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tv   Today  NBC  August 30, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, yes! thirsty thursday, august -- it's just winding down. it's the 29th today. >> wow. >> it's a very big day around here because one of our producers, whom we love. you hear that really annoying laugh -- >> people ask, who's laughing? who's laughing? >> we love our kate cook. >> one of the best producers. one of the sweethearts. today is her 29th birthday on the 29th. happy birthday, kate. >> yeah!
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>> she's adorable. >> so in honor of kate's birthday we've decided we're going to do a full hour of one of the segments she produces called -- >> we were going to do that before we found out it was her birthday. >> whatever. >> ambush makeover. so this is a full hour of our favorite ambush makeovers. louis and jill hit the plaza and find people and make them over. so we're going to show you the best. >> some of them are so amazing you can't believe it's really the actual person. so we thought it would be fun to go down memory lane because every decade does seem to have its particular looks. we just thought this would be a lot of fun at our expense. we've had many looks over the years. some good, some bad, some downright ugly. let's take a look at some of them through the years. >> oh, god! you know what? i hate -- >> that's hoda. >> oh, really? i like my necklace. you know what? this is rude. >> oh, my god. >> no need to get that dramatic. >> all right. we're making progress. not much.
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>> yes, that's when we first got together. >> we leapt right through the golden years. >> that's when we first started -- >> oh, wait. >> here we go. my turn. >> oh! >> the olympics with frankie. >> yeah. that was good hair. i kind of like that look. >> that was also -- you do it with -- no, just a little curling rod. >> what about the sleek look? >> i'm just looking at how thin my face was. >> i like the bangs. >> get over it. they're gone. >> come on now. >> well, i say i win that one. ♪ ♪ or has time rewritten every line ♪ >> oh, i could listen to barbra streisand all day long. >> she sings beautifully. >> do you know what movie that's from? hodawoman. >> "the way we were." that's the name of the song.
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>> do you know -- do you know who wrote it? >> don't try to one-up me. i already got it. "the way we were." >> who wrote it? >> one of your friends. >> the amazing marvin hamlisch, whom we miss desperately. do you remember when you found your first gray hair? >> you know what's funny? in one of those pictures, not the first two hideous ones but the third kind of hideous one. when i was in high school, i started to get a gray, like a bonnie raitt streak. >> wow. >> i had it -- no, i never -- >> sometimes that's what triggers it. >> really? i had that gray swoop forever and i tried to cover it. you know how it's hard with a stubborn gray patch. >> especially if you're in high school. >> the end of high school, all through college. >> did they call you raccoon lady? >> no, i had nice friends. >> did they call you skunk head? >> you can kind of see -- >> oh, my gosh, it's skunk head. >> look. it's in there. here's the thing. i am now gray all the way and
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i've been that way for a long time and i'm fine. here's the thing. again, my fear, my big fear on earth isn't to get mugged on the street. >> rain. >> no. rain is up there. but going to prison is a huge fear. because i can -- >> they don't allow tweezers. >> well, i will have white -- it will look like this -- >> it will look like that except white. >> and everyone will think i did it. i was wrongfully convicted. i didn't do it but i will look like i did. >> she's a crazy lady. she did it. >> so -- >> so when did you get yours? >> mid-20s. yeah, yeah. and everybody says oh, you're so blond. the truth is i've been wearing the exact same color formula on my hair for about 20-some years. it's just that i have so much gray now that it takes the color differently. >> some people get really, really -- it's a traumatic experience when they discover their first gray. like what happened to giuliana
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rancic. this is from her show. >> from the style network. >> you have gray. >> no, i don't. >> i'm like shut the hell up. >> shut your little face. >> i have a gray hair? >> yeah, you do. >> oh, my god, you guys. what are we going to do? >> you should have gotten your color done. what's wrong with you? >> i didn't have time. shut up! >> let me see what i have. >> you're like a hot old mess. >> this isn't even funny. >> i have a hair mask thing at my sister's. >> you have it with you? >> you do? >> check. that would be good. >> look at that. i do have some. you know what it is? i never go without coloring my hair so i never knew i had anything. >> don't pull it out. >> it's not that i'm freaked out by the gray hair. it just that it's come on so suddenly. i wonder if the baby gave me gray hair. maybe it is the stress of handling work and the baby and trying to balance all of that. but you know, bill has gray hair, too. don't tell anyone. it's our secret. >> right. only millions saw. >> i don't feel sorry for her at all. >> no. because she's 38 years old when
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she finds her first one. >> we love giuliana. >> yeah, we love giuliana. she's awesome. >> this is one of those funny videos we love. >> no, we're going to see what we would look like, hoda, if we were -- >> oh, no. >> prison hair? >> there's hoda now with lots of health. oh, that's not so bad. >> i look good gray. why am i fighting it? >> no, i say go for it, hoda. >> let's see you. >> let's see tan mother. tan mom. yeah. >> before and -- >> no. no, no, no. nobody wants that. that's a no-no. >> i'll keep looking like tan mom. >> keep doing it, girl. >> now there is a video. >> this is one of those fun videos that scooter mcgruder does. this is one called the top 100 female lies. so he dresses up in drag -- >> like a woman. >> yeah. so let's listen to him. >> he's the one with the beard. >> i don't use photoshop. >> i'm a model. >> it wasn't even that expensive. >> i can cook. >> he's just my friend. >> i'm not like that anymore. >> i love football. >> i wear size 2. you can't tell? >> i just have nothing to wear. >> yeah, i'm on a diet. >> i didn't get your text.
