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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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some kind of area. i'm meteorologist christina loren. feeling tropical out there. you're at 68 to kickoff the day in sunnyvale. we have thick fog at the coast. big story is major changes between saturday and sunday. we'll take you through the weekend forecast. speaking of saturday and sunday, that means today is friday, approaching the weekend. traffic starts to slow right now. i'll get the words in my mouth as welcoming up soon. >> a little like a monday on a friday. that's okay, because we have confirmed it is friday, august 16. this is "today in the bay." it is 5:00 everybody. want to start you out with four key letters, tgif. thanks for joining us everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we have a developing story in san jose where a man is
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recovering from serious injuries this morning after jumping off a freeway overpass trying to run away from police. it happened on the 280 connector ramp to 101 next to pal stadium. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live with more on this really bizarre incident. >> it really is. we're standing on the on-ramp to northbound 280 from king road. we're right next to pal stadium. if you know the area, you know where we are this morning t. on-ramp reopened within the last hour after pliz had a busy night cleaning up the mess left behind after the man jumped from way above. this is the connector to 101 at the 260-880 interchange. the man jumped as he was trying to get away from police and landed plenty of feet below on the on-ramp below. the sand you see here is to cover up his blood. pretty gruesome. at one point police using a tape measure to figure out the distance, estimated to be about
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three to four stories high. it started before 9:00 last night when they attempted to pull over a white sedan. the driver wouldn't stop and eventually spun out on the 101 connector. that's when he took off on foot and jumped the railing. police are not saying why they attempteded to pull him over in the first place. >> talking to a few witnesses, trying to get their statements and put the whole picture together. >> reporter: san jose police say, of course, if you witnessed any of this activity last night, you should certainly get in touch with them. i can tell you the man who jumped is said to have major injuries. he's in the hospital this morning. he had with him two passengers inside his car. police have detained those passengers, though it's not clear if those are under arrest. i do have a call in to san jose police. i'm hoping to hear back. live in east san jose, marla tellez torques day in the bay. a woman this morning is offering a $10,000 reward for
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information on an accident that left her father unconscious. 56-year-old john vigdahl was hit back on the morning of august 8. since then he has been unconscious in a hospital bed at regional medical center. the car that hit him is believed to be a dark-colored camry similar to the one we're showing on the screen. his daughter flew out from connecticut to be by her father's side. >> the biggest mistake is that somebody left. you have a responsibility to other humans around you to be a good human being and somebody decided that they didn't have to abide by that rule. >> if you happen to know anything or saw anything with that accident, you're asked to call fremont police. 5:03. the man named in the disappearance and murder of an oakland federal investigator will be in court today. randy alana is in court for a parole revocation hearing. he's being investigated for the
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murder of sandra coke whose body was found a week ago. alana says he and coke knew each other and they believe they were together the night coke disappeared. meantime, the family of sandra coke has set up a fund to benefit coke's 15-year-old daughter. supporters are attempting to raise $100,000 for this fund. as of this morning, more than $51,000 has been donated. we posted a link to the donation page on our website, the trial of accused serial killer joseph naso finally coming to an end. naso will be delivering his closing arguments today. naso on trial for the murders of four women in the 1970s and 1990s. he is acting as his own attorney and he has insisted he is innocent. two women accused of stealing more than $160,000 for from a menlo park university will be in court. evelyn vac quau on the left and
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jennifer morris on the right worked as director of finance and secretary for st. patrick's seminary and university. back in 2004 they allegedly started using school funds for personal expenses. both of those women now are expected to be in court today for a preliminary hearing. neighbors in santa clara will voice their frustrations today over the stalled construction of a new library. construction has stopped in the midst of a funding dispute between the city and county. santa clara says the city is spending redevelopment money on the library. under state law that money should have been transferred to schools and special districts. today at 1:30, communi members will hold a rally at the santa clara city council chambers and hopes the library can open as planned. drive sober or get pulled over. that's the message from law enforcement as santa clara's crackdown on drunk driving gets going tonight.
