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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 15, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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you made mil and his fily very happy. >> and the rdler and the penguin inail behind bars. >> right where the beng. >> thas for joining us. >> have great weekend, folks. one week since the most powerfultorm ever to hit land, and tonight fromhe philippines . nancy snyderman onhe medical teams that are racing againstime. frid night lights on this gridiron night forlayers and fans acrs the country, nfl great brett favre talks about kidsnd the dangers of pling e game. d making a differenc what aextraordinary scene today in san francisco as they transformed themselv into gotham city to make a young supeero's dreams come tr. "nightly news" begs now. od evening.
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president obama now finds himself compared to presidt george w. bush as in the problemsith the health care plan have become president obama's kaina. he's now apologizetwice for breaking the promise to americans that they uld keep their health insurance. and tonight an increasing number of his own democrats are saying this proposefix isn't good enough. 39 of them sided with republicans in a vote on a bill which s another attempt to kill obama care today. we begin here tonight with nbc's kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. >> reporter: the biggest defection of the yeafrom inside the psident's own party today. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: 39 democrats, nearly 2 of their caucus, joined with publicans to change the healtcare law to try to let millions of consumers whe health insurance has been cancellekeep their plans. west virnia democrat nick grayha voted with republics. how would you grade the administration's handling of the
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this? >> f minus. >> reporter:hat low? >> yes. >> iant to welcome the executives -- >> rorter: one day after the president suggested his fix, he called insurance executiveto the white house to fige out hoto make it work. urging insurance companies to restore cancelled plans for one year, and waiving quirements that the pla cover more medical services. >> whawe are going to be dng is brainstormingn how do we make se everybody understands what tir options are. >> reporter: the obama fix also requires cooperation frostate inrance commissioners. many are angry about being asked to change the rules now. >> the cost and burden on inrance companies is gng to be massive. who'going to ultimately pay for these? it's consumers. >> reporter: t house gop bill that passed toy goes beyond the president's x and would permit insurance companies to keep selling pns that don't me new coverage requirents indefinitely. and to any customer. democrats say that wld gut the
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benefits in the health care la ngresswoman debbie wasserman schultz says the fix will work thgh the president cant force insurance mpanies to go along. >> that's y the president rolled out the policy yesterday that allows ople who want to keep their plan to keep it. but we also -- >> reporter: it don't really allow -- >> yes, it does. >> reporter: it'asking. >> it allows people that want to keep their plan, if they like it, they can. >> reporter: se of the insurance executiv called the meeting with the psident oductive. while the white house suffered a loss of confence today, many house democrats told mthey had feed even more defections. brian? >> kelly o'donne after another fun day on the hl. thanks for starting us o tonigh let's goo david gregory, moderator of "meet the press" in the d.c. bureau. pele start tossing around hurricane kaina comparisons and that's bound tleave a mark. >> yh, and the white hou doesn't like it. you can imagine why.
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it only goes so far if you are talkg about competence of an administration or the abilit fogovernment to handle a really big project. maybe there is some comparison. but itrobably stops there. thbottom line is that the present has negative attributes aut his competence and his own credibili. those are trenlines that are going down. frankly i liken it more the ir war. that was life and death. this is t. it's tally different. whent comes to an issue through which everything els will be judged, i think that's the compariso to t previs admistration, one they are trying to fight through now. >> david, we'll beatching the discussion sunday on "meet the press. david grory from washington tonight. well, it's now been one week night since typhoon haiyan became the most powerful storm ever to hit land. of course we have now se what it did to the philippines. as of tonight, more than 3,6 peoplere dead. 1,200 missing. close to 2 million peopl displace thk of all the schools destroyed.
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sadly one week later,o many people are still waiting for help to reachhem. night dr. nancy snyderman is with a team of israeli doctors who ecialize in flying in to helphe hardest hit populions on earth. they did it in haiti. tonight theyre at work in the philippines. reporter: israelis re here foone reason. they have come to set up a m.a.s.h.nit, but where are they? the israelis just picked up people from a philippines chper and there is a convoy headed this way. are the raelis in that building? >>es. >> reporter: the israelis ose a hospital thawasn't in such bad shape it needed roof repair. they came yesterday, made the repairs and they are alrea seeing the first patnts, all within 24 hours. though damed this will serve as headquarters and house 60 israeli doctors and nurses. as they always do, the strike team comes totally self-sufficienwith enough medical supplies, food and water.
