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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 21, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a normally quiet neighborhood in the south bay startled by the sound of gunfire. bob redell is talking to police. he'll have a live update, next. fire crews from the bay area called in to help as a while fire continues to rage near yosemite. thousands told to pack up and leave, including some bay area students. plus, new video just in. dozen of protesters pulled from san francisco's city hall early this morning. speaking of san francisco, here's one of its famous bridges. a live look outside at the bay bridge on this wednesday, august 21st. this is "today in the bay." good morning. is it 4:30.
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i'm marla tellez. jon kelley is off today. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. highway 4 is back open after a car fire spread to nearby brush. crews shut down all eastbound lanes last night. fire quickly contained, the lanes were reopened early this morning. firefighters are struggling to contain a wildfire burning near yosemite. the rim fire has scorched more than 11,000 acres, threatening homes and camps in this area. highway 120, one of the imagine roads leading into yosemite, is still shut down today. the chronicle reporting 200 senior citizens had to be evacuated from the camp. the camp has been evacuated. people are saying they didn't have much time to get out. >> a point when it started moving quickly, so it caught us sort of by surprise that cal fire came up and said, you've got to go. >> a group of students and staff
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from the high school in berkeley was staying at that camp. they are safely back in the bay area. rim fire one of ten major wildfires in california this morning. you can see from the map the fires are all over the state, stretching fire resources very thin throughout california. >> with that, we lead you into the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. how is -- how are the conditions for all of the firefighters. >> we have quite a bit of thunderstorm activity in the sierra nevada. yosemite area, we are already seeing lightning strikes. i zoom in for you, the tahoe area getting worst of it this morning. that's where the center of low pressure is. that cut-off low moved inland. we are going to see a stable atmosphere in the bay area. we have flash flood watches in place for tahoe. if you're headed that way, could be trefrp rusacherous now but a
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later on. temperatures are going to be mild. an on shore flow. that natural coolant is in the bay area. watch out for patchy fog on your way out the front door. a drive with mike inouye. >> good morning. other than patchy fog, you're okay aside from patchy road work as well. looking over here -- patching road work. 88 in the coliseum, easy light drive, northbound. taillights past high street. the map shows you that this will receive slowing approaching that area coming out of downtown. in fact the northbound sideshows slowing as well. crews between the coliseum and 980. some of the crews may be moving and that's what may be causing the issue with the sensors. no crashes reported through the area. we'll continue to follow that. also west 580 with slowing toward the dublin road work near 680. breaking news we're following this morning. police investigating a shooting outside a senior apartment
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complex. it hammed in the almaden area near starwood place. bob redell just arrived on the scene. police have a suspect in custody? >> reporter: they do. what's interesting -- good morning -- the suspect might not be charged with a crime san jose police telling us a security guard trying to prevent a crime. around 1:30 the security guard confronted four people trying to break into cars here in the parking lot of the apartment homes. police won't say whether or not he works for the complex. but during the confrontation, he fired at the four burglars. you could see the glass in the middle of the parking lot. that's glass shattered from their vehicle as he fired the shot. those four took off in their car. police did find one of the suspects in that car two miles away. that suspect hit multiple times with the gunshots. that person's in the hospital,
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in stable condition. that person is under arrest for trying to break into the cars, the three other people that this person was with are still out and about. police say there's not an active search because they don't have much information to go on to try to fine them. they recovered a car, one suspect who was shot but the three accomplices are still out and. as far as the security guard, the guard is talking to police downtown, is cooperative. police have not been able to determine yet, at least are not telling us, whether or not he was licensed to carry a gun, and are still trying to determine whether or not he committed a crime by shooting at the suspects. but as i said, he is being cooperative and as far as the cars here in this parking lot, it does not appear they succeeded in breaking into any of the cars. it was a matter of attempting to. sj pd still on the scene. the person trying to break into the cars allegedly, in the hospital, stable condition, not life threatening wounds.
