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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  November 28, 2013 8:30pm-9:31pm PST

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therefore, it will be third down pittsburgh. >> al: well, as we surmised, no bell. the other backs are felix jones and jonathan dwyer. again, obviously before that situation, so they'll get two cracks at trying to get it into the end zone and still need the two-point conversion. now will johnson the fullback comes into the game as well. >> cris: jonathan dwyer, their leader at running back a year ago. johnson flanked off the bunch. i bet he comes in to block somebody somewhere, though. >> al: johnson number 46 in the right slot. cotchery in motion. and roethlisberger is going to throw and it will be -- dropped at the goal line! by will johnson.
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james ihedigbo is there. fourth down. >> al: think it would have been a touchdown had he caught it. he leaned it over the line. james ihedigbo with his second big play and, oh my goodness, it is just a train wreck down here for the steelers now. fernando velasco the center who replaced maurkice pouncey goes down. >> al: you have your starting center, at least tonight's starting sender, your one and two left tackles and your starting running back who will all be out of the game. that's cody wallace who is a tackle by trade and the backup center getting in some snapping practice here because he is going to have to snap it on fourth down. >> cris: take a look and see what happened to fernando velasco. haloti ngata right here kind of
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just rolls right back on the back of his leg. wow. >> al: you can't make this stuff up. >> cris: can't disagree with the call. all he has to do is catch it and it's a touchdown. >> al: nope. so they tend to velasco. fourth and goal. velasco back to the goal line. >> cris: you see mike tomlin said take him out. he was trying to determine whether or not he could go back on the field. the last minute he said take him out and so now here we go with cody wallace. you wonder if this limits, does he do shotgun snap well? do they take a snap on the sideline?
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so many things come in to play. at this point it's a half a yard. could ben quarterback sneak it. but you have haloti ngata in there. everything is in play here. >> al: it's the longest half yard. 71,000 the defense chants. they have dwyer in the back field next to roethlisberger. you have brown in the slot to the right. you have cotchery wide to the right. roethlisberger fires, touchdown! cotchery, who is his main man in the red zone. cotchery with only 34 receptions coming into the game but 7 of those for touchdowns. >> cris: they switch it off. corey graham thinks he is supposed to switch this off, this pick.
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but the inside defender doesn't do it so they end up with a walk-in. so all that mess we just went through and all it did was take time off the clock for the ravens to try to go the other way, assuming they can get this. >> al: two-point conversion. got to pull another one out of a hat. brown on the slot. cotchery wide. wallace with the snap. first one is good this one is good and the pass is hauled in. they're going to say, no, hits the ground. emmanuel sanders couldn't hold on! shocky brown was there with the coverage. so it's an unsuccessful two-point conversion but still an on side kick opportunity for pittsburgh. couldn't hold on. >> cris: had a chance. it goes right through his arms,
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so two balls that were definitely catchable didn't work out. >> al: 22-20, obviously an on side kick to come. pittsburgh, of course, in a position where if they can recover it they would have a time-out and then you need a field goal to win the game. let's go to michele. >> michele: well, meanwhile, running back le'veon bell was taken back to the locker room. as you saw, he is being treated for a possible concussion. this is a young man who said it was his dream to play on thanksgiving. he was lit up all week about it. couldn't wait. had a fine performance, but back there being treated far possible concussion now. >> al: thank you, michele. there's velasco. we saw beachum come out.
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so evans come out. and now it's off the foot of suisham. >> cris: again, you have to go back to a motion suisham on the kick. i've never seen one botched in that way. >> al: has to go ten yards before pittsburgh can recover. now she going to switch around and kick it off his left foot and it will not go the required distance. he tries to fool them by initially looking he is kicking one way then the other then goes back to the original way and the flag is for the kick being out of bounds and not going ten yards. >> cris: it's interesting that was it an illegal touch by a steeler before it got out of bounds? because it never made it ten
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yards. jerrichocotchery on the tail end recovered the ball. >> al: it was off of markus wheaton touched it first. >> referee: illegal touching. 89. first down, baltimore. >> cris: you know, they tried to go the double trick-a-roo. >> al: and the left-footed kick. >> cris: i don't know. not the pittsburgh steelers way, you know? sometimes you can trick yourself into things, but what a football game. i tell you, if they play 16 straight times and they wanted us to do them all, i would do them all. it's a fantastic rivalry. >> al: so nine of the last ten,
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if this one holds, 22-20, will be decided by three or fewer points. pittsburgh takes its final time-out. baltimore can end the game on two kneel downs. >> cris: you have to think a little bit about the pittsburgh steelers now moving forward now with the rash of injuries they've got there on that last little series. >> al: they're going to be 5-7. they have three of their last four at home. right now you have denver, new england, indy and cincinnati as the division leaders. kansas city could be the number one wild card at the moment. baltimore would be number two as this game comes to a finish. the others are in a hunt. but a huge win for the baltimore ravens and a bitter loss to the pittsburgh steelers. as they head home and in a week and a half take on the miami
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dolphins, while the ravens try to get healthy as well and take on the minnesota vikings here. minnesota at detroit, new england and at cincinnati. as a reminder, remainder of their schedule. john madden, marking his ballots right now. we'll find out who the players are coming up right after these missages from your local nbc staxings. i love watching tv outside.