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why come to the philpines? >>ecause it's a sense of helping your brothers wherever they are. so it doesn't maer your age, yourolor. >> reporter: the team isetting up high tech system to track each patient. but becae there are so many people waiting, patients are idenfied with a slip of per and a nuer. a week into the cris, the medical problems are dehydration, diarrhea, respiratory illnesses and many ses of fever in chilen. >> oh, he's hot. everyo has fevers today. all the children are hot. it's hard en your baby is si. >> reporter: the town remains as the storm left it a week ago. buildings stroyed. the watesystem broken. and it's brutally t and humid. the stress shows on everne. young and old, the sick an those who just wanto be chked. moreeople than they can handle. how do you bridge the gap and still depart?
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>> you give at you can and th you go. we can't stay forer. >> reporter: three hours old. congratulations, mom. even in this desperation there is hope. a healthy baby has been born. his name -- israel. dr. nancy snyderman, nbc new bogophilippines. >> reporter: this is har smith in tacloba friday morng under a withering sun the line to ceive a meager ration of rice stretches for ocks. how much will yoget? >> two kilos of rice. >> reporte is that enough to feed a family? >> no. >> reporter:ut it is food ey're here for. anger inhis heat would be a waste of energy. yet when the food showed up,ll hell broke loo. crews still roam the neighborhoods, clecting and tryingo identify bodies. the workers e dutiful, respectful. [ crying ] >> reporr: their work is nowhere near done. ill here under the most cruel rcumstances, you see many people repeating the ritua of daillife. a woman bathes her child.
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a mother nurses hebaby. why would you wash clothes unless y knew you would need them tomorrow? this iwhat hope looks like. its supply is not limitles this aftnoon we went back to check on mecon sans. you love this place? >> yes. i lo this place. reporter: we met her last moay. she and her extended family are still where weeft them -- alive, but not well. >> dead bodies there. >> reporr: still? she and the 50 peoe she lives wi cleared space to sleep. while th have received some aid, it's raly enough. >> god gave us second chance to live. to do ings. god gave us e courage to live, to fight. i don't want to d my life because i don't want to die li this. >> reporter: shend her group arare sick and tired. ey tried joining thendless
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line at thairport and concluded it no use. week ago she was prang to suive the typhoon. now, her prayers he changed. >> lord, please, don't do this to us. don't let usie like this. >> reporter: harry smith, nbc news, taoban. > a week's worth of dness from the philippin. a headli today out of china. the government there saying it is easing on the one-child policy that for more than three decadehas restricted most couples to having only a single child. it's also resulted in boys far outnumbering gir in the populaon. couples can w have a second child if one othe parents is an only child. there have been exceptions in the past, especially in rural areas where ey need the population. ck in this country, there is a drama unfolding in suburban detroit gettg national attention now. it involves a young, unarm woman who was shot in e head d killed in the midd of the night. this case is also irring up racial tensions. our report tonight from nbc's kevin tibbles.
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>> rorter: the funeral oa detroiteenager held a week ago today. for 19-year-old ranisha mcbride, killed aer being shot in the face in the middle othe night on the front steps of a home in suburban dearborn heights. >> recving a 911 call from a le. he tnks he just shot somne on a porch. reporter: police we on the scene at 4:46 a.m. >> somebody is down on the porc >> reporr: today, 54-year-old theodo wafer was in court charged with her murder. according police mcbride rked at ford and had smashed into another vehicle with her car at 12:57 a.m. witnesses say she wander away om the scene, nearlyour hours later she was dead fm a shotgun wound just a few blocks away. in the days llowing protesters gathered comparinger death to the trayvon martinase. today her family said she was likely seeki help.
