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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 18, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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right now at 7:00 on today in the bay, dramatic new video just in to our newsroom. an elderly woman narrowly escapes serious injury when this truck goes crashing through the front of a home in petaluma and the driver takes off on foot. >> plus, more violence in oakland and police this morning busy as ever, investigating several shootings, the latest in which two people were killed. and the popular owner of a surf school in santa cruz is in jail for allegedly secretly videotaping his young students while they were changing. today in the bay starts right now.
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good morning to you. looking live at clear blue skies far as we can see from our camera. on the sennal grade. what a difference a day makes. yesterday, we saw all those low clouds. now, clear blue. >> less of a sea breeze. less low clouds, especially inland this morning. all this points to a much warmer finish to the weekend. 50s and 60s to start the day off. without the clouds blocking out the sunlight, and look at the breeze. just a trickle of marine air. westward at 7. we'll see low to mid-90s inland in the valley today. san jose, upper 80s. close to 80 in oakland. to watch the cloud cover hour by hour, you're starting to see the clouds coming in from the east. high clouds to start. later on tonight, this will set us up for a red flag warning, not for gusty winds and hot temperatures but lightning strikes that may spark wildfires.
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we'll tell you how long the red-dplag warning will be around and plus, the spare the air day today. >> thank you very much. new this morning, the california highway patrol is looking for the driver who hit and killed a man with his pickup truck in san jose and just kept driving. the chp wants to talk with anyone near the crash site at the intersection of alum rock and harriet avenues not far from white road around 8:45 last night. witnesses describe the truck as a late-model full-sized ford pickup truck with oversized colors. light in color possibly with a red stripe down the hood. the chp says the truck will likely have damage to a headlight. if you saw anything, the chp wants to talk to you, and you can call in tips anonymously. >> a developing story in oakland where it's been a violent and deadly weekend. police are investigating another shooting in which a woman was killed and the child with her was injured. officers responded to reports of
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shots near the corner of macarthur boulevard and 73rd around not far from mills college. a woman and man were shot inside a car as they were sitting there. the woman died at the scene. the mab was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive, and the 4-year-old child who was with the couple at the time police say was cut when the car windows shattered around him. so far, there are no suspects and no motive. that shooting happened just hours after a man opened fire across from the fox theater and just a block from city hall at 4:00 in the afternoon on saturday. four people were shot and their injured were serious. one remains in critical condition today. before the shooting, a man was caught trying to break into a vehicle. he fled the scene and reportedly came back with a gun and started firing. >> and oakland police say there's still no arrests in the shooting in which two people were killed late friday night.
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police say dozens of shots rang out near the corner of naterous way and 105th avenue. one person pronounced dead at the scene. two other victims were rushed to the hospital, and one died at the hospital. police say a fourth victim walked into the hospital and is expected to be okay. in san francisco, three people are in critical condition this morning following a shooting in the city's bay view district. the shooting happened around 8:30 last night near ingles street and vandyke avenue. a third victim, authorities say, was hurt in the same shooting and was found later at the hospital. the owner of a popular surfing school in santa cruz is behind bars this morning, accuse of violating the trust of the young girls he promised to teach. police say the surf instructor faces charges of committing lewd acts with at least two young victims and investigators say there could be more.
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>> my main concern is the safety of the people on the beach. >> 38-year-old dylan greiner is known to many in santa cruz for his efforts to clean up cowl's beach and keep his shores free from hypoadermic needles. now he's held on $500,000, accused of lewd and lvivious acts with children. also known as an expert surfer, he's seen displaying some of the skills he teaches to students at the santa cruz surf school. among the evidence collected at greiner's business and home were photos and videos police say greiner secretly made of girls changing into their wet suits. police say he coaxed girls with free surf lessons and would then make sexual advanced. the two girls verified as victims were 13 and 14 years old at the time. for many people in santa cruz, the allegations are shocking. >> he is definitely a predator. a predator.
