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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 31, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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yeah, she did. were cheerios the same back then? cheerios has pretty much been the same forever. so...when we have cheerios, it's kind of like we are having breakfast with nana... yeah... ♪ yeah. you're so smart. from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." . good morning. looking live at sunrise from our camera in san jose. you can see a little bit of the cloud cover. i bet you have all kinds of plans for this labor day holiday, and let's find out if the weather is going to cooperate. kris sanchez here with rob
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mayeda fresh off of vacation. >> yes, for your labor day plans and tomorrow, things may get interesting. we will talk about it right now, 50s and 6 60s outside. there is a strong sea breeze outside and so the temperatures should run cooler. instead of the mid-90s inland, cooler in san francisco in the upper 60s and 70s in oakland tomorrow. and tomorrow, increasing clouds and perhaps a chance of mountain thundershowers as we wrap up labor day weekend. we will look at that in the full seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you, rob. welcome back. breaking news in oakland where one man died inside of a jack club in jack london square. it happened on club anton on third street. the people inside of the club at the time say some sort of fight broke out and then there was gun fire. when the police arrived on scene, they found one man shot at least one time, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.
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right now investigators are interviewing witnesses for suspect information. bay bridge construction is right on schedule according to cal trans this morning. looking at the crews hard at work this morning and all of the old roadway is gone. workers are busy striping and paving the eastbound and westbound spans of the new bridge. demolition of the 1,000-foot long section of the westbound approach will be complete by the end of the weekend as well. now, even with things going smoothly, there is a ripple effect on traffic throughout the bay area throughout the holiday weekend. >> you want to make sure you plan ahead. if you are planning for an hour and half trip, plan for two hour trip. you can't predict as the weekend is coming up what the delays are going to be. >> everybody is being affected by this. >> you will be glad when it is over? >> yes, absolutely. >> the reopening is scheduled for 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning, and of course, we are watching it all weekend long for you. and crews are taking
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advantage of the closure to spruce things up on the western span, and caltrans says they can get four months of maintenance done in four days when they have the roads to themselves. they are filling potholes as well. stay with nbc bay area and for continued coverage on the web. we will have guide on the bridge closure and a link on the top left corner of the home page where you can find the traffic maps and traffic cameras and alternate routes. knew details on what might have spark ed the massive rim fire. investigators say that marijuana growers could be to blame. a fire official told community members that investigators are looking into the possibility. nearly 215,000 acres have burned, and now the fire is 35% contained. strike teams from san francisco mo mountain view returned home last
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night after spending days on the fire lines. >> we were on 24-hour shifts up there, but we are used to work, and we know that we go out on the incidents that is what we are out there for. we can't take a break out there when we are out there, because the fire doesn't take a break. it keeps burning through the grass and the trees and the things like that. so if the fire does not stop, we can't stop. >> the firefighters say they were shocked by the size of the fire saying they had never seen a blaze that big. 30 miles from the heart of the fire is of course, the historic town of groveland which is usually packed with tourists for labor day weekend, but this morning lakes and beaches and businesses in the area are deserted. a front desk worker at a hotel said that while it remains open, they have had 130 cancellations since the beginning of the fire. >> the fear of the fire, and the longer drive and all have certainly had -- we have had a lot of cancellations because of that on what would be the start of labor day weekend and kind of to end of the summer, and a
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very, very busy time, you know, we just don't have the business at a ul right now. >> many other businesses are are also shutting down this weekend. well, fire and the bay bridge closure are keeping people close the home this labor day weekend, and clogged highways and closed or destroyed campgrounds are forcing people to change their plans at the very last minute. today in the bay's george key yamma has the latest. >> he had his vacation planned out for weeks to lake tahoe, but things happened for a plan b. >> the bay bridge being closed and we wanted to avoid that at all. and the family wanted to avoid the smoke from the rim fire near yosemite drifting over the tahoe. >> definitely, we don't want to be stuck in some fire situation, so definitely steered clear of that, and like i said, just came this way instead. >> reporter: where they ended up
