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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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scheme. >> investors were not disappointed to see ron battistella in a jumper and handcuffs. he's now entered a no-contest plea. and we now know his next stop is a state prison. >> we are just overwhelmed with emotion at a hearing that finally justice is going to be done. >> she's one of nearly two dozen victims. she's asked us to hide her identity and reacting to the guilty plea. >> he's going to prison for what he did. your reaction? >> i'm stunned. i'm very stunned. >> reporter: in santa clara county court, battistella said he was responsible.
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>> he was running a ponzi scheme, lying to investors. >> reporter: we shined a bright light on his dealings, investments that started with ads like this, promising a 10% on return on investments into his car dealership. mr. after collecting $1.3 million from investors, he stopped making interest payments and didn't want to answer our questions about their money. >> reporter: will you explain, will you explain -- >> sir, please stay away from him. please don't touch the camera. please don't push me. excuse me. what do you say to the people who want to know where their money is? >> why do you think he enter thad guilty plea? >> i think he looked at the evidence against him. >> and realized? >> i can't he defend this.
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>> however, i won't be satisfied until each one of those victims gets every dollar that they've lost in this scam. >> reporter: satisfaction? >> there can never be any satisfaction in a situation like this. it's just been heartbreaking. i think he probably thought that he was invincible. >> by tennering a plea and not taking it to trial, he now faces four to five years in a state prison. we contacted his attorney this afternoon and said they will not have a comment until after the sentencing. that's scheduled for the end of next month. >> all right, tony, thank you. if you have a tip for tony cok lessski give us a call. san jose's fire department had to call half of its crews to one fire today. that's because the fire jumped from one house to another, putting the neighborhood on edge
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and in potential danger. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live. if half the crews were there at that one fire, how is the fire department covering the rest of the city? >> reporter: well, they needed more help from other cities. the fire department is still here mopping up at the scene. they did have to call five alarms for this massive fire. and as you said, the massive response meant more than half of the fire department on duty today was here. the flames sent plumes of smoke billowing into the sky. soap of it that the stafford family could see it as they raced home from gilroy. >> we just figured something was on fire. the closer we got, the more it looked like it was us, and our little boy started to panic and turned out he was right. >> it was really awful. a punch in the stomach. >> reporter: the family who lived in the home where the fire started didn't want to speak on
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camera. in the hot weather, extra precautions were taken to keep the fire department safe. >> right now it's reading just over 90 degrees. firefighters are working pants and turnout coats. >> reporter: as crews knocked down the flames, firefighter from other cities lended a hand, manning other stations in case another call came in. >> staffing wise, you can't handle the fire. >> right now we're calling for help. we're calling for help, and, you know, we're just doing what we can. >> reporter: now arson investigators are trying to determine what caused this fire that required such a large response. and the fire stations that had to be manned by other cities today, stations two, nine, 13, and 22. now ha does that mean for response times? well, it perhaps means slower response times, because these are firefighters who are not familiar with those
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neighborhoods. we're live in south san jose, damian trujillo. thanks, damian. san jose fire isn't the only city department struggling with staffing problems. we've learned that the san jose police department may make changes that would take all its motorcycle cops off the street. a disturbing crime in south bay. a boy home alone on summer break when thieves broke in and tied hill up. they forced their way inside the home on onjew creek court. the boy was not hurt, but the thieves did tie him up and took off with some items. the boy could not give a proper description of those suspects because they were wearing disguises. no word yet on any arrests in this home invasion. a new turn in a high-profile case. shrimp boy back in court to
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answer racketeering charges today. and his attorney said the charges mean nothing. >> reporter: that's what he said. unlieke leland yee, raymond shrimp boy chow is still in custody. he was in court to answer the latest in a very long list of charges. if he felt anything about being charged with a crime that could put him away for 20 years, the 54 year old did not show it in court, pleading not gylfi along with five other co-defendants, the arraignment was over in a matter of minutes. outside, his attorney held court before a gallery of cameras. >> at the core of the characteristic the government does not have any hard evidence against our client. >> reporter: the three year investigation failed to turn up any wrongdoing, he says. >> you wait and see. there will come a time when my client will be vindicated. >> reporter: federal prosecutors
