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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 20, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and breaking news is going on in georgia, where there are reports of shots being fired at an elementary school this is in decatur, about seven miles east of atlanta. the chopper above the scene has been showing us images of children actually evacuating that school and police officers on the campus. police do have a suspect in custody. we are told no one has been hurt. again, reports of shots fired at an elementary school near atlanta and police do have a suspect in custody. good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. jon kelley and marla tellez have the day off. police in san jose are on the hunt for a gunman who shot three people at a restaurant, killing one of them.
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shots fired last night at 10:00 at the wong hung restaurant on alum rock avenue near capital avenue. nbc bay area's arturo santiago live at the scene with the latest. he joins us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. police investigators that had been here all night long since the shooting happened cleared the scene a short time ago. they finished gathering evidence but it's stale very gory scene inside. now, nearly a dozen bullet holes are clearly visible on the outside of the restaurant cafe. just inside the door, there's a pool of blood that has yet to be cleaned up. now you around 10:00 last night with more than a dozen people inside, someone fired shots into the restaurant. when police arrived, they found three victims, one of them, a man in his 30s, had life-threatening injuries and later died at the hospital early this morning. the two other victims were also taken to the hospital. at this point, investigators say the shooting appeared to be random. >> tell early in the investigation, they were just
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pay the trans inside the restaurant and somebody shot inside the business from outside. >> reporter: now, the restaurant normally opens at 4:00 in the afternoon. the owners have been here this morning. there's no word on if they will be open for business at all today. now, the identity of the victim is not yet being released. investigators not yet determined how many suspects they are looking for or a motive for the shooting. that's resulted in san jose's 31st homicide of the year. live in san jose, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. a pittsburg woman is in the hospital this morning after robbers broke into her children's room and then atta attacked her. it happened in a quiet neighborhood on bending willow way near bark side drive. the woman's husband tells our photographer on the scene two men broke into the home through a second story window where his two children were sleeping. when the robbers ran into the mother they beat her, then ran out through the front door. the father wasn't home at the time. >> we got to come together now
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to watch out for one another, 'cause we all work hard to get what we have. and who wants to lose to to someone that's just coming in and taking it? >> police are still looking for those robbers. a united airlines 747 plane bound for san francisco had to return to heathrow airport because of a loss of cabin pressure. united flight 900 landed safely at heathrow this morning and everybody on board is fine. we are told the repairs for the plane took longer than expect sod that flight has been canceled for the day. happening right now, a red flag warning is in affect as hot temperatures raising fire danger concerns across most of the bay area. live look outside sunol grade this morning. meteorologist christina loren has a look at that and the lightning we are seeing. good morning. >> good morning to you, laura. i don't know but, but that thunder certainly woke me up last night. now right now, we are currently seeing mostly dry bay area. let widen out four you set this thing back the past six hours
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version active so far this morning. 11:03, this is going to be the driest timeframe,as we head throughout the rest of the day, we accumulate that daytime heating, the threat of the lightning strikes actually increases. going to see it really ramp up as we head throughout this evening into the overnight hours. i want to give you a taste of what we experienced last night from alameda. it was an active night. look at that. just lighting up the sky. we are fair game for more of the same activity for today but i do believe that wraparound moisture going to shift further inland that means if you live in san jose area, south bay, western-facing slope in particular, we have a better chance today. we are going to take a look at that and let you know when that humidity will decrease and we will finally see the normal bay area weather back here. back to you for now u >> love for it to return. thank you very much, christina. 11:04 jury deliberation under way in the trial of accused serial killer joseph naso. he is accused of killing four prostitute us in the 1970s and '90s. he finished his five-hour closing argument yesterday,
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telling the juror to ignore the prosecution's attempts to mislead them with what he called circumstantial evidence. he insisted node motive to kill anyone. naso faces the death penalty if convicted. oakland officials and police investigating a residence complaint that a city worker severely beat him. according to the oakland tribune, 36-year-old joshua daniels suffered a black eye and broken eye socket, requiring ten stitches after a city worker assaulted him, beating him unconscious. daniels says the confrontation happened early sunday morning outside city hall after he spit his gum into a trash bin two workers were using. started capturing his moment on the cell phone but that's when he said one of the men started punching him. daniels says he passed out and an hour later, woke up in a pool of blood on the floor of his apartment. he says he doesn't know how he got there and his cell phone was missing. the city's public works agency says it has launched an internal probe and it takes these
