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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> and i'm jessica aguirre. home alone and facing the barrel of a gun, a south bay high school student on summer break faces an armed burglar in his own home. the bad guy tying up the teen and then demanding cash. it happened on anjou creek court just before 1:00 this afternoon. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in almaden valley with more on this terrifying ordeal for that teenager. >> reporter: jessica, i talked to the victim's mother tonight. she didn't want to talk on camera, but she tells me while her son is not injured, he is shaken up by this ordeal. police say the teen did the right thing under pressure. he gave the intruder what he wanted and no one got hurt. a fellow repairman works on boarding up shattered glass door while police canvas an almaden valley neighborhood. looking for video that may have captured an image of an armed burglar that tied up a teenager in the middle of the day. >> it's scary, yeah. >> pretty brazen. >> reporter: people who live
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nearby are stunned. a man with a gun broke a neighbor's back door and confronted a 17-year-old high school student who was home alone while his mother and grandmother were out. police say the suspect tied the teenager up with zip ties, demanded money, and took off after the boy told him where to find some valuables. the teen was able to cut himself free and call for help. police say he was shaken but not injured. >> i'm glad i have a dog. >> reporter: tony was home at 12:50 when it happened. he didn't hear anything, but thinks his dog did. >> my dog was barking. i don't know if they came here first or if she was just barking at what was going across the street. but i don't think i'll be telling her to shut up any time in the near future. i'll be getting up and seeing what is going on in the neighborhood. >> reporter: there are lots of security cameras in the neighborhood. he says a string of burglaries here a year ago motivated neighbors to start recording. now he is looking into it. but says it's not the deterrent he thought it was. >> this is the house that's got
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more cameras than anyone in the neighborhood. i'm a little surprised. >> reporter: he won't be surprised if video from the victim's house provides important clues for police. people who live in this quiet neighborhood are eager for an arrest. >> i did talk to neighbors tonight who said they handed video over to the san jose police department. police are not releasing that video yet. reporting live in san jose, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. now to a story we first broke tonight at 5:00. we have learned the beleaguered san jose police department might be disbanding its motorcycle cops. according to a command staff member, the 11 motorcycle officers may be reassigned to patrol cars. the police officers union agrees the patrol units need more help in handling emergency calls and 911 response times. >> it's beyond strange. i think if you look at a city our size, we should be having a traffic unit that is twice the size. >> a spokesperson for the police chief said a final decision will come soon.
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a fiery and tense day for a usually quiet neighborhood. at least 80 firefighters were called in as people watched in fear. this was in san jose. the fire sent smoke billowing up into the sky just before noon. one family could see the smoke as they raced home from the gilroy area. now two homes caught fire on hampshire place near almaden expressway and terrell elementary school. firefighters from other cities were called into action. no word yet on what caused this fire. new tonight at 11:00, the water has finally stopped flowing in los angeles. crews finally got that massive water line break near the ucla campus. 20 million gallons of water may have been lost. that's double what they originally thought. and that section of sunset boulevard destroyed by the water main break, well, it will stay closed for another 48 hours. in the interim, officials say roughly 900 cars are still trapped in parking garages at ucla. and they may be stuck there until friday. we want to show you some video
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from yesterday which shows the geyser at its peak. water flooding out. six buildings on ucla campus filled with water including the recently renovated pauley pavilion, where the basketball team plays. more details now. water main breaks are becoming more common. there are more than 240,000 breaks a year across the country. most of them caused by an aging water system. now civil engineers say replacing the aging pipes could cost more than a trillion dollars. and the average age of a broken water main is about 47 years. many of the water minutes a in los angeles, though, are more than 100 years old. the d.a. says a well-known local car dealer swindled more than a million dollars from bay area investors. it was all part of a ponzi scheme. >> this is a story nbc bay area first exposed last year. tonight a new twist that prized a lot of people. well bring in our chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski. >> reporter: he plead no contest. it's the legal equivalent of
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guilty to nine felony charges, all connected to more than a million dollars he now admits to taking from bay area investors. >> he came into court and he said you got me. i'm not going to contest those charges. >> reporter: reaction from a deputy district attorney to ron battistella's decision to admit to fleecing bay area investors. >> the defendant was running a ponzi scheme, essentially. he was lying to investors. >> reporter: he has essentially entered a guilty plea. he is going to prison for what he did. your reaction. >> i'm stunned. i'm very stunned. >> reporter: she has asked us to protect her identity. she is one of nearly two dozen bay area investors who believed in ron battistella. >> and we're just overwhelmed with emotion of hearing that finally justice is going to be done. >> reporter: battistella admitted to nine felony counts, crimes that grew out of $1.3
