the bomb was a fake provided by undercover fbi aekgents postings al qaeda recruiters. benjamin netanyahu is skeptical in president obama's deal to broke, and he spoke with andrea mitchell wednesday in new york. >> what is president obama agrees to a deal with iran that you say is unacceptable? what does israel do? >> well, all i'll say is that israel always reserves the right to defend itself. >> reporter: the military option? take it out.
7:18 am
>> i'm the only israeli who does not talk about military operations. >> reporter: but you're the israeli with the ability to make it happen. >> but i often don't talk about that. >> meanwhile, at the white house wednesday, benjamin netanyahu told president obama he must make sure any deal with iran does not leave it at the threshold of being able to develop nuclear weapons. see more of the interview on andrea mitchell reports today on msnbc. a beer run that did not go as planned. look at the video from a convenience store in florida. the guy in the white shirt takes three packs of corona, goes for the door, stopped in the tracks when the door does not open, slips, almost falls, puts the beer down, kicks the door open, the partner in crime runs through with the beer, and he falls down in the parking lot. eventually, they got away with the beer in hand.
7:19 am
>> starting to get the idea it was not the first beer they stole that night. >> a couple beers proceeding. police have the license plate numbers, hopefully they are on their track. >> first couple of bruised beer thieves. >> a trail of corona. >> exactly. dylan in for al, al is traveling home from afghanistan. how are you? >> i'm great, but the plains are seeing severe storms again already firing up. esterday in kansas, w
7:20 am
7:20. good thursday morning. meteorologist christina loren. we have a really strong ridge of high pressure driving our winds offshore basically. that means no marine layer. every single city in the bay area way above average. really not going to be anyplace to escape this heat. 95 degrees in the north bay and 93 in the peninsula. this is what happens in the bay area when we don't have that marine influence. and tomorrow even hotter.
7:21 am
>> thank you. carson in the orange-pink room with dr. oz answering questions about ebola. >> mentioned more than 5 million times on twitter in the last month, and people ask questions, asking the same thing in various ways, how do they get it? leslie wants to know, can you catch it from food preparers preparing food? >> no, you can't. if you touched the person with the illness and the further you are with the illness, the more particles in the skin, then a problem. the problem is -- we do not bury our dead here. >> more questions, keep the questions coming, and we'll answer them on twitter. >> carson, thank you so much. a white woman sues a sperm bank after getting pregnant because that bank used the sperm of a black donor. opening up about the case and why she says it's not about race. a startling report undercover investigation, why some u.s. servicemen shop for wives online. action.
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(british accent) the passport is clearly a forgery. coming up, prince william taking on the paparazzi to protect his son. >> after your local news. ♪ [ male announcer ] give extra. get extra. ♪ dry skin heal it... want to hibernate? ...with nivea extended moisture body lotion. it intensively moisturizes for 48 hours. that's twice as long as the leading lotion claims. soft and smooth all winter... ...with nivea. you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ [ beep ] hey. [ giggles ]ok. ♪ folgers in your cup we are a collection of smalls. a home saved. a hero homebound for a new opportunity.
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maybe. [ male announcer ] sta green potting soil, now just 2 for $12 at lowe's. ♪ good morning. it's 7:26. now i'm laura garcia-cannon. a man was defending his sister from a burglar when he was repeatedly stabbed last night in santa clara. when the brother defended her, the burglar reportedly stabbed her and took off. investigators are still at the scene. >> ten months after an oakland teen-ager was declared brain dead, her family is trying to get her death certificate revoked. the family of jahi says the 13-year-old has brain activity. last september the teen went
7:27 am
into cardiac arrest and declared brain dead after undergoing a routine procedure for sleep apnea. >> today tessler plans to make a major announcement and elon musk isn't helping curb the curiosity. look at this picture he tweeted, "about time to unveil the d" and something else" with today's doubt. it's been retweeted over 8,000 times along with plenty speculation. >> no speculating about that forecast. christina loren, it's going to be hot. >> it's going to be really hot. good morning to you and good morning to you at home. it's very unusual to hit levels like this this year. right off the bat, no low clouds. we're not going to see any all day to keep us cool. this is the coolest time of the day, if you want to get outdoors. we're on our way to 95 in the south bay, 85 to san francisco and 88 degrees on the east shore
7:28 am
today. you're going to need your a.c. how are we doing on the drive? >> you might want to stay in your car with a.c. hoar on west 92, you have to stay in your car. the earlier stall has cleared. bottom of your screen is the dunbar bridge. northbound routes through the south bay continue to build, especially 280. remember the new offramp 288 stevens creek on the southbound side opening.
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7:30 now on a 7:30 on thursday morning, the sec day of october, 2014, how beautiful in fort myers, florida this morning. pretty in new york where the sun is rising on my daughter's birthday. happy birthday, so proud of you, see you in a while. >> so sweet. the nephew of the first person diagnosed in the united states tells nbc he had to personally call the cdc to get proper treatment for his uncle. he was sent home from the hospital and returned by ambulance two days later when the symptoms worsen. >> officials say he and the family were in contact with up
7:31 am
to 8 0 people when he was if feeling sick. out of caution, four of the relatives are under orders to stay home and have no visitors. and the secret service is under new leadership this morning and the agency will undergo a full review. joseph clancey named active director after the embattled resignation of the former head. >> pink power rolls on. enentired by joan lunden, and this morning, joan shares stories of three women and their battles with the disease. plus, nick, remember him? risked life and women walking the wire over the grand canyon, i can't get over there, planning another jaw-dropping event, this time, though, in chicago, the skyscraper walk. here live tomorrow on today. >> my heart, cant see it. >> i hate when he runs at the end.
7:32 am
after all that, now trip? >> should have dheone that the whole time. a court case raising eyebrows, an ohio woman sues a sperm bank for medical malpractice. the reason? she became pregnant from sperm from a black donor. >> reporter: jennifer says it was a one number makeup that resulted in her biracial daughter, and now shements the sperm bank involves to pay up. jennifer gave birth to her daughter, peyton two years ago. >> she made us the people that we are, never trade it for the world. >> reporter: despite the love, she's suing the midwest sperm bank in downer's grove, illinois for medical malpractice. she thought she was being inseminated with a white man's sperm so the baby would look like her partner. >> hence why we chose a blond
7:33 am
hair blue-eyed individual. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, after she was pregnant, she found out she was mistakenly inseminated with an african-american man's sperm instead because court papers claim a worker mistakenly read donor 330 rather than 380. >> it was not as if she was calling ordering a pizza. she was calling and ordering donor sperm. >> you can want just say, oh, i'm sorry, be happy you got a child and walk away from this. >> reporter: she's suing in part, she says, so she and her partner can move to a larger, diverse community. >> we just want her to have the ability to see different cultures and possibly feel welcomed. >> reporter: in the lawsuit, she says that living in uniontown, ohio, even getting a haircut is difficult. according to the lawsuit, she says she is must travel to a black neighborhood far from
7:34 am
where she lives where she is, obviously, different in appearance and not overtly welcome. she incysts the suit is not about race. >> i don't find any problem with having a mixed race child as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: nbc news reached out to the sperm bank, but they declined a comment. their lawyer even hanging up on us. her and her partner provided pictures to nbc news and are not worried what their daughter thinks of the lawsuit when she grows up. >> she'll understand it was not about, we didn't want you. we wanted a white baby. that's not what it was about. >> reporter: while the family is loving, they don't fully understand her lifestyle as a lesbian, and she's worried how they'll treat her daughter, which is also why she wants to move. she's suing the sperm bank for damages in excess of $50,000. >> thank you -- there's many layers here, but surprised they
7:35 am
write down the information and it's not in a computer, in a data base, trusting a handwritten note on, you know, who the donor is? >> not to get into legalities here, but if they make her feel less than welcomed, shame on them, but we'll learn more about that. dylan is in for al. >> heat in parts of the southwest. we've got a dip in the jet stream bringing cool air to the northern plains, and on the flip side of that is the ridge in the jet stream bringing exceptionally warm temperatures again to california. we have heat advisories in effect right knew san francisco and also through san diego for the rising temperatures, that offshore wind, and that makes temperatures get as high as five to 15 degrees above average. in san francisco, 85 degrees. inland a bit, topping out at in the mid-90s. that's today. tomorrow, just as warm, topping out 10 to 15 degrees above
7:36 am
average again. san jose at 97 degrees. this lasts into saturday and sunday and along with the hot temperatures, we're looking at the increased 7:36. good thursday morning to you as we wind down the works. temperatures are creeping up. we have a hot day ahead. 53 in concord, 52 in stan martine. i want to show you the temperatures we're headed toward. by 9:00 a.m.,up to 69 degrees. we're going to peak at about 3:00 p.m. with temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s all across the board. 85 in san francisco, 88 on the east shore, the hot spot, the tri-valley at 97. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. fake marriages for government money? roster reports undercover finding out why u.s. soldiers are shopping for wives online. trending, do you enjoy amusement park rides?
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. >> this morning on rossen reports, members of the military shopping for wives online, today, jeff rossen and his team went under cover to check it out. good morning to you. >> good morning to you we are talking all branches of the military buying wives online. i did a search around military bases nationwide. found plenty of ads live right now if you are married in the military, you make more money and get better benefits and housing. they pay them to marry them to get the perks on the taxpayer's dime.
7:42 am
our hidden cameras are rolling to show you how it all goes down. it's an open eysecret at militay bases, soldiers looking for contracts for maernls, look on craigs list, you will find many ads, many blatant they put contract marriage in the subject line. not trying to hide it. >> these guys are criminal. they're stealing money from the united states of america. >> reporter: colonel jack jacobs is a medal of honor recipient. he says these soldiers aren't looking for love, they want a marriage certificate. it pays off, married soldiers can make tens of thousands of dollars more than single soldiers. >> it's a business proposition as far as he's concerned. he'll get a substantial amount of money. he'll give her a portion of that and she'll get free medical care. from his tax standpoint it's great. >> from a taxpayer's point of
7:43 am
view? >> a terrible view. this is money out of the pocket of taxpayers, money supposed to be in the defense of the public. >> reporter: how does it who? my producer responded to this craigs list ad. contract marriage right in the subject line. this soldier is looking for a bride seeking little or no money in return and a free place to live. this is the soldier who posted it. he's in the army based at ft. stewart. gi ovanna got hired up with hidden cameras and set up a meeting. >> hi, flies to meet you. >> right off the bat. he gets down to business. >> it's an actual contract. >> so you are getting more money for doing this? >> almost 10 grand for being married. >> reporter: forget about dating, this guy wants to get married asap.
7:44 am
>> so you would want to do it like next week. >> i'd do it today. i want to get this done. >> what does the fake wife get? >> you get more health care. how much would you want every month? $200 bucks, would that work for you we'll see how it involves. >> so this is a full business relationship, right? >> you can do whatever you want. like i'm not even here. >> reporter: after making his pitch. he gets up to leave. >> thanks, nice to meet you. >> reporter: i'm waiting outside. >> jeff rossen nbc news this young woman is working with us. you offered her money to marry you. why? >> to support my son. >> reporter: a lot of people have children they want to support. >> that is noble. but there is against the law t. military frowns on this you are defrauding taxpayers, are you?
