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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> andy lopez cruz's father told us in spanish his son wasn't in the darkness or anything like that. it was 3:00 in the afternoon. daylight. he wasn't hiding in ig. he had it in his hands and in the open. late today, santa rosa police told us a different story. they say sonoma county deputies thought cruz was carrying an assault rifle and that's why they open fired. >> the barrel of the assault rifle was rising up and turning in his direction. the deputy feared for his safety, the safety of his partner and the safety of the community members in the area. he believed the subject was going to shoot him or his part. police showed reporters a real ak-47 assault rifle along one they say the 13-year-old was carrying when he was shot and killed by police. the toy rifle is slightly smaller than the real one. one of the deputies shouted at the suspect to put the gun down.
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a witness said he heard the officer shout two gun, put the gun down, put the gun down. >> you're shooting someone's child, this is someone's child, someone's grandchild. he's not an adult. he's a child he's 13 years old. it's crazy. >> students at lawrence middle school are in mourning tonight and folks in the community are outraged. >> he was not given a chance. he is the sweetest boy. he would always make sure to say hi and thank you if i had given him something. he was just always the kindest hearted person. >> police held a news conference here at the finley community center today. in fact, some private citizens were here because they are outraged and very concerned about this shooting. and andy lopez's family is in mourning tonight. in fact, they are holding a silent vigil at the dan that
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rosa community center. they say they want the world to know what happened to their son. in fact, lopez's mother said these people who kill mid son should be locked up and put in jail. police say the two deputy sheriffs who were involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave. but that is standard procedure. reporting live in santa rosa, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, cheryl. new at 6:00, two men are facing felony charges after police say they vandalized several b.a.r.t. trains. a 23-year-old and 25-year-old were caught by a b.a.r.t. officer watching the richmond yard. after the arrest police found four train cars sprayed, painted with purple and white paint. they also saw the stations vandalized. authorities are look into whether the two men arrested are responsible for any of the other vandalism that happened during the b.a. trvmt strike. >> b.a.r.t. trains aring after federal investigators shut down a stretch of tracks this
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afternoon. investigators are recreating the deadly crash that killed two workers over the weekend. these pictures were taken from our helicopter and they sow mannequins that were used to recreate the crash. ntsb says that re-enactment will help them understand why the men, especially one that was supposed to be acting as the spotter didn't see the train coming. the two workers were cleared to be on the tracks. they were investigating a reported dip in the rails. fremonth police are asking for the public's help in identifying this man. police say the man dropped his pants at the fremont walmart yesterday. if you recognize him, call fremont police. >> new details and a milestone in the asiana airline crash. late this amp, because of the government shutdown, the the ntsb is now delaying its investigation into the crash. the report won't be issued until december. and a milestone, the woman dischajed from san francisco general this week, she's the
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final injured patient to be released from the hospital. she's identified only as a female patient who was admitted with a spinal cord injury which sadly resulted in paralysis. during her stay at the hospital, doctor says she underwent some 30 surgeries. she's now been moved to. >> rehab facility. new at 6:00 tonight, efforts under way to help a san francisco family evicted from their home of 34 years. 8 the 80-year-old and his 74-year-old wife and their 48-year-old mentally disabled daughter moved out of their nob hill apartment last night. they're now at a hotel .the landlord evicted them so he can convert their apartment into condo. the eviction prompt ed protests. there's an investigation of a the death of a man struck by an amtrak train where the tracks
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cross washington avenue. the coroner and the railroad are also looking into this crash. police investigators closed a quarter mile stretch of washington until noon. investigators say the victim appears to be a man in his 60s who was pushing a shopping cart full of cans. they believe he was heading to a nearby recycling center. >> right now, we're talking to the conductor of the strain, finding out how fast, making sure all the arms and lights were working at the time. the pedestrian was struck. >> the train was part of the capital corridor service and was traveling from sacramento to san jose. while the east bay could be getting a strike for christmas if the govr now's newly imposed coolingoff period doesn't end in some sort of a contract. the uniyuaunion members threate strike last thursday. but today there was a ruling by an east bay judge who ordered a 60-day cooling off period saying
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the strike would be disruptive to the bay area. the bus drivers, mechanics and dispatchers have voted down two contract officer. a san francisco city gardner accused of running over a woman in a park today answered to a pair of felony charges. he's accused of killing the young mother and then leaving the scene. why his owner says it was just a tragic accident. >> reporter: family and friends of 58-year-old thomas bernoski turned out at san francisco superior court today where he pleaded not guilty to felony manslaughter and hit and run charges. outside court, friends said the city gardner accused of driving over a 35-year-old as she laid in a park with her infant is not a bad man. >> i just feel in my heart it
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was an accident. he returned to the yard where he believed he hit something. >> witnessed observed is the defendant run over the victim and continue to drooi away as he exited the park, went over a curb. never making any attempt to slow down or stop. >> reporter: the district attorney said the pair of felony counts are aimed at accepteding a message. >> you have an individual violating park rules. the rules are very clear you're to stay on the pathway. if you're going to go outside the pathway you're supposed to the a spotter. >> but his client drove on the lawn to avoid hitting a dog and he said he never realized he hit someone pop'll he saw the dog and h he saw the dog he thought when he heard a bump.