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is this campground at sanborn county park a short drive from their home in pacifica. >> it is great. we love it. this is the first time here, but we love to come out, and taking the boys camping and stuff like th that. >> this is a great break. >> reporter: other campers like linda from saratoga heard horror stories from friends who tried to go camping in tahoe last weekend. >> they planned on four or five days but wound up one night and got there because the smoke was much worse than they hoepd it would be. >> and many local campgrounds like sanborn say they are are booked solid for the weekend, but the tamuda family says they don't mind spending their dollars locally. >> there is enough to go around, and yosemite should not mind so much. >> george for "today in the bay." new this morning, convicted killer says that he did not get to present essential evidence
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even though he represented himself. he sent a letter to our sister station on the day before he was convicted of four murders said that one of the girls could have been murdered by a pimp. he claims that the oakland prostitute had unknown possibilities. while he points out other suspects he never claimed his own innocence. the second phase of the trial starts wednesday in morin county. a 14-year-old boy is behind bars accused of sexuals a saul. alameda county police say that the allegeds a saul happened at ruby bridges elementary school on jack london avenue. they say that the boy approached the female student at a bathroom and allegedly assaulted her yesterday afternoon. the boy took over, but then the police tracked him down a few blocks away. the police say that the investigation is ongoing this morn
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morning. happening now, u.s. military strikes on syria could begin at any time. u.n. inspectors investigating allegation ogs of a chemical weapons attack left syria this morning and headed to a airport in beirut. evidence including hair and urine samples gathered from the inspectors now will be tested in european a labs. president obama says he is weighing limited and narrow action against the syrian government which means no american troops would be on the ground. the president blames the government of launching or rather accuses the government of launching the attack that reportedly killed over 1,400 people including 400 children. the syrian government denies the allegation. protesters for and against the military strikes are expected to gather outside of the white house today. a new nbc poll shows that half of americans are against it while 42% support the air strikes. still ahead on "today in the bay" historic same sex wedding
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set to happen to dday. we le show you the connection with the supreme court.
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good morning. once again, look at the live shot from freemont this morning. lots of blue skies, and good temperatures for the holiday weekend, even if things will get a little more tricky later on as we head into the work week. rob has that in a bit. a supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg will make history today. she will become the first supreme court member to conduct a same-sex marriage ceremony at the wedding of a close friend. ginsberg says that she thinks that none of the supreme court justices have been asked to officiate before for fear it could compromise their opinion on the issue when it comes before the court. the ceremony is planned for september. still ahead on "today in the
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bay" breakfast is the most important meal of the day for young kids, but how do you get them to eat it? coming up, healthy options, and also show you how eating breakfast could actually raise money for your child's school. here's how the morning starting off around the san mateo bridge this morning. you see the patchy low clouds and sunshine and interesting changes ahead for the labor day weekend forecast. we will take a look at that when we come right back. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara
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♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ 90-calorie fiber one lemon bar.
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good morn g ing to you. looking live at the golden gate bridge shrouded in fog this morning, but it should be a lovely day for whatever you have planned to get your labor day weekend kicked off. it is breakfast time right now, but during the school year, of course, the kids have breakfast, and any have to eat a little bit faster, and there is a big push, because recent studies show that breakfast is the most important
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meal of the day. it is a precursor to student success research surveys show. dr. wendy bazillean of the super foods diet and dietician is joining us. you say that the schools are pushing harder to get the kids to eat breakfast. >> based on the research, you are absolutely right. research has shown that eating breakfast is a precursor to student success, increases punctuality and performance and math grades improve according to research, so schools are getting creative and school breakfast is on the rise. nationwide government data showed that participation rose 2.5%, and 340,000 more kids participating in the school breakfast, and here in california 60,000 more par the t -- participants in the school breakfast. >> is it possible that the options have changed and the parents feel more comfortable with what is being served up,