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million that he received from investors. they saw this ad in bay area newspapers. it promised a 10% return on their investment. battistella ultimately walked away with their money why do you think he entered that guilty? >> he looked at the evidence against him and realized i can't defend this. >> reporter: the district attorney arrested battistella and filed charges a year after our investigation uncovered a trail of broken promises and missing money. he didn't like our story, and he didn't answer our questions circumstances that the right thing to do? will you explain? will you explain? >> sir, please stay away from him. please don't touch the camera. please don't push me, sir. >> get away from here. >> excuse me. >> mr. battistella, what do you say to the people who want to know where their money is? >> what is likelihood victims are going to get their money back? >> at the time of sentencing? there has been no indication that the defendant is prepared to make any significant
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restitution. towards the victims. >> this whole experience has broken our hearts that we are glad to see that justice is finally being done. >> reporter: by entering the plea and not taking it to trial, battistella now faces four to five years in a state prison. we contacted his attorney this afternoon, and he said they will not have a comment until after the sentencing. ron battistella returns to court for that sentence on august 21st. i'm tony kovaleski, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for tony kovaleski or anyone else in our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips, or send us an e-mail directly to the a list of lengthy accusations. not guilty. the high profile san francisco corruption case takes another turn. raymond was back in court today indicted on racketeering charges. chow's defense attorney says
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it's all a show and the fact that the grand jury indicted chow on more than 200 counts is a sign of weakness. the indictment details a list of alleged crimes and a lot of money changing hands. serra says his client did take some money from undercover agents, but people routinely gave him money. >> he was respected in this community for his community work. and so many people would gratuitously give him money. it wasn't like he was taking money, and it's not that much money. >> anything you want to say? >> tomorrow suspended state senator leland yee will be at the federal courthouse to be formally charged with racketeering. tonight the deadly ebola virus is now officially out of control in west africa. more than 700 dead, and hospitals even here in the bay area are reminding health care workers of the symptoms and the treatment options. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney joins ulive from san francisco general. terry, you spoke to an expert tonight who has comforting news for americans. >> yeah, he certainly did. even as the folks here at san
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francisco general hospital circulate the alert from the centers for disease control, this local public health expert is telling me we here in the bay area and across the country have practically nothing to worry about. in north carolina today, a person just back from africa came to this hospital exhibiting some of the symptoms of the ebola virus, vomiting, diarrhea, a corridor was closed off, anxiety levels rose, and then -- >> we realized there is no way the patient had ebola. >> the virus isn't transmitted on buses. >> dr. arthur reingold is head of the division of epidemiology at uc berkeley's school of public health. he says it is transmitted initially from animals to humans and is spread through direct contact with contaminated blood. >> the idea that we would have contamination on buses or airports or the average person on the street getting infected here in the united states, that's simply not likely to
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happen. >> reporter: still, the u.s. peace corps is pulling its volunteers from the region, and two americans in africa do have ebola, both with the missionary organization samaritan's purse. nancy writebol is a missionary with the organization. her son says she is improving, and his father is there with her. >> dad will not leave mom. dad has also stated particularly with the situation in liberia that he would not want us to visit. >> reporter: the other american with ebola is dr. kent brantly. doctors say he has also shown some improvements. other members of that group are returning to the u.s., but there will be mo mandatory isolation when they get back from africa. it will be just a subjective are you feeling well? and if you're not feeling well, you obviously want to put them into quarantine. >> reporter: there is some dispute about whether there is going to be a vaccine available. some say it could be around as soon as late next year. but in the meantime, all that anybody can do is to see the symptoms early and treat the patients with lots of fluids. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you, terry. next at 11, san jose police reveal they acquired a high-tech but controversial crime fighting tool. >> ideally, today will plant some seeds for these young children will now start asking about college, about technology. >> facebook helping to face the change of silicon valley workers. the outreach inspiring the next generation of tech visionaries. plus, the gut busting eye-opening new report on the unhealthiest restaurant meals in america. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. after another hot day with triple-digit temps, a mild night. right now 74 in livermore. 74 in danville. 86 in brentwood. but here is the thing. fog is building here in san francisco. who will cool down tomorrow and who is going to soar back up again, in just a few minutes.