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the dog scampered out from underneath the car and he thought it was okay. >> his attorney says his client is extremely remorseful and is undergoing counseling as a result of the accident. he a. >> a judge today reduced bail from take into account he has no criminal history. he faces a maximum 11 years in prison. >> police are acting for the public's help in a hit and one crash this morning. the driver of a white gmc truck hit another driver in a car at the intersection of second and south l street. then the driver of the struck sped away. luckily no one was injured. witnesses gave him the sfraf of the truck which was involved.
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>> 50. >> a country club has found itself in the rough. digging for food, looking for water. >> also, what ten nabts are doing to get the bugs out of their home. visibility down. fog is roling back into this hour. a dense fog advisory we'll have full details.
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>> it's a health care snafu that could have been avoided. the obama care website has been plagued with glitch and tonight, silicon valley companies say they could do a better job of fixing it. scott? >> we are long past the days when you log on to a website and wonder if you're going to be able to get it to work. but has been plagued with problems, problems silicon valley companies say they solve every day. they're busy these days at sosta. a silicon valley company selling solutions and security to websites that typically handle huge number of shoppers and surfers. not on their client list -- but maybe it should be. >> it's shocking that the health and human services developed a website and then didn't test it
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properly. >> unlike retail sites such as amazon or ebay, the government health care website didn't test for big crowds and they're paying the price, especially damaging since the typical web surfer doesn't come back when he or she had a bad experience. >> and in the case of, what you're seeing is you're seeing a case where they're very unprepared. they didn't test a few days before. and then with only a few sets of users. its mountain view neighbor ehealth does offer online health i shurns. its stock price doubled in four months, thanks largely to people looking for an alternative to the government. it's an example of a website that does work. three weeks in, healthcare.vgov is still struggling.
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>> here in california, those needing insurance don't have to go on to >> it's an unusual move as work continues. the agency is taking a second look at its investigation into the first deadly construction accident there. cal osha is re-examining an elevator counterweight killed 63-year-old donald white. socal osha ruled there was no violation. >> we're sending out the notice of no violation and that investigation is currently ongoing. >> in another incident just about a week ago, a driver died
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twhiel dropping off rebar at the soon to be home of the 49ers. a bundle of that rebar fell off his truck and hand landed on top of him. >> san jose law makers decided to cite disapproval of recent anti-gay laws passed in russia. the council voted 9-1 to approve a formal resolution which reaffirms san jose's valued relationship with the city while condemning recent legislation which imposes fines for, quote, nontraditional sexual relations. the central russian city with about 1.3 million residents has been a san jose sister city since 1992. they're eating me alive. those are the exact words of tenants who filed a lawsuit today against a landlord in concord. they say their apartments are invested with bed bugs. one woman say she is had to get rid of most of her furniture. she showed stains on her ceiling that she says are bed bug nests and waste. in her bedroom, the mattress is
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covered with plastic to keep the bugs inside. they say the apartments need an overhaul. >> at nighttime, we cannot sleep. we get bitten by animals. i have marks all over my body. we got cockroaches, rat, and we have talked to the manager and they don't pay attention to us. >> we tried to reach the apartment owners named in the lawsuit, but have not heard back. the apartment manager says he brings in a company to spray three to six units a week. he says he also -- he is also painting and changing out the carpets. >> a warning out to people who live in san mao county. be on the lookout for mountain lions. one was seen in the hills of san carlos yesterday early morning. another one spotted in woodside last night. mountain lion was seen around i-35. if you encounter a mountain