7:45 am
>> is it? >> reporter: you are faking a marriage to make more money. how common is that in the military? >> it happens a lot. >> reporter: you saw a lot of ads online. >> yeah, that's how i got the idea. >> reporter: because a lot of other guys are doing it, your fellow soldiers? >> reporter: in a statement, the army told us fraudulent marriages are inconsistent with the army values and ethics. soldiers doing it could face administrative and punitive actions. >> reporter: there may be people saying, they're serving our country. what's the big deal? >> it's a big deal. they are taking money out of others that come by it honestly. >> reporter: they say they take allegation like this seriously. it isn't their job to physical out if a marriage is valid or not. yes. the army, if and how they are investigating these sham marriage, remember the ads are blatant. they said i cannot discuss how
7:46 am
the army conducts an investigation t. way the system is set up it almost encourages it. >> either thursday or friday, whichever works for you. >> coming up, a legal action by prince william to get his son george safe from the paparazzi. >> up next, carson is in the orange room with the worst halloween costumes of all time. right after this. ♪ ♪ this collection is close to my heart. it's inspired by the city i love. i love bacon so much,his sub. i'm launching a line of bacon jewelry. aw, i've seen those online, but-have you ever seen bacon brows?
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7:51 am
pictures. that's good t. mouse trap. tamron's niece. >> princess by day, rockstar by night. we've all had some good ones here. by the way, here's dylan dwyer age 9. >> oh my gosh. i went for the boy on the right. we were an amish couple. >> keep your throwback first. the good the bad, the ugly. guys. >> what a sight for halloween. are you guys ready? >> my whole goal is not to wear a woman's swimsuit. >> stopping for a talk a. before earning enough cash back from bank of america to help entertain some friends at the beach. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. and 2% back at the grocery store.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. 18-year-old gabriel and three minors were arrested yesterday accused of beating 920 chickens to death with a golf club on september 20th. foster farms says the chickens were worth about $5,000. >> happening today, major changes coming to one of the south bay's busiest freeways and could impact the upcoming holiday shopping season. the vta has opened major on-ramps near valley fair and say most of the construction should be done by thanksgiving and black friday. hard to believe we're talking about holidays already. >> they're actually opening new offramps.
7:57 am
it's a subtle difference. southbound 880, a new off ramp there and a little distraction for folks as they can't believe their eyes. slow through the area, lower those speeds to allow those folks to believe their eyes. northbound 280 tomorrow, a new off ramp opens. the rest of the bay moving pretty smoothly. the san mateo bridge has been a tough dry westbound. no incidents, just a lot of sun, christina. >> i want to show you the shot of san francisco where you can clearly see the golden gate bridge and pacific ocean off in the distance. at your beaches, 84 degrees today, temperatures even hotter for tomorrow. that's bodega bay. the hot spot, santa cruz at 88 degrees. so these are your highs today. you might want to hit the beach in the south bay, 95 here, 85 in san francisco.
7:58 am
laura, back to you. >> wow, find a cool spot. another update in half an hour. see you then. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because
7:59 am
i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, lessons learned. >> i tell every woman that's in this journey, you are just not a survivor. are you a conqueror. >> special correspondent joan lunden introduces us to breast cancer survivors and what they have learned in their lives. plus, "truly brave." cyndi lauper, one of the women behind hoda's shine light campaign stops by studio 1a about the overwhelming reaction to that powerful song [ music playing ] and rolling with the diva. the queen of soul, arethat franklin takes on adele's
8:01 am
"rolling in the deep." our big announcement surrounding today, thursday, october 2nd, 201 2014. >> mother/daughter on "today." >> 50 years, halfway to the mustard jar. >> six girls in the city celebrating 60! >> whew! [ music playing ] >> just married. >> 36 years together. >> we're wild about "today." [ music playing ] >> it's 8:00 on a thursday morning, the 2nd day of october, 2014. and all these people in the plaza are getting ready to rock out to tam ron's throwback thursday song, which is from whitney houston. >> are you ready?
8:02 am
[ music playing ] >> here we go. >> i want to dance with somebody. >> come on, matt. >> speaking of music. how about tomorrow, we got the queen of soul arethra franklin. >> carson was saying arethra franklin did the cut of -- >> you can hear it. unbelievable. she is so good. she is so good. >> i'm matt lauer, along with tamron hall, carson daly and dylan dwyer because al is on his way back from afghanistan. >> he joined us along with jay letterman. last night they put on a full show to bring a little joy to our troops.
8:03 am
al's shine a light campaign. he'll join us when he gets back. >> it will be fun to watch. >> let's go pence, natalie has all the top stories. >> a man with the ebola virus had contact with dozens of people in the u.s. kate snow is in dallas. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie, this is new information we are learning now from the county health and human services director who says they have now identified some 80 people who came into some form of contact with either the patient here or his immediate family. so these are people who weren't necessarily wage in very close intimate contact with the patient but somehow were involved in his life. it's unclear if duncan was symptomatic when those people came into contact and remember ebola can only spread via bodily fluid and personal contact. out of an abundance of caution,
8:04 am
we have learned the state has decided to award four of his family mens to stay at home, stay indoors the health department say they've had some challenges with family members not following their instruction. they are ordered four people to stay at home. five children somehow connected with this man, who had contact with this man have been told to stay home from school. the school district here is telling parents that it is facing suspension to schools. the parents are concerned and are keeping their children home. >> i believe so. kate snow in dallas. thank you. officials are investigating the death of a high school football player who suffered a head injury during a game wednesday night. he collapsed after colliding with an opponent and died following surgery t. junior was a standout junior athlete at his long island school. grief counsellors will be available at the school today. britain's prince william is taking action to protect the
8:05 am
privacy of his son prince george. keir simmons is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: we have been told photographers have tried to take pictures of prince george and his nannys. it comes after the scandal of the revealing pictures of kate from a distance two years ago t. statement says the duke and duchess have taken legal steps to offer individuals harassing both prince george and his nanny. there is reason to suspect the couple says, the individual may be placing prince george under under surveillance and monitoring his daily routines. they understand that george will have a public role. they are they say like any other parents. no parent would tolerate a person pursuing and harassing their child. they are going about daily activities. the couple say we are hearing, the photographers are argueing they didn't get close to george or the nannys. so this looks like it will be
8:06 am
another fight between some parts of the media and prince william over what's appropriate in terms of his son. >> thank you, keir. it is 806. >> he's here. just in human form. you made this, yourself? >> i did. >> you make a difference. >> i make a lot of celebrity dolls. >> love him. al roker this morning. we are looking at nasty weather in parts of the mid-west. look at st. louis. we have a heavy rain moving through in another couple hours. we are going to see the potential of strong storms today with hail and damaging wind gusts and also flash flooding is possible. especially across central. missouri today. we could end with two-to-three
8:07 am
8:06. good thursday morning to you. i'm christina loren. taking a look at a hazy sky over san jose. going to be a hot one. temperatures in the south bay at 95 degrees. 95 degrees out in the north bay. even hotter for tomorrow, we're expecting temperatures to reach about 105 in gilroy, 98 in los altos. san francisco, 92 degrees friday. good news is, maybe it will start to ease over the week and cool off the beginning of next week. . >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you very much. coming up on trending. have you ever passed out on fright? a lot of young guys did not. >> wait until you see this reaction. joan lunden is here with the emotional lessons learned from three women battling breast cancer. >> and a special steals and deals all coming up. >> and a special steals and deals all coming up. ♪ >> and a special steals and deals all coming up.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
[ male announcer ] from the farm to our fridge in just six days. philadelphia® cream cheese. made with no preservatives. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®. [ music playing ] >> all right. it's time for what's trending today. you can start with the subject that might surprise a lot of people. from the white house to your house, how many of you actually lock your door, your front door at night? >> i go forget sometimes. >> what's your address? >> obviously, it was a bad idea the white house when they left it opened a couple weeks ago, this video dramatically illustrates that. it turns out, some americans follow the same policy. 7% of people say they don't lock their door in their house when they leave. this according to a poll from huffington post. nearly a quarter said they don't
8:13 am
lock up when they're pence at night. just peace of mind. what's for people that don't turn it on. >> very true. if you can't help, a great solution may be music for your ears. officials in new mexico have a singing row, the technology uses rumble strips to create music and you only hear it. if you obey the speed limit. see if you are recognize this tune. [ music playing [ music playing ] >> what is it? >> that is grace on thee. >> beautiful. very good. technology will keep sleepy drivers from following asleep at the wheel. >> it sound like alvin and the
8:14 am
chip monks if you are speeding. do you want to be driving on that rumble strip? >> fluff of that. raise your hands if you love amusement park rides. if it makes you yeezy, your heart will go out for this one. he passes out not once, not twice, but three times. oh my gosh. brace yourself as you watch this video. >> aaah! and he does and he's back. >> are you guys all right? >> how are they friends? qwizzy stomach. >> i feel good we ended the audio without the editing. there are words in there.
8:15 am
>> it's terrifying, your best friend passes out three times. >> we have other memorable ride videos. remember this guy, never again dad. that's my favorite. >> that guy. >> and that is water trending today. up next, with joan lunden sharing inspiring stories from other breast cance
8:16 am
. >> we are back with more of our pink power week to raise awareness for breast cancer. women that face the disease kind of become a part of the sisterhood, one survivor, cheryl ashtonson who flew halfway around the world to be here. >> and i spent 24 hours traveling from malaysia to tokyo and from there newark and here just to be a part of this fabulous occasion. >> pink power! >> it's a pink powerful moment. there is so much life.