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he's sick on his mind. yeah. so if there is proof of it, he deserves to be put away. >> and that was monte francis reporting. investigators are sifting through more than 1,000 images of potential victims and expect more girls to come forward. >> 16-year-old hannah anderson made her first public appearance since she was rescued in the idaho wilderness. they attended a car wash fund-raiser for his family in san diego county yesterday. the fund-raiser was organized to help cover funeral expenses for her mother and brother. their bodies were discovkofrcov earlier this month at the burned out property of kidnap and murder suspect james lee dimaggio. her father thanks the public for their support. >> right now, like i said, she
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wanted to come out and thank these people personally. >> it's difficult. every moment is difficult for her. thank you very much. >> funeral services set for next saturday. the suspect right here, james dimaggio, fled with hannah anderson after allegedly killing her mother and brother. that sparked an amber alert that spanned across six states until authorities found her alive in idaho and shot and killed dimaggio. >> a group of horse back riders were the ones who spotted hannah and dimaggio in the back country. we have their story from idaho. >> for years, this group of seasoned riders has saddled up and headed out into the gnarly back country of northern idaho. >> every state claims they have the steepest, roughest moun mountains, but they haven't been to idaho. >> the group agreed to take us two days into the wilderness to show us how far hannah anderson
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had been taken by her captor, a trip that included nine riders and numerous pack horses hauling everything from food to sleeping gear. grueling even on horseback, let alone for a 16-year-old girl on foot. >> it's like stepping on marbles. >> it was on a dry, hot day like this one that mike and mary young and christa and mark john came across a man and a teen-aged girl hiking in rough terrain some 20 miles from the nearest paved road. >> this is it. everything down in here, primitive. >> that's a hell of a hike with a big sack. yeah. but they came up this and they went up that trail there. >> something was unsettling about the encounter. something the riders kept asking themselves. what were they doing way out here? and there was something else. >> she looked scared. the look i seen on her face was pretty much pure fear.
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de didn't like what i saw on his face. >> the group said they rarely if ever run into anyone on their fishing trips into morehead lake, which is why they never forget this out of place couple and why they called police as soon as they saw the amber alert. >> oh, my gosh, it was her. >> a chance encounter this group and one lucky young woman will likely never forget. kevin tibbles, nbc news, morehead lake, idaho. >> good thing they trusted their guts. still ahead on today in the bay, gone in seconds. we'll show you the implosion that has forever changed the hayward skyline and show you what it could mean for you even if you don't live nearby.
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a will known building in hayward is a pile of rubble this morning.
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just about ten seconds to come down as crews imploded warren hall on the campus of cal state east bay at 9:00 sharp yesterday morning. the demolition held to get rid of a seismically unsound building and provided scientists with a rare ability. to analyze data collected before, during, and after the implosion to understand the nearby hayward fault. >> we're going to do a few experiments and then we collect these things monday, tuesday, and wednesday. wires are attached to them and we dump all the data. this is going to be a huge amount of data. >> the data is also expected to give roughesearchers a detailed of the hayward fault. the thinking was it would represent about a 2 point or 3-point magnitude earthquake. >> still ahead, a scare on the
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san francisco bay as two sailors thrown into the conditions and the conditions so rough racing was called off. >> around the bay area, sunshine to start. 90s coming back inland today. plus, we're watching increased fire danger tonight for some lightning potential. changes in the forecast when we come right back.
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it's just about a quarter after morning, looking live where everything is calm but that was certainly not the case yesterday. we're not talking sports. a tailgate cookout gone wrong. check out the video sent into the newsroom by a viewer of a tailgate fire. three cars went up in flames of coliseum. that massive plume of smoke could be seen inside the stadium. fire officials say at least one car was destroyed and senchl
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more were burned, but fortunately, no one was hurt. the cause of fire is under investigation, but fire officials say it looks like that fire was sparked by a barbecue. happening now, what some experts are calling the worst wildfire in history. nearly 2500 people are out of their homes this morning as a massive wildfire continues to burn out of control in idaho and so far, it's burned about 150 square miles and it's only 9% contained. the fire is threatening thousands of homes, ski areas, recreational trails and camp grounds, and several celebrities including tom hanks, bruce willis, arnold schwarzenegger, all own homes in a resort community in the area. local businesses are closing up shop and owners are getting out. >> don't know when we'll be able to reopen. we don't know if we'll be back in three days or three weeks. it's so hard to say. >> lightning sparks that fire ten days ago. again, only 9% contained.
