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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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address a growing problem nationwide. just as we were settling into fall, we're right back to summertime levels today. temps spike a good 10 to 15 degrees, even hotter thursday into friday. and a bit of weekend relief provided by a storm system could get rain out of that system. more on that coming up. just as we're settling into your normal traffic flow across the bay bridge, a fender bender at treasure island. this could be a problem getting into san francisco. we'll track that, coming up. a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge. first day of october. it is also wednesday, 2015. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good wednesday morn to-ing you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a warning from the cdc. so they say yesterday's first confirmed ebola case in the u.s. probably will not be the last. the agency now asking airports
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to take passengers' temperatures before they get on planes coming from western africa to the united states. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live with what we know about that patient and the risk. we don't know too much at this point, do we? >> that patient is very sick, he's in critical condition, but he's asking doctors for food and water that that's a good sign. he arrived in dallas from liberia to visit family on september 19th. five days later he went to the hospital but staff did not suspect ebola so he was sent home. then, september 28th, he went back to the hospital by ambulance. he's now in isolation. the ambulance crew that transported him is under quarantine. president obama was briefed by phone by the head of the cdc, who also spoke this morning with the "today" show. he says the dallas patient does not have to become a major health threat in the united states because of the technology that we have to diagnose and treat infections swiftly. he does remind health care
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workers that containment begins with vigilance. >> one of the things that we emphasize for any health worker in the country is that if you have someone who has been in west africa in the past 21 days and they've got a fever or other symptoms that might be consistent with ebola, immediately isolate them, get them tested. we've identified 100 people who have that level of concern, we've tested 14 of them, and this was the first individual to test positive. >> remainder worth repeating considering the dallas ebola patient was sick enough to visit the hospital twice before he was diagnosed and isolated. he came from liberia, which has more than 900 active cases and is one of the nation's hardest hit in africa. nigeria to the east has 19. there, the outbreak is considered contained. the health minister there says that it is because of swift action. the cdc director repeats that saying that this is the only
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ebola outbreak in history that has now been contained and it's because the action wasn't taken quickly enough. coming up, back live to dallas for more on that patient and how that patient is doing today. sam? >> thank you. good to see the cdc aggressive and proactive here. news of the first confirmed case of ebola in the u.s. is having a direct impact on the stock market as well. shares of several firms working on experimental treatment drugs spiked last night. the biggest mover, tekmira pharmaceuticals jumped 30%. the fda is allowing the company to use its experimental drug on patients with that virus, like for example, richard sacra one of the u.s. doctors infected while working in liberia. he's now recovering. watch much more wikt the director of the cdc this morning after "today in the bay" at 7:00. 6:03. family of the giant fan beaten
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outside dodger stadium in 2011 has filed a new lawsuit against the dodgers. claiming the team's trying to recoup $3 million in insurance payment for medical care. the dodgers and insurer demanding money paid out of $18 million awarded to the stow family over the summer. stow suffered a traumatic brain injury when beaten by two fans in the parking lot outside dodger stadium three years ago. he's expected to need treatment for rest of his life. more details now. recall in july, a jury ordered the dodgers to pay stow nearly $15 million, $14 million for economic loss because stow will never work again. $1.4 million was for pain and suffering. a growing problem across the country is being hit head on here in the south bay. this morning, anti-human trafficking task force in san jose will set out plans to save
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lives on the street and over the internet. stephanie chuang live with a look at what that group is doing this morning. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you, sam. we'll get the update later from the santa clara sheriff's office. you might think victims come from other countries, a lot are victimized here in hometowns in backyards. in fact, the bay area has been pinpointed as a major hub for human trafficking. that's why you've got this task force at hand at work. that's according to the fbi. which by the way puts the bay area as one of the top 13 places for sex and labor trafficking. sex trafficking gets a lot of attention but a lot of domestic servitude out there as well. the fastest growing organized criminal industry in the world valued at $32 billion. in june, the santa clara board of supervisors approved spending $850,000 to put sheriff sergeant, two deputies, plus an attorney and criminal
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investigator to really combat the problem from investigating suspicious behavior and businesses, seeing it through putting criminals behind bars. we will get that update on what the team has beenably to do. experts say, 40% of trafficking victims on the west coast are trafficked through the bay area because of the major harbors and airports, and that is why earlier this year we also had congressman mike honda partnering with local groups to host training classes at san jose for airport and airline employees to spot young victims. a lot of work being done collectively here in the bay area. now coming up in our next report in 45 minutes, how levi's stadium plays into the conversation. it's a topic here. live in san jose, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> no question, an international problem, thank you. it is 6:06. locally, palo alto homeowners are on high alert after a string of recent break-ins. police say at least 15 homes have been targeted this month in