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>> all men are the same. >> like it's ridiculous. >> i'm not hating. >> i really don't lie that much. >> see, this is all natural. >> no, i don't have a boyfriend. >> i'm done with him. that's it. no, no. that's it. like i'm just -- i'm done. this always happens. >> i don't need a man, okay? i don't need one. i don't even want one right now at this point in my life. >> i hate drama so much. like it follows me everywhere. i don't even do anything. >> no, i really do like the gift that you got me. i'm serious. like i love it so much. >> i don't even care about looks. >> i don't want anything for my birthday. >> be ready in five minutes. >> i'll be ready in ten minutes. >> i'll be ready soon. >> just tell me the truth. i won't be mad. i promise. >> don't worry about it. i'm fine. >> it was on sale! >> wow! he must have some females in his life. >> i love it. >> is today what i think it is? >> it's time for ihoda. but you're going to love this one. this is a song -- real quick --
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by sara bareilles. >> oh, i love her. >> and the song is -- some of the greatest words on the planet are "i love you." she has a song with equally great words called "i choose you." it is a beautiful song. >> i can guarantee i'll love it. ♪ the dawn breaks, comes down crashing ♪ ♪ sun came up to a dark sky >> can we have her back again, please? it's just effortless with her. ♪ because i can live by the light in your eyes ♪ >> it's my song. i'm singing it. i like this line coming up. ♪ the first words of a lifetime ♪ >> i love when she does that. ♪ love letter ♪ tell the world we finally got it all right ♪ >> i'm going to sing this part to you. >> no, i'm loving it. ♪ you
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>> one, two, three, four -- ♪ i want to tell the world ♪ i will become yours and you will become mine ♪ ♪ i choose you >> when are you going to sing it in her key? >> can't wait to hear that. because i think i would love it. i adore everything that woman does. >> what do you mean you can't wait to hear it? >> i didn't hear it, hoda. you were performing it in a different key the entire time. i got snippets. and i go oh, yes, that's sara bareilles. she's genius. i'll have cassidy download it for me. >> is it okay or not okay to have unusual backstage requests? >> this is what we said. >> sure, it's okay if it's to guarantee a great performance. but if it's just an ego boost, check your ego at the door, please.
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>> nice, klg. if your demands are not divaish and make for a better performance for fans, then why not? >> i think i said that. >> i said it. >> i think i said it better. >> i said it second. >> yeah, but not better. >> all right. get ready. >> they are adorable. >> get ready for the best of our ambush makeovers. >> two women come to new york for the first time and we gave them a trip they will never forget. >> that's coming up after this. >> i love you, hoda woman. you're a lousy singer but i adore you. >> i choose you.
