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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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going violence. a private school's public battle. we'll tell you why over enrollment at this all-girls' school is leaving this neighborhood to feel overcrowded. highs today around 84 degrees. we'll give you the forecast for the rest of the bay area. i want to let you know about weekend changes before you make those plans. already more roadway changes as a sig alert clears from the peninsula. a car fire on the nimitz to tell you about from the east bay coming up. right now, a live look outside. you see the bay bridge in the distance. the eastern span of the bay bridge. the question remains when will it finally open? we'll get our answer later today on this thursday, also known as friday eve, august 15. this, laes and gentlemen, is today? the bay. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley.
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good morning everyone. want to get you updated on the breaking news right now. a hayward man is dead after police say he threatened an officer with a knife. this all started with a fight between that man and his wife. it was his very own daughter who made the desperate call to police. it all happened about an apartment complex on tennyson road not too far from hesperian boulevard. bob redell joins us live with what we're just now learning from police. >> reporter: good morning, jon. hayward police say their hand was forced, that they had to shoot this man because he threatened them with a knife. as you mentioned, it was this man's daughter, a child, who called 911 last night to let police know that her mom and dad were having a really bad fight at their home here at the lower tennyson apartments in hayward. >> the male was threatening the female. they were husband and wife. at one point the caller
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indicated to the dispatcher that the male subject had grabbed a knife and armed himself and was making throats kill the female. >> reporter: when hayward police arrived, they say the father came at one of the officers with a knife raised, feeling threatened. at least one of those officers fired at the man hitting them. he was pronounced dead later at the hospital. he was 37 years old. his wife and daughter are safe and it's our understanding they were not hurt during last night's confrontation. you can see behind me police are still on the scene aefrl hours after this shooting took place. live in hayward, bob redell torques day in the bay. 6:02. egyptian officials declared a month-long state of emergency following the deadliest day since the beginning of the arab spring two years ago. dozens of bodies have been placed at a mosque in eastern cairo where relatives mourned over lost loved ones. the egyptian health ministry says 535 people were killed,
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more than 3,700 injured during yesterday's riots. the violence started when police drove out camps supporting ousted president mohamed morsi. banks and stock markets closed there, many people hunkering down for fear of more violence. egypt's interim prime minister said he regretted the violence but did not apologize to morsi supporters saying they had ample warning to leave their camps. a cycpsych chris bucarri hi and killed 71-year-old man back in mauer of last year. buccari blogged about the incident saying he simply could not stop in time. he's expected to receive 1,000 hours of community service and three years' probation once he is sentenced this afternoon. in the meantime the family
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of the victim, 71-year-old suchi wi is expected to speak this afternoon immediately after the sentencing hearing at the district attorney's office. happening today, we'll be finding out whether or not that span of the new bay bridge will open up on labor day weekend. we'll take a live look at the bridge. the lights are on on the incline. the new eastern span is the sdark curve: officials pushed back the date hoping to give a fix for the broken bolts. this week a report from the federal highway administration urged crews to put in a temporary fix to allow the bridge to open up sooner. thesy;ñ argument now is the newbridge with the temporary fix will actually be safer; than t current bridge. the toll bridge program oversight committee will be announcing its decision on the official opening date. that will take place at 10:00
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this morning. this morning it's back to school on the peninsula as we give you a live look at 101 at university avenue in palo alto. all 11 elementary schools, three middle schools and two high schools in the palo alto unified school district are heading back to class. it's a private school in the middle of a public battle with the city of palo alto and its immediate neighbors. marla tellez life at castilleja high school where over enrollment has neighbors feeling very cramped. >> reporter: this school has been in the same location since 1907 is smack dab in the heart of this tight-knit neighborhood. we'll pan over to try to give you an idea. castilleja is at the corner of bryant and embarcadero expressway. if you know palo alto at all, you certainly know embarcadero is a very busy main thoroughfare just off to the left here. it's easy to see why traffic congestion is an issue for
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parents and neighbors. according to the school's website, castilleja is the only independent school for grades 6-11 with a heft i have ti price tag. tuition $38,200 per student. they have been permitted to have 415 girls and it's lived by this enrollment cap until now. for the upcoming school year it has enrolled 448. so they are over by 33 students. it may not seem like a lot, but to these neighbors it certainly is. according to the palo alto daily news, they're upset because they say parking is already a huge problem and now they're worried about more noise and pollution. what happens now? today the school is submitting a report applying for a new permit to allow for the extra students and to prove it does have a plan for the additional traffic. in the meantime, to help address community concerns, castilleja is holding a meeting tonight and neighbors, yes, they are encouraged to attend.