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>> ian't imagine in my wildest drea what that man feared from her. to shoot her in her face. >> repter: a toxicology report show mcbride was nearly three mes over the legal aohol limit for drivg. and that she had traces of majuana in her blood. while michigan dsn't have the same stand your ground law use the trayvon martin se, theodore wafer could claim selfefense. >> he has to show he was in fear, that he thought she was breaking in, that she was a danger to him d his home. >> reporter: one activist said mcbriddoesn't want her famy to become a matter of race. >> a nearly 19-year-old girl might be in a milar situation. that should brinus together as a community to demd justice and not separate us at all. >> reporter: kevin tibbles, nbc news, icago. stl ahead for us tonig, growing concerns about kids playg football. what more and more parents are
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now doing and ying as one of the greats of e nfl opens up about the dangs for kids. late there were a lot of batman sightings in san francisco today. that was the point as an enti city mobilized to grant a wish to young boy. it's ouraking a difference report tonight.
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jonath martin surfaced today. he arrived at a meeting with the special nfl council to tell his side of the story in the bullying scandal that briefly enveloped the miami dolphins he remains out of football, a man withoua team, as confusing details have come out. he ce before cameras andaid he'dike to continue his career in the nfl. for nfl fans, this bei friday night means sday is tting closer. we'll be watching as we do every week. but lately and very slowly, watching the ge has chged in varying degre. for a lot of us o played and loved the sport 's because of what we now know about the heavy price paid by veterans of the
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game, many eering mental old age while in their 40s. now another nfl great is speaking outbout the toll of head injuries. ron mott is in wt orange, new jersey under the friday night lights. good evening. reporter: good evening to you. it's the mountneers and the soarg eagles tonight. we'll hear a lot of cheering. there will probably also be woied parents because on every play there will be a little bit of violence. in football, the hits just keep coming and the warngs are sounding louder than ever. one of the game's legends, retired quarterback brt favre told "toy's" matt lauer the hard hits have aected his memory. >> wn you start forgetti things that are so obvio, they should be so easy to rember, that's sca. >> reporter:he concern >> reporter:he concern over head injuries in particular pushed my parents to throw the flag, pulling or keeping their sons off the field
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pop warner, the nation'sargest uth football program says nearly 10% fewer kids ar playing an just three years ago. in a statement to nbc news, pop warner's execuve director said there is no hard data that links rticipation numbers with the fear of concussions. for the dell judasamily near chicago football is in the dna. 17-year-d scott plays despit two concussions, s does nine-year-old anthony. sister made is a cheerleader. >> nervous every time they snap the ball. nervous but hopeful he'll do what he needs to do to do his posion well and protect the people he's protecting and himself. >> reporter: football has a long story of producing lg lasting aches and bruises and sotimes more serious consequences in missoi a high school player, chad stover, died thursday, two wes after suffering a brain injury in a game. in suburban atlanta, another high school pler died after breaking his neck during a preseason scrimmage. even favre questions if he would let hison play now if he had
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one. >> i would be real leery of him playing. in some respects, i'm almost glad don't have a son because of the pressur he would face. >> rorter: america's game may be tackling its biggest challenge yet. we reached out today to facebook followers and one ofhem said ey will not allow their son to play saying his life is not a game. another parent who support football says it needs to be playedmarter. brian? >> ron mott, a ftball veteran himself on the jsey gridiron. u'll want to see matt lauer's full conversation with brett fae. it's a revealingonversation. it will air mondayn "today." we are back in a moment with something a lot of people don't know aboutne of the most famous pieces of clothinin modern american history.
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a ory by "the new york times" is getting a lot of attention fowhat it says about the iconic chanel blood-stained suit we saw wo by jackie
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kennedy 50 years a next week when her husband, the presiden was assassined in dallas. she famously wore it on the flight back to d.c. few people kneit's been preserved in a vlt in the national archives ever since. on orders from heroul surviv, caroline, not to be displayed til the year 2103. spking of carine kenned she arrived in tokyo today as u.s. ambassador to japan. and diyou know upwards of 10% of a the electricity in this country comes from nuclear reactor fuel that's been salvagedrom old russian atom bombs? over the last 20 years, 20,000 russian waeads have been dismantled. the last shipment is on the way to the u.s. this lite known program was caed mega tons to megaatts. it's actually helped control utility prices in this count. this is a big one. mount nabong has towered over
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donesia since the eah cooled but now e volcano is active again. the vertical explosion is breathtaking. the inial blast sent the plume two miles into the air. it's alreadyed to thousands of evacuations and has affected aircraft navigation as pnes cann go near the air spa containing the ash it remained dormanfor centuries befo first erupting the years ago. nothere is no telling w much bier this gets. volvo says the new web ad for a line of trucks is absolute real and was recorded in one te. that's probabla good thing for the actor jean claude van damm taking nothing away from a hec of a spl he performs here. we have since lened there were safe cables in place to prevent pas of mr. van damme from being scatteredn the highway had something go terribly wrong. we don't know what this says out our country but mcdonald's is adding a third drive-thru window at thousands of
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restaurants to cut down on waiting time and prevent instances when they ask you to pa in the waiting areand then hand carry your order out to y. so we have that going for us. when we me back, one little boy's superhero dreamnd the city that made it come true.