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are not talking with reporters, but their grand jury indictment says plenty about a long list of crimes, and a lot of money changing hands. posing as a mobster, moving 50 cases of cognac, scotch, $96,000 for a shipment of stolen cigarettes, $150,000 for another shipment. and each time, chow receiving a payment for setting up the deal. add to that racketeering that takes in narcotics, gun running. his attorney call it is absurd. >> he has more charges than anyone i've ever represented. over 200 charges. what an absurdity that is. >> reporter: what about taking money from undercover operatives. if he did nothing, why was he accepting payments? he says people just gave him money. >> he was respected in this community for his community work. so many people would gratuitously give him money, so it was not like he was taking money, and it's not that much
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money. >> reporter: tony says raymond chow was a gangster but did his time, had an epiphany, took in essence, a vow of poverty, and people gave him money. it's a story we've heard out on the sidewalk today, everybody wondering how it's going to play inside before a jury. reporting from the federal courthouse, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. one city's plan to relocated homeless has turned into another city's headache. you remember we reported in april, the city of albany cleared out dozens of homeless campers and paid them $3,000 each to move, which many of them did, simply heading over to berkley. now the overpass got so packed that the city moved in and cleared it out. now people have set up camp in an industrial area of berkley. >> i don't think you hand somebody $3,000 and say you have to promise to leave our city. that's not the way to handle the situation.
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they were basically paying people to leave town. and i don't think that's acceptable behavior. >> albiany believes its program has been successful while finding 26 people homes. a raging fire damaged homes, shooting out of this house on high street. it knocked out power to the neighborhood. 18 people ended up displaced. no word on what caused it, but the good news is no one was hurt. still ahead, worse than they previously thought, that uc. will a water main break is still leaking. questions about why it's taking so lock to stop it, plus. it's going to be like riding on a cloud. it's amazing. >> and it's a ride like you've never had before, the new train in the bay area. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. beautiful shot here from tiburon looking back toward that coastal
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fog moving in right now. while it's cool there we're talking about hot weather in sunol. we'll talk about who will hit the triple digits.
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okay. look at it. that's the before and after as one of the west coast's leading university struggles with millions of gallons of water cascading through the school from a broken water main. the mess has also closed part of the sail sunset boulevard. one day after the flood, the magnitude of the cleanup is timely coming into focus, and it is not a pretty picture. details from patrick healey. >> reporter: good evening from sunset boulevard outside the ucla campus. behind us you sigh the crews still working. this is one of those situations where day two reveals problems more severe than first realized. and crews have been working all
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day simply twrrying to get the water shut off completely. take a look at the chasm that has continued filling with water the day supposedly after the valves have been shut off. but water still poured through a b bad valve and not a little. it was linked by a y-connector that also failed. but crews can't fix any of that until they shut off the water, and they still haven't been able to get one of the aging valves to shut off. >> once we have that done, we'll as quickly as possible get going on the actual repairs that need to be made so we can get the street open. >> reporter: twrofficials acknowledging they have to do something about the aging water pipes. >> that's one hell of a pothole.
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>> reporter: most of it rushed down upper westwood boulevard into the ucla campus. this morning, mud was still being squeejyed away from the paul paulie pavilion. and two parking structures contain an estimated 900 autos. >> a lot of my friends are very worried. >> reporter: they are discussing infrastructure. with the pump, the water level is coming down, but with the lowest level, the water is to the ceiling. >> we think by the end of the day friday we'll have the water completely out of the garage and be able to move some of these vehicles out here. >> reporter: summer sessions were able to continue in the largely academic portion of campus, but some classes were curtailed. >> it's depression. we already don't have enough money, and in a drought, and paying for a disaster is the last thing we need.
