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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 19, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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limousine fire on the san mateo bridge, we'll finally learn the cause of the fire. back to school for most of the south bay. we'll tell you what the santa clara county superintendent is saying about the upcoming school year next. we've got a beautiful day shaping up, a gorgeous sunrise out there. no flight delays out of sfo, but we are expecting thunderstorms. i'll show you where and who has the best chance to see those in your full forecast. you're starting your delays already for the bay bridge in other sports throughout the bay, the traffic is shifting as the schools come online. we'll talk about that and how to avoid it coming up. from the bridge, a live look over san francisco. a lot of light dancing here in the early morning dawn on this monday, august 19. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. thank you for joining us.
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breaking news right now in fresno where three people were killed, two others hospitalized after the vehicle they were riding in was struck by a train. this all happened around 2:00 this morning at the intersection of jefferson avenue and golden state boulevard. investigators say a total of five people were in that vehicle when it was hit. three of them died at the scene. two others were take tone the  unknown at this hour. right now the cause of this crash remains under investigation. 6:01. new this morning, the blade runner, oscar pistorius, will go on trial in march in the shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he was formally indicted on charges of murder. he was seen crying and holding hands with siblings. he claims he shot steenkamp by mistake because he thought she was an intruder in his home.
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prosecutors say he killed her after an argument. today would have been her 30th birthday. steenkamp's family says they will spend today together quietly and privately remembering her life. we'll learn more today about what caused a deadly limousine fire on the san mateo bridge earlier this year. authorities finished up their investigation and this afternoon details will be released to the public. "today in the bay's" christie smith joining us live with more on the scheduled news conference today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the chp is expected to reveal more on what caused the deadly limousine fire and whether any laws were broken in the process. as you may remember it was may when nine nurses were in the limousine headed to a hotel along the peninsula to celebrate the marriage of one of the women, a bride who was also among those killed. the limo was only licensed to carry eight passengers. the back of the limousine suddenly burst into flames on the san mateo bridge and only four of the women managed to
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escape through a partition between the passenger and driver's area. some of the victims were actually found near the partition huddled up. we spoke with the limo driver shortly before the may 4th tragedy. the driver are once he smelled the smoke pulled over and some of the women started climbing over. >> when they opened the door. don't let the fire get oxygen. the o general spread the fire so fast. >> reporter: meantime, two state senators have put forth legislation to put forth new limousine safety rules, specifically looking at a lack of emergency exits and fire extinguishers and pushing for safety reasons before the route begins like the type you would get before a flight. that press conference scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon.
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reporting live at thejbnñ san m bridge, christie smith, "today in the bay." 6:03. this morning police are trying to track down the driver who hit and killed a man on alum rock near harriet avenue on saturday night. witnesses say they heard a loud thump but didn't hear any skids before they saw a man lying in the road. the victim who died at the hospital has been described as a 61-year-old man. police are looking for a late model pickup truck, light in color with a red stripe on the hood. coming up at 6:30, we'll hear what witnesses have to say ahead in a live report with "today in the bay's" ar tour roe santiago. ac transit workers have voted to reject the latest proposal contract. the union which represents nearly 1800 workers issuing a strike notice earlier this month. since then the union and management did reach a deal which included a 9.5% raise and increase in employee uz their medical
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benefits, along with improved health and safety. just yesterday union members voting overwhelmingly against this deal. the union's negotiating committee plans to meet to review its very next steps. this morning it's back to school for parents, students and teachers all across the bay area. more than six school districts in the san jose area alone will open their door to students joining two districts that opened last week. among those franklin mckinley, campbell, los gatos, milpitas, oak grove. one of the campuses is ida prince in middle school. that is where "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us live with a look at how the superintendent is getting ready for the school year ahead. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. you've got about ten school districts going back to school today and a couple of college campuses getting ready to also welcome back students. at san jose state student orientation starts with a speech from the university's president.
