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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 22, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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out about her ordeal and what led up to it. we'll have a preview of her exclusive conversation with nbc. the rim fire continues to grow near yosemite national park. more than 16,000 acres burned. more bay area firefighters going to help. i'm christie smith. an update coming up. i'm meteorologist christina loren. our fire danger has decreased substantially overnight. we're not going to see that humidity. dry pattern returns. that means the bay area will feel like the bay area today. i've got the weekend forecast. you're so close. that's coming up. changing conditions for two freeways coming off the maze, plus a new crash as you head through the tri-valley coming up. ript now, mike, a live look at the bay bridge, actually clear out there today. i'll take the liberty of calling this feel-good thursday because it's friday eve. it's thursday, august 22nd. this is "today in the bay." from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay."
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just about 5:01. good morning everybody. always happy to have you along for the ride. thanks for joining us, i'm jerry sandusky . firefighters say there's been minimal property damage from the massive wildfire burning out of control. the fight is far from over with the rim fire still just 5% contained. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in redwood city where a number of local cruise have headed out to fight the fire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, marla. more than 16,000 acres burned. these numbers are released for yesterday. it's goings to be much higher when the new numbers come out today. as you said only 5% contained. nearly 900 firefighters involved trying to fight the rim fire including alameda county. also san mateo's county of emergency management. they have a number of crews trying to battle the fire near
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highway 120 near yosemite. it's threatening thousands of structures. containment lines broke over and over again throughout the day yesterday. now, near the fire, deputies were going door-to-door in pine mountain lake, a community of hundreds of people where voluntary evacuations are in place. but people aren't waiting. they're getting out ahead of time. more resources actually had to be called in and the entire staging area for firefighters' fire camp was surrounded by flames at one point. highway 120 still closed near groveland ranger station and by buck meadows. two residences, seven outbuildings burned. the forest service normally giving updates around 7:00 a.m. as soon as we have new information, we'll bring it to you. live in redwood city, christie smith, "today in the bay." right now let's take a look at things outside. meteorologist christina loren has a look at what the firefighters are up against today. >> hey, good morning to you. let's get right to the map and
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talk about what we are expecting. it's still going to be gusty out there. the news i can bring to the table this morning is a lot of that monsoonal moisture, many lightning strikes we've already tracked this morning are moving the the north, moving into the pacific northwest to be specific. for us for the next 24 hours, west-southwest winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. humidity will increase a touch. temperatures will drop to the mid 80s, upper 70s in the area. that's practically going to be a big help for the firefighters. it's going to widen out for you and show you what we are experiencing in terms of the lightning strikes. you can see the overall flow has pushed well to the north. as we head throughout the day today, temperatures will be more mild in the area. we could actually see a lot of that monsoonal moisture continue to press to the north and the east. they might not even get any activity in that area as we head throughout the day today. that would certainly provide relief for the firefighters working that fire out there today. so for us here in the bay area, we'll see a drier pattern.
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you see the red flag warning pressed to the north located over clear wake extending over the pacific northwest and idaho. we what i can tell you is a lot of that activity and monsoonal moisture finally hightailing it out of here. i'll have your full forecast in just a few moments. thanks so much. 5:04. we know more about the person shot and killed at a san jose vietnamese restaurant monday night. police say the victim is 36-year-old chin nguyen. according to the "mercury news," nguyen was a devoted family man with a 3-year-old daughter and a son on the way. the san jose resident was inside the hoang hon bar and restaurant on alum rock avenue when he and two other men were shot. the other victims are expected to survive. no arrests have been made. nguyen's death is the city's 31st homicide this year. the martinez boy mauled by two pit bulls is going back to the hospital for a checkup.
