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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 14, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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did you like that correspondent? >> yeah. she looked like one ofour daugers. >> we'll see you at 6:00. ananother apology for llions of amerins who lost their heal insurance. and now the question, will the fix work? >>desperate days in what is righnow the saddest placon earth. aid isouring into the philippinenow. but as we'll seeirsthand tonigh it's a huge challenge getting out where it's need. out of nowre. again the earth opens up destroying homes and leaving a entire neighborhd on edge. and letting loos ide of the queen we seldom see as she welcomesome wounded american warriors into her home. "nightly news" bins now. side o see as sheelcomes some wounded american warriors into her home. "nightly news" beginnow. good ening. thpresident today apologized
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again for what has become of his health care initiative. he admitted today he overpromised and was underinformed. he once again tookhe blame and explained, as he put it, he's not a peect man or a perfect president. of all the things, ough, in his presidency, it's barack obama's signature piece of legislation that is ging him the biggest problem ofis presidency. and not long after he pledged again to make it right, the insurance industry called him out for changing the rules in the ninth inning of e game. we begin here tonight with our political director and cef whithouse correspondent chuck todd. chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good eving, brian. under unting political pressure from his owparty the president unveiled his plan to make good onhe health care. the problem, his proposefix may nofix anything. >> we fumbled the rollout on the heth care law. >> reporter: a contrite presidt today. and it's just a week removed from h apology to americans
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who saw their health insurance caeled. deite his assurances that if they liked their plan they cou keep it. i said that i would do everything we can fix this problem. today i'm offering an id that will help dot. >> reporter: under the affordable care acas many as 5 million amerans have had their health iurance cancelled because their policies don't cover everything the new l mandates. among those mandates -- emgency room visits, mernity care and menl health. the president's solutionoday -- allow insurance companies to renew polies for a year, even if they don't comply with the law. >> the bottom line is insurers can extend current pla that would otheise be canceled into 2014 and americanwhose pls have been cancellecan choose to re-enroll in the same kind of plan. >> reporte what the president didn't emphasize is insurance companies don't have trenew the polies. the esident is simply asking them to extend t courtesy to upset policy holders. white house aides acknowledge the present does not have the
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power to mandatehis fix. >> this fix won't solve every problem for every person, but it will help a lot of peoe. doing more will require rk withongress. reporter: and that's exactly what may hpen. louisiana demoatic senator mary landrieu, fing a stiff election challenge at home, ld nbc's kello'donnell she's prepared to inoduce legislation requirg the fix. >> let's hope the presidt's guidance works. and if it does, hopefully the guidance will work. we may need some legislave power behind tt. >> reporter: house speakerohn boehr dismissed the president's fix callinit littleore than a political response designed to shift blame. but facing a full-on revolt in his own party, the president today did his be to accept the blame for the wide range of health care rollout problems. >> uimately i'm the president of t united states. you ow, that's on me. i did not have enough awareness about the proble in the website. again, that's on us whicis why
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-- that's on me. that's why i'm trying to fixt. so, you know, ultimately'm the head of thiseam. we did fumblthe ball on it. these are two fumbles on something that -- on a big game whic-- but t game's not over. >> reporr: brian, despite all the things thahappened today, democrs are still not happy and they want to vote on their own fix to show the own constituents that they stoodp to the president. >> chuck todd fromhe white house for us tonight, starting us off. chuck, thas. > and wmentioned this rlier. the insurance industry tight says it was caht off guard by the president's anuncement today and was not consulted about it. this fix that's supposed to se the anxiety o people whose policies have been canceled despite thepresident's promise to the contrary is n leading to more confusion than ever. we get more on that from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter:n california, doug pilcher is now really confused. in september he received this
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letter saying t insurce policy he bought on his own will be canceled. his individual and family plan no lonr available and a mparable policy would likely st $100 more each moh. >> what arwe doing to get people more assistance? >> reporter: with the president's announcement today the question is whether blue shield will noallow him to keep his old poly. >> my preference would be to keep my existin policy, but without the year limit. i would prer to at least hav the option to kp it into the future. >> insurers can extend curnt plan-- >> repter: the president's announcement leaves it up to the state insurance company commsions and companies to decide whether or not they caeled because they didn't meetinimum standards set by the new law. insurers feel indsided by the white house. >> now they are tryi to pass the cancellation hototato to the insurance companies. d putting them into a gistical nightmare creating even more of a mess. the problewith obama care