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lion, try to be as loud as possible. the last thing you want to do is run. that will make the animal chase after you. also try not to hike at dawn when they're usually out. >> i feel like you're addressing that to me. i hike a lot in san mateo county. i'm going to take her advice. what advice do you have about my wardrobe tomorrow? do i need another jacket in the morning? >> i would say yes, if you're going hiking. the jacket, the layers most appropriate. the microclimate turned full effect for today, ladies. let's say you traveled to the coastline or san francisco for work. we saw huge differences across the board. there is really a 30 to 40 degrees temperature spread across the interior valleys right up to the coastline so again, some huge differences on the board. we had 75 in santa rosa, not too bad in napa. 84 in livmore. remarkable when you think about
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how much fog you had this morning. wra the ocean breeze stayed the strongest, we had 60s in oakland and 70s in san jose. now with the worst fog on the northern end of the peninsula, not too long before it starts to impact the air traffic at sfo. at this point, we are still calling for delays for tomorrow morning. right now, it's green. it's looking pretty good. tomorrow morning, those ceilings continuing to lower will be producing delays. expect drizzle if you're crossing the bridges. and across palo alto a dense fog advisory in effect. this also includes parts of the north bay as well. so let's get a first look at our forecast as we continue throughout our thursday. and yes, the low clouds by the way bay and inland. we'll start to slowly see a pushback.
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i think it lb a lot like today. we start to get on the full sunshine. the other interest thing, we had the fog in lower levels, up above a loft. it's a stagnant air levels in place. that will keep our air quality at moderate levels for the entire bay area. under three-day forecast, temperatures in the low 80s around saturday. and 60s at the coastline. we'll see an improvement across portions of the bay. we are tracking a system. you can see that area of red as it pushes off to the south. that's a storm issive center. weapon eel see it out in the pacific and keep the rain away from us. that's good news for your weekend if you want drier weather. of course, more coming up in about 20 to 30 minutes.
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>> we have a whole pleat logical lesson today. >> pretty snazzy map, eh? >> i know. thank you, jeff. >> you may have heard first born children do better in school. but have you ever wondered why? the possible answer next. >> also -- >> i knew it was not her time to go yet, and so she had to keep fighting for me. and that's what she said. >> the teen stepped in to fight for her own mom's life. her moment coming up next.
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>> popular college application website has not worked correctly. it applies to five universities and colleges. but glitches in the new version
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has forced some to move back their application deadline. >> a pay area high school senior is being honoreds a hero after saving her mom's life. she says she wouldn't have been able to do it without taking a one-hour cpr lesson. >> by all accounts, laurie dolan should not be walking, should not be able to form her own thoughts, should not be alive. >> i just thought she was dead. and i start eed screaming for m daughter. >> doctors credit her second chance of life to the girl laurie gave life to 18 years ago. >> i love her. both her eyes were rolled back. i knew something was wrong right away when i looked at her. >> reporter: what lindsay dolan didn't realize on that football sunday at home was that her mother had just suffered sudden cardiac arrest. >> i gave her a few slaps on the face and said mom, wake up. there's no response. i mean, i was in so much shock at the moment, i couldn't even
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create tears in my eyes. >> reporter: but lindsay overcame that shock and gave mouth to mouth until paramedics arrived. which. >> which is why this morning the red cross honored her with her community hero award. >> i didn't know she knew cpr first of all. i'm thankful that she did. if she didn't, my wife wouldn't be here right now. >> i knew it was not her time to go yet, and so she had to keep fighting for me, and that's what she did. >> laurie stopped breathing for 23 minutes that sunday afternoon. if she hadn't received her daughter's oxygen during three of those minutes, doctors are certain she would have suffered brain damage. >> my hero, she saved my life. >> in santa clara, bay area news. >> to be save by the one you gave life to. that's remarkable. >> >> the white house staffer caught leaking top-level secrets. and also at the center of an
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insult-laiden twitter account. plus -- >> see this flier? it's the work of a san jose mom who's asking strangers to help do playmate therapy with her autistic son. i'll have more on that story coming up in a live report. >> and they are hungry and out for food. the wild pigs invading some upscale turf in the southbound. -- south bay. i love watching tv outside.
