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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  November 10, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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of impact. en the massive typhooname ashore. the staggering aftermath of the stm that has left anstimated 10,000 or more dead. plus stori of survil as the u.s. joins a growing international relief fort. speaking out. thefl playe accusedf bullng gives his fir interview since the scandal broke as he attempts to clear the air. troubling picte. the new disturbin tre behin the wheel with more andore drivers snapping photos o themsees. and back on course for women verans whoeed some help returning to civilian life a program that is becoming a real hit.
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>> good evening. tonight the world is responding to the collective cry for help from the central philpines. what we're hearing now as many as 10,000 lives were swept away unde what may be the most violentyphoon to ever make landfa. the u. military tonight h joinedasaive operation to bring relief to coastal towns that have been wiped fm the map. otrs buried under the field of barely recognizable debris. the power i out. water and food in short supply and bodies remain to be recovered. official saylose to a half milln people have been displaced tonight. all many can do is pray for those they've lost and pray for relief. our team is in place to cover it all. we began in tacloban, philippines. >> reporter: good evening. i'm standing in part of what remains part of tacloban
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airport. tonight familie are forced to take refe in the wreckage. there are dead bodies crudel coveredtill lying in the streets not far from where'm standing. the death toll now feared to be ound 1000. th amateur video obtained by filipino broadcaer abs/cbn shows the moment of impact. a waffleater 20 feet high b some accounts, craing into tacloban. leaving the city of 220,000 in ruins. storm chasejim rode out the storm in a hotel in tacloban. he captured these images during the height of deluge. >> the wind was coming at me. it was really eerie. itould pick up and gust. it would get so strong in bursts that you couldt stand up. most peoe that i saw got in trouble with the storm surge. the cbination of the wind and ter coming at you was jus too mu. >>eporter: the winds of 0
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miles an hour, typhoonaiyan knocked out communicati and destroyed 70% to 80% of structures in leyte province and nearly all in tacloban. food and water are in short supply and residents cer their noses to avert the sme of bodies. this pregnant woman, jenny de la cruz los 11 menmbers of her family when the water rose. she said right now a we can d is surve the day but i don't know what wi happen tomorrow or the day after that. today the president of the philippines toured the city. >> especially those are injud. the need f food. >> reporter: taclan's airport was badly damaged by raging floodwaters. now, hundreds wait tre desperate to leave. the young and the frail allowed to go first. this woman is 63. she bely survived.
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r family didn't. >> my husband -- reporter: she only has what she stands in. secuty now a concern with tv footage showg widespread looting. one official calling on the vernment to declare martial law. at this ho, a massive relief operation is underway ashe situation grow ever more sperate. e runway here is still intac and the aiorts are flying in and out. beginning to rcue the many thousands who are desperate to leave. this is fast becoming major international humanitarian airlift. lester? >> ang us waer. we wanto hear more fro a personou just sa m eds a storm char who was documenting the storm as it came ashore from the hotel. here's how he described it in his own words. >> i started to come in as the sun came up. i went out with my cama and
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soon realized that it wa just whiteout conditions. i went right to the edge where the water was hitting the shacks it wasoing up and gouging them and the stuff would pl off ery now and then. e wind really picked up. i jumped in the pool. i figured i wou be safer in thpool than out there in the open. after ahile i starto get out of the pool. it started picking up even more and it just pt blowi and blowing and owing. it didt let upor what seemed like hours. i told people athe resort, the locals, i said this is a really bad storm. you need to get out of here. theris achurch, about three feet abo sea level. andt was a stone's throw from the water. itad a bunch of kids in there. there were a lot of people tt got in trouble othe coastle. they need water and they need it quick. they need food. >> as you hear fromimeds,
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there is a tremendous need f relief supplies andt least some are comin in fro military airport in cu province. our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman was there and w bothope and frustratn. >> rorter: it is the tale of two cities on one tarmac in cebu, philippines. on one end the c-130s being loaded with ric and water. december continued for tacloban and those who svived the typhoon. awaitinguman cargo on the other end. a cmercial airline ting those who got out to manila. >>id you have fily behind in tacloban? >> i don't kw what's happened my family. >> repter: who is missing? >> reporter: 48 hours aft the
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monster storm struck, t air base in cebu is awash in humanity. those seeking to get out and ironically those seeking to get in, hoping to find led ones still alive. >> we'veeen here since last night and we'll still be here. >> reporter: their bodies pressed against thefence, they frustrated by what they believe has been an anemic response to the devastation. demanding informatn and clinging to hope that programs loved ones havescaped injury. there are a lotf people waitinhere. how will you decidwho gets to go first? >> if we ar lucky, we can . but if not, we cnot go. we have toait until tomorrow i guess. >> reporter:ut as the sun sets, one tng is for ceain. small towns and villagesemain cut off from the rest othe untry and some are gone forever as people head in dierent directions, picking up the pies of their lives. dr. nancy snyderman, nbc news