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one area south of embarcadero road to the mountain view border. police have released a sketch of a possible suspect but not sure if the same person is behind every break-in. 6:07. we take a peek outside. we know what that is, the bay bridge. so many commuters ready to go to work. a check of traffic coming up. first, let's find out how it looks outside. could be a bit of a warm-up right now. >> yes. you know, we don't have low clouds out there this morning. and so right when that sun comes out this morning, rapid warming right off the bat. i almost said straight out the gate and right out the bat at the same time. you know what i'm getting at. my mind is on other things. the giants game, such a big one for us, unfortunately oaktober. we'll have a report coming up as
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we do right here on "today in the bay." "today in the bay" going to be hot, i've got to tell you. temperatures spiking by 10, 15 degrees. starting out in 50. we'll end up with widespread 80s. tomorrow trade those in for 90s, even triple digits on the way to the hot spots as we cut off cooling clouds. 87 south bay. the same for the peninsula. that's what happens, we get uniform temps when we don't have that ocean air moving in. you're going to be in 80s in san francisco for today. talking about 91 in the tri-valley. 82 in oakland, getting into the mid-80s in fremont for today. north bay's going to be warm as well. 90 today, closer to the triple digits as we finish off the week. you want to keep that in mind. here what happens i'm concerned about, obviously, it gets hot in your inland valley spots. we have climate control more or less. people in san francisco don't have air conditioners so we are working towards a very warm
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night. asphalt and concrete, it absorbs the sun, retains it long after the sun goes down so let's talk about something cool. you've got 82 degrees in the forecast high in san francisco today. 86, meanwhile, in mill valley, 12 miles away, as the crow flies. watch what happens overnight because we have that heat radiating out from the asphalt, temperatures go to-iing to be m more mild. same for oakland. balmy tonight but we do have heat relief. we'll talk about that coming up. mike and your drive. >> good knowledge. urban heat. bay bridge incline, smooth drive towards the treasure island tunnel. westbound taillights about the tou, fender bender. it looks like it slows down, it's an optical illusion. traffic moves smoothly without any backup. watching for activity new york flashing light but was on the
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chp sensor. toll plaza, expect a slow down, if there is any further problem. the span maintaining a smooth drive. here, the maps, berkeley curve, off of 580, 24, east shore freeway a steady flow past university. not so bad. slowdown around treasure island is starting to clear. they must have moved the vehicles. but we'll wait for the all-clear. smooth drive around the bay. 880 through hayward and fremont. south bay not a major problem. san jose 101, 680, slow spot for the south bay. gentle build. starting up in 20 minutes we should see volume increase. and the tri-valley slowing through dublin, folks out of the central valley and bay area, that's there. >> you can't change that, can you? >> we'll try. maybe we'll get a big overpass. >> altamont pass. 6:10. help is on the way to san jose. new police substation ready to
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open its doors. >> financial relief for victims of the devastating napa earthquake. raccoon, congressman, 6:13 on wednesda.
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today's top stories. a man in isolation in texas, the first ebola patient diagnosed here in the united states. visiting family for more than a week before put into isolation for treatment. the cdc is concerned about the people that he had contact with after he became sick. residents of the small southern california town waking up in shock this morning, after
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their mayor was shot dead by his own wife. investigators say bell gardens mayor daniel crespo killed by his wife after he and the couple's 19-year-old son got into an altercation. so far the wife has not been charged. starting today, victims of the south napa earthquake can go to several locates to pick up cash to help out with essentials. giving away $350,000 in money for people who need help right now. san joses the police substation empty since it was built is finally going to open "today in the bay's" bibry dell live in south san jose set to open today but no police officers will be stationed there, bob. >> reporter: as strange as it sounds, correct, laura, no regular police officers, at least not yet. instead the san jose police department south substation here behind me near 101 and 85 staffed with community service officers in what the "mercury
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news" is describing as, quote, soft opening. if you're not aware the substation has been sitting nearly empty for the past four years when the city cut the rib on the facility in 2010, it did not have money to staff with regular officers. if you're well aware, low staffing has been an issue for the department for a number of years. and hence the reason the substation will be staffed with community service officers who are cheaper to hire. the downside, community service officers are trained to just handle lower level calls, ideally freeing up the full officers for the more serious issues, not clear when the south substation will be fully operational in that sense. when it is, councilman who represents the district believes it could save the department as much as a half million a year in decreased travel costs and decrease response times in south bay, why this was built in the first place. reporting live here, south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank for the update.