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>> announcer: welcome to the wendy's post game report. here now al michaels kwlanch. >> what a game. ravens win it 22-20. john madden weighed in. he picked two players of the game. one would be jacoby jones. the other would be the kicker justin tucker. they are down there breaking bread with michele. >> it's remarkable that john madden would pick a kicker as a thanksgiving day player. let's be honest, right? you wanted your long snapper and your holder here to feast -- wait a minute. let's cut some food first. each of you grab a leg. we can't talk unnourished. grab a leg. well done. have a bite. take a bite. because we want to get -- no, no, thank you. how is it? good? >> it's pretty tasty.
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>> your team just needed you in the right position to make those five field goals. but, you know, you're kind of knew to this rivalry. second-year player. what did it mean to you to have such a big impact on the outcome? >> my mom told me it's rude to chew with my mouthful. story at home. to be able to come through with my team when they need med. that's part of the job description. i'm happy to do it. i wanted morgan and sam here because they're, you know, kind of unsung heroes of the operation. together we get the job done. happy to be of service. >> happy to be of service in another close win. try to keep that under control, jacoby. >> all right. >> all right. so let's talk about that kickoff return. pittsburgh finally scored its first touchdown. you guys come right back with a kickoff return of 73 yards. cortez allen stops you from the touchdown but let's talk about mike tomlin. his foot appeared to be on the field.
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how aware were you of him? >> i'm looking at him like, i see him -- i don't know if he knew i was there or what, is he going to move? i got up on him i weaved a little bit and that's how the buddy tackled. i shouldn't have been caught. that was the first time in my life. that's like usain bolt losing a race. >> do you feel like he was pushing you into cortez. >> i probably did the same thing if i knew i was back there. >> so no ill will? >> no. it is what it is. we got the w. that's all that matters. >> big w. this game matters so much in the division standings and where you go from here. what do you take away from this? >> we're moving up. still in the hunt for the playoff. we're 6-6, we're .500. >> looks like you're enjoying that? >> i'm almost finished. >> i'm having a hard time chewing here. >> don't forget, guys, we have game balls for each of you.
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you know, we aim to please here at the madden thanksgiving day player of the game. congratulations to both of you. their mouths are full. they're not allowed to talk while they're chew. back to al and cris. >> great, michele. well, the ravens and the steelers, what more can you say? of all the ivalry, it's a street ball, mma, ultimate fighting, we had some squirmishes tonight. it's amazing. >> i thought jacoby jones said it best, i would have done the same thing. that's the nature of this game. everybody tries to take every advantage that you possibly could and it was just a war of attrition. the pittsburgh steelers basically by those final plays were almost out of players. >> the division championship is not out of the mix right now in terms of ravens. >> oh, no. >> cincinnati going to san diego. they're 7-4 at the moment.
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if they lose that game all of a sudden it's a new ball game in the afc north. so lot of stuff can happen between now and december 29th. >> and baltimore goes to cincinnati on the final week of the year with a win up. >> crazy. it's the nfl. that's why we love it. and we'll wrap it up on thanksgiving night from baltimore right after this. wendy's bacon portabella melt? you look...different. i had a little work done. new bun? brioche. mmm, that's hot. okay...that was weird. here's yours- i'm gonna take mine and leave you two alone. wendy's bacon portabella melt. a new buttery brioche bun, crisp bacon and rich portabellas in a melty cheddar sauce. now that's better. and he's got to have the best, so we need to stay focused. james, you're my rock, can you keep it together?