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we're back on this thirsty thursday with more of "today" and our plaza ambush makeovers when two lucky, lucky ladies get plucked off the plaza and surprised with hot new looks. >> and as always, our crack beauty makeover team. >> what does that actually mean? >> crack. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- ♪ louis licari ♪ la, la, la, la, la >> and "today" contributor and
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contributing editor to "people style watch" and author, jill martin. >> good to see you guys. >> how was it today? >> oh, it's always great. and today we found two ladies, believe it or not, who have never been in new york before. >> oh. >> fun. wow. they'll get a trip to remember. >> they'll think every trip to new york is like this. >> shouldn't count on too many freebies when you come to new york. >> first up is pat dearman, 57 years old from virginia. she had just -- she just lost 40 pounds, so she was thrilled to have a chance to get a brand new look to go along with that brand new body. let's take a listen. >> well, we are in a state of shock here this morning. and first of all, i can't believe you're a grandma. but i know you want this for your grandma. so tell me why. >> because she's awesome. i think she deserves it. >> and she told me she hasn't worn a dress in a decade. >> yes, that's correct. >> so what do you think of all of this? >> i'm scared.
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>> well, you're in good hands. and you're going to have an even sexier new wife in about three hours. >> yes, i am. i'm excited about that. >> you can tell she's going to be knock dead -- drop dead, knockout gorgeous. by that face. >> let's look at her people. danny is holding the blindfold because it snapped. and her granddaughter jordan is here. you guys, please keep your blindfolds on. >> yeah, hold it. >> hold it, yeah. here is pat dearman. all right, pat, let's see the new you. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. >> are you ready? take off your blindfolds, guys. >> oh, my! >> oh, my! that is not my grandma. >> she is nobody's grandma. >> that's not anybody's grandma. >> turn right around. >> oh, my lord! >> wow. wow. that is sexy. >> wow. i love that. >> oh, my goodness.
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>> look right at that camera 12. >> louis, louis, louis. la, la, la, la, la. >> glamour. she looked young before. i had no idea that was your granddaughter. i thought that was your daughter. but right now you look beyond. >> gorgeous. >> what i did is i lightened her hair and gave her this glamorous blond. but look, it's a believable blond. >> it's like an ash. isn't it? it's so pretty. >> arsene gave her the great haircut. she had layers before but he relayered it. it's layered correctly. and look at the lift it gives her. it's sexy, it's fun, it's young. >> danny. danny. what do you think? >> she looked beautiful before. she's even more beautiful now. >> aw. >> jordan, i know is shocked. >> so sweet. >> aw. >> wait a minute. >> tell us about this hot dress. while we wait. >> we had an interesting time together. it's really difficult to shop after you've lost so much weight because she's like, are you sure i look good? >> you look great. >> and now you agree, right?
2:21 am
how beautiful your body is. >> i don't believe it. >> i know. >> this is from maggie london. color blocking for spring is so big. >> you look beautiful. absolutely gorgeous. >> join your groom right over there. >> big round of applause for pat. all right. i have beverly jones. she's 75. from knoxville, iowa. she's never, ever colored her hair before and wears zero makeup. so she was very excited to glam it up for the day. let's hear her story. >> so nice. three generations here today. and what do you think of all of this for your mom? >> i think it's awesome. she's the best mom in the world. she brought us here for the trip to new york and she deserves it. >> are you crying already or are you just freezing? >> no, i am. i'm just -- >> tell me why you're crying. >> well, i don't know. for her saying such a nice thing to me. >> well, we're going to pamper you for three hours and make you look even more beautiful. what do you think? >> that'll be great. >> aw. >> same thing. she's going to be a wow.
2:22 am
>> gorgeous. absolutely. she's here with her daughters lisa and kelly and granddaughter hannah. let's take one last look at beverly before and bring out the beautiful beverly jones. >> oh, wow! oh, yeah. all right ladies. take off your blindfolds. >> this one over here. >> are you ready to see? turn around please, beverly. >> wow. >> it's different. >> it is different but you look sassy and beautiful. >> one little -- you can look right there at camera 12. >> oh, you look beautiful. >> what a difference. >> the interesting thing here is this is a big, big difference. it's really -- except for the hair color, which is a dramatic change. this just shows you can wipe away at least ten years and i think we did more here with this look. >> you look unbelievable. >> absolutely.