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minimum wage in berkeley going up to $10 an hour starting today. increase marks step one in a three-part series of increases. october 1st of next year the minimum wage will rise to $11 an hour. october 1st of 2016 will it make a final jump to $12.53. amazon feuding with publishers over prices. >> it's been harder to get certain books and movies for preorder. scott mcgrew joining us. amazon pressuring publishers and consumers get squeezed in the process. >> started with a publisher and expanded to disney. amazon making it hard forrer movie fans to preorder disney movies. cnbc says disney and amazon may have worked out their fight. amazon still fighting with the publisher, annoying congressman paul ryan who has a new book out. ryan last month complained his
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book was not available for preorder on amazon. "new york times" points out a couple hours later, pops back up on amazon. you can order it no problem. not the truth for other authors who are not congressmen from wisconsin. it's the first day of the fourth quarter. the dow closed september with the worst performance since july. the nasdaq, worst score since april. we get auto sales data today. european union issued a problem report, accusing ireland of unfair practices when it comes to taxing apple. apple's overseas headquarters, the accusations are complicated but eu says the deal is too cozy and state support of a private company. the u.s. senate looked into apple's tax practices in ireland. the permanent subcommittee on investigations raises concern that apple keeps its money offshore to avoid american taxes. apple's tim cook says it pays
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tacks it owes. companies are supposed to try to save money and maximize profit. minimize their liabilities. so long as they stay within the rules which apple and for that matter ireland says they do. >> fair enough. part of the argument, why some want to see corporate tax lower. >> to bring that money back instead of keeping it over there. >> thank you, scott. it appears that it is safe to say right now americans are addicted to watching tv shows and movies. >> this is amazing. there's a report out from the diffusion group it found netflix subscribers watch more than 5 billion hours of tv and movies in just three months. that's triple the amount compared to 2011. researchers found the average u.s. subscriber watches nearly 50 hours per month. that's a lot of your life. >> it is. new shows on netflix doing gang busters now. >> people binge watch.
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>> 6:18. live picture of a beautiful landscape of san jose on a day where you are trying to figure out what do i need to be prepared? maybe sandals and beach attire? >> hey, you driving? maybe we can go to the beach. load up the paddy wagon. 6:19. he's right, it's going to be a nice beach day. but you know what? it's going to be hot inland and even at your beaches on the sand. talking about temperatures in the 80s. in the water you're in the mid-60s where typically we're in the 50s in the water. but ocean currents have been unusually warm. and that's where they're going to stay through the weekend. if you wanted to dip your toes in, you want don't want to stay in the water too long but you can get out and it's netbly different. try it out. it's cool. 57 in the south bay. peninsula at 59. 55 in the east shore region. 61 degrees to kick off your day in san francisco. this is going to be a hot spot.
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you're going to climb by 20 degrees over the course of the day. typically, you see about 10 to 15 degree spread this time of year. hard to escape the heat, even at the beach. it's going to be warm. make sure you're ready, make sure little ones are as well. sunscreen today. we have high uv index. 87 for the south bay. 87 on the peninsula. san francisco 81. 82 east shore. warm day in tri-valley at 91 degrees. only to get hotter throughout thursday into friday. but that heat will break. as we head throughout saturday and sunday. i want to show you, extended forecast for the tri-valley. it tells the weather story. keep climbing through friday, drop you off saturday into sunday, even more cooling expected at the coast. and then, by monday, back to average. just about with continued cooling for the rest of the week as the storm system starts to organize. we could be talking about rain. i'm going to show you where and when coming up in my next
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report. but first, let's say happy wednesday, see how that drive is shaping up. wednesdays can be tough, mike. good thing is you're here to help us get to work on time. >> thank you. look over here, folks traveling through the tri-valley, temperatures going to be tough, talking about 100 degrees in a du couple of days. less dramatic traffic. good news. map shows you smooth flow through dublin area where we have live camera. san ramon road, we had debris, looks cleared. a big rig stalled around quarter to 3:00, cleared from chp's report, it popped up saying we're going have a traffic break, that might be why we're seeing the slowdown seeing the build and the big rig cleared. smooth from sunol. north bound 101, stretch where there's appreciable slowing. 87 and 28 through downtown.