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right now ihe credibility gap this ainistration ha >>eporter: the troue, the industry h very little time to rewrite or restart policies. today the insurance industry warned changinthe rules after heth plans have already met the quirements of the la could destabize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers. the question today, is the tire program in jeopdy? >> io not believe this ithe end of obama care. i think it is a very rough start. i think is an effort on their part to save it. i think is jury is still out but it's saveable. >> all right. now i need tlook up your plan. >> reporter: mnwhile, back in california douwas on the phone this afternoon- >> -- h that changing my plan. >> reporter: -- looking for answers from his iurer. several statinsurance commisoners, including decrats, are refusing night to go along with the white house fix. antime there is growing concern that youer americans will not buy io the health
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care plan d offset the cost from older, less healthy americs. that could mean gher premiums for all of us. ian? >> tom costello out of miami tom,hanks. now our update on the continui and desperate situation in t philippines. tonight e u.n. is out with their new estimate othe death toll nearly 4500o far. also tonight some food, water and medical he is finally getting , but it's not clear,50. also tonight some food, water d medical help is filly getting in, but it's not clear if it is reaching the hundreds of thousands who desperaly need it. tonight,bc's harry smith has ventured bk into the hard hit city otacloban. harry, good evening. >> reporter: brian, ank you very much. once again in cloban. yesterday we criss-crossed the country with the united states marine corps and if possible gained an even greater undersnding of the depth a scope of the problems and also the urgency for need of response. we have been looking ascenes misery all week.
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an incomprehensible visual onslaught. as we e almost seven full ys now since the storm hit,his is what you should know. aid is starting to pour in fro all over the world. with a sble airport, back there there is a plane from the united araemirates. behi me, one from israel the are planes from asia, from austria. the world is rponding. but many the storm zone, little of that response is ing felt. that's why storm victims by e hundreds wait inines at the tacloban airport. lineshat don't seem to move. terry works at the local post office. she's been in line for three days. >> people likes, very ordina, cannot go to manil were just suffering from hunger no water >> no medicine. >> no medicine reporter: and so t u.s. marines are throwing evething they have at the problem including the osprey. it can fly like a plane but take
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off or land like aelicopter, making it an ideal bridge beeen the aid that's come in and the that desperately need it. we rode along as the ospreys made adropof in a town cut off since the storm hit. we are in a little village called ewan. the ospreys are loaded with aid, with food. there are police, local emgency workers here hping to unload the planes. look at the crowd that's assembled here. [ cheers ] >> reporter: whawas it like here friday? >>h, horrible. it's like hell. >> reporter: this man woies the aid may not t to the people who need it mt. as best we could tell, the shipmentas secure. as the ospreys continu to swoop from village to villag u can't help but wonr what would ppen if they weren't here. lieutenant general john whistler told me this woris like second nature to the marines. >> they trainedthat.
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so being out here and able to make a difference for these people means all the world to them. >> reporter: andbrian, one of the ings that's interesting, we a so focused on the immediate needs of the people. but as you travel ross the couny, the power lin are down everyere. there is no ruing water any place in the storm zone and restoring all of that is going to take a long, long time. >> a long time, indeed. harry smith tacloban for us. harry, thanks for your day of reporting. in the country, some tense moments today at children's hospital just outside milukee on lockdown after police there shot a wounded a m, a wanted felon near t neonatal unit. a 22-year-old suspt was holding a baby in his arms when officers tried to t him under arrest. he put the by down, took off wn a llway, then turnedn thofficers with a pistol. that's when they shot him. no one else near the nursery, thankfully, was jured. >>scary moments at a rig in north texas when a gas pipeline exploded sendi smoke and flames into the ai
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crews evacted a nearby town as a precaution. lice say a drilling ew accidentally punctured the pipeline about 40 miles south of dallas. now it could be days before folks in the area are allowed back. the news out of florida day had to doith something we're sing a l more of lately. that's sinkholes opening up across the state. today another one came to fe in a residential neighborhood. oureport tonight from c's janet amlian. >> reporter: hearing strange noisesn the middle of the night, ivy dupri thought somebody was trying to break in. >> i hea a banging against the door. i went to my parents. my dad wento check and the whole screen room was going in the sinkhole. >>eporter: the family grabbed what they could. >> i saw my dghter get out of the hoe. >> repter: orinally between the dupris' home and the neighb's, the sinkhole is growing the hour. >> it looks a lot bier than it did earlier. >> reporter: it devoured a porch, a pool and a master bedroom. homes have been evacuated.