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classes also resume at a college of san mateo this morning. other schools in san francisco, we already talked about that. other schools resuming class today, santa clara unified where workers spent last week putting finishing touches on classroom repairs. milpitas unified, oak grove also going back to school. those are districts in the south bay which fall under the purview of the santa clara county education. its superintendent says one of the big challenges, implementing the common core standards, designed to provide students with a 21st century skill set to make them better problem solvers and critical thinkers. >> is it hard to implement a monument change like that? >> it is. i creates anxiety, uncertainty with teachers. it's hard to define t. standards have to be introduced and you have to continue to provide professional development. it's not an inoculation, it's
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something instructional leaders at school will have to continue to enforce, observe classroom at school will have to c areas where greater rigor can be applied and continue to provide teachers with the professional development and training they need to grow professionally. >> reporter: again, about ten school districts going back to school today, most in the south bay. back to school marathon started last week and runs through next week. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." santa unified school district also back to school today. police putting on extra patrols out there to try to keep students safe. traffic patrols will be focusing on elementary schools all over the city and will also enforce 15 miles an hour in school zone speed limits. enforcement right now from 7:00 to 9:00 this morning and then again at 1:30 to 3 woo 30 this afternoon. for more on this back to school commute, let's check in with mike inouye. what's happening? >> note for folks, school zones
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we know we should slow there. the perimeter as well, watch it. be careful for everybody. looking toward 101. traffic looking good right now. we are seeing a bit of slowing on the map as we take you to that. reminder, union school district along 101 that went into effect last week. now we're seeing this sort out to an earlier backup for 101. a heavier follow from tullie to 880. the rest of santa clara county has the first day of school, you might be able to beat the rush by getting out of your house around 7:30 and 8:00. some parents trying to stay home for the first day. as you approach the on-ramps, flooded about 8:30. live shots outside, we'll see how things are shaping up. fremont southbound 880 showing a smooth drive. those schools start next week. watch the flow of traffic start
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to build through the area as folks are back from summer vacations. another live look outside. we'll show this and show you the bay bridge coming up soon. we have the metering lights on. i do want to let you know about that. that's not a surprise.:ñ we'll send it back to you. time to check the forecast as we give you a live look at sunol and san jose. right now a red flag warning in effect due to those hot and dry conditions we've experienced. >> with all that in mine, let's check with a woman who knows everything,"e&ñ meteorologist christina loren. >> not just hot and dry. we also have thunderstorms and potential for dry lightning. want to show you what's happening to the south, pretty severe thunderstorms developing here and we could see some of that here up in the north bay mountains, east bay hills. that will also go through the south bay mountains. i think the north bay is where i'm bullseying the best chance for that. 69 degrees to kickoff the day in livermore. temperatures are nice and balmy out there.
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you might need a jacket in gilroy, but elsewhere, probably not. 65 in sunnyvale, 62 in san mateo. and even in san francisco you're starting the day at 60 degrees. so fremont, this is what you can expect today. 74 degrees at 9:00 a.m. typically your highs end up in the 70s. much warmer than average. remember to slow those speeds pour the school zone. 96 on the way to livermore, 76 in san francisco. 86 degrees in san jose. >> coming up in my next report, i'll tell you who has the best chance for thunderstorms today. we'll talk about your seven-day outlook. we'll see sticky conditions continue for the first part of the week. right now back to you, jon and laura. >> thanks so much. time is 6:10. coming up, a raging fire tearing through terrain in idaho. we'll update you on widespread
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evacuations as the flames continue to creep closer to resort towns. wikileaks releases secret data and a fight on yelp. detained for nine hours near the airport. we'll tell you why the partner of the journalist who broke the nsa leaker story was held under britain's anti-terrorism laws. ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of craving something that i can't have ♪ ♪ turn around barbara ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ 90-calorie fiber one lemon bar.