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and the security guard who shot at this person is cooperating with police in custody downtown. reporting live here in south san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." breaking news now at 4:36. happening in syria this morning where rebels are claiming the syrian government has used chemical weapons in its latest attack near the capital of damascus. video you are about to see, we warn you, may be hard to watch. a rebel spokesman telling nbc news government forces fired several rockets with poisonous gas heads hitting at least ten towns and villages. the spokesman claims more than 1200 people are dead, many of whom reportedly women and children. the syrian government is denying the claim, calling them baseless. nbc is working to confirm all of these reports. a 20-member u.n. chemical weapons team is in syria to investigate previous claims of chemical attacks. 4:36. new this morning, tense moments
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in san francisco's city hall overnight as police moved in to clear out dozens of student protesters. 150 students from city college in san francisco staged a sit-in, the mayor do something to save the college from being forced to close its doors next year. >> the mayor won't be willing to meet the students. so collectively we decided we would wait, hoping that mayor lee would listen to us and meet our demands. instead of doing that, he called the police to arrest us. >> several protesters were arrested for disturbing a public meeting and trespassing. last month the college was ruled it would be stripped of accreditation unless changes were made to governance structure it finances. the protest came one day after a request for a review of the agency's decision. no one was hurt. 4:37. a bill developed after the
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deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge will be the focus in sacramento. the safety bill will appear before the assembly appropriations committee, require safety inspections for all limos regardless of the number of passengers they carry. right now only limos reported to hold ten passengers or more undergo safety inspections. the limo that burst into flames on may 4th was only licensed to carry a maximum of eight people. five women died in that fire. earlier this week, it was determined the fire started after the limo's rear suspension system failed, and no criminal charges will be filed. 4:38. vector control crews will be fighting the deadly west nile virus. they will be focusing on the area between dixon landing road, interstate 680, calaveras boulevard and the gaudeloupe
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river. south bay roadways will be extra crowded as more students return to school. the big issue around san jose state, after two days of orientation classes begin there. three san antonio school districts also return today. everygreen, orchard, and union. the school year begins at livermore valley joint unified. >> 'tis the season for early morning school bells. lots of kids up early. how should they dress today? >> two very different parts of the day. good morning. a live look at your temperatures out there. 62 in sunnyvale. 59 to kick off a wednesday. want to get you over the hump for today. in sunnyvale, 62. 59 in san jose. i want to take it to the radar, we have active weather around the state. if you're headed toward the tahoe area, even into sacramento, want to travel cautiously and stay opportunities to the changing weather. we could see rapidly changing
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weather throughout the afternoon with all of that lightning that center of low pressure moving over the spine of the sierra nevada. this is what we're looking at, because of the area of low pressure a sustained wind speed in fairfield at 26 miles per hour. it's blustery out there. depends where you're waking up. as we head throughout the afternoon, highs look look this, 64 in san francisco. 90 in livermore. we have that red flag warning in place until 5:00 p.m. for the higher elevations of the north bay. we could see isolated thunderstorms. we'll talk about when the humidity gets out of here and your seven day outlook. first, the drive with mike inouye. >> toward the san mateo bridge westbound, that's your commute direction later on. rite now both directions equal opportunity for the commute. not a problem on 92. the sign warns folks closure of the bay bridge starting on the 28th 8:00 p.m., that will be an issue crossing the bay.
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looking to the maps, the hayward side, smooth drive. here out of the castro valley y. not a problem for south 880. construction clearing up as far as west 580 at dublin interchange. dublin grade has work going on. there's a little slowing left over when the crews clear. a note for folks in brentwood. highway 4 bypass a defective signal. traveling out of brentwood toward antioch might be an issue. look at that, antioch does not have slowing westbound. the only minute you'll see that in the morning. it will kick in 30 seconds from now. weather permitting, the louis cigaretvuitton finals res. new zealand slated to take part in two races. the best of 13 series, leading 2-1. weather plays a big factor. in each race, one of the competitors had to drop out because of equipment problems. the races air here on nbc
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bay area. which does mean a scheduling change. days of our lives at noon, america's cup at 3 and ellen at 4 and the news at 5:00. battling bullying. what a state auditor is suggesting students are safe from bullies. new word from senator john mccain as violence in egypt continue. what he's asking the president to do. the latest developments in cairo, next. a few hours from now, the man who leaked thousands of documents to the site wikileaks will learn his fate. what we expect a judge to say. >.