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wild pigs feasting op some very expensive greens in the southbound. -- south bay. dry conditions are driving the wild piggings out of the mountains on to the golf course. and the lawns of the neighbors as well. chris sanchez joins with us the damage. is there a solution to this? >> these pigs are looking for tiny little grubs and this is the destruction they that they leave behind. the crews to repair this will have to scrape away all of the dead grass down to the dirt, reseed it and then wait for it to grow. to get here, though, the wild pigs sfiems have to walk on neighborhood streets and sometimes get aggressive with the neighbors. and that is one of the concerns. the solution is not easy. >> for the last month, a pack of
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wild pigss ha invaded the country club, tearing up the third hole and making for rough play along three different fairways. >> we have 40 wild pigs that we were able to herd off property. throughout the various areas. >> they say they seed as in as 40. club pg put a fence up around an entire green and treated the grass. they manned the course overnight to shoo the pigs away, but the pigs keep coming and they're getting more destructive.
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they're coming back to an area they want to feed. >> the general manager says he's contacted several government agencies including fish and wildlife seeking help. >> they can request help from the apartment which will allow them to kill the offending animal. . >> and is that pretty common? >> very common. . >> now, that warden is just talking about the general situation, not this particular situation at the country club. but we can tell you that even if the general manager is able to get that permit to destroy the animals, that's not an easy process. it is illegal to shoot a firearm within city limits. they're not allowed to trap them and remove them somewhere else. and if they bring in a vet to euthanize them one by one, they have to be buried on site. not an appealing proposition for the management here. neighbors, by the way, concern that halloween is right around the corner and these pigs
6:31 pm
sometimes travel neighborhood streets. they could come in contact with those kids, making for a very dangerous situation. in san jose, chris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> definitely beware. david corteze is officially joining the race for san jose mayor. he joins four other major contenders trying to succeed chuck reid next year. this is not his first run. he faced fourth in 2006, losing to mayor reid. he later serve aed as the vice mayor. back in 200. a stumble and an apology tonight on what's expected to be a tight congressional race in the heart of silicon valley. rope kana is be theling mike honda for his congressional seat. so far tech money has given kana a large award chest but now technology has backfired on him after a reporter following the candidate on twitter was shocked to see google listed her and other reporters as fund raisers.
6:32 pm
the website provider has taken down the panl since. so what does it all mean? this campaign gaffe really cost him? >> you know, by itself, no. assuming this is a one-time mistake. the only loss to kana and his campaign is a 24-hour news psych sl not very pleasant. there may be some short-term embarrassment because he has made technology a centerpiece of his campaign. implying that his opponent, incumbent mike honda is out of touch. so on that note it's hard to criticize someone else for technology ignorance when your campaign misused the technology. >> it's interesting because now political campaigns are using so much social media, but not everyone that follows you on twitter actually is a support per .people want to know what you're talking about. there's a lot of room here for misrepresentation. >> there is. and you kind of wonder just how
6:33 pm
much people are obsessed with trying to figure out this technology as it comes in to vote. every time there's a technological break throughs, users have to learn its capabilities and limitations. and sometimes they get it wrong. posting something without their knowledge or permission, they then had to answer to their employer, their friends, or worse yet their parents? there's also a lag between inventions and ewe it will tillty. and what we're seeing here is that very same lag with twitter. >> now, let's say honda also has a lot of name recognition. what's up with the 17th district campaign? >> they're both democrats. democrats seeking that democratic seat. the media and political observers are already watching this race very closely. not only here but across the nation. new york times has had several stories on this. it's really a contrast of experience versus youth. and traditional coalition versus
6:34 pm
a new alliance altogether. not to mention, a loyalty test of sorts of democrats throughout the area. and each time a candidate makes a mistake like the one we saw this time, you can expect that the other side will find ways to exploit it. it's going to be that kind of race. a. >> a white house staffer is out of work tonight after trashing his boss on twitter. he used a fake twitter name to reveal internal white house documents and criticized public officials for the past two years. he worked as a national security staffer in the white house and his twitter account became popular among washington insiders. washington insierd s worked for months to find out if joseph was behind the twitter account. they fired him and today he apologized for his reactions. >> another u.s. ally is asking for answering that the u.s. may have been monitoring her phone calls. angela merkel complained to
6:35 pm
president obama today. he assured her that the u.s. is not tapping her mobile phone. but u.s. officials would not say that the u.s. has never monitored her communication. authorities are calling it a serious breach of trust. the report of snooping comes from information provided by former nsa contractor edward snowden. legal maneuvering in boston might be and i case of how attorneys will defend a suspect in the boston marathon bombings. he fell under the murderous influence of his older brother. legal experts are drawing that conclusion after it was learned that his attorneys are trying to get access to records about a triple murder in 2011. liz older brother is a supsect and connected to that. tsarnayev was killed after the boston bombings.