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>> we don't know at this point where it's going. it is sti mong. >> reporter: sinkhes are all too commonn florida because sandy soil sits atoplay and limeston when water seeps down it can create a vd like an underground balloon full of air. when thearth is too heavy th balloon pops. it can be catastrophic. march, a 30-foot-wide sinkholeast of tampa swallow man in his bedroom. hibody was never found. in august, a 60-ot-wide sink hole collapsed part of a vacation resort near disneyworld. anher one consumes tre in second this geologist from the unersity of houston. >>reas that are susceptible is where we have water lls pumping water out of theround for industrial, ho or business use and irrigation. >> i don't think it's livable. i mean, i don't wanto live in itnymore. >> repter: another florida neighborhood under siege from an assaulthat takes aim from e
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ground up. net shamlian, nbc news, houston. we lrned today the notoris boston mobster whitey bulger will die behind bars. he was sentenced aer a long trial, concted of 11 murders amg other crimes. he was capturea few years back living the life of a retiree in santa monica. fo years h ran the bosn irish mob called the wter hill gang. he's 84 now. he was officially given two life sentences plus five years in prison auring he'll never again see the light of d as a free man. still ahead for us tonight, spsecrets. ann curry with the womenf the ci the public servas who led the charge to hu down bin laden now breaking through a culture long dominated bmen. and lar, woued american vets up cle and personal with the queen of england opening up a side we rarely see
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tonight have a report from inside this nation's cldestine service,
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specifically this is about the womenho work iide the cia. nbc's ann curry habeen granted rare access inside the cia to reportn a transformation that's been taking place for years. the owing number of women who w hold some of the most poweul jobs within the world's leading spy agency. >> reporter: tsee this famous photo of officia watching the raid againstsama bin laden you would think it was an operion managed mostly by men. but at the cia, it s women leading the analysis that tracked down bin laden. fran moore ithe agency's director of intelligence. >> some of the people that d e longest sort of, most intense work on the analysis aspect of it were women. pure and simple. >> reporte the main character in "zero dark thirty" was modeled afr the woman on the ground still unnamed who relentlessly stalked bin laden for yes. the re team behind the scenes was also mostly women, say moore and sue gordon, the cia's director of suort.
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>> i canay if those individuals hadn't beenorking the issuet that time, i am not confident we would have been successful. >> rorter: the fact is tay nearly halof the cia is fema. women have been promoted to ve of the cia top eight positis. in his first interview as ci director, john brean explains why. are there any qualies women bring th men might not be able to bring to the cia? >> i am very surprised at how perceptive and insightful women cabe about how a man is acting -- whether it's foreign government leader, military officialor somebody who is sort of crying out their daily duties. >> reporte back in world war iia few women did servas spies. betty macintosh passed along explosives in china that blew up a train. doris borein italy analyzed aerialhotos for troop drops and found nazi concentration camps. and still --
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>> we were referred to as the girls. i was doing exactly t same things as major and lieutenant colonels. here i was with the girls. >> the girls. >> repter: at today's cia, fran moore is the first won with cldren in her job, a position that once seemed out of reach. >> i neverad the tap on the should, we think you're capable of actually running a team. >> reporte now nearly two decades of change later we brought together two generions of agency women. >> wwouldn't be here if , we brought together two generations of agency women. >> we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. because you dithat, we don't ha to fight that battle. no. >> quite as mu as you did. because you did it >> reporte because they did, it appears seeing a woman direct of the cia is no loer a question of , but when. ann curry,bc news, washington. and we are bk in a moment with the message from the cockpit that had some pasngers thinking imight be the end.
