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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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happened would transpire especially on saturday and ongoing strike they would want to meet. >> reporter: we found out discussions have been ongoing between bart management, the federal mediator, and union leaders all weekend. the chief negotiator met privately are bart board president over the weekend. both sides seem to want to make a deal. >> i'm not going to get into the details of what's left to negotiate. we're going to leave that at the table. >> reporter: how quickly they can come to some sort of compromise is anyone's guess. bart's financial package giving bart workers a 12% pay increase over two years is still on the table. work rules and safety issues continue to be deal breakers. bart management is optimistic. if a deal is made by 6:00 tonight, trains could be back on
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track tomorrow morning. time is crucial because it takes 16 hours to get bart trains back rolling again. a bart spokesperson said earlier today that he is optimistic. if a deal could be made by 6:00 today, trains could be rolling by tomorrow morning. whether that happens remains to be seen. we'll be covering this story all day long. we'll have an update at 6:00. let's take another look at our rush hour traffic. on your left is interstate 880 in oakland. on your right, highway 101 in palo alto. the left lanes moving. slow going, but it's pretty typical during this time of night. commuters are now using their cars or they're using ferries and buses. ridership on the san francisco
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bay tripled this morning. on a normal monday, it carries 2600 passengers. other people boarded ac transit buses to get across the bay. >> it's been crazy to leave my house at 5:00 in the morning and you get to the city around 8:00 when bart takes about 45 minutes. >> many drivers skipped public transit all together and decided to use their cars. within the last half hour, federal investigators shared an update into their probe on the bart train accident that killed two employees on saturday. we're learning more about those two maintenance workers who died. >> reporter: good evening. the briefing wrapped up just about 15 minutes ago. the ntsb spent about ten hours
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interviewing people, including the operator of the train. the person operating the train was in training and he had not completed his safety certification. he was aware of an announcement that two people were working on the track. he tried to stop the train, but it was just too late. >> the preliminary information puts the speed between 60 and 70 miles an hour. there was an emergency stop on the train. >> reporter: the train did not have front facing cameras that could have provided clues as to what led to the accident. they're looking at an image that shows the cab of the train. they're reviewing radio transmissions to determine if human error played a role. >> we just struck some individuals
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individuals on the c 1 track. >> reporter: the train was on a routine maintenance run and in automatic mode on saturday when it struck and killed chris shepard and larry daniels. just after the accident, bart officials said the person behind the controls was an experienced train operator, but multiple union officials and bart employees have since identified him as a bart manager who they say was in training to replace striking employees and he hadn't operated a train in more than a decade. both families were too distraught to talk on camera today. chris shepherd's family told me they're flying his body back to his hometown in new jersey where
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he has family. shepherd belonged to a union that was not on strike, but some of its members have joined the picket lines. she recalls daniel's sense of humor. >> i knew them as human beings and i cared for both of them. it is a terrific loss. >> reporter: investigators say six people were on board the train at the time of the accident. two were being taught to operate the train and the others were there to instruct or troubleshoot. investigators spoke to the dispatcher and a number of other bart employees today. that footage from inside the cab has been sent to washington, d.c. to be analyzed by the ntsb. they'll have another update for us tomorrow evening. investigators expect to be in town for a few more days.
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we invite you to stay with us for continuing coverage of the strike and this accident investigation. our website is there are areas where you can sign up for breaking news alerts as well. we may be in for another transit strike. new details about that situation tonight. we expect to find out wednesday if a temporary strike been will be extended. governor brown ordered an investigation by the board to look into whether or not a 16-day cooling off period should be ordered. bus drivers are threatening to strike over safety concerns. a career criminal accused of killing federal investigators pled not guilty today. she's charged with killing coke and stealing her car. she admitted to being at the motel where investigators believe coke was killed.