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4:45. egyptian authorities captured two more key islamist leaders an i an top ally captured as he tried to escape to libya yesterday. the egyptian military has been cracking down on the numb brotherhood, the party of former president morsi. republican senator mccain called on president obama to take a stronger stance against egypt, which still receives federal aid from the u.s.
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>> the united states has influence, but if the united states doesn't use that influence, then it has no influence. so far the united states has sent a very, very mixed message to the people who have caused mayhem in the streets of cairo and egypt. >> mccain has called on the u.s. to cut off the more than $1 billion in annual military aid it sends to egypt. we are learning the obama administration is close to making a decision on this federal aid. yesterday, the president met with his national security council, secretary of state john kerry and and other members of the cabinet to talk about the issue. as of now, funding to egypt is still intact, and no cuts have been made. the man at center of the largest leak of classified documents in history will learn his fate. a military judge is expected to sentence private bradley manning at 7:00 this morning. manning faces up to 90 years in
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prison for leaking more than 700,000 secret documents to wikileaks, while working as an intelligence analyst in iraq. the prosecution is asking for a sentence of at least 60 years, while the defense wants manning to spend no more than 25 years behind bars. no matter how the judge rules, bay area supporters of manning, who is gay, say they will gather tonight at justin herman plaza in san francisco. demonstration start as the 5:00. it's one of several taking place across the country. supporters are expected to gather in front of the white house to call on president obama to pardon the army private. 4:47. just in time for christmas, maybe just the first day of school, sony's letting us know when the next generation play station will hit store shelves. plus, major milestone for twitter's vine. courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters with details and a look how futures are trading. good morning. >> good morning. futures are a bit lower after
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stocks closed down in mixed session tuesday. the dow faded in the final minutes ending with its first five-day losing streak since december. a report on existing home sales this morning and the minutes from the fed meeting. that could provide clues when the fed may taper, or cut back, on its bond-buying program which is part of the stimulus to keep the interest so low. and like you said, sony will launch the new play station 4 november 15th. it costs $399. $100 less than xbox one. also planning to launch it in november but hasn't set a date. sony has 1 million preorders into vine now has more than 40 million registered users, just seven months after its launch.
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it comes with a small caveat. people who sign up and use it once are counted as a registered user. vine lets you shoot and loop together six-second video clips. make it worth it, that's it, six seconds. >> make it count. >> ones i've seen, they do. 4:59. if you -- 4:49. if you head outside you may be able to see it, a blue moon. we shot this here in the bay area overnight. depending on where you are, could be a little cloudy. normally the blue moon it isn't blue, but over seattle certainly looked like it. the blue moon happens when there's a second full moon in the same month. amazing. >> gorgeous. >> beautiful. next one won't happen once in a blue moon. it's going to happen in two years. >> i know that meteorologist christina loren knows all about the blue moon. >> i do. indeed, i do.
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i am happy you're back with us. good morning, marla and laura. we have a little bit of a difference this morning. it's a good one, if you're sick of humidity, and, hey, who isn't? we're six degrees cooler in livermore. san jose running four degrees cooler. five degrees cooler in concord. wherever you're waking up, really going to dictate how you want to dress. hot conditions in the east bay. temperatures are going to be really comfortable, even in san jose where we get enough of an onshore flow to keep the temps mild. 59 in san jose to start. 60 livermore. 57 in san mateo. the winds are certainly going to play a factor today. we have a sustained speed at 26 miles per hour in fairfield. west-northwest at 7 in livermore. san mateo, 6 mile per hour sustained speed for now. area of low pressure is leaving town. it's going to take all of the humidity with it. it's taking its time.