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happening right now, resort towns in idaho on alert this morning as a massive wildfire continues creeping closer. authorities there told people in ketchum to be ready. some 2400 homes have been evacuated. a live look at the command center where fire crews are gathering this morning. right now fire officials say they're very optimistic about getting that fire under control
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as it's been raging out there. that fire has scorched nearly 160 square miles since it started almost two weeks ago. authorities say the flames are now finally starting to slow down advancing just 12 square miles since yesterday. here is a look at some of the day's other top stories we're following. we'll learn more today about what led up to a limousine fire on the san mateo bridge that killed five women earlier this year. authorities have completed their investigation into the may 4th fire and will present their findings this afternoon. investigators in san jose now asking anybody who has information to come forward in a deadly hit-and-run. this all happened on saturday night on alum rock near harriet avenue. the chp says it has very little suspect information. our own arturo santiago is checking up on the investigation this morning and he'll have a live report at about 6:30. new video just into our newsroom. three people dead, two other hospitalized after the vehicle they were riding in was hit by a
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train in fresno. that crash happened about 2:00 this morning. the cause is still under investigation. a military judge will hear the closing arguments in bradley manning's sentencing hearing. the army private was convicted of violating the es naj act when he leaked a massive amount of government miles. the 25-year-old telling judge denise lynd that he was sorry and nows he has to pay a price. he faces up to 90 years in prison. the journalist who received leaks from former nsa contractor edward snowden is lashing out at authorities who detained his partner at heathrow airport. david miranda was detained for nine hours under a british counterterrorism law. miranda had a stop in london after visit ag documentary filmmaker in berlin who is also helping to disseminate snowden's
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leaks. london authorities say intelligence gained from such stop is a key part are of fighting crime and protecting the public. wikileaks posted an enormous file on the internet which anyone can download. >> though, scott mcgrew, you can't do much with it. >> no, you can't. wikileaks calls it insurance. while it's been distributed to tens of thousands of people and they downloaded it, nobody can actually read it. this is not the first time wikileaks has done this. presumably if something were to go wrong, if something bad were to happen to wikileak's leader julian assange or edward snowden, the key to the data would be released. the file itself is enormous. it's 400 gigabytes, the average iphone for comparison holds 16 gigabytes of information. so the supposition is it's a video and it's a lot of video. wikileaks got its first notoriety from a video which bradley manning says he leaked showing the gun films from an
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apache helicopter. an army investigation cleared the pilots of any wrongdoing saying it was a mistake. a dispute over a salesman's phone call has led to a fight on yelp this morning. a restaurant in san francisco called sauce has published an e-mail from what it says is a salesman for groupon sent after he was hung up on making a sales call to the restaurant. the salesman allegedly writes, as a resident of san francisco for 25 years i have a huge network of friends. they're all extremely active on yelp and other social media. i will gladly let them know how you treated me as well as the feelings about the people who run sauce which the restaurant interprets as a threat. the blog allthingsdigital says groupon suspended the salesperson. a huge influx of five-star reviews for sauce on yelp.
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customers got word of the angry e-mail e change and are bad to count ernie bad reviews. >>ñdk it's amazing how powerful yelp has become. what do you think of the weather out there? >> i'd write on yelp an interesting forecast today served up by christina loren. i can do my best to tell you what's going to happen, those microclimates are certainly going to make a big impact. it depends on where you live that will dictate the weather you get today. nothing uniform about the forecast. 6:18. a live look from san bruno. not a lot of fog to show you this morning, although we do have some in san francisco. we have that compressed marine layer yet again, forced right to the surface. i want to show you san jose where many kids will be headed back to school in the south bay. a mostly clear spot, but humidity, it's sticky out there and will continue for today. let's talk about showers. we've had this organized cell develop to the west of mill valley where you hit 91 degrees
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yesterday. it's balmy. we have the subtropical flow. now starting to get organized shower activity. if you're waking up with us in the north bay, especially in the high country, the east bay hills, bring the umbrella with you today because you might actually get some showers. if we see any of these thunderstorms, they're capable of producing brief heavy downpours, pea-sized hail. in livermore, 60s, 58 in gilroy. temperatures are all over the place. it's going to be hot because high pressure is the dominant feature. we have this area of low pressure, a cut-off low over the bay area. it's going to be muggy. the subtropical feel, we have a red flag warning in place not just for today, but tomorrow as well. we could see it continue deeper into the week if that cut-off lotus on the get an inland push it needs to finally clear out of here. 96 degrees for livermore, 82 in fremont. you'll hit 71 degrees in san francisco where the kids are
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headed back to school. no need for a jacket this morning. the humid southerly flow will keep temperatures nice and mild. this is what we're expecting as we head into the latter portion of the week. temperatures are going to stay nice and toasty, talking the 90s for today and tomorrow. upper 80s, not quite as humid. we'll keep the chance of mountain thunderstorms going through thursday. friday, saturday, sunday, the dry heat comes back, the fog returns. we'll get a8g÷ little natural cooling especially at the coast. 6:20, let's check the drive with mike. >> good morning. we're taking a look towards the bay bridge and the berkeley curve. you see a little slowing for westbound 80, that's the eastshore freeway. right here the strip off 580 as welcoming off 24. 580 and the maze, a lot of slowing from the maze itself all the way toward the toll plaza. all these lanes backed up past the 880 overcrossing heading over into the city. the volume is building.