8:17 am
kathy, joan lunden, hoda. it was great! >> i'm just glad to be a part. i call myself the fighting sister. >> five years ago today i was having my second surgery. it's not who you are. it's just your hair. its just a blessing. i'm just glad to be here. >> pink power. >> joan lunden is our special correspondent for pink power week. good to see you. i thought it was amazing so many women had this desire and urge to be a part of that group on the plaza. >> i think there is a healing component to sharing your story and feeling the strength of other people who are going through it and then as everyone else who is watching this, you know that are wishing them well. there is a healing for that. >> i loved the women out there. they have traveled down the road that you are now traveling on. did you hear people off advice
8:18 am
of any kind? >> i love hearing every one of them that said i'm a survivor. that gives me the hope that you, too, can be a survivor. the morning we will bring you powerful voices of three women, one currently battling stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. we ask them to share their fears, their advice if their own words. >> i was scared. i thought i was going to die. it really hit home that i was 32 and my mom died from breast cancer at 34. >> i bought the the results in and she said i'm sorry, it's lit up in several other yeah, your lung, your spleen, your chest walls. she confirmed i had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer and i was devastated and i felt like i was going to vomit. like i had been punched in the
8:19 am
gut. >> i think reality really set in once i arrived at my doctor's office that afternoon and, you know, she just hucked me and is she realizes this is real. i really have breast cancer. >> we were shocked and devastated and i was so young. i was a new mom. my whole world was consumed with the baby and being mom. >> i can remember a time within i was lying on my bed and i started to think of being home with my mom because i couldn't take it anymore. because everything had a side effect. the cheem morrow had a side effect. the med kin for the chemo had a side effect. >> i couldn't get out of the
8:20 am
bed. my mother you know would come in and check on me. i could i didn't want to exist at that moment. you know, because i just couldn't figure out why me? but then that voice said, why not you? you have a story to tell. you can help others. >> i told every woman that's going through this journey, you are not just a survivor. you are a conquerer. it's a mindset. you got to have that mindset to get through this journey. >> it's hard to take. no matter what. stay positive. be healthy. exercise, prey. meditate. basically believe, believe in yourself and know that you will be able to be here. >> you have to push. if you know something isn't right with your body, you have to push for what you notice is best and whether that, if that makes you sound crazy in some doctor's minds, so what. it's your life. >> there may not be a cure for
8:21 am
cancer, but you can do it. there is not a cure for the common cold either. that's how i look at i. you know. >> there is confusion because they don't understand why they're going through this journey the same way i felt. so what i try to do is to listen and to share with them, you know, my story and let them know i'm here for you. >> i try to remember all the things people have done for me. when i have the energy if i'm able to pay it forward to another person who may want to see those things. >> greated a voice, powerful words. we will have stories on we need so much more especially for metastatic cancer. >> you heard women that said
8:22 am
don't forget us. >> metastatic means the cancer spread to another part of your body. everyone that has cancer stands the chance of that happening to them. >> the fact that you have been sharing this, it's amazing, you will be back tomorrow to talk to more people online. joan, thank you so much. let's go up to tamron. >> thank you. now to a special pink power edition of steel steals and deals. good morning. >> your mother is a breast cancer survivor, 20 years. >> nearly 20 years. >> you have great shopping. >> each company will do nate a portion to breast cancer relief. >> there is a paula bianco. >> there are two different deals. the infinity scarf, a knit circle scarf. is this is a soft and cozy blend. as it gets colder, they retail
8:23 am
is $76. up to 60% off. >> people ask are they soft? this time we yeah, these are wristletses by robert matthew. 24 karat gold plated hardware. day to night, because there is a removable strap and a place for your phone, which is great. so fans include julia stiles. $42.99, 71% off. >> it does come off. perfect. all right, good. >> what are these? >> these are earth de chic bracelets, $65 on a silk ribbon. 100% silk and because it's a natural stone, i like that each is unique and different. >> so pretty. very nice. the stones are pretty too. >> retail, $65. the deal $26. 60% off. >> alrighty, trendy with this next pick. >> the ncla nail kits, retail
8:24 am
$48. you have your choice of two bundles. the first are these nail lacquers. you get three in there and the pink nail wraps you see down there. >> cute. >> and they're called beach babe, hot mama, pretty in pink. beyonce and rachel mcadams. retail, $48, $19. 60% off. >> these are like appear any indicato indicators. >> paul jewelry, retail 200 to $275. special edition of necklaces and bracelets. real pink and white fresh water pearls and real white and black onyx. messages like fighter, i can and i will. 39 to $69 up to 81% off. >> these are so pretty! thank you, jill. these products, again, stars
8:25 am
from paula bianca, and pearl jewelry from anthony, which i have on right now. for more information, head to thank you so much. and coming up, cinyndi lauper o the runway. and a live performance from susan boyle! after your local news.
8:26 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> a good thursday morning to you. 10:28 now, i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today, san francisco drag queens are holding a rally at city hall to celebrate what they consider a win over facebook. hundreds of drag queens campaign to change facebook's real name policy that forced facebook users to update profiles with their legal name. this week facebook employees met with activists and apologized and promised to find a solution. however, it did not reverse the new policy. check of the morning commute with mike. how's it looking? >> slow, all over the bay. a lot of company, but look at the maps, we're talking about the peninsula side, south of there, looking at northbound and in towards the peninsula where red and orange, 20s and 30s
8:27 am
throughout much of the area. also the east bay, from 238, 101 through san mateo, typical patterns but slow. the westbound directions, looking at the northbound with no drama, but in towards san rafael, as well, moving smoothly but slowly to the north bay. back to you. >> all right. sounds good. another local news update coming up in about half an hour. during that time, a look at our forecast, how hot it will get. have a great morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on a thursday morning it's the second day of october and the year -- >> 2014. >> out here on the plaza with nice people gathered this morning and just what we like to see. >> yes indeed. coming up, we'll talk with cyndi lauper about the remarkable success of truly brave hoda's shine a light. >> speaking of music, susan boyle is here for a special live performance as she gets ready for her first-ever u.s. tour. >> very cool. also going to catch up with the star of nbc's new sitcom bad judge, kate walsh. you can chat with her now, taking over our twitter feed. the hash tag today, takeover. >> dylan is here obviously for al. what is it looking like? >> cloudy here, but -- right?
8:31 am
>> yes. >> in other parts of the country, it's actually pretty nice. in california, especially, it is going to be another hot one. we've got the sun blazing, we've got temperatures in the 90s. but it's right in red from the midwest stretching all the way down into the plains, including eastern texas where we could see some of our strongest storms. these storms have a history of producing very large hail and damaging wind gusts. keep that in mind this afternoon. tomorrow it pushes east, although elusive threat of severe storms. unsettled from the great lakes to t 8:31. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. it is going to be a hot day. we have no natural ac coming off the pacific. in fact, offshore flow means no natural ac, even tonight when typically the fog rolls in between 5:00 and 7:00. it's going to be completely clear and warm. hottest point of the day, right around 3:00. 95 degrees. it's going to be a hot one in the south bay.
8:32 am
93 for the peninsula. 88 degrees on the east shore. 85 in san francisco. 95 for the north bay and 97 in the tri-valley. and that's your latest forecast. tamron? there we go. thank you, dylan. and now to more on what our shine a light year has been like. campaign focusing, of course, on organizations and causes that touch us. hoda really hit it out of the park with her project. and she's here with us. every time we hear that song. we need to do a little like this. ♪ i want to see you >> meanwhile, cindy -- my goodness. >> to bring attention to pediatric cancer launched one week ago. thanks to the hard work of cyndi lauper and sarah ba relyis. it just took off. i'm so grateful and humbled by the outpouring of love it's received. my dream was to combine cyndi lauper's "true colors" and
8:33 am
"brave" to shed a light on pediatric cancer. is this summer, they teamed up over a two-day session to hammer out the music and blend these two songs. they both warn me, it may not work. but it did, perfectly. their song "truly brave" along with the stars of the music video, cancer patients from the children's hospital of philadelphia, is still giving me goose bumps. ♪ i want to see you be brave ♪ i want to see you i want to see you ♪ ♪ i want to see you ♪ i want to see you be brave ♪ i want to see you ♪ i want to see you ♪ don't be afraid be afraid ♪ >> all right. so right when that video premiered, it started to trend
8:34 am
on twitter worldwide. and now it's been seen by more than 886,000 people. we have raised $320,000 for the american cancer society and it's especially earmarked for cancer research. look who is here. >> one of the women who made it all possible. cyndi, cyndi, cyndi. >> i wasn't alone. >> we give our love to sarah. >> oh, she's in singapore. >> how does this feel? have you processed what you've created and done? >> well, you know, we were lucky that it worked. i didn't know it was going to work. and she didn't know it was going to work. and, you know, we had to change a few chords of the song and see how they -- you know, i guess i thought it would work when i was on the elliptical machine on tour and i was singing -- >> her "brave." >> yeah, her "brave." you know.
8:35 am
i thought every song needs this. look at those kids. come on. >> that's really the whole point of the whole thing. i can see when cyndi and sarah got together. those kids, by the way, they know the words. they sing the words. there's a little girl named naz you see singing. did you think it was going to raise this kind of money, that moment in the studio? >> well, you would hope. >> yeah? >> you know. look at those kids. how can you say no to those kids? they're all sick. they were all sick. and, you know, it's hard enough for grown-ups when you have cancer. but those little kids. come on. >> that was the point, going through your experience as an adult, you could not imagine a child. but you had a lot of response. all kinds of things. what was something that off the top of your head that stuck with you? >> you know what stuck with me? this is interesting. one of the little girls, you guys, her name is sophia. she was here in the studio that day and had a shiny penny in her
8:36 am
hand, kept playing with it and bouncing on the floor. you know what she did, she scooped up that penny, came to me, opened up her little hand, and she said "will you keep this penny forever" and i took it out of her hand and i'll never forget. it's moments like that. >> there's a school, by the way -- one of the young girls named cassidy, her school is having a whole assembly where the kids are going to sing that song and hold up signs. little kids are emptying their bank accounts. i mean, their piggy banks. one of the producers here, her daughter said my kids want to give their tooth fairy money. auto all of this because of that song. >> what about those two fairies? why don't they chip in? >> we're going to tell them to go to crowd rise. you're misting up over here. >> can i tell you? you should tell everybody that most of the money raised is from regular people. $1 $10, $20. and you know what, guys, people -- if you just contribute
8:37 am
$10, and you could even do it anonymously. >> and this is important. if you want to write a check. some people don't feel comfortable doing that. you can write a check. all of the info is on that page. >> right. >> please. >> please go to the page. congratulations. >> together we can do it. >> yes, we can. >> this is going to continue. >> it thank you so much. >> thanks for everything. >> we'll be right back after this. ♪ ♪ honestly i want to see you be brave ♪ [ male announcer ] welcome to no man's land.
8:38 am
it's a place you've been before, but it's not on any map. so go out there, lose yourself, and find the truth. ♪ we're all born wild. ♪ let's keep it that way. the 2014 4runner. toyota. let's go places.