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she has 17 prior felony convictions and faces life in prison if convicted of coke's murder. a 78 year died when a bus hit him at 11th and bryant. the driver was tested for drugs and alcohol, which is normal procedure. about three dozen passengers on board the bus were there, but not hurt during that accident. san jose's gang related violence crime rate fell. tonight the mayor's gang prevention task force will ask community members how to reduce that number more. >> reporter: hi there. gang members are getting a lot younger. there are a lot more girls that
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are gang members themselves and not just associateed with the gang because of a boyfriend or a family member. this is some of the things that the community told the task force. a lot of people could for more police enforcement in order to combat gang violence in the city. the san jose police department is doing that. the crime rate is down by about 16%. in june 48 members of the same gang were indicted by the santa clara county district attorney's office for a laundry list of violent crimes. folks who work in the community say that the problem starts long before the gang members commit their very first crime. i talked with a 29-year-old man who became part of a gang at the age of 13 who says he might have turned out differently had he had other opportunities in his own community and perhaps some
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outreach might have made a difference. the task force says the same thing. >> enforcement is one of the last things we want to see. we want to provide services such as employment services, substance abuse, all these issues that drive the youth into trouble. >> reporter: october 28th, the community can gather. october 27th, it is on the south side. if you think these are just humdrum kind of meetings, they are transformative. the head of the mayor's task force says a lot of the sugge suggestions came from suggestions from the community members. they expect they will have a large turnout. everyone will be invited regardless of whether or not they are a gang member. still to come here at 5:00,
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a facebook fail. the problem some users encountered today and what the social network is blaming. >> a new study exposes the health risk of buying breast milk online. i'll take you to a milk bank in san jose who is giving new moms a much safer option. >> what the president had to say about the website glitches that are keeping people from signing up for obama care. >> take a look at what's back now. that fog is rolling back in. we'll have your fog factor forecast coming up in about seven minutes.
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there's no sugar coating it.
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the website is too slow. >> president obama making no excuses talking about the problems people are facing as they are trying to sign up for the affordable health care program. they are a glimmer of hope for republicans who want to end obama care. >> reporter: president obama said he is frustrated about the sign up problem because he says obama care is a good deal. >> people don't just want it. they're showing up to buy it. nobody is madder than me about the fact the website isn't working as well as it should, which means it is going to get fixed. >> reporter: experts say fixing is going to take time. >> i got an error. please contact customer service. >> reporter: no help from obama
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care phone support. >> she was as useless as this. >> reporter: stuck at the log in screen, but the president said obama care is more than websites. >> nearly 6 in 10 uninsured americans will find they can get covered for less than $100 a month. >> reporter: do you believe the president is fudging the stats? >> he's fudging the stats. >> reporter: the government accountability office find young people's premiums will rise sharply. i'm steve handelsman. >> the focus of the president's remarks in the rose garden this morning moved from president obama to a woman who fainted behind him. the president was speaking about
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health care when carmel alison started swaying. someone alerted the president. he turned around and said, i've got you. are you okay? then joked to the audience this is what happens when i talk to long. the white house later explained she has type 1 diabetes. police in sparks say the shooting happened just before classes began at sparks middle school. a 13-year-old student shot and killed a math teacher who apparently tried to stop the boy. the suspect then shot two other students before killing himself. >> new jersey has become the 14th state to allow same-sex marriage. >> you may kiss your spouse. >> marriages began taking place
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earlier today in the state. just an hour after those ser e ceremony, chris christie removed the appeal. new mothers who can't produce their own milk turn to the internet to get it. buyers should beware. >> reporter: that milk may not be safe. a new study found breast milk bought from two popular websites was often contaminated. researchers found a whopping 65% of them were contaminated with staph and 36% had strep. >> when we pasteurize the milk,
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we are getting rid of all bacteria that could possibly hit with heat treatment process that we use. >> reporter: the treated milk is then sent to a county health lab to be treated for any signs of bacteria. even if the donor is healthy, the milk often contains bacteria because it was not stored properly or the pump that was used was not cleaned thoroughly online. you have to consider the possible risk to your baby. now to a bay area follow-up. facebook users can share, comment, and like again.