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some of the san francisco schools like christina said will complicate things to and from your business center. more schools, more kids and more parents with their cars. we're looking over toward the maps as well. a nice smooth flow down the eastshore freeway. we still have speeds in the 50s and 60s, mostly around 60 miles per hour and upper 50s through berkeley and out of richmond. the build continues there as well as here at the maze and a little slowing for north 880 approaching the curve heading toward the bay bridget self. as we look over here for 880 southbound out of san lorenzo and the san mateo bridge, the volume builds, pretty traditional over there. watch the lanes to the right as you're shifting toward 92. ñ÷ union city. more slowing, expect that for fremont. over here, west 580 past the disabled big rig. we haven't had much of an update from chp. it's reported at santa rita road. 680 showing slowing pleasanton
6:22 am
past burr nell and toward highway 84 and sunol. nothing like we had friday. today the roadways, all claens are cleared. a new incident report north 280 at 880. it sounds like lanes are clearing very quickly. the rest of the south bay will clear smoothly. we'll end with a look at the golden gate bridge. it's fog here. christina has all the other terms. here that's what you see or what you don't see. >> thanks so much. need goggles with fog wipers. 6:22. we'll tell you about the crisis in egypt. we have new details about the execution-style ambush of a police convoy overnight. could hosni mubarak be free from custody. new information about why the former egyptian president could be released in a corruption case. good morning! wow.
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it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. egyptian officials say former president hosni mubarak could be freed from custody sometime this week. they say court ordered released -- mubarak is on retrial for killing hundreds of protesters during the 2011 uprising that led to his ouster. today's announcement is stoking fears of more violent reprisals from the muslim brotherhood. also from egypt, 25 policemen dead and two others injured during an execution-style ambush in egypt. egyptian officials say militants ordered the off-duty policemen off two mini buses and forced them to lie on the ground before they shot them to death.
6:26 am
the policemen were not in uniform. this happened in sinai, a region where militants have targeted security forces almost daily since president mohamed morsi was ousted just last month. the region borders the gaza strip and israel. meantime there are conflicting reforts in a prison riot that left 36 dead. officials say the detainees who were killed were trying to escape the convoy and they died from!@óñ suffocating gas. initially state media reported gun battle between security forces and militants near a prison. initially state media also reported those killed and the gunmen belonged to the muslim brotherhood which is the organization morsi represents. a rough and ugly scene. nearly 900 people have reportedly died in egypt since last and's crackdown on the pro morsi sit-ins in cairo.
6:27 am
today diplomats will gather in brussels to decide how to respond to the crisis in egypt. a south bay man out for a walk struck and killed by a runaway driver. >> she didn't hear a car putting on its brakes or nothing. >> we'll tell you what witnesses saw right before the car sped off coming up in a live report. sir paul ready for an encore. we'll tell you you why iconic area he wants to play at next. right now live outside for a picturesque shot with the sun over the horizon showing the beautiful bay bridge. she's calling this an active day in the weather department. she's keeping track of it. we're back in a matter of minutes.
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the search for a hit-and-run driver. we'll tell you what a witness saw before a south bay man was struck and killed. that's ahead in a live report. red flag warning throughout
6:30 am
the bay area. meteorologist christina loren has a look at your hot and dry forecast in just moments. yes, right now a live look at nasdaq. zillow ringing in the opening bell. that is that real estate website. i think this bell kind of sound like john tesch kind of putting it together for us. that company just responded into new york real estate. just getting involved out there. it's monday, august 19. this is "today in the bay." a good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning everybody. we have breaking news to tell you about in fresno where a car with five people inside was hit by a train overnight. this one happened around 2:00 this morning at the intersection of jefferson and golden state boulevard.
6:31 am
investigators there say three people died at the scene instead the ix at the present time of the injuries unknown. right now the cause remains under investigation, but chp says the signal lights at that crossing were working at the time of the accident. 6:31. this morning, authorities tracking down a driver who hit and killed a man in the south bay. "today in the bay's" arturo santiago with a look at what investigators are looking for. >> reporter: good morning. the california highway patrol is leading the investigation on this looking for the driver involved in that hit-and-run and the chp says it could use some help from the public. the hit-and-run happened on saturday night. investigators are trying to determine whether or not the victim was in the street when he was hit and killed. it seems he was walking on alum rock avenue just east of harriet avenue in san jose. witnesses say they saw a pickup
6:32 am
truck leaving the scene and then heading north on pickford avenue. traffic is not particularly heavy in the area where the hit-and-run occurred. police are trying to find out more information about the victim. the truck is described as a late model ford pickup, white or beige in color with oversized tires and it had a red stripe on the hood. there would also be some front end damage. >> the victim's identity has not been released. if you have any information, please call the california highway patrol. i'm arturo santiago, today in the bay. the man named as a person of interest in the disappearance and murder of an oakland woman says they planned on getting married. randy alana spoke from the santa rita jail. he says he and sandra coke shared a home and recently talked about getting married.