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>> parts of the tahoe national forest are closed as crews continue to battle a wildfire near auburn. the fire, which is burning in steep, rugged terrain, is too dangerous for firefighters to attack from the ground, so helicopters are coming in, dropping water loads instead. no homes are threatened right now, but authorities did issue an air quality warning because of heavy smoke. >> the louis vuitton cup final continues on the san francisco bay today, but yesterday, tense moments as two crew members of emirates team new zealand were tauzed overboard at a speed of nearly 50 miles an hour. lauren scott was there as it happened. >> if each race day of the louis vuitton cup finals are as dramatic as the first, plenty of saepgz will be burnt, but the challenger may be spent with new equipment. high wind exceeding the 19 degree limit as luna rossa fixed a dagger board, and soon after
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the race began, the dagger board failed them. they would not finish. emirates new zealand found themselves in a frightening scenario, the bows digging into the bay, throwing two kiwi crew members overboard as they were recovered unharmed, the remaining nine crew members visibly shaken and left dealing with the damage to their boat, and emirates new zealand had hit a max speed of 48 miles per hour. they finished in 31:03 to take race one in an unforgettable opening to the series. >> done it over and over countless times and that's the first time we've really had an incident like this. we're going to be -- obviously very positive about it, happy with the boat and everything else. it gives you a little more scope when things go bad, and the emirates sort of carried on. >> with the wind back up past the limit in between races, race two was postponed, giving luna
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rossa a chance to regroup and not find themselves down 2-0 in this best 7 of 15 series before attending to their equipment issues. >> the negative day, we had to look at the positive things. today, we felt we're more competitive which is promising for the coming day. >> as of now, monday here on the bay will have at least one race as the first reserve day on the schedule will be brought into effect as a race day. with bay area's coverage of the america's cup, i'm laurence scott. >> rob is in the weather center. wind was a factor yesterday. you think it's going to be a problem today? >> what is interesting for the first half of the day is we're seeing less wind. that's why the inland temperatures are running warmer than yesterday. by 2:00 and 3 look, we'll see the sea breeze strengthen around san francisco. 62 in fairfield, 59 in san jose. not much of an inland push of marine air now. that sea breeze starting to shut
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down. it's one of the reasons why, in addition to clear skies today and lighter winds, we have a spare the air sunday. east bay valley seeing the highest numbers for ground level ozone unhealthy for sensitive groups, especially toward contra costa and alameda valley. weather headlines, 90s back in the forecast for moist of our inland valleys and the attention switches over to fire danger as we see the chance for lightning strikes later tonight and some showers may be possible around the bay area over the next couple days. right now, the radar is dry, but the areas here in red, the hilltops around the bay area, starting this evening through tuesday, will see a chance of some red-flag warning conditions due to lightning-sparked fire potential, especially later tonight into monday. right now, high clouds coming in from the east. as this area of low pressure is sitting off the central california coast, we'll start to see a little more of this moisture later today coming in
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from the east after sunday on tonight, so you'll have the moisture on top of dray air below. there's a higher probability the lightning will strike and not have the ability to put out fires. you may notice high clouds coming in, but more sunshine for the inland locations than we saw yesterday. for monday, now we're starting to see a chance hof the hilltop fires firing up, and tuesday, you could see the moisture spilling toward the bay area. hilltop locations, especially in the east bay hills and into the north bay, will see the best bet for showers or isolated thunder later on tonight. 88 in san jose. mid-90s further south of downtown san jose and out towards the trivalley, pleasanton and senole, in the 90s, and san francisco and oakland should be warmer today. 70s and low 80s around the inner bay before the sea breeze increases around 2:00, and for the north bay, you'll see the highs in the low 90s.
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temperatures running fairly hot, and fire danger, unfortunately, due to the risk of some lightning, is going to stay high. at least monday into tuesday. as the low moves inland, any chances of showers shut down. brief cooler thanks to a strong sea breeze into wednesday and thursday u and temperatures should climb some heading into next weekend. spare the air for inland valleys and the east bay and the attention turns night for fire danger for lightning potential in the hilltops. >> thank you very much. still ahead on today in the bay, a san jose boot maker is one of the few people left using the centuries-old technique. we'll show you why he's working so hard to make sure he passes his craft to his only child.