2:23 am
>> arsene gave her the most minimal changes in the haircut. but look at the difference. it went from -- it just gave it a sense of style that it didn't have before. that plus of course the makeup by ina doe. you look like a new woman. and you look very new york, by the way. >> you do. >> what do you guys think? >> she looks awesome. >> she never pampers herself, and so it's fun to watch her do that. >> when people really deserve it, they don't expect it, it's a lovely thing. tell us about this beautiful red dress. >> well, we wanted to go for it. you always go for it with a red dress. this is ellen tracy available at macy's. and then just for spring a great pair of black pumps. these are nine west, available at macy's. >> beautiful, beautiful. beautiful job, everybody. >> let's bring pat out, too. >> nice job. thank you, everybody. great job. one of our own crew gets in on the act. >> find out how his makeover went right after this. eating lunch isn't exactly hard work. so why do you feel so tired afterward? instead of refueled and focused, you're foggy and sluggish. it's that 2:30 feeling again. so how do you get your clear, alert feeling back?
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♪ normally it's the ladies who get the royal treatment.
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>> but let's take a look at one makeover that got a lot of play from the ladies. you know what i'm saying? >> good play on words. >> check it out. >> this is jimmy. jimmy's had long hair for 37 years since he got out of the navy. he never cut his hair. never. we've begged him. >> like mountain man. we love him. >> well, he went to see arsene for a trim. for a trim, he said. and look what he did. >> oh, jimmy! oh, my gosh. >> how do you feel about it, darling? >> i feel all right. goes a little better with my wardrobe. >> look at his reaction. >> your friends are shocked. >> you are all manned up. >> are you going to grow it out again or are you going to keep it short? >> i'm probably too old to grow it out anymore. >> you're never too old.
2:29 am
you look good. >> jimmy-v he ever told you how much we love you? >> why, thank you. >> one of the nicest people god ever made and put on this planet. >> the greatest cameraman here. >> well, don't -- there are others that will hurt your feelings. >> yes. he's among the greatest. >> big round of applause. >> coming up, more of our best of ambush makeovers. >> including a woman who hadn't cut her hair in 20 years. >> what? >> she needed it. >> after your local news.
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♪ we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. it's time to reveal our ambush makeovers. >> two women from our plaza were given hot new looks by our crack makeover team. >> i don't like the word crack. >> "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- >> who oozes sex appeal. ♪ louis licari la, la, la, la, la ♪ >> thank you. >> and "today" contributor and
2:32 am
"people style watch" contributing ercontribute i or and future author -- >> her third book coming out very soon. great to see you guys. >> how was the plaza? it was supposed to be snowy and then it wasn't. >> brrr. it was so cold, but we found two ladies right away. jill was very cold. so i wanted to speed it up. >> we found them quickly. >> well, the first woman is alice gagne from maine. she told us she hadn't cut her hair in 20 years because she hated the last haircut she got. >> oh, wow. >> well, she was finally ready to try again. let's listen to her story. >> she holds a grudge. >> you haven't cut your hair in 20 years. and you want to do it with us. >> yes. >> so thank you. tell us why. >> i'm almost 44 years old, and i want a new look. >> and you watch the show you said every thursday for ambush. >> i watch it every day. >> and you actually said you're ambushing your husband because he didn't know you were coming to do this. >> no, he didn't.
2:33 am
so it was a surprise to him this morning when i called and told him i was picked. >> surprise! are you ready? i know we're going to donate your hair. your ready to make a big change? >> i'm ready for anything they are willing to do. >> wow. >> uh-oh. >> them are fighting words. >> she's here with her friend carrie who has the blindfold on. this was alice before. let's see the new you. >> oh, my gosh! oh, wow! all right. carrie. >> stop it! >> take off your blindfold and buckle up, girl. >> oh, my god! look at you. i've never seen you -- >> hold on. alice, you've got to see yourself. spin right around, sweetie. >> oh, my god! >> are you serious? >> we're o'serious. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god. >> so beautiful. >> look at you. >> alice, look right there. louis, tell us about that hair. >> i don't know. i think i like the one on the left. >> hoda hair.
2:34 am
>> you know what? obviously, if you have the same haircut for 20 years it's time to cut it off. i'm so glad you're here today. but the biggest change here today, if you notice, she put black hair color on her hair. once your hair isn't black anymore, never buy black. black shouldn't be on the market. you can use dark brown, darkest brown, but never black. >> beautiful. >> terry, tell us what you think of your pal. >> i think she looks beautiful. we're going out on the town tonight. i'm taking her out. >> oh, yeah. >> she deserves it. she's the best friend ever. and she's -- i've known her through high school. i'm so happy she's here and got selected. thank you very much. >> tell us about the outfit. >> okay. it's snowing, so we're wishing it was spring. so this is sort of a transitional dress by maggie london. she said she would never wear this. and that's a big thing. you should pick one piece for spring you'd never wear. you look gorgeous in it. >> and feel as young as you are in that because you look beautiful. >> a big round of applause for alice. >> wow. so, so sweet. our second lady is kathy berg.