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10-year-old hunter kilbourn expected to be back at uc davis children's hospital to see if he needs another surgery. he's already had two surgeries since being attacked by the dogs when playing at a friend's house in antioch 11 days ago. one of the pit bulls was scheduled to be euthanized yesterday. antioch police say the owners are asking for a hearing in hopes of keeping the dog alive. the mountain view police department is giving credit to one of its canines with a major meth bust. here is a picture of zeus sitting next to the stash. police say zeus stiffed out two pounds of meth while searches a residence in san jose yesterday. he apparently pound the meth inside a hidden compartment in the vehicle. he also found the drug money and a loaded handgun right next to it. authorities in portola valley are warning residents to watch ought for a mountain lion. the sheriff's office says the big cat was spotted around 8:00
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last night. the sheriff's department is reminding people, if you see a mountain lion, do not run. you should face the animal, make noise and look bigby spreading your arms and standing only your toes. >> still a scary prospect. southern california teenager hannah anderson is opening up about her kidnapping that led to an amber alert across six states. she's now speaking exclusively to nbc about those very long seven days. "today in the bay's" bob redell is in the newsroom with more details. >> good morning, jon. hannah anderson, the southern california teenager kidnapped earlier this month, addressed critics who questioned her behavior. specifically she explained this morning in an exclusive conversation on the today. anderson said she was picked up from cheerleading camp telling
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dimaggio where she would be waiting. the letters were exchanged about a year ago when she was not getting along with her mother. >> talk about how to deal with it and i'd tell him how i felt about it. he helped me through it. they weren't anything bad. they were just to help me through tough times. >> with regards to her critics, especially those online, anderson says, referring to herself, you are who you are. you shouldn't let people change that. other people's opinions shouldn't matter. earlier this month dimaggio killed anderson's mother and 8-year-old brother and rigged his house to burn with their bodies inside. he abducted the 16-year-old girl leading to an amber alert across six western states including california. a week later horseback riders spotted the pair in idaho. fbi agents shot and killed dimaggio and rescued anderson. she said shortly after her rescue that dimaggio, quote, deserved what he got.
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you can watch the full interview on the "today" show at 7:00. reporting from the newsroom, i'm bob redell. >> thanks so much. it's 5:08. a second nevada psychiatric hospital is under investigation this morning for allegedly mistreating patients. the reno gazette journal reports that denny townsend inpatient facility in sparks is being investigated for several deficiencies. the newspaper says the facility was cited for inappropriate patient transform. this is coming as california considers a lawsuit against a las vegas facility accused of dumping hundreds of patients in the state including san francisco and san jose. new night hours start today for san francisco neighborhood courts. get ready for night court. tonight's court will be at the eucharist church on main street from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. district attorney george gascon launched the initiative two years ago trying to get quick solutions to certain low-level non-violent crimes. neighborhood courts usually deal
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with these cases like vannedism, disorderly conduct or minor theft. >> wasn't there a tv show "night court?" >> absolutely. >> been a long time. it's 5:09. let's take a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. good morning to you. i didn't realize i was coming up so quick, i have to be honest. i'm checking the fire conditions out there. what you'll notice out there is we have breezy conditions here in the bay area, but not the kind of breezes that generate that fire danger. we're talking about onshore flow. lots of moisture moving on. as we head throughout the next couple days, temperatures will be nice and comfortable around here. let's talk about what we're expecting for this very day so close to the weekend. 81 in napa. how does 78 in san jose spark your interest? 73 in fremont and 63 degrees in san francisco. let's get a look at your drive with mike. >> an easy one right now heading toward the bay bridge a week from now, you won't be able to
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use that bay bridge. remember that closing at 8:00 p.m. next wednesday. we're looking toward the toll plaza and another live look. we had construction closing one of your lanes eastbound at 580 coming off the maze. those crews moved. i watched it on the camera. now we have a smooth drive in both directions, in all directions through the maze, appropriately named, don't you think? looking toward the map we see a smooth flow of traffic toward the toll plaza. toward the bottom of your screen, we have slowing on 880 toward 980. it looks like they cleared the lanes in the earlier closure, caused a ripple effect just a bit, just below 60 miles per hour. they'll recover quickly. west 580 there was a construction zone as you head over toward the dublin interchange with more slowing as well. it looks like that has cleared. as you're coming off isabel, over to the right of the screen is where the automated system has mapped it. i hear there's a crash that soefr on the shoulder as you're approaching hopyard. it may cause distraction as well. no slowing though. >> thank you, mike. no secrets brian wilson
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formerly with the giants, he's left san francisco and moved to the l.a. dodgers, the rivals. >> listen to this. now his famous beard could be leaving this earth. radaronline reports a razor blade company is reportedly in negotiations to pay wilson $1 million to shave off his beard. >> take the money. >> the deal includes making wilson a brand ambassador for the company. that $1 million would match what the dodgers are paying wilson this season. >> got to do it, kid. >> he'd be silly not to. >> you had an encounter with the beard. >> i did, on union street. >> it was the beard that gave it away. it doesn't look very soft. still ahead, san diego's embattled mayor settling a major harassment suit. we all know it's expensive to drive in california, but it's not the most expensive state to own and operate a car. we'll go over that newly released list.
