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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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into the ucla campus. what officials are doing to assess the damage. and israeli tank shells hit a school filled with sleeping children, seeking a safe place during all of the violence. the latest developments from the middle east, coming up. good morning, i'm meteorologist christina loren. happy to report not as muggy today. by tomorrow humidity drops, back to bay area standards for this time of year. heat remains for the weekend. great ways to keep cool in your microclimate weather forecast. >> humidity's dropping down on the road. we'll talk about the fog and the bay bridge toll plaza and other spots in the south bay. live look outside this morning. it is wednesday, 30th of july. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez, in for laura
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garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. breaking news, crews have put out a fire in oak. you can see flames from earlier in the house there. fire crews got there a house next door had already caught fire, flames so intense they had to call for backup. broke out around 3:40, took over an hour to get all of this under control. this happened melrose avenue, just a few blocks away from high street. flames took down power in the area. that's impacting dozens of people in that neighborhood. we do not know when power will be restored yet. but, everybody inside both homes safely evacuated. no reports of injuries. the cause of the fire under investigation. developing now in gaza, israeli military declare a four-hour cease-fire in some areas of the gaza strip. israel says this is for humanitarian reasons. it's unclear whether the cease-fire has anything to do with the overnight attack on a
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school serving as a u.n. sheller in gaza. the u.n. says the school was hit by israeli tank shells reportedly killing children as they slept. this is the second time a school serving as refugee shelter under a u.n. flag has been hit. at least 15 people were killed, 90 others hurt. the school's located in a refugee camp where tens of thousands of palestinians are seeking shelter from intense fighting. shells reportedly hit two classrooms serving as bedrooms. israel has not commented on this shelling but has said in the past it does not intentionally target schools. overnight, more explosions lit up the city which was mostly left in the dark by an air strike that hit gaza's power plant yesterday. the israeli military is targeting hamas command centers. in three weeks of fighting, more than 1200 palestinians have been killed with 50 israelis.
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happening now, nearly 300 rescue workers headed to the scene of the massive mudslide in western india. you can see the extent of the damage from some of the photos. heavy rains caused a hillside to just give way. now, about 40 homes are buried and as many as 150 people could be trapped under dozens of feet of mud and debris. happening now, crews in southern california racing to clean up after this, a water main in los angeles burst on sunset boulevard sending 35 gallons of water a minute. bet it's more than that. rushing on to the ucla campus. now crews have to spend all day fixing the buckled roadways. a live picture from our helicopter in los angeles. there's the roadway and the water main. the water just poured throughout the university and into pauly pavilion.
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"today in the bay's" stephanie chuang joins us now. >> the damage, talking about 35 gallons a minute of water, you can see shooting up at some time. the work expected to continue into today for sunset boulevard and the ruptured pipe. the pipe, 93 years old that broke, sending up a geyser of 30 feet, forcing open a 15-foot hole in the street. 10 to 15 million gallons of water lost. after crews trugled to get to the scene and had to research which valve to turn off. many forced to wade through the water and mud. two underground parking lots filling up, a hundred vehicles, several people stranded and struck. crews rescuing five of them, at times using inflatable boats, to get to them. >> ucla was the sink for the
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water source. we have no reported injuries. the most important thing is everybody's safe. >> that's the good news. it was tough for many to see this image. the university's storied basketball court flooded at times under eight inches of water. it has undergone $132 million renovation less than two years ago. this happening during our history ex-drought when californians are facing $500 per day. another live shot from nbc chopper showing all of the work happening. the city taking heat for all of the work happening, city leaders trying to figure out what caused this leak. one water department official saying there's no system to determine when there needs to be a new water line. >> stephanie strong, thank you. >> crews working for hours to turn off the geyser, some wandering about campus and decided to make the best of it. people pulling out boogie boards and body surfing flowing waves. good news, again, no one hurt,
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stephanie will continue to monitor the cleanup effort all morning long. more coverage of the massive mess near the ucla campus on our website. we posted i have yo and a slide show, water wasters face hundreds in fines may be off the hook because the water police cannot hand out fines yet. "today in the bay's" derek shore joins us live in san jose. city and water companies trying to deal with the issue. they got water police but no enforcement. >> reporter: that's right. it's legal to water grass, lawns, that you see in front of me. it's illegal to water the ground. and water the sidewalk along the street as you see. that could be means for a fine. but writing the ticket is what's at issue. the water board decided to pass the regulation that could hit water wasters with $500 fine because it appeared the state
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was not conserving enough. the problem is that most cities and water providers are racing to catch up with the emergency regulation. the santa clara valley water district tells us most have to change their administrative codes to legally issue citations. some need to get city council approval, some need approval from the state puc. santa clara valley water will be doing the same thing they've been doing, educating users. >> i would say education does lead to water savings so we'll continue do that. >> reporter: last week the santa clara valley water board elected to spend 500,000 to hire water educators. we'll see how effective that will be. of course, all of the local agencies working hard now to get with their administrative lawyers, to get with the state, to the ability to write tickets and do it as quickly as possible.