8:39 am
♪ we could have had it all >> yeah. aretha franklin tomorrow morning here on f"today." kate walsh plays a tough, unorthodox judge on the new nbc comedy, "bad judge" and her no excuses no apologies attitude leads to creative rulings and inappropriate comments from it
8:40 am
the bench. take a look. >> does the accused pose an undue risk of -- >> all right, counselor, a word. >> right in the middle of something. >> you know this is just -- romeo is a flight risk. >> sorry if my questioning doesn't work for your hangover, but it's protocol. >> yeah, this is protocol too. just lay off, all right? >> my eyes are up here. >> kate walsh, good morning. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> i want to be her. she says and does the things most of us are afraid to say and do. >> yeah. i am going to steal that now. that's it. >> that's the new promo line. >> i'm going to be tweeting it, hash tagging it, amp per sand, all of it. and spank it. and put it to bed. yeah. >> okay. i love the spanking part. she is great at her job. she is miserable at home. she does drag herself out of bed a lot of mornings with a hangover, just to get into work. >> that's true. >> why did you like this young lady? >> i liked -- i like that she's
8:41 am
out of order. i like that she's got basically a 17-year-old boy inside of her that just wants to party and feels like she -- you know, leaves it all at the office and can do what she wants in her free time. but truly cares about her job and is very good at it. >> did you like the opportunity to get back into comedy where your roots are? you've been doing some dramas lately. was it fun to get back to comedy? >> yes, absolutely. i started in and out chicago. i was in straight theater and comedy and that's where i met adam mckay, partners with will ferrell. and adam and i moved to new york. >> and they're your co executive producers on this project. did you know i beat will ferrell up on a movie one time. right here on the couch. he will not come back. >> i'm sure he deserved it. >> how involved is he in this project? >> well, they're very involved. and adam particularly. but both of them. they're on all of our e-mail chains and give notes. and they're -- but adam is -- for me it's been really fun,
8:42 am
because they -- their whole mentality is the funniest wins. we really wanted to make a show that makes people laugh out loud. and to do that every week is fun and challenging. >> your parents are chipping in. >> yes. my parents are doing their part. >> put the picture up here. look at this, out in front of their house. >> i know, my mom. >> grass roots. >> look. and then they did over the garage too. >> you have to love mom and dad. >> so sweet. my brother is like, well, women help put a time and date. >> exactly. >> it's okay. >> network. >> i will be cool. >> they're learning. >> yeah, they're learning. >> let me tell people, they can catch the series premier of "bad judge" tonight, 9:00, 8:00 central time here on nbc. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> next, susan boyle performs live. first, this is "today" on nbc. live.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
zblrnlgs that voice is unmistaen takable. susan boyle stunned the world in 2009 on "britain's got talent." five years later she sold 22 million albums around the world. it is about to grow with the release of her brand-new album called "hope." susan is heading out for her first ever u.s. tour. nice to see you. good morning. >> good morning. it's nice to see you too, matt. >> the music is supposed to be inspirational. it's supposed to provide hope. are these songs that have helped you through tough times? >> i wouldn't say tough times. they will help other people through tough times as well. which is why it's inspirational. >> you j john lennon, simon and gar funkle "bridge over troubles
8:46 am
waters" do you have a favorite? >> too many people to mention. >> what are you going to sing for us right now? >> "you raise me up." >> ladies and gentlemen, susan boil [ music playing ] ♪ when i am down and ♪ oh my soul societies so wary ♪ when troubles come and my heart burdened be ♪ then, i am still and wait here in the silence ♪ until you come and sit awhile with me ♪ you raise me up ♪ so i can stand alone
8:47 am
♪ you raise me up ♪ to walk on stormy seas ♪ i am strong ♪ when i am on your shoulders ♪ you raise me up ♪ to more than i can be ♪ there is no light ♪ we crash upon your soul ♪ but then you come ♪ and i can feel the grandeur i will through eternity ♪ you raise me up ♪ so i can stand on mountains
8:48 am
♪ you raise me up ♪ to walk on stormy seas ♪ i am strong ♪ when i am on your shoulders ♪ you raise me up ♪ so more than i can be ♪ you raise me up ♪ so i can stand on mountains ♪ i can stand on mountains ♪ you raise me up ♪ to walk on stormy seas ♪ walk on stormy seas ♪ i am strong ♪ when i am on your shoulders ♪ you raise me up ♪ to more than i can be ♪ you raise me up
8:49 am
♪ so i can stand on mountains ♪ you raise me up ♪ to walk on stormy seas ♪ i am strong ♪ when i am on your shoulders ♪ you raise me up ♪ to more than i can be ♪ you raise me up ♪ to more than i can be [ applause ] >> susan boyle. susan, thank you very much. the album "hope" is out on
8:50 am
october 21st. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
[ music playing ] >> let's try living your dream as a young comedian in new york city. former "snl" contributor john mull lany can tell you. he does it in a brand-new show
8:52 am
"mullaney. good to sue you. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm fantastic. you try to go to the doctor's office to get xanax for anxiety. you end up getting a prostate exam. >> that was where i went to get xanax and end up getting a prostate exam. >> how does that happen? >> you grow up not asking for what you want to be honest. i wanted to have a safe reason. i fixed if i had asked for xanax, they'd say no way. i first said i had frequent urinations which i thought was the ordinary reason. i urinate a lot. so do i. what else do you need? he said you might have a problem with your prostate. a half hour later i was a very different person. >> you are sharing these things in your show. >> yeah. >> is there a line that separates, you know, john on the show and the john i'm speaking to right now?
8:53 am
sore it all on the table? >> well the john you are speaking to now is married and just over 30 and the john on the show is single and just under 30. >> is that the only difference? >> you know, he's a lot more exhausted. >> your new life said there is a line, even though your character is single, there is a line you cannot cross before you tied the knot with her? >> no, i've always talked about my wife anna in stand-up. she's always been good with it. i always try to run jokes by her before she hears them on teenage. >> oh, are you so beautiful. where did you get married? >> in woodstock, new york in the catskills. >> so some of your friends from "snl," will we see them on your new show? >> yes, a big friend is marty short on the show. >> awesome. >> martin short in our cast. >> you are carrying your family
8:54 am
right along with you? >> i will exploit everyone i have ever worked with. this is a new tv show. >> you got to do what you got to do. if they're real friends, they'll come. >> they're right across the street. >> congratulations on the show, the wedding. by the way the premier is sunday night on fox. matt. >> all right, tamron, thank you very much. let get birthday wishes from our dear friend willard scott. >> new york, that's the place to be new yorkers, you'd love it down here. rainel alson of houston, texas a. lovely lady. still sells cosmetics. take a look at gladys wood from mansfield, pennsylvania. she is 103-years-old today. her heart is as big as a whale she takes care of six
8:55 am
grandchildren. ollie jones, youngstown, ohio. moem home of the water brothers. 100-years-old today. nothing but the best. here is john c. kelly. he is from lansdale, pennsylvania. he loves boating and fishing. new york, you are beautiful. i'd love to be with you, not today, i'm in beautiful connecticut this morning. it is absolutely gore just now back to new york. >> thank you so much. joining us on the couch is kristen. you will spend time with folks in the next hour? >> a new show debuting tonight. a to z. great reviews. >> do you read reviews? >> i don't read reviews. >> ever? really? >> we can read you the set. are you the jynx-type thing? >> i think i just like to focus
8:56 am
on my job. yoevenlt becau i don't know, few read the good ones, you have to read them just as much as the bad ones. >> that's good. >> that's fun. have a good time with these folks. what else do have you coming up? >> how do you feel about disciplineing other good morning to you. it is 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon with breaking news. the alameda county public health department has just confirmed the first case of enterovirus d-68 in alameda county. the virus may be causing paralysis in children across the country, but this is the first case in the bay area and only the seventh in california. six have been confirmed in southern california, two cases
8:57 am
in l.a. county just this week, both involving children, one of whom suffered limb weakness. we don't know anything about the victim from alameda county just yet, but we know one of the children in l.a. county is under 5 years old. of course, looking into the story and getting new developments. a live report coming up at 11:00. another update in half an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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9:00 am
. >> from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" october 2nd, 2014. i'm willie geist along with natalie morales and tamron hall. al is making his way back from afghanistan. the uso show was incredible. >> he did a great job on all accounts. we will see the full show tuesday. it will be amazing. meanwhile, we've had another accident involving willie's finger. >> no one wants to hear about the finger anymore. >> not that finger.
9:01 am
willie's stitches popped out. >> two stitches. >> you are minimizing it. i got boys at home. so you are bleeding. >> no big deal. >> apparently using it too. you aren't supposed to type, bend, lift things. >> trying to open another bottle of bourbon. like. i'm fine. >> okay. we'll see. when does this all stop cooking up all this. >> time on monday. >> he is getting the sympathy at home. >> i know. >> meanwhile, holy cow, this ebola story is getting crazier the first man in the united states thomas duncan, we know the route he track to the u.s., he traveled from liberia to brussels. where he had an 11-hour layover.
9:02 am
from brussels to d.c., he had another three-hour layover. then on to dallas. >> levs not symptomatic on those flights, so not contagious according to cdc and health officials. >> le arrived september 20th and was in the hospital september 28th. his nephew accused texas presbyterian hospital in dallas of not taking the ebola threat seriously. >> he is doing all right. she a fighter. he is still fighting it. he wasn't getting appropriate care and i was fear, i feared that other people might you know also get infected if he wasn't taken care of. >> remember duncan was sent home. the nephew called the cdc and said you got to do something. >> they turned him away.
9:03 am
>> they told they could neither confirm or deny and 80 people came into contact with duncan, not all had close physical contact. they also don't foe the time frame. >> and this is significantly from the dozen to 18, officially the cdc dr. tom frieden say yesterday so it's significant. they are gathering information. >> and the numbers of people that come in contact with children. notices went out to five students that may have had close contact with him. >> we reached out to the hospital and state health department last night. we haven't heard back yet. it adds intrigue when you hear the nephew saying i knew how serious it was and the hospital didn't take it so serious. >> mistakes happened because
9:04 am
apparently the family communicated to nurses at the hospital that he had been in liberia. we know how this man apparently got was infecting people. he was acting as a good samaritan and helping a neighbor's pregnant daughter go to the hospital. when she died he came in contact with the deadly virus and he flew here to the united states, not exhibiting signs and symptoms at that time. so it's a frightening story. i think as we had dr. emmett oz on earlier, what is so scary for all of sus that this is all happening during cold and flu season you know those early symptoms are fevers and some of the usual symptoms of the flu. >> the cdc works with the government. you don't necessarily think 80. you have to look at all those
9:05 am
people. >> another story, this one, i can't believe we are talking about clooney's wedding. not the wedding, what would you do for love? what would you give up? would you give up anything for love? >> i had to give anything up for love, i wouldn't be loving. >> hold on. i'm thinking through. okay. >> no, this is a good one. there is i think important. it's interesting, "people" something's indicating that amal gave a memorable speech saying amal quit smoking cold turkey for george clooney. you might say that's not a big sacrifice, clooney or cigarettes? it's a joke. but ever since apal met george, she has been on time. >> that caught my act. i am always on time for work. i am late for everything else. she is an attorney. so she gave up cigs and is on
9:06 am
time for george clooney. i still say win-win for amal. did you give up anything? >> i would say i probably dialed back my social life a little bit. >> you got to do that. >> keeping hours none consistent. >> that's not giving up. that's playing smart you wouldn't be happily married. before the kids, you can't be out all night. >> my wife had to give up things, too. >> i know. >> here's my question with amal. now you locked down clooney, will you go back to smoking again. >>. >> show your true colors. >> listen, i'm trying to get there. >> the smoking thing is a great thing, obviously, for her health. >> right. >> she's in a high stress job. many reasons she gave it up. the time thing. i don't know how she holds on to that. that is going to be tough. but it's george clooney, come
9:07 am
on, to look that good. george clooney takes longer than ten minutes to get that hair in place. >> you show up when clooney shows up. >> you are never late with george clooney. >> for love? >> take notice future boyfriend. she is not giving up anything. >> willie. >> listen, i would give up things, i have, i'm sure. i can't think of any right now. if i smoked, i would have given that up. >> for love. >> if somebody asked me to give up wine. forget that. good-bye. >> okay. here's a question. this is a really good question. is it okay to discipline someone else's kids? now i know we sometimes struggle with this when you are taking care of other children's kids, she was traveling on a seven-hour flight. she was seated near a two-year-old to apparently through a seven-hour long temper
9:08 am
tantrum. we are talking about running up and down the aisles. the woman wrote a blog post about the situation. she said the child's parents allowed the girl to run wild the child was punching apparently other passengers, screaming uncontrollably. she and other passengers didn't intervene. the flight attendant pushed the child to the side and push the cart up and down the aisle. so they didn't get involved in it. so what do you do in that situation? do you speak up? you are on that flight for seven hours. this is a child who is running up and down the yachlt i think you have to speak up. you have to talk to the flight attendant. >> i think you let them handle it. >> i certainly would never touch another kid. excuse me, ma'am, your kid is running all over the place. absolutely, out of politely and respect for the plane full of
9:09 am
people. >> i don't know if i have and i think i'm pretty fearless. i don't know if i'd have the courage to turn to someone and say, your kid is running around, i don't know if i can. >> i had people on a flight once going to, coming from oral. so, of course, disney world, a school of kids quitting, my family. my time was be my son was being an angel. he was talking, in his normal high pitched 13-year-old little voice at the time. the lady in front of us was reading a book, i can tell, she kept looking back, like his voice was annoying her. she finally looks back, can you please get your child to be quiet? >> she said that to me. >> that's when as a parent. i went off on this woman. first of all, you are on there flight come track disney world with a flight full of families and kids, what are you thinking? if you want a quiet flight,
9:10 am
first of all, buy yourself nice sound control head phones and don't get on a flight with families and kids. >> we have all different holidays. i had a kid kick the back of my seat. was it annoy something. >> you can say something? >> no, i didn't. sometimes mom or dad doesn't know what's happening. >> i do think that there are a few things i cannot just bear down and say it's the kid. the kid is on the plane. i don't know what that kid has done all day long. no kidding that's different t. flight attendant should have done something. >> i can bear down and take it. >> i continue. i'm not ready for it. >> i think you give the parents an annoying look.