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accusations very seriously. more than three months after a deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge, investigators say no criminal charges will be file and hearing newly released 911 tapes from the tragic accident. the chp says mechanical problem is to blame for the may 4th limo fire that killed five nurses who were trapped in back. the catastrophic failure of the suspension system allowed the drive shaft to come into contact with the bottom of the car, causing friction to ignite the carpets in the limo. one of the rear doors had the child lock engaged, preventing it from being opened from the inside. the public utilities commission is fining the limo operator $7500 for having more than the passengers that should have been allowed in that limo. in a little more than a week from now the bay brim will be shut down completely to traffic. it is a five-day closure over labor day weekend that will allow crews to switch traffic
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from the old eastern span to the brand new one. nbc bay area's bob redell live in the bay bridge with a closer look at how they are planning on doing just that. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you you laura. cal tran just briefed us on this closure as you're well aware. they will be shutting down the bay bridge, this will be wednesday, august 28th, 8:00 at night, not to be reopened until the following tuesday, 5:00 in the morning. this would be the day after labor day. cal trans needs to shut down the bridge to put finishing touches on both ends of this new bridge before opening it to the world. here the oakland touch down, past the toll plaza, they need to reeye line these barriers, traffic barriers, they also need to grind new paths into the road then repave and restripe those paths and there's also some touchup painting, if you look at the suspension span, which is well beyond our distance right here. they have to do some touchup paint there. at the transition to the tunnel, the yorba buena island tunnel, realign barriers, do restriping, demolish part of the old
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approach to make way for a new bike path. the reason why cal tran needs to shut down the bridge for so long is because of the paving and painting that kind of work just needs time to solidify and dry. >> i would say there's a nervous energy but everyone is very confident that this work is going to be getting done. i would say, this is important critical work to connect the work and open it to the public. we have done much more complicated work during past closures. back in 2009, we rolled in and rolled out massive steel deck sections to connect in the s curve that weighed roughly 3200 tons, about 150 feet in the air. >> now, once the new bay bridge is open, there's still work that needs to be done, most of it aesthetic, like the lights. they are hoping to have those up and opened, turned on by the opening two weeks from today but they are not sure there's also some landscaping issues and permanent fix for the broken bulbs, story we have been covering ongoing. hope to have that fix, sat in
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place by december. again they reassure us even though the bolts are broken, they do have a temporary fix and that the bridge is going to be structurally sound and seismically safe when it opens two weeks from today. now the new bridge will requite alignments that will end up for a new driving experience for commuters. caltrans will be releasing animations of these new configurations so drivers can visualize what to expect before the bridge opens, before they start driving across the bridge two weeks from today, after all these year, supposed to be open. live here at the easterned 2 it had, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> the countdown is on. thank you, bob. students head back to school, san jose police department reinstating a program looking for kids that skip class. the tabs program was dropped last year to put more officers on the streets. starting today that program's back in business with the opening of a tabs processing center at pal stadium in east san jose. one full-time officer and one to two additional officers per
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police division will work out of the center. those officers will be charged with the sole task of tracking down students and getting them back to class. newly elected santa clara district supervisor sandy chavez will be sworn in today. the ceremony scheduled at 6 p.m. at the county government center in san jose. the labor leader will be the first woman to join the five-member board of soup he were visors since supervisor liz smith turned out in january. she replaces george shirakawa jr., who resigned in march and later pleaded guilty to felony charges, including perjury. workers are marching toward the end zone to finish construction on the new 49ers stadium ahead of schedule. the new santa clara stadium, now more than halfway done and construction two weeks ahead of schedule. it's on track to be ready at the end of june. that's more than a month before the preseason starts, leaving time for concerts and other events to be scheduled before the 49ers take to the field and start to play. caught on camera, a car
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catches fire on an l.a. freeway. the iconic hollywood star who needed help getting out safely. tesla gets five stars for its model s for safety. is that good enough for the edge snee -- ed -- edngineers. a good look at prince george. the look behind these family pictures.