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new tonight at 11, they'll be watching from above. a local police department is adding a drone to its force. we have just learned that the san jose police department has acquired the $7,000 drone to be used only for its bomb squad. the department used federal grant money to buy the unmanned aircraft. now grant is supposed to help the bomb squad with assessing threats. since it was bought be w federal funds, bomb squads in san francisco, oakland and other bay area agencies can use the drone. so far sjpd has not used this drone. well, some new video tonight. a single-engine plane crash in the middle of a san diego shopping center, killing an 80-year-old woman. officers say she was the only passenger on board when this plane went down in a parking lot
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used by target and costco. now the pilot suffered serious injuries. according to an faa spokesman, it looked as though the plane bounced while trying to land at a small local airport near qualcomm stadium. lawsuit against the president appears to be moving forward. today lawmakers approved a republican-backed plan to file a lawsuit against president obama accusing him of ex-keet seeding the bounds of his constitutional duty with the 2010 health care law. democrats blasted the measure, calling it an election year stunt. >> this is about the road to impeachment. and if it is not, the speaker has to say one simple sentence, impeachment is off the table. >> we cannot stand by and watch the president shred our constitution. >> president obama fired back today, warning republicans that he'll issue more executive orders. all three of california's top leaders were out of town on state business today. so california had its first openly gay governor for a few
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hours. assembly speaker tony atkins was acting governor today. it was only until governor brown returns tonight from his trade mission to mexico. atkins says in an e-mail that she wishes her parents could see this. and if governor brown wants a few more days away, i'm here for him. many times the best way to get ahead is to get exposed. silicon valley companies are often criticized for not doing enough to help the community. >> but that may be changing. facebook is thinking globally but acting locally. here is nbc bay area's cheryl hurd. >> crisscross. >> these kids are dancing and playing. behind the smiles and the sweat, they're also learning. >> ideally, today will plant some seeds for these young children will now start asking about college, about technology. >> reporter: and that may lead them to the largest social networking company in the world. facebook. there are 100 facebook interns participating in today's event. mentoring 300 first to fifth grade students from the entire
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community. >> a lot of these children aren't exposed to the opportunities. they don't get it at home. they don't have the opportunity. we need to give to it them in programs such as this to let them know they can be the future. >> companies like facebook have been criticized for not doing enough to diversify its workforce. facebook recently released this latest numbers. women make up 31% of its workforce. 91% of the employees are white or asian. >> we are located literally across the street from east palo alto and bell haven. and so we believe that it's our responsibility and it's something we would want to do is relationships with these local neighbors. >> you too? what number are you? >> reporter: 16-year-old rosy valencia is benefitting from these relationships. the east palo alto native is a part of a six-week summer internship program that is helping her expand her knowledge of the tech world. >> i kind of was intimidated by just technology alone because i was like how am i supposed to
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know any of this. it's something you learn in college. it's something many people think. so just the fact that i learned it now i think kids can be open to. >> reporter: valencia is already a rising star in technology. she is working on a prototype for an app to identify graffiti in our community, a community that is getting help from facebook to help local students keep up with the fast pace of silicon valley. in redwood city, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> very nice. did you notice the blue skies in that story? >> yes, beautiful. we expect that again tomorrow. >> yes. i think a repeat performance right there across parts of the peninsula. but really, if you're heading anywhere in your car tomorrow, you're not going to stay in the same location where you live and work. you're traveling either 10 or 15 miles outside of where you get up and where you head to work. that's where i'm going with this. you are going to find some drastically different temperatures. golden gate bridge 62 with typical fog moving in. check it out.
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the fog was not strong enough to drop those temperatures. walnut creek still jumped up to 101 degrees. this afternoon. we're going to talk more about the hot temperatures expected for tomorrow and also a few spots are going to be cooling off here coming up in about 35 seconds. let's go take you outside to the sky camera network right now. the thing you want to notice here we have cloud cover moving into the north bay. 57 right now. areas of fog and also drizzle in san francisco. and for the east bay, still mild at this hour. back in the tri-valley. temperatures in the mid-70s. and some of the clearest weather right now across the south bay and 64. as we head throughout tomorrow morning, i do definitely think at parts of telephone eastern shoreline across the bay will hold on to the cloud cover the most, along with san francisco. temperatures starting off at about 60. and for the north bay, areas of low cloud cover. the best start will go to the south bay, with temperature at 64. and also less humidity coming in that forecast. so speaking of which, let's go ahead and take you into that thursday.