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>> reporter: it's been an ongoing issue for the city of los angeles. and upgrading the water system to even a 100-year replacement cycle will cost $4 billion. money that taxpayers may not want to spend. on sunset boulevard, outside ucla, patrick healey reporting from nbc bay area news. back here in the bay area, she's running for reelection in oakland today. a crowd of supporters joined mayor jean quan on the courthouse steps. she filed the official paperwork declaring her intent to run. she assumed office in 2011 and now faces a steep uphill battle with about 20 rivals challenging her for the job. the election is november 4. and a big upgrade for bart, and it's all about the oakland airport. catching a plane will soon be easier than ever. bart is now connecting its train to oakland international. this has been years in the making. how fast is it?
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and when does this officially open? >> reporter: well, good evening, raj. the tram will be coming by every four to five minutes. in a sense, you're almost always moving. no getting caught at a red light, like what might happen if you were to ride on a bus. and today, the connector took a big step forward. the tram is three cars pulled by a cable system. the trains are now being tested, fully automated. no driver, rubber wheels and a very smooth ride. >> it's going to be like riding on a cloud. it's amazing. >> reporter: today we got a look at the wheel house where the trains are pulled midway between the oakland airport and the coliseum station. >> there's nine intersections, and traffic can vary from day to day depending on what events are happening. so, as i said, the reliability should be much greater. >> reporter: that bus rout will now be replaced by the tram. the bus ride could take about 20 minutes depending on traffic.
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the tram can get you door to door in 12. >> it helps with transportation, helps you connect to the airport. >> reporter: but the new quicker system will cost the rider $6. the bus costs $3. i have to, but overall it costs more money. >> i got stuck on raiders game days circling forever. >> reporter: at $484 million, the project to critics who thought it was too expensive, it is expected to open before thanksgiving. >> i think its connection has been studied for many decades and maybe long overdue, and these things are always pretty expensive to put in. >> reporter: and a number of riders told us that they really did not enjoy wrestling all their luggage onto a bus and then getting it here, wrestling it down and into the airport. spoke briefly with the airport today, and they say when the date gets closer you'll see
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signs starting to go up inside the airport. >> looking forward to that. thank you, christie. time to check in with jeff ranieri. >> we've got some widespread temperature extremes. right now we have seen the fog coming back into san francisco. 66 degrees right now. a beautiful shot right up above the fog. now we're going to take you into the fog throughout downtown san francisco. you can see the trans-america building with clouds moving in. pretty thick at times. likely some drizzle for tonight. awesome shot. all right. let's get you into the sky camera network right now. and you can see across the rest of the bay a little cloud cover in san jose, currently 76 degrees and throughout the peninsula, 74 and clear. check out this shot in woodside. this is why we live in the bay area, right? beautiful view across the peninsula. now let's get a look at what you're going to see for tomorrow. and what you're going to see is we still cannot get rid of this
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triple digit heat across the east bay interior valleys. tomorrow, another day of 101 degrees. so dangerous heat expected there. want to make sure to drink plenty of water. we'll average 90 in the north bay, for the peninsula, 86 and for the south bay, 89. we'll have drier air in place as well. now my next concern in the forecast is really going to be the wind. we are going to see it gust up there thursday and also friday, 15 to 20 miles per hour. that's going to keep the fire danger on the increase at least through the early part of the weekend. all right, speaking of which, let's get you to that weekend forecast. little quick preview. we know we've got it on the screen on the scrolling seven-day. temperatures to near 90 in the south bay. and an it will remain hot around parts of the tri valley. if you're heading to levi's stadium for the opening day, looks as if we'll have temperatures in the 70s right around 7:00, you guys. we'll have more in the forecast
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anytime on an edge over the vines. grape growers start harvest time with a lot weighing on them. the biggest concern? next year's wine supply. more than 40,000 people are expected at levi this weekend. and local businesses are just trying to prepare. some restaurants are hoping they have enough food and drinks to go around. i'm michelle roberts. that story is coming up.