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if you are interested, that meeting is scheduled for 5:00 right here on school grounds. ultimately in the very end the school could end up being fined for the over enrollment issue. just how much is yet to be determined. one way or another, a decision by the city has to be made soon because the school year starts up in just ten days on august 26. coming up in my next report, i'll talk about the plan the school has to deal with the overcrowding issue. live in palo alto, marla tellez, "today in the bay." not just palo alto starting the school. it's the first day of class for public schools in morgan hill. >> yea, kids. we have a look at the forecast. >> we cheer because we don't have to go back to school. >> parents are probably cheering. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> you get to show off the new duds, new shoes. 64 in livermore, 62 in oakland and 63 to kickoff a thursday in san francisco.
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here is what we're looking at. if you're headed back to school in morgan hill or you have kids that are, maybe packing lunches. 9:00 a.m., talking 60 degrees out there. temperatures will be warm in the heat of the day. make sure the little ones are ready for that, 88 degrees for thursday in morgan hill. today in the bay works like this. 82 bay side and at the coast 70 degrees. upper 90s headed our way, an a's game today. let's check the drive with mike inouye. >> looking over toward the san mateo bridge, you see haze and low clouds. visibility is okay for drivers right now. we're watching as conditions continue to change as christina is talking about. a smooth drive on the peninsula right now. show you the east bay approach towards the san mateo bridge. slow south 880 coming out: as you head south out of oakland and toward davis, we have reports of a car fire. a car fully engulfed from what
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chp is reporting. it's over on the right-hand shoulder, but it's quite a distraction. that's why we see slowing there. no reports of injuries but we're following it as chp will arrive shortly. two incidents noted for the coliseum. christina talked about the a's playing midday and the circus to night. there's activity all afternoon around that parking lot. prepare for crowds at the on and off-ramps. as you approach the bay bridge, a smooth drive. no major problems, but the bridget self. there's the backup as the metering lights were turned on just before 6:00 a.m. we see the fast track lanes have the biggest backup. the majority of the seasoned veteran commuters getting hit with metering lights as the fall schedule transitions. we'll end it here, guys, and send it back to you. it's 6:09.lx[ for the fourth time in recent weeks vector control crew also be out in force fogging for mosquitos in the south bay. they'll be focusing on the
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border of north and east san jose. officials say mosquitos found in the area tested positive for west nile virus. tonight's fremont comes on the heels of the county's first confirmed human case of the year. weather permitting, the fog willing begin at 11:00 tonight and will take several hours. 6:10 right now. the deadly end to a daring stunt. we'll tell you how a mid-air jump leads to the death of a stunt man best known for parachuting into the london olympic games dressed as james bond. the head of cisco facing very tough questions this morning about his decision to lay off 4,000. we'll have the very latest for you ahead in business news. pass the snacks. we'll tell you why seattle police will be handing outdo do receipt rhee toes.
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welcome back now. good thursday morning to you. the time is 6:12. the picture you're looking at, palo alto facing east. plenty of low cloud cover. what will the weekend hold? i have your answer within minutes. a look at the golden gate bridge. we'll talk about the low clouds turning to fog as you're crossing over the bay. that is one issue. also more schools coming into effect. we're talking about the school zones. earlier sig alert on the peninsula and a car fire on the east bay. here is a look at today's top stories. hayward police have shot and killed a man after officers say he threatened them with a knife. police say the man and his wife got into a fight in their apartment. the couple's daughter called 911. when police arrived, the man allegedly came towards them with a knife. officers shot the man, killing
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them. egypt's military government declaring a state of emergency in the country after yesterday's deadly riots. officials now say more than 500 people were killed, thousands more injured. banks and stock markets in cairo today are closed following all the violence. we will learn today whether the new span of the bay bridge will open on labor day weekend as originally planned. state officials pushed the date back to december to give crews time to fix broken bolts on the span. federal officials stepped in this week saying there was no reason to delay the opening any longer. remember that stunt man who amazed everybody, the entire world when he parachuted into the london 2012 olympics opening ceremony from the helicopter dressed as james bond? unfortunately he died performing another stunt. you'll recall the moment from the olympics, mark sutton along with a stunt double of queen elizabeth dropped right into the stadium. that was quite the performance and scene. this morning nbc news confirming sutton was killed during a
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wing-diving crash near the swiss-french border. police say sutton was one of 20 wing-suit drivers participating in an extreme sports event when they crashed right into a ridge and died. >> tragic. 6:15. the night of the u.s. raid on osama bin laden's compound president obama left the situation room to play cards, that is according to the president's bodyguard at the time. reggie love was a president aide who shadowed the president almost all times. love told an audience president obama left the situation room at times that night reportedly telling love, i can't watch this whole thing. love says he, the president and some other men played 15 games of spades that night in the white house. the director of a u.s. national counterterrorism center says the president did leave the situation room at some points during the evening, but the president was in the situation room for the actual raid.