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and that the kids might be, you know, more likely the eat it? >> well, it is a combination, because i think that first of all the families are busy as you well know and i well know and getting out of the door in morning is all good intentions, but sometimes the kids are not hungry yet or they need more sleep time or can't figure out what to do, but the schools are more creative and having varied option options. system of the middle schools and high schools are pushing carts around with brown bags and breakfasts in the classrooms are now offered and schools are getting involved. >> and this is is an option that might be on a typical school menu, and this is something that they might like to eat. >> absolutely. all of the ingredients of a good healthy breakfast, but it is appe appealing. you can pick it up with your hands. a egg sandwich paired with the milk which of course, offers all of that good nutrition. >> speaking of milk and got milk very active in making sure that
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the kids get enough protein and all of the good stuff in milk, but also offering a way for schools to do the fund-raising. if you don't like the advertising campaign, we know that the schools can use more money, how how does that work? >> well, i partnered with got milk to share what they have done with the school districts across california. right now to encourage increased breakfast participation in the school, they are sponsoring a giveaway of over $60,000, so each school can participate in the districts that are represented and 21 districts in all by simply increasing participation in the first three weeks or just back to school, and first three weeks of school and giving away $3,000 to use as the school wishes. >> so whatever they need. >> technology, field trips, whatever. you name it to encourage and support what we know. milk is portable, easy, and has three of the four nutrients of concern in the dietary guidelines. calcium, vitamin d and
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potassium, and it is also a high quality of natural protein, and it gives a lot of protein. the fourth nutrient concern in the diet is fiber. so it is easy to pair it with the oatmeal serial. >> yes. >> and here is the fun way to go. this is a pb&j and adding some strawberries, because we get great berries here in california and an opportunity to build your own jam on the whole grain toast, and you can grab and go and bring it in the car as well. so portability is a big one for breakfast. >> i know. 5 and 7-year-old, and we try to rush. thank you, wendy, for coming in, and hopefully if you want to find out more for raising money for your kids' school or healthy breakfast go to rob mayeda is in the weather center, and do you want that milk nice and warm this morning or a cool milk kind of day? >> well, cool is going to sound cool, and maybe over some granola this morning. we are seeing the low clouds and
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the chilly sea breeze over the bay area which will lead to the co cooler after noon. right now 50s and 60s and 62 in san jose, and the winds have picked up a little bit. fairfield southwest at 18 which is twice as much as yesterday at the same time and the wind coming out of the west into livermore. out to the a's game today, we will see the temperatures dropping through the 60s the game goes on. you can catch the game on comcast sportsnet at 6:00. and the cal football time taking on northwestern coming up at 7:30 this evening and temperatures the there, too, running through the 60s and the game as we look around the east bay with that and patches of low cloud clouds. that is subject to change now as we see two areas of weather coming together. first moisture coming out of south irn california which will bring the slight chance of mountain thunder and the system coming in from the west, and it will crank up the sea breeze, but adding the lift of moisture and give us a slight chance of showers later tomorrow. today, nothing to worry about
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other than the low clouds and the fog and the mist on the coast and watch what happens into sunday morning here as you see the high clouds coming into southern california. and by sunday evening, some of the weather models are hinting some elevated con vvection is a fancy way to say mountain thunderstorms. into the north bay, perhaps showers there monday into the a day. so interesting time frame coming up late tomorrow, and as we go into monday. you will see that things do calm down into tuesday. out on the coast, 60 today from pacifica to half moon bay, and exception to the rule, over to santa cruz, more temperatures with the sunshine reaching the low 80s and nice day there. san jose, low 90s south of downtown, but the numbers are cooler today. 90 in livermore, and cooler elsewhere in the north bay. and 80s in the north bay, and 73 in oakland and san francisco.
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looking at the three-day forecast, you can see that things are going to turn slightly unsettled as we see a chance of the isolated showers coming in, as we go into late tomorrow and into early monday now. so it is a little bit of a change in the forecast. the second half of the week, the temperatures will climb up, and the high pressure will build in, and i do think that we will get more 90s in the forecast, so this weekend sometimes called the unofficial end of summer, and not true. of course, we have to go to september 20th for the summer sol tis -- solstice to go into the equinox. >> okay. thank you very much, rob. go home and don't come back. on today in the bay, what sounds like a harsh message, but it is instead a message of love. coming up the group of nurses who inspire their patients through song. it is the latest in the bay area
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proud series.