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the fire rages on near yosemite, and the latest challenge, protecting a cluster of rare, giant sequoia trees. the fire that started saturday has scorched more than 5 square miles and is about a third contained. several homes remain under evacuation orders. the park remains open for
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everyone. could san francisco's minimum wage go to $15 per hour? that answer will come on election day. the minimum wage right now, $10.74 an hour. but if voters say yes in november, the minimum wage will climb to $15 by 2018. 45,000 soccer fans will pour into levi's stadium. since there are only a handful of restaurants around, it could turn into a crush. michelle roberts is right outside of one of the restaurants. >> reporter: the owner says he is excited about this and has been waiting for it to open up for years. it's right across the street pt he says people will be coming from around the country and he wants them to eat at his restaurant. you may want to book quickly, rooms are filling up. the 49ers are getting ready for the 2014 season.
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and so are their neighbors. >> we're using this saturday, just like the 49ers are as a little bit of a test. >> reporter: erik smith is the g.m. at the san 5 clara hilton. the stadium is in his back yard. >> we will sell out every single weekend. >> reporter: that includes this weekend, giving the hotel a chance to feel what 45,000 fans feels like. >> i have every single manager, whether you're in accounting or sales, everybody's here saturday. everybody has a position and responsibility. >> reporter: down the street, chicken and waffles are on the menu at butter and zeus. they have hired some part time employees so that the line out the door hopefully won't be a long wait. >> we are preparing for a super-crazy saturday and having as much food and everything as
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we can on hand before. >> reporter: a golfer's hang out for decades now making changes. new tvs on the wall and updated patio furniture and more beer. >> we stocked up all the way to the top. >> reporter: david is expecting 2,000 to 3,000 soccer fans packed in here on saturday. he will triple his normal staff and welcome the business. . >> we are very excited about it, and everything's going to be great. >> reporter: there are only about a dozen restaurants within walking distance of levi's stadium and even fewer bars, so wherever you're going, you're looking at a long wait. along with food being an issue, finding parking might be an issue. it will certainly be a big test for game day fans. the city's pileup parking program starts up this saturday. all day parking will only be
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available around the caltrans station. they will have to pay $10. you can find maps that will help you get into levi's stadium. click on how to get to levi's on our web page and scroll down to the map. that's still ahead here at 6:00, the new alternative to the emergency room, a plan that to bring er paramedics to you. and taking the president to court, the latest steps to sue mr. obama and what republicans are hoping to accomplish. could the motorcycle traffic cop become a thing of the past in the area's biggest city? why the department says that kind of cut may be unavoidable.
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could they be riding into the sunset? the san jose police department is considering a move that could make these motorcycle traffic cops a thing of the past, being taken off the city streets. we begin tonight at 6:30 with a nbc bay area exclusive. we've learned the sjpd is evaluating what could be a bold move. robert honda broke the story on our 5:00 newscast and joins us now with more details. >> reporter: well, the commanders here say they have not made a final decision yet, but options reveal there is not much of a future for such an important symbol of the past. the picture of a motorcycle cop
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is a strong image for any police department, and many people we talked to were disappointed that symbol might vanish in san jose. >> they're out on the streets, they're watching over us. it's get a ticket, maybe you're supposed to because you're going too fast. >> reporter: but the police deet has other worries besides image. the chief's office confirmed it may redeploy 11 officers to patrol because right now the department cannot respond to all 911 calls. >> the whole premise behind this is obviously to go ahead and help our patrol unit out. >> reporter: the police union reluctantly agrees. >> it's beyond strange. if you look at a city our size, we should have traffic twice the size. >> reporter: it may keep some officers on motorcycles to work with patrol units for certain situations. people we talked to were concerned. >> i'm assuming they have a recipe to combat some of the things that are going on, which
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is home burglaries and home invasions. >> reporter: now the chief's office says those types of crimes are driving the measure being considered. if the trafkt unit is cut, it would be the first unit to be completely eliminated since the gang unit was disbanded years ago. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. the hunt is on for those targeting pizza delivery drivers. it happened to two drivers monday night. thieves jumped into delivery cars, pulled guns and robbed the drivers. one of the drivers was able to go right back to the house where he had just made a delivery. >> we told him to get inside because of the weapon. and then we called 911. >> both of the robberies happened about two miles from each other in the span of about an hour. new evidence of a house