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welcome back everybody. it's 5:14 right now. we can tell you the mayor in san diego is poised to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit. at least 17 women have come forward to say 70-year-old bob filner behaved inappropriately toward them. san diego attorney says a proposed settlement has been reached and will be presented to the council in a closed session tomorrow. that doesn't stop calls from the democratic national committee for filner to step down. for the first time in five years yahoo! can claim victory over google. we turn things over to courtney reagan at cnbc world headquarters.
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>> good morning, marla. google gets knocked off its perch for the first time in more than five years, yahoo! topped the rival in internet traffic. it's the most visited site in july with more than 196 million hits. google lagged slightly behind with 192 million hits. google has been number one since april of 2008. the boost comes shortly after yahoo! bought tumblr in may. futures are higher after stocks fell wednesday as minutes from the last fed meeting show the central bank is ready to pull back on stimulus measures this year but won't say when that will happen. we get data this morning on new filings for unemployment claims. the dow dropped 105 points closing below 15,000 to 14,897. that is a two-month low. the dow headed for a sixth day losing streak since may of last year. the nasdaq fell 13 points to 3,599, under the a.t. level of
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3,600. >> what goes down must come up. 5:15 right now. christina loren is back. looks like we have a good one outside to get out and enjoy. >> a really good one. what goes up must come down, negative 9.8 meeters squared. that, my friends, is the speed of gravity. 61 degrees in san jose. we've got a good looking day shaping up. the humidity is decreasing. the fire threat has decreased substantially. we're still getting dry lightning strikes, but not in the immediate area. look at the wind speeds coming out of the west. that's good news. that means the onshore flow will carry that cool ocean air all the way inland. area of low pressure will fizzle out. it's sitting and spinning to our north as we head throughout the day today. the thunder is going to be well north of the bay area. we're already tracking that for you this morning. let me step out of the way. you can see the lightning strikes. i set this back for the past six
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hours. even in the yosemite area they're starting to see a drier pattern. winds will calm down which is good news for the firefighting effort that we have out there. christie smith will be live all morning giving us up dates not posing any good news for the state of california. it's been a brutal fire season. we've been lucky here in the bay area. that luck continues with onshore flow today. 87 in livermore, 63 in san francisco, 78 headed to san jose as we head throughout this afternoon. you want your weekend forecast and here it is. 89 on saturday, 86 inland on sunday, staying nice and level. some kids are still going to start school monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. mike, we've already noticed the volume increasing day by day. >> it's going to continue. more schools starting up today. we'll talk about that. more changes to the commute continuing. right here west 580 coming off the 205, we already see those changes as well. speeds starting to dip down as you're traveling westbound along
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the 580 corridor from grant line road. we have a slower drive heading into livermore. there's road work going on today. watch it from the county line heading toward 580 and possibly through brentwood out of livermore as well. fixing something on the center divide. updating our live pictures off the caltrans cameras westbound. you zee the slowing on our sensors and see the reason the volume increases a bit as you head toward livermore. the earlier crash we reported over isabel looks like it has completely cleared. that's good stuff heading toward the dublin interchange. overall no real issues aside of the slowdown out of the altamont pass. livermore, pleasanton, dublin looking good. a wider shot for the castro valley y, 880 toward the san mateo bridge. we have southbound, 101 has activity, closed two lanes around the sierra point parkway
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on-ramp. you see slowing in the area toward candlestick because your two right lanes are blocked right now. removing a postal truck which may or may not have been involved in a postal truck. it is on the shoulder being pulled from the bushes. meanwhile a look at the south bay, north 101, a nice drive from san jose. that volume very manageable. so no slowing throughout the south bay. back to you. mike, you know this probably better than everyone, it might be crowded on the roads as thousands head back to school. we're saying this every day now this is back to skool season. classes getting under way for students in the gilroy unified school district,p hayward unifd school district, menlo park city school district, havens wood city school district and east palo alto. the entire eighth grade class at cesar chavez academy will get free laptops today thanks to
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facebook. the company is launching the program aimed at getting kids better prepared for high school, college and beyond. 8th graders at belmont will get laptops as well. uc davis among five institutions receiving a piece of a rare meteorite that exploded last year. the field museum says the meteor dates back to the early formation of the solar system some four or five billion years ago. feels like it was just yesterday. they say it was probably the size of a minivan when it actually entered the earth's atmosphere in april of last year. the smithsonian cut the meteorite in five different sections which will go to universities and museums. it's no surprise the cost of owning and operating a car varies from state to state. the most expensive state, it might surprise you. a new survey by says driving in georgia will take the biggest bite out of your wallet; costing drivers
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about 4,000 a year to operate a car. california, well werks come in second, contributing factors are things like gas, insurance, repairs, taxes and fees. the cheapest is oregon at an average of $2200 a year, about $1,000 below the national average. >> stories like that why i go schwinn. >> coming up, you want to eat garlic? >> always. >> now how about the aftereffects? the drink that could get rid of that dreaded garlic breath.
