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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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gunman. also the rim fire burning out of control in yosemite. local fire crews getting ready to go back out on the front lines this morning. we'll have a live update next. we'll take a close look at the weather conditions firefighters are up against and your local forecast which i can tell you is going to be really nice for today. we'll have your full seven-day outlook. folks backing up at the bay bridge toll plaza, road crews changing over here as far as the toll lanes go. we'll show you the latest on that coming up. monday morning, a live look outside. that's a beautiful live look. it's monday, august 26. a lot of news ahead. this is "today in the bay." good morning everybody. 5:00 on the nose. thanks a lot for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the rim fire baring down on campers in yosemite threatening
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a small town, more than 4,500 structures are threatened. a number of firefighters from the bay area have sent help to battle the fire. roughly the size of chicago. crews have the fire just 7% contained. >> nothing but a tough one. jay gray is live in tow ol me county with more from the front lines, a difficult one to battle back. >> reporter: jon and laura, good to talk to you this morning. it continues to be a struggle. really right now you can see the fire crews behind me lined up, all hoping to protect the small town tha you talk about that could be in the path of these flames. right now the firefighters here getting a bit of a brief break, a few hours' rest, try to get a little food and get back on the line to help here. the fire continues to spread in all directions and continues to grow. that's the concern of firefighters up and down the
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line as they continue to attack this from the air, on the ground, dig containment lines. as you have discussed, containment not the primary focus right now. protection is. they're trying as best they can to protect all the structures across this mountainous region. the terrain very difficult, the wind gusting at times over 40 miles an hour. it's really making it a tough go for these firefighters who are continuing to work around the clock. to this point they've lost 11 homes, 23 structures in all. they want to keep that number right where it is even though the other numbers continue to grow. jon, laura. >> jay, do they expect more help to come in today? >> reporter: yes, they do. we know that already more than 2,800 firefighters are on the ground. they're asking and receiving more help. this is a fire, the biggest in the nation right now. so it's getting the most attention. and it's help that they desperately need. they've been at it for quite some time and only 7% contained.
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so a long way to go. >> jay gray, thanks so much. 5:02 right now. newly released surveillance video is providing important clues into a deadly shooting in downtown san jose. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live at police headquarters with a look at this brand new video. >> reporter: good morning, jon. this video we're about to show you captures the 33rd killing in san jose that took place saturday afternoon. just so you know this video was captured by a surveillance camera installed in an apartment across from the location where this man was killed. we're not going to show you the moment he was shot. but we will show you the moments before and after and perhaps someone might recognize the shooters. this victim is riding on a bicycle, pulls into a parking lot at third and julian streets in downtown san jose, gets off his bike, tries to run as the gunman chases him down. that gunman hits the man and shoots him at least once. seconds later another man on a bicycle rides up, gets off his
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bike and fires more shots at the victim and flees on his bicycle. at that point several people run to the victim to try to help them and they call police who arrive later. we spoke with the victim's aunt and she says she wants people to know her nephew was a good person. >> he's a good guy, six kids, good dad, really young. he didn't deserve this. he didn't deserve it at all. we love him, though. >> reporter: and this is the scene of that parking lot at third and julian after the shooting where you can see people have been leaving flowers and candles in this man's honor. police have not yet released his identity. again, this is san jose's 33rd homicide this year. you compare that to a total of 46 killings that took place here in this city last year. reporting live at san jose police headquarters, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:04. an oakland mother and her two young daughters are recovering after getting caught in the middle of gunfire. one other person, the intended
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target was also wounded. meantime police are searching for the shooters this morning. "today in the bay's" christie smith with more on the investigation. >> reporter: unfortunately it's happened again. the youngest victims just 12 and 8 years old, two little girls. both expected to survive. once again, oakland police asking for the public's help in trying to find the people responsible. this as neighbors get more and more frustrated that the victims in these cases appear to be kids more often. this shooting happened in broad daylight on 104th avenue in east oakland yesterday afternoon when police started getting many calls about shots fired in the neighborhood. the trib reports the 44-year-old mom and her two girls were inadvertently hit by gunfire and police say a 17-year-old boy was likely the intended target. all the victims hit in either the legs or hands and will recover. a few other houses were also hit by gunfire, but no one else hurt. we spoke with one man who is