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derek shore, "today in the bay." >> reminds me put out the garbage. water educators, was it, not quite as much -- water cops. water cops. >> they don't have water guns, they have tickets. >> that's good. >> good morning. you know what? scott brings up a valid point, it's like taking out the trash. we want it it to be that familiar, always on the brain. always conscious of it that way, you'll always be conserving water. i'm the one who tells you guys how important it is to conserve, i have to remind myself all of the time. 61 degrees in san francisco. as i always point out, the places where you are using the most water outdoors, in the bathroom where you take showers and appliances. if you can cut back in those areas you'll be doing the state of california a great service. if you're heading outdoors right
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now, we have fog to tell you about. it's cloudy, overcast at the coast. mild temperatures, nice, hard to beat. decreasing humidity. notice the difference today. by tomorrow we'll be back to bay area standards for this time of year, back to the dry heat. mild evening temperatures, that's when the onshore flow will strengthen. as you make your way home from work, see low clouds starting to move in off the ocean and over the coastal mountains, 85 for the peninsula today. 91 south bay. we have to wait for the cool oh ocean air to move in. north bay, hot for today. but we'll take temperatures down as we get into the weekend which means we're looking really good for wine country this weekend. we'll show you what we're expecting up there coming up in a moment. on the peninsula, 85. east shore today, comfortable conditions. 70s. looking good out in the tri-valley. not too hot for today. but still, hot day coming your
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way 97. no triple digits. like i said, dry heat returns tomorrow, feel more bearable. let's find out how bearable the drive is. mike makes it easier. >> you're sweet, but they don't have me in the car and then i get annoying on a long trip. golden gate bridge, humidity we're talking about. it was 4% too humid for me. here the fog, cutting off our view anywhere beyond that south tower, the view on the bridge, it's not slowing down folks too much but you should slow down a bit. bay bridge toll plaza, you'll have to slow down because metering lights are on. backup forms this morning. we show you the map and we don't see anything unusual but 580 from 24 shows the slowdown. pattern typical, earlier than we've seen the amount of backup. in the city, giants game 12:45, that means noon time backup after it clears from the morning
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commute. on the right side we have the fire location near melrose and 46th. the fire's out but may a power disruption. keep that in mind, local traffic. tri-valley, no major issues. typical light build for livermore. south bay northbound 101 shows typical build as well. watching roads and rails, no major delays for any of the systems, at least none they're reporting. but we watch twitter because people complain if there's any delays. >> people inform. >> inform, sorry. >> thanks, mike. time is 6:11. still ahead -- back in court. we could hear from one of the major players in the political scandal surrounding leland yee. we have a live report from the courthouse in san francisco next. take you back out live in los angeles. this is that sunset boulevard water main break, just astonishing pictures to show you. stick around. we see ucla go from bruins to ruins.