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divided. house republicans authorized the lawsuit against president obama. the suit claims president obama went beyond his constitutional powers in the way he enforced the 2010 health care law or obamacare. democrats called the suit a waste of taxpayers' time and money. some said this is the first step toward impeaching the president. the vote allows house lawyers to draft legal documents over the five-week summer recess which begins on friday. a stern warning tonight to israel from the united nations. the u.n. has confirmed that one of the schools used as a refugee shelter was attacked by the israeli military. the u.n. warns it is a serious violation of international law. but israeli leaders insist it was defending itself from rocket fire coming from that school. more than 1300 people have been killed in the last 23 days. most have been palestinian civilians. expanding trade in mexico
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and california. the goal of the new agreement that governor brown signed today in mexico city. it promotes manufacturing and allows mexican companies to access i-hub, which is california's innovation network. it also includes a new agreement protecting the rights offing my rant workers here in california. winemakers celebrating the beginning of wine harvest. wine producers are predicting an abundant harvest, but that could change. joe risotto junior shows us why many winemakers have a watchful eye on the sky. >> reporter: high in the hills of cupertino, don toils over his 10 acres of wine grapes with a startling view. >> the joy of making a good quality wine with my own hands. >> reporter: his own hands, his
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own sweat. >> start from scratch. i planted the grapes. i fertilize them. >> reporter: go into every bottle. >> it's total stress relief here. it's what makes life happy. >> reporter: but his stress is rising with every rainless season. >> i've never seen it this way, ever. >> reporter: he sees it down the hill in the stevens creek reservoir. and now he sees it on his vines. >> that's what drought will do to it, and it will crinkle up on you. >> reporter: he is struggling through another year of drought. he expects to survive this year with a decent grape harvest. next year -- >> if we don't get any rain next year, maybe a 30% reduction in grapes, because what we're going to do is cut them off to save the plants. we're a real small winery. if we don't get irgags, it's going to affect husband financially. >> reporter: winemakers from cupertino to livermore are
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seeing the same tune. [ phone ringing ] >> that's god saying it's going to rain tomorrow. >> reporter: acres and acres of wine and worry. >> we die as a community. >> reporter: he expects a good harvest despite the drought. >> we'll survive. but if we have this same weather next year -- >> reporter: and that's the big question. >> to be honest with you, i don't like that question, because i don't sleep good thinking about it. >> reporter: he says another dry year could mean smaller crops, bigger prices. >> yields go down 30%, you could talk 20%, 30% increase in prices. >> reporter: but up on his ridge with a view of the silicon valley, he figures the only thick to do is look up. >> we'll make it through. eventually, mother nature will get us our rain back. >> reporter: joe risotto junior, nbc bay area news. >> i've tried his wine. it is excellent. the worst of the worst.
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we reveal the most artery-clogging meals across the nation. and the restaurant taking a stand against one particular group of people. and should you say no to a little sunshine? how effective is sunscreen really at blocking out dangerous ultra violent rays and more suntan lotion claims, next on reality check. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. the fog is continuing to roll into san francisco right now and 66 degrees. very cool temperatures, despite the fact that we're still forecasting some spots to hit 101 tomorrow. we'll tell you who will get that hot and how long it's going to last in just a few minutes.
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cell phone cramming is getting the attention of the u.s. senate, cell phone cramming is when third party adds charges to a cell phone bill without the customer's knowledge. carriers are not only aware of the practice but are taking a cut of the money, up to 40 cents for every dollar charged. the senators reported on it and told consumers to look at their bills closely. the charges would be for more scopes. paramedics making non-emergency house calls. the goal is to reduce the demands on emergency rooms by allowing paramedics to be a sort of bridge between communities and health care services. today was the second public
6:40 pm
hearing on a proposed pilot program. since paramedics are mobile they could check on patients with chronic ailments such as diabetes, saving them a trip to the ernlts r. if approved they could launch test programs in 12 areas across the state. these meals will break the scale. the extreme eating awards were announced. and some of the dishes come request enough calories to last you two days. coming in first, red robin's monster deal. more than 3500 calories. it is the single, unhealthiest meal you can order. second place, it cheesecake factory's brule. fat which is about a full-week's worth. and the big slap, the spareribs at famous dave's, a pound and a
6:41 pm
half of meat, with two sides and corn bread muffin for 2700 calories >> we were going to go to red robin tonight. you want to go? >> i'll pass. >> my mouth is literally watering right now. >> whatever you don't ieat, brig back. we got you covered. you can see mainly clear skies across oakland. but we'll talk more about the fog and where it could drop temperatures by a few degrees. i'm gerard moncure. the brandon lloyd come back with the 49ers continues and q. brgets colin kaepernick is impressed. and the giants still have it. i'll show you the come back today against the pittsburg pirates in a little bit.