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san jose maintaining speed limit. wednesday's lighter traffic flow than tuesday traffic. saw a lot of traffic all over the bay. right now typical slow drive from 238 in towards 84, dumbarton bridge, south bound 880, nimitz freeway. bay bridge, typical volume. look at bay bridge toll plaza, talking about oracle open going on in the city. howard closed between 3rd and 4th through saturday evening that might be additional traffic heading there. fas-trak lanes smoothly. getting into the area, oakland smoothly for 880. no issues through downtown or off the freeway the bay bridge. north bay, southbound 101 volume starting to build. glow to the lights, visibility's fine. top of the screen, you don't have that aura like we did last couple of days with fog. visibility and traffic flow moving nicely through san rafael. >> you always have a nice aura.
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we can keep the aura going here. >> nice of you. 6:22. if you're up right now you might have missed this thrilling finish to the a's game. how it all ended next. live look right now from the san bruno mountain of the bay area, just waking up on wednesday morning. welcome b.
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you know what? it is wild card wednesday. live look outside right now. at&t park. mccovey cove, all quiet now later today the park will be packed with fans cheering for the giants the jumbotron. teams on the other side of the country for a win or go home playoff game against the pirates. madison bomb gardner on the hill, first pitch after 5:00. inwinner moves on to play the nationals. >> next story, obliged to tell you about, but warning it's going to be tough to stomach if you're an a's fan. a's flying back from kansas city to clean out lockers for the season after coming out on the losing end of the wild wild card game. royals fought back from four runs down to send this into extra innings. a's up four runs in the eighth. took 8-7 lead in the top of 129th. after a botched pitch-out, the royals' perez knocks in the game-winning run, ending the a's
6:27 am
season. final score there, 9-8. sorry, tough for a's fans. >> hanging their heads there. 6:27. still ahead, opening bell moment as way. a look at markets with scott mcgrew next. plus, armed felon manages to get into an elevator with president obama. details next. first intruder
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white house. now word of armed felon making it within feet of the president. live in washington with how the secret service is reacting this morning. and we've got a heat wave on our hands, bay area. starting today, temperatures spike. we cut off cooling clouds, only hotter for the end of the week but still tracking a chance of rain. we'll tell you when. a sudden slowdown, someone darting out of the lanes westbound 92. i'll let you mow what's going on. slowing starter north. >> first day of the fourth
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financial quarter. live look at opening of the nyse. this is an ipo there. on the nasdaq as well, check your numbers coming up. speaking of soaring, temps on their way up, according to christina. this, as we take a live look at downtown san jose. 6:30 on wednesday. it's october 1st and you're watching "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. this morning, the former u.s. soldier accused of jumping a fence before entering the white house through an unlocked door will be back in court. this, as we're learning three days before that incident, another man armed with a gun stood just feet away from the president. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live from capitol hill this morning. things got heated when the head of the secret service was questioned.