6:33 am
they even attended church together the very day she disappeared. he di denies harming coke. alana right now is in jail on añ unrelated parole violation. a judge revoked his parole just last week. coke's family is telling the newspaper they believe allan ma is lying. legendary blues singer in the bay area injured in an attack on stage plans a civil lawsuit against the city of hayward. 73-year-old lester chambers had just dedicated a song to trayvon martin when a woman jm pd on stage and attacked him. 43-year-old dina lynn andrews potter was charged with assault and elder abuse. chambers says the attack caused him to cancel a series of performances. his attorney says they name the city of hayward, the concert promoter and those in charge of concert security. burress says he'll announce the amount of money they are seeking at an 11:00 a.m. news
6:34 am
conference. a man accused of running naked through a bart station and grabbing several people is expected to report to court. yeiner garizabalo was arrested earlier this year after this cell phone, the video surfaced of this incident at the 16th street b.a.r.t. station. this happened back in may. he has pleaded not guilty to charges. 6:34. time to check the weather as we look at san rafael. today a red flag warning is in effect for most inland spots throughout the bay area. we'll check in with meteorologist christina loren with a look at the forecast. >> we have interesting weather out there. it's going to be hot. we have the potential for dry lightning strikes. this is what we're concerned about. you can see what's happening just to our east. look at this. pretty strong line of showers and thunderstorms moving right up towards fresno. we've seen dry lightning already. we've seen hail associated with some of these storms.
6:35 am
let me zoom in and show you the shower activity becoming a little more organized at this point. up in the north bay, the showers are starting to move offshore. we're fair game for the hit or miss showers throughout the day today. look how mild it is, to kickoff a back-to-school monday for many parts of the bay area, 68 in san jose, 65 in sunny straem. because we're starting so mild out there and we have high pressure firmly in control, let me take you through your hour by hour changes for today. we stop the clock at noon. as the kids break for lunch, it's already going to be 85 degrees in fremont. 93 at noon in livermore, 90 degrees on the wayunchtime in concord. you'll round out the day about 92 degrees, 96 for livermore and 90 in san jose. make sure the kids are ready for that warmth. i'll show you how much longer we'll see these thunderstorms in the bay area and who has a best chance later tonight and tomorrow. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast and show you when the dry heat returns. first let's check your drive with mike. >> it's going to be busier
6:36 am
starting now and through the rest of the school year. that's what happens when everybody comes back from summer vacation. northbound 880/280 interchange. a crash located behind the tree. you see traffic backed up there. to the bottom of your screen you see it let up. still blocking your slow lane. no major injuries. as the traffic builds, we'll see the approach slow down approaching bascom and before that. southbound 880 shows slowing approaching the interchange as well. as the interchange slows, we'll see that probably ripple back. they should clear that in the next few minutes. meanwhile 101 and 87 northbound, typical slowing, all the santa clara county schools coming online today. you'll see slowing around that school zone. you'll also see folks shifting their commute hours, some folks trying to stick around for the first day of school. it will kick in later for them on-ramps. over here in richmond, smooth
6:37 am
from berkeley and approaching the bay bridge with metering lights on and backup considerable into the maze. disabled vehicle north 880. a look at foster sit stay and the san mateo bridge, volume steady on westbound 92. before the wrecking ball hits candlestick park, there could be a repeat performance by sir paul mccartney. >> the chronicle's mateer and ross reporting mccartney floated the idea by san francisco mayor ed lee during his recent performance at out side lands. if we're going to tear the stadium down, we should think about us doing the last concert there. beatles played there back in 1966. he's 71 years old. >> looking great. >> i want the flintstone vitamins he's saying. >> i'll say. take a couple. waist deep in the water in the philippines. we'll show you the extreme flooding that is leaving schools, offices, even the stock market shut down in that country.
6:38 am
plus trains, cars lit on fire after a deadly crash over in india. we'll tell you why crowds of people there deciding to stand on the tracks right before impact.