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today's top stories. palestinians and u.n. relief wo workers, looking for anything worth saving. the school serving as u.n. shelter when hit by shells, reportedly killing children in their sleep. 15 dead, 90 hurt. crews worked through the night to restore the ucla campus after a massive water main break between 8 and 10 million gallons of water lost. the entire city of los angeles uses 55 million gallons a day. at its peak, the geyser shooting water 30 feet into the air. 18 people, including 8 children, displaced following a fire that burned in 2 homes in oakland. pg&e had to shut off the power. there was a live line that's not believed, though, to be the
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cause of the fire. crews are still trying to figure out how it started. >> today, one of the central figures in a corruption case connected to suspended state senator leland yee will be in court. outside the federal court in san francisco where raymond "shrimp boy" chow will face a judge, hoping that he might get released today. >> reporter: that's a big hope. grand jury expanded recently the charges against raymond "shrimp boy" chow, to include racketeering. he'll be in federal court to answer to that new charge. racketeering is a series of criminal acts to promote a corrupt enterprise. for chow, prosecutors say the 54-year-old was running a criminal organization that trafficked guns, drugs, stolen goods and laundered money through chinatown gang which undercover fbi agents infiltrated during a years' long investigation that netted more
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than two dozen arrests. chow headed the gang since 2006. the new charge is on top of a slew of previous charges that include murder for high and corruption. chow's attorney says all is a fabrication and that the new indictment is good news. >> for them to come out with a superseding dime is alleging the same facts as the same indictment is a sign of weakness in the prosecution. >> reporter: the new 88-page indictment adds racketeering charge to suspended state senator leland yee who will be arraigned this week on that charge. former school board member keith jackson pleaded not guilty monday for racketeering. chow remains at the jail in dublin. his attorneys expected to try to get him out on bail. one count of racketeering is -- can net someone up to 20 years in prison. live in san francisco for "today in the bay." happening now, crews
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scrambling to catch up with a fire after poor overnight humidity near the el portal fire. this is on the western side of yosemite national park. in addition, weather in the area expected to be 100 degrees or better today. since the fire started saturday, it's already burned more than 3500 acres and is only a third contained. people who have been kept out of their homes for days can go back, though. crews battling a while fire near sacramento continue to make progress. authorities lifted evacuation orders for all but 45 homes that were at one time in the path of that fire. crews did find six more houses burned to the ground. that raises the number of homes destroyed to 19, and their fire 85% contained. closer to home, pleasanton park popular with swimmers will reopen today following last week's high rates of e. coli in the water. officials say tests show
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bacteria levels have significantly improved. however, oakland's lake is still closed because of toxic algae in the water there. let's check your forecast. a live look outside the at the bay bridge and the toll plaza. let's check in with christina and get some weather. >> good sign those low clouds are thick out there this morning. and, yeah, cutting off that humidity, which scott is happy about. i've got to say, hasn't impacted your hair at all. >> not much to impact. >> hair envy, right. you've got a lucious, lucious head of hair. it's like a field of wheat in person. maybe you'll get to see it one day live. a good looking day shaping up. although hot, we'll cut off the humidity, overall play your cards right you can probably get by without using ac for most of the day in the south bay. san francisco, room temperature
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later on, starting out at 61. not a bad day for the city in the bay. hot in the tri-valley looking for cooler weather, head to the ocean. onshore flow will strengthen overnight in particular that's going to kick humidity out of the area. temperatures probably going to stay put throughout the next three to five days, leveling off. we hit the stretch of summer weather. 91 south bay. 85 peninsula. east shore at 83. 72 like i said before, room temperature in san francisco. you hit that sweet stride where temperatures in the city are going to hold on to the upper 60s to low 70s across the board. in fact, notice all the way through next week. here in the south bay, clouding up through friday. then drop temperatures back off to the low to mid-80s as we head throughout saturday and sunday. overall, it won't be that bad and especially once we cut off humidity tomorrow, i promise you, it will feel much better. let's get a look at your drive.
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mike inouye. >> looking to the south bay. northbound route folks showing that build typical about this time. pattern on our maps 101, 680, slower drive just developing. that's the second burst of the morning that will kick in. but the first one didn't hit too hard. expecting a smooth flow an hour from now, that's when we'll see the south bay northbound routes as the commute will build. in the east bay, we see the slight build for 880 toward mission boulevard and 880 through hayward and the san mateo bridge. live camera for the san mateo bridge shows you traffic in the westbound commute direction moves nicely and smooth across to the high-rise and peninsula without disturbance. back to the maps. smoother drive there as well as dumbarton bridge, highway 84, both take you to 101 to the east bay and palo alto for a lot of folks working there. south bound 880 off of 238 build. same thing for the tri-valley. predictable pattern to livermore and the tri-valley.