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a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down is a lyric from a famous song, but did you know that song can be medicine in itself? some students in stanford found this out. >> every week moreen cowley has a standard appointment to sit for three hours or however long it takes that day for her chemotherapy drugs to go from bag to body and get to work getting rid of whatever may be left of the breast cancer. >> oh, yeah. >> moreen has been doing it for three week months now, and passing the time with friends, family or tv and just waiting for all of it to be over, which
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it will be once this very last bag is empty. >> hey, nurses, can you meet me by bonnie's desk. >> and once chris tucker and the other nurses in the infusion treatment area have had their say. or should we say their song. ♪ the chemo's done and we're so excite excited for you ♪ ♪ hay now hay now ♪ the chemo's done >> for the past few years any patient who wants it and many do they get their own singing sendoff from the nursing staff. it began chris says three or four years ago with a patient having a rough go with the treatment. >> the one day she said to us, i just can't wait for this to be done, and when it is done, would you guys like sing for me. we said, sure. having no idea what in the world we were going to do. >> the differential is not back yet. >> reporter: with that request a tradition among the staff was born. and kres say chris says someti
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will sing the song twice a day and light hearted moment to help the staff deal with an intense song, but over the years, chris has come to understand that the song does more. this is for you. this is for you. >> this musical bow goes to humanize what can be a dehumanizing experience. in tend, the patients and the nurses are all on the same team, and with this little song, two verses long, the 15 seconds in all, they get to celebrate a win and if all goes well -- >> you guys are the greatest. >> never see each other again. >> thank you so much. >> and that is garvin thomas reporting. and still ahead on "today in the bay." where is nelson mandela? conflicts reports that the former south african president is out of the hospital. and another live look at the bay bridge this morning where
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the crews are hard at work getting everything set for to be big reopening tuesday. we will show you how the closure could impact your labor day plans.
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good saturday morning to you and looking at the golden hillsides there and wondering what you have planned for your labor day weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda and i know that a lot of folks like to get out of town on labor day weekend, but because of the bay bridge closure and the owe syos fire, how many people have changed their friends? >> well, the coast is good with the air quality warm, and santa cruz will be warmer late ore en. in san francisco, clouds are moving inland, and that is why
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unlike the mid-90s inland yesterday, today, closer to 90 in livermore and 80s in most locations from san jose south. 70s in oakland. today looks pretty nice, but tomorro tomorrow, we will see interesting changes and possibly mountain thundershowers trying to creep in. it won't wash out the plans, but not like today's relatively mild forecast. we will look at the changes coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, rob. u.n. weapons inspectors are investigating a chemical attack in syria last week. they are now out of the country and the evidence they gathered over the last four days including blood and urine samples from victims will be tested in a european lab. and in the aftermath of an attack of a school, witnesses say they saw a jet drop an incendiary bomb on a school, and
7:31 am
we debated whether to show you this image, but we decided given what is happening on the ground we should. again, the images are disturbing. here is richard engel. >> reporter: the pain is indescribable, the flesh is painful and peeling as they staggered into the hospital. >> it was apocalyptic in a way. >> reporter: dr. rula, who asked us not to use her name said she was near aleppo when a syrian plane dropped something like napalm on a boy. >> there was one boy and the only movement that he had, and the only sign of life he had, if you like, was his eyes. >> reporter: and this woman was the only volunteer doctor and she said that the severe injured barely screamed, but trumabled like this 15-year-old boy. >> he was being patient. >> reporter: the medic applied
7:32 am
the white cream to cool the skin. >> i didn't think that i would be looking after and seeing such sights as this involving civilians and involving children. er. >> reporter: incendiary weapons are not considered chemical weapons, but they are not intended to be used against civilians. >> one of the girls -- she was 16 years old, and when i went to see her later, her mom was wailing next to her, and she told her mom to be quiet, and she sort of took a deep breath and looked at me and just said, do you think that my face is going to be mutilated. i said, i don't know, i hope not. >> richard engel, nbc news, turkey. in the next three years a teenager will be spending time in a detention center for his involvement in a gang rape. he is seen wearing a pink towel
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over his head into the courthouse of new delhi this morning. he was 17 years ole at the time of the atk the last year. four other men on trial face the death penalty. the brutal attack on the 23-year-old student last december sparked massive protest s across india to force the government to implement new laws to protect women. new reports this morning that south african ex-president nelson mandela is out of the hospital, but the reports are not true. they say he is still in the hospital and in critical, but stable condition. despite reports that he was pack in johan nasbunesburg. happened at ruby bridges elementary school when police