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right now good news for gilroy and any of you creative chefs out there like yourself and fans of the stinking rose. >> two young germans say they've
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developed a soft drink that neutralizing garlic breath within an hour after the meal. >> sometimes you need it faster than that. >> two college students got the idea because they love spicy garlicy food. the drink is called pappa turk. they say it helps neutralize bad breath between 30 and 60 minutes after eating. customers seem to agree. papa turk is selling well in germany. >> i like the name. >> keep those vampires away. >> good idea. >> some people living in a small delaware town got a surprise gift that literally fell from a sky, all thanks to one man's last wish. >> yes indeed. a helicopter dropping $10,000 in fives, tens, twenties, fifties all over the sky. this is above a marina. the shower of money coming courtesy of this man right here, a very generous man, leonard mall who died a year earlier.
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he owned a bait and tackle shot. in his will he said he wanted the chopper to drop that money on a sunny summer saturday. no one seemed to get cell phone video, perhaps too busy trying to snatch up the cash. one man tells us he got about $450. what an interesting way to say farewell to the world. >> so generous. >> a whole new meaning to making it rain. it would be awesome if it was raining in the bay area. >> we need trees that grow money. >> can you make that happen. >> i wish. can i make it rain men? hallelujah. a good looking day. 59 degrees in livermore to start, 69 in oakland and 63 degrees in sunnyvale. take you through your hour-by-hour changes for today because, hey, bay area, it's going to be beautiful out there. 71 in fremont, 75 at noon in livermore. that means you can get outdoors without sweating, without being too hot, and even in the heat of
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the day temperatures aren't going to be that bad. 84 for concord, for example. 81 in wine country. a lot of people flocking to wine country and 78 right here in san jose. i'm going have your weekend forecast coming up. i want to check on your drive. you got to work for the weekend before you can enjoy it. mike is here to get you there on time. >> the drive across the san mateo bridge is looking really clear as we take a look at the foster city approach coming off the high-rise. westbound 92 moving smoothly. you got company, not a big deechl as we look at the maps, we see the approach and the westbound direction was showing speeds just below the limit on the bridge a while back. that has smooth out, eased up. we have slowing below the limit for west 92 between 101 and 280. southbound 101 we still see a little slowing through our sensors and the chp still trying to pull that postal truck, big rig which was off the roadway in
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addition to a crash that happened after cars were reported going 100 miles per hour. i don't think it was the postal big rig because they call it snail mail. they don't say high-speed mail. a lot of injuries reported. possibly two lanes blocked. an easy drive southbound as we're looking toward lincoln avenue. back to you. >> someone was feeling the need for speed today. 5:27 right now. still to come on "today in the bay," breaking her silence, kidnapping survivor hannah anderson speaking out about her ordeal. we'll have a preview of her exclusive conversation with nbc coming up next. plus we'll get the latest on the fire burning out of control near yosemite including the strike force from the bay area heading out to help.
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my mom raised me to be strong. >> just weeks after a disappearance sparks the amber alert across six different states, hannah anderson speaking out in an nbc exclusive.