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with a group that aims to prevent violence called men of influence. they say they're very frustrated with this spiral of violence. >> it's just like not again. i think we had 12 shot last weekend and then it's been several this week. >> reporter: the children in oakland have been the victims of shootings multiple times this year. since january, eight people under the age of 18 have been killed in the city of oakland. oakland police and crime stoppers are offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." 5:06 right now. meteorologist christina loren checking in with us from the nbc bay area weather center. looks like a good looking forecast, christina. >> guys, we have it so great in the bay area. so blessed to be here, especially this time of year. we've had a mild season as a whole, but just because things have been pretty moist around
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here and we haven't had to worry about fire danger for the past week or so, we still need to be on the best of our behavior. that's because all of our resources are getting spread very thin. that's because of the rim fire burning in yosemite. we'll take a close look at the smoke plume. i'll show you that from nasa's viewpoint in a moment. this, of course, beautiful san jose. we're kicking off a monday with some pretty comfortable conditions. at 64 degrees, 64 for sunnyvale and 62 degrees to kickoff a new workweek where the kids are also going back to school. let's take you through your hour-by-hour changes. futurecast at 9:00 a.m., temperatures will be cool at that point, about 59 in oakland and san francisco. temperatures will get cooler as we get close to sunrise. because of the low cloud cover, it will take a while for our big energy source, the sun to warm us up. 73 in oakland, 74 in fremont and 80 degrees on the way redwood city. let's get you on the way to work
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with mike inouye. >> good morning. past the oakland coliseum, a lot of slowing over the last half hour. as we show you this full screen, the taillights move very smoothly past the high street high-rise. again, earlier traffic breaks as they moved cones, reopened lanes, caused slowing. on the map you'll see we've gone back up to the orange zone. that speed around 50, 55 where there's yellow toward the speed limit through downtown in the northbound direction. all lanes have cleared toward 980 and the bay bridge toll plaza. the maze itself moving smoothly as well. no major issues. the bay bridge toll plaza, as we take a look from our camera, we had crews running backwards. still backing up and removing the last of the cones as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza itself. a smooth drive coming off 880 and just that one remaining truck. someone making a dramatic move over toward the parking lot. another crew. you have to watch for that for the next few minutes. freeze, wonderful shot. just like the end of
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"c.h.i.p.s." in the '70s. a couple accused of stealing luggage from stranded passengers after the asiana air crash at sfo are headed to court today. the rim fire continuing to burn parts of yosemite threatening the hetch hetchy reservoir.
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nothing short of a huge deal made over the weekend to buy south san francisco's onyx farm suit curveballs, 10ds billion. >> billion with a b. amgen to buy onyx.
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amgen does not have much in this category. the deal does need regulatory approval. shareholders in onyx will get $125 for every share they own. that's a significant premium over friday's $116 closing price. the dow ended on a positive but not enough to make up for losses earlier in the week. jackie deangelis at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning, scott. we're watching the futures this morning pointing to a slightly lower opening as the dow comes off its third straight losing week. data today on demand for big ticket durable goods, later this week home prices, personal income and spending. those could be game changers. the dow rising 47 points on friday to $15,011. the nasdaq rising 19 points to $3,658. >> one of the primary reason it
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is stock math has been so fickle is the concern the fed will stop buying bonds. no more quantitative easing. we're seeing that in the world of mortgages already. mortgage rates moving higher. refinancing has slowed down, that means banks including wells fargo and chase are laying off mortgage workers. on friday, a terrible new housing report actually helped the markets a bit. for that matter, mortgages. we're in that really strange place where bad news might cause the fed to keep injecting money. bad news becomes bad news. good news about the economy, some of the news we'll get that jackie mentioned is for investors bad news. we're in that weird place. >> exactly. one to watch. thank you very much. also happening right now, massive rim fire burning in yosemite having a big impact on the bay area. several city-owned camps are in the fire's path. at least one of them has been destroyed. this morning the flames are threatening to hamper san francisco's power and water
