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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 6, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm vicky nguyen. this morning, his family speaks out with a warning. a man is attacked at a california beach and lives to tell about it. how he escaped the jaws of a great white. how his fiery first day on the job saved two lives. this is "today in the bay." we're giving you a live picture right now from bassona
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lake. maybe take the train ride and enjoy the merry-go-round. thank you so much for joining us today. i'm vicky ngu yechyen. we'll head over to meteorologist rob mayeda right now. you can see the fog over towa towards oakland, down the coast. looking at visibilities at times less than a quarter mile. watch out for that as we go through the morning. by the afternoon we'll be talking about hot temperatures in our valleys and to give you a couple of examples of the hot temperatures inland today, san jose climbing up to 87 degrees. pleasanton later this afternoon up to 96. hot temperatures around the tri-valley. the risk of some mountain thundershowers today if you're going to head toward the sierra.
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high clouds coming in late today. partitive weather system that will increase thundershowers off to our east and as we head toward monday, some of that could approach the coastal range. that's one of the things we'll be watching in our forecast as we go through the afternoon. low clouds. san francisco toward oakland. high temperatures today again approaching 90 in san jose. upper 90s around morgan hill. we'll show you how hot it will get in the tri-valley locations and some other changes ahead in the seven-day forecast come iinp in a few minutes. vicky? >> rob, thank you. some updated numbers to tell you about this morning as firefighters are still having a tough time getting the upper hand on that blaze. the fire started on friday. it has now burned about 7,000 acres. it is 30% contained. cal fire says the flames were burning in a rugd and steep area that is difficult to get to. the golden bear estates remain under a mandatory evacuation,
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burning near 40 structures in the area, forcing the closure of highway 28 and the evacuation of two campgrounds. an accident involving illegal fire works has cost a south bay man both of his hands. the accident happened friday night in san jose near cassel park. the man and his family were celebrating the fourth of july. the victim had his right hand amputated and lost three fingers on his left. family members say he is a construction worker and this accident most certainly cost him his job. 40-year-old alazar ortiz was lighting what family members called professional grade explosive, used in large fire works displays when that explosive prematurely went off. family members told us they are heart broken and have a message they want others to hear about the danger of buying and lighting illegal fireworks. >> trying to get those fire
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workers out especially from the store where they're selling it for $50, he lost his two hands. >> family members say ortiz bought the explosive device at a market in san jose and we're told police are now investigating that store. in addition to losing his hands, ortiz also suffered burns on his face and ears. two other south bay men also suffered serious injuries after lighting illegal fireworks. friday night sunnyvale police officer heard a loud explosion on duane avenue. two men lost fingers and parts of their hands in the accident. follow-up to a story we first told but yesterday morning. gunfire and not fireworks brought down a power line in oakland that killed one man and injured another. 12,000 volt line tumbled down friday night, hitting a house on birch street, electrocuting two men inside, 19-year-old jermaine
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tarver died at the scene. his stepbrother, tresylian redd tried to help. he is in the hospital but survived. >> sad. sad we have to end up doing tragic things like this, just to have a little fun. they take the fun and the pleasure out of it and it all becomes chaos. >> the first pg&e crews on the scene left because of continued gunfire in the area. they restored power by noon yesterday. a home health care worker saved an elderly couple from a two-alarm house fire in the south bay. the fire broke out just before 5:00 last night at a home on braxton avenue in south san jose. it was his first daycaring for a 92-year-old man and his wife. he said he smelled smoke and saw fire, dragging the 92-year-old man out of the house and went back into the home, which was engulfed in flames, to rescue
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the elderly woman. >> i can't leave nobody behind. i got to go. at the same time i was panicking. i was on my adrenaline rush. i got to do what i got to do. >> got to do what you got to do. investigators don't know the cause of the fire, but they suspect it was sparked by an old fr freestanding hair dryer. the house is a total loss. one year ago aseana airlines crash landed at san francisco airport. three passengers died, 187 others were hurt. national transportation safety board issued their findings last month, finding the crew of the boeing 777 mishandled the aircraft's automated system and didn't respond correctly when the plane came in too slow and too low to land safely. the plane clipped a sea wall short of the runway, broke into pieces and caught fire. the crash was the first time a 777 was involved in a fatal crash. it is back to work for many