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say that a 14-year-old boy approached a girl in a bathroom and allegedly assaulted her. he took off, but police tracked him down a few blocks away, and police say that the investigation is ongoing this morning. breaking news this morning in oakland where one man die d n a shooting outside of a nightclub in club anton on third street. people inside say a fight broke out and then gun fire erupted. when police got to the scene, they found one man who was shot one time and pronounced dead at the scene. right now, investigators are interviewing witnesses for suspect information. new this morning, convicted killer joseph naso says he did not get to prevent critical information despite representing himself. he sent a letter to our sister station in reno, and that is
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dated the day before he was convicted but he claims that one of the victims could have been killed by a pimp as revenge. he says that the oakland prostitute had unknown enemies. while he points out other possible suspects he never proclaims his own innocence. the penalty phase of the trial starts wednesday in morin county. new details this morning on the double homicide in pinole, and police releasing this photo of the man they say is responsible. jeffrey flores was arrested yesterday for allegedly killing two older relatives whom he lived with. police were called to the home on the terra hill drive and neighbors say that somebody inside might have been hurt. while searching the home police find the man and woman dead, but authorities are not saying how they were killed. flores is being held on $2 million bail, and the murders are the first two homicides in pinole and the first since 2011. police are warning people to be aware of a so-called snake scam
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this morning. belmont is the latest bay area city to be hit by the scammers, and it is the same scam that has happened in san mateo and mill bray and freemont and union city. the two homes are the late toast be burglarized and the cops say that the suspects use the same tactic both times, posing as an animal control officer looking to investigate a snake infestation. the woman suspect knocks on the door telling them that there is a snake infestation in the neighborhood, and the suspect then shows the victim where to set up traps in the backyard and able to distract the homeowner for about 30 minutes and then in the backyard, and while they are in the backyard, another person comes into the home and burglarizes it. it is not the first time it has happened. new details this morning about what might have caused the massive rim fire and investigators looking into whether pot growers are the
7:37 am
cause of the fire. an official shared that information at a community meeting. the fire is now 35% contained with over 213,000 acres burned. a strike team from mountain view returned home last night after spending days on the fire line. >> we were on 24-hour shifts up there, but we are used to working and we know when we go out to the incidents that is what we are out there for. we can't take a break, because the fire doesn't take a break. the fire burns through the grass and the trees and things like that. if the fire does not stop, we can't top. >> and the firefighters say they were shocked by the size of the fire and said they had never seen a blaze that big. the rim fire is not only affecting the yosemite area, but many bay area travelers are changing their holiday plans staying closer to home. this family had their lake tahoe trip planned for weeks, but instead went to the park in
7:38 am
saratoga. many cam grounds like this one in sanborn say they are booked for the weekend. but mostly the families say they don't mind spending their money locally. >> and the fire, and steer clear of that and came this way instead. >> some point out it is less expensive to camp around the bay area, and $12 to get into sanborn compared to $20 for yosemite. right on schedule is what caltrans is telling us this morning about the work on the bay braj. as we look live, you can see that the crews are busy this morning, working hard. all of the old roadway is gone. workers are striping and paving both the east and the westbound spans of the new bridge now. demolition of the 1,000-foot long section of the westbound approach will be complete by the end of the weekend, but of course, all of this having a ripple effect on travel throughout the bay area, especially because it is a holiday weekend. >> make sure you plan ahead. make shure if you are plan for n
7:39 am
hour and a half trip, plan for two-hour trip. you can't predict what the de y delays are going to be. >> everybody is affected by this. >> you will be glad when it is over? >> yes, absolutely. and the bridge is e scheduled to reopen 5:00 tuesday morning in just in time for the morning commute. we will be watching it all weekend long. of course, if you want more information on the bay bridge construction project go the nbc, and for continuing coverage we have to get around guide during the bridge closure and a link on the top corner of the home page to hook you up with the traffic maps an traffic cameras and alternate routes there as well. new video out of southern california this morning and you have to see it. it is total destruction. a home in east los angeles suddenly collapsed around 8:30 last night. you can see the walls in the roof just caved in there. s search and rescue teams sent dogs to search through the dea brie to make sure nobody was trapped inside.