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>> they did. a lot of lawmakers, democrats and republicans, equally disturbed about this, now that we have a new report. a couple of weeks ago president obama went to atlanta to the cdc to announce we were scaling up efforts to fight ebola. while he was there we have learned through a "the washington post" report he was on the elevator with a convicted felon who had a gun in his pocket. the secret service didn't find that out until after the fact. this man convicted three times on a sassault charges. today, gonzalez, the man known as -- is known as white house fence jumper is in court, facing three charges, two local, one federal, after jumping the fence, running 70 yards across the white house lawn. the secret service said he got inside the door. now to the east room. the only reason stopped is because there was an off-duty
6:32 am
officer who happened to cross his path. julia pierson says that she will not let that happen again and she's investigating. >> i would hope not. it's crazy how many incidents in this day and age. security needs to be tighter. thanks a lot. >> very, very disconcerting. 6:32 on wednesday morning. look at your forecast as we take a beautiful shot of a slightly shaky camera. >> it's a george -- look at the sky. >> beautiful. love that sunrise in the bay area. all wearing orange today seemingly, solidarity for the giants. might as well be wearing orange for the heat. >> this is pink, sam. >> breast cancer awareness, right? >> i didn't want to wear the same color as laura, even if we were doing it in solidarity for giants. our hearts are united this morning. we want that win tonight. let's take you outside and show you what we're working with. this morning, widespread 50s and
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60s out there. 50 north bay, 55 degrees to kick off the day on the east shore. here is my warning to you. if you have outdoor plans, maybe you have been promising sparky a nice long walk, do so this morning, the better off you'll be. a rapid warm-up for this afternoon. want to show you why. san jose crystal clear, san francisco, crystal clear. wind out there as well. those winds are going to shift offshore. that's a warming agent for us here in the bay area. this one really tells the story of the day, doesn't it? pacifica, no fog, no fog trying to move over coastal mountains here. tiburon, it's pretty, waking up with a clear start. temperatures are going to be hot today. noticeably warmer than yesterday. climb more for your thursday, as you see here seven-day forecast scrolling here. we'll peak friday. temperatures down into the
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weekend. a short-lived warm-up. 87 degrees for the south bay today. 87 on the peninsula. 81 san francisco. 82 on the east shore. a lot of sunshine coming your way around the inner bay and board for today. hard to escape the heat but still tracking a chance for rain. we'll talk about that coming up. plus cool waves, big clean waves. we'll show you why in my next report. first, mike inouye and your morning drive. >> san mateo bridge, i did see someone slam on the brakes and dart over to the center divide to get out of traffic. no incidents, avoided a crash, and traffic slowing again. that's happened over the last five minutes. on the peninsula side, cameras on both sides of the span, we see steady flow filling in all lanes. 92 itself the air rorrow no slo. san mateo building, palo alto
6:35 am
for the peninsula but not dramatic. south bade, 85, 87, 101 starting the build. tri-valley, 880, typical pattern for the nimitz as well as the tri-valley itself. palo alto, live look, show us how traffic flow is here, northbound past willow, smooth drive. volume picks up but no problem into the city. in the city, howard closed between 3rd and 4th. they won't have that cleared up. it's going to be blocked until saturday evening at 5:00. >> okay. >> tracking that conference. >> a lot of traffic. >> thank you. 6:35 on wednesday. markets open for a few minutes now. let's check the numbers with scott mcgrew. >> first day of the fourth quarter. take a look at the dow industrials this morning. they are down ever so slightly, 42 points. this is the new big board at the nyse. i've got to be honest, i prefer the old big board. take a look at cisco's stock.
6:36 am
coming up in a bit. >> we prefer boards where it's green. >> that, too. >> thank you. >> helps with retirement. 6:36. escaping a massive plume of volcanic ash. new video out of japan, next. flames threat tonight destroy the atlantic city boardwalk. we'll have details of the firefight ahead. a live look outside right now at san jose. each picture seems to get better with each iteration. beautiful day on the way. christina loren checking in with us with the weather report. track, news, after the break.
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back, everyone. a beautiful, live look outside. it's going to be a warm one across the bay area today. summer hanging on first day of october. check the forecast with christina coming up. student protesters in hong kong say the leader has until tomorrow to resign or get ready to deal with more protests. thousands of demonstrators have occupied several key areas of hong kong, pressing for greater political reforms after beijing
6:40 am
decided in august to screen candidates for the territory's first democratic election. dramatic, new video showing the moment a volcano erupted on mt. ontake. video taken by a hiker as he frantically ran away from a plume of ash. he and hikers were able to make it to a nearby lodge. dozens of others were killed. crews recovered bodies of 12 more, bringing total number of dead to 48. several others are still missing. seismologists detected signs of activity recently but nothing pointed to eruption of this size and magnitude. happening now, firefighters in new jersey are desperately trying to save several buildings burning to the atlanta ex-city boardwalk. one building caught fire after 10:00 last night. the flames spread to three others nearby, two of which partially collapsed. this is happening about a block away from the boardwalk.