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we'll let you know why she does not now see herself as a victim. >> reporter: more firefighters from the bay area head out to fight the rim fire near yosemite as it continues to burn out of control. i'll have an update coming up. >> meanwhile the fire threat in the bay area has decreased overnight. we'll see a fantastic weekend. all the thunder moving to the north. i'll have your full craft in moments. while i follow the big rig clearing, highway 101 with a new report of a traffic hazard from the eastshore freeway. we'll talk about what chp has found. >> here is what we're finding in san francisco as we take you live outside. you can see the haze off in the distance, cannot make out the golden gate bridge. it's way too early for that yet on this thursday, august 22nd, this is "today in the bay."
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good thursday morning. just about 5:31. thanks for joining06 us, i'm jo kelley. >> i'm marla tellez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> southern california teenager hannah anderson is opening up this morning about her kidnapping experience that led to an amber alert across six states. she's speaking exclusively to nbc about those long seven days. "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live from the newsroom with more. >> good morning, marla. hannah anderson who was abducted by a family friend after he killed her mother and 8-year-old brother spoke exclusively this morning with the "today" show asking people to not take pity on her. >> in the beginning i was a victim. but now knowing everyone out there is helping me, i consider myself a survivor instead. my mom raised me to be strong. >> earlier this month james dimaggio kidnapped anderson
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prompting an amber alert. they were spotted in idaho by people on horseback. agents shot and killed dimaggio and rescued anderson. she then received the awful news that her mother and brother were found dead inside dimaggio's burned out home. this morning she addressed online critics who questioned her behavior. specifically letters and texted she exchanged with dimaggio. she says the texts were her coordinating pickup from cheerleading camp. the letters were from a year earlier asking her how to deal with her mother who she was not getting along with at the time. you can watch the full interview on the "today" show this morning at 7:00. happening right now, entire hillside near yosemite national park covered in flames from that out-of-control rim fire. crews have only been able to contain about 5% of this one.
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"today in the bay's" christie smith is live in redwood city where some bay area firefighters have arrived on scene to help battle this stubborn wildfire. >> reporter: good morning, jon. the rim fire continues to literally be an uphill battle at his jump containment lines and continues to grow in nearly every direction. almost 1,000 firefighters involved trying to fight the rim fire, many from the bay area. a team left from alameda county and also according to a tweet sent out from redwood city by members of the san mateo county office of emergency services fire department helping out and also to the board of supervisors asking the governor to declare a state of emergency to help them out. the fire has burned more than 16,000 acres and is threatening 2,500 structures just yesterday the evacuation area was widened. sheriff's deputies going door to door in pine mountain lake.
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this is an advisory, it's voluntary. many people are just not waiting. >> i'm getting the last of the load to get out of here. she's got her pictures and important stuff. >> reporter: the fire jumped a containment line near the firefighter's base camp. crews are working in exclusive hot conditions. some residents are at evac centers. they're keeping an eye on fire conditions at local burger and pizza parlors trying to get whatever information they can. nine structures destroyed. yosemite national park but highway 120 is closed near the groveland ranger station. as you said, this fire just 5% contained. reporting live in redwood city, christie smith, today in the bay. >> that rim fire just one of several wildfires raging across the west. now we're learning the nation's top agency that deals with all these situations is actually running out of money to fight them. the u.s. forest service has
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spent $967 million. just $50 million remaining which is just enough to pay for a few days of fires. the u.s. forest service is diverting $600 million from timber and other recreation to help fill in the gap. firefighters battling a house fire in hayward make an unexpected discovery. the surprise, hundreds of marijuana plants. crews were called to reports of a garage fire on lori way just after 10:30 last night. when they went into the home, fire officials say they found what appears to be a major marijuana grow operation. they say they found the plants, some four to five feet tall in several areas of the home including three bedrooms and the garage. >> multiple plants in each room of this three-bedroom house. i would guesstimate that there's probably over 200 plants. >> that's amazing. i never knew anything like that was going on here in the neighborhood. >> no one was home at the time
5:36 am
of the fire. the exact cause is under investigation, but officials say it appears to have started outside near an electrical meter. >> it's 5:35 right now. after months of negotiations, it looks like santa clara county 911 dispatchers are now on the verge of a strike. 911 dispatchers along with other county workers holding a news conference today. that will take place at noon on west heading street in san jose. they're addressing the public about staffing shortages which they say is, quote, endangering public safety and putting the county at financial risk when it comes to health care reform, end quote. this month alone more than 2,000 hours of overtime has been spread out among only 56 dispatchers. that means each of those dispatchers is working five weeks during a single month. last time around the city imposed a contract including a pay cut and higher employee costs for benefits. so we have admired the new bay bridge from afar for years now. but are we actually ready to
5:37 am
drive it? the new span is scheduled to open in less than two weeks. caltrans says it will be a completely different driving experience than the old bridge. to avoid confusion for drivers, the agency just released an animation -- this animation right here of what the trip across the newbridge will look like. some drivers say they will be taking it slow while others say they plan to avoid the span all together for the first few days. >> initially i'll be very cautious. >> just because it might be little scary, you know, people might not be familiar with it. you never know what could happen. it might be really hectic. i think i might b.a.r.t. my first few days in. >> caltrans is warning drivers not to pull over on the new shoulders of the bridge to take photos. those shoulders are for emergencies only. you can see the full test drive on our website, ha is wise advice. we have a reminder for you. before the newbridge opens, the current one will be shut down for five full days.