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supply around the hetch hetchy reservoir. "today in the bay's" jodi hernandez joins us from the staging area in tao ol me city with what workers are saying about that fire this morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we're here at the tuolumne city base camp where more than 3,400 firefighters are launching their battle against this fire, just now beginning to wake up to begin their 6:00 a.m. shift. in fact, these fire engines behind us belong to a san francisco strike team which will begin a 24-hour shift in just an hour from now. the small town of tuolumne city is under evacuation. this is where hundreds of firefighters have been staged as the fire grows to nearly 144,000 acres. among the losses, the berkeley
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tuolumne camp that's been owned and operated by the city of berkeley since 1992. that camp burned yesterday. firefighters could not save it. also a big concern for the bay area is the hetch hetchy reservoir where fire is threatening san francisco's water and power supply. we understand the fire has already damaged three hydroelectric plants, but the water and power service for the city of san francisco remains unimpacted at this time. again, a san francisco fire strike team is here along with other bay area crews hoping to fight this massive fire. >> whenever we get called by the state to provide mutual aid we're going to sass assist somebody that's in need, the same way we would if we were in the city of san francisco. >> reporter: we are back here live. you're looking at those san francisco fire engines here in tuolumne city. this crew will begin their 24-hour shift in just less than
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an hour from now. again, this fire is only 7% contained in its second week now. so certainly the folks out here need all the help they can get. reporting live from tuolumne city, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> they have a lot fight ahead of them. lots of firefighters in harm's way. hopefully they eat get some kind of containment to beat that thing back. let's check in with our meteorologist christina loren to a cool start. >> the wind direction has shifted when it comes to the rim fire. we were talking about it last week in great detail because we're watching the weather conditions very closely. auz you know, they play a big role in the spreading of this fire. elevation is about 3,000 feet. we do have bad news in the weather department because our winds were coming onshore, that was a cool ocean breeze making its way all the way to the yosemite area. the winds have shifted as high pressure starts to build in. as they continue to shift over the next couple days, we're also
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going to see some thunderstorms move over the area. they could be a blessing or a curse for the efforts when it comes to fighting this rim fire. you get brief heavy downpours but also those erratic winds and more lightning strikes. this is an area we'll be watching very closely for the next 24-48 hours. the weather is certainly going to play a big impact. this is a time to really watch the weather conditions in the area. as we head through the next couple days in the bay area, we'll get spoiled. we're seeing enough onshore flow to keep our temperatures unseasonably cool for this time of year. 86 for livermore, 74 in fremont, 77 in oakland, a lot of kids heading back to san jose, 77 for the first day of school, 80 in los gatos and 73 in santa cruz. it's not too hot inland. santa cruz perfection at 73 degrees. as we head through the next couple days, temperatures will get warmer. we'll cool you right back off as we get into the upcoming weekend. temperatures 90 degrees for
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tuesday. wednesday back to 88 degrees. as we get closer to the first day of fall and kickoff september, temperatures are going to be down right comfortable. sunday, 83 degrees. let's check off the drive for the kids heading back. >> looking over here to the south bay where in a couple more school districts coming online here. looks like pretty much all those districts should be back in including san jose state, not a school district, but a big school. a lot of computers as well. we're looking over here toward 880 and 280 in the vicinity of 880, 17 showing the construction zones still active. there is slowing as you head towards stephens creek boulevard. crews will start to move by 5:30, by 6:00 it should be completely cleared. that's the tradition and pattern for the south bay. in the tri-valley a nice drive. as you get toward the dublin interchange, you see the speeds dipping a bit. it is slowing a bit as welcoming
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out of the altamont pass, more folks coming in here where we're seeing gentle slowing as well. isabel toward vallecitos. as pleasanton comes back online for those school districts as well. northbound 880 past the coliseum, a smooth drive heading up toward the bay bridge toll plaza. let's look at the toll plaza itself. all the crews right here approaching the toll plaza have cleared from the weekend work that had three of those right lanes and toll booths closed. all back and ready for the morning commute. we'll get a look at the north bay as well as we see traffic flying. we'll end with this shot of the san mateo bridge, 116 in the north bay still has a closure because of the downed power l. e two neurosurgeons have resigned from uc davis after experimental treatments on brain cancer treatments. the two doctors injected.