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several checkpoints will be set up throughout the city and county while 13 agencies will beef up patrols on the streets. many agencies will be tweeting and giving virtual ride-alongs to followers. the goal is to give people a realistic look at the consequences of drinking and driving. anybody interested in getting some of the updates, they can search #avoid13. this will run through labor day. >> we'll have to use the hash tag tropical this morning. a little florida-like? >> it's an interesting pattern we're getting into. good morning at 5:06. we'll start with visibility because we have moisture out there, high pressure comes in, compresses what's available. that's why you're losing visibility in santa rosa. as the sun starts to come up, visibility will drop off even more so. we'll keep tabs on that.
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mike and i all over your morning commute. 68 in sunnyvale, 62 in gilroy and 65 to start the day. these temperatures are easily going to climb to the 80s today about noon, 86 degrees on the way to annie october as you break for lunch. a warm day inland, comfortable conditions at the immediate coast. temperatures getting a little close to that 70-degree mark. i think pacifica, probably about 69 degrees. 75 in santa cruz and 82 degrees in san jose. more moisture, hotter weather and a big difference between saturday and sunday. your seven-day forecast is coming up. let's check the drive with mike. good morning. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza where things are very nice right now. top of your screen, you see low clouds hovering above the eastshore freeway. i'll warn the control room, there might be a bat shod coming up. this sis emeryville.
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all lights are confirmed. we lost sight as the clouds drifted through. we'll look at the maps and look at the tri-valley as well where traffic starts to slow already even on a friday. we have average speed coming down below 60. as you head toward north flynn, there's a shot showing the number of lights on the roadway. a smooth drive over to the 680 dub ling interchange. a new crash reported there. actually, i'm sorry, northbound at sheridan. c hfrnltsp getting the details. a live look at fremont. we'll check on 680 and that crash coming up. back to you. thank you very much. 5:08, a place maybe your parents took you when you were litting closing its doors this weekend forever. >> at 8:00 on sunday night, malibu grand prix, a big-time hit in redwood city officially closing upshot. >> for the past 35 years, malibu has entertained kids and adults
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alike with bumper boats, batting cages, go carts. you can't miss them along highway 101. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in redwood city, ready to take some of the final laps around that track. >> reporter: good morning laura and jon. i'm sure a lot of people in the bay area remember growing up here, waiting to get their driver's license to get their bodies behind the wheels of one of these. something no longer available in the bay area and hardly available in the country, three-quarter scale indy style go kart, proprietary to malibu grand prix. >> this one is different in the power that it has. these things with go up to 40 miles an hour and handle just like a real car would.
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>> so when you guys go, the only other place you can go to drive these type of cars would be in l.a. >> correct. >> nationwide there's no more malibu -- >> correct. our speed zone location in los angeles, they have these type of cars that they run there as well. >> for people that aren't familiar, you're shutting down because of the lease of this land. you said you grew up here. >> correct. >> you started here, you're the gm. what memories do you have? >> a lot of great memories and friendships we've made over the years, people you've worked with and regular guests that come in all the time that know know you by name. that part is sad. we've had a great time here and unfortunately it is coming to an end this sunday. >> this past week i believe there's been a lot of people who have been coming to take one last lap? >> correct. a great outpouring, a ton of guests coming out. this has hit home with them and it really shows me how many people really grew up with malibu grand prix and coming out here and enjoying the
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attractions that we have. >> what about you? are you going to take one last lab this week snend. >> this sunday, we definitely do, get out and do one last lap out there. a couple of the team members will get out there and see who can get the best time. >> i'm going to try to get the best time in a little bit, about 30 minutes, once i get my brain up and running from being up so early in the morning. >> have a little coffee before you get behind the wheel. >> our very own speed racer, bob redell behind the wheel. i'm glad i'm here. >> exactly. 5:11 right now. the stanford professor trying to help thousands of low-income college students get into ivy league schools. the america's cup, another big event could be coming the the san francisco area. the proposal mayor ed lee has received. the new steve jobs movie is out. but it comes out to fairly mediocre reviews. ♪
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just a great story here. a stanford professor helping thousands of low income high school students get into top universities all across the nation. caroline hoxby is behind the expanding college opportunities project. this year nearly 20,000 packeting containing all the information students need about college scholarships and financial aid will be mailed out to low-income students for the class of 2014 who scored above the 90th percentile. hoxby is opening the information will open up doors to top universities, the ones low income students often pass up on. 5:14. earlier this week the president proposed new oversight for the nsa's domestic surveillance program. scott mcgrew, there are claims this morning the nsa didn't follow the rules already in place. >> good morning. they didn't follow the old