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so far no comment from the white house. right now let's check the business and tech world. new this morning, cisco chairman john chambers playing the grim reaper today addressing his employers. he'll tell them who is getting laid off. >> scott mcgrew, 4,000 jobs will go. while we still don't know specifically where, we have to guess san jose could be hit hard. >> pretty hard. the headquarters of cisco systems, moments ago chambers talking with our colleagues at cnbc. i'll show you a clip so you understand wall street's be fuddlement isn't what chambers had to say but rather the reporter's confusion. cisco turned in strong financials wednesday afternoon. so why all the lay-offs? >> did the business that these people were hired for not materialize? and then you talk about a relatively optimistic outlook, but you're redugs your workforce
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by 5%? i'm having trouble squaring up those two concepts. >> steve leisman there. to paraphrase the response to steve's question, he said sysco needed to move quickly into new markets, the cloud, the internet of things, all the buzzwords that are hot now and the changes needed to be made quickly. there is some history behind this decision. cisco has in the past been criticized for moving too slowly to recognize and deal with changing markets or a changing economy. cisco a stock to watch this morning, really the profit numbers, at least for the past quarter, again quite strong. futures for the broader market, we're looking for negative numbers on the start. other news, the textbook company chegg has filed for an ipo. they just added 49ers' owner jed york as a board member. a little trivia for you, jon and laura. the company ceo, diane rosenswag
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who wants to make sure college kids have their biology books so they can excel at school used to be the head of guitar hero. he probably did more, guys, to stop students from doing their homework than anyone else has ever done. so perhaps -- >> he may have created future rock stars. >> and biology stars as well. thank you very much. we're getting breaking news that the president will deliver a statement at 7:15 this morning. we are expected to have a special report with nbc news. it's talking about everything that's going on in egypt, all the unrest they're having there. he certainly will address it. the white house trying to take a stance on what they're going to do, if anything at all. we'll carry that with a special report at 7:15 this morning. the death toll being reported rising over 500. the president was on vacation. this will be the first time
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we've heard from him on this situation. we'll be listening to that. but right now let's list to meteorologist christina loren. >> the president is back to work, the kids head back to school. the time 16:19. we had a good looking day shaping up. we don't have really thick fog to slow you downey where except over the san francisco bay. i want to start with the live picture at 6:19. first day so far this week with flight delays out of sfo to the tune of 1:40. we'll keep tabs on that for you all the way throughout the "today" show. i think those will be in place until at least 10:00 a.m. 62 degrees in oakland, 64 in sunnyvale and 64 degrees in san jose. meanwhile, upper 50s have returned to gilroy. kind of a mild start to the day. temperatures will be warm later on, just about as warm as where we ended yesterday with the nice mild start. the area of low pressure tracking closer and closer to the coastline will bring in more cloud cover earlier today. the fog, once it clears at 10:00
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to 11:00, we're expecting it to roll back in at about 4:00 to 5:00. 70s and 80s around the bay. the a's have a day game today, 69 degrees at 12:35 for first pitch, up to 72 degrees, comfortable conditions. bring your sunscreen if you're headed to the game. at 3:00 p.m., 75 degrees. they eve been on a hot streak. hopefully these boy ks get it back into high gear as we'd love to see them go to the world series. 93 degrees in livermore, 70 in san francisco. home of the giants. 86 for san jose, 90 in gilroy. want to spend a little extra time on your seven-day forecast to give you an idea of what's to come for this weekend. saturday is looking much cooler for your outdoor plans. on sunday, that humidity increases, 96 degrees. we're expecting isolated mountain thunderstorms. keep that in mind. monday, tuesday, wednesday, temperatures shoot up like a rocket, up to 97 on wednesday make sure you're ready for that
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heat increase as we kick it off for the regoing of school. we'll see the volume and scheduling, parents with kids going to school will delay their departure for the first couple weeks. if you don't have kids, if you can get out there and beat that 8:00 hour and ma beat some of the crowds, watch the surface streets. 101 northbound as you pass through the area, see flashing lights just because of the size of the load on the back of this truck. no emergencies or any problems here. northbound 101 at 680 is fine. we'll look at the map to see the same for the situation as you hit the surface streets. your expressway starting to see volume increase. again, just below the speed limit where you see the yellow, 101, the volume is pretty steady here. 87 coming into downtown, just below 60, not major concern. a smooth drive through palo alto, the earlier crash and sig alert long-since cleared, no