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silicon valley is known around the world as the place where the best and brightest create the newest and the flashiest. but if you look hard enough, you will still find people who take
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pride in doing things the old fashioned way. today in the bay's garvan thomas has the story of one man passing along the family tradition of boot making. >> in the capital of silicon valley, in the year 2013, the words old fashioned are often tossed around as an insult. unless, that is, your name is roberto herrera. >> i'm old fashioned all the way. >> and this is how you make boots. >> i put my spirit into boots. okay. >> roberto has run shoe repair spots in various spots in the south bay on and off for the last 40 years. but while fixing heels and polishing uppers may pay the bills, creating his one of a kind works of art, well, that's what feeds the soul. >> i want for people to come
7:26 am
back and tell me, this is the best boot i ever wear. i put two pieces together. one stitch at a time. >> herrera is likely one of a handful of boot makers around the world who work quite like he does. a single person making one of a kind custom boots entirely by hand. herrera's career began in his father's repair shop in chile in the 1960s. he spent years studying boot making masters becoming a slave to pattern and proportion. it was a passion that grew and grew. until -- >> 1999. >> the death of his oldest son, roberto carlos, in a car accident. >> killed. >> roberto closed up shop and thought seriously about forever hanging up his tools.
7:27 am
until he got a phone call from his youngest son this time. rafael. >> he called me one day and said, i want to go back and make boots. when you're lasting the shoe, the most important part is to be center. >> that was four years ago. the two have spent countless hours together since. >> that's the pressure. >> roberto sharing a lifetime of boot-making experience. he says it's great to know that his legacy will live on. even greater, he says, to watch it happen. >> big satisfaction. it's big. i like it. >> nbc bay area news. >> those custom boots can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $7,000, but we certainly know that there are a lot of folks who are willing to pay that much for shoes. still ahead on today in the bay, demanding change. the mother of trayvon martin is speaking out this morning against the controversial stand
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good morning to you. taking a live look at san francisco's america's cup village where the action was halted yesterday because of the wind but picks up again today. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. busy guy in the weather center because hotter today, friday, tomorrow. >> the heat, the air quality, and fire danger. maybe increasing, but not for it's a chance of lightning later on tonight, which is unusual for the bay area. 56 in san francisco, 62 in fairfield. the wind speed has backed off so inland valleys today without the strong sea breeze will be about 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. mid-90s inland today. upper 90s toward the trivalley.
7:31 am
san francisco to oakland, where we'll see the low clouds on the coast, but the high clouds coming in from off the sierra hint at the chance of some high based thundershower activity. below that layer, you have dry air trapped underneath. that's the opportunity for lightning sparked fires which will prompt the red flag warning through the day until tuesday. we'll sthhow you some of the ranges in a few minutes. >> thanks. rob. happening now, egypt is increasing security in cairo ahead of more planned protests in support of mohamed morsi. more than 800 people have been killed, thousands more injured nationwide since wednesday's dismantling of two encampments of morsi supporters. they're now considering banning the muslim brotherhood. it swept to power a year ago during egypt's first democratic elections. such a ban could provoke even
7:32 am
more unrest in that country. here in the bay area, hundreds of people are expected to gather in san francisco to speak out against the violence in egypt. a rally condemning the deadly protests will be held this afternoon at u.n. plaza in san francisco at the corner of market and 8th street. that's at 2:00 this afternoon. coming up in a bit, we'll talk about egypt with our political analyst. >> trayvon martin's mother is speaking out, demanding change to the stand your ground laws. she's touring the country to discuss the issue in honor of her son. we have the story. >> i just lost my baby. >> during a panel discussion on racial profiling, trayvon martin's mother sybrina fulton opened up about her pain and what life has been like for her and her family since her son was killed. george zimmerman claimed self defense after shooting and killing the teen in february of last year. last month, he was acquitted by
7:33 am
a jury. >> i really couldn't believe that the jury believed that he was not guilty. >> fulton has made it her mission to not have her son's death be in vein. and has embarked on a national campaign. >> the reason we came to arizona is because they are one of the states that have the stand your ground law, so we want to make sure that it starts in those states that we make positive change. >> stand your ground law is believed to have played a role in the jury's decision to acquit zimmerman. it gives someone the right to use deadly force to defend themselves without the need to avoid or walk away from a dangerous situation. family attorney benjamin crump has joined fulton to spread the word on their proposed amendment to the law on the books in 21 states. >> the trayvon martin amendment stands for the proposition that you cannot be the aggressor. you cannot start the confrontation. go pick a fight and kill somebody and say i was standing my ground. >> for fulton, she believes forums like these will lead to
7:34 am
much needed change. >> trying to make positive change. we're trying to bring light to some racial profiling issues, criminal profiling issues. we just want to bring awareness to what's going on. >> that was o'reilly ortega reporting. >> the first settlement has been reached between penn state and one of the sexual abuse victims of former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the attorney for victim five did not release details on the settlement but said it's quote a win-win situation because the university can proceed with insures to recoup the costs. he was convicted of 45 counts of child sex abuse which he committed during his time as a coach for the university. he's serving a sentence of th30o 60 years and maintains he did nothing wrong. >> a man shot in last year's deadly movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado, is setting out to finish a cross country journey he started back then.