6:36 pm
aolice officer twhofs known worldwide for pepper spraying occupy wall street demonstrators has reached a comp settlement with the university. he will receive compensation for the suffering he said he experienced after the incident. the incident showing pike spraying the protestingers in november 2011 went viral. pike received thousands of death threats and e-mails and messages after his home address and other personal information were posted on line. we want to show you some breaking news come into the news room right now. reports of smoke on a b.a.r.t. train. this is happen to a pittsburgh-bound train. it has pulled into the station. riders have been taken off that train. no reports of anyone being hurt at this point. we're trying to figure out. b.a.r.t. crews are trying to figure out where that fire is coming from, what the source of the smoke is. fire crews are at the scene. b.a.r.t. says there are some
6:37 pm
delays as a result of this. again, a b.a.r.t. train at the orenda station. it's a pittsburgh-bound train stopped because of smoke on the train. we'll keep you posted on any developments. >> still ahead at 6:00, the secret to real long-term weight loss may not be a secret at all. 6. >> the marine layer pushing all the way across oakland. the dense advisory warning coming up in just a few minutes.
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in "health matters" when it comes to weight loss and improving health, new information shows surgery is the best way to go by far. a study published finds people who had weight loss surnlry lost 60 more pounds than people who went with diet and exercise. people who had procedures like gastric bypass and banding were also much more likely to get their diabetes you should control. the benefits of weight loss surgery have been growing in recent years. it was a big day in the uk today. big enough to bring four generations of the royal family and even added some bedding to it as well. prince george's christened in a small private ceremony at st. james palace in london. only the second public appearance for the third in line to the british throne since his birth in july when we saw him as a newborn outside the hospital. as the royal family gathered to celebrate, bookees were taking bets on all kinds of speculations about the future king, whether he will win an
6:41 pm
olympic medal, marry a hollywood star and will he have a brotherer sister anytime soon. i think the last one is a safe bet. >> i'll bet there will be more fog tomorrow. >> that is a good bet. you're winning. all right, you can see that skycam a network, we do have that fog rolling into sf and all the way across the bay. but the thing you want to know is when it will clear out. details coming up in just a few minutes. >> coming up in sports, the latest report on the 49ers from london. plus, the present 49ers qb and the greatest 49ers qb, one is hosting a quarterbacking 101 seminar tomorrow. 150 lucky athletes fall into such a position. we'll tell you coming up next. presents...
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so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat... 100% johnsonville taste.