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cebu, philpines. >> ase id, it appearede've never en a storm of this level. sustained winds reached 195 mileper hour. gusts up to 235. the typhn destroyed 70 to 80% of the structures in its think that a and in the philippine, 4.5 milon peopleere affected by the storm, according to th country's national daster agency. and across this country, great concern along with hopes and prays in the filino american community and yond. >> reporter: fipino amerins makep the second largest population oasian immigrants in the u.s. anistoric disaster in the philippines hasnspired a coast to cstresponse. >> everyones helping now. >> reporter: prayers and communitchurches in new jersey, an impmptu fundraising run in new york central park. and en more of the sam in california. a 5 k charity walk and dozens of
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churches collecting food, clothing, shelter kits and money for a stricken population that eds all of that. in fact, about 1 in 4 of the nearly 4 million american filipinos live in southern california alone. and in the growing community of gle rock, the scale of this saster is having aprofound impa. mirna lives here but her family still worng the family farm in e typhoon zone barely survived. >> all of the ricerops were ruined. the house is underwater. >> reporter: sympathy and support extendeyond the filino community. rome, pope francis led thousands of worshippers in silent prayer for those whose lives have been shattered in the largely roman catholic philippines. the seattleased medical rescue am made ready to deploy to a disaster scene carved by record nds gusting over 230 miles a hour. i have no idea what we'll fi. there is no precedent. >>eporter: and no relief for
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ose whose concerns a fears are peonal. >> whe i saw the news, i was shocked and there was ying. because my children are all ere. >> reporter:he disaster still unfolding. the need for helpn calculable mike taibbi, nbc news, eagle ro, california. if you would like to help in the relief effort, you can find out how by going to our website. there are newevelopments in the ce of the nfllayer accused of bullyina teammate, jothan martin, in an interview with fox sports, richie incognito th the miami dolphinsold his sidef the story. we get t latest fromerrey sanders. >> reporter: as the miami dolphins arrived intampa, an interviewith suspended teammate richie incognito air on fox sports nfl sunday. >> this is not a issue of buying. this is an iue of mine and john's relationsp where i've taken stuffoo far and i didn't
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know it was hurtg him. >> reporter: incogni confirmed a voicemail h left jonathan main, including the n word. >>t sounds terrible. when it is othe screen it sounds like i'm a racist pi it sounds like'm a meathead. it sounds a lot o things tha it's not. i wanted to clear the air by saying i'm a good person reporter: he was in contact with martin after he left the dohins and before the outside world knew marn had left the team. >> you spoke wit hi >> i text messaged m. i spoke with him through text message and heexted me and said i don't blame you guys. i blame some stuff ithe locker room. i bme the culture. i blame what was going on aund me. and when allhis stuff got going, swirling d bullying got attached to it and my name got attach to it, i just texted him as a friend. what's one this, man? he said it's not coming from me. i haven't sai anything to anybody. >> reporter: wheasked what he woulsay if martin was nexto him, he responded -- >> i think honestly, i think i
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woul give him big hug right now. we've been through so ch. du,hat's going on y didn't you come to me? if he were to say, listen, you took it way too r. yohurt me. i would just apologize and explain toim exactly what i splanld to you. i apologized to his family that they took it a malicis. but never, i never, i never men it that way. >> reporter: tony dungeys a former nfl coa and an nbc analyst. >> we heard hisalf of the story but i think it vy dangerous to judge until youet all the facts in. >> reporter: fox said he showed them his pne with more than 1,000 messages traded back and forth between incoito and martin. one of the text messages from rtin came four days after he left the team. it reads, what's up, man? the world has gone crazy. lol. i'm good thou. congrats othe win.
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yeah, i'm good, man. it's inse but just know i don't ame you at all. it is the culte around football and the locker room got to me a little. the bucks play in tampa torrow nit. >> thank you. > a scarehis weend for those aard a spirit airlines jet had tha just taken off from hare's airport. taj looking out your window and seeingthis. e plane was headed to ft. lauderdale. it was about 15 nutes into the flig when a pasnger noted a part of the cover on one othe engines had fallen off. the crew declare anemergency. e air bus a-319 returned safely to chicago. >>after high home for an agreemt onreezing iran's nuclear progra the talks in geneva with the u.s. and five other powers endedarly today with progress but no deal. we get me on the story from ning white house correspondent isten welker. >>eporter: after talksn geneva broke up without a deal, secretary oftate john kerry defended his negotiating strategy. in excnge for easing some
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economic sanctions. telling david ggory on "meet the press"- >> we areot blindnd i don't thin we're stupid. we are acting in the interests of our country a of the globe an particulay of our allies. reporter: today israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu didn't buyhat argument and publicly smmed the talks saying the emerging deal would be bador israel. >> what iran gives practically nothing and it gets a hell of a lot. that's not a good deal. >> reporter: the agreement under discussion wouldlso make it harder for iran to develop material that could be used for a nuclear weap. israel said sanctions shod st in place untilran smantles allf the enrichment capabilities. >> the president has made it clear. he will not reduce or change the overall core architecture of the oil sanctions,sanctions. >> reporter: according to foreign policy experts,here was progress in geneva but major icking points remain. does a kne need to have more eth for the international community to accept ?
