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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  October 11, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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talks on track and steer both sides toward a deal. >> we're here to listen, ask people to stay involved, ask people to negotiate, and remind them how difficult it is going to be if on monday there's a strike. >> reporter: we know to get to yes, everybody has to get past their comfort zone. bart has to get past their comfort zone and labor has to get past their comfort zone. we've seen that lately. that's a very good sign. >> reporter: nancy skinner says both sides are making some movement and getting closer to a deal, but they are not there yet. this very likely could go through the weekend. >> we will be tuning in. we continue our coverage on this bart strike or possible strike on our website. you can sign up there for our
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e-mail alerts or text alerts that will go out in there is a strike or solution. five months after the deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge, the governor signs a bill to increase limo safety. the fire on may 4th killed five women. flames kept them from using the exits in the back of the limo. the bill requires limo operators to give passengers instructions on safety features. the governor rejected a bill today that would have let oakland make its own gun laws. the law would have forced them to license all firearms with a city agency and register every year. california has one of the strictest gun laws in the
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country. i am mindful of these challenges the city of oakland faces in addressing gun violence, but this is not the right solution. six days before a possible u.s. default, but finally it looks like real progress, even cooperation in washington. republicans are now eager to make a deal. perhaps the gop responding to the negative public opinion polls. >> reporter: it looks that way. a senior republican up here talking about a vote to reopen the rest of government tomorrow. democrats are talking about a long-term budget agreement. the whole mood up here as changed. with speaker john boehner now talking one deal to avoid default and reopen government, senate gop lawmakers went to the white house to discuss that with
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president obama. >> he may not want to call it a negotiation, but that's what i call it. >> reporter: democrats are demanding a long-term deal. and after 11 days of partial government shutdown, 53% of the public blames the gop in congress, prompting a republican reboot. >> there's no sense dwelling on the past. >> reporter: captain keith cull burn was within capitol hill. the deadliest catch cannot head back to alaska until regulators can begin issuing permits. ted cruz urged no deal to reopen government until obama care is killed. >> the house of respepresentati
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needs to keep doing what they've been doing. >> what he did here is lead a party into a dead-end with no strategy. >> reporter: one republican noted after years of conflict neither side is used to cooperation. we have to relearn how to do it. here's a deeper look at the nbc wall street journal poll showing president obama winning the public relations poll. 31% blame the democrats. 70% say republicans are putting politics ahead of what's best for the nation. the bay area's national parks may be closed due to the government shutdown, but that doesn't mean people are staying out. despite barriers, plenty of
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people are still visiting. the park is a regular stop for many dog owners and dog walkers. the park doesn't have fences to keep people out. visitors have been parked on the highway and trekking on in. >> yeah, i guess this is federal land. these are our parks, right? we should be able to use them. >> a national parks spokesman says the parks are technically closed, but they don't have the resources to keep the public out so it is allowing them to use it. >> a san francisco police sergeant is accused of drunk driving, smashing into a parked car, and then taking off from the scene. the police department is investigating the case. and the sergeant is on paid leave for the time being. we're getting a look at some of the 1700 marijuana plants
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seized by law enforcement yesterday. the street value of this haul is about $4 million. the sweep resulted in 13 arrests at homes in hayward, san lorenzo and san leandro. we now know what was in the suspicious package that prompted an evacuation of the federal building in richmond today. some 300 workers with the social security department were rushed out of the building while a bomb disposal robot checked a package. it turned out the box only contained flashlights and batteries. the evacuation order was lifted and everyone returned to work. the season is over for the oakland a's, but not the drama.