5:38 am
that bridge will be closing at 8:00 p.m. on wednesday evening and then stay closed through the labor day weekend. we can also tell you the new span will open by 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, september 3rd. meteorologist christina loren, it's thursday. the weekend is within sight for real now. >> you can taste it at this point. i want to start with this live picture of the golden gate bridge. for now it's looking mostly clear-we have plenty of low clouds above the bridge. they will start to drop off as we head through the morning hours. twint talk about your forecast for today, what we're expecting. especially in san jose, a beautiful day. 61 in san jose. 59 in livermore. you just drop to 51 degrees in gilroy. typically the coolest point of the day is right around sunrise. for most of the bay area, that's around 6:30 for this time of year. we're getting closer and closer to the coolest point. as we head throughout the day today, that fog will play a factor, especially at the
5:39 am
immediate coast. still plenty of low cloud cover at the marin county, san mateo county coastline. we'll see more and more onshore flow. i stop the clock at 4:00 p.m., low clouds rolling in along the peninsula. that means temperatures will be comfort. 79 in santa teresa, 79 in los gatos. lots of kids heading back to school today. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> cal doesn't start till next week. right now the eastshore freeway just taking plenty of folks to work and down toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the bay bridge closes next week at this time. you will not be able to use it. right now i was watching for a disabled vehicle at powell. it sounds like all the activity isolated to the on-ramp. we see to volume moving smoothly along university avenue. the map shows a similar situation as you're coming through the area. no slowing registers toward berkeley or emeryville. the metering lights may turn on earlier than the summer, more
5:40 am
volume of traffic coming through the area. a drive into san francisco, a reminder get together the golden gate bridge will be the problem that was the focus of all the traffic last time the bridge was closed. right now an easy drive. giants play tonight, not a concern. the concern is southbound 101 towards brisbane. there's a disabled postal big rig that they're removing from lanes. the two right lanes are blocked. >> the time is 5:40. president obama getting ready to talk about college education, but his critics are saying he should address international affairs. plus check that i.d. badge. the new trick thieves are pulling off to swipe your belong innings.
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good morning, jon. nice to see you again. a lot of criticism for the president and this bus tour today and tomorrow as we take a look. people are very worried about what is happening over in egypt and syria. talking about syria, first here the criticism comes among the growing concerns. last year the president saying the use of chemical weapons crosses the red line and would be met with consequences. the death toll in syria unclear right now. hundreds and maybe more than 1,000 killed. the opposition blaming president bashar al assad's regime who denies it. former president hosni mubarak is scheduled to be released from jail on corruption charges. there are more questions this morning, jon, of whether to cut
5:44 am
$1.5 billion in aid that the u.s. gives egypt every year. back to you. melissa, thank you very much for that update. 5:34. jury deliberations are expected to get under way in the trial of army major nadal hasan. he rested his case yesterday without calling a single witness. he later told the judge the attack was provoked because, quote, these were deploying soldiers who were going to engage in an illegal war, unquote. hasan is accused of killing 13 people and injuring more than 30 others in november of 2009. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. former nfl star, now accused murderer, aaron hernandez is expected to be in court again today for a probable cause hearing. hernandez remains behind bars without bail charged with the shooting and killing semi pro
5:45 am
football player 27-year-old oden lloyd. we're hearing tense moments from a 911 call at a georgia school where a gunman opened fire earlier this week. >> i'm in front office. ooh, he just went outside and started shooting. ooh, can i run? >> can you get somewhere safe? >> yeah, i got to go. no he's going to see me running and he's coming back. >> that is the voice of antoinette tuff, a school clerk who came face-to-face with the shooter, 20-year-old michael brandon hill. within minutes hill tells tuff he should have gone to the mental hospital instead of doing what he was doing, shooting up the school. then he asked tuff to get on the intercom and tell the kids he's sorry. tuff talks to the gunman trying to keep him calm, cool and collected. >> it's going to be all right, sweetheart. i just want you to know i love you, though, okay? and i'm proud of you.