6:39 am
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the morning can bring you to brand new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious. in northeast india a speeding train has killed at least 35 people who were standing on the tracks. indian lawmakers say angry mobs pulled the driver out of the train and beat him badly. then they got all the passengers
6:41 am
out of the train and set some of the train cars on fire. the driver had apparently been given clearance to pass through that area without stopping, but the railway says some people on a religious pilgrimage waited on the tracks thinking they could stop the train. it's possible the driver was speeding and could not stop when he realized there were people on the track. at least two people are dead, several others missing as heavy rain pours down in the philippines. floodwaters there in some areas waist deep. thousands there in emergency shelters. school offices and the stock exchange both shut down as the city is currently under red alert. in the central philippines strong currents in a sthrm forcing drivers to stop their search for dozens missing after a ferry collided with a cargo ship. at least 50 people are dead, 70 others missing after friday's crash. more than 800 people were on board the ferry during that crash.
6:42 am
the cause of the collision is still under investigation. it is 6:41 right now. a scary scene in fresno. a car carrying five people hit by a train. we'll tell you what we've just learned from investigators at the scene. that's coming up next. bay area human trafficking suspects busted in southern california. we'll tell you how the woman they're accused of kidnapping managed to break free and call for help. the new steve jobs movie fails to come in first place at the box office or second place or third place or fourth place -- we'll take a look coming up. ♪
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breaking news overnight to tell you about in fresno where three people were killed, two others hospitalized after the car they were riding in was struck by a train.
6:45 am
this all happened around 2:00 this morning at the intersection of jefferson avenue and golden state boulevard. investigators there say a total of five people were in that car and it was crossing the tracks right when it was hit. three people died in that scene. those two others were taken to the hospital and at this hour the extent of their injuries remains unknown. right now the cause of this crash isqá under investigation d the c hfrnltsp says they can tell us the signal lights were working at the time of the)=< crash. 6:45. we'll learn more today about what caused a deadly limousine fire on the san mateo bridge earlier this year. authorities finished their investigation and this afternoon details will be released to the public. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us live with more on the scheduled news conference. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we're expecting to learn more about what caused this deadly limousine fire, but also if any laws were broken in the tbx this investigation took 3 1/2 months. it also involved the district attorney's office.
6:46 am
you may recall it was may 4th when nine women, all of them nurses were riding in a limousine over the san mateo bridge to celebrate the marriage of one of the women. that's when the back of the limousine suddenly burst into flames. five of the women died including the bride. four of the women made it out. they crawled through a partition between the passenger and driver's compartmentless. shortly after this fatal fire nbc bay area spoke with the lick scene driver. he said one of the passengers said she smelled smoke, but he thought she was saying she would like to smoke, then he spelled it, too. >> at that point smoke, smoke, smoke, pull over. i'm looking -- i finally kind of, you know, look back a couple times and i see the grief on her face. >> reporter: the driver's estranged wife later said they were arguing on a cell phone call during the ride. his attorney says they were not
6:47 am
on the phone at the time of the fire. two state senators areo7b introducing legislation to introduce new safety strategy for the limousine industry. the press conference is set for 1:00 this afternoon. reporting live near the san mateo bridge, christie smith, to bay in the bay. five people from the south bay right now under arrest this morning suspected of kidnapping a los angeles woman so she could be forced into prostitution. all those suspects coming from the san jose and gilroy area. their alleged victim, an 18-year-old woman, escaped friday and called for help to come to a hotel in moreno valley in riverside county. she told deputies she had been kidnapped in the compton area the day before by a woman and four men with a handgun. she says she was sexually assaulted by two of her kidnappers, then driven to that hotel room where her kidnappers planned to force her in to prostitution. her five accused kidnappers now
6:48 am
face several charges including human trafficking, false imprisonment and attempted pimping. 6:47. a pleasanton teenager accused of hitting and killing a bicyclist in june is expected back in court for a bail hearing. 18-year-old cody hall has been charged with murder. police say he hit 58-year-old diana hers boring and her husband on the foothill road in pleasanton on june 9 killing her and seriously injuring her husband. he was reportedly driving 43 miles per hour over the speed limit. police say hall boasted on twitter about speeding and that led to the murder charge. po the driver that slammed this pickup truck right into a petaluma home yesterday morning. the truck crashed through the front door of a home on cleveland lane not too far from western avenue as you can see. the blue 1990 ford caused significant damage but did not hurt the elderly woman who was in the back bedroom at the time of the crash.