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san jose and the a's are responding to a controversial decision to move the a's to the south bay. the spotlight is still on this franchise in terms of where they'll play in the years ahead. we are in san jose this evening with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. the latest news involves legal maneuvering, none of which decides whether or not the a's will move to san jose yet, so there is still a chance. you can probably call this one a mixed bag for san jose's bid to bring the a's to the south bay. on the one hand, san jose lost it's anti-trust argument against major legal baseball. on the other hand, a federal judge agreed with san jose that major league baseball interfered with the effort to bring the a's south. >> we waited patiently for four years and finally decided we had
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to assert our rights. nobody should be able to put a big red x on our city and say a team can't be here. >> reporter: the door is still open for the a's to come to san jose, but there's lots of league maneuvering ahead. >> we have to be patient. litigation does take a while, but this is an important step along the way. >> reporter: as for the a's themselves -- >> it's been fun focusing on this team. i handle the baseball operations above my pay grade. whatever is happening out there, i don't worry about it. i really don't think about it anymore. i'm getting old any ways. >> reporter: this will take a while. we also heard this afternoon from the oakland mayor. she wants to move past the lawsuits and instead focus on the two areas where oakland wants to build a new stadium in
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which to house the a's. she was a favorite, but the pakistani teenager who survived on assassination attempt by the taliban did not win the noble peace prize. the international group is working right now to destroy serious stockpiles of chemical weapons. coming up, i'll show you where you can go this weekend to learn more about how the affordable health care act may be able to help your family. >> good afternoon. we are tracking an earthquake here just off the northwest of
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yreka. a very deep earthquake. no reports of injury, damages, or a tsunami warning at this point. we're continuing to track that and your weekend forecast coming up in just a few minutes. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, load up on your favorite coke products. 12 packs are $2.77 each. tide is $16.99 for 150 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load. and oikos greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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stolen tip jars and a computer have berkeley police asking for the public's help. they're hoping these camera pictures of the subject will help track him down. he stole tip jars from coffee shops. so far more than 16,000 people have signed up for health insurance on covered california, the state's way to access obama care. more than a million people have checked out the website. still many people are confused about the process. we're live at a flea market in
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san jose where a health fair will be held to make this process easier. >> reporter: right now they are setting up for the health fair tomorrow. they'll be out here showing people what they need to know to enroll in a subsidized housing program. right now, a small business owner pays $950 a month to insure himself, his wife, and his two children wi. he wants to know in the affordable care act will be truly affordable. he can get a similar plan for his family for $400 less.
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>> that's almost $5,000 a year saving it. >> reporter: he's also an owner of an auto repair shop. he's hoping with the savings he's able to offer his workers with medical insurance. >> i can hire more people. a lot of people don't want to work for you because you have no benefits. >> reporter: he hopes more people will make appointments to get help getting covered. >> we want to get the word out on how to apply, who to call to apply, places you can go, how to start using the shop and compare tool. >> reporter: now that he knows his potential savings, he can't wait to sign up and looks forward to feeling relief from the painful skyrockets insurance costs. tomorrow you'll be able to come out here and see our special on
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obama care. you'll be able to get free health screenings including vision screenings and cholesterol checks. >> there you'll be able to learn more about getting health care. those screenings at the health fair. the event is on saturday and sunday from 11:00 to 4:00. tomorrow at 6:00, watch our special on walking you through the registration process and we'll answer many of your questions. a san jose elementary school is cancelling its halloween festivities and some parents are not happy about it. the principal says the annual halloween parade takes too much time from the classroom. how some parents think it is an
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overreaction. o one mother created an online petition. >> this is a learning environment. that's what we should be doing. i want parents to be mad because we don't have a science fair. why aren't they involved in putting that on at our school. not a halloween parade. >> it is a situation of community. unity. it builds the children's self-esteem. walking in the parade, it builds their social skills. i would not consider it being a nonacademic day. i feel like it's a real life to life day. >> the mother that we just heard from says she is working with a city council member to put together a halloween event off campus and after school hours. let's get this weekend sorted out first.
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>> i have a look at the halloween forecast. we want to get you some more information on that 4.9 earthquake just to the north and to the west of yreka. over 3500 feet. no reports of any injuries or damage. we're also getting word here prosecute the tsunami center there is no watch or warning in place. this could be a shock to a potentially larger earthquake. the next hour or two will be very crucial. back here at home, it was all about the cool weather for tata. oakland 62 degrees. our average 71. you can see in our first look forecast for saturday we'll keep that on shore flow in place with fog at the coastline through 11:00 p.m. for tonight and 5:00 a.m. for tomorrow.