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delays north past university though university itself sees slowing. palo alto schools as well as morgan hill schools coming into effect today. menlo park and san mateo don't start until later. that will b i think two weeks from now, maybe ten days. continue quote me on bgethat, k, in case i'm wrong. an easy drive westbound. you see the low clouds in the air. that be an issue later. along the peninsula, north of san mateo into san francisco, the bay bridge. let's show you this view as well. the low clouds blocking part of the view off the city and the approach, the incline moves smoothly westbound from the toll plaza where the backup goes past west grand avenue. the maze itself moving smoothly. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. a few things are going to be very different at this year's marijuana-friendly hemp fest in
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seattle including police response. >> since marijuana is legal for adults over 21 in washington, pli say they're not planning on making arrests, instead of handcuffs, they're planning on handing outdoor receipt toes. they say they have 1,000 bags ready to go. each bag comes with a label encouraging people to check out a question and answer post on the department's website about washington's new law. as many as 85,000 people are expected for the three-day festival which kicks off tomorrow. we'll be right back after this.
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the nfl will be using former players as binny pigs to determine how the human growth hormone impacts performance on the football field. "usa today" reporting close to 100 former players will be included in the study. the goal of the test is to find the highest hgh level a player can reach before being disciplined. a big scare for new england patriots fans as star quarterback and san mateo native tom brady goes down during practice. >> oh, no. >> a fan tweeted out the video you just saw. brady was knocked down when another player was pushed into
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him. an mra came up negative so it looks like his injury is just a left knee sprain. he had a season-ending injury to that same knee in the 2008 open sgler that cause add lot of heart attacks in new england. 6:27. still ahead, downtown on an upswing. we'll tell you about a new facelift creating a surge of opportunities in san jose. masked men burst into a bank near the heart of campbell. we'll give you a good look at the suspects police say are responsible for this crime next.
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breaking news, a little girl forced to make a desperate 911 call after her father goes after her mother with a knife. we'll let you know what that man did seconds before the police made the deadly decision to take aim and fire. masked men with guns burst into the bank in the heart of campbell. new details about the getaway
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car next. third point hedge fund ringing in the bell on the new york stock exchange. they caused the big shakeup at yahoo! last year. hedge funds causing excitement in silicon valley on this thursday, august 15. "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon v:kelley. >> good morning everybody. breaking news in hayward where police shoot and kill a man accuse ofd threatening his wife with a knife. it ends up being his daughter making that crucial 911 call to get officers to that scene. this all happened late last night. hayward police showing up to an apartment complex on tennyson road not too far from hesperian boulevard. the young girl telling police her father had a knife and was threatening to kill her mother. when officers did get to the apartment they ordered the man
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to drop the weapon. he reportedly refused of the. that's when police say he lunged at the officers with the knife and one of the officers fired shooting the suspect one. the suspect died later at the hospital. the other three people inside that apartment were not hurt. we have a live look at that scene this morning. police still there checking it out. bob redell is there gathering more information. we will have a live report coming up from bob in about 15 minutes. 6:31 a. developing story in egypt where a surge of violence on the streets overnight sends the death toll to staggering levels right now. 525 are reported dead after day-long clashes between police and supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. "today in the bay's" danielle lee in washington this morning. we're getting word president obama will give a statement at 7:15 our time this morning. >> reporter: laura, that is true. we're all anxious to hear exactly what the president is going the say.