2:35 am
she's 42 from jupiter, florida. recently lost 25 pounds, so she begged us to give her a brand new look to go along with her brand new baby -- body. i'm sorry. it's body. let's listen to her story. >> come here from jupiter on a family trip and, surprise! what do you think of all of this? >> i think it's great. >> why do you think she deserves it? >> because she does so much for us and she doesn't spend that much time on herself. >> josh, what do you think? >> she's a really hard-working mom and she does an excellent job. >> so nice to hear. and, dave, we're going to change her up a little bit. what do you think about all of that. >> i think she looks great the way she is. >> smart hubby. all right. so are you ready for a whole new look as you're crying? >> yeah. this should be great. this should be just a wonderful experience. thank you. >> she's got that husband trained beautifully because he said exactly what she wants to hear. she's here with husband dave and their kids josh and kayla. let's take one last look at kathy berg, and then bring out the brand new kathy. >> wow!
2:36 am
>> hello. >> okay, you guys, take off your blindfolds and have a look at mom and your wife. >> you ready, kathy? >> turn around, sweetie. >> oh, my gosh. >> really pretty. >> i love that. >> sexy. >> you look so different. >> i know. >> you want to join us? >> look right there. >> okay. >> with kathy, of course, is another great haircut. gave her so much style. she had a long, long back and so vanessa brought it up. we updated her makeup. and her hair was oxidizing and turning a little bit auburn, and i thought how beautiful. so instead of taking it away and trying to be a brunette, we kept the auburn tone. >> and jill, that's a great outfit. >> you can get for under $100 an entire outfit. this is simply vera, vera wang. from kohl's. we love the bracelet. kendra scott bracelet and the kohl's earrings. >> what do you kids think? >> wow. she looks great. >> a round of applause for both
2:37 am
of our lovely ladies. >> they lost a combined 125 pounds. >> wow. >> see their dramatic new look with more of our favorite ambush makeovers coming up right after this. crisp, fall rocky mountain air makes an epic journey through pines, wildflowers, and aspens. and is matched only by our journey to capture its scent. crafted by expert perfumers for your home, air wick mountain woodlands and crisp air is part of our limited edition national park collection. airwick. the craft of fragrance. you know, "what are you thinking?" oh, i had a knot in my chest. i didn't really want her to go but...i knew she could do it. i felt like there were bigger and better things for me to do. [ mom ] she took what she was doing seriously. [ hosmer ] my self-confidence just went through the roof. [ dad ] it was awesome to see her transform from a girl,
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♪ beautiful girls we're back with more of "today" on this thirsty thursday. it's time for the amazing plaza ambush makeover. >> two lucky ladies were given head to toe new looks by our crack makeover team. you know who they are. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- >> everybody at home. ♪ louis licari la, la, la, la, la ♪ >> and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" jill martin. >> love her. and author. >> indeed. >> hi, kiddos. how was the crowd? it was a messy crowd outside. >> oh, because of the mud thing. but i have to say today was the first day that felt like summer. it was really just a joy to be out there. and there were many people with signs. it was easy to pick. >> you picked one lucky lady.
2:42 am
she's 65 years old from boston, massachusetts. in honor of her 65th birthday she lost 65 pounds and begged us to help her find a brand new style. let's listen to her story. >> so 65 seems to be your lucky number. >> it sure is this year. >> tell me about the significance and your transformation. >> i've been working my whole adult life to lose this weight, and i needed to find the right program. i found a 12-step program that worked for me and i've been working on it all year. now i know -- now i need to know how to dress me. >> well, i can help with that. and rick, i know you're so excited for your wife. >> just amazing what she's done in the last year. it's just -- she's just worked so hard on it. >> aw. such a good husband. he's crying already. but we're going to make you smile because we're going to give you a whole new makeover. >> i can't stop smiling already. >> how adorable. >> i love them. there's rick with his blindfold on. >> rick, we love you. >> we do. and her daughter alana.