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bay bridge, this is what's showing extra slow, west 580 off of 24. the early backup at the toll plaza. now traffic slowing you down from university off the berkeley curve. that's extra build. the only spot that's heavier. off of 880, melrose 46, earlier fire in oakland has been put out. issues with power there, signaling issues on surface streets and crash southbound 101 580 cleared. south bound heading toward lincoln and toward that crash, no disturbance in the flow there. it's light right now just building out of navato. time now, 6:21. could the raiders try to leave the bay again? where the owner is shopping around for a new stadium next. >> looking live from the chopper over that water main break, over ucla, what a mess. we'll bring you the latest details.
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. welcome back. 6:24, live at coliseum. a's looking to take the series in houston after beating astros 7-4 last night. first pitch 11:10. the board of supervisors approved an agreement to extend the team's lease at the coliseum for another ten years. the final step, a second vote by the coliseum authority next week. even if approved there are no guarantees the team will stay
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in oakland. new deal includes escape clause, allowing the team to leave after the 2018 season. speaking of leaving, raiders' owner mark davis may be looking to bill a new home in texas. davis confirmed he met with san antonio city leaders earlier this month. but davis calling that meeting due diligence as raiders' lease expires after the season. city manager said davis toured the alamodome, a place raiders could play until new stadium gets built. matt cain will get a second opinion on the inflamed elbow. the orthopedist, a famous doctor who treats sports stars, will determine if the bone chips will need to be removed right away. new needing surgery would bench the right-hander for the rest of the season. when it rains, it pours, cain's injury one of the many
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uncertainties. a live look at at&t park. orange and black lost, sixth straight, falling to pirates 3-1. they'll try to figure it out today. after the game, hundreds of fans will flood the field for the 12th annual slumber party at at&t park. >> roll out sleeping bags and pitch tents and spend the night under the stars, take pictures at home plate, eat pizza watch "lego" movie. jeremy affeldt will read them a bedtime story, via video recording. slumber party already sold out. >> i'd like to do that some day. >> i've done it with san jose giants with the boy scouts. >> 6:26. washington waiting to see if russia's go toe react to new sanctions targeting the economy. live in washington.
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cracking down on sexual assault. what congress is doing today in hopes of curbing crimes on college campuses. out to our helicopter in los angeles which monitors work on this water main break on sunset boulevard that just flooded ucla, astonishing pictures ahead.
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muscling up, a lawsuit against the president expected to move forward, what republicans are saying. >> we want to prepare you for the day ahead. it's going to be hot but not as muggy. tomorrow, we are going to cut that humidity off and then this weekend staying toasty. but we've got a couple of spots to keep cool. what's happening across the bay area, today, tomorrow, and the all-important weekend in just moments. picking up the pace on the peninsula. i heard about a new issue, as you're approaching the san mateo bridge. also the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. two crossings for the bay that are a warning sign now. live look at the opening bell. this is the nyse.