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of us after the long weekend tomorrow. caltrans says the repair project on 280 through san francisco is on track and should open in time for the morning commute at 5:00 am tomorrow. northbound lanes are closed to replace an aging seismic safety hinge. removing parts of the concrete roadway, busy weekend in san francisco. last night, the san francisco opera put on a free live simulcast at at&t park. at least 20,000 people came. organizers reminded attendees about the closure of the 101 split to king. >> i completely forgot about it. right at that merge, it is a hassle, i have to say. hopefully they get it fixed right away. i use that freeway quite a bit. >> caltrans has completed a similar repair on the southbound lanes. mark your calendars, a third closure is set for labor day weekend. people around the bay area may be getting the message about
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drinking and driving. drunk driving arrests were down in many parts of the bay area this fourth of july holiday. 13 people were arrested for driving under the influence, down from 18 arrested last year during the same 24-hour period. in san mateo county, eight arrests compared to 17 during the same 48 hours last year. in oakland, police arrested and cited 1800 people for a variety of charges, the majority being illegal fire works. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, danger in the water, shark attack. we'll hear from the swimmer who explains how he was able to survive a bite from a great white. and chp investigating one of its own after this cell phone video shows an officer beating a woman. what the victim's family is saying this morning.
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live look at the golden gate bridge. be careful if you're heading out that way. very foggy over the span. palo alto now. much clearer. going to be a nice, but very warm weekend. rob will be with us in a moment to tell you more. for now, we're going to burlingame. police release this had surveillance picture, saying the man robbed the bank of america on el camino real yesterday morning. his outfit has gotten a lot of attention. sunglasses, a green cap and what appears to be a frilly, loose scarf around his neck. he gave the teller a note saying he had a gun and a bomb before making off with the money. fear in the water. this video shows swimmers
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panicking after one of them gets attacked by a great white shark. all of this unfolding at manhattan beach south of los angeles. we're learning more this morning that the swimmer is doing okay. he was rushed to the hospital after the attack. nbc's kate larson spoke to him. >> the whole thing is trying to gnaw in on me. >> still in his hospital gown, he describes what it was like to be attacked by a seven-foot white shark while swimming in manhattan beach. >> surfaces to the top. i seen him for about two seconds and he makes a really sharp turn, comes lunging right at me, on my chest. i had no time to react. it just happened so quick. >> reporter: life guards say it's been more than 100 years since someone has been attacked by a shark in the county. he escaped with lacerations and
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a broken thumb in his right arm. >> i pried him off of me. i thought that was it. i thought just a second, this is it. i was really scared. >> right here. get out of the water! >> get out of the water, you. >> keep swimming! >> reporter: this is cell phone video reportedly taken from the manhattan beach where this fisherman, who did not want to show his face on camera, said he and his friends were trying to catch bat rays when they accidentally hooked the juvenile great white shark that bit rogelas. >> the shark was headed straight for the swimmers. there was nothing we could do. >> state law dictate that is you have to cut the line if you hook a great white. jason says they had the shark on the hook for approximately 40 minutes. >> we didn't see what it was until the water was shallow enough that we could actually see what it was. and that was maybe 15 minutes into it. >> so why didn't you cut the line 15 minutes into it, once
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you realized -- >> because he was 15 feet away from the surfer. if he's not on our line and we cut our line, he is free to go after whoever he want. >> robelas, dedicated long distance swimmer, says he is not sure if he will swinl in the ocean and his wife is not sure fishing off the pier is such a good idea. >> i almost lost my husband and that really bothers me a lot, you know. i'm really thankful. i thank god that my husband's life has been spared. >> and that was kate larson reporting. demanding answers, the family of a woman who was punched multiple times in the head by a chp officer. marlene penick. officer repeatedly hitting her on a busy l.a. freeway tuesday. according to the chp, she was not hurt in the incident. her family disputes those claims
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saying she suffered severe injuries. her daughter wants to know why he lashed out so violently. >> she wasn't even putting up a fight. today was the first day i was able to see her and talk to her. i just thank god that she's alive. >> the family would not answer questions about why she was walking on the freeway. officers say she's being held for a mental evaluation. the officer caught in the video there has been placed on administrative leave. much more ahead on "today in the bay." a summer blockbuster leads to hundreds of new jobs in the bay area. we'll take you inside the company that helps create "transformers." and right now in the south bay, clear skies, mild start to the morning and temperatures approaching 90. a little later on today in downtown san jose, a look at that and your sunday forecast.