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no kids allowed. that's the message from a popular monterey restaurant, it goes on to say that crying little ones are a distraction to other diners. parents say it's offensive, but the restaurant owner is not backing down. >> a place has a rule, either you abide by the rules or you find a place that's more suitable to your dining. >> he says his business has never been better. lettes ta's take you outsid. plenty of sunshine means plenty of sunburns. >> the surgeon general has warned people about a skin cancer crisis and we have ideas about what's causing it. sam brock looks at common claims about skin care and separates
6:45 pm
the fact from fiction. >> one of the reasons cited in the report is no surprise, the wide-spread presence of tanning beds. with case of melanoma on the rise, are we expected to avoid the sun all together? isn't that what sunscreen is for? here's the reality of using sunscreen. it's summer's calling card, a time to plunge, paddle, and apply that sun skrine. after all, better to be safe than sorry, right? but will all that time bumming at the beach or toll take its toll on your skin even if you are taking precautions? the surgeon general fears that could be the case. >> skin cancer rates are increasing. >> he's dispatched an unpress didn dented call to action. claim one, wearing any sunscreen
6:46 pm
protects you. that's wrong. when you look at the bottle and it says spf 4 or 50, that tells how well it blocks uva rays. ground breaking research from the london institute of cancer found sunscreen does not provide protection against the deadliest form of skin cancer, even spf 50. an spf of 4 like that this deep tanning oil only blocks about half the rays. spf 50 blocks 90%. once you get above 50, the fda says there's no discernible difference. so slather on all the spf 100 you want, you can't outlast the benefits of the other
6:47 pm
sunscreens. waterproof lotion? well, the fda has stated there's no such thing as waterproof sunscreen and companies can't promise it smi moany more on th labeling. sunscreen can help reduce the risk but can't prevent it. >> i learned about three or four things in that segment. how much sunshine's coming our way? >> a lot right now, even across the peninsula in woodside, can you see as the sun sets plenty of uva rays. another hot day on the way for tomorrow. you can also see across the sky camera network right now we're mainly clear throughout a lot of the east bay, but you look back towards san francisco, that's where that coastal fog is holding on steady now at 66 degrees. in the south bay after dealing with a few days of humidity, a lot drier air now and 76.
6:48 pm
so let's get you to the weather pattern. we have been tracking the humidity across the bay and the rogue showers moving in and throughout california with numerous lightning strikes. but what we're starting to see right now is a lot of the humidity beginning to decrease at the moment. it helped bring the subtropical moisture from the south and it's beginning to fade. the high pressure is going to stay for the weekend. but it's going to mix with fog. so we're going to have widespread temperature extremes, anywhere from 60 to 100. the thing we're also monitoring is what's called a coastal eddy. there's little to no hope of this fog eroiding. that coastal eddy helps to amplify that fog. we're going to be locked in the fog. and for those interior valleys, anywhere from 80s to 90s. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head
6:49 pm
throughout thursday. san jose is going to be very comfortable here. a mix of sun and clouds. 89 degrees coming your way, hotter in morgan hill with 96 degrees. you get away from any influps of the bay and you'll see temperatures skyrocket. throughout the peninsula it will be 62 in pacifica, palo alto, sunny and 76. we'll keep the 60s across the embarcadero and marina. we've had some of the hottest temperatures for the last seven or eight days, another hot day for the tri valley. 100 in pleasanton, 101 expected in livermore. for the north bay we'll start to see temperatures decrease an a little with 89 degrees. let's take you into the weekend forecast. let's say you're not staying around the bay area but heading
6:50 pm
toward the higher elevations. you should know reno is going to be hot, also sunny. 96 degrees on sunday. tahoe near the lake, 82 degrees. for yoe sim tie, 75. and mt. whitney looking at 70. so even at the higher elevations it's going to be a toasty one. you can get more on the forecast any time on nbc bay up next, 49ers news. we'll take you out to summer training camp. gerard moncure joins us next. [ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast.