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all week long, it has been all about this humidity lingering here across california. also some of those rogue thunderstorms producing some lightning strikes. but by tomorrow, that's going to be the next change. the signal in the forecast as we're going start to see less humidity. any kind of storms also shifting well off to the east. this area of high pressure that pushed up this subtropical moisture from the south is going to begin to fade. but hot air associated will be staying in the forecast. so hot air inland. and then here is the other added layer. right up against the coastline, we're going to have a coastal eddy. what you should know about this, it basically helps to keep the fog a lot stronger at the coastline. so we'll have fog at the coast. hot weather inland. it's going to give us the typical temperature spread from 60 to upper 90s for the interior valleys. so let's take a look at how the temperatures are going to play out for tomorrow. the closer you get to the coastline, that's where we're going to start to see temperatures going a little cooler for tomorrow. but once you get away from the coast, you're not going to notice too much of a difference for those temperatures. you're going see san jose
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tomorrow going down by a degree or two with a little bit of a wind off the bay. 89 degrees. farther away from the ocean influence, morgan hill, still going to be 96. for the coastline, 62 at pacifica. and then palo alto still popping up to 86 and sunny skies. and san francisco getting that cool fog and also, well, temperatures that will remain here in the 60s. we'll take you to the north bay, east bay and trivalley. here we go. here is an example of what is going to be happening tomorrow. oakland, 77. a cool wind coming off the bay. a little bit of cloud cover. and check it out in the tri-valley. just way too hot for that fog to make a difference. 100 expected in pleasanton. also 101 in livermore. by this weekend, are we finally going to shake the heat? it doesn't look like it at this point. you can see for the tri-valley, 99 for saturday. 96 on sunday's forecast. it's going to be some hot days for us for the interior valleys. but one spot that is going to be pretty comfortable, we know levi stadium is going to be opening up this saturday. not for the 49ers, but for the sounders and the earthquakes. temperatures in the 70s as they
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get that going off. so we're going to be out there checking it out. of course full coverage this weekend. >> looks great. thanks, jeff. still ahead, the unhealthiest restaurant food in the country. we'll tell you which restaurants made this dubious list. and of course we have jimmy. >> hey, raj and jessica and everyone in the bay area. heidi klum is my guest tonight. plus music from temple. you got the watch. we're on next.
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delicious but dangerous to your health. this year's extreme eating awards detailing the unhealthiest dishes you can order. and this one takes the cake. it's red robin's monster burger meal. it's a double cheese burger with bacon with bottomless french fries and a milk shake to boot. all together, more than 3500 calories. next up, cheesecake factory's bruleed french toast. the custard filling makes the
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dish 2800 calories with 93 grams of saturated fat, which is nearly a week's worth of a recommended serving. a shock accident on a massachusetts freeway. an ax flew off the back of a dump truck and smashed through the windshield of a car. a couple was driving home today when that ax hit the window at eye level. you can see it right there. remarkably, no one was hurt. the driver of the truck was cited for failure to secure cargo that citation carries a $200 fine. >> a little scary. up next is geraud moncure. a notable no show for 49ers at training camp today. stay with us.
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every mercedes-benz is made with the highest level of engineering... design... safety... and performance. our latest creation is no different. with one exception...
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introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz. good evening. i'm geraud moncure in the comcast sportsnet study quos. the giants had never endured a six-game home stand or more in which they failed to win a game since moving to the west coast. but that was the dilemma in today's series final hi against the pirates. g-men down 5-4. runners on second and third. one out. chris stewart walks travis snyder on second, starts to go to third thinking the bases were already loaded. jean machi spots him, gets him in a rundown and he is out. gaby sanchez on third tries to head home. he is eventually tagged out.
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an inning ending double play. it changed the entire game. bottom seventh, tied at 5. joe panik. he scores the go-ahead run. giants win, 7-5. >> it worked out today. and it's good to see the guys have a little success. again, it's been a tough home stand. but this was a big one to win as he we head to new york. off the field reports of uggla's demise in a giants uniform have been greatly exaggerated. the giants have not released a second baseman. see still on the time. colvin was optioned to aaa fresno this evening. a's and astros. series rubber game from minute maid park. jason hammel back on the hill for the a's, acquired from the cubs on july 4th, sporting that 7.11 e.r.a. a's down 4-0 in the first.
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6-0 houston after one. many the fifth now, oakland still trailing, 6-1. john singleton's turn, opposite field, two-run homer amount. the scoring is complete. that ends hamil ace day. his e.r.a. an astronomical 9.35. the a's lose 8-1. while the former athletics third baseman eric chavez has come to an end. chavez retired today after being on the disabled list with the arizona diamondbacks and not seeing action since june 8th. a first round draft pick by oakland back in 1996, he finishing as a career .268 hitter. and finally, 49ers back at work today minus linebacker aldon smith. smith absent from training camp earlier today. he was meeting with the l.a. city attorney's a office, a requirement after his april arrest at l.a.x. as announced earlier this month, smith will not be charged for allegedly making a false bomb threat that is it sports wise. more news coming up after the break.
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let's go kill some sharks! >> all righty, then. so bad it's good they say. a sequel to sharknado premiered on the sci-fi network tonight. this time a freak storm carrying deadly sharks hits new york city, causes widespread destruction. the original movie became a viral sensation on twitter, and
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even the national weather service, jeff, gave tips on what to do if sharknado hits your town. matt lauer and al roker got into the act as well. the today show hosts a cameo in the movie with roker warning about severe weather about to hit manhattan. roker, they should have picked jeff ranieri. >> i would have done a cameo for that one. i have to pull it up on the dvr. >> there were a few people in this newsroom glued to the television set this evening watching sharknado. >> sharks and tornadoes joining together. >> hopefully it doesn't come to the bay area for season three. >> cheesy. >> have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." ♪ tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- heidi klum,


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