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rules, laura, much less the old rules. an audit the nsa did on itself says the people watching and documenting american phone calls broke privacy rules thousands of times a year, sometimes by overstepping their bounds. in some cases it was by mistake. in one case the nsa intercepted a large number of calls made in washington, d.c., area code 202. it meant to intercept calls made in egypt, country code 20. dianne feinstein has some oversight over that, on the senate intelligence committee. she said this morning she was not aware of the audit. silicon valley is growing increasingly concerned about the nsa. some companies are given secret court orders called national security letters. 40 companies sent the letter to the white house asking for more transparency. >> what's challenging about the current policy of law enforcement online is that you
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can't even disclose the number of national security letters that you've received, and that's just an absurd policy. >> that's matthew prince, an outspoken but very level-headed ceo and critic of secret court orders. we'll talk to him further this sunday on "press here." in the meantime, hampton pearson is live at cnbc washington, d.c. bureau. good morning, hampton. >> how are you doing, scott? we do have futures higher after stocks face the biggest one and two-day declines in two months, the dow falling triple digits for a second day in a row on thursday, closing at its lowest level since june. that closing down 225 points, the s&p sliding 24, the nasdaq down 63. rising interest rates continue to put pressure on stocks, keep an eye on the ten-year yield. investors will be eyeing key economic data in a few hours, including readings on the housing market, productivity, labor costs and figures on
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consumer sentiment. that's an early look at futures and some items of interest. back to you and have a great weekend. >> you, too, hampton. mixed reviews for the new steve jobs movie that opens today. here is a clip ashton kutcher as jobs as he's about to get fired from apple. >> they're not seeing the big picture. >> that's right. the shareholders don't see past their own shadows, only concerned about the here and the now. the board has blinders on. if they could see, they'd see you the way i see you, the way your employees see you. >> it's my project. it's mine and they're taking it away from me. >> spoiler alert, he does get fired from apple. further spoiler alert, he gets rehired. >> and makes incredible products. >> getting about a 50% on critics which is too bad. there's another jobs movie coming. i think it's worth seeing, just the history of silicon valley told many times before but still
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worth seeing i'm sure. >> is it just me or is it tough to get overseeing ashton as the pumped guy? i'm having trouble taking him seriously. >> he tried to personify him. >> some of the other clips, he did quite a good job. it's a tough one, especially here because everybody -- >> so familiar. >> exactly. very interesting. we'll check in with scott a little later, gadget friday. >> that's right. it is friday. we have the gadgets ahead, the heat is on. >> the heat is on. 5:18. i have a lot to tell you about, essentially if you're trying to make the weekend plans outdoors. if you plan on sleeping the whole weekend, just disregard what i'm going to say when i get to that seven-day outlook, and i might be in that category. temperatures are looking nice and comfortable at the coast this morning, starting at 58 degrees in santa cruz. watch out for thick pockets of fog traveling along u.s. 1. 61 to kickoff the day in san francisco.
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not far from your daytime averages this time of year. we do want to keep tracking this fog for you. i'm happy to report in santa rosa, visibility improving. want to bring up your satellite imagery. in addition to the low clouds, you can see the flow coming up from the southeast. we have the subtropical moisture in the bay area. if you live in the south bay, it's going to come as far to the north as san francisco today. 72 degrees with humidity. 82 degrees on the way to beautiful san jose. this is what we're looking at. i want to spend extra time on your seven-day forecast. take a look at the difference between saturday and sunday. 88 degrees on saturday. that's your day for outdoor plans inland. if you want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine by sunday, it's going to the oppressive heat that we rarely get in the bay area. we haven't talked about triple digits for the past four weeks. they are soon to return. 99 in livermore. antioch definitely in the
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triples. monday into tuesday, temperatures drop off because we'll see the cloud cover move in. it's going to limit the sunshine. we'll have more humidity so it's going to feel sticky. we're including the chance for thunderstorms. then wednesday and thursday, the dry heat comes back and the temperatures come right back up. let's check on your drive right now with foggy conditions out there. >> foggy exactly. because of the fog, we can't launch our chopper. this is our sunol camera. this is north 680 toward me and just behind the trees, the scene of the crash, we just heart about it. sounds like a big rig truck blocking all lanes of north 680. do not try north 680 through sunol. the southbound side was jamming up as well. that was an issue as you come by the golf course in both directions. you see it on our maps, southbound will start to show slowing as well. this is south of the 84 cut off. mission road, for example, i don't think it takes you far enough north past the scene of the accident.