7:35 am
this morning, stephen barton was attempting to ride his bike from virginia to san francisco last year when he stopped in aurora to watch the premiere of "dark knight rises." he was shot in the neck in that rampage in which 12 people were killed. yesterday, barton and his friend left from the same movie theater to finish the trip. over the next three weeks, they'll ride 1400 miles to san francisco to raise money for the victims, hopefully we'll get to talk to them when they get here. new details this morning on the deadly u.p.s. cargo plane crash. federal investigators say so far they have not found any issues with the controls onboard the plane that crashed near the airport in birmingham, alabama, last week. one official says the cockpit controls appeared to be working before the crash. a cockpit warning that the plane was descending too fast was sent just second before impact. the owner of a popular surfing school in santa cruz is behind bars this morning, accused of committing lewd acts
7:36 am
with some of his students. 38-year-old dylan greiner is held on $500,000 bail in santa cruz county jail. greiner who is seen here on his youtube channel, teaches students at santa cruz surf school. authorities say he secretly videotaped girls while they were changing into their wet suits. they say he would lure the girls with free surf lessons and then he would make sexual advanced. people in the community say they're shocked. >> he is definitely a predator. a predator. he's sick in his mind. yeah. so if there is proof of it, he deserves to be put away. >> the two girls identified by police as victims were just 13 years old and 14 years old at the time. investigators are now sifting through more than 1,000 images of potential victims and they say they expect more girls will come forward. >> a developing story in oakland
7:37 am
where it has been a violent and deadly weekend. this morning, police are investigating yet another shooting that killed one woman and injured a young child. officers responded to reports of shots fired near the corner of macarthur boulevard and 73rd avenue last night not far from mills college. police say a man and woman were shot sitting inside a car, and the woman died at the scene. the man was rushed to the hospital and expected to survive. police say a 4-year-old child was cut by shattered glass but is expected to be okay. so far, there are no suspects and no motive. >> new mismorning, police in antioch are investigating a deadly shooting at a gas station at a chevron station near delta fair boulevard near the town center just after 7:30 last night. police say the 49-year-old man was stabbed several times. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police say they are questioning one person who was at the scene, but so far, there are no arrests
7:38 am
in the case. and dramatic new video this morning just into our newsroom. the driver of this pickup pick is on the run this morning after crashing the truck through the home of -- the friend of a home in petaluma. this is on cleveland avenue. the truck slammed through the front door, destroying the living room and two walls there, and maernemergency crews helped elderly woman woo was in a back bedroom. she was visibly shaken, but she was not hurt. authorities say that house will be red tagged. still ahead on today in the bay, a major blow to the oakland a's all-stars as bartolo colon goes down with an injury. we'll show you how long he's expected to be sidelined coming up next.
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the a's taking on the cleveland indians this afternoon. first pitch is at 1:05.
7:41 am
as for yesterday's game, it simply wasn't the a's night. top of the first, former a nick swisher homers to right field to give the indians a 1-0 lead and they would go on from there to add beating the ars's rr 7-1. that means they now trail texas by 1 1/2 games in the a.l. west. but the bigger loss in the game was 40-year-old starting pitcher bartolo colon who was placed on the 15-day dl with a groin strain. tommy malone has been recalled from the aaas is expected to fill the all-star's spot in the rotation. no pressure, right? >> the giants taking on the marlins in south beach. pablo sandoval. the head-first slide beats logan morrison to the bag. one run scores. sandoval was shaken up a bit on the play but stayed in the game. two batters later, blanco triples to center and two runs score. the giants win 6-4.
7:42 am
and will go for the sweep today. >> former athletic and giant miguel tejada has been suspended 105 games for violating major league baseball's drug policy. he tested positive for using adderall. he said he has been using the drug for the past five years to control his add. the ban is the third longest non-lifetime suspension handed down by the mlb. he said he had permission to use it but then that permission ran out. still ahead on today in the bay, nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us next. we're going to talk about egypt and what the obama administration can do to try to combat some of the ongoing violence in that country. people go to a mattress store and essentially they just get sold something.