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>> researcher the found parents are toughest on first born children. no surprise. but that means they do better in school. the reason they do better researchers think is because how much time parents spend with them. researchers found first born children often live in a tightly regulated house and a strict parenting style leads to academic success. the second child gets less time and attention from parents and the third even less. >> some say it takes a village to raise a child. and for a south bay mom with a son who is autistic, she believes that's true. she is posting fliers asking strangers to help her with her 4-year-old. cnbc bay area's marianne f favaraux is live with more. >> reporter: she needs hour offense therapy and she simply cannot do it alone. so she pois posted this flier at
6:45 pm
local starbucks store and community colleges, hoping volunteers will come toward to help her son. >> jackson stein loves his magic carpet ride and his mother is hoping during the next sixth months, something magical will happen in this play room. jack on has autism and doesn't speak. his mother hopes the therapy she's doing here will help her son learn to interact with others. >> it's a parent-based child-center, loving, nonjudgmental program a where adults enter the child's world. her goal is to have people play with jackson one-on-one in this room eight hours a day, seven days a week. but she needs help to make that happen. so she put up this flier in cough shops and community colleges to recruit strangers willing to come to her san jose home and vol keer four hours a week playing with jackson. >> jackson, wait for me.
6:46 pm
>> family and friends is one of the first to volunteer 20 join team jackson. she's happy to crawl through a tunnel and do whatever it takes to make a difference to this 4-year-old. >> i already see a difference in him in the short time she's been practicing this. i definitely see more connection with him. and i'm really excited to see more, and i just want to boo b there when he speaks his first word. >> even 10-year-old daughter lauren has volunteered for shifts. assistant executive director says she's not surprised to learn of parents recruiting volunteers. >> i would recommend parents do what they feel is right for their child. it's not a one sized fits all, but the sunrise program is a reputable program. and i'm not sure i would recommend going out and necessarily soliciting strangers to come into the home. >> she plans to carefully screen for volunteer. she's convinced if they accept jackson in his world, he'll feel
6:47 pm
more confident ability reaching out to the world around him. elaine is asking that volunteers make a six-month commitment to her son. reporting live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank so much. all right, let's check in with jeff one more time to talk about tomorrow. we expect that fog? >> yeah. it is already rolling in at the coastline. so je again, with this marine layer up at about 2,000 feet, we're going to see visibilities rival what we had this morning in some areas it was down to some dangerous levels, a quarter mile or less in some spots. quarter mile visibility in san francisco, oakland and napa as well. in terms of thursday morning, it looks like it will be in north bay with the advisory extending throughout the morning hours. and now it's also in place here from oakland down about fremomo and south san francisco through stanford. even the northern portions of san jose as well.
6:48 pm
all in all, even if you're not under the dense fog advisory, everyone is going to deal with that cloud cover at 5:00 a.m. temperatures in the upper 40 hs to low 50s. we'll start to see that sun break out and i think by 1:00 and 2:00, we'll have full widespread sunshine across the bay. let's take you out to the high definition sky cam network. you can see here, we are fogged in again 2349 n san francisco. marine layer at 2000 feet. expect sfo delays if you have an early morning flight. and look at that fog line. very thick rolling across the peninsula right now in foster city. so our fog factor forecast again, if you're just flipping the channel and tuning in right now, shows all coupties impacted by the cloud cover for the morning hours. we'll get that sunshine by about 1:00 in the amp for basically everyone, except if you're heading to the immediate coastline. it looks like our pattern is not going to be good to push it out there. so definitely bring the layers if you're heading anywhere near our coast. let's start with 4 to in santa rosa, 42 in napa, 48 in livmore, and 44 down to morgan hills.