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good morning. thanks for waking up with this sunday. you're looking live at foster
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city, portrait style with the sun peek through the clouds there. let's take you over to the south bay. it's going to be a hot one. don't forget the sun screen if you're taking kids down there. beautiful day. head out with the paddle board and get some rays. >> oh, my god! >> you're watching one of the summer's biggest blockbusters, the hit movie "transformers." this is not just a hollywood success story. "transformers" was made or designed in the bay area. hundreds of local jobs created by this movie. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: as summer starts, the bay area typically gets a boost from tourism. these days it also gets a boost
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from big budget movie. >> oh, my god! >> like transformers that bring in big moni and create lots of local job. >> my main focus on the film was the destruction to the riser. >> zril ligindustrial light and who took the time to tell us how they created every special effect for the transformers movie and also they had to hire hundreds of people to do it. >> you think you only need so many people work on the film when you start. by the time you finished, you may have doubled in size. it creates quite a few jobs. >> i'm not leaving my dad. >> reporter: these days, just about every movie made needs silicon valley effects. that keeps iln in business and keeps them growing. >> a lot of clients from l.a. do come up here because of the level of detail and the quality
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that we're able to produce. >> technology to create movies and create jobs. scott budman, "today in the bay." this isn't movie watching weather, though. good day to be outside, rob? >> for most of the bay area nice to be outside. in the tri-valley, movie might be nice. free air conditioning. things will be heating up. upper 90s in some of the warmest places, pleasanton, liver more, south of san jose. this morning, you can see clear skies around the south bay. partly cloudy up the peninsula. mostly cloudy skies around the oakland coliseum and around the golden gate bridge this morning, high pressure squishing down the low clouds right to the bridge deck there on the golden gate bridge. dense fog and mist is what you're finding there. later on early in the afternoon around oakland, we should see some clearing about 65 degrees
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around that first pitch time after actually 1:00 this afternoon. we'll see temperatures in the mid to upper 069s arou60s aroun. sea breeze is out there, running weaker than yesterday. inland temperatures especially will really see those numbers climb on up. there's a look at the fog right now. san francisco over toward oakland, down the coast into santa cruz, breaking out some sunshine right around lunchtime. so the short-term forecast, areas of mist and drizzle for the morning and as early as noon, out toward the tri-valley, we'll already see 90s. with some clearing out on the coast. watching out for that late-day sea breeze, breezy and dry, still well into the mid 90s inland. the other component changing up in the next 24 hours, mid-level moisture out of southern california that could spill closer to the bay area. right now, our main concern, obviously, is the fog and the
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mist we're seeing along the coast. later today you may notice high clouds out of the east. this will trigger showers. some of that may spill over to the coastal range. given how dry things are at ground level, drought ongoing across the state is that we could see lightning strikes that have the potential to spot fires in the sierra. this pattern will be playing out the next 36 to 48 hours especially to the east. high temperatures today, as high pressure is keeping things toasty. by tuesday we'll see temperatures start to come on down. windy conditions into tuesday evening. we'll have to watch out for that, and fire danger, especially across the north bay and out toward the east bay locations tuesday. the temperatures coming down quite a bit. you see it in the seven-day forecast tuesday into wednesday, highs dropping back into the 70s and 80s inland. today, 87 degrees in san jose. upper 90s in morgan hill.