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in the latest signs that this turmoil isn't going to go away any time soon, it was several minutes ago we heard supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi attacked a government building just outside of cairo. if you look at live pictures in cairo right now, you can see people are gathering there. more protests are planned for this afternoon. these protests are all in response to the crackdown by the egyptian military we saw yesterday that resulted in more than 500 people being killed. they were trying to break up sit-ins by supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi and the muslim brotherhood. that's when those people died. secretary of state john kerry responded and told the egyptian military that violence was not the way to go and demanded a return to peace. the violence was so clear that the country's vice president even quit his job. now more and more people are questioning whether the u.s. needs to consider whether or not it should revoke aid to the country. the u.s. has been giving
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billions of dollars to egyptian military in the hopes of stabilizing the area. more and more people are worried those resources could be being used against civilians. experts say there's no telling when or how this country will regain stability. live in washington, i'm danielle lee, back to you. >> and at what time it will. thank you very much, danielle. 6:33. campbell police need your help trying to sfot a pair of bank robbers. we have surveillance photos that show these two men hopping out of a red truck with masks and guns, storming into the u.s. bank at south bascom and campbell avenue just across the way from the prune yard shopping center. after forcing an employee to hand over the cash, those two jumped it. the gms sierra was reported stolen from watsonville and ditched about a mile from the bank. police think the robbers are now on the run driving a blue-green tahoe and also a small silver honda. before you cook up your
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breakfast, maybe you want to go out this morning. they're serving it up in downtown san jose this morning. you may notice new places open for business. one of them, whispers cafe opened yesterday. it is one of 20 new restaurants and retail stores to open in downtown san jose in the past eight months. the city of san jose making it easier and more attractive for businesses to open in the downtown core, launching the storefronts initiative. the city offering $16,000 in grants to help cover the costs associated with opening a retail shop. one store manager thinks it will bring more business to downtown. >> it's a rebirth of the downtown area, of san jose, and it definitely deserves it. it's one of the most beautiful places on the planet. >> the ultimate goal is to fill vacant storefronts in 12 other business districts. 6:34 right now. no matter what you're doing outside, you better bring some water, stay hydrated.
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christina loren is telling us it's going to be little toasty. >> it really 2h9is, especially our bay area standards. good morning, john an and laura. i want to start in the east bay to give you an idea of how far inland those low clouds span this morning. we have flight delays out of san francisco at about $1:406789 you might be taking friday off for the all-important weekend. 58 degrees at 7:00 a.m. as we see palo alto public schools going back into session today. 77 degrees at noon. 84 degrees is a warm day on the peninsula. make sure the little ones are ready for that. temperaturewise, your full forecast, weekend numbers ready to go. maybe you're ready to go to work or taking the kids to school, mike helping us out. >> a lot of us changing our schedules as kids go back in
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session a. slower drive right now, just a little slower as photographic volume starts to build south 880 into the south bay. san jose unified took effect yesterday. the rest take effect next week. we'll show you where traffic flow is slowing quite a bit. 580 westbound moving smoothly. 84 west, typical slowing, maybe heavier than normal out of livermore and towards sunol for highway 84 joining up with 680. there is a car fire reported. you see slowing out of concord and into the walnut creek interchange. i don't have lane information as chp is heading toward the scene. this is the second car fire of the morning, though. we'll talk about the other one which was reported south 880 at davis as you head into san leandro. they are waiting for a flat-bed tow truck, so activity still
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there. northbound past the coliseum you have a smooth drive as wellheading toward the bay bridge. we'll give you a look outside and see how things are shaping up. we're talking about a smooth drive past willow northbound in through san mateo. the volume builds a bit. as christina said, palo alto schools back in session today. the golden gate bridge, we'll end with this shot as the fog eats up that bridge, we can barely see the south tower. it's still there, traffic still flowing. make sure you use your standard lights. high beams don't help. they hurt your drive and visibility in the fog. 6:37. still ahead, federal investigators are on the ground after a cargo plane goes up in flames in alabama. we'll tell you why the crews are very such a tough time getting accessf&d to the plane's black boxes. we'll have that coming up.