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all three patients consented to the procedure in 2010 and 2011. a university investigation confirms that the treatment violated the faculty's code of conduct because the doctors did not get approval from the university or the frkda. san francisco police right now investigating an early morning stabbing in the city's mission terrace neighborhood. this all happened just before 1:30 this morning. police were called to the 4700 block of mission street near the intersection of ocean avenue east of interstate 280. when officers arrived, they found one person with at least one stab wound. right now the victim remains hospitalized in serious condition. so far no arrests have been made. police say they have one more place to search as they look for missing oakland toddler daphne webb. police used cadaver dogs as they
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try to find 22-month-old daphne. webb was last seen on july 10 and family members believe she's still alive. the weekend search didn't turn up anything. but officers say they have another area they intend to search. there's a $20,000 award in that case. a united airlines employee and his wife accused of stealing luggage following the crash of asiana flight 214. investigators say shawn crew dup and rach chez thomas stole luggage after the deadly crash in july. police say thomas took clothing to a nordstrom store and got $5,000 from those items. more stolen items were allegedly found inside the couple's home. we'll show you highlights from the mtv video music awards. ♪
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in case you missed the video awards, big-time names turning out, justin timberlake, katy perry, robin thicke. >> also there, jason collins, the first openly gay nba player. >> just before i came out, my grandmother told me she was afraid i would encounter the same prejudice and bigotry she experienced growing up in the segregated south. but i knew that hating someone for their sexual orientation is the same thing as hating them for the color of their skin. the only way things change is if you stand up for what you believe in. >> collins prepared just before macklemore per forming same love
5:25 am
which won best video with a social message. another much anticipated reunion was in sync. ♪ bye-bye bye >> the guys getting together in honor of j.t., justin timberlake who received the michael jackson video vanguard award. that was quite the show-stopper there. also not going to show it. miley cyrus was doing her thing, twerking. >> i didn't see it. >> keep the kids away from the tv. >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you. i was a big in sync fan. 5:25. i still love j.t. a good looking day shaping up for your little ones. they probably have one direction folders these days.
5:26 am
i can tell you right now it's going to be beautiful today, beautiful tomorrow and temperatures are going to heat up just a touch. we're not talking about any major heat for the final week of august. i'll have your full forecast in just a few moments. now to n sync's biggest fan as promised, mike inouye. >> ♪ buy buy buy to the view of the bridge. the low clouds rolling in. we can see the incline, moving smoothly. visibility here and also look at the golden gate bridge. that will be an issue right now, very clear view of the lights across the span. look at the bottom of the screen. you see the sheen on the roadway, a lot of moisture in the air. no problems reported, no spinouts. that's good news. over on the peninsula side, 101 moving smoothly. at the limit here in palo alto through san mateo in and out of san francisco for 101 and 280. it's monday and it's 5:26. >> i wish people at home could
5:27 am
see mike doing all those moves. he's got the choreography down. >> there you go, mike. 5:26. san jose police involved in an overnight standoff that ties up roads near downtown. we'll have an update coming up next. also the wildfires burning all over california, largest one, the rim fire in yosemite. we'll go live to tuolumne county for the latest on the largest wildfire in state history. unbelievable.
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good morning. i'm bob redell live in the south bay with video of this weekend's murder in san jose that could help capture the killers. that story coming up. plus wildfires burning all over the state of california including one just 150 miles away from san francisco. fire crews from all over the bay area headed out to help. we'll have the very latest coming up in a live report. as promised, i'm going to show you a view of that rim fire
5:30 am
from space courtesy of napa. as you head back to work today, i've got great news for everybody in the bay area. a beautiful day ahead. minor changes headed our way. i'll take you through the new week's forecast. chp reporting a new crash in one of your first trouble spots of the bay area. we'll see how highway 4 is shaping up. another beautiful day in the neighborhood. we show you some of that gorgeousness from the south bay with the lights twinkling in the early morning dawn before the sun comes up on this monday, august 26. this is "today in the bay." it is 5:30. good morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> this morning investigators are looking over pieces of surveillance video hoping it will help lead to who shot and killed a man in downtown san jose. today in the bay's bob redell has more with a look at that
5:31 am
video. >> reporter: good morning. this video we're about to show you is captured by a surveillance camera mounted at an apartment across from the scene of saturday afternoon's murder. obviously we're not going to show you the moment this man was shot and killed. we have edited it to show the moments before and after so maybe you can help identify the suspects in the 33rd killing here in the city of san jose. the victim rides into frame on a bicycle, pulls into the parking lot at third and julian streets in downtown san jose. for some reason he gets off his bike, tries to run away as the gunman chases him down. he's cornered between the two cars, the gunman hits the man and shoots him at least once. seconds later another man rides up, gets off his bike and witnesses say he fires more shots at the victims, he's laying on the ground between those two cars and that gunman flees on his bicycle. at that point several people run to the victim to help. they call police. officers arrive. the man did not survive his injuries. we spoke with his aunt.