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as we reported earlier, more than 800 people have been killed all across egypt just since wednesday. thousands more injured. and now a lot of pressure on the
7:45 am
u.s. and the obama administration to do something. anything, to top that violence. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us with what some of the options are. a lot of people are going to gather in union plaza today. what is it they're going to call for from the government? >> immediately, a seize-fire, so the muslim brotherhood and others can sort of come out and participate openly in trying to form a new government. now, that's what they're calling for. they're not likely to get that. the military is pretty firm about this in terms of suppressing it and perhaps chasing them back underground. what some people, particularly those who want to jump in there and do something about it from our point of view, we don't realize the extent to which we need egypt much more than egypt needs the united states. i'll explain. when american military ships want to go through the suez canal, the most important waterway in the world, they get
7:46 am
priority over everybody else. when the united states needs to fly personnel and material to afghanistan or whatever, they have under overflight privileges through egypt. and there's the egypt/israeli treaty, which those are the only two countries, egypt is the only country with a treaty with israel. they say we have $1.5 billion a year we give to the military. this may sound silly, but doesn't go as far as it used to. that's because in large part, the minute the military overthrew the morsi government, other countries, conservative middle eastern countries, promised $12 billion in aid and loans. what's $12 billion against $1.5 billion? you take that big step back, kris and as much as we're full of anguish, we don't have a lot of cards to play. >> now, $1.5 billion, you mentioned that, but there are other countries who are giving
7:47 am
more in aid to egypt. so if taking that option off the table is, you know -- if that option is off the table, cutting fundi funding, what can the obama administration do? >> there is little the obama administration can do. i think that's what's so hard for most of us to understand. there is little we can do. we have to sit back and watch this play out. if in fact we fiddle with the military and try to take active steps to keep them from doing what they're doing, there's a no-win situation there. you lose whatever little modest leverage you have, and it won't really improve things. on the other hand, if you stay away as we are, we represent really another non-player in the world. you know, so much of this has happened because of the way the united states went into the iraq war. and you hear people say, that's an old story. well, that undermined the u.s. presence in the near east. it really made us a non-player
7:48 am
in terms of our credibility, so we have problems here that in some ways are partially our own doing. >> we'll have to see what some of the protesters say at 2:00 as they gather in the city this afternoon. switching gears just a little bit, last muptonth, you might remember there was a california law that took effect, banning the sale of shark fins. most people will say, so what, who cares? i'm not going to eat that anyway. for a select group of the population, this is a cultural thing, but it was a law intended to prevent inhumane treatment of animals, so let's talk about where we go from here. >> this is an interesting story on a lot of levels. okay. the participants who have taken this issue to court, they're deadly serious, deadly serious. even to the point that the obama administration has weighed in on this case. now, fundamentally here, at sue is whether california law can regulate animal protection. now, proponents of the law,
7:49 am
conservationists and animal rights folks say cutting fins from live sharks destroys the shark population and puts the public at risk from excessive mercury in the fins. opponents, the restaurants and consumers, largely chinese-americans who view this as a delicacy, they say the shark population is largely unaffected by this practice and the law really discriminates against these people. so the conflict was first tried in u.s. district court a while back where the judge upheld the state law. now it's at to u.s. court of appeals and could go all the way up to the u.s. supreme court. >> there are so many different things that the obama administration can get involved in. why soup? why shark fin soup? >> the obama administration claims it's more than shark fin soup, right? they claim that the federal government has the right to regulate rules for commercial fishing offshore and that a prohibition of the shark fins could harm the shark fishing industry. so suddenly, we leap from a debate between animal
7:50 am
mistreatment versus hallowed tradition to the state versus the federal government. that takes us to this fundamental american concept of federalism. the terms of the political relationship between the states in this case, california, and the federal government. and you know what? that's serious business. >> if there's nothing new about regulation, then why are we in this food fight? >> you know, when people look at the state, they scratch their heads. one of the reasons is because california has this really interesting history of regulating the conditions of manufacture and consumption of food issues, and we're sometimes chastised and often ridiculed for this kind of thing. so, for example, in 2004, the state legislature passed a law that prevents the forceful feeding of ducks and geese. remember that? to produce the abundant amount of foie gras on the grounds that it was inhumane treatment. it has been taken to federal court.