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near 70 in san francisco and into the north bay near 90 santa rosa. temperatures there, livermore up to 98 degrees. for the north bay and tri-valley, temperatures turning a little bit hotter for tomorrow with some high clouds coming in. may feel muggy outside for some locations as we get more moisture coming in. for tuesday and wednesday, those temperatures are dropping off as the sea breeze returns, much cooler approaching the middle part of the week. vicky? >> tough week for firefighters. coming up on "today in the bay" -- >> i charge $500. there's no guarantees. although i'm more than 95% successful. >> finding water any way possible. a man with a name synonymous with wine has his way. but not everyone agrees with his methods.
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talking about a water witch with a very famous name. twoent wine country to find out if there's any magic in this witch's wand. >> what it tells me is there's an underground stream to my left. >> reporter: maybe this is the world's oldest profession, wine maker mark mandabe searching for the most important thing on earth, water. >> i use copper rods. you can use willows, prisms. >> reporter: napa valley pioneers, but in addition to making wine, mark mondobi claims he can find water using these copper rods. >> they have helped me find a lot of water in california. i'm not just doing napa valley. i've done wells throughout northern california. >> reporter: when the rods cross, that means yes, the
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ancient process called dousing or water witching has worked again. mondabi's services are in demand. >> i charge $500. there's no guarantees, although i'm more than 95% successful. >> reporter: but there are skeptics, including james underdown, heading the center for inquiry at the independent investigations group in los angeles. >> we have tested dousers for a few years. none of them have been successful in a scientific controlled test. >> reporter: when it comes to the movement of dousing rods, he believes there's a down to earth explanation. >> can move muscles without one being conscious of it. >> reporter: mondabi questions the skeptics. >> it's not a science. scientists don't understand this. therefore, they don't believe in
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it. >> that was janelle wang reporting. mondabi believes in this practice so much, he has named his newest wine label the divining rod. much more to come on "today in the bay." coming up, tensions rising between israelis and palestinians. now the american teenager caught in the middle of the violence. an eerie site straight out of a science fiction movie, airline fuselages.
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runners jogging by. really nice day to get in some outdoor activities down there. thank you for joining us.
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good to have you here this sunday, july 6th. good morning, rob. >> good morning. dissona lake, seeing sunshine. in san francisco, fog is the big story this morning, across the golden gate bridge, you really can't see much beyond 300 feet, the bridge deck there. misty skies, too. fog pretty thick from san francisco, seeing low clouds over toward oakland, down the coast. reduced visibilities for the morning. inland, we've got sunshine and hot temperatures showing up in the valleys. san jose, south today, upper 80s around downtown. upper 90s morgan hill. in pleasanton, later on today we're talking about 96 degrees. mostly sunny for now. toward the afternoon, risk of mountain thunder. heading up toward the sierra, especially lake tahoe south, spilling off the sierra. as we head back to the workweek on the coastal range, we could
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see a slight chance of some thundershowers as we get into monday afternoon. today around the bay area, we've got the fog into san francisco and low clouds over toward oakland. 50s for the most part across the board now. as we head toward the afternoon we'll see temperatures approaching 90 in san jose, north bay climbing up to 90 degrees. the tri-valley will see the hottest temperatures climbing up to 98 in livermore this afternoon. coming up, we'll let you know how long this heat will be sticking around. >> we have updated number this is morning as firefighters work to create a fire line around this growing blaze. it started on friday. it has now burned about 7,000 acres. it is only 30% contained. fire officials say the fire is located in a rugged and steep area that's difficult to access. cal fire says the golden bear estates are still under a mandatory evacuation. 40 structures in the area are
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threatened, forcing the closure of highway 128 and the evacuation of two campgrounds. no injuries have been reported. an accident voching illegal fire works has cost a south bay man both of his hands. the accident happen ed friday night in san jose near cassel park. the man and his family were celebrating the fourth of july, the victim had his right hand amputated. doctors managed to save two fingers on his left hand. family members say he is a construction worker and this accident most certainly cost him his job. 40-year-old alazar ortiz was light whag family members call a professional grade explosive, used in professional fireworks shows, while it prematurely exploded. family members have a message they want others to hear about the danger of buying and lighting illegal fireworks. >> trying to get those firecrackers out, especially from the store where they're