5:32 am
she wants people to know that her nephew was a good person. >> he was a good guy. six kids, good dad. really young. he didn't deserve this. he didn't deserve it at all. we love him though. >> you can see the scene of the murder t parking lot of third and julian where family and friends have left flowers and candles in this man's memory, in his honor. police have not yet told us who he is. again, this is san jose's 33rd killing this year. you compare that number to what happened last year when, for a total of 2012, 46 people were killed in the city. today, we have 33 this year so far. reporting live at san jose police headquarters, bob redell. a standoff between a suicidal man and downtown san jose ended about an hour ago. it was affecting traffic in the area of santa clara street from 11th street to 13th. several blocks in that area were
5:33 am
shut down just after midnight. the suspect was taken into custody and is now being held for a psychiatric evaluation. happening now, the wildfire burning outside yosemite is growing by the minute. the rim fire has showed no signs of slowing down, threatening close to 5,000 homes. right now that fire is only 7% contained. "today in the bay's" jodi hernandez joins us live from the fire lines in tuolumne city. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this fire has proven to be a monster. it continues to have a mind of its own as it enters its second week. a base camp has been set up in tuolumne city. there are crews from across the state and the bay area. in fact, the engines you see behind me are part of a san
5:34 am
francisco fire strike team. we understand this team will be heading out of base camp in about 30 minutes for a 24-hour shift. the fire's impact has been huge, 144,000 acres have burned so far. among the losses, the berkeley tuolumne family camp. firefighters just could not save it. also a big concern for the bay area is the hetch hetchy reservoir where the fire is threatening san francisco's water and power supply. we understand two hydroelectric plants have been damaged. so far the city's water and power supply have not been impacted, at least not yet. crews from the bay area and san francisco are out here helping to fight this unbelievably big blaze. >> -- and stayed out for 24-hour shift on structure protection.
5:35 am
>> reporter: again we're back here live where you can see those san francisco fire engines lined up. there are more than 3,400 firefighters here out here battling this place. there are two base camps, one in tow ol me city and one closer to groveland. more than 144,000 acres have burned. we understand about 20 structures have been destroyed including about 11 homes. this fire is a monster, continues to burn out of control, just 7% contained as we enter the second week. reporting live in tow ol me city, i'm jodi hernandez, "today in the bay." >> a long way to go, thank you very much, jodi. >> state resources stretched very thin. fire officials were tweeting out this map showing just how bad it is. a total of 12 fires right now burning all across the state up and down. you can see it up there. the rim fire is the largest and
5:36 am
most intense. now for a look at the weather conditions firefighters are facing, we turn to meteorologist christina loren. >> due to the size of this fire, the actual fire is creating its own weather conditions. you have major temperature differences in the area. that's making it more difficult for firefighters battling this blaze. what i can tell you is the winds have shifted. we already have heavy smoke reporting. in tahoe they had to cancel several events in reno due to the bad air quality. as we head throughout the next couple days, the winds will continue to shift. we have the threat for thunderstorms. that really comes in as we get into tomorrow. humidity in the evening hours, 15 to 25%. temperatures aren't as hot as they could be as we have had a little cooldown over the last couple days. expecting the upper 80s. the closer your get to the fire, the hotter it gets. i feel our thoughts and prayers going out to everybody battling this fire from everywhere across the state. here is the rim fire from space.