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watch twitter today, it turned in better than expected numbers, up 30%. over on the nasdaq, look at -- there's the bell. today is wednesday, july 30th. this is "today in the bay." well, good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez, in for laura today. this morning, president obama is in kansas city to talk about the economy, but also in the forefront the new sanctions he announced against russia. "today in the bay's" tracie potts tracking the story live from washington, d.c. tracy, we saw the president having barbecue but things more serious behind the scenes. >> well, they are. what the president has decided to do now, along with the european union, is more serious than what we saw before in terms of sanctions. before they were targeting individuals, people who were
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close to russian president putin and targeting their companies, other specific companieses. now these latest sanctions will hit large and important sections of the russian economy, technology, defense, finance, sole of the largest sanctions, first, second, and third largest banks in russia included in the latest sanctions. president obama saying, and i'm quoting, it didn't have to come to this but russia made a choice by getting involved in ukraine and backing rebels who now are not letting investigators spend enough time on site to figure out what happened with malaysia flight 17. it was the investigation of that flight that plane crash that seems to have prompted the latest sanctions though the president says, this is not not cold war. we're not sending weapons to ukraine to fight the rebels but they are trying to put more pressure on russia to back off. >> thank you very much. today, new legislation will be introduced to crack down on
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sexual assault on college campuses. the bill aims to protect and empower students and hold both institutions and assailants accountable. details of the bill will be announced by a group of bipartisan senators today. sexual assault survivors will join them. moving forward with a lawsuit against president obama, democrats and republicans expected to vote along party lines when this lawsuit is considered. republicans say, the president exceeded his powers, executive powers, by enforcing the health care law. some have call for him to be impeached. but democrats say the lawsuit is a political gimmick. republicans are using the threat of impeachment to raise campaign money. now at 6:32, live at san jose and the sun has come up nicely. the temperatures will be rising nicely later on today. humidity will be dropping. >> even more nicely. >> yes. >> let's collect in with
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christina loren. >> yeah, we don't like it here in the bay area, do we? >> no. >> get out of town, humidity, it's going to but not until tomorrow. 59 in san carlos, 55 in half moon bay. the bay area is going to feel more like the bay area as that humidity starts to drop off. as of this afternoon, but more so for tomorrow. we'll be back to our standard weather for this time of year. microclimate today, we will see some pretty good separation, pacifica's high 70 degrees in the water, still at 63. just off the coast here. but in pleasanton, 25-degree bump up, at 95 degrees. too hot in pleasanton, just drive towards the ocean. as we get into the next couple of days, temperatures stay steady. so that means upper 80s for the north bay, low to mid-80s on the east shore, hot even in oak town. 90 for the south bay. as we get into the weekend, it's going to be nice, not too bad. as you know, summer days are
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numbered. kids are back-to-school shopping. looking for a summer event, this is absolutely free. redwood city, music in the park, 6:00 to 8:00 tonight. stafford park, comfortable conditions out there, people and a good time. we'll talk about what's happened across the bay area and your all-important weekend forecast including a tour of wine country. maybe you want to go to wine country, people do, that's coming up next. here's mike and your drive. >> i want to go. >> let's go! >> let's go! we can still do that. san mateo bridge heading toward redwood city where the concert's tonight. looking at a smooth drive on the bridge itself. but look the concern on the maps northbound 880, word of a possible traffic break over the next couple of minutes, debris reported. don't have specifics on this but i see slow developing north 880 toward 92, that's unusual. southbound side, typical build continuing off of 238, past 92,
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union city, to the dumbarton bridge. mooth drive across the spans the other crossing the bay bridge. look at this volume, haven't seen this for a couple 0 months, this amount of slowing on the east shore free, 580 and 24. there's the bay area. the backup extends off the berkeley curve and 580 and 24. maps, slower drive on the approach. upper east shore moves smoothly. after the backup clears a late morning -- noon time backup at toll plaza because folks getting to the city, 12:45 giants play. hoping for a win to break the streak. anywhere north of 882 looking good. 28 never a problem this hour. south bay northbound starting to build for 101 and 87, typical for wednesday here. but as we saw the shift in volume at the bay bridge we play be seeing people are school shopping, people are ending up
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coming back to work and changing back to a fall schedule. we'll see that over the next month. we'll watch that. >> biggest district in south bay starts on the 14th. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> 6:36. keeping your kids out of their restaurant. a popular hot spotted up fire for posting a sign that some say is offensive for people with kids. we monitor the situation at ucla. spectacularly terrible flood as water main break. the chopper looking all over the westwood area there. we'll have live report coming up.
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a committee will release a new report on widespread phone building practices some consider to be corrupt. it's called cramming. it's where phone companies are nickelled and dimed for services like horoscope or workout advice with charges hidden so well people never notice on the bill. officials say 20 million consumers are victims of cramming and it costs people billions of dollars each year. no strollers, no high
6:40 am
chairs, a sign causing controversy banning children from the dining room. >> the old fisherman's grotto installed signs stating crying children are a distraction to other diners and will not be allowed in the dining room. parents say the signs are offensive. thoe owner is not back down. >> abide by the rules or find a place that's more suitable to your dining. >> not only does he stand by the sign but his business has never been better. the restaurant put signs up a few years ago but added a third sign drawing attention last week. >> it's not the kids that caused the sign but bad parents. >> sign should say, common sense, babies cries -- >> update to breaking news. fierce flames tearing through an oakland home. what firefighters are still on the scene are telling us this second. we could hear from one of the major player in the political scandal surrounding
6:41 am
suspend senator leland yee. a live report on raymond "shrimp boy" chow coming up in the courthouse next. live out to san jose. deion warwick is coming this week if she continues to find her way.