6:41 am
17 people including 3 children were able to escape the burning buildings. so far there are no reports of anyone hurt. >> scary scene. 6:41. next, ebola in america. deadly virus reaches the u.s. and now dallas looking into a possible second case. what the world's top health officials are doing to keep you safe. plus ago, new lawsuit. what the familiy of bryan stow s asking for the dodgers. live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza for commuters. this is of course a familiar sight. backup as you make your way over to work at 6:40. back with 15 minutes of nonstop news.
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♪(themstan! ! !om cheers) hey guys! stan the man! hey, how's it goin stan? can i get $55 on pump three? you got it, stan! gas stations. just that. where nobody knows your name. the chevrolet cruze eco. with an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon highway. it's the new efficient. >> announcer: you're watching 15
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minutes of continuous news, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." welcome back. first ebola patient diagnosed in the united states is now being followed by fear that there could be a second patient. experts for the centers for disease control on the ground working with the dallas county department of health and human service to try to assess and contain, that includes the crew that transported that man. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez why the head for the centers of disease control says it does not have become an epidemic. >> the good news, the city of dallas says three members of the dallas ambulance crew that transported that man with ebola tested negative for the deadly virus. the bad news is they are working to confirm whether or not there is a second case if that city. the city working on that right now. "today in the bay's" ron mott live from dallas with more on the first patient. folks are asking the question, if the cdc recommendation is that anyone who has been to africa in 21 days prior to reporting a fever, that they be
6:45 am
monitored for ebola and diagnosed. the hospital sent that man home first time they showed up. are they talking about that at all in. >> reporter: i mean, that's a lot of questions, about his treatment here on friday. to set the stage, he came into the country to visit family in dallas september 20th, four days later complained of illnesses. came to the hospital here, sat in the e.r. friday 26th. they sent him home with antibiotics and he came back here when his condition worsened sunday and admitted and isolated. three workers, the ambulance who transported him, they have been isolated, tested, negative so far but they have to be retested because of the incubation period of ebola can go up to 21 days. there is word about the second case, no confirmation at this point. the cdc has a team of specialists watching his condition going forward but going to be tracing any contacts, close contacts of anyone in this area had with this man since september 20th
6:46 am
once they identify the folks they want to get those folks into medical facility to be tested and monitored as well for probably up to two or three weeks. the cdc careful to tell people, not panic, because we have a stronger health care system here in the united states, they believe they can get on top of any isolated case here and there and contain it to that one facility. back to you. >> thank you, ron. certainly the first people who will be monitored will be family members who he came here to visit from liberia that's where the man came from. passengers there, when they depart the country, have their temperatures taken before they leave the ground and then once again when they land. the head of the cdc says that the man was not sick at that point and, thus, not contagious during his travel. only four days after he arrived in dallas. president obama was briefed by phone by the head of the cdc who also spoke this morning with the "today" show. dr. tom friesen says over ebola outbreak up to now has been
6:47 am
contained because of swift action. renewing the remainder, watch for risk factors. >> one of the things that we emphasize for any health worker in the country is that if you have someone who has been in west africa in the past 21 days and they've got a fever or other symptoms consistent with ebola, isolate them, get them tested. we've identified 100 people who that have level of concern, tested 147 this is the first individual to test positive. >> that number likely to rise now that the man has been diagnosed in dallas. the cdc team is on the ground in dallas right now as ron mentioned, working on treating that patient who is in isolation in critical condition, asking for food and water, a good sign. the three-member ambulance crew that transported him tested negati negative, they'll be monitor for the next 21 days and the family members tested as well.