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>> the israelis haveaid no enrichme whatsoever. so this could be the deal breaker. this assistance on some enrichment but to a very low level. >> reporter: at me some wmakers are opposed to lifting sanctions. >> we're going to deal away the verage thate have where we finally he the willingness to sit down and tal about the sues. >>eporter: a senior official said any agreement with iran would be a first phase int buying te to negotiating a final and broad ttlement. lower level talks will resume in ten days. >> tnk you. when "nbc nightlnews" continues on this sunday,dd this. your own candid camera to the list of dangers driving distractions. of course iad no idea what it was. i lt like my feet were gng to sleep. it progressed from there to burning. to like 1,000 bees that were just stging my feet. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damas nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic rve pain.
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we'r back with yet another new trend on the road. an outgrowth of theocialedia phenomena as a self-y. take a picture of yourself and post it for your friends to see. when you do it while drivin it is as bad as texting or talking. our rept from miguellma gerry. >> reporte the latest trend. the dring selfy. not just dangerous. this could be deadly. >> cell phone are involved in about one outf every ten fatal crashes on the road. >> reporter: the cell phone self-ptrait often snapped while the car is in motio is so popular among some drivers original sites like instagram, more than 3 million pictures are filed under has tags lik driving selfy. driving to work and the ominous, i hope i d't crash. >> never text asked driven at the same time. >>eporter: 18-year-old ashley said she has never taken a selfy behind the wheel but she knows plenty who have.
3:49 pm
>> i think it very scary. they are not at throad anymor they have one hand on th wheel maybe. >> reporter: it turns out neay half of all high school studes say ty text behind the wheel even though most stes already ban any form ofistracted driving. in fact aording to the department of tranortation, some 3,300 americans die every yearecause of distracted drivin and taki a selfy may be worse than sending a tech because getting that picture just perft takes time. witho many selfies surfacing online, toyota launched an instagram ad showi a crashed car through several filthers with the message, don shoot and ive. >> when you're taking a selfy behind the wheel, your eye are off the road your hands are off the wheel and your mind isn't fused on driving. >> reporter: in los angele dane abbott just got his license. and he knows he will lose it wi just one selfy. >> iis just a rlly dumb thing to do and it is really not needed. i an, people don't tnk
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you're coolerecause you're going toake a picture of you driving. >> reporter: tonight de abbott seems to have gotten the picture even though so manythers clearly haven't. miguel almaguer los angeles. >> when we come back here night, be on the lookout. there's a satellite unging back to earth. check my blood sar, eat better. start insulin. today i lened there's something i don't have to do anymore. my dtor said with lemir® flexpen... levemir® flexpen comes prefilled i don't have to use a syringe and a vial. with long-acting iulin taken once daily for type 2 diabetes to help control high blo sugar. dial the exa dose. inject by shing a button. no drang from a vial. no refrigerati for up to 42 days. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] inction) is not recommended to treat dia. do not use lemir® if you arellergic tony of its ingredient the most common side effect is low blood sug, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness,
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finally tonight, as we hon those who serve thi country, on veterans d it is important to remember the tough time many veterans have transitioning back into civiln life. now as our stephanie goss reports, a new proam reports how some womeneterans get back on course. >> reporter: the game of golf. sometimes great. but mtly madness. how is that fun? >>ecause we're doing it a together. >> reporter: and i'm not sitting in my house alone all day every day. >> reporter: which was exactly what war veteran judy did when she returne from iraq stggling with sd. >> the flashbacks, it just, i just felt lik he couldn't go anywhere because i was afraid someone woul see and judge me.
3:57 pm
>> reporter: until she met former pro rene who started t first female chapter of the pga's veteran ogram called hope. i think there needs to be more supportor women veterans. >> reporter: every week wn the veteran is wa, female veterans who serve in conflic fro vietnam to afgnistan grab their clubs and hit this course in east caon,ohio. >>olf is so therapeutic. >> andcalm. >> very calm. ey're very erapeutic. >> reporter: her faer, a world war ii vetan himself started thisourse in 1946. >> he' the one that taught me the game of golf s i'mble to teach them. >> reporter: s teaches each player that golf is aame of patience. a metaphor,hristian turner says for adjusti back into civilianlife. >> you have to be very patient. you have to be very understanding. you have ttake a step back and
3:58 pm
look at the gnd scheme of things. >> reporter: playing the weekly rod with women who share simir stories helps. >> when you are tearing i up out here together, it is okay. you can celebrate each other together. >> reporter: tearing it is good or d? >> bad. >> rorter: the camaraderie makes that rare perfect shot -- >> oh, my word! >> reporter: eve sweete >> yes! >> reporte nbc news, east canton,ohio. >> that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. brian william will be her tomorrow. coming up next, football night in america. followed b the saints versus the cowboys. i'm lester ht reporting from new york. for all of us her at nbc news, go night. when our little girlas born,
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