5:37 am
i promised to show you this picture. look how massive that smoke plume is. you can see a lot of smoke drifting over tahoe and into the reno area. you may wonder with the winds shifting, is the smoke going to come into the bay area? i can tell you i don't believe that will be the case. a nice onshore flow, enough marine influence out of the west to keep the smoke out of our area. we have a lot of our guys, local guys out there battling the fire. definitely one to watch as we head throughout the next couple days. meanwhile here it's come fortable, a lot of kids going back to school. 61 in gilroy, 64 in san jose, 62 in oakland. let's take you through our hour-by-hour forecast. stop the clock at lunchtime as the kids head out, hot lunch, cold lunch, whatever you prefer. 73 in livermore, 75 in fairfield and 72 in concord at noon. rounding out the day in the mid to upper 80s, not getting too hot for the first day of school
5:38 am
for many kids across the bay area. 86 in livermore, 74 in fremont and into the next couple weeks most kids will have started school. that drive has certainly picked up. let's find out about the drive with our own mike inouye. >> with the last few days of the public schools coming back online and everybody dealing with the get to school rush and get through the school rush to get to the freeway rush. looking at the rush to get to the bay bridge toll plaza. the last couple weeks have seen an increase in the volume of traffic. already seeing the backup in the cash lanes. maybe ten more minutes before the metering lights are turned on. the maze is not a problem. a smooth drive here. a crash highway 4 at loveridge as you start to see traffic get back up to speed. the travel speed through the rest of the tri-valley looking good. 580 traditional through livermore. we end with san jose with the volume building here. 5:38 right now.
5:39 am
an oakland woman and two daughters were shot, another teenager who police say was the intended target is also wounded. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live with more details on this on going investigation. >> reporter: good morning, jon. really disturbing. once again, the victims of gun violence in oakland, two sisters, 8 and 12 years old. the likely intended target a 17-year-old young man according to the trib also the girl's 44-year-old mother, all expected to recover. neighbors say they're very frustrated with this continuing cycle of violence here in oakland. this latest shooting happened on 104th avenue in east oakland yesterday afternoon in broad daylight. the victims all hit in either the leg or the hand. we spoke with a man who founded a group dedicated to preventing violence in the community. he says his three sons are in proiz on. while he can't do much for them
5:40 am
now, he's trying to keep others from committing crimes. >> it's a bad situation. it's not anything i would want anyone else to have to go through. so if i can pass that message on and 40e7fully it will reach the community, it's a dead-end at the rate we're going now. we've almost lost a whole generation as tuesday. >> reporter: children in oakland have been the victims of shootings multiple times in the city. since january of this year, eight people under the age of 18 years old have been killed in the city of oakland. oakland police and crime stoppers are rufrg a $20,000 reward for information leading the the arrest ofcn@ the shoot. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, "today in the bay." the time is 5:40 right now. new tensions in syria this morning after united nations inspectors sent out to investigate the possibility that they used chemical weapons by the government are targeted.
5:41 am
we'll have the latest details coming up in a live report.
5:42 am
5:43 am
yintd nations inspectors in syria regrouping this morning after a sniper shot at their vehicle multiple times. the inspectors are in damascus to see if chemical weapons were used in a deadly attack just last week. today in the bay's tracie potts is live on capitol hill with how the white house is responding. >> reporter: no response yet o from the white house on what we'll do about this, whether or not we may take military action. as we've been watching the situation this morning, those u.n. inspectors first headed to the site, then they were fired upon, the un says, but undisclosed snipers, unidentified snipers before they could get to the site. there were six cars in this
5:44 am
caravan. one was fired on so they have to turn back, go back to the government inspection point and wait for another car. someone not wanting them to get to that site. matter at this point if they find anything because it's been too long. it's been five days. we need to find out who was responsible, the syrian government, the rebels pointing at each other. as of today no word from the white house on whether we may use those four destroyers that are in the mediterranean sea to target syria in response to this. if we do, iran says they're ready to fight back, and we're waiting to find out what that response might be. jon? >> a lot of tension there. thank you very much for the report. we can tell you sentencing is set to begin for the army psychiatrist now facing the death penalty for a deadly shooting spree at ft. hood. last week major nadal hasan was
5:45 am
found guilty of premeditated murder for the attack that killed 13 people and injured 30 others. the army psychiatrist will spend the rest of his life in prison at a minimum. prosecutors are pushing for the death penalty and make their case by putting more than 20 witnesses on the stand. army staff sergeant ty carter of antioch will receive the medal of honor from president obama at 11:00. in 2009, 300 insurgents attacked a remote army post in afghanistan. carter fought back and risked his life to save an injured soldier pinned down by enemy fire. the 33-year-old is just one of about a dozen people who served in iraq and afghanistan who have been awarded the military's highest honor for service. he currently lives in washington with his family. a former child psychiatrist from san mateo who pleaded no contest to nol lefting boys during exams in the 1990s set to be sentenced this morning.