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here, we travel down the road, get a little rg3 action. lot of discussion going down there surrounding him. we'll get a chance to meet with him tomorrow, i assume and looking forward to that. >> the giants with a little bit of a pulse but obviously need to win out the rest of the way to have a shot at the playoffs. so it will be the giants against the redskins on "sunday night football" at its regular time. don't forget tomorrow hockey it's the rangers and the bruins. the new york rangers and the boston bruins tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, and our whole gang, saying happy thanksgiving from baltimore. would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears?
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good evening and thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving night. we want to get you updated on what's happening on this holiday. we begin with deadly news. a deadly thanksgiving in san jose. it started with a wild crime spree. the neighborhood was shaken up. police say a man stabbed three people near regional medical center. he stole a van on jackson
8:53 pm
avenue, got on 680 going the wrong way and ended up on kirk blen drive. george, a lot of innocent people saw this unfold in their front yards, didn't they? >> that's right, they just opened up kirk lane drive a few hours ago. you can see the tree right there where the suspect drove right into this is a car race that ended with san jose police shooting and killing the suspect. >> this couple was inches away from being hit by a minivan. >> what's wrong with him. he almost hit us. >> the suspect just jacked the minivan after he stabbed three people. officers went after him and at one point they say he drove the
8:54 pm
wrong way on 680. >> i don't think he cares or something. we thought he was drunk at stuff, but when we saw some cars were chasing him, we thought oh my gosh, he is running from someone. >> it ended here on kirkland drive. >> the suspect rammed the vehicle and at that point he feared for his life. >> he crashed into a tree in the front yard. one of the bullets hit the suspect, killing him. >> you can see the part of the tree torn off when it was hit by the minivan. the police say it is likely that he knew the people he stabbed, and why this scene of the crimespree is still being investigating tonight. thank you, not just this crime spree, but two separate
8:55 pm
shootings in san jose. the first incident around 2:00 this morning. the first was near lee madison middle school. around 4:00 a.m., a man and woman were shot while sitting on a porch near state street. the couple suffered minor injuries. >> this appears to be a random act. . i don't believe the vice presidents and the victims knew each other at this point. >> they have no information or motives. there is present of positive stories this evening, an oakland teenager is back home and speaking publicly for the first time. he was set on fire while sleeping on a transit bus. here is joey fernandez. >> it feels really great to be
8:56 pm
home and i'm really glad that i could be home for thanksgiving. >> despite enduring a terrifying or deal, sasha could not be more thankful this holiday season. this high school senior suffered severe burns to the teen. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire. and i freak out because i'm on fire. >> for the fist time, sasha is talking publicly about the or deal describing the moment and panic and seeing the flames. >> my first instinct was dumb, start waving it around and trying to put it out with air. >> what sasha did next,
8:57 pm
something learned in kindergarten, may have saved the team. >> i dropped on the floor and rolled around. >> sasha's injuries required three surgeries, but sasha doesn't seem bitter. >> i don't want to be too harsh, because people do dumb things. especially when they're teenagers. >> sasha believes that richard thomas should not be prosecuted as an adult. >> it was a really dumb thing he did, and i think he should be able to realize that that's not just a funny brank. >> the case has drawn worldwide attention, and sasha, who doesn't identify as male or female, hopes it will lead to a better understanding of gender identity issues. as for the skirts, don't expect
8:58 pm
any changes. >> it's a big part of who i am. i don't like pants. >> not sure what we're calling this black friday or gray thursday, but a new wrinkle for television. shopping tonight. nbc bay area stephanie trott joins us from one of the hot spots, the macy's at valley fair. >> reporter: we have seen it plenty. the doors here are opened in the last hour and about 8:00 opportunity and there have been people coming in nonstop and lots of people leaving with big smiles on their faces. check out the parking lot situation, you see cars are still circling trying to find a spot here. stores like macy's hoping for more customers to come in this year. if you look at the best buy in
8:59 pm
san jose, we got video earlier, you could see a long line there, doors opening about 6:00. the guy out front said he had been there seven days. at the toys are us off of winchester boulevard, there was a line around the corner before 5:00 tonight. now according to a national retail federation shopping survey, up to 140 million people said they would shop this weekend, today through sunday, but that is down from 147 million who planned to shop the same time last year. nearly a quarter of respond don'ts say they were going to come out and shop today on thanksgiving, that's 33 million shoppers. >> some people are waiting until tonight, early morning, it's too much for us, you know? it's better not to open too early so they're not wasting the night. business is business. for some people opening up early is better and for some it's not.