6:49 pm
definitely some chill down in the extreme south bay. otherwise daytime highing will definitely be rebounding and impressively. we should pop-up to 75 in san jose. also 72 in palo alto. and with the cool start and the fog, it reelsly going to jump up about 1:00 to 4:00 in the amp. that's when we'll get our noes considerable warming. san francisco, 64. half moon bay, down right chilly, 57. double nickels up there and 75 in santa rosa. by this weekend, we want to recap again we're tracking a system offshore, it looks like it will stay there. i want to take a little bit more time with the 500 milibar, we want to look at the storms in the atmosphere and where they basically might move. and at this point, it looks like that system is going to be offshore and definitely moving out away from the bay area. that's a good news at this
6:50 pm
point. we'll have more coming up on that seven-day forecast anytime at nbc bay we can see that system head throughout saturday, looks to push off towards the south. and that certainly is some good news for us on the seven-day forecast. stays dry throughout saturday and sunday with temperatures in the low 80s and 60s at our coastline. all right, that's what we've got right now for you ladies. >> let's get to sports. >> cheerio to the comcast news room. the niners are there. >> i knew we could bust out the british accent about now. thank for that. in four days, the 49ers and jaguars will kick off. one team looking for win numb we are one. the other team looking for their fifth straight win, all the info you need from yes, across the pond. >> colin kaepernick spent the team's offdays sightseeing in lon do with teammates and said the down time allowed them to
6:51 pm
get their body clocks in rhythm. >> it's good to get adjusted, get the extra time to get our clock right and get back on a normal schedule. >> this is their home away from home this week. head coach jim harbaugh says this is a football oasis and everything the team needs is right here as they prepare for the jaguars. je, the jags may be 0-7, but harbaugh sees many challenges from the team, especially from its defense. >> defensive line is outstanding. they've gotten hits on every quarterback they've played. big hit on peyton manning, andrew luck, russell wilson. all of them. name a team they've plied, i've gotten to the quarterback. >> harbaugh may be doing some polite posturing. jacksonville is the only team that has allowed more than 1,000 yards rushing through seven games. >> i think they are overlooked. i mean, same way the cardinals defense was overlooked last
6:52 pm
year. they had a good defense. they just didn't get wins. so i think this is similar defense where they're a good defense. >> they play with great effort and, you know, those are dangerous teams. and you could see them getting better. >> perhaps the bigger motivator for the 49ers is their place in the division, one game behind the seahawks. >> this team hatds a lot of work to do still, we have a lot to prove here. going into the sunday, i don't think it matters what team we're playing. we're going to be motivating. >> if w the 49ers, i'm mindy bach, nbc bay area. >> the greatest quarterback of all time, also in lon do to hold a quarterbacking 101 seminar on thursday. joe montana will coach 125 young athletes for one hour. to no one's surprise, though, none of the 15 athletes were alive when montana won his first super bowl in 1982. crazy, right? speaking of joe montana, colin
6:53 pm
kaepernick has taken to heart what the 49ers legend told him in the past. he was hoping one day he could put his name next to montana's as one of the greatest quarterbacks in nfl history. >> he had a lot of good words for me. it was something i really took to heart when he was talking to me. it's a great honor. there's very high expectations, there's great traditions. sof being the quarterback for the 49er, you have a lot of great things to live up to and to try to accomplish to become one of the elite quarterbacks that have been a part of this franchise. >> we've got great news for the sharks and their fans. dan boyle who took a nasty hit will rejoin the team tonight in boston. he's going to participate in morning skate. it is a big step in the right direction. the city of oakland celebrating the warriors one week away from their first regular season game. warriors color commentator jim barnett was on hand to get the locals purposed up for basketball.
6:54 pm
golden state coming off the season in which they finished with 47 wins and a trip to the western conference semifinals. they're on the court tonight, take on the sacramento kings. we'll have high liefgts that coming up at 11 pick. and world series, game number one. boston and the cardinals. 5-0 in the top of the fifth inning. we'll have highlights of that one. boston up in that one. highlights at 1 1:00. . >> okay, thank you very much. we'll be right back and have an update on that smoke in that b.a.r.t. train that stopped at the station in
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
. >> a pug-bound train has pulled into the station. all riders have been taken out. nobody was hurt. now, this is what you should know. the trains are not stopping at that station. so far we're hearing there's a ten-minute delay on that line. b.a.r.t. says it has technicians on the scene. there's also a fire crew on the scene trying to figure out exactly where that smoke is coming from. but gin, the trains are just running right through that station. >> you can see driving by there's a lot of traffic in that area. thanks for joining us.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
caught on video, kim and kanye's marriage proposal, now on "extra." kanye down on bended knee, the kardashian family rushing the happy couple, the emotional toast. every moment we've been waiting to see. lindsay grabbing a bottle of wine? the new photo sparking fears she's off the wagon again. >> lindsay, how do you feel being sober? >> what you don't see in the photo. plus, lohan's mom, dina, today, hitting court in the rolls. >> wait until you hear who she is blaming for her dwi bust. kelly clarkson's touching wedding video and the clue she's already prepping to get pregnant.


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