2:43 am
we love everybody. >> please, guys, keep your blindfolds on for a second. here's marie mcloughlin before. all right, marie, let's see the new you. >> all right. are you ready? >> darling. >> all right, guys, take off your blindfold. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh! >> you ready to see yourself? >> marie, are you ready? >> yeah. >> look right here. >> oh, my god! wow! >> you look hot. >> you are hot, marie. >> stand right there. look at camera 12, marie. tell us what you did, louis. >> you looked beautiful from the minute i saw you. i gave her this soft auburn color. very natural. >> one of your faves. >> one of my faves. and vanessa gave her these layers which gave her just more volume, more shape. gave her an edgier look. >> let's talk about rick and alana. guys, what do you guys think? >> wonderful. she has worked very hard to get where she is. >> yeah. >> we're so proud of her. >> aw. i love him even more now. >> yeah.
2:44 am
>> jill, that dress is great. >> these are two weight loss stories today. it was so cool. what size this? what size? is it really that size? it was so much fun. a wrap dress is great when you are losing weight. it can adjust with you. this is by ellen tracy. >> all right. big round of applause for marie. >> join your family, hon. >> our second lady is henrieta kelly, 57 from louisville, kentucky. that's a fwleamily that loves e other. she recently lost 60 pounds. so she's thrilled for the opportunity to get a brand new look to go with her brand new body. let's hear her story. >> so mom was a little hesitant but you said, let's do this. >> definitely. i mean, she really deserves it. she's lost a lot of weight, and she's really gotten healthy. and this couldn't have come at a better time. >> 60-plus pounds. congratulations. >> thanks. >> so why do you want this so badly? >> well, for one thing i think the improvement would be very good for me. and i feel better, healthwise, and might as well look better on the outside as well. >> look at this body. you are going to look so hot when we're done with you. >> thank you.
2:45 am
>> certainly looking forward to it. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> oh, gosh. just lovely. and she's here with her daughter crystal. crystal, nice to see you. >> hi, crystal. >> one last look at henrietta before. and let's look at the after. henrietta kelly. >> oh! oh, oh, oh! >> oh, my gosh! >> all right, crystal. get ready. take it off, hon. >> oh, my god! >> so glam. >> turn around, henrietta. take a look. look right in that mirror. >> oh, my goodness! oh, is this me? >> you look -- >> look. you're gorgeous. >> spin right here. >> oh, my god. >> that's amazing. >> this is perhaps one of the most glamorous makeovers we've ever done. vanessa gave her this great shape and pulled the hair off of
2:46 am
her face to show off the great cheekbones which were accented with makeup. i just took her hair which just had that white streak which could work or could not but i made it into this soft believable brown. >> gorgeous. >> washed away years. you look -- >> you look like -- >> crystal, what do you think? >> amazing. beautiful. >> that's awesome. >> and the body! >> could you believe? >> what size is this? she's like, really? what size? this is from london times. and again, just that little cinching at the sides as a wrap dress. so it adjusts with you. but you look fabulous. >> way to go. >> fabulous job, you guys. up next, how our ambush makeovers gave two women a new lease on life. >> when we come back with more of our favorite moments, right after this. >> i love these.
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♪ american woman ♪ stay away from me we are back on this thirsty thursday with a wonderful way to
2:51 am
celebrate. it's time for our plaza ambush makeovers. we pluck two lovely ladies from the plaza and surprise them with a brand new look. >> here with the smashing results, our resident makeover team, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars -- ♪ louis licari, la, la, la, la, la, la ♪ >> and "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch" jill martin. and author. >> hi. >> happy fourth. >> happy fourth. >> how were the pickings? >> oh, are you kidding? fireworks came early today. it's all i have to say. the ladies look great. >> there must be a redhead somewhere. >> let's meet our first lucky lady. her name is eileen. she's 53 years old from gaylord, michigan. she's a cancer survivor. she finished treatment in 2009, and since then she's been celebrating life. >> good for her. >> occasionally she thought about changing her look and finally decided to go for it with her family's encouragement. let's take a listen. >> well, happy 75th birthday. and you didn't want a makeover
2:52 am
but you wanted it for your daughter. >> she's a great daughter and has always worked hard and put everybody else before herself. and i think that would be a good deal for her to have that. >> a good gift for you. >> yes, it would be. >> i love that. >> what do you think about this for your aunt? >> i'm 11 years old, and i've never seen her with a different look. >> 11 years old! wow. okay. well, we are going to make you new york city glam. i know you're excited. >> i am very excited. i can't believe it. i almost stayed in bed this morning. >> we're so glad she didn't. she's here with her family. there's her mom jane, her nieces madeline, molly, and emma, her sister-in-law jen and her brother mike. all right, guys. please keep your blindfolds on for just a second. here is eileen before. all right, eileen. let's see the new you. >> oh, wow! >> okay. >> all righty. are you ready, guys? >> take off your blindfolds. >> oh!