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we'll have plenty of sunshine throughout tomorrow for those interior valleys, just not going to be too hot of a saturday. upper 60s and sunny skies there throughout the midday hours. the camera is shaking around quite a bit in san francisco as that fog starts to roll in. it's not going to go anywhere for this evening. that's going to stay put through tomorrow morning. currently low pollen levels, but the worse thing in the atmosphere is juniper. as we head into our saturday forecast, what we're going to find is some of the worst of the cloud cover will be at the coastline and the north bay. we are expecting sunny skies. as we head into the afternoon, it's going to be looking pretty good, but we're going to start off cold. 47 in morgan hill.
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49 expected in in alameda valley. 75 in san jose. looking good for the east bay. pleasanton at 74. san francisco cool with 66. half moon bay 59. berkeley in the upper 60s to about 70 degrees. you might be looking for something to fun to do this weekend with halloween just around the corner. there's pumpkin patch activities going on. temperatures in the low 70s throughout the afternoon. it looks great throughout sunday, monday, tuesday, and also wednesday. a little bit of cloud cover by thursday and friday next week. a dry next seven days in that forecast. >> i like the look of that. new state legislation could
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soon make it easier for small urban farms to spring up in california cities. little city gardens is a small farming operation that sells to local restaurants. new legislation would give property owners big property tax breaks if they allow their land to be used for agriculture. >> this allows the property owner to not to rush into developing a piece of property long-term. it gives them that incentive to move slowly. >> the bill was recently signed into law by governor jerry brown. counties will have to create local ordnances to take effect. >> see how starbucks wants to
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get things buzzing in washington next.
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a well-known bay area company is switching focus from human food to pet food. it is known for canned goods and fruit cups. del monte, their head quarters in san francisco. del monte thinks the pet food business is in their future. starbucks is trying to get the government back up and running. >> a three day campaign is underway to get customers to sign a petition to get federal workers back on the job.
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starbucks is asking customers to sign it and bring them into their local starbucks store over the weekend. howard says he'll share the petition with washington officials. anyone in washington, d.c. hoping the lottery could make up for lost income during this shutdown is out of luck. d.c. lottery officials announced they won't cash winning tickets, because the district can only spend money appropriated by congress. winning lottery tickets will be honored once the shutdown is over. tesla motors will open its newest store in palo alto tomorrow. visitors will be able to test drive that new fancy model s sedan. this is will be their fifth store here in the bay area. a horse is a horse of course even if it is worth $8 million. that's next.
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how much would you pay for this horse? you ready for it? it's a record breaking horse. he is yet to set hoof on a racetrack. he was sold in auction in england for the equivalent for $8 million. a member of the royal family of cutter was the winning bidder. the newly renovated san jose
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convention center, it officially opens today. yesterday the public got a chance to take a look at the improvements which included making the building greener. there's also a new ballroom where the old central library used to be. there's a gala tonight that begins in 30 minutes to celebrate the opening. >> our weekend begins right about now. >> we have to work. there's going to be a lot of sunshine out there right now. we're looking forward to saturday and sunday. no reports of any injuries or damage. no tsunami watch or warning in effect. clear skies currently in san jose. you like what you're seeing right now. lots of sunshine through the santa clara valley. you can see it is going to stay in place all the way through
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saturdays and sunday. temperatures in upper 70s near 80s inland. we're going to have the jet stream that's going to keep us from getting too hot. low 80s in the forecast. no sign of any 90s coming our way. we're done with that summer heat. no sign of any rainfall coming in that next seven-day forecast. the next three to four days, we're giving you a ten here. >> doesn't get much better than this. >> isn't 80 a little bit above average? >> it is. inland we should be at about 75 degrees. a little bit warm. >> it's country club weather. >> if i belonged to a country club, i would know. >> we'll see you back here at 6:00. >> have a great night, folks.
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on our broadcast tonight, shock waves from our nbc news poll numbers. the anger from the voters now having an impact on what's happening in washington where at least they're talking tonight as we head into another weekend. command and control. two of the top military men in charge of this nation's nuclear weapons have been fired within a week of each other. the all-out search for a boy with autism who cannot speak. missing now for a week. proving impossible to find so far in the nation's largest city. and making a difference in the classroom and far beyond. tonight, a special thanks to america's classroom teachers. "nightly news" begins now.


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