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we're still watching for details. the wine difficult road through alvarado, toward 880, toward 580, a lot of extra mileage. avoid the sunol area if you can. meanwhile, coming into the area, this is the commute. the crash is counter-commute. it's going to send more folks into sunol where we see slowing already. that will be an issue for the morning. maybe two hours so they can clear that. meanwhile the south bay looks really clear. san francisco reportedly trying to lure a big-time event to the bay area. a blog in the "san francisco chronicle" says some california democrats are asking the city to work on pursuing the 2016 democratic national convention. earlier this week, a california democratic xachb specialist sent a letter to mayor ed lee urging him to submit a proposal.
5:22 am
the last time the city hosted a dnc is in 1934 when geraldine ferraro was the first woman nominee for president. >> could be another woman nominee this time around with hillary clinton. we have the super bowl coming up, why not the dnc. 5:22. we'll let you know why trader joe's is suing a former bay area man. we'll have more coming up next.
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unfortunately just a few months after moving into its new waterfront home, san francisco exploratorium is cutting jobs. the museum will eliminate 80 of its more than 400 paid positions. attendance and ticket sales at that brand new location on pier 15 not as high as they had expected. the new facility opened up back in april and these cuts include laying off full-time workers, letting seasonal employees go
5:25 am
and leaving those unfilled positions vacant. 5:24. a former bay area resident says he is trader joe's biggest fan. the company says he's breaking the law and now they're suing. michael halant lived in emeryville during the dot com boom. when he moved to british columbia, he opened a shop called pilot joe's. every few weeks he drives across the border, drives a few thousand in items from trader's joe's and sells it. earlier this month the lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the case. >> that's an interesting case. why can't you sell whatever you buy wherever you want? >> i don't know. >> we'll see. something to consider, but trader joe's a big time name all over california. let's check in with christina loren right now. 5:25, see what's happening outside. we hear that that balmy weather
5:26 am
descending upon us. >> you can definitely feel it out there this morning. look at the numbers. 62 degrees in oakland, two degrees away from 70 in sunnyvale on a friday morning. what i can tell you is we have a really interesting pattern shaping up, that monsoonal moisture is back, triple digit heat continues to play a big question mark. will we see it on sunday? i do believe so. i'll show you the best chances to see that. first we want to check in with mike because we have thick fog that can slow you down. >> the big rig across all lanes of north 80. the crash is blocking the northbound lanes, but the southbound lanes with those taillights is very slow, creeping past the scene as well. across the darkness, across the golf course, you can see the cars heading south into fremont. it is slow in both directions as well. northbound, still reports of all lanes blocked. i see a lot of cars heading into the area.