5:46 am
that's a good thing that you've given up. don't worry about it. we all go through something in life. >> tuff stayed on the 911 call for almost 30 minutes doing a phenomenal job, convincing hill to lay his weapon down and surrender to police. thankfully nobody was hurt during this wild situation. oakland police right now calling it an old crime with a new twist. this morning the department warning ever bod many the bay area to be on the lookout for fake utility workers. richard cameron said a man dressed as a pg&e worker came to their home on tuesday afternoon. this is an upscale crocker highlands neighborhood. the man said he was there to check the easement in their back yard for a neighborhood project. the owner says he was nice and professional. but while he was in the back yard with them, another man was inside the house stealing $5,000 to $10,000 worth of jewelry and cash. the victims say they didn't realize they had been robbed
5:47 am
until the men were already gone. >> we've lived here 45 years and always felt very secure. but now i don't know how long it will take if we ever get that back. >> one of those suspects was said to be wearing a hard hat and gloves while the other one was wearing a tan fisherman's style hat. police reminding everybody don't let strangers into your home without the proper identification. always so important to remember. people out there preying on others. >> savvy criminals. meteorologist christina loren, it's going to be a nice day, comfortable temperatures around the bay area. >> yeah. it is going to be very nice around here. good morning marla and jon. we deserve it. we had to get through the lightning on monday. we had pretty humid conditions as well for most of the week. today that dry california pattern returns. we're talking about 59 degrees to kickoff the day in livermore. 61 in san jose. 51 degrees in gilroy. meanwhile 58 degrees in santa cruz. here is what we're working with
5:48 am
for today. you can see most of that monsoonal moisture, most of the lightning and thunder now moving out of the area moving to the north. for us it's going to be quite a bit more mild today. we'll see more of an onshore flow, getting fog at the immediate coast. that's going to press in as we head throughout the day today. also this is the first morning we're waking up without red flag warnings in the bay area. all of those are to our north. you can see the area shaded in the red, boise through oregon, high fire dublin interchanger in the pacific northwest. it's going to be a tough day for firefighters at yosemite with the winds gusting at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. we can take a close look at what those firefighters are up against later today. that's coming up in the next hour. for us here today, breezy conditions. that jet stream is going to stay to our north. for us that means we're going to get more of the typical pattern that we typically see mid to late august. breezy conditions, onshore flow. you know what that means, plenty of fog to start the day. a nice sunny finish headed our
5:49 am
way. 73 in fremont and 78 degrees in san jose today. looking forward to that weekend we hope. temperatures are going to cooperate. look at these numbers, mike. the 80s. we know you like the 80s. 86 sunday, 86 monday, tuesday leveling auchlt still more kids, scattered school starting this week and next week as well. >> talking about schools and the 80s, i'm remembering my paisley shirt. northbound 101. that was in the past. in the present, north 101 showing the volume building. i did see slowing a couple minutes ago. the map we'll show you for the south bay the traffic is flowing nicely traveling through that same area north 101 north of 680. 280 and 87 showed good heavy volume yesterday. the entire northbound routes and the south bay didn't have any green at the peak of the commute. should see lighter volume later today. right now we're watching the
5:50 am
shift happens and san jose state is back in session as well. that volume building already for the south bay. now, as we look over here toward the tri-valley, we have slowing for west 580, the build toward the dublin interchange and within 84. we see the slowing as well. nothing unexpected. a little heavier volume out of this area. we'll see the pattern continue over the school seasons here into the fall. san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge clear now.)x take note of these paths, folks, starting next week these will be two options to avoid the bay bridge crossing 92 or via 84. this is oakland, a nice easy drive traveling north through the area. a reminder for the b.a.r.t. system coming over the peninsula, a ten to 15-minute delay. another live look outside, we'll end with this, the bay bridge toll plaza, light backup for the cash lanes. 5:50. u.s. secretary of treasury jacob
5:51 am
lu will be in mountain view to talk about the state of the u.s. economy. he's expected to address how the obama administration plans to accelerate growth, create more jobs and strengthen the middle class. he'll speak at 1:00 at the computer history museum onshore line boulevard. an iconic painting is coming back to san francisco. the newly restored pide piper of hamlin will be unveiled in the original location, behind the piper bar at the palace hotel. the painting originally hung in the hotel for more than a century since it was commissioned way back in 1909. this past april it was taken down and sent to new york to be auctioned off. that ultimately didn't happen. instead the painting spent the last four months undergoing a complete restoration to remove thor than 100 years of dirt and grime from its surface. >> i'm sure they didn't use an
5:52 am
s.o.s. pad. >> and the installation starts at 6:30. it's a big deal. >> beautiful. love it. it's 5:52. coming up, beard for sale? why former giants closer brian wilson might be willing to part ways with his famous facial hair. look at 'em.