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four-time indy car champion dario franchitti is no longer
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able to competand will leave auacing because of the injuries heuffered back on ocber 6 in the houston grand prix. he suffered a broken back, broken ankle, severe concussi. he's 40. he'll tire listed eighth o the all-time driver list th 31 reer wins. not the proudest moment for southwest airlinesut one of the more harrowing. the very psengers who were ld to sit back, relax and enjoy flight 3426 from tampa to raleigh claim they heard the captain come on and say, we're going do. followed by whatome passengers described as a ne dive to a lower altitude. the airline disputes t exact wording over the p.a. ying the ptain meant to tell flight attendants they wereoing to make an expedited landing because of a pressization warning light and he ner meant to indicate they were ever in danger of crashing.
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well, this won't exactly eed up the game of seball. jor league baseball owners are close to aroving a new policy that would dratically increase the number of plays subject to using videotapreplay. startings early as next season it would change forever the human element of umpirg which includesad calls, but more often than not they gethem right. the new rule would give managers one challenge to review a play for the first six inningand two more later in e game. when we me back here tonight,he royals and rare treatment fr the queen of england that she showed some extraordinary visitorsrom the states.
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finay tonight, prince harry is about to set f on a race to the south pole as a military veteran he's justifiably prouof his service and he's making the ek algside some wounded vets. many othem americans. he brought them by to meet his grandmother today. she rose to the occaon. our report here tonight from nbc's kier simmons ilondon. >> reporter: a big smile. even a gige. rarely do we seehe queen so visibly at ease. not solemn or gal. clearly enying and admiring
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the wounded veterans settingff for the south pole wither granon harry. have you been there, one ask her? >> of course not! [ laughter ] reporter: behind thlaughter are painfustories. army captain ivan castro was jured in iraq in 2009. i joined him in trning. >> the blast had bken my nose, shattered my rht cheekbone, blew out my right eye. >> rorter: he lost his sht. >> iate the word "hero". >> reporter: you are one though. >> no, no. >> reporter: he hasn't lost his nse of humor, telling the queehe doesn't like the cold. >> i hatit. i don't knowow they will get me out of the sleeping bag. >> mind the crevasses and ings that one might fin >> reporter:ood advice, your majesty. others, including private margo mange and theresfrank of texas both also injur in iraq. >> doi stuff that's active helps me i'm always going to be in pain. >> reporter: and mark wise from the fourth iantry in colorado.
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his body w broken by a bomb in afghanistan. >> now it's can i walk 15iles a day, 20 miles ia day. >> reporter: today they joined prince har to launch the south pole allied challenge. three teams of wounded veterans who wil race across antarcta. >> a the men and women bind me achieved so much just to get here. reporter: in fact, might be that harry was the reas the queen was so aease. >> i shared a tent with hi granny. that's incredibly brave, on my part. >> reporr: introducing his granny, um, her royal highss, to men and women even queen calook up to. kier simmons, nbc news, londo that's our broadcast on thursdayight. thank you for ing here with us. i'm brian williams. hope to see you rig back here tomorrow evening. good night.
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now, b.a.r.t. officials say they'reoing to have to take e mystery provision into nsideration before making any bottom line, they could reject the contract. of course, we'llring you
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updas on the story as we get them throughou the newscast and have a completeeport on nbc bay area news at 11:00. now to an nbc bayrea exclusive. he wouldn't answ questionsn front of a criminal grand jury but did answe our questions. san jose city councilmanavier caos questione underoath regaing his boss. councilman campos ioked his fth amendment right saying he di't trust the district attorney office. night he's talk to us about a high-profile political scandal. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is at san jose cy hall with the story. damian? sit down and clear his name, tell his side of the sry about pontially mieading campaign mailers that wt out whene was running for city council. our lega analysts says campos should not hav told us what he told us anday have cread, quote, a legal quagmire for himself. >> mr. campos? >> damian. >> reporter: couilman javier ca


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