5:27 am
the backup has still not gone. avoid 680 through sunol if you can and possibly for the next couple hours. chp has yet to update on any estimated time of opening. 808 through 84. send it back to you. >> thanks so much. 5:27. a popular radio deejay that's entertained bay area listeners for two decades now off the air. a private school says yes, it is sorry about tieing up local roads. but it will not be dropping enrollment as a result. we'll leapt you know what it's planning to do instead. [ slurps ]
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[ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.® made gluten-free cereals in a bunch of yummy flavors. like cinnamon chex, honey nut chex, and chocolate chex... we're in cereal heaven. so thanks. from the mcgregors, 'cause we love chex. >> reporter: new this morning, certainly not your typical police investigation under way in san jose. a man jumps from a major overpass as he tries to get away from police officers. i'm marla tellez with that story
5:30 am
coming up. a new warning from police as thousands of bike riders prepare to flood the streets of the south bay tonight. it's a tropical start to your friday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temps in the mid to upper 60s. pretty much a hot day ahead and an even hotter weekend. i'll show you where and when that heat kicks in on your seven-day forecast. an overturned big rig shuts down the northbound side of this major tri-valley spot. we'll bring you the latest from chp and our live cameras coming up. >> that could make for a messy friday commute. let's give you a live beautiful look from the south bay this morning. it's august 16. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning everybody. i'm jon kelley. we continue following a developing story in san jose where a man jumps off a freeway
5:31 am
overpass landing some 40 to 50 feet below. he was trying to get away from police on the 208 connector ramp to 101. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live in san jose with nothing short of a bizarre incident out there. good morning, marla. >> reporter: good morning. san jose police certainly had quite the night out there. they have since left the scene. i want to step out of the way to show what's behind me. spread across the northbound on-ramp from 280, this is sand spread across to cover the blood left behind after police say a man jumped from the 101 connector way above there and landed right there. police say this man has major injuries and is currently in the hospital. police even at one point measuring the drop that's estimated to be three to four stories high. police say the man who jumped was the suspected driver of a white sedan they tried to pull over shortly before 9:00 last
5:32 am
night. the vehicle fled. the officers attempted to stop the vehicle and it wound up on the freeway where it was involved in a collision. and there was a couple of injuries. one major and two other folks with minor injuries. >> reporter: that collision only involved the white sedan and spun out on the 101 connector at the 280/680 interchange. that's when the driver took off on foot, jumped the railing and he has major injuries. police say he had two passengers with him that were involved in this. they detained these two people though police are not saying why or if they're under arrest. police aren't saying why they tried to pull over the car in the first place. back here live, we're giving you a look at the 101 connector. i wanted to mention that overnight a portion of that connector was shut down. that reopened about 2:30 this morning. this on-ramp reopened within the last 90 minutes.
5:33 am
i have a call to san jose police to try and fill in the holes in this story. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." happening now at 5:33, egypt's muslim brotherhood calling for a nationwide day of rage protest to this week's deadly riots. the egyptian government is threatening to use deadly force if protests get out of hand again. these are moving live shots. you can see people running there or moving across that bridge very quickly. at least 638 people now confirmed dead after clashes this week between riot police and supporters of ousted islamist president mohamed morsi. meantime president obama denounced the violence yesterday. the state department is considering whether to pull billions of dollars in aid from that country. also new this morning, a woman now dead and a man is injured this morning after a gunman opened fire in east oakland. this happened overnight. oakland police there saying the two were found shot on 100th
5:34 am
avenue near san leandro street. this happened just before 11:30 last night. the woman died at the scene and the man was taken to a local hospital. we this morning don't have any update on his condition. police right now are investigating any kind of motive for this shooting. 5:34. a celebration of life will be held for a 1-year-old boy shot to death in east coke land last night. drew jackson and his father were sleeping inside a home when someone opened fire into the back bedroom. both drew and his father were killed. today's public service starts at 11:00 a.m. at fuller funerals on international boulevard. drew's mother is asking those planning to attend not to wear black. so far there are no arrests in their murders. the strike is over, for now it is. hundreds of city workers will be back on the job in hayward today. that three-day strike wrapped up yesterday afternoon. the union representing about 350 city workers says more picketing
5:35 am
is possible if city officials refuse to return to the negotiating table. the workers' contract expired in april and the city then broke off talks late last month declaring an impasse. city leaders want to freeze salaries until 2015 and asking workers to contribute more toward their benefit packages. the union on the other side of this, they say they want a fair contract with no pay cuts. 5:35. a well-known all girls private school in palo alto is apologizing to neighbors this morning and at a community meeting last night. castilleja school officials say they take full responsibility for going over the enrollment cap for this upcoming school year. they say they have no immediate plans to scale back. the school is 33 students over the capacity allowed by a permit that was issued back in 2000. neighbors say more students make an already crowded street even 
5:36 am
worse. the school plans to ask for a new permit. san jose's monthly bike party is branching out. it has police warning commuters about the possible delay. normally this takes place in san jose and attracts as many as 5,000 riders. this month it will be starting in sunnyvale going through mountain view and palo alto before then turning around at stanford. since the cyclists are planning to use the major roadways, police are warning drivers to watch out and be very careful. the ride, also scheduled to take place tonight between 8:00 and midnight. meantime campbell police are still looking for the driver who hit a group of bicyclists riding home from last month's bike party and simply took off. the riders were on west campbell avenue at about 1:00 a.m. back on july 20th when a dark honda sedan reportedly swerved and hit one of them. one of those riders was seriously injured. another one of them suffered minor injuries.