2:53 am
>> eileen, are you ready to see yourself? >> yes. >> okay. come right here. spin around. >> unbelievable. >> oh! oh, my goodness! >> i know. you can't believe it, right? >> you look fantastic. >> i look so glamorous. >> look right here at camera 12. >> tell us what you did. >> she's beautiful. she's glamorous. she is anna wintour, the queen of new york. what i did is i lightened and softened her hair. bridget made a change to the shape of her hair. updated the bob to bangs. you look fabulous. >> yes! >> what does mom think over there? >> she looks great. >> kids, what do you guys think? you guys look surprised. >> you love? >> jill, that dress is perfect. >> the look on your face -- >> that was one of the best reactions we've ever had. this is from maggie london. she lost over 40 pounds. so you were telling me you couldn't find a dress that
2:54 am
really fit. and the wrap dress is really beautiful. >> it's beautiful. >> it's from maggie london. >> i'm wearing maggie london, too. >> join us. >> thank you. >> how great-looking. all righty. now we have mary watkins. she's 49 from delphis, ohio. and she says she doesn't wear makeup often but could see herself wearing it more if she had the right shades of color. she's looking for something different to give herself a renewed sense of confidence. let's hear her story. >> well, kevin is very excited. you can't tell, but i know you want this for your wife. >> yes, i'm very excited. i can't wait to see what you guys can do. >> okay. so what do you think? she's going to have a totally different look. >> surprise, surprise. >> ooh. surprise, surprise, we like that. you seem a little nervous. excited? >> excited and nervous, both. excited about the makeover. a little nervous about tv. >> oh, okay. well, we'll take care of the tv part. okay. kevin, ready to see? >> absolutely ready. >> all righty.
2:55 am
she's here, as you know, with kevin. and let's take one last look at mary watkins before and bring out the new mary watkins. hold on, kevin. not yet. >> oh, wow! okay. everybody is looking sensational. kevin, are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> take a gander at your bride. >> oh, my! very nice. >> yes, mary, turn around and see what he's talking about. >> yes, i do. >> oh, my! i love it! >> i knew there would be a redhead. >> beautiful. >> thank you. >> a little red because it is the fourth of july. >> exactly. >> great. >> and again, this is bridget with, again, look at the detail she did to the bangs. the shaping around the face, what it did. and the most important thing, she needed to learn a new palette of makeup. which enid oh gave her the new shade to go with her new warm hair color. >> i love that dress. so pretty and flirty. >> okay.
2:56 am
so it's red. because it's their anniversary and they're going to red lobster, which is the first place they ever went after they got married. so we wanted to give her a fabulous red dress that she actually picked out from maggie london. >> maggie london is having a big day here today. >> we're going to be back with more of our special show. but first, this is "today" on -- >> nbc. >> i knew she'd do that. >> i always do it.
2:57 am
2:58 am
2:59 am
well, we hope you enjoyed our special look back at the best of ambush makeovers. >> tomorrow, hoda woman, a brand new show. yes, we've got the recipe for happiness. you might be surprised to hear the ingredients. >> is that right? does it involve this ingredient? >> maybe. >> all right. plus if you didn't get away this summer we've got some suggestions for a fall escape. >> and jill martin with all the things you need to make your labor day weekend fun and fabulous. >> and how to make your guy look hot for the fall. >> have a great day. >> no, an awesome one.
3:00 am
>> yeah, that, too. >> bye. peterman. >> this isn't me. hopefully she went to the gym. it all e baby tones got together. you feel like you're living a balanced life. unbalanced?m jeff: not at all. plus, a college freshman. this has got to be one of the moments. >> it is the greatest moment. jeff: introducing michael pollack. hello, hello! roll it! jeff: all right. me.ittle about i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. a dad to ng how to be two amazing kids in a blended


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