5:46 am
william ayers charged with nine counts of lewd acts on a child under the age of 14 for allegedly touching five boys inappropriately during counseling sessions. he pleaded no contest back in may. some of his alleged victims are expected to testify during sentencing today. 5:46. police in san leandro asking for help finding an elderly man missing for nearly 24 hours. this is a photo of 81-year-old adolfo portavez who was last seen sunday morning about 7:00. police say he's an ave. vid wal. anyone with information is asked to call police. this time of year a new week means more kids and college students heading back to school. this morning students resuming class at west valley junior college and san francisco state
5:47 am
university. cal also welcoming students back to campus. their classes officially start on thursday. also starting school, redwood city school district, pleasanton unified, oakland unified. berryessa union in san jose and luther burbank also in san jose. want to check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. it's 5:47. how are we looking out there? >> looking pretty good. good morning, laura and jon. hope you had a good weekend. a good looking way to start the week. temperatures pretty comfortable. i want to point out, the little ones sensitive to the cold, we have a good windchill factor especially through the oakland hills. you may want to grab a sweater for the little ones if they're headed back right now. we have an area of low pressure to our north. that's going to keep the marine layer nice and thick as we head through the next couple days. expecting a pretty robust onshore flow. let's take you to the futurecast and show you what we are expecting. you'll have to wait for the
5:48 am
sunshine in san francisco. you will see it for at least two to three hours. temperatures will be really comfortable as a result. we'll hit the mid 60s for dichlt here is what we're working with in your other cities across the bay. 77 degrees in san jose today and about 65 degrees in san francisco. i know you want the seven-day outlook. i'll spend a little extra time on it as we're kicking off a new week. we are expecting flight delays with the thick fog out of sfo. here is how it's all going to work. as we head throughout the afternoon, 86 inland. tomorrow we'll bump the numbers up by three degrees on average. monday to thursday, cooling you right back down to the 80s. thursday into friday, temperatures are going to be right about at average for this time of year as we get into the weekend. a cooldown headed our way, but still holding on to pretty comfortable beach conditions. you know, mike, our summer days, they are numbered at this point. >> that's true, that's true. with kids back in school, my vacation kind of starts. you know how that goes. good stuff. i might get to take a nap.
5:49 am
we're looking toward north 101, no napping, no snoozing, you do have to watch the speeds dip down north of 680 and heading toward the 880/101 interchange, reports of a crash. sounds like everything is off to the shoulder, but it affects north 101 at 880 there is a distraction, although the crash should be out of the lanes. looking at the volume building for 87. in the last couple weeks, seeing big slowing from 85 up to the scene. expect the heavier flow of traffic as san jose state is back in session. looking toward the tri-valley, more volume for livermore and toward the dublin interchange, also west 84 coming down through livermore we have a slowing around vallecitos. a little slowing at the y and south 880 starting to build the volume down toward the san mateo bridge which moves smoothly right now. live look outside, the bay bridge toll plaza has the cash lanes backed up. the approach off the berkeley curve, ending with this view, a
5:50 am
smooth steady flow of traffic and low clouds in the area. be careful. you might get a patch of fog. 5:49 right now. some san francisco police officers ready to hit the streets sporting new pieces of gear in the form of video cameras. the cameras will be strapped to officers' chests when they conduct search warrants. the department being investigated for alleged illegal searches stemming from a 2011 video claiming to show police entering a home without a warrant. police chief gregsur says the edition of new cameras will help reduce citizen complaints and only be used and worn during is vr searches. 5:50. golden state warriors building a new arena could have a roadblock. the repair cost for piers to hold the venue has increased by as much as $50 million. in the meantime, months-long delays could cause a team to miss its 2017 targeted opening.