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the social network is back up and running again after a brief outage today. when users tried to sign on, they got an error message. facebook says some network maintenance is released a statet saying they resolved the issue quickly. we're sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused. apple will roll out some new hardware tomorrow morning. it is expected to update its ipad and mac book. scott budman will be at the apple event in san francisco. not a bad way to start off the week. we did have the cloud cover with us this morning. the marine layer is all the way up against the coastline. some widespread cloud coverage here from the northern coastline all the why to santa cruz. that kept our coastline cooler
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than average. santa rosa 73. san jose 67. san francisco 56 degrees. our daytime high in sf struggled to get to 58. just two degrees away from one of the coldest days in history for this date. near record setting chill for parts of the coastline today with that fog so thick at our immediate coast. for tuesday, it is going to stay on the chilly side. widespread cloud cover at the coastline. around 11:00 a.m., we'll get plenty of sunshine in here. let's take you outside right now to the high definition view. you can see it is hazy near san jose, especially near the foothills. we take you off to emeryville.
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you'll be able to see that marine layer at 1200 feet. when it stacks up that high, we're going to be seeing that return again as we head into the morning hours. the culprit here with that cloud cover of some of the worst areas of fog will be in napa and from san francisco to santa cruz. we will have sunshine by the afternoon. if you're headed to san francisco, do expect clouds there at the immediate coastline. we'll start with some mid 40s. not as cold as it was this time last week. 49 in san jose. daytime highs are going to go up. from those morning temperatures, we'll have 77 san jose. 75 in palo alto. the warm spot, if you want that heat, 84 in livermore.
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83 in dublin. 67 in san francisco. 65 in half moon bay. 72 in oakland. that 72 is a little bit optimistic, but with that sun building in we should get very close tomorrow. we stay with a steady trend of near 80 degrees. no rain in the forecast, but over the next ten days you might see a few showers getting close. we have an eye on that halloween forecast. >> he said the magic word for me. i love halloween. >> we know you do. just ahead, are you losing hair? researchers may have found a new way to spur hair growth. >> plus, he's a judge on the voice, but today it was cee-lo green who appeared before a judge.
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cee-lo green appeared in court today accused of possessing ecstasy after a woman side she spiked her drink. if convicted, he faces up to four years in prison. the victim claims green drugged her after meeting at a sushi restaurant last year. the woman said she woke up naked in a bed with green with no recollection of how she got there. 49ers are getting ready to take on the jacksonville jagu s jaguars. fans were excited to see them.
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some were shown here with signs welcoming them to 49ers country. bay area is reporting the 49ers could meet with aldon smith after they return from london. he must show significant progress before he can return this season. cloning could soon cure hair loss. it turns out new hair grew for several weeks. experts are hoping the method would work for woman who cannot get hair transplants. new research shows seniors can stay sharp by learning new things. when seniors learned a higher thinking level skill, they had significant improvement in memory skills. listening to classic music had
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no noticeable effect on their memory. >> we're back in a moment with a car you can control with your smartphone. that's next.
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it's a mix of video games, robotics, and iphones and it is about to take off. we got an exclusive first look at the game system created by a san francisco startup that combines robotics with artificial intelligence. you can control your car with your smartphone. not the hot wheels you may have
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grown up with though. >> you can actually play a game where ever characters you don't control, the artificial intelligence controls them. >> it releases it's $199 gaming system on wednesday. it is being sold in apple stores. it is just the beginning of what you'll do with robots and iphones in the future. the fog factor forecast was in full effect when i went hiking this morning. >> we get that cool weather in the morning and it clears out by the afternoon. do expect fog for tuesday. plenty of sunshine inland by the afternoon. great weather all the way through about friday this week. if you're heading to the coastline, there's a high secure have advisory in effect. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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bye bye. on the broadcast tonight, on the broadcast tonight, damage control. the president says there's no excuse for the government's health care website fiasco, but even as he pledges to make it better, the news gets temporarily worse. another tragedy. another deadly shooting at a middle school where tonight a beloved teacher is dead. children have been wounded after police say a student suddenly opened fire. could it lead to a cure for baldness? millions of americans would pay billions if it's true. tonight we'll show you what has some people's hopes up. and making a difference. remember this picture of the military hero salute? well, there's something else in the picture that tells the story of the work of many good hands. "nightly news" begins now.


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