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happening now, crews in southern california are racing to clean this up after a water main bursts on sunset boulevard, sending 35 gallons of water a minute, thousands perhaps, rushing on to the ucla campus. crews will spend all day fixing the buckled roadway and pumping water from the university famed pauley pavilion.
6:44 am
it's about a fifth of what l.a. uses in a day. stephanie chuang joins us now. we won't know how bad it is until the pipe is capped and the water goes away. >> good morning. that's right, it's 35,000 gallons of water a minute, up to 10 million of waters lost after a nearly century-old pipe burst yesterday, closing sunset boulevard and flooding parts of the ucla campus. jacob rascon live at the scene. this is expected some time to clean up. >> reporter: it is. days to clean up behind me. fixing 93-year-old pipe that ruptured. they've had bursts before but not one this big for at least five years. up to 10 million gallons spewed out here, a geyser at some point putting water 50 feet into the air. downstream, ucla campus, kids going to summer school, doing a tour at the time. biggest impact may be
6:45 am
underground parking structures where hundreds of cars were left abandoned because of the water rushing in there for hours. the crews here are defending how long it took to turn it off. it took 3 1/2 hours saying they had to battle rush hour traffic and do research to make sure they turned off the right valve. up to 75,000 in fact gallons of per minute spewing out at the height of it, up to 10 million gallons. that's enough to fill some 22.5 olympic size swimming pools and enough to feed 41 families for a year here in california. of course, all of this comes during one of the worst droughts that we have ever seen. stephanie? >> jacob, thank you for the updates. you heard numbers and saw the video. work expected to last into today. the geyser, as he mentioned, not just 30, 40, sometimes 50 feet up into the air forcing open a
6:46 am
15-foot hole in the street. crews struggling to get to the scene, taking some time, defending how long it took because it had to take some research to figure out which valve to be turned off without affecting service. ucla students wading through the water. the danger focused at two underground parking garages where there were more than 100 vehicles and a few people stranded. firefighters having to use inflatable boats to save at least five people. no word on the cause of the leak. officials saying no magic technology to determine when a line is to be replaced. the current replacement cycle more than 300 years right now. this of course happening during the historic drought, californians here asked to pay $500 fines each day, not asked, they face the fine of $300 each day. special attention on this story. >> incredible video how terrifying if you're at the bottom of the parking garages, you could drown. >> exactly. why firefighters saying that was
6:47 am
the focal point for their rescues. we've heard mike inouye about his alma mater talking about how the layout's going downward. the parking garages quickly filled up with water and that had to be the focus for crews yesterday. the "today" show's going to have more coverage of the story in a few minutes. we have more on our website as well, we posted video and slide shows of the photos, for the water main break. water wastes are facing hundreds in fines. >> now learning glitches keeping them from having to pay up. derek shore joins us live in san jose. companies trying to catch up with the new regulation put out by the state. >> reporter: that's right. here in san jose, it's not uncommon to see what we saw this morning. this lawn being well watered by sprinklers, of course, some of that water coming down on to the roadway, as you can see, right before you.
6:48 am
but the problem is, some local agencies are having a problem citing water wasters. this month the state board implemented the emergency regulation which would include the threat of a $500 fine for water wasters during the drought. the problem is that most cities and water providers are racing to catch up with the emergency regulation. the water -- the santa clara valley water district tells us most have to change their administrative codes to legally issue citations. some need city council approval, some will need state approval. >> each city has to go through a process and each water company has to go through a process to be able to issue fines. >> most cities and companies saying the fines are necessary, pointing at recent numbers showing, despite the governor's request to cut back on water by 20%, numbers show usage rose 1%. the number much better here in the bay area.