9:00 pm
if you can make it work, great, it not there are other sales that are later. >> there are plenty of people that are not big fans of this. say no to shopping on thanksgiving got nearly 60,000 likes. one million users shared a badge that said because i believe in thanksgiving, i will not shop on thanksgiving. but macy's is not the only one to open their doors on thanksgiving. there is jc penney, staples, walmart started two hours earlier than last year. consumers can vote with their wall wallets. if not enough people come out to shop, it's less likely they will do it next year. >> plenty of people out there shopping and working on this night. this holiday is always
9:01 pm
emotional for u.s. troops overseas and the families they left behind. there is still plenty to be thankful for. here is richard angle from afghanistan. >> there is still about 35,000 troops here in afghanistan, and just to feed them, about 70,000 pounds of turkey being served here today, 20,000 pies. these troops obviously miss their families, they would like to be with them today. as you hear their spirits are high. >> on fire based torcom, by the border with pac stan, thanksgiving starts with a turkey trot. >> it has to be at 5:30 in the morning. >> 3.2 miles up a mountain. they call it the climb to color ri. hard enough, even harder carrying 80 pounds or mortar.
9:02 pm
>> thanks a lot. >> it's a day to reflect and boost moral for chaos company. >> back home our families may be having a football game in the backyard, preparing their turkeys, and you would be doing that if you were home. we're with our family today. >> curtis perry was promoted to sergeant first class today. this is his fourth thanksgiving in iraq or afghan. >> i'm sad being away from family, but it's a job, it's what we have to do. >> he connects by internet with his wife and daughter in florida. >> i love you. >> chaos company is taking a down day. pistol shooting and volleyball,
9:03 pm
but they keep their weapons close by. >> i missed the turkey. i really have like a family turkey, i haven't had that in a long time. >> at noon sharp, chow time. no fried turkey, but hamm, stuffing, and sides. sparkling grape juice and nonalcoholic beer. in a tra tigs, the higher ranks serve the troops. a little taste of home in a war zone that at least here for a few hours today didn't much feel like one. >> they have one more thing they would like to say, and it is -- happy thanksgiving, america. >> very nice, happy thanksgiving to you and thank you to your service for the country. this might justify the huge thanksgiving meal, a workout before you eat turkey. we're talking about the turkey
9:04 pm
trot. look at all of the people. 25,000 ran in the 5k and 10k races today. compare that to about 1900 since the inaugural event nine years ago. a big part of thanksgiving is football. today the raiders came close. >> looking for their first, going right, he broke a tackle on the two and he falls into the end zone for a touchdown. >> the first half the raiders looked great, but in the second half it was all cowboys. dallas wins 31-24. we'll have highlights and post game reaction on xfinity sports in about 20 minutes from now.
9:05 pm
also ahead, a thanksgiving promise kept in the east bay. how an oakland teachers helping honor the boy that saved his life. >> i know how he felt because -- >> an emotional reunion for a local girl and her uncle who is living on the streets of los angeles. >> temperatures in the bay area right now pretty comfortable. 40s and 50s outside, and more 60s tomorrow. we'll let you know the full forecast in a couple minutes.
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9:07 pm
an oakland teenager making good on his promise for a organ teenager. they served to the less
9:08 pm
fortunate. carraway had liver failure when he was 14 years old. since them mim and his family feed the needy every thanksgiving to honor his donor johnny hernandez. >> it's always good to come out and feed people for him. he is not here, and we just have a different impact on people's lives. >> he and his mother feed the homeless in oklahoma once a month, not just on thanksgiving. he said he hopes he encourages others to become organ donors. plenty of people are headed to the coastline to see some big waves. beautiful to watch. people are snapping pictures of the 10 foot swells. it was not large enough to close the pier, but they were big
9:09 pm
enough to put out alerts. the warning expired late this afternoon. let's bring in rob to talk about our thanksgiving. did we say it's gray thursday or black friday? >> silver and black? we're seeing temperatures in the 40s and 50s out. san jose looking good. right now 53 degrees, pleasant conditions. nothing weather wise in terms of fog. we will see temperatures tormd morning in the north bay having a chance to drop into the upper 30s. we don't have a lot of wind outside now and that's one of the problems that we get, high pressure builds in, the winds are light, and air quality and be around this time of year. napa dropped down. especially the north bay valleys, and the south bay -- you will notice the air quality was not so good.