9:11 am
>> like there? >> that's a good look. >> that's a knowing look. it works. a good one. >> look at her in green today. >>. >> this is a late hello. we got there. we will see scattered showers and storms, dallas is looking real nice. you will also see stronger storms we develop later on this afternoon. they have a history of producing golfball to softball size hail. imagine that coming down from the sky. that's in this area there red up into chicago including st. louis and into memphis. a major airport hub we
9:12 am
9:11. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. you have to watch out for heat today. you can see this live picture of san jose. the rest of the bay area, we've got full sunshine across the board at this hour and temperatures are going to be hot today as a result of 88 degrees on the east shore. san francisco today in the mid 80s, closer to the triple digits in the south bay, the north bay, and the tri-valley for today. if you want that heat relief, getting some great beach weather the next couple days. . >> and that's your latest forecast. back on over to you guys. >> thanks, tamron. it was cool last night. women and success in the city. >> this might be one of my top ten lists of fun events ever. a packed room of women hosted by real simple and "time" magazine simple editor, the moderator, my panelists were linda mcmann, wwe, kristen anderson lopez.
9:13 am
by the way, the singer songwriter of almost every song on "frozen." every kid's hero. all of these women from different age groups. some moms, all single. all looking, examining what it means to be successful. >> cool. >> i had the most inspirational time. >> they ask, how do you define success? how do you look at success? when did you know you were successful? >> we can spend all day. >> that's what happened. i hope we do it again next year. >> very cool. coming up next, you know her from the hit show "how i met your mother." you will get to know her in a lit. cristin milioti. what musical instrument does she not play? a the piano. b. a the piano. b. ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken.
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9:17 am
[ music playing ] >> i'm looking for my one sound track. she was the mother on "how i met your mother". >> there you go. now cristin milioti is in the new samberg "a to z." >> i'm so sorry, have we met before? >> classic pick-up line. >> what? well done, too. you don't need one for him. >> it wasn't a pick-up line. >> how about i show you to the lab. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> when you are watching that scene, what is going through your mind there? >> i can't believe my voice sounds like that. hearing your reporting of your voice. i didn't watch the pilot because i want to see it tonight. >> in real time with the audience. >> it's like a weird thing to admit. so that's the longest clip of that scene i've seen.
9:18 am
>> so i love the way this describes the opening nair racing, three days, one hour, this television program is a comprehensive account of the relationship. we kind of know where this is going. >> i remember within i got it. i would tell everyone, it's this show about this couple that you know is going to break up. the show's creator said, oh, they could get married. which never crossed my mind. >> maybe they ended up together. >> and that three year's time is long enough for a baby. >> okay. >> i kind of figured it out. >> it's not chronologically sho shot. >> it's critical to go back and forth in time. they almost met each other. >> they wouldn't tell us
9:19 am
anything. that's exciting. >> that's a great way to do a project. >> i love samberg. it fits right in. >> were you a funny kid? >> i was a funny looking kid. i will show you some pictures. oh my gosh. >> you can send them to us. >> is that how you developed your humor, you thought you were funny looking? >> there was no quote/unquote how i looked. i will give you my phone and show you. i will show you. i looked like a cecilian peter pan. i was a mess. >> tell us about "how i met your mother." you were the mother. the final episode, especially the last episodes, a lot of fans, like me. i loved it. people were disappointed. >> it was polarizing. i think we knew that going in. that's also what's so incredible
9:20 am
about that fan base that show, people reacted the way they did because they were so invested in it. both ways. people loved it. didn't loved it. >> uconn firmed, there was also shots. >> i told you i fell in love with you as an actor. you won a tony, a grammy. >> thank you. >> you played instruments. which instrument do you play? the piano? >> yes. >> wow, do you platy ukulele? >> yes. >> clarinet? >> we want to prove it. >> did you learn that -- where do you learn to play the ukulele. >> back teenage, the guys showed me. we had so much time there. it's such an easy instrument. >> thank you. congratulations on all "a to z" premiers tonight here on nbc. >> thank you. good to see you.
9:21 am
>> congratulations. up next, online match making of a different kind. ♪ ♪ ♪ abe! get in! punch it! let quicken loans help you save your money. with a mortgage that's engineered to amaze! thanks, g. and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers. flavored with exotic fruit juices. it's chocolate and fruit flavors like you've never experienced before. discover brookside.
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humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. set a new goal today. ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible. . >> taking a look at the headlines, another virus causing a scare here in the u.s. four people infected with a severe respiratory virus have died, including a virgin islands girl who suffered bacterial
9:24 am
infection and enter ro virus 68. it has sickened now at least 500 people. living close to a busy road may send your blood pressure up. researchers at brown university looked at more than 5,000 older women and found those living within a football field length of a highway or other busy road were 22% more likely to have high blood pressure than those who lived a thousand yards. researchers think noise and pollution can be to blame. a new study finds stress may develop in alzheimer's, women that experience prolonged stress, jealousy and moodiness were twice as likely to get alzheimer's later in life. 12,000 walrus versus come on a beach in a huge en masse to
9:25 am
rest. one wild life official says it shows how environmental conditions are changing because
9:26 am
a good thursday morning to you. it is 9:26. i'm sam brock. we have breaking news to report coming from the east bay. health officials are scrambling to get more information about the first confirmed case of the enterovirus in the bay area. this morning they have confirmed somebody in alameda county contracted the virus. they haven't released the patient's age or gender, though we know it is a virus that normally impacts children. there are 472 known cases in the country, but only seven right now in the state of california. also new this morning, investigators stay a man was defending his sister from a burglar when he was repeatedly stabbed overnight in santa clara. investigators say someone broke in through a window early this morning at a home near calabasas
9:27 am
boulevard. the sister confronted that burglar and when the brother defended her, the burglar reportedly stabbed him and took off. police tracked him down and took the man into custody. the victim was taken to the hospital. we'll have a look at weather and traffic coming up right after this break.
9:28 am
welcome back now, 9:28. i want to show you what's going on at the beach. that's absolutely no cloud cover. we started out nice and clear, ocean beach, and at this hour, not a cloud in the sky. in fact, i challenge you, you find a cloud, put it on my facebook page, but i bet you won't. 85 degrees in san francisco. that is our warming agent. whenever you see the sky this clear across the board, you can imagine temperatures are going to soar in san francisco to 85 degrees, we're at 95 here in the south bay. meanwhile, upper 90s on the way to the east shore, temperatures are going to be hot out there for today, mike. make sure you stay cool, drink lots of water. you have that down. >> thank you, christina.
9:29 am
we're taking the cloud challenge out here, right? golden gate bridge, a few minutes ago we had a full stop, everybody heading towards the camera. whatever they had to clear, they did and now traffic restored in the last few minutes. san mateo bridge, still a slow struggle. westbound 92, no incidents, but jammed up south of there, as well. then continuing through the south bay, your northbound routes with that red still northbound at 101, late crash caused slowing there. look at that around the bay, sam. back to you. >> a lot of red. let the record reflect, i want nothing to do with the challenge. it's up to you to find clouds today. we'll see you in 25 minutes.
9:30 am
. >> welcome back to "today" on this throwback morning. i'm willie with natalie and tamron. we will see some coming up next week. we are listening to -- >> for a reason. >> throwback thursday. ka ruseing the internet on our ipad. guess who posted this song? >> britney spears it would have to be. >> britney spears. >> happy sweet 16 she said to baby one more time. where did the time go. thanks, to my fans, this is my
9:31 am
first single. can you believe. remember all the hubbub because the video,selves dressed like a school girl. >> yeah. >> people thought it was too sexy. this is the funny thing. this was provocative 16 years ago him then we did anaconda. trust me, i remember watching this before social media, all the outrage and hearing things, britney spears might ruin the world. she went on to become hugely successful. she has gone through her ups and downs, a mom now of two beautiful sons. she does a great job in vegas. 16 years ago. >> changed the way we thought about uniforms forever. >> halloween is around the corner. there is an option for you. >> for 93? >> he does that quite a bit. would you be willing?
9:32 am
>> you got to think of that. which woman would you like to portray? >> cher. >> that was a quick answer. >> i love clear. >> can you do that? >> i know what will happen. >> they never give you what you ask for i love that you had cher off the top of the head. everybody loves cher. >> who else do we love? >> greener weather. >> dressing up like this for halloween. >> i might do it. >> let's take a look at the weather across the country. where we are going to see strong storms today in a huge area from texas up into the mid-west, including chicago. we are going to see the potential for flash flooding. also large hail. these storms have a history of producing softball size hail. that's what we saw in kansas
9:33 am
yesterday. we can see a couple snow showers across the northern rockies today. tomorrow, this cold front will spread east. we are only in the 40s and 50. out ahead of it. it's in the 70s and '80s. tomorrow we are not looking at severe storms, scattered showers 9:33. good thursday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. it is going to be a hot one. we have no low clouds to cool us off and temperatures definitely reflecting that later on today. 88 degrees for the east shore, 93 degrees on the peninsula. the hot spot out in the tri-valley, up to about 97 degrees. and we're going to hit 85 degrees in san francisco, only to get hotter throughout tomorrow. temperatures going to climb up to 105 degrees for gilroy, 98 degrees in los altos and livermore at 103 degrees. . >> and that's your latest forecast.
9:34 am
. >> this morning on hope, in giving the gift of life, here in the united states, 21 people die every day from internal organ transplants. >> according to united organs sharing network there are more than 100,000 people waiting for a kidney. one organization is hoping to match those patients with strangers who are willing to step up. >> just nine months ago, they're perfect strangers. >> this is to us tomorrow and thank you, sage, for saving my life. >> reporter: andrea is a mother of two suffering from polycystic kidney disease, a genetic condition where cysts grow causing kidney failure. >> doctors told me at a certain level i need to go on. because my kidneys were going to fail him probably within a year, a year-and-a-half. >> reporter: with no treatment and no cure and her kidney function at only 12%, andrea went on a desperate search to
9:35 am
find a match. she turned to a fawn profit website called matching a. database where patients are introduced to people willing to do nate. >> it was literally reading her profile from top to bottom feeling it could be me. it was a deep personal connection right. talking about her children in a profile hit me hard. children need their mother. >> after months of grueling tests, doctors finally confirm andrea and sanl were a match. >> she put the sparkle in. she puts the sparkle in my day, every single day. she gives me hope. she was some incredible person. she's a part of my family. >> reporter: over the last ten years, over 350 patient versus received a life saving transplant after meeting on matching >> we have well over 13,000 donors who want to donate to
9:36 am
someone. >> reporter: paul dooley started the program after they said his father needed a kidney transplant, too. >> the doctor said kidneys are shutting down. with reprolong your life if we get you a kidney. >> reporter: the list was too long for donor. palm's dad passed without the transplant. it sparked an idea. >> i said maybe we can match people with people willing to donate. these are altruistic strangers. they can't make a penny, someone says i'm here, i want to help someone. >> it's 7:00 a.m. at the new york presbyterian colombia medical center. at if irs the mood is light. >> i'm feeling good, i'm feeling strong, positive. >> reporter: but the gravity quickly sets in. >> she's really family now. she's saving my mom's life. i really can't thank her enough. you are like a sister. >> oh. >> i want it to work. >> yeah. >> i do, too. >> i know you do.