6:49 am
we're told that we actually cut water usage by 5%. this does not mean that water wasters will get away with this for long. we're told all of the local and city leaders are working to try to get this fine implemented so that tickets can be written and the fine can be imposed. live in san jose, derek shore, "today in the bay." >> thank you. time to check our forecast as we give you a live look outside. free month this morning. little bit of the haze in the distance. not going to do much to get cooler later on. >> no, it's going to be a hot within. not as humid. there's a benefit. >> thank you for the silver lining. >> always, always got to find one. it's not hard here in the bay area. we've got to admit, we get some of the best weather across not just the entire nation, world. 60 in concord. 356 livermore, 59 san martin. throughout the day today, you know what to do when it gets too
6:50 am
hot especially if you live in the east bay. you head west, we get that beautiful ocean air. the closer you get to the coast, the cooler the conditions you'll find. right now mostly in the 60s what happen it look like across the board. pleasanton, clear at this hour. this is one of the hot spots. sunol looking hot today. i want to show you, the sites in emeryville. pretty. five to ten miles of visibility, not too bad at all. what fog we do have is going to burn off quickly. a look that the coming up. temperatures today, mostly upper 80s to low 90s. not too bad. mid 90s in places like livermore and pleasanton. but tone tonight trying to keep cool, head down to the peninsula. menlo park, menlo park, 80 at 6:30. 8:00 p.m., 77 degrees. as we head throughout the weekend and wine country, let me take you on a tour because it's
6:51 am
going to be spectacular. it's one of the weekends if you can get out there, lots going on, hillsburg, not bad. 92, saturday 90, 87 on sunday. gets better as you head to the south. san rafael, mid-80s friday and saturday. low 80s sunday. tiburon, a place where you get the fog in wine country, look at this, weekend full of 70s. so, as we head throughout the next couple of days temperatures are going to stay hot inland. if you want to hit the beach everybody comfortable conditions, mid-70s santa cruz saturday. overall looking good for slight cooling as we get into the weekend. no major swings. overall it will be above average but not too bad, upper 80s in the south bay saturday. let's check the drive. mike inouye. taking a live look at ucla. most people -- it must be heartbreaking. >> but we are bruins and we'll recover. the people parked in the garage that flooded they lost a lot of money. that's expensive there.
6:52 am
here the south bay shows a slower drive, typical pattern. 87 and 280 kicking in, typical pattern. earlier start here and more volume on the east bias well looking at 880, into fremont, more track for the southbound nimitz. we may be creeping back. slower drive for 850 through livermore. debris reported around isabel. that will have mini traffic break, south 680 starts to build. north bound 880, earlier debris reported 92 cleared. so has the traffic break. northbound recovering. south bound, typical build direction. look at this, off of 580 and 24, east shore freeway. all of the roadways saw a big backup starting to ease now. bay bridge toll plaza, live shot, traffic moving for the fas-trak lanes especially. it's heavier than we've seen in the past month. another build midday as folks
6:53 am
head into the city for the giants game 12:45. midday traffic building again. back to you. breaking news. crews worked quickly to put out this fire in oakland. you can see, before they did, the flames were pouring out of the house. when crews got there, a house next door had already also caught fire. flames so intense, firefighters had call for backup. 18 people displaced, 8 of them children, all of it starting around 3:40 this morning. it took about an hour to get under control. again, happening on melrose avenue, just a few blocks away from high street. the flames took down power in the area which did impact a few dozen people in the neighborhood. you saw the sparks. no word when the power will be restored. everyone inside both homes got out safely, and the cause is now under investigation. police in mountain view need your hope finding this woman. they say blair foley disappeared over the weekend on a business trip to the bay area.