5:37 am
for the first time in 20 years, chewy gomez will no longer be the morning radio host at kmel. >> hello there. as you know, the rumors are true. i want to thank the bay area for listening to kmel for 20-plus years. love you guys. daddy got to move on, huh? say move on! >> no mention of the departure on kmel's twitter page. it's unclear why he and kmel parted ways. we do have calls in to the radio station this morning and we are waiting to hear back. but certainly he's got that little sweetie pie to comfort him. >> i think he made his little daughter into a star. she's a sweetheart. 5:37. outside it is going to be a balmy swampy day.
5:38 am
>> feels like that. >> a little sticky out there, only in parts of the bay area. the micro climb malths making a big impact. here is san jose. you can see the low-level cloud cover. in addition we'll get high and mid-level clouds this morning making for and absolutely spectacular sunrise. can't wait to show you those pictures as we head throughout the morning hours. 61 in gilroy and 65 in livermore. sunrise right around 6:30 this time of year. our days are now getting shorter. overnight we should start to see a little bit of relief with our temperatures dropping off. no, we have all that humidity out there, the low clouds serving as a blanket. thick pockets of fog as high pressure compresses forcing it right to the surface. a mile and three-quarters of visibility. those numbers keep going in and out. we'll be checking on those for you all morning long. in addition to the low clouds, the high and mid-level clouds moving in from the southeast. 89 in gilroy, 82 in san jose.
5:39 am
here is the deal for the weekend. temperatures will drop off tomorrow. and they will shoot right back up like a rocket on sunday. i'll show you the seven day outlook to make the outdoor plans. first let's check on the drive on a friday. >> not a friday light situation if you're traveling through sunol. 680 is a nightmare into and out of the tri-valley. look at this shot, the best we can show you. the crash soefr off to the left around the bend, behind some trees as luck would have it. you saw that set of headlights just passing by us. there are a few cars traveling north. some get arg round the backup there. at the top of the screen you see the northbound cars. that's your commute out of the south bay and into fremont. they're all stacking up heading into the scene. southbound also the crash blocking all the northbound lanes. the map will show you this is the same situation around the sunol golf course. if you pass that on your commute, watch for this. highway 84 jammed up as folks are trying to get north of
5:40 am
there. if you hit 680 north of that spot, you can get past that. all folks heading down into the south bay, the northbound routes have folks out of the south bay. all these folks coming to the tri-valley heading down 680 and 84 tint sam jam, take 580. we'll end with the peninsula, by comparison, no problem. there's palo alto. >> what a difference. thanks. it's 5:40 right now. a google streetview employee held hostage while mapping an area in thailand. we'll tell you what he did to finally gaen his freedom. the students of two elementary schools ripped apart by deadly tornadoes in oklahoma get ready to resume class this morning. look at 'em.
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[ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles rethink possible. it will be a very emotional
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morning for families in moore, oklahoma. children in that town ripped apart by an ef5 tornado are returning to class this morning. ten children were killed when the tornado destroyed two elementary school. "today in the bay's" jay gray joins us from plaza towers elementary with more. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning, laura. a difficult day here. this area for many represents the heart of the devastation here. plaza towers elementary, seven students were lost when the tornado ripped apart this school. bridgewater elementary also ripped apart and tossed away. those two schools obviously aren't repaired, won't be back, work continuing right now. the students are going back to new and different facilities this morning. first time they've been back in the classroom since that day and since losing seven of their classmates. it's going to be emotional. it's going to be difficult, not only for those kids, but also for the faculty and staff as
5:44 am
they try and get back. a lot of people hope that the return to some routine here, the return to the classroom and the structure of a school will help to at the very least provide a diversion for those going through so much over the last three months. a lot of the kidsí$ to school will drive through neighborhoods that are still filled with rubble, piles of debris that has yet to be cleared away. everyone you talk to in this community will tell you this is a very important step in what continues to be a long and very difficult recovery here, laura. >> understandably. thank you very much, jay. it is 5:44 right now. how about this? you get a new job and think it's a piece of cake. a small village in thailand apologizing after villagers captured a google employee and accused of him of being a spy. he was driving in car like this one through the village of
5:45 am
sa-eab. they thought he was surveying for an unwanted dam project. the man was only allowed to go free after villagers took him to a buddhist temple and made him swear on a statue of buddha that no, he was not working for the dam project. >> stnt that interesting? 5:45 right now. one last hurrah for a place many people in the bay area grew up with. >> a lot of sentimental value. after 35 years, malibu grand prix in redwood city set to close up shop for good. "today in the bay's" bob redell checking out the park's favorite attractions. bob redell is going to be jumping on one of those go karts. >> this must be real exciting for you. there's a good chance you could witness a serious accident and i could suffer bodily harm. i could get it on tv.