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selling it for $50, he lost his two hands. >> family members say he bought the explosive device at a market in san jose. police are now investigating that store. in addition to losing his hands, ortiz suffered burns on his face and ears. home health care worker saves an elderly couple from a two-alarm house fire in south bay. it broke out last night at braxton avenue in south san jose. a 92-year-old man and his wife. it was his first day on the job. he said he smelled smoke and saw the fire. he dragged the 92-year-old man out of the house and then went back into the home. by then it was engulfed in flames and managed to rescue the elderly woman as well. >> i can't leave nobody behind. but at the same time i was panicking, on my adrenaline rush. i got to do what i've got to do. >> kept his cool there. investigators say the cause of the fire is under investigation, but they suspect it was sparked
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by an old free-standing hair dryer. the house is considered a complete loss. firefighters rescue a dog from a burning building in the north bay. vallejo firefighters found the second floor of this apartment complex covered in smoke yesterday. it took them 30 minutes to knock down the flames. inside, they discovered a dog. >> primary search. we were able to locate a dog. we pulled the dog out. give the animal occasion general and transported him to a local veterinary hospital and seems to be in good condition at this time. >> according to firefighters, malfunctioning dryer may have sparked that fire. one year ago, aseana airline crashed. 187 people were hurt, four people died. national transportation safety board issued their report into the probable cause of the crash last month. they found that the crew
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mishandled the 777 and one of the pilots accidentally deactivated the system. the plane clip aid sea wall short of the runway, broke into pieces and caught fire. it was the first time a boeing 777 was involved in a fatal crash. this morning, israeli authorities say they've arrested two jewish suspects. days of violent protests. we have learned he has ties to sacramento, where family members mourned over the weekend. meanwhile, his cousin was apparently beaten by israeli police. that assault caught on video. this cell phone video spfanning more outrage. it shows police beating a young man in jerusalem. this is 15-year-old tariq abu kadir who is american and lives in florida. he is still in police custody this morning. his mother said police had no reason to beat her son. >> he is a sweet, smart kid,
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loves his friends. very social. very loving. >> nbc news obtained photos of his facial injuries. israel calls the video edited and biased. justice ministry is now investigating. to a developing story in iraq. new video appears to show the first public sermon by the man leading the radical group isis. the video post this had weekend appears to show him speak at a mosque in mosul, sometimes called the invisible sheikh. he has not appeared in public before. only two known pictures of him exist. iraq's government is calling the video a fake. but it was posted on websites known to be used by isis. hurricane arthur is now gone but not forgotten. people and businesses are cleaning up after the powerful
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storm moves up the east coast. in some places the storm left up to a foot and a half of water t knocked out power and even forced some towns to cancel fireworks for a second night because of high winds. fourth of july vacationers are returning to the beach in north carolina. they are staying close to the shore to avoid dangerous rip currents. arthur is now hitting canada, causing power outages to more than 200,000 people there. take a look at these pictures. aircraft fuselages stuck in a montana river. a train carrying the parts derailed thursday. a river guide took these photos while out on the trip. the aircraft parts were being shipped from a plant in wichita, kansas, to the boeing final assembly plant in washington state. boeing has sent a team to assess the damage. he is known as the closer. giants star sergio romo's
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journey to baseball fame has been far from easy. pitched that journey to graduates, hoping his word also help them score a home run, too. "today in the bay" damian trujillo has the story. >> reporter: mission district, high school and college grads, overcopping enormous odds to earn the right to walk the stage. >> i will never doubt my full potential and will do whatever it takes to reach my goal. >> reporter: mission graduates have spent the last four years preparing students for this day, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to help pay for this education, student with the cards stacked against them but the will to plow ahead. on this day they got a visit from number 54. >> congratulations. you have to be proud of yourselves. >> reporter: giants pitcher sergio romo shared his own
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challenges and struggles now two world series rings and a never-quit attitude. he needed that attitude in college. his school was in the south where he was often a target of racism. he remembers the day he was a pitch away from breaking the school's strikeout record. his coach came to the mound and yanked him from the game. >> he said no mexican is going to set a record at my school, especially one that i feel doesn't deserve it. >> reporter: the incident still helps motivate romo when he is on a big league mound and rather than have the mission graduates see themselves in hiss him, romo says it's quite the opposite. number 54 says he sees a sergio romo in every one of these students. damian trujillo, nbc news. >> good luck to those graduates.