9:10 pm
this is for particlate matter. wood burning is not allowed on nights like this where it can lead to unhealthy situations. high pressure keeps things dry for now, but on the who ri zone we're going to see bigger changes and one that you will certainly noens as you stept outside tuesday and wednesday of next week. this cold pocket of air is going to drop down from canada into northern california. givingen that the system is dropping from north to south, you notice not a lot of moisture out there. what we will see is likely scattered showers. going into tuesday and wednesday. the holiday weekend is fine. no rain, temperatures staying mild. things will school down tuesday and wednesday. this weekend highs close to 70 degrees, you see it there on the seven-day forecast, but by tuesday and wednesday the
9:11 pm
temperatures are start to drop off as the cold air settles in, we'll see lows in the 30s and 40s and high temperatures on thursday is 50s if r a high. that's almost 20 degrees cooler than now. with some of those showers it's possible that we may see snow showers as low as 3,000 feet. so we will be watching this early towards the middle part of next week to see how much moisture comes in. around the bay area for tomorrow, pleasant. we should see mid 60s. mid to upper 60s as we take you into san francisco. low 60s with patchy fog at times. you'll notice around downtown san jose, temperatures in the upper 60s and near 70 tomorrow. so a nice sunny finish there, and as we get into the weekend,
9:12 pm
temperatures cooling some on sunday, but pointing out that things will be cooling down big time but thursday. early winter preview, highs in the low 50s. >> thank you, rob. a tradition of giving for one family, now on a road trip. a young girl's mission to take care of the homeless in l.a.
9:13 pm
9:14 pm
if you're just tuning in, this is a special prime time edition of nbc bay area news. a bear area 7th grade ore part of a family helping the less fortunate for almost a decade. this girl decided to hit the road. here is sheryl. >> reporter: alia washington and brooklyn fields are on a mission. the donation barrels are empty, but not for long. >> we're giving them toiletries
9:15 pm
like toothbrushes and soap. >> my sister started it eight years ago. she helped the less fortunate by giving them food, clothes, toys for the children and everything they need. and i was like whoa, if she can do it, i can do it. >> the 12-year-old oakland school quickly went to work. >> my promise is called thanksgiving in l.a. >> los angeles because aeialeig and her mom. when they arrived, he was homeless. >> i remember what happened to my uncle -- >> reporter: those tiers motivated aleahs to make a difference. >> when i found him, we found thousands of homeless people on
9:16 pm
the streets. tents everywhere. and my uncle told her not to cry because it was okay. >> i explained it to her that we can't look at something like that and just turn our heads. so what do you want to do about it. so that's when she game up with the gospel concert in the park. >> it's already to crawl before you walk -- >> aleaha and brook will sing and pass out everything they collected. >> i think people would i will being to help them some day to become better and more than they are now. >> they're very profound kids with empathy for others. >> she has the support of her school. >> i love this little girl. >> and the support of her family. she is confident her
9:17 pm
thanksgiving project will grow. in oakland, nbc bay area news. by the way, they made it to los angeles. for more information about the organization founded by her sister, go to our website and search christmas in richmond. >> hitting all of the right notes as they served thousands of people. "amazing grace." >> the cast members kished out turkey with a side of broadway tunes. in the bay area, there is no such thing as a one size fits all forecast. >> let's start by taking a live look -- >> we developed an innovative way to give you an in-depth story for every micro climate along with a seven-day output you don't have to wait for. >> always controlling right there at the bottom of your
9:18 pm
screen. >> we have a specific forecast for you. microclimate weather.
9:19 pm
a parade, football, and community service. a day of thanks in america and across the world. president obama also weighed in. here is danielle lee. the colorful floats and high flying balloons of the macy's thanksgiving day parade helped
9:20 pm
millions of americans start the holiday in spirit. families were loading their plates with turkey, stuffing, and potatoes and giving thanks for time together. today, it was also an opportunity to serve. the homeless were treated to a bit of luxury. >> there is a bit of a science to giving 900 meals out to people in need before the day is out. the best part it right noo here. just take a look at these turkeys. >> andrew jones is relies on the nonprofit to feed his family on the holiday. >> we're living on disability, we're robbing peter to pay paul. so to get a meal for four is unbelievable. in afghanistan, troops enjoyed some of the comforts of home.