6:48 am
under specific conditions including bodily -- contact with bodily fluids when that person is sick, so right now we're not talking about a full-blown epidemic, just a lot of abundance of caution. hear more from the head of the cdc "today," also monitoring a press conference in three hours. the governor of texas expected to speak coming to dallas. >> clearly, the protocol by the cdc, adhering to procedures so critical. switch gears right now. check the microclimate forecast. 6:48. wow, look at that live look outside. not a cloud in the sky in the city by the bay. but temperatures are going to creep up today. >> especially in the city where a lot of people don't have air-conditioning units, unfortunately. i have to tell you, it's only going to be a couple of days and we'll see the heat ease as we get into the weekend. next week we are right back with
6:49 am
a slight chance for showers and a much better chance for the following week. still watching 13 through 16 of the beautiful month of october which we kicked off today. good morning to you, san francisco. a pretty day shaping up for you. it's going to be warm tone and as we get into the next couple of nights. temperatures creeping up. make sure you break out that fan or something to keep you cool. the good news is because our days are getting shorter, heat is not being absorbed for as long throughout the pavement, concrete across the bay area. that's good news. you don't have it radiating out because days are not as long so we're not getting as many hours of direct sunlight. today, temperatures creeping up to the tune of 10 to 15 degrees in some cases. that means return of the mid-80s, even a couple of 90s as our winds shift offshore. this is kind of dangerous. when it comes to fire danger,
6:50 am
we're going to dry out quickly as our wind direction is moving from land to sea, as you know, the predominant flow off the ocean. that brings in clouds every morning. i'm not breaking news to you, breaking news with that information. but something that you might not know. i know how smart you are here in the bay area. we're going to get really clean waves with that change in the wind direction. so this is what happens. as that wind moves from land to sea, it hollows out the barrel of the wave. so offshore flow blows toward the face of the wave. we're going to get clean wave, even bigger waves on the way, as we get northwest swells towards the end of the weekend. look at beach temperatures. talking about mid-80s. all across the board. it's going to be warm out there. even warmer for tomorrow. by friday, peak warmth at 94. that's triple digit territory for the tri-valley. we'll be in the low 90s for the weekend. heat starts to break as we head through sunday. and, yeah, look at this, monday into tuesday, temperatures
6:51 am
continue to drop off. we're still counting on that rain chance. 13 through the 16. if this changes, i'll let you know. right now looking good for three to four days of consecutive rain. >> bring the temperatures down a bit on saturday, we have to be in tuxedos. traffic as well, i'm doing my part to report typical traffic flow here, 101, 680. look at the map. lighter than typical for wednesday. yesterday a tough drive. just kicking in now. we should see a big build for the next half hour through the south bay. kicking in for 101. 87, 285, speeds in toward the 0 50-mile-per-hour range where you see orange. a shift in timing in the south bay. schools are off this within so that will alleviate traffic around the local schools. southbound 880, slower drive from 238 to hayward into union city and fremont. slower tri-valley and south 68
6:52 am
recover, after the traffic break, had to move a big rig truck stalled overnight. got daylight hours and move it with the right equipment. that caused extra slowing. south bound 242. fast lane blocked by fire crew. minor injuries after a crash bogging down south 242. instead of cutting the corner, the cut-through is not good now. bay bridge toll plaza it's not bad. we have the backup for all of the lanes. look at fas-trak, i bit of an advantage, more than we see on a wednesday. no drama but slowing down east shore freeway and coming out of the maze for westbound 580. north bay, build southbound 101. holding steady for san rafael. into navato, southbound 101 boggs down. by the time you get to highway 37 into the 50s and that's good stuff. 6:52 right now. they think this is happening in many neighborhoods but you wouldn't notice it, human trafficking in the bay area.