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much more ahead on "today in the bay." giants play a wild one down south and the a's introduce their new ace who makes his debut on the mound this afternoon. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. watch tv virtually anywhere with the u-verse tv app. with at&t, the u-verse revolves around you.
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a's hope to get a quick return on their new investment, the newest member pitcher will start this afternoon against the blue jays. it happens just two days after he was traded in a blockbuster deal to the green and gold. hard-throwing ace arrived just before last night's game. the shark got a quick tour of the clubhouse and took some time to introduce himself to his new teammates. he told reporters he is ecstatic about being a member of baseball's top team. >> i've been begging for this, you know, for a while, to -- not teamwise. i just mean situationwise, being in the situation of coming every day to win games and, you know, excited to win games with the
7:44 am
guys you're playing with and more worried about that game versus who is going to be here, who is not going to be here? that's tough to deal with all the time, especially as a team, when you need your whole team to be together to succeed. >> green and gold suits him. as for the game, ace scored 12 hits on five runs, including this rbi single by coco crisp. josh donaldson with a spectacular crash, in foul territory, oakland wins it 5-1. they go for the sweep with their new star on the mound this afternoon. the giants were on the verge of another loss in san diego when michael morris came to the rescue, hit the tying home run in the ninth to send this one into extras. and in the tenth, in just his second game back from the disabled list, hits a two-run blast to the right. and that would be enough. san francisco with a much-needed victory. they win 5-3. still to come on "today in the
7:45 am
bay," a quiet place in the middle of a bustling city. how you can enjoy the spoils of yosemite national park without leaving the bay area. good morning. i'm mike inouye. even though it's not three rings today it's a free ring at union square live. the circus festival continues. today at 2:00 pm, acrobats, jugglers, just a taste of their classic circus arts and circus smiles that go along with them. from the wondering circus at union square to the three-stage fair, the temescal street fair known as one of oakland's signature events, the main stage, the kids' stage and jazz stage combined promise something for everyone from noon to 6:00 today. you may have seen a lot more motorcycles on the road thursday
7:46 am
and friday as 100,000 folks are expected to be in hollister for this weekend's motorcycle rally. it's both a weekend item and a traffic note. the biggest of the hogs, watch for your two wheeled friends around the bay as they head home later today. two wheels, four wheels or 18 wheels, i'll be back tomorrow to track all your traffic right here on "today in the bay."
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you're looking live at what will be a warm, beautiful day. runners out there already. many people will be hitting the road for yosemite this summer. some will be able to visit yosemite in san francisco. a new exhibit marking the park's 150th anniversary.
7:49 am
>> surrounded by a concrete force, traffic, car horns, deadlines, urban complications. >> we know big buildings, we know dense flas places. >> but in the middle of downtown san francisco, an exhibit in the california historical society is taking visitors back to nature. >> yosemite here to the city. >> president abraham lincoln signed a grant act, designating yosemite a national park. >> the exhibit is a walk through the park's complicated history. >> to better understand yosemite. >> dramatic granite cliffs and ancient trees have filled many a lens and canvas. >> these photographers helped us
7:50 am
to define landscape photography. >> reporter: like ansel adams. >> printing one of his first views of yosemite. sitting on a small stool, making a painting of yosemite. >> reporter: inspired many to climb to new heights. >> many of the technologies that climbers take for granted today, including the shoes, tetons, roping methods, all of these things, were developed in yosemite. >> reporter: even a place known for pristine nature -- >> between hippies and park police, there was a confrontation. we have a u.s. army calvary uniform laying next to an early park forest uniform. calvary was charged with protecting the park in its early days. >> reporter: and fingerprints haven't always wiped clean. >> what you're seeing here is
7:51 am
the pelt of one of the last grizzly bears killed in yosemite. >> certainly puts mere humans in their place. >> reporter: like most visitors, greg moore has a story. >> i was a boy scout as a kid and we used to hike john muir trail. >> reporter: walking in john muir's footsteps. >> as he must have felt, it really is a sublime place. >> it really reminds us, in a way, of how small a thing we are in the long history of time. >> reporter: it even makes our concrete forest feel small, too. and maybe even just a little too f f -- much more ahead on "today in the bay." giving drivers a break in san francisco. free parking on sundays is back. we'll tell you the exceptions, up next. right now, starting to see the low clouds break up over
7:52 am
oakland coliseum where the a's have an early afternoon game. other spots could see temperatures soaring well into the 90s. a look at your sunday forecast when we come right back.