9:21 pm
>> reporter: this a special address, president obama thanks them for their sacrifice. they're shelves lines stores that opened ahead of black friday for shoppers eager for those deals. these shoppers were all business. in washington, i'm danielle lee. >> with a thanksgiving celebration and tradition, there have been a lot of smiles on faces. the cast of a play broke into song while helping serve thanksgiving lunch. they served to thousands of people today. they got a helpy of turkey and ham and sides. many say that the meals keep them from going hungry. >> i'm in a shelter, you know? without this, i pry wouldn't be eating today.
9:22 pm
i wouldn't be eating thanksgiving food, you know? it is beautiful, man. >> in addition to the sit down meal, glides gave out more than 1700 bag lunches today. today, free full service thanksgiving meals were dished up for everyone. it started three years ago. it started with 300 people, then 600 people, and now 1300 people. the owner says she wishes every day could be like this. >> it's the way they give back. i was homeless, and i was -- so now god is great and i want to give back. >> very sweet. local businesses donated food, chairs, transportation, to a
9:23 pm
health fair and flu shots. city officials, the police chief, they came out to help serve. also a restaurant in mountain view did a similar thing today. thousands of people were helping the less fortunate. one man assembled a small army of friends and family. >> got some fresh pie, pumpkin and apple for thanksgiving. we celebrate together. >> reporter: bob man is determines that no one that comes to st. james park in san jose will leave hungry. he got the idea after he dropped off thanksgiving leftovers at the park. >> about 20 or 30 people flocked to my car. i handed the food to one person but i could not feed the other people. so i told my wife when we were leaving that this was the last time it would happen. >> so they spent hours making
9:24 pm
hundreds of turkey sandwichs and handing them out today. lauren tailor savored his meal and it filled him in several ways. >> it makes us feel like we matter. >> from sandwiches to soap, he is vowing to do it every year. a possible record set today. sacramento, the biggest annual fund raising race. organizers say about 28,000 runners participated in the 28th annual run to feed the hungry today. it is believed to generation more than $850,000 for the food bank in year.
9:25 pm
pretty remarkable what it happening across california. one last look at our forecast. i like all of those sunshine and 70 degrees. >> it looks very nice. folks helping folks in need. being out with their families today and nothing but sunshine. cool in the morning and now that the sun has set it is cooling down quickly again. around foster city, 53 degrees right now and oakland and emoryville looking back to san francisco and the holiday lights, it is relatively chilly. you can see the mirror like reflection across the water, a sign of light winds. so we have 40s and low 50s outside now. what you will notice is hazy skies and air quality an issue. light winds, spare the air alirt
9:26 pm
where woodburning is illegal tonight, and flort bay and south bay, and san jose, you may notice smoke particle illusion making air quality an issue at times. when we go to tomorrow, the sun comes up, we should see that improved during the day. tonight woodburning is illegal. partly cloudy skies for the moment. they will start to clear storm morning. we will be looking for low clouds as we head towards friday evening. the temperatures around the bay area tomorrow much like today. 65 degrees, the trivalley there, mid to upper 60s in places south of san jose. we could get close to 70 degrees. by the way, saturday's high temperature as you might notice, warming up, probably the warmest day, and temperatures cooling
9:27 pm
down. low 50s for highs next week. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving to you as well. who needs turkey and stuffing when you have cool cars to look at. plenty of people skipped lunch to go to the international auto show today. among the cars on display, a new model maserati that goes for about $100,000, and a mercedes powered by fuel cells, and a must tan gt that runs on 85% ethanol. i think we like to see the new and the classices. being able to sit in and test them as far as hands on it's very nice without a salesman. i'm a salesman. >> free to go, but money to buy the cars. we hope you're enjoying your
9:28 pm
thanksgiving. we're thankful for our viewers and staff. we have sports sunday next.
9:29 pm
9:30 pm
he fumbled the ball, it's picked up by jenkins, back the other way. touchdown raiders on the first play of the game again. thanksgiving, a day to be thankful for me things, for the raider fabs, possibly for a win. >> the raider defense was playing so well, and then it's all falling apart. >> by the end of this turkey day, it was the raiders letting another lead slip away. >> gobble gobble turkey. it m


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