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mang a difference, brought to you by new oxytrol for women. finally hereonight, it appeared for a while earlier today like an entire america city transformed itsf into goam city to grant a wh to a 5-year-old boynd would be superhero. we get our making a difference rert from nbc's joe frr in san frcisco. >> reporter: to fully undetand why the streets of san francisco -- >> you have to go y up there. >> reporter: -- feelore like the chaotic smoke-fied alleys of gotham city, you must take step back. ♪ >> reporte and listen to the story of a boy with perhero strength. >> going to be batman. >> reporter: y get to be batman? 5-year-old miles scottpent the
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majorityf his young life battling a vlain named leukemia. >> he beat an awful disease. so that mas him a hero to me. >> reporter: typically shy, the young cancer survivor comes ale wearing his batman costume. >> because he's myavorite perhero. >> reporter: in fact, he always dreamed of becoming the ped crusader. ♪ [ cheers ] >> reporter: today the make-a-wh foundation made that dream come true. >> it just mak me so happy that he gets to go and be the hero that he is. >> i'm bman! >> reporter: riding shotgun in a lamborini turned batmobile, poce escorts guide miles through a city transformed in his honor. first batkid is rushed to help a damsel in diress who is tied to the cable car tcks. with an assist from his mentor, batman, miles saves the day to everyone's delight. >> he's so cute! reporter: but there is no time to rest. the riddler is robbing a bank and batkid icalled to foil the
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dastardly plans. >> i closed the door on him! >> reporter: eve step of the wa huge crowds meet batkid. some3,000 complete stranrs all packed into downtown san francisco, thankto social media. >> when i was a kid i wanted to do it. he's getting to it which is pret awesome. >> reporter: even thpresident had a message for batkid. >> way to go, miles! way to save gotham. >> reporter: and t san francisco chrocle printed a special edition highlighting how miles saved mascot from the clutch of the penguin before finally receiving the key to t city, leaving no doubt on is day good has truly triumphed er evil. he's batman. batm always wins. >>eporter: joe fryer, nbc news, san francisco. >> well done, san ancisco. how great ishat? that'sur broadcast on a friday night. and for this week, thank you for being here with us. i'm brian lliams. lester holt wille here with you is weekend. weof course, hope to s you
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right back here on monday night. inhe meantime, please have a good weekend. good night. you jt saw the story of transformed into a full blown it's not over ye right now at 6:00, the journey of how the batkibecame king of san francisco aleast for this day. good eveng, thanks for joining us. i'm raj mathai >> i'm jsica aguirre. >> mor on that story in a mome. first, i apologize, what san jose's polic chief said today after we exposed the department played a numbers gameith statistics. misleading the publiabout how gang-related homicides a down.
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>> our investigative reporter broke the story earlier this nth. it continues to unfold. >> that' absolutely right, ra and ss. no one from t san jose police department would go on camera to talk abouthe inaccurate coarison of gang crime statistics until now. in a candid interview, the chi spoke opey about the mistakes maid, changes toome and a pledge to bring transparency to the department. >> this departmen and community is important to me. >> rorter: acting police chief larry esquivel wants you to know he'ssorry. >> i apologize to our citizens. our apogize to our politicians. to -- we don't wan to hide. >> reporter: apologizing for telling the pubc gang-related homicides are down re than 40% coared to last year. when in reality, the department doesn't know that. becauset was comparing appl to oranges. our instigation sparked outrage from citynd county leaders. someone should hav said, you know, these numbers don't necessarily refct the ye-over-year drop


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