5:46 am
malibu grand prix, the last one in the country in redwood city off 101 been here for 35 years. sunday at 8:00, finally going to be shutting down after issues with the lease. a lot of people, of course, remember growing up at the grand prix. and what makes this interesting, and i didn't realize this because i grew up with these in florida, these three-quarter scale indy cars were built from the ground up by malibu. they're proprietary, the only place in the country outside one place in l.a. where you can ride these. craig is the general manager at malibu. you said you've been surprised by the outpouring. >> that's correct. we've had a ton of guests, more than what we normally have. people coming out for the last time, a lot of people -- a lot of guests taking their kids out. they remember having great times. want to have the kids to have one last good time as well.
5:47 am
>> reporter: people are trying to get their hands on these cars. $500 on ebay? >> they're gone already. moving to another location. they're all accounted for. >> the only other location where you can drive these cars. >> in southern california, the los angeles speed zone. >> for the rest of us, you see ago cart to your left, that's more of a traditional go kart. >> right. this you can find anywhere. these are very unique to the malibu locations. >> reporter: 8:00 sunday night, jon and laura -- can you pop my brake. i didn't get a good time on the last one. sunday 8:00, last time you can come out here, malibu in redwood city on 101, a place where a lot of people in the bay area remember seeing, growing up and maybe taking their first spin before they got their driver's license. >> and he's off >> reporter: see you in a little bit. >> burn rubber for us.
5:48 am
>> one hand with the microphone. >> oh, he's spinning out. i think he just bumped the curb a little bit. i have a feeling tires will be flying all over the place. let's hope bob is okay out there. bay area tradition is sad off 101. >> weather going to cooperate. >> thank goodness no one else is out there on that track with him this morning. 5:48. whoa there, cowboy. let's take you outside. you want to give yourself a little extra time this morning at the immediate coast where we've got that really thick fog, reduced visibility. yeah. it's one of those interesting mornings. temperatures are running really, really warm. we might actually see record low minimums. that means the temperatures typically in the low 40s. starting at 57 degrees. usually at 50 straight up. in sunnyvale, 67 degrees to start the day. at 65, balmy in san jose.
5:49 am
and we've got all the subtropical moisture creeping up from the south. you can actually see that here on our satellite imagery. what does that mean for our morning? not only is it going to be humid, we'll see the sunrise shots. if you don't have to go to work today, stay right where you are. high pressure is going to bring about that hot, hazy, humid pattern. here is the deal. we'll see two very different parts of the upcoming weekend. 70s and 80s at the immediate coast and around the bay. 80s and 90s inland. as we head through the next couple days, temperatures will level off, kind of cool compared to yesterday. here is exactly what i'm talking about. take a look at the next three days. 91 degrees today, 88 for saturday. we shoot to 99 degrees inland on sunday. so that's your beach day if you can get out there. as we kickoff next week, we get even more of that subtropical moisture monday into tuesday. we're talking about potential for mountain thunderstorms, best chance will be over the north bay mountains, east bay hills
5:50 am
and santa cruz mountains as well. wednesday into thursday, the dry heat comes back, the temperatures creep right back up. mike, any improvement out there? >> no. that's the way to say it. all these folks heading down south 680. the sig alert is north 680. the issue is for both directions. look at this just north of androtti, an overturned big rig jamming up traffic and effectively closing the freeway. the local landmark is known well, south of the 84 cutover out of livermore. some folks coming in out of the alvarado niles area are able to get on to 680 north of that. if you're heading into walnut creek, san ramon, things are moving nicely. out of the south bay, that's a huge issue. we'll look at all the folks coming northbound out of fremont, all the way down past the golf course.