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legendary actor dick van dyke barely escaped after his jaguar burst into flames on the freeway. a passerby saw smoke and yanked the 87-year-old actor out of the driver's seat. his rescuer thought he had feinted but really, hunched of hers i phone trying to call for help. moments later, that car exploded. last night, van dyke tweeted to ought photo of his burned car, joking, "used jag for sale. real cheap." glad he is okay. prince william and kate leads the first photos of their
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son, prince george in a break from royal pageantry, they were take bine kate's father. nbc's michelle kosinski has more from london. >> reporter: they could almost be anyone's photos, kate looking radiant, william gallantly taking you the brunt of some bad backlighting. there that tiny face, yes, proof that prince george is adorable, but they could hardly be blamed for not trying to wake up or pose the little guy. these official pictures were taken at kate's parents' place by kate's dad. even the dog's in there. william said this about kate. >> she is doing a fantastic job. >> how is she, okay? >> yes, very well. >> that about lupo. >> he has been slobbering, and quite happy. >> reporter: william, possibility first british monarch to change a diaper. >> first nap.
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>> a badge of honor. >> i wasn't allowed to get away with it. i had every midwife staring at me, you do it. you do t's little fighter. wiggles around quite a lot. >> reporter: william and kate, the picture of modern parents, calling their future king a bit of a rascal. >> fellas might know, quite looking forward to going back to work. >> reporter: further proof the grass is always greener, of course, when you're born royal, yeah, you just want to be normal. they could have all the health in the world but william says he and kate like to do things themselves whenever possible and it seems, at this point at least, they still have not hire ed hireed a nanny. >> hands-on parent there is. students at a community college will march to city hall today. students are demanding mayor ed lee step in to save the college from losing its accreditation. the state accreditation commission is stripping ccsf of its accreditation days next year a recent review by the u.s. department of education found
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the commission broke several laws when making that decision but it's unclear if that will impact the current condition at ccsf. today's rally start at 4:00. another boast from tesla this morning, this time, the bay area car company claims tesla is the safest car ever. scott mcgrew, you say, you're probably right. >> car companies are supposed to take their five-star safety rating, smile and say thank you. tesla took a closer look at the results behind the actual test, by the national highway traffic safety administration and says the car scored at the top of the heap when you look at the numbers, enough to make the claim that it is the safest car ever built. now, part of that safety comes from the fact that tesla is an electric car. its motor is very, very small. most of the car is made up of empty space. it has two trunks, after all. empty space, a crumple zone is
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your best friend when you and your car get into an argument with a tree. the more crumpling, the safer you are. so, officially, not the safest car on the road. but the engineers say when you really look at the data, yes, it is. back to you. >> talk about flag safe, scott. people not allowed to go into the waters at stinson beach in marin county now because of great white shark sighting. no swimmers or surfers will be allowed over the next five days. meanwhile, biologists are trying to figure out who drove a young whale to beach itself on stinson beach. a pair of joggers found the 42-foot-long fin whale yesterday morning, still breathing and struggling in the sand that whale died before biologists from the marine mammal center arrived. many of the 200 people gathered on the beach say they were heartbroken. the county is planning to dig a pit and bury the whale at the beach. take a look at this it's a youtube video giving new meaning to shock and awe a firefighting plane in canada helped to put out flames of a vehicle fire.