5:51 am
representatives for the warriors are denying those reports. the complex has plans for pier 30 and 32 and serve not only as a sports arena but a concert and convention venue as well. 5:51. an inspiring feat at the ball yard. a pair of indian players go deep for a sick little boy. super inventor eel lon musk denying reports he's building, i kid you not, an ironman suit. ♪
5:52 am
♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ 90-calorie fiber one lemon bar.
5:53 am
welcome back everyone. it's 5:53. a pair of cleveland indians players accomplished a major feat for a young boy living with sir bral policy. before saturday's game carlos santana and jason kipnis made 8-year-old nicco. during that meeting nicco asked both players to hit a home run for him. >> why not.
5:54 am
>> they actually delivered. during the trot around the bases santana pointed up. we think he's pointing at nicco and his family. they were in the stands during his game. his dad says his son fell in love with baseball while playing in an area league open to kids with disabilities. pretty cool. >> what a great story. tesla just hit a milestone. it is outselling many traditional cars. scott mcgrew, if you happen to be in the market for adds 70,000 car, apparently it's very cool to go electric. >> all you have to do is count the number of teslas on 101 to see how popular they are. last week we got the latest car sale figures showing tesla outsells porsche, volvo and cadillac in california in month of june tesla sold just more than 1,000 model s's in the month. it didn't sell as many total cars as lexus did, but they have the advantage of many different models put together.
5:55 am
tesla sells just the model s in california. we can't let a week go by without another crazy invention by elon musk. he promises to show off a computer system like the one in fictional "ironman." musk tweeted will post video next week of designing rocket part with hand gestures and then immediately printing it in titanium. he added to the zillionth person who asked, i am not building a ironman suit. simmon perez posted himself on a google street view bicycle. i bring this up because you rarely see the president of israel on a tricycle. secondly instagram failed over the weekend which is more than just an inconvenience. it uses amazon's big web servers.
5:56 am
many of the sites actually are powered by amazon. the latest system to go down, "new york times," facebook, nasdaq and instagram, all the -- aws, the amazon web services going down as well. we're not sure why. but this is sothing. >> could be a double-edged sword. you live by the digital borld, you could die by the doubled edged sword. >> elon musk, please do the tony stark "ironman" suit. >> if anyone can do it, he k right? >> let's check in with meteorologist christina loren right now. she's going to look at our forecast. >> good morning, laura, jon and everybody at home. thanks for waking up with us on a back-to-work, back-to-school monday. temperatures will feel cooler, winds south-southwest at 20 miles per hour. a good looking day shaping up. i want to show you the seven-day
5:57 am
outlook. first check your drive with mike. >> although the session doesn't start, this is the crowd you see already at university avenue. west 80 your commute direction very slow as you get very congested past the race track, but not a lot of slowing just yet. the north bay the volume builds as well through san rafael. watch for slowing curves at terra linda. mtv's video music awards in the books. we'll show you why everyone was talking about miley cyrus this morning. it's all coming up next. >> unfortunately she was doing more than talking. plus more help is on the way, more fire teams expected to head to yosemite to help battle the biggest wildfire in the nation. we have a live report headed your way.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, a united nations team under fire in
6:00 am
syria. a sniper attack that forced them to scramble away from the scene of alleged chemical attacks next. plus children the unintended targets of gunmen in oakland. we have new details in the search for suspects and new concerns this is becoming just a horrific trend. a raging wildfire prompting evacuations and threatening thousands of homes in yosemite. we're live as bay area strike teams head to the front lines. wheel take a close look at the different elements the firefighters are working against weatherwise. i want to tell you about your new week's forecast. temperatures mild to start. i'll let you know about the rest of the day and the week beyond. more schools continue to come back online, we have the shift in the traffic flow. already seeing the bay bridge backup. i have a crash in san jose which is causing a problem for 101 as well. looking thick out there, mike. you can see some of the traffic on the bay bridge on the upper deck. it's still busy.


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