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double the speed. [ heart beats ]
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let's bring in gerard
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moncure. 40,000 fans and a nice healthy dose of torture this afternoon. >> it certainly was. but you know what, they found a wray to get it done. giants in need of a couple things this afternoon in the series finale against the pittsburg pirates. the first one is offense which had been mia. the second, a victory. g-men down. chris stewart walks. travis snyder and they had the thinking bases loaded. they get a run down and brandon crawford tags him out. changing the entire momentum of the game. bottom of the seventh, joe pan neck on third. and the giants go on to win 7-5. >> it worked out today. and it's good to see the guys have a little success and, you
6:54 pm
know, again, it's been a tough home stand, but this was a big one to win as we head to new york. a's and astros. justin hammel back on the hill. he's sporting a 7.11 e.r.a. as an athletic, a's down 4-0 in the first. and a two-run homer, 6-0 after the one. and his efrnls rrnls a.dr eric chavez retired today at the age of 36 after being on the disabled list with the arizona diamondbacks and not seeing action since june 8. a first-round pick in 1996 he
6:55 pm
finishes as a career .268 hitter with 260 home runs and 902 rbis. a healthy michael crabtree and the return of a focused brandon lloyd to the 49ers receiving corps. to reasons to believe they will take full flight this season. he returns as a much more mature and polished receiver since his departure in 2005. the ten-year vet has made stops in st. louis and new england most recently and brings reliability to the niner offense. >> just gives you that much more confidence when you drop back that you're going to have a receiver where he's supposed to be and that timing. and he's been there through camp. he's been there through otas on time. so that gives all of us confidence. finally, levi's stadium hosting the media day. cal, stanford, san jose all represented and ready to get the
6:56 pm
2014 campaign rolling. >> a lot of excitement in our program, lot of optimism. we realize we have a lot of work to do, but we're ready to get started. >> they're all difficult. a lot of road games. a lot of good home games also. hopefully we'll see you guys there. because no matter who shows up, we have a mantra, we don't care who we play or where we play, we only concentrate on how we play. >> cal travels to northwestern, while san jose state gets a visit from north dakota on thursday august 28. you guys ready for some football? because i certainly am. >> football football? or earthquake soccer? we got to clarify that. >> ready to try the concessions out there too. >> you can watch sports net central tonight at 10:30. >> jeff is hungry. he keeps commenting on food.
6:57 pm
>> i know. i know. we were talking about all the great food you can get at levi's stadium. in san francisco, we have plenty of fog rolling in right now. cooling at the coastline. much needed cooling. you can see the fountains going at chavez park. temperatures were in the 90s today. and check it out for tomorrow, another hot day inland, pleasanton, 100. and napa, a little cooler there with 91 degrees, but still warm on the grapevines. and we did talk about levi's stadium. in the south bay, we're going to average 90 for the high, but if you're headed out there -- i don't know if you can tailgate at this kind of event, but if you're headed there early for the sounders and earthquakes, we're going to have temperatures twh the 80s at 5:00, and 70s at 7:00. >> i have no luxury seats.
6:58 pm
>> now it's time for dinner. for you too, jeff. you want to save money on car insurance? no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things? fuggedaboud it. this is new york. hey little guy, wake up! aw, come off it mate! geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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new video, orlando bloom throwing a punch at justin bieber. what sparked the nightclub brawl now on "extra." caught on camera, orlando bloom slugging justin bieber in ibiza. did bieber crack a sex joke about orlando's ex-wife? plus, orange is the new bieber, why justin's behind bars. >> bachelorette bad guy nick on the "extra" hot seat today. his first interview since humiliating andi on national tv. >> i'm not sure why you made love with me. >> calling her


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