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this morning more than two dozen federal investigators at the site of a cargo plane crash in birmingham, alabama. witnesses say they heard sputtering from the jet turbines right before the ups plane crashed into a field near the copilot, the only two on board. ntsb investigators say there's no record of a distress call from that cockpit. the ntsb also says they have not been able to get the black boxes because that tale section was still smoldering out there. investigators also telling us the sale section may have hit
6:41 am
the ground first because of the noise of that plane, the rest of the plane -- the nose, i should say, is still intact. the 18 sailors aboard an indian navy submarine that burst into flames are all feared dead. enormous fireball shooting hundreds of feet into the air. it happened early yesterday morning in the port of mumbai. an indian navy official says drivers have not been able to reach anybody inside the russian-built submarine. the same vessel was damaged in a deadly explosion three years ago. coming up, we'll update you on breaking news. attempted robbery at an east bay tiffany's store. we'll have details on that plus an update to other breaking news. that's right, jon.  father threatens her mother with a knife. we have new details about the police confrontation that turned deadly overnight all ahead in a live report. cramped and overcrowded in
6:42 am
palo alto. we'll tell you why one neighborhood's frustration is forcing a private school into a public fight. cisco systems laying off 4,000 employees. wheel find out in just a few hours if they are one of them. we'll take a look in business news. 64 to start the day in san jose. just a little sliver of sunshine there. a high of 86 degrees. warm temps inland mean great beach weather. we'll take a look at that and your weekend forecast in minutes. as we look at your crossing here, the san mateo bridge, low clouds not a problem for visibility. we have had car fires in the east bay. we're going to talk about the second of them over at walnut creek and the slowing i see coming up.
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we begin with breaking news. chp is confirming to us this morning an attempted robbery at the stephanie's store on main street in mount diablo in walnut creek in the broadway shopping air kra. the chp is looking for a white vehicle seen driving away from the scene. we're sending our chopper to bring you details ahead in a live report. more breaking news to update you on. a hayward man now dead after police say he threatened an officer with a knife. this started with a fight between the man and his wife. it was his very own daughter who ends up calling police. this all happened at an apartment complex on tennyson road not too far from hesperian boulevard. that's where our very own bob redell joins us with live with what we're now learning from police. >> reporter: good morning, jon. that man's daughter, a young child, called 911 last night to let police know her mom and dad were having a really bad argument at their home at the
6:46 am
lord tennyson apartment complex in hayward. it was so bad, she says, the dad was threatening her mom with a knife and so much yelling between the two, the dispatcher could hear them in the background of the call. they were still at it when police arrived. officers say they were forced to fire on the father who was armed with that knife. >> he came at the officer with the knife raised forcing the officer to, in defense of his life, shoot the subject who was armed with the knife. >> the father, 37-year-old man was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. the mother and daughter are safe. it is our understanding they were not hurt during last night's confrontation. again, this happened well before midnight last night. here you can see several hours later police are still out on the scene wrapping up this part of their investigation. reporting live in hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." r(t&háhp &hc this morning for two men convicted of gang raping a
6:47 am
teenage girl at richmond high school. 20-year-old marcellus peter and 22-year-old jose montano each facing 33 years to life in prison for that attack. just last month those two were both found guilty on all counts for their involvement in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl outside the school's homecoming dance. this was back in 2009. two other men connected to this case, they took a plea deal. two more are still awaiting trial. '6:47. the martinez boy mauled by a friend's pit bull continues his long road to recovery. hunter kilborne has a helmet-like bandage on the right side of his head and face. the 10-year-old completed two successful surgeries. his mother says one pit bug knocked him to the ground while the other bit him on the arm and face. one dog has been euthanized. the fate of the other dog is still unclear. a bay area driver who hit
6:48 am
and killed a bike rider in pleasanton now facing murder charges in part because of something he tweeted out. 18-year-old cody hall being held without bail. police originally charged him with vehicular manslaughter after they say hall struck 58-year-old diana hemmers fert and her husband back on june 9th. police decided to charge hall with murder after looking at twitter posts in which he bragged about how fast he liked to drive. hall was reportedly driving 83 miles per hour in a 40-mile-per-hour zone when he collided with that couple. the woman's husband was seriously injured in that crash. targeted twice. a milpitas church is beefing up security after being the victim of two separate crimes in a matter of days. police says a 27-year-old man allegedlya)çñ broke into st. jo the baptist catholic church6&y