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looking like today's shaping up to be a day where summer microclimates will be on full display around the bay area with 60s thoonks some of the fog and a bit of a sea breeze around san francisco. where the sea breeze will not be felt nearly as strongly will be san jose. few patches of low clouds out there this morning. by the afternoon, temperatures around san jose, soaring into the 80s. in between the two, san francisco and san jose's temperatures, oakland, close to 70 as we move early into the afternoon. first pitch with the a's and blue jays coming up at 5:00 today. patchy low clouds and fog, still seeing over parts of the east bay this morning. mist around san francisco. down the coast, too, seeing the fog in santa cruz and gilroy this morning. should see mid afternoon coastal
7:55 am
clearing today. the sea breeze will keep the coast and san francisco to 60s and low 70s. further inland, high pressure has strengthened over the past 24 hours, temperature also start to climb for the early afternoon. low clouds, story of the day near the coastline. high clouds coming in toward sunset, spreading out over the bay area tonight and tomorrow morning and off to our east, we'll have to watch out for thundershowers, especially over the sierra and maybe a few here for monday afternoon. we'll have to watch out for dry lightning strikes as mid-level moisture pulls up over southern california and closer to the bay area come tomorrow. by tuesday, we'll begin to see some changes. one more warm day tomorrow and then the sea breeze will turn stronger, coupled with the dry conditions inland. look out for locally gusty winds tuesday afternoon. notice the changes in the seven-day forecast as our temperatures really start to cool down as we approach the middle part of the week. today, san jose, close to 87 degrees. 90 south of downtown.
7:56 am
morgan hill up to 97 degrees. san jose to san francisco, temperatures still staying fairly hot for today even as the high clouds start to come in and much cooler as you approach the middle part of the week. north bay, highs near 90 santa rosa and napa for today. pleasanton, 76 degrees. the tri-valley will see the hottest temperatures the next few days and dropping off into the mid 80s, approaching the middle part of the week. notice livermore, up to 98 degrees. into livermore, two of the hottest days of the week happening today and tomorrow and then the sea breeze fires up and we will see temperatures cooling down into the upper 80s around livermore come tuesday. increased fire danger and temperatures cooling off more, especially in the north bay by thursday, dropping down closer to 80 in santa rosa the second half of the week. >> bob, thank you. put away the quarters and credit cards. free sunday parking in san francisco is back, starting today. the city is scraping its year-old program to reduce
7:57 am
revenues to make it more affordable for families to visit. meters in some areas of san francisco will still be in operation, including fisherman's wharf and those around at&t park on game days. 25 years ago, one of tv's smash hits was born right here on nbc. last night, a minor league baseball team hit on a great way to celebrate. brooklyn cyclones held a salute to seinfeld night. some wore puffy shirts. there was a soup nazi sighting along with an elaine benice dance off. there's the moves. and festivus for the rest of us, of course. they played a baseball game there and, yada, yada, yada, the night wassy big success. you must have just been in grade school 25 years ago. >> i wish i was. >> a fun show to bring back to
7:58 am
life, seinfeld. >> still part of pop culture. >> the dance off. thank you for making us part of your morning. we'll have local news at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 here on nbc bay area news and all day on have a great sunday.
7:59 am
8:00 am
chaos and despair on the border with mexico. emotions are high as protesters attempt to turn away thousands of children attempting to enter the country after a traumatic journey from central america. this morning i'll ask secretary of homeland security jeh johnson about what the white house plans to do to fix this problem, what the president has called a humanitarian crisis. plus terror alert. security tightened around the world for direct flights to the united states. are changes in store for security at the airports here as well. defeat for


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