6:49 am
new warnings after a man plunged 100 feet off a cliff in half moon bay. the man was walking on the golf links close to the ritz-carlton when the cliffs crumbled from beneath him. cal fire says he walked off the trail to a place where cliffs can appear to be stable but they are not. the man suffered major injuries. time to check back in for weather as we give you a live loobl at san rafael and san jose. a little different with the sun gleaming on one side. right now a red flag warning is in effect due to the hot and dry conditions out there. christina loren is here to tell us all about it. it's one of those days it feels like florida out there. we've got the thunderstorms to go right along with it. i don't know if you saw that little bird wave his tail in the san rafael cam. he likes to hang out there. you might want to hang out at the beach if you don't have the little ones heading back to school. this is a live shot from san
6:50 am
francisco. we face the camera east towards oakland. you can see the blazing heat already coming in, even to some of our cities around the bay. we don't have a lot of fog to keep us cool. a compressed marine layer being forced right to the surface. make sure you're ready for the weather ahead today. let's get right to it. this is a red flag warning everywhere shaded in red. mostly the higher elevations. you'll find pretty active weather rights along the east by hills. look at this. little cell right now just developed in the san francisco area. we can zoom in right to your district and show you where the rain is coming down. bayview district headed towards the mission district for the next five to ten minutes. got to love our doppler radar technology. the wider view shows you high pressure firmly in control. we have an area of low pressure right offshore. that's what's kicking up the instability. it's going to be muggy, a subtropical feel all day long. as we head deeper into the day
6:51 am
and accumulate the daytime heating, that's when the threats for thunderstorms ramp up. i'm bullseying the north bay mountains for the best chance for today. tomorrow the chance moves to the south bay. we'll be here to guide you through it, all the way throughout the day today. it's one of the days we don't want to mess around. 96 degrees in livermore. 71 on the way to san francisco. as we head throughout the next couple days, temperatures are going to stay hot and humid. we're finally going to get improvement. hopefully there's a chance we might not get that improvement wednesday into thursday. here is the deal, cut-off low, it may or may not move inland. right now i do believe it will. we see the dry heat return wednesday into thursday. if it sits and spins in the pacific, we could be talking about the subtropical pattern all the way through thursday of this week. it looks good for the dry heat to return friday, saturday and sunday. back to school monday, mike is a busy man.
6:52 am
>> watching the surface streets and the shift as folks come back from summer break and also then as folks stick around for the first day of school. that might be the case, what's going on in the south çw%bay. the&nbig slowing, a crash where all lanes are cleared, the crash has moved to the shoulder. now we see the slowdown moving toward winchester north of the interchange. we'll see that spread out and clear up. the volume is starting to build in many spots, north 101, north 87, typical pattern for those spots. again, watch that excessive additional congestion as you come through the area. it's not that bad for the stouth bay. the reason that is, a lot of folks may be sticking around6 this portion of santa clara county to stick around for the first day of school. for a lot of those school kids, that means a later push toward the freeway on-ramps. you can beat the backup by getting out now and beat folks to the roadway. we've got fremont, the live look coming into the area, southbound
6:53 am
880, a steady flow of traffic. no major drama for mission itself. 880 as far as the slowing goes, into fremont, through san lorenzo through hayward, past the san mateo bridge, we see speeds into the orange zones, speeds into the low 50s there. the cos tomorrow valley y shows the build as well. south 680 shows a good burst of slowing. that traffic flow is starting to add just. livermore schools coming on in the next couple days as well. we'll end with the golden gate bridge. there's the fog. sunny in many spots. still have the issue from the north bay. back to you guys. >> as you all know, back to school for parents, students and teachers all over the bay area. today we can tell you more than six school districts in the san jose area alone opening up their doors to students joining two dikts that already opened last week. among the districts starting back up today, franklin msh
6:54 am
mckinley, campbell, los gatos, milpitas, oak grove and cambrian. and one of the campuses starting is ida price where "today in the bay's" bob redell joins us with how the superintendent is getting ready for the big school year ahead. >> reporter: good morning. about ten districts going back to school today, most in the south bay and a couple of college campuses as well. at san jose state student orientation starts today with a speech by the university's president. classes also resume at college of san mateo this morning. in san francisco, extra police will be out around city schools today and tomorrow to enforce school zone speed limits which that city has a 15-mile-an-hour limit around school zones. other schools resuming class today, santa clara unified where workers spent last week putting the finishing touches on school repairs. milpitas unified, milpitas high