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sunday night. the very same church was vandalized last week. in that case a 30-year-old man arrested after police say he destroyed $15,000 worth of church property. the church is now adding a surveillance system and more locks to its doors and windows. right now, whenever you see this graphic, you know what time it is. time to check out the weather. we give you a live look -- partial look at the golden gate bridge. a live look at all the fog out there in san francisco right now. christina loren is here to join us, some warm temperatures coming, but not before that fog rolls in heavy. >> we're starting so mid. we'll end up about as warm. can't catch a break. the summer heat is back in the bay area. look at this shot. mike inouye actually framed this up for you this morning. palo alto, where kids are headed back to school at palo alto public schools. a team effort here. we'll check in with mike in just a moment. right now we want to start with a 24-hour difference that you'll
6:50 am
probably notice when you walk out your front door in san francisco. seven degrees milder than 24 hours ago, five degrees milder in livermore to kickoff a thursday. so close to the weekend. i'll show you the numbers in just a minute. changes headed our way. 64 degrees in sunnyvale. temperatures will be warm today. high pressure in control. this area of low pressure that starts to dig to the south. for us that means we'll start the day with more low cloud cover tomorrow, even coastal drizzle as we meet back here on friday morning. a.m. clouds make way to bright p.m. sun. 70s and 80s around the bay, and at your beaches today, 68 in pacifica, 71 degrees in half moon bay. you want to take them to santa cruz, boardwalk, 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. it stays open. in september they only keep it open during the weekend. so get out there while you can. 84 in los gatos, 84 in san jose. temperatures will be comfortable
6:51 am
in the city by the bay. lots of sunshine coming in and 70 degrees headed your way. here it is. 90 degrees by saturday. on sunday we increase that humidity and temperatures come up as well. we'll stay nice and warm monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. that's actually when most kids head back to school. are your kids heading back to school soon, mike? >> they're among the last in the bay area. over here we remind you, 101 through san jose, morgan hill, those schools kicking in today. you're watching the surface streets approaching the highways, won't affect the highways as much as when san jose state comes into effect. that's when the south bay will see a lot more commuter traffic. we're looking over here toward 280, 87 northbound and 101 north shows the volume starting to increase. we see the speeds zip a tad bit. capital expressway sees the launch point for more folks to see slowing north into 680 as
6:52 am
well. the rest of the south bay not major concern. san jose schools in these two districts right here are in session. so watch the zones and watch the changes in the on-ramps, probably closer to 8:30 for them to flood the on-ramps. west 580 hasn't seen any surprises through livermore. 680 and 84 also slow as you head down in sunol and pleasanton and livermore respectively. we'll also show you as traffic flows over here, southbound 680 still jammed. the car fire here at the interchange, 680 at 24, sounds like things being addressed by the fire crew. chp is having troufbl getting because of the baung at pleasant hill and concord. your other car fire, south 880 at davis has been outs, but they're wasting for the flatbed tow truck. mild slowing typical as the volume builds. berkley, emeryville camera heading west on the map here
6:53 am
underneath university, that's your commute direction. easy flow of traffic and a smooth drive as well. as you come overthrow the north bay, southbound 101 shows a build in the curves at terra linda. very foggy there. back to you. >> those bay area micro crime mats. >> it is back to school this morning on the peninsula as we give you a live look. highway 101 in palo alto. this morning all 11 elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools in palo alto heading back to class. it is a private school that's in the middle of a public battle with the city of palo alto and the immediate neighbors. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live where over enrollment has neighbor feeling cramps. >> now that daylight is upon us, we can give you an idea where this school is located. this is bryant street. so literally it's home after
6:54 am
home after home and here it is. castilleja school is at the end of bryant at the corner of embarcadero expressway which is a busy main thoroughfare. it's an all girls private school with an upcoming tuition of $38,200 per student. according to palo alto daily news, neighbors are upset because the school, which is permitted to have 415 students has enrolled 448 for the upcoming school year. neighbors say those extra 33 students are going to make an already bad parking and traffic situation even worse, especially during drop-off and pick-up hours. to help address these concerns, castilleja is holding a meeting tonight. neighbors are encouraged to attend. this meeting is scheduled for 5:00 on school grounds. the school has an idea to start a shuttle program that would bus students in from woodside, portola valley and los altos where many of the girls live,
6:55 am
reducing the number of vehicles here during peak hours. it is deadline day for the school. it has to submit a report to the city of palo alto applying for gnaw permit to allow for the extra students. in the end it is up to the city of palo alto to decide how to handle this overenrollment issue. it could decide to fine the school. no matter what, this decision will have to come soon because the first day of school here is on the 26th. live in palo alto,é"sla tellez, "today in the bay." it is 6:55 right now. in san francisco, a plan could be approved to build a shelter designed for lesbian, gay, buy sexual and transgender homeless. the planning commission is expected to vote on a permit to expand an existing shelter on south van ness avenue on the grounds of saint mary and saint martha lutheran church. it will hold 24 beds for lgbt homeless people.