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yeah it was an isolated location of the accident, authorities were concerned a fire truck would not be able to get to the scene in time to contain all those flames. luckily, no one was seriously hurt in that accident. take a look at the new uniforms for the san jose sharks. what do you think in the team posted this video on the website with some of the sharks top players modeling the new look, not bad. they are called the next wave jerseys. fans will notice a few changes from last year's look, including no black shoulder caps and removing stripes on the bottom of the jersey. there's also less orange. the team says it will create optimal performance on the ice in terms of comfort and temperature control. we have needed a little temperature control. check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> yeah, it has been humid. i wish we could turn that off. not just yet. we will get that start with some of this lightning video that we have for you, redwood shores, what you three is on the left-hand side of your screen, that was actually taken from one of our viewers, omar saldana, we
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thank you for that please, if you're going to get us video or pictures, we love sharing it, make sure you do it from a safe place. the other side, you see alameda lit up like a christmas tree last night. it was just an active evening and we are fair game for more of the same. it's really hard to dictate where these thunderstorms are going to develop and how long they're going to last, but tonight, we are expecting more of that activity you at least over the western facing slopes surrounding san jose. we still have a very, very humid and unstable air mass overhead. show you exactly what's causing all this active weather in just a moment. i set your radar back for six hours. you can see just this morning, it continues offshore. they are also getting quite a bit of rainfall to our north in the chico, redding area, not this time, real doppler radar, starting to wind down a little bit, a lot of activity coming down over the ocean. as we head throughout the afternoon and continue to accumulate that daytime heating, we are fair game for more thunderstorms. this is what we are working with. head throughout the evening
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hours, mostly the western-facing slopes surrounding san san jose, could see strong storms develop f that is the case, we could see it push into the valley, san jose, morgan hill, san martin, keep your guard up, eye to the sky, once you see those cumulonimbus towers filled, you know the thunderstorms are definitely possible. offshore, the case as well, in case you have mariner interests, keep that in mind. highs today are running cooler in some cities, running five to ten degrees cooler like fairfield, for example, we will be out of the triple digits today, 94 there, 87, concord, 85 in san jose. as long as this little cutoff low just cities and spins, it looks like we are going to continue to see that humid air mass wednesday into thursday and then finally, not quite as humid for friday or saturday. we will be back to average, hopefully resuming that dry heat. we just need something to push this cutoff low in. attachment of the jetstream. right now, doesn't look like it is going any where mean he is the humidity stays with us tuesday, wednesday, at least the first part of thursday.
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but kind of cool. don't get this very often. >> make the most of it, right? >> indeed. >> all right. always the optimist. still to come, an olympic kiss controversy explained. the russian athletes say this wasn't an act of protest. ♪ [ hero mom ] oh, yeah. we're gettin' cereal. 'cause over 40 general mills cereals are 130 calories or less per serving.
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two russian athletes say they were not trying to show their disapproval of russia's anti-gay law when they kissed after winning a race. the pair kissed on the trips winners a podium after coming in first in the 4 by 400 meter relay over the weekend. one of the runners said she was insulted the victory was overshadowed by speculation that their kiss was a protest. it just simply said they were mar rained celebrating you the win. russia's law against spreading gay propaganda has been widely condemned abroad but opinion polls show a vast imagine jurority of russians support it.
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world sockers a governing body sunder fire after word that some hotels in rio de janeiro are cranking up prices during next year's world cup. the brazilian government is concerned some hotels listed on the five fa website are planning steep price hikes during the cut. the president of rio's division of the brazilian hotel industry association say the prices were set after brazil was chosen as world cup host in 2007. some hotels listed on the site showed rate hikes of more than 580%. a trip 41 years in the making. the 1972 miami dolphins just visited the white house to celebrate their perfect season. president obama honored the only team to ever achieve an undefeated season. the 1972 dolphins went 17-0, but they didn't get to celebrate with a trip to the white house back then because president nixon was involved in the watergate scandal at the time.
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much of the team was in attendance, including head coach john shula. long time coming there. a baby elephant gets a name. how its mother picked it out after the break.
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have you seen this so cute, a new baby elephant at the lowry park zoo in tampa, florida now has a name, pick wild the mother. isn't that adorable? 3-week-old elephant calf named mavi, an older is fumi. the mother chose the name yesterday, she actually picked that name from two options, which zookeepers spelled out in carrots. mavi is at third elephant born at the zoo in 25 years. mavi means voices in the swatly language. adorable. >> big ears to hear those voices as well what a cutie. >> thanks so much for joining us this morning. our next newscast at 5:00, also the latest information all day at be here bright and early
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[cheers] >> whoo! >> whoo! >> okay, guys, i just want to say congratulations on our 50th show! [cheers] that's 50 hours of comedy, over 300 sketches, one unsolved crew death, and an emmy magazine cover story. >> hey, and someone got us booze gifts. >> oh, sweet. >> they're all empty. what the hell? >> congratulations on 50 shows, everyone. enjoy your decorative air holders. you deserve them. lemon, a word. >> it's a pretty lame present, jack. >> cutbacks. our parent company sheinhardt wigs is announcing losses this quarter for the first time since the civil war. and even i am not immune. i had to let jonathan go today. >> oh, my god. how did he take it? >> better than i expected. >> ♪ can't live ♪ if living is without you >> okay, last verse, jonathan.


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