5:51 am
the southbound side is packed up as well, including the h.o.t. lane. that's not going to help you as everyone is slowing getting past the scene. a slow drive over the hill to fremont as well. traffic jammed throughout the entire area. folks are turning around from the northbound side joining the southbound commute direction, making things really bad. the maps will show you, if you are south of there, this is the jam you see. here is the south bay, expecting this for the friday commute. a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows the same thing as you head through the area. we see fog is an issue, approaching the berkeley curve. you want to plan ahead on the roads. the bay bridge is set to close for five days later this month while crews there work to connect that new eastern span ahead of the labor day opening. the bridge will be closing to traffic at 8:00 p.m. on the 28th. then it will reopen tuesday, september 3rd at 5:00 a.m.
5:52 am
this opening, formally granted opening will go off without all the planned pomp and circumstance. organizers say at this point it's too late to pull off any celebration. they will try to refund some of the money that people have donated for the big party. during that closure b.a.r.t. says it will expand service to help out. trains will run around the clock starting the evening of august 28 and ending the morning of september 2nd. an exact schedule will be released in the next few days. 5:52 right now. coming up, remember the rooftop mountain villa over in china? we'll tell you what's happening with that next. friday. this is super cool. you'll want to stick around for this. ♪
5:53 am
[ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you, bring the energy you need. new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. softly-baked, made with hearty oatmeal and a drizzle of cinnamon. they're nature valley's brand new take on a morning classic. because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand-new places. ♪ you can find them on sale now at your local safeway store.
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welcome back everybody. a lot of reasons we love fridays, one of them is because
5:55 am
scott mcgrew always has a obama with his gadget friday. >> i really enjoy this one. it's called sphero, it came out on wednesday. it's an electronic remote control ball. it's about $120. you control it with your iphone. there you see rolling around in our green room just past the studios as some of the programmers play with it and try to get it to go over a ramp. can they do it? absolutely not. even the programmers have trouble with it. this would be great fun by itself. what's really amazing about it honestly is how many different things it actually does. it can be used as a game controller. it can be used in various different games. this is super cool. take a look at this. back to our green room. this is the iphone again, and as you can see, see that little animal rolling around on the floor through the iphone. it's a virtual reality animal. anywhere the ball goes, the animal follows. so you get to play a certain
5:56 am
little game -- whoa. i was going to test it out and it shot across the studio floor. hold on a second. let me get it back. >> very interactive. >> it really is. whoo! it's going off the -- >> going off the deep end today, pal. >> one of the things i enjoy about gadget friday is we don't actually try to get it work ahead of time. it's all live as it goes. we'll see if i can get it -- >> it's got a cool light in it so you can turn the light on. >> that would drive a dog or cat absolutely nuts. >> absolutely. i'll toss it back to you. great fun with a little device. >> appreciate it, scott. thanks a lot. the camera went haywire, crossing signals. >> a little bit. 5:56 right now. have you seen this? we talked about it earlier this week. a luxury villa in the shape of a
5:57 am
mountain in beijing. it's all being torn down. >> luxury dirt. >> demolition of the building that sits atop a high-rise apartment began this morning. you can see workers in orange vests tearing that mountain apart. the owner spent six years creating that villa above liss home. but he didn't have the proper permits. neighbors have complained for years the mountain peak has structurally damaged the integrity of that building. it's all going to come down. 5:57 right now. a daring rescue coming up. a faerth and his two daughters stuck in a tree after their hot air balloon gets caught and snagged. we'll let you know how it's coming down coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now at 6:00, a man tries to outrun police by jumping off a south bay freeway. a bridge damaged and homes torn apart after a massive
6:00 am
earthquake and strong aftershocks rumble through new zealand. we'll have a look at the aftermath next. a final lap around that track. bob redell goes behind the wheel before malibu grand prix closes its doors for good. a balmy start to your friday morning with temperatures in the upper 60s. no need for a jacket. we've got a hot day ahead and an even hotter weekend. i'll break it down for you in your full forecast. friday light? no. if you commute through sunol, don't. we'll explain the details. >> words of wisdom from mike inouye. from the south bay, a live look where christina loren is telling us we will all be heat mizers. take along some cool water on this friday, august 16. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura


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