5:53 am
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just as i have a dream my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream today. >> always a pleasure and always inspiring to listen to that one. a monumental and powerful anniversary marking a critical moment in the civil rights movement. it's been nearly 50 years since martin luther king junior's march on washington, d.c. in that famous "i have a dream"
5:55 am
speech. three days before dr. king made that historic speech he appeared on nbc's "meet the press." >> well, i think that we must face the fact that in reality you cannot have economic and political equality without having some form of social equality. >> this weekend nbc bay area will be re-airing that entire interview unedited so you can see the whole thing. watch as our "meet the press" special edition "remembering the dream" takes place sunday morning starting at 7:30. you'll find pretty amazing content on our very own website, including historic video and photos from that march as well as events commemorating the 50th anniversary on our website. that is meteorologist christina loren, it's yourñ@g÷ turn to ta about the forecast. no complaints really.
5:56 am
>> get to be the bearer of good news, marla and jon. temperatures are nice and comfortable out there. you'll notice when you walk out the front door, upper 50s to low 60s. we lost a lot of that humidity. 75 in livermore at noon. 65 in oakland as you break for lunch. you'll hit about 63 degrees in san francisco at noon. it's going to be a really comfortable day today in santa cruz. if you want to hit the beach, maybe the kids haven't headed back to school just yet, santa cruz is the place to go. >> we're looking towards san mateo bridge, quickly moving here across the peninsula side where the maps will take over. no problems on the span itself. we have this earlier crash southbound 101 towards' era point parkway. they had to move a disabled postal truck out of the area. from sfo to the east bay we have delays for b.a.r.t., recovering though guys. back to you. no secret brian wilson left the san francisco giants and moved on to the rival dodgers.
5:57 am
>> now his famous beard could be gone for good. radaronline reports a razor blade company is in negotiations to pay wilson $1 million to shave the beard. the deal includes making him a brand ambassador for the company. that $1 million would match what the dodgers are paying him this season. >> i would shave my head for $1 million. >> probably wouldn't recognize wilson without the beard. still ahead, back to school going high tech. we'll talk about the school district where students are getting free laptops. we'll get the latest on the fire burning out of control in yosemite including the strak force from the bay area heading out to help.
5:58 am
5:59 am
out-of-control wildfire near yosemite. we'll tell you about new
6:00 am
evacuation orders in place and which bay area counties are offering help. a burning garage with a secret stash inside. see what firefighters found hidden in hayward overnight. in the beginning i was a victim. but now i consider myself a survivor. >> an amber alert survivor shares her story exclusively with nbc. we'll tell you what hannah anderson is revealing about the week she was held against her will. >> we're kicking off your thursday with flight delays out of sfo due to thick low clouds. it's the low clouds that will keep us cool. losing the humidity. a beautiful day ahead. with that change to the commute at schools and colleges coming back in session, we have the backup at the toll plaza. the metering lights are on. right now, mike, we'll show you a live look spanning over the south bay. that is san jose before the sun comes up. christina says no humidity, great tours. getting close to the weekend. all around a beautiful thing on


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