6:53 am
one south bay task force working streets to fight. we're learning exactly how today. stephanie chuang live in san jose. it's a crime targeting the most vulnerable. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, laura of the victims trafficking in other countries 80% women and 50% children. but it's local issue which is why you have the task force involving the santa clara county sheriff's office here. experts saying a lot of people victimizes in hometowns. the fbi puts the bay area as one of the top 13 places where human trafficking is happening. experts saying 40% of all trafficking victims on the west coast come through the bay area because of the major airports and harbors. sex trafficking gets a lot of attention but also forced labor and domestic servitude cases. in june, the santa clara county board of supervisors approved spending $850,000 to put a sheriff sergeant, two deputies, plus a criminal investigator to
6:54 am
the south bay anti-human trafficking task force. today we'll get an update on what this group has been able to do or will be able to do. attention on levi's stadium. numbers are difficult to track because of lack of reporting, some say major events like the super bowl can cause a spike in human trafficking activity because of a large group of people who may drive up demand and that's why the largest community-based anti-human trafficking event is happening at levi's set for next may. happening here in the bay tear to combat this issue. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> taking action, thanks a lot. 6:54 on wednesday. four years after it was first built, finally a new police substation is opening its doors in the morning in the south bay. "today in the bay's" bob redell live to tell us why, bob, no police officers will actually be stationed there. >> reporter: at least not yet, sam, no regular police officers. the san jose police department south substation here near 101
6:55 am
and 85 will instead be staffed with community service officers. this is strictly financial move. it's a money issue. this is what the "mercury news" is describing as a soft opening taking place today. the substation has been sitting empty for the past four years. when the city cut the ribbon in 2010 it didn't have the money to staff with regular officers and it still doesn't. low staffing has been an issue for the department for a null of years. hence the reason the substation will be staffed with a community service officer who are cheaper to hire. downside, community service officers trained to handle lower level calls. ideally freeing up fuller officers for serious issues. when it is operational the councilman who represents the district believes it could save the department as much as a half million dollars a year in
6:56 am
decreases travel costs and also decrease response times here in the south bay which is the entire reason for why this substation was initially built. reporting live here in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. starting today, victims of the south napa earthquake can go to several locations to pick up cash to help them with essentials like food and shelter. according to the napa valley register, the napa community foundation is giving away $350,000 in money for people who need help right now. that money came from community donations including a $10 million gift from the napa valley vintners. others will screen applications for larger grant. another solar company, ipo'ing. i was like, is this the name of the company? >> a competitor to solar city. >> that's on me, i wanted you to
6:57 am
say ipo'ing, it's not an english word. >> vivid solar out of utah does the same thing as solar city does. it puts solar panels on your house, essentially for free, or no upfront cost. you pay less each month than you would to pg&e. really companies getting money off of tax breaks and long-term payment. in that sense, finance company really than green energy. cisco shares higher, the company cut its ceo's pay after poor sales. this idea floating cisco should break itself apart the way ebay and paypal did. the first day of the fourth financial quarter, most call it october 1st. nasdaq launching breast cancer awareness month. they use a gopro on the nasdaq. gopros on the nhl. getting together with the nhl start showing you a player's point of view. it should start later this
6:58 am
season coming up. >> that will be interesting. >> should be fun. >> especially when they start hitting each other. knocking out a tooth. >> we don't condone violence here. >> no, but you see that in hockey. >> very violent. >> final check of the top stories. family of the giants' fan brutally beaten outside dodger stadium in 2011 filed a new lawsuit against the dodgers. stow's attorney is suing the team trying to try odd recoup $3 million in insurance payments from stow for medical care following the beating. >> residents of the small southern california town waking up this morning in shock after learning that their mayor was shot to death by his own wife. bell gardens' mayor daniel crespo killed by his wife after he and the couple's 19-year-old son got into a physical altercation. so far she has not been charged with a crime. >> man in isolation in texas, the first ebola patient diagnosed here in the united states.
6:59 am
he was put in isolation for treatment. exclusive interview with the director of the cdc next on the "today" show. on your wednesday morning, nice weather in the office. >> it's magic hour right now. i have to love the technology that i get to work with here at nbc bay area. thank you, bosses. take a look at live pictures across the bay area. it really tells a story of the day. there's an absence of any low clouds, and what you're noticing there, beautiful pinks and oranges. just a gorgeous sunrise to drive to work under. >> all right. >> morning commute? >> i'll shoal you that sunrise, folks driving under it. golden gate bridge sunrise. no problem. building volume out of the north bay. rest of the overall view, standard look as far as color distribution. south bay starting to bog down. 280, new crash middle lanes. slowing north of campbell approaching the interchange.
7:00 am
>> maybe 17 later for people heading to the beach, a pretty day. >> theme going on here. see you in 25. >> good morning. it's here. the major fear tied to the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. will it spread? that patient now in isolation in dallas while officials attempt to track down anyone who came in contact with him. so how concerned should we be? we'll ask the director of the cdc. from bad to worse, how did secret service agents let an armed man with a criminal history into an elevator with the president? investigation under way this morning, one day after the agency's director is hammered on capitol hill for a string of other security breaches. breaking overnight a california mayor shot and killed by his own


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