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the cut-off low, detached from the jet stream, nothing to transport it. finally the jet stream will dip to the south. that's not only going to clear out all of the monsoonal moisture, it's going to lead to a cooling trend. li look at difference between livermore and fremont, it's going to feel comfortable at 74 in fremont. rest of the week, temperatures are going to start to drop off. 87 for thursday. rounding out the weekend with average temperatures. looks like they're going to persist for a good part of next week as well. back to you. thanks so much. >> 4:51. what one state auditor is telling schools to do to battle bullying.
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welcome back. 4:54. a new report from the state auditor shows schools are taking a tougher stance on bullying, but it's not clear if it's working. the auditor studied three large school districts in sacramento, fresno, and los angeles, and surveyed almost 1400 others. the auditor found most have imposed policies to stop bullying, but administrators failed to communicate expectations to officials at individual schools. in the case of the three districts studied in depth, each working on a training program to better prepare teach to deal with bullying. no bullying around here. let's check the morning commute
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with mike. >> unless you do this, drivers, bully for you. >> friendly face. >> looking at the bottom deck. looking at the construction zone, over here out of san francisco toward the bay bridge approach to the treasure island area, we have road work, not unusual, not unexpected and no unusual slowing. other side of the bay looking good. easy drive up the incline. smooth flow for the lower deck. well lit for the roadway. south bay looking good as well. reminder, three more school districts coming up, orchard, evergreen, union school district, all come back online. should be all of the south bay schools, as well as livermore. watch school zones again. we're continuing to adjust over the next week. we told you this week that sharks will be sporting new threads. we know what they're going to look like. the home road sweaters haven't strayed from the previous ones
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but they are cleaner, ditched the orange added last time. also include lacing of the neck line a throwback to the old days of hockey. sharks call it the next wave. and they'll be on store shelves before the start of the season. gear up. warriors guard steph curry can't count on a record deal anytime soon. >> after appearing in a commercial critiquing the singing of rockets' guard james harden, curry stepped behind the mike himself. take a listen. ♪ harden i noticed you singing a song♪ i sing a better song ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, we're in no hurry to hear more from you hum, hum, ♪ ♪ because stephen curry can sing better than you than you, than you than you♪ >> not that bad. i can't sing a tune, i'm not going to harp on him. >> you can't -- can't they add something to make it --
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>> probably what they did. he's probably like, it's not that bad. 4:56. debate over red light cameras on the peninsula carry over into the morning. what officials decided coming up next. plus, san jose takes another look at its plan to clean the streets of graffiti. what one councilman is now suggesting. [ female announcer ] jump-start your day with mcdonald's dollar menu at breakfast. home of the irresistible sausage burrito. ♪ and freshly brewed premium roast coffee you love. plus other amazing tastes for just a dollar each. ♪ every day, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. ♪
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we are keeping an eye on breaking news out of syria this morning. reports government has used chemical weapons against rebels. updates continue to pour into our newsroom. we will have the latest details, next. i'm bob redell. live to almaden where a suspected car burglar is shot, sent to the hospital after a confrontation with the security guard. that story coming up. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are running cooler this morning. not quite as hume out there. we have a red flag warning upper
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parts of the bay area. finally when the normal bay area heat returns to the forecast. a live look shows you a light volume of traffic through palo alto. a new crash interest chp, that's also on the bay shore freeway. the latest for high way 101. the south bay. a live look outside. beautiful start to our wednesday morning, waiting for the sun's arrival. there's a blue moon on wednesday, august 21st. this is "today in the bay." very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm marla tellez. in for jon kelley. south bay, we are following breaking news in san jose. a would-be burglar shot by a security guard at an apartment complex in almaden. it happened near guadeloupe oak grove park on star wood place. bob redell just spoke to police.


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