6:56 am
29% of the homeless population identifies as lgbt. the construction will cost about a half million dollars. construction is scheduled to start this fall and the shelter should be opened up in early 2015. cisco systems ceo john chambers will make a broadcast to all his employees in a short time to tell them who is being laid off. >> a small percentage of the overall company, 5%, but it could be thousands in san jose. >> 4,000 in total. the surprising thing about this move is cisco's numbers turned in wednesday afternoon really quite good. it's got to sting to hear profits are up 15% but you are fired. cisco has been in a=/% slow ble for a while. cisco cutting jobs last spring, last summer as well. hedge fund managers have been a nightmare for silicon valley, another activist shareholder
6:57 am
putting pressure on apple. that's dan lowe, the guy who got yahoo! ceo fired last year. here is a picture of sean doolittle, ryan cook, wearing google glass. a's management says they can wear them to practice, not games. i killed a tree by accidentally printing out the entire mlb rules. only one time do they mention glasses. that's that a batter can't call time if he gets his eyeglass steamed up if the pitcher has already begun his wind up, rule 602-a. >> that's interesting. i wonder if they'll be revised because of the changing times. >> you want to get the tinted google glass. a lot of shine there. >> speaking of the shine, we have to wear the sunglasses today after the fog clears. let's check in with meteorologist christina loren. good morning, laura and jon. we have expecting to fog to
6:58 am
clear around 10:00 a.m. it's going to be pretty thick until then. count on the flight delays to continue out of sfo. right now at about 1:40, i'll keep you updated. i'm with you every 15 minutes. "today in the bay" works like this, 94 inland bay side, 82 headed your way. at the coast, 70 degrees. >> looking at the south bay where we're starting to see the volume build, san jose is concerned with 101 by 680. here as you approach capital expressway, we're starting to see the volume start to build earlier than we have over the last couple weeks. 87, the same situation. these are the school districts in session right now. so a change for that shift in your morning commute and your morning drive times. right here we're looking at south 880 slow off the castro valley yt build through hayward and union city. the car fooir causing a slowdown, concord, pleasant hill, fire and chp crews still on scene. ending with palo alto where
6:59 am
we're talking about the gun glasses. the sunrise slowdown, watch it as you head down the peninsula as well. 6:58, a final check of today's top stories. chp reporting an attempted burglary at the tiffany's store in walnut creek. looking for two men in a white vehicle. no word?m! on the they got away with anything or if anyone was hurt. hayward police have shot and killed a man after officers say he threatened them with a knife. police say that man and his wife got into a fight at the apartment. the couple's daughter ended up making a desperate 911 call. when the police arrived, the man came toward them with a knife. officers shot the man and killed the man. he later died at the hospital. we'll learn whether the new span of the bay bridge will open on labor day weekend. state officials pushed the date back to december to give crews a chance to fix broken bolts. federal officials stechd in saying there was no reason to delay the opening any longer.
7:00 am
also, president obama expected to make a statement on the chaotic situation, deadly situation in egypt coming up in about 15 minutes. stay tuned for our coverage. we'll see you tomorrow. goo good morning. the death toll soars overnight in egypt. more than 500 killed in that violent crackdown. more than 3,000 injured. the situation still very tense this morning. nbc's richard engel is there live. search for answers. investigators are on the scene this morning trying to figure out that u.p.s. cargo plane crashed in alabama. will they be able to recover the black boxes? and margaritaville in manhattan. the parrot heads are packing the plaza for a live concert from the king of summer cool jimmy buffet. today, thursday, august 15th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is


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