7:51 am
a couple years back, 2008, the voters passed a ballot proposition that required owners of chickens pigs and calves raised for veal to live in cages where they might have enough room to roam freely. now, that law is expected to take effect in 2015, and one can expect there will be a fight there, too. in all of these cases, opponents claim the state just goes too far in regulating the means of food production and consumption. which takes us back to the shark fin case. both sides have merit, but you know, only one side can prevail. the outcome is going to have much more significance than whether someone can simply eat shark fin soup. it affects so many more political relationships. >> people can laugh, but there are a lot of folks who feel strongly about humane treatment of animals in food production. we can understand both sides. >> there are fundamental political issues at conflict.
7:52 am
>> still ahead on today in the bay, it might be an '80s film icon, but this famous red car went for far less than expected on the auction block. >> and here's a view this morning from near guadalupe park in san jose. sunshine right now, pleasant start to the morning and a hotter finish to the weekend. we'll talk about 90s back in the forecast when we come right back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
and here's a nice view this morning from san burno mountain. you can see we have low clouds below, high clouds from the east, and mt. diablo looking nice there, just about the time, 7:54 right now, sunday morning. off to the 50s and 60s, but we're going to finish the day well into the 90s, we think, inland. less of a sea breeze out towards fairfield and livermore. 57 in san francisco, and notice that wind speed in fairfield. that's going to tell the story. not much of a case of ocean air
7:55 am
conditioning for you later on this afternoon. it should be warm out at the ballpark early afternoon start to the a's game coming up just after 1:00. should see numbers in the 80s near oakland today. so unfortunately as the winds back off inland and high pressure strengthens briefly, we're going to have a spare the air sundays. east bay valley's ground level concentrations in the unhealthy towards contra costa and alameda county. lots of 90s inland and tonight watching out for a chance of thunder and lightning potential for sparking fires and we will see a slight chance of showers for the early part of the week. right now, the radar is dry. later tonight, we may see that change so the boxed in areas in red, higher elevation areas around the santa cruz mountains and up and down the peninsula. tonight on into tuesday, we'll have the chance of that red-flag warning. high clouds off to the east for now, but some of this is going to spill back towards the bay area later on tonight as this area of low pressure just off
7:56 am
the central california coast directs that chance of some high elevation thunder on top of some dry air trapped below, and that's why we have the red-flag warning hoisted up later on tonight. during the day today, mostly sunny skies. moisture coming in from the east during the day tomorrow, and the best bet for scattered showers around the entire bay area is monday night into early tuesday. especially the north bay hills and wednesday the low moves inland. chances of showers and thunder shut down on wednesday. today, 80s and 90s around the south bay. hottest temperatures around morgan hill, pleasanton, fairly toasty for your sunday. 90s around fairfield, and 70s and 80s around the inner bay for a change today. 90s into the north bay. watching out for the chance of some lightning-sparked fires. hopefully, we get enough rain with any thundershowers that may try to develop in the hilltops. the pattern is going to stick around for the first half of the week. second half of the week, different. much like we saw last week where
7:57 am
we had the morning fog and drizzle at times and a fairly nice start heading into next weekend. in the meantime, hot today. especially inland, and watching out for the fire danger tonight, all the way fwh to tuesday. >> certainly don't want any fire. thanks, rob. >> a car from one of the biggest movies frame the 1980s has a new owner this morning. it's not rob. one of three red convertpables used for ferris bueller's day off went on the auction block. the classic red ferrari convertable is a replica called a modena spider. did i say that right? a real ferrari would have cost $300,000 in the '80s while a replica cost about $25,000. the man who built and owned the car tell us it never went through the window. >> the car that went out the window was only a shell with a very crude frame, so they actually had this car that they did the spinning wheels and they cut to the other one, mounted a pulley in the floor and had a
7:58 am
pickup truck just drag the shell out the window. >> so you thought it would go for a million. it went for $235,000. still a very cool car. thanks for making us a part of your morning. we'll see you back here next weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
our issues and people this sunday, the breaking news this morning. days of rage. deadly clashes in egypt and president obama's response. >> our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets. >> the key question for the u.s. -- should we cut off aid to egypt? i'll ask two key senators on the armed services committee. race and justice, a controversial crime-fighting tool, stop and frisk, rejected by a federal judge. new york city police commissioner ray kelly joins me to defend it, while trayvon martin's mother gives me her views in an exclusive live interview. ready to run? hillary clinton returns to the stage. what's her strategy and what's the gop plan of attack for 2016? i'll get insights and analysis om


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