6:55 am
school, oak grove. they fall under the purview of santa clara county. one of the big challenges this é implementing the common core standards, designed to provide students with a 21st century skill set to make them better problem solvers and critical thinkers. >> reporter: is it hard to implement something i would say as monumental a change? >> it is. it creates anxiety and uncertainty with teachers. it's hard to define. the standards have to be produced and you have to continue to provide professional development. it's not an inoculation. it's something that instructional leaders at schools will have to continue to enforce, observe classroom instruction, identify areas where greater rigor can be applied and continue to provide teachers with the professional development and training they need to grow professionally. >> reporter: the bay area's
6:56 am
back-to-school marathon began last week, continues this week, finishes up next week. live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." a new bikini bar in downtown san jose has been hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit. the gold club on santa clara street that just opened for business being sued by a san francisco club of the very same name. according to "mercury news," the san francisco gold club claims the san jose club used much of the very same branding even though the clubs are not affiliated with each other. a lawyer for the san jose club calls the claims baseless, saying the branding actually came from its affiliate in south carolina. 6:56. let's check the markets. scott mcgrew, worst week last week for the dow so far this year. >> and it's not gotten that much better this morning. the dow industrials are down again this morning, though just barely, four points. nasdaq up ten as we watch seattle-based zillow open the nasdaq in new york city.
6:57 am
they just moved into new york city real estate listings. if you're interested in the condos off park avenue, go for it. the new steve jobs movie didn't do well in the box office. coming in seventh behind a jennifer anniston movie which had gotten 43% on rotten tomatoes, already been around for a week. in a posting on the blog gives steve wozniak pointed out what a lot of us have been saying, really the truly amazing moments in steve jobs' life were the introduction of the iphone, the ipad, much of that when he already knew he was sick. he really changed the world even as he was struggling with his health. the movie doesn't cover that. it looks much earlier in the apple situation and it's material that's been covered before. >> still one more coming out. aaron sorkin is doing one based on the 900-page book. 6:57.
6:58 am
one final check with christina loren to see what's happening outside and the whole week. what's up? >> we've got an interesting forecast this week, jon and laura. a live picture of san jose where you can see the sun is blazing. it's going to be a hot day ahead. the heat will likely play a bigger factor than the actual showers we're seeing. we still have the showers coming down, san rafael all the way down south to mill valley and san francisco getting wet weather as well. 90 on the way to san jose, 96 in livermore, 92 in concord. we'll be checking on the showers and thunderstorms that we're expecting later today all the way throughout the "today" show. i'm with you until about 11:30. looking toward the south bay with the volume continuing to build. we talked about the schools coming online, specifically bob talked about it. a shout out to mountain view, go spartans, my old alma mater. north 280 we have the slowdown, but crash has moved to the shoulder. this is the unexpected slowdown. the rest of it a typical pattern for the south bay. looking at slowing out of
6:59 am
hayward and union city, a steady build, the upper 50s. the volume builds coming out of castro valley. a look at thc2kñ bay bridge tol plaza, metering lights on. slowing down the berkeley curve. no big deal but we have the low clouds drifting down. christina is watching them and i'm watching the effect on your drive. so far no appreciable problem. 6:59. a final check of the day's top stories. olympic sprinter oscar pistorius will stand trial, the trial date set for march 3rd, a little more than a year after the shooting death of his girlfriend rieeva steenka steenkamp. we'll learn more about what let up to the limousine fire that killed five women earlier this year. authorities completed their investigation into the may 4th fire and will present those findings this afternoon. new video into our newsroom this morning, three people are dead, two others hospitalized after the vehicle they were in was hit by a train in fresno.
7:00 am
that crash happened about 2:00 this morning. the cause is still under investigation. that's what's happening today on the bay. we're back at 7:25 with another local news update. good morning, raging, out of control wildfires burning in nearly a dozen states right now including the massive blaze in idaho threatening the town of sun valley. we're live near the front lines. breaking overnight, blade runner oscar pistorius wipes ay tears as he's indicted on a charge of premeditated murder of his girlfriend as prosecutors unveil more evidence against him. >> and alex rodriguez hit by a pitch in boston drawing cheers from the crowd but he comes back later with a crucial home run all part of the dramatic and controversial weekend for the yankees slugger. his attorney joins us exclusively today, monday,


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