9:37 am
>> somewhere between 6 and 7% of people die each year on dialysis. so the prognosis isn't as bad as with many types of cancer. so this is truly life saving therapy. >> you will be good are you okay? >> yeah, i'm good. i'm not changing my mind. >> her left kidney will be removed first and transplanted to andrea. >> you will be fine. >> eight hours later, the doctor shares the good news. >> it went really smoothly. >> thank you so much. >> it's been three weeks. andrea and sage are recovering at home. >> she's my hero. she gave me my life back. there is no better gift than that. it's priceless. >> a very happy ending there. now, it is illegal to buy or sell an orgen in this country. here's how it works. patients pay $600 one-time fee to be on the website.
9:38 am
it goes towards maintaining the site and organization and her brother jeff also has polycystic kidney disease and he met a match and his surgery is scheduled for november. if you would like more information about organ donation, held to our website it's so important. >> technology getting to use that way. >> that's what it's for. coming up next the wait is over for all your homeland fans, kerry is back this weekend. we will tell you what is in we are a collection of smalls. a home saved. a hero homebound for a new opportunity. a kitchen that kick starts careers wells fargo invests in our communities a little differently. small measures that add up to make our whole even greater. little by little we can do a lot. because... small is huge. visit to see how big small can be.
9:39 am we go. eggo? one berry, two berry mixed berry, blueberry peanut butter, nothing's better gimmie jam to make it redder cream cheese, cherry please score some honey from the bees stack it up, it's what you do mix it up, it's up to you. enter your eggo recipe on facebook, you could win $10,000.
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shop over 100 night owls hl's! and early birds late friday and early saturday. and warm up to half off outerwear for men, women and kids. find fall-worthy fleece 50 to 60% off. layer up with a new graphic hoodie - just $19.99. find extra savings on pants, jeans and leggings. and 15 to 50% off new boots. all while earning kohl's cash. only at kohl's 2-day weekend sale. this friday and saturday. find your yes. kohl's. . >> it is thursday, which means you are probably already thinking about your weekend plans. >> here is andrea mendel entertainment reporter at usa today. good to see you. homeland begins. >> it's back. it's being, they're saying better than last season, better tan ever maybe. we are hopeful or cautiously
9:43 am
optimistic the show we love is re-setting this season. where we left off, a spoiler alert, brody no longer on the show. >> stunning. >> it's allowing us to get back into kerry going out into the field, jump back into the action. this is the season producers want to do season two. so this is the season that producers want to bring early in the show. >> let's jump to music. yellow flicker beat released from lorde. >> this is lorde's take on catness. >> cool. >> beth mcfarland's holiday album on the list. >> this is the pg, guys. we all know seth rogen macfarlane. now he's back. he is doing big bands, kind of cool classic holiday songs.
9:44 am
>> he's kind of like a james dean, dean martin type. >> sarah bareilles. norah jones is on it, too. >> a lot of talent, that guy. let move to movies, reese witherspoon, i didn't know she was a producer on "gone girl." >> she is having the busiest fall as anybody, she's in "the good lie," a tale of a lost boy coming to america. she plays a job counsellor who tries to help four refugees find new life in kansas. she's compared it to "the blind side." it's a tale with a message. she says it's something you can bring your kids to, 10 and up. >> a great story. very heart warming. >> we have apps for us as well, google slide recently. what is that? >> this is an app that allows you to edit powerpoints on the file. you can, multiple people can
9:45 am
edit at the same time. it saves as you go. as we all know is pretty important. it wants to convert it back or play it straight from your song. it's free. >> is that a work thing? >> it's a work thing. you can download it on to your phone, adjust it on the train on the way home. when you get there, you can share it back. >> powerpoints all the time. it's amazing. you know i heard there was something else on the list but i'll just show you. can i show? willie geist mentioned he'd like to be cher for halloween. >> oh boy. >> we have uncovered this. >> oh. [ music playing ] >> that's the cher hit single "a woman's world." that's savannah and i before the show. >> clear. >> oh my. >> i know cher. so i was with cher.
9:46 am
i can call her. >> need i say it out loud? >> you can, you might upstage him. >> you have somebody else. >> amal. does she not resemble george clooney's amal. >> i'm never leaving this show. i love it. >> i'm calling cher up. we're going to break. >> we are back after this. helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called... the "name your price" tool... it isn't a dream, is it? nope. sorry! you know that thing freaks me out. he can hear you. he didn't mean that, kevin. kevin: yes, he did! keeping our competitors up at night. now, that's progressive. [ male announcer ] from the farm to our fridge in just six days. philadelphia® cream cheese.
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[ male announcer ] from the farm to our fridge in just six days. philadelphia® cream cheese. made with no preservatives. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®. well keeping up with the latest fashion trends cost money, so make them yourself. here with diy ideas is rachel, the fashion expert and contributor. dive in. >> absolutely. there are so many things trendy, expensive to buy, or things to repurpose. just need glue, fabric, and not a lot of money. >> you said, if you can do it, anyone at home can? >> i'm not crafty, so if i can, anyone can. this is the capped toe ballet
9:51 am
flat. >> it's trendy. >> we have a picture of an actress wearing them. >> yeah, basically, if you have a plain pair of flats, turn them into cap toe flats for not a lot. take your plain ones, use spray paint or fabric, tape around here so it's not seeping through, creates the line. dip in your sponge, paint on. >> how long it take to dry? >> let it dry for an hour i would say. >> a contrast. >> with the nude, do a black to pop it. with the black, a metallic, and that looks great. >> a nice brown with that nude. >> yeah, you could do red, gold, so many options. just paint that on. >> different size brushes to get it good. set aside to dry. >> sure. >> once dry, take off the tape. i found trends literally 50 cents. >> cute. >> use liquid sit?
9:52 am
sometimes it seeps through. >> how many coats? >> two. >> okay. for a nice rich color? >> yeah, for a rich color. lay this down like that over the glue, let it set, and there you go, look how gorgeous. >> right. thank you. let's go down here. tuxedo pant, and we saw the singer wearing them. >> super trendy. i love. >> do it at home. >> you can, preppy pants in your close et. these are from old navy. the ribbing from a gift you can use. >> okay. you need -- >> you need stitch fabric, that fuses the fabric to your pant. cut it the length of the pant, lay down the stitch witchery, and iron it on. >> make sure it's straight, right? >> line it up straight. don't slide it, press it each time for ten seconds or so.
9:53 am
>> okay. >> it's going to fuse the stripe down to the side of the pant. >> so easy. >> really easy. >> this is cuff links. >> let's make them. >> what do we do here? >> men have so many jackets and buttons and shirts. i have a huge bin. take loose buttons, turn into cuff links. the top part, you want a bigger button, and lower part, a smaller button. >> okay. >> take -- >> we're out of time, guys -- >> this is what it looks here. >> link chains together. >> thank you, rachel. >> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. we are nbc. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
9:54 am
trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
9:55 am
. >> right there, cyndi lauper. >> cyndi lauper is with us.
9:56 am
you're watching today in the bay. >> good morning, 9:56 here on our thursday. i'm sam brock. new details on four teams who reportedly beat nearly 1,000 chickens to death with a golf club. 18 year old gabriel and three
9:57 am
other minors could be charged today with animal cruelty. investigators say they used a golf club and other blunt objects to kill 920 chickens on september the 20th. this happened at a fosters farms facility about 20 miles away from fresno. foster farms says the chickens were worth about $5,000 total. happening today, changes coming to one of the south bay's busiest freeways and it could impact the upcoming holiday shopping season. months of work near the valley fair and santana road shopping centers. most of the construction should be done by thanksgiving and black friday. looking forward, of course, to the holiday season. first, what beautiful weather for the weekend. let's check in with christina. >> thank you. cooling clouds cut off again today and we started out pretty warm in san francisco, so you're on your way to about 85 degrees. meanwhile, mid 90s south bay and north bay today. 88 degrees for the east shore.
9:58 am
the hot spot, the tri-valley up to 97 degrees. even in oakland today, temperatures are going to climb into the upper 80s. here's the deal, through the next couple days, we climb more so, especially tomorrow when we peak at 105 degrees in gilroy. how much longer we'll have to deal with the heat and when we might get rain at 11:00. first here's mike and your drive. >> i don't know how much longer this is going to last, but it is going to cause you a lot longer on the road. southbound 880 through fremont. look at the maps, you are jammed from fremont down to san jose, where there is a fire off the freeway that smoke and traffic control as a result. sam, back to you. >> definitely going to want to consider alternatives from 880 south right now. another look at weather and traffic in 25 minutes.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. yep, yep, yep, it's thirsty thursday. thanks for being with us. it is october 2nd. a little fall in the air. >> feel it tiptoeing in. we have a bright and shiny show. you know who is here? the one, the only cyndi lauper is here. she's going to talk with us about her song "truly brave" with sarah bareilles. she's in our studio. we're going to speak with cyndi in a little bit. >> there she is. looking so adorable. and grey's anatomy and private
10:01 am
practice star kate walsh brings us up to date, apparently she's a bad judge. >> nasty. we have a big show and the day has arrived for kathie lee. it is a big day. >> oh, oh, oh. thank you. i thought because you meant because i went to the eye doctor. >> that's the second thing. >> this is the first. >> i told you on monday that we -- we were trying to work it out with the salvation army for you to be able to preorder my "shine a light" book. here it is. it is not available yet, but will be soon. all profits go to salvation army who do unbelievable work. i think we have a couple of pictures. >> you can order it, starting today, on >> tons and tons of great recipes, memories. about thanksgiving, my mother's stuffing, and -- >> all those recipes. >> fish tacos. it is just -- it is jam filled with -- that's a crab feast in
10:02 am
july. >> oh, wow. >> it is meant to celebrate all things faith and family. you won't be charged for the books until the books are ready to be shipped and that's a couple of weeks. we would love to know how many to print so we know how many are interested. >> clickity clack. great, great, great book. >> you need to clear up something, you sent everybody to the -- the wrong -- >> we'll talk about that. we'll get to that. let's get to this. this is the very, very important. kathie lee has a floater. okay. >> i didn't know until this morning when i came in that lots of people have a concept of what a floater is. you thought it was -- it is a thing in my eye that you think it is a piece of fuzz or something and it is floating all around your eye. >> i covered nothing but crime stories for my whole career until you. and a floater was somebody who was murdered and in the water. there is a floater. that's where you go down. >> jill told us something it is
10:03 am
something else you don't even want to talk about. something to do with your gastro nom cal life. what i'm talking about is the kind in the eye. >> you went to go see -- >> i went to see my eye doctor. usually i just go once a year. had my checkup about six weeks ago. had to go in. he wanted to see me. was i going to say no to him? look at this man. this is dr. christopher star. i wish we could make his teeth clean because he's at weil cornell eye associates. a sweetheart of a guy. he said it is a floater. it is there. unlike what it said on the internet, they don't disappear. you just -- your body gets used to -- it adjusts and you don't -- it is still there. he said it is age-related. i said, whatdilated my eyes thr times. >> three times is what it took. that's a lot of dilation to me, but whatever. >> whatever it took. >> you loved it.