6:54 am
she's from wisconsin. shoo's considered at risk but police have not said why. foley last seen leaving lucky's on el el camino real 2:00 a.m. sunday near the 85 overpass. police say she was likely carrying a pink backpack and black purse. happening today, one of the men linked to racketeering case against suspended senator leland yee. will be in court this morning. outside a federal court in san francisco where chinatown gangster, raymond "shrimp boy" chow, will be facing the judge. good morning, nanette. >> reporter: good morning, scott. the 88-page superseding dime has corruption charges to self-defendanted earlier this year in that san francisco corruption case. raymond "shrimp boy" chow is expected to be in federal court to be arraigned on that new charge. he remains in the jail in dublin. racketeering is a series of criminal acts to promote corrupt
6:55 am
enterprise. for chow, prosecutors say he's the leader of a chinatown gang that trafficked guns, drugs, and stolen goods and laundered money through the gang which undercover fbi agents infiltrated during amultiyear investigation. more than two dozen people arrested as part of the probe. one legal analysts believe some defendants will try to make a plea deal in exchange for testifying against others. >> some of these people who are currently named as defendants might very well turn up later as government witnesses. >> reporter: san francisco school board member keith jackson already pleaded not guilty to racketeering charges on monday. it will be suspended state senator leland yee's turn tomorrow. one count of racketeering actually carries potential of 20 years in prison. live in san francisco, nanette miranda for "today in the bay." >> thank you. today we could hear joseph martin's side of the story. he's the concord teacher accused
6:56 am
of molesting 14 of his students. lawyers expect him to testify as his trial comes to a close. he was a longtime teacher at woodside elementary school before the charges came out. martin has pleaded not guilty. but according to the contra costa times his lawyer say he's a victim of mass hysteria. they found child pornography on his computer and suspicious searches. pg&e facing a maximum penalty of a billion dollars. charges include lying to investigators in the wake of the deadly san bruno blast. the indictment replaces a previous one that has included only 12 counts but not obstruction. the grant jury report accuses the utility of intentionally slowing the investigation into the explosion and providing false information but its pipeline safety. in addition, pg&e is accused of keeping records it knew were
6:57 am
inaccurate, and failing to properly assess dangerous pipelines. the company could have to pay $1.1 billion. but some say that's not nearly enough. >> i would like to see criminal charges. i would like to see them stand trial and if at the end of the day they are found guilty, they should go to prison. >> pg&e released a statement saying it does not think charges are warranted. well, 6:57. one last check of your day's top stories. part of historic sunset boulevard closed near ucla. crews cleaning up this, a water main break, spilled about 8 million gallons of water. portion of the campus flooded. no one has been hurt. >> parts of gaza will get two more hours of peace. temporary cease-fire called by israel for humanitarian reasons ends at 9:00 our time. unclear if the cease fear has anything to do with the palestinian school which was destroyed by tanks overnight, killing 15, including children. the red cross helping 18 people, including 8 children,
6:58 am
displaced when two homes were burned in a fire. nobody hurt. investigators trying to find the cause. that one in oakland. and we'll take a last look at your forecast with christina loren. not too hot. not too humid. >> but, yeah, feeling like summerer time. after all, we know fall's just a couple months away officially. but everybody's already back to school shopping. i was at macy's yesterday, a line out the door before 10:00. oops. >> part of the camera. >> 61 in san jose. 59 in san martin. on our way to mid 90s in the hot spot. we'll track that forecast every 15 minutes. >> mike. >> let's look at the roads. pattern is typical but more slowing than we've seen in the last couple of months. talking about back-to-school, more traffic kicking in today, east shore freeway and off of the maze for west 580 and 24. more folks heading to the toll plaza and game, 12:45 in the city. midday traffic building once
6:59 am
again after the morning commute eases up. heavier flow toward the bay bridge. slower toward hayward and union city. northbound routes kicking in. there's a crash north 101, capitol expressway. pattern typical but volume looks heavier. we may have folks coming back from summer vacations and getting ready for school, starting in a couple of weeks. >> looking forward to it. golden apple, l.a. based company, found a way to make future iphones more extravagant. >> make it out of gold, of course. the company announced it will offer several luxury versions of the iphone 6, includes 24 carat phone. considering pink gold, rose gold. taking the phones apart in the factory, places pieces in the appreciate metals and put it back together. you want to carry it around, it
7:00 am
will cost you 8300. >> what? >> you're going to drop it and scratch it anyways. >> what if you wanted a bric phone. >> that's "today in the bay." back at 7:25. good morning. breaking news overnight. the u.n. accuses israel of striking a crowded school in gaza. at least 15 people are dead including children, dozens more injured as the fighting in the middle east intensifntensifies. slow to respond. >> it is like a raging rapids. >> new questions on why it took crews more than three hours to stop that massive water main break in los angeles. the ucla campus flooded by millions of gallons, trapping some people in cars and damaging the school's famous arena. growing fear.


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