7:40 am
officials say that the house was abandoned for the past two year, but homeless people were known to stay inside, and so far, no reports of any injuries. still ahead on "today in the bay." off of the menu, the important ruling of california's ban of a controversial delicacy. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪
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♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ 90-calorie fiber one lemon bar.
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it may be off tof the menu for good. a california ban was upheld to stop farmers from force feeding ducks to produce the foie gras and bans selz of the delicacy. they found that tube feeding the ducks to fat ten the liver is cruel. they say that the law illegally interferes with commerce and misunderstood and therefore they plan to appeal the ruling. still ahead on "today in the bay." wild weather in southern california, and we will show you where this large dirt devil kicked up. here is a live view of san
7:43 am
jose right now. calmer scene and low patchy clouds and pleasant saturday forecast ahead. we will talk about the changes for this time tomorrow and the weekend labor day forecast when we come back.
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good morning to you, and san francisco is out there somewhere in the low clouds this morning. you have the fog sweeping back into the bay, and a stronger sea breeze out there this morning which really has not done much of the temperatures right now, but by the afternoon, we will see the numbers cooling by 5 to 10 degrees from yesterday's high temperatures. right now 76 in san francisco and 62 in san jose, and low 60s inland. you will see the southwest winds up to fairfield, and the sea breeze getting into the tri valley of livermore and that should increase into the afternoon. out towards the ballpark. the a's game at 6:00 and you can catch it over on comcast sportsnet, and shows the game time temperatures in the 60s. of course, we have college football. and the cal bears are taking on
7:46 am
northwestern today, and we will see that game starting around 7:30, and also in the 60s, so sweatshirt weather is looking fine for both of those games. and now things are going to change over the next 24 to 46 hours as sun is coming up in northern california with weather that will approach the coast tomorrow. the sea breeze is the main player, or the combo in the forecast for today, and or the, the clouds coming in out of the south, and by tomorrow evening, slight chance of elevated thunder or brief showers, and knotting the wash out the plans for the sunday evening. we could see that briefly race by the bay area again by mon daix and you could see the north bay with isolated showers, too, as you go around the monday with the mid evening, and tuesday, the sky and start to clear, and fog coming back. but low clouds up to half moon bay to pacifica and the sunshine
7:47 am
south that you will see around santa cruz. it is pleasant place to get to, smoke-free, and highs in the low 80s. the rest of the bay area. 2 in san jose, and maybe still 90 inland around morgan hill and the south bay. in the tri valley, you will see the temperatures cooler, and in livermore down from the temperatures of yesterday. and the sea breeze will cool things off from yesterday. you see the highs today down from the 70s we had yesterday. so you will see the cooler start here for the weekend for your saturday plans. tomorrow, increasing clouds and things could get interesting. i think that sunday evening into monday, perhaps a isolated shower and brief shower and again, not ruining plans burk n -- plans, but not what you typically expect. sunday and monday and then more summer-like temperatures
7:48 am
approach. >> we know the talk on the barbeque monday. did you see the rain. okay. thank you, rob. speaking of the weather, not something that you see everyday. the massive dust devil towering over the riverside county of paris. yesterday the town was under a flash flood watch, but thankfully no significant damage although people were quite fright ebb e frightened. dust devils are usually harmless. you can see the flooding turned roads into small rivers. heavy rains also knocked out power to thousands of people. since the days of the gold rush some 90% of the bay area's marshlands have been filled or developed, but efforts are under way to restore 100 acres of of the title marches in the carnaras region. >> reporter: the vineyards near
7:49 am