10:04 am
>> he's just -- you know how you have fun with some of your doctors and the others are like, can i get out of here. >> he's happily married, two beautiful children, but we had fun. we had fun. i want you to know they don't go away, you guys. and it is all because of age. apparently there is fluid behind your eye that is very, very thick and jell-o like when you're young. and then it starts to liquefy. and then it gets -- it leaks in there and good news is it is probably going to get a -- >> it swims. >> congrats to mila kunis and ashton kutcher. they had their baby. mila gave birth, we're told, on tuesday. >> since 2011. and they have been engaged since february. >> a little girl, right? >> mm-hmm. >> congratulations to the happy couple. >> yep. >> all right. of course they didn't get back to us. we reached out for comment, but they didn't get back to us. >> they confirmed there was a baby. >> but not officially to us.
10:05 am
>> exactly. so jordan sparks was with us a couple of days ago. we love her. she had a very public relationship with a singer named jason drerulo and we asked her how she was coping and she was asked more about it on wendy williams show and i guess he had given her an expensive car. >> a bmw, yes. >> the question was, are you going to give it back, because now you're broken up. what do you do? >> how long did he give it to her? >> they had been together for three years. >> if the week before, i would want to give it back. if it is early on in the relationship, she's cozy in it now. it fits her. >> there are certain things you want to return after a breakup because -- >> or things you want to keep and get rid of, like old wedding rings or engagement rings or such. >> or such, right. so some people like to get rid of those things. and some people like to sell those things. it depends if it has, look --
10:06 am
>> sentimental value. >> there is something weird about having an old engagement ring or wedding band, i think. i think it is better if you hawk it. >> would you have ever given it back? >> i didn't think about that. no. no. no. >> she doesn't want to talk about it. >> i don't want to talk about it. then i get in trouble and stuff. >> spoiled again. >> congratulations to tony bennett. >> yes. >> we had great news about bar barbra streisand last week, number one. he has the number one album this time with lady gaga cheek to cheek. he's 88 years old. >> the number two album in the country is kenney chesney. number three is barbra streisand, she dropped a couple of notches. >> so fantastic. a quote in the paper today, so cute about tony bennett says people -- people say to me, you always sing old songs. and he goes, that's because i don't like the new ones and i feel the same way.
10:07 am
for the most part. >> speaking of songs, i have picked an ihoda. >> oh, good. >> okay, now, i couldn't help it. i had to pick the song because it has been so meaningful the last couple of weeks. and i don't usually repeat a song, but this ihoda i'm going to repeat. let's listen. ♪ i wanna see you just wanna see you ♪ ♪ i wanna see you i wanna see you be brave ♪ ♪ show me a smile everybody's been there ♪ ♪ bow down to the mighty don't run ♪ ♪ from holding your tongue maybe there's a way out of the cage where you live ♪ ♪ maybe one of these days you can let the light in ♪ ♪ show me
10:08 am
say what you wanna say and let the words ♪ >> you have such a deep, deep soul. we did this -- >> it is bad are for my image. no crying. >> you know what's funny, after you worked on that song for so long in there -- >> little kids. >> when you came out and heard the song for one of the first times, thank you, jerry -- >> you cried first. asked if you were crying because you didn't like it. >> i know. but i think what you two put together for this cause, for these kids and just, i mean, to share two classic wonderful songs -- >> so beautifully mashed up as you say. and hoda, how many clicks now?
10:09 am
>> we're going to update you. we'll talk to cyndi after the break. but if you go to klg and hoda, we have a special place on the website to make it easy. sometimes giving is confusing. >> a place where they can send a check. >> klg and hoda will give you all the info. big box. just take your clicker and click it. >> you can do $10, you can do $5. >> you can do $10,000, we wouldn't care. >> yeah, but, what is really carrying us is the little -- >> we're excited. what happened here? there is a keyboard on the floor. did you see it? >> remember the movie big? they're going to bring it back as a series over at fox, we hear. you're the instrumentalist. >> here we go. >> i don't get it. how does it -- ♪ >> right. okay. >> what do you like? >> i like this.
10:10 am
>> that's an interval. >> i like that. >> want to try it? >> harvey feuerstein's favorite instrument. >> do a chord. everybody in here. >> i don't have a chord. >> what do you got? >> okay. so do one. >> do one. >> that's odd. >> no, it is the frankenstein chord. don't do that. >> we'll be back, guys. we'll talk to cyndi about this and a lot more and we have some wonderful ambush makeovers for you. and kate walsh is here. what else? >> a lot is happening. truly brave, the video, much more, coming up right after this. what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes
10:11 am
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10:13 am
looks like we're about to board. mm-hmm. i'm just comparing car insurance rates at is that where they show the other guys' rates, too? mm-hmm. cool. yeah. hi. final boarding call for flight 294. [ bells ring on sign ] [ vehicle beeping ] who's ready for the garlic festival? this guy! bringing our competitors' rates to you -- now, that's progressive. it has been an incredible seven days. we debuted "truly brave" to help raise funds for pediatric cancer
10:14 am
research. the response was overwhelming. >> unbelievable. >> the video immediately trended worldwide and has nearly 900,000 views on youtube and has raised more than $343,000. >> wow. >> all for the american cancer society and pediatric cancer research. >> in case you haven't seen the video, here's a teeny bit more for you. ♪ i wanna see you be brave ♪ ♪ i wanna see you i wanna see you ♪ ♪ i wanna see you i wanna see you be brave ♪ ♪ wanna see you just wanna see you ♪ ♪ wanna see you don't be afraid ♪ >> the giggle kills me every time. >> well, the stars behind this, of course, as you guys know, grammy and tony winner cyndi
10:15 am
lauper -- >> emmy too. >> and sarah bareilles as well. >> sarah really, you know, she was -- she was great. i didn't know how she was going to be. sometimes you meet famous people and it is not like you think. i had no idea what to think. >> what did you think of her and how you guys clicked? >> i thought she was really sweet. really great kid. and she, you know, they thought the sound against her song would be really pretty. she's a pretty instrument. again, harvey feuerstein's favorite instrument -- >> it is hard to put two songs together and know if it is going to work. >> it is going to be great or it is going to be jazz. i thought it was actually probably studying, honestly, the school of jazz, way back when in
10:16 am
jamaica queens that helped me, you know, when i started listening, i understood how to get in there and you could have two counterpoints, you know, from way back. >> what did you think when you watched the kids sing your words? tell us what that felt like. >> come on. that killed me. i was crying. and you guys out there, doesn't it kill you to see the little kids, some of them in the video, they're too weak to even sing it? so, you know -- >> they came here last week, cyndi, and they were so happy and joyful to have had that opportunity. >> what did they do? >> they hung out with us. they were on the sofa, they played. >> their families. >> their families came. they were just -- this is one of the highlights for them. that's what they all said, because they said we got to be stars in the video . great, great kids. did you expect it to have this ripple effect? >> i didn't know what it was going to do but i tried and hoped that it would make money for them.
10:17 am
that's what i was trying. >> it has. and -- >> it needs to make more. >> it will continue. i had an idea, i don't know, but i think it will be cool when you go out on your concert, have the video, have sarah's part already playing, you know, prerecorded and you sing live to it at your concert. >> well, yeah. i'm not going out for a while. >> still going to be around. >> kinky boots. >> kinky boots is on tour now. >> where are they? >> last i checked, they were in portland. and it is actually honestly one of those really great things to be part of because it makes everybody happy. and everybody has an evolution and you can -- anybody can find themselves in there, all different kinds of people. and how in the end, they come together, and i just think what an honor to be part of a project like that. and this. >> i think sarah is actually writing the score for
10:18 am
"waitress," remember the movie? so you guys are -- you're everywhere. >> keri russell is going to do a broadway show -- >> no, sarah bareilles is writing the score for "waitress," after the movie. >> i actually love that movie. >> that's great. >> thank you for everything you've done and everything you continue to do for "truly brave." we love you. >> come on, people. >> if you would like to donate to our shine a light project, go to all of the proceeds go to the pediatric division of the american cancer society. not a penny on the dollar, all of it. >> so great. >> thank you, dear. two lucky ladies are celebrating their milestone birthdays with "ambush makeovers," get ready for the big reveal. >> she left grey's analt tomy t start her own practice. >> and now kate walsh gets to be ♪
10:19 am
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actress kate walsh appeared in nearly 50 tv shows and films, but she became a big time tv star after her role as dr. addison montgomery on "grey's anatomy" and then "private practice". >> and her comedy chops are on full display in the new nbc series called "bad judge" where she sends an 8-year-old parents to jail, she finds herself giving him a few questionable pointers. >> this kid alfonso comes at you, you hold up your hands like you're afraid, like that, and then, boom, you punch him in the nose as hard as you can. nothing scares a bully like seeing his own blood. >> you know, that's the best advice a grown-up's given me in a long time. >> really? you think i'm a grown-up? >> well, if you're asking me, you really got problems. >> nice. >> how good is he?
10:23 am
>> adorable. >> what was his name, not emanuel lewis, who was it -- the voice is the same. >> cutie. >> tell us about your wacky character. >> i know. >> rebecca wright. >> she's fun. >> she's bad. >> you guys say what you think. you don't hold back. you should have been put in jail, but we're glad you weren't, because you're super cute. and so somebody will be spooning you, so better you're here serving it up for america every morning. >> and you're one of the executive producers? >> i am. >> you're wearing a lot of hats, along the cleavage. >> i have cleavage going, hats. enjoy it. we cannot let it happen. so we're having a ball. i'm executive producing a long with anne heche and will ferrell. it has been an amazing
10:24 am
experience. >> how involved are the rest of the executive producers? or is this kind of your baby? >> it is my baby, but they're very involved. adam and will have been sheph d shepherding this and adam is very hands on in terms of -- especially in the first few episodes and so great to work with him because their whole philosophy is the funniest thing goes. it is a huge collaborative and -- >> and improv at all? >> we have great writers. we have funny scripts every week. but we -- there is always an alt script with alternate jokes and then we -- all the cast, so strong, there is a great improvisers and actors, we come up with bits. that's the fun part. >> your character is really crazy, though, this judge, so much fun. >> she's out of order. she is very good at her job. cares deeply, but she's, like -- >> right there. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. sparkly underpants.
10:25 am
>> great to have you here with us. "bad judge" premieres tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on nbc. >> stay tuned for our "ambush makeovers." ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads. bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
10:26 am
with new jolly rancher filled gummy bites? not today. bites. little greatness. good thursday morning. it is 10:26. i'm sam brock. breaking news now to tell you about. we are waiting to learn more about the first confirmed case of the enterovirus in the bay area. this morning, health officials confirmed that somebody in alameda county contracted the virus.
10:27 am
they have not released the patient's age or gender yet, but we do know it's a virus that normally impacts children. there are 472 known cases in the country right now, but to this point, only seven confirmed in california. much more throughout the day on that. more immediately, we'll have a look at weather and traffic after this break.
10:28 am
welcome back now, i'm meteorologist christina loren. we have a really hot day to tell you about, as those low clouds vanish from the coastline.
10:29 am
look at our numbers today. 95 degrees for the north bay, 85 in san francisco. about 88 degrees in oaktown today, a hot day coming your way in san jose. one of the hot spots, 95 degrees for us here. now as we head throughout the next couple days, temperatures are only going to get hotter. this is what we're expecting for tomorrow in the peak of it, gilroy at 105 degrees. we'll tell you when the heat will break and when we're expecting showers today at 11:00. we'll see you then. first here's mike and your drive. >> let me check, october, 105, got you, christina. california, over here, look at this very slow from 10:29, almost 10:30. crawling through fremont right now. typical backup at this point, but look at your maps, it's worse than normal because of a fire that had traffic blocked one lane. sounds like the fire is out. no lanes blocked, but still recovering there. you can still take 84 across the peninsula, to get you back towards santa clara.
10:30 am
sam, back to you. >> let me just check, 10:29. bumper to bumper traffic on 880. more on that coming up at the news at 11:00. see you then. we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. and for all of you diehard fans, you know it is time for "ambush makeovers." >> two best friends who are turning 60 were plucked off the plaza and surprised with brand-new head to toe looks. >> and doing the plucking as always, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari. and author jill martin. hey, you guys. >> hello. >> good pickings out there today. >> great pickings. we had more people per square inch, i think, than we ever had before. go figure. >> interesting. okay. debbie driver is our first lucky lady. she's 59, turning 60 on october 16th. she's from bethlehem, pennsylvania. she said she's very low maintenance, covers h scolors h
10:31 am
cover the gray. she is so excited for her brand-new style. let's look at her story. >> six in the city, everybody turning 60. everyone excited? a wild week, they told me. okay. so why does debbie deserve this? thank you. >> debbie is a great person. she deserves it because all her life she's been taking care of everybody else. she has twoeautiful daughters, she's been -- she does a lot and she's my best friend since we were in second grade. >> already the tears. what do you think of this? >> i don't know what to say. i'm just so excited. >> debbie is excited. debbie is here with her pals, all over here, also the next lady who is getting made over is also a pal of theirs. okay, friends turning 60, please keep your blindfolds on. here is debbie before. let's see the new debbie. come on out.
10:32 am
>> oh, wow. >> oh, yeah. >> okay, guys, ready? take off your blindfolds. >> oh, my gosh. >> debbie, are you ready? >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> you love -- look right here as well. >> louis, the hair is awesome. >> thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> the big news here is not the highlights, which you did get, i like the base color as well, which makes her soft and even more beautiful. but, again, vanessa gave her this great haircut. >> love it. >> it is much shorter. you don't have to hold on to your long hair to look young. >> what do you think? >> beautiful. >> thank you. >> that outfit is adorable. >> in honor of pink power, adria
10:33 am
adriana papell, great blouse, and nydj, you can wear with everything. >> next is linda halderman. she's turning 60 on october 30th. last time she colored her hair is three months ago. she's low maintenance, eyeliner, lip gloss, foundation only in the winter. she's going to jake mamaica for 60th birthday. she wants a glam new look. she's here with her friends. let's listen to her story. >> why does she deserve it? >> i think linda deserves it because she's a great person, she takes care of her family, there is nothing she wouldn't drop and do for anybody. she's been my best friend forever and we made it to 60 years. >> yeah, all right. >> you ready, everybody? >> all right. all of her friends have their eye things on and we'll hold on for a second, one last look at linda before. and bring out the new linda.
10:34 am
>> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> all right. ladies, take a look. >> take a look. >> oh, my gosh! >> you look so beautiful. >> fantastic. >> want to look in the mirror? want to see what you look like? >> pretty sensational. >> wow. >> look at that. >> we took her bangs, which were falling straight before and we gave her the swept away bang. easy bang. and they don't want to look 60 and you don't. >> recently lost 20 pounds, so we were two sizes off.
10:35 am
nice to put her in a size 4. >> come here and stand. >> great job, guys. >> great job. >> and if you -- i can't read what that says. >> if you wonder what it is like inside her own closet, sneak a peek. jill will give you a tour. are you are or aren't you? the signs of a perfectionist, you're about to find out. you might be surprised. ♪ turn around
10:36 am
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10:39 am
are you the type of person who eats one cookie and says i messed up my whole diet, why don't i eat the whole bag? >> or do you have a problem when people don't do things your way? >> if that sounds like you, you're probably a perfectionist. >> that's not such a bad thing, but it could be holding you back from being happy. >> clinical psychologist elizabeth lombardo has written "better than perfect," seven strategies to crush your inner critic and create a life you love. how are you? >> so good to see you again.
10:40 am
>> thank you. >> a lot of this is -- we put on ourselves, don't we? it is perceived as it is coming from the world but we do it to ourselves. >> we do it because we think it will bring us happiness. if i achieve this, i'll feel good about myself. there is so much judgment and stress, that sometimes we don't feel good. >> sometimes perfectionist doesn't come with someone who is accomplished. >> we all want to strive for 100%. >> why do we think we could be perfect? >> it is not even that we think we could be, we think we should be. so it is that judgment. it is that -- boxing gloves we put on and beat ourselves up when we don't achieve all the things we think we should. >> is it because we're comparing ourselves to our neighbors, our girlfriends, our friends, stuff like that? >> and we do that because that's how we feel good about ourselves, it is called conditional self-worth, i'll feel good if i achieve this, i'll feel good if someone gives me kudos. >> people struggling so hard to
10:41 am
be perfect actually don't have a healthy self-love already? >> exactly. it is all about what they're saying to themselves and it is not a positive thing. >> there is a quiz that we put on our website, that we took. >> hodi and i took it. >> our scores showed this, that perfectionist qualities prevent the true you from shining through. what does that mean? >> think about who you are, on your best day, you're kind, fun, having a great time. think about who you are on your worst day, stressed out, may be more irritable, short tempered. it is hard to focus, hard to be productive. when you're a perfectionist, that's where you tend to be, in that stress mode. >> okay. wow. so here are some of the questions. this is one statement that a lot of people scored high on. this is it. i tend to think an -- if i'm on a diet and eat one cookie, i'll eat through because i already ruined my diet. >> that makes no sense at all, but most people can relate to that. >> can you, hoda? >> yes. when it comes to cookies, i can. or doughnuts.
10:42 am
i feel like it is too late -- i'm already in the hole in this one. >> but only one cookie. >> but you start again on monday, the way we start everything. here is another one. i tend to replay over and over what i messed up. i usually don't focus on what i did well. >> i call this pressing on a bruise, you press on a bruise, it hurts. i should have done this, i should have done this, and it makes us feel lousy. >> we should learn. >> move on. >> it is not failure, it is data. it is data. figure out why it happened and then move on so it doesn't happen again. >> once it has happened, you cannot change it. >> exactly. >> some people don't like it when you don't do things your way. my way or are it's wrong. >> my way or it's wrong. you see how this would affect your relationships, right? whether it is putting things in a dishwasher or how you interact with your spouse, whatever it is. there are so many right ways to do things, let go of the rules because everybody has different rules. >> okay, thank you. >> i feel so much better now. >> me too.
10:43 am
>> coming up, her voice is perfection, singing sensation susan boyle performs for us. >> and she's impersonated everyone from kim kardashian to hoda, nasim ♪ with clorox smart seek bleach, you can bleach your whites, and mostly whites together in the same wash. clorox smart seek bleach. whitening just got smarter.
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10:47 am
for five seasons as a cast member of "saturday night live," the hilarious comedian and actress nas nes nasim pedrad pl kinds of crazy characters. >> and now she's playing mulanie. let's take a look. >> who would you like to date. >> someone like me, creative, fun, and embraces their persona, like stevie nicks. >> i'm not going to date stevie nicks. >> call her, okay. it is just drinks.
10:48 am
>> hello. >> so nice to see you. >> already feels like a party. >> doesn't it? >> this is what it feels like to pledge a sorority, nervously being interviewed by two confident women, very much caring what they think of you. >> hoda has a bit of a grudge, not much, but you did play her on "snl." >> i just feel bad because everyone who plays me ends up doing something else after the show. >> how nice she ends up getting her own series. >> thank you. >> it is so fun. creator john mulanie, a writer at "saturday night live," it is a show about a stand-up comedian, living in new york city, and he's truly one of the funniest people i've ever met in my entire life and i got to meet his entire family this summer at his wedding in the catskills and they're also very funny, so i think there is a genetic component there. >> you're tightly wound is a
10:49 am
good way to describe you, i guess. >> yes. >> he wrote this with you in mind, is that true too? >> yeah, she's really -- she's really -- she's a fun character to play. she's sort of unhinged in a funny way. she's obsessed with justice. not like in the legal system kind of way, but when it comes to men that have wronged her. yeah. one of those. she's also, like, unapologetically lazy. >> what is it like being back here at 30 rock. is it wild? >> yes. and like a two-day bender of writing and you practically -- i feel like when i got "snl" i moved to this job and to this
10:50 am
building, not to, like, new york city. >> exactly. >> you are a daughter of immigrants. you came over when you were 2 years old from iran? >> i was 3 maybe. >> can you even imagine your life had you stayed? >> it would have been very different. i would have had an accent right now. >> is your family thrilled for you? >> oh, my gosh, yeah. i can't even imagine they immigrated to this country hoping to get -- give their daughters, you know, more opportunity. >> daughters on the red car are pet. >> i can't imagine how scary it must have been when we were like, we're going we're going into comedy. >> we wish you all the best. >> coming up, susan boyle sings. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
the toyota concert seer aries on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> tomorrow blake shelton gives
10:54 am
us a double treat including a special performance. >> and the comedian who went from late night laughs to creating her first cd, anna gasteyer. >> but first, a perform apance susan boyle. >> she's heading out on her first u.s. concert tour and later this month she'll release her album called "hope". here she is "wish you were here." ♪ so you think you can tell ♪ ♪ heaven from hell can you tell a green field from a cold still rain ♪
10:55 am
♪ a smile from a veil do you think you can tell ♪ ♪ the cool breeze did you exchange ♪ ♪
10:56 am
♪ ♪ i wish i wish you were here ♪ ♪ just two souls swimming in a fishbowl ♪ ♪ year after year same old fears wish you were here ♪ ♪ i wish i wish you were here ♪ ♪ we're just two souls
10:57 am
swimming in a fishbowl year after year ♪ ♪ having found the same old fears wish you were here ♪ ♪ wish you were here ♪ so you think you can tell ♪
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nbc bay area begins with breaking news. >> that news is coming from alameda county, where health officials are reporting two cases of enterovirus virus. good morning, i'm laura garcia-cannon in for kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. let's get right to it. this is the first time the respiratory illness has been spotted in the bay area. california now has a total of nine cases. the virus has sickened 500 kids in 42 states. four of those cases are fatal. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang live in oakland. you were with county health officials. tell us what they said. >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. first, i want to say health experts are talking about the enterovirus. there are more than 100


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