the edge of sonoma and napa are so dead that nothing can live on it. >> when the salt gets here, literally nothing can survive. it is a sterile landscape. >> reporter: the salt flats left over from salt operations of the 50s sit like moon scapes. >> were we to have a levee breach, this could create a toxic mess and harm san francisco bay. >> reporter: a 20-year effort is under way to restore what was once 10,000 acres of thriving marshland. today they celebrate the completion of a pipeline to carry recycled water to the flats. >> from the vineyards to the roadways down to this pond to use it to be bringing back this pond for wildlife purposes. >> reporter: the water will begin the journey eight miles away at the sonoma waste water
7:50 am
treatment plant, and it will he help to irrigate the previously dry carnas grapes. >> i can grow a balanced vine and know that the water is there. >> reporter: the water is expected to flow in the fall. wildlife experts say it will take a decade for the healing waters to fully bring the dead back the life. joe rosato, jr., bay city news. >> it is a slow process. still ahead on today in the bay, a pricey cab fare. we will show you what the closure caused a tampa bay pitcher who is in town to face the a's. >> and now there is a lot to do in the bay, and i will keep you away from the bay bridge, because it is still closed, but starting in san mateo is said to be one of the top fairs in california and set up gaiagains the redwoods, and there is a
7:51 am
kiddie hollow cuisine to keep you busy all weekend, and there is the king mountain fair as well. from fine art to fun art, and somewhere you will find me and my kids likely this weekend, touting the hands on and minds your admission here will get you into one of the four half hour session sessions. they are all the same all weekend, but they are also selling out. the last chance to check the lego kids for any availability. my love of legos is challenged only by my love of food. at the intersection of 256 and you will smell adobo festival. there is a teen pop star competition, and of course, the
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adobo cookoff. join us tuesday morning as we are scheduled to have the bay bridge back in service for the post labor day commute right here on "today in the bay." mom?
7:53 am
did nana ever give you cheerios when you were a little kid? yeah, she did. were cheerios the same back then? cheerios has pretty much been the same forever. so...when we have cheerios, it's kind of like we are having breakfast with nana... yeah...
7:54 am
♪ yeah. you're so smart. and looking live at the coliseum where the a's will take on the rays. before last night's game tampa bay starter david price decided to take a cab from the san francisco hotel to the ballpark despite that the bay bridge is, you know, closed. so while his teammates paid the fare for b.a.r.t., he dropped $200 on a cab drive to the coliseum. last night didn't go much better for price. kurt suzuki hits a three-run home run in his first game back since being traded to oakland. and then jed lawrie doubles the right, and there we go, coco crispp scores, and the a's hold on to win 4-3.
7:55 am
and the giants welcomed back angel pagan and he did not disappoint. he doubles to lead off the game against the arizona last night. he would score again later on the sack rifice fly. that's all that the giants would need, thanks to the outstanding diving play by pablo sandoval. tim lincecum threw six shutout innings and the giants beat the diamo diamondbacks, 1-0. still ahead on "today in the bay," say hello the kimmie. she is looking for a new home. and a three-day long weekend is a good tim to bring home a new pet. we will talk about that coming up. ♪
7:56 am
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ 90-calorie fiber one lemon bar.
7:57 am
we have our friends from pets in need this morning. volunteer lisa simmons is here with kimmie who is hoping to spend the long weekend acclimating to her new family and moving into the new digs. is that going to happen this weekend?
7:58 am
>> we are -- yes, i am thinking positive that kimmie will go home. she is a fabulous little dog. terrier mix and probably some poodle in her. >> very friendly. >> she is incredibly friendly, and we believe she is between two and three, and she is fully grown and on the thin side and could stand to put on some weight, but she is a great dog and fabulous for any family. >> she is busy and wants to play and hop down. yes, sometimes they have experiences that make them fearful, but not the case with kimmie. >> right. >> and you have an extra day to get things sorted out at home, so pets in need will be open through the holiday weekend, yes? >> no, closed monday. >> so you have to get in there saturday and sunday. >> absolutely. >> to find out more about kimmie or the other pets in need go the pets in, and lisa simmons thank you for joining us, and thank you for making us a part of your morning.
7:59 am
we wi we will have more local news at 5:00 and 6:00 and 10:00.
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