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tv   Today  NBC  August 14, 2013 2:05am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is boozeday tuesday. amazing how it comes after fun day monday. august 13th. thrilled you're with us. yeah, it's raining. >> here's the good news. we are all happy inside studio 1a. three days and counting. >> do you know what that means? three days until we celebrate kathie lee's big birthday. not the a little birthday. a big one.
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all week long we are going to be celebrating and counting down. look at how the party is getting larger. >> look how excited everybody is. hey! don't put that number up! >> we're allowed. >> what is that number? >> look what's happening here. look at the picture. your boobs are hanging lower and your arms. >> what about my butt? make it wider. if you're going to do it, do it. >> it's close to your birthday. you challenged me to something yesterday. >> yes. >> the challenge was that if i say -- [ pop ] >> what? >> if i say the word -- i will say it once for the rules -- sixty. >> uh-oh. >> every time i say that -- >> sorry. we have lined up several little mini drinks we like to call them and i'll do one every time i accidentally say that word. >> so you already said it. go.
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>> no. i was saying the rules. i want people at home to help me figure out how to say that word. tweet us. >> don't say six decades. honestly. you want to throw me under a bus, say six decades. >> look at all these people wishing you well. people on facebook gave you all kinds of well wishes. one from charlene dean. we all get old. you can't stop it. enjoy life. it's not all about looks but how you live it. >> what the hell does she know? >> laura said, i pray i look that good at 60. beautiful. >> she knows a lot. >> jenny kaufman said she needs to give everybody advice on how to look hot. to look so hot at 60. >> thank you so much. >> i knew you would like it. please keep them coming. i'm scared when you do that. >> you couldn't do it and i was doing well at it. i'm the older one. this one's broken. >> try that one. >> i'm in fitness mode anyway. >> what? >> i'm going to get hotter all the time.
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last night -- >> don't point it at me . >> i'm not. i have lived on the water for a long time. very blessed to live on the water. finally did something yesterday i have never done before. >> what? >> let's go to a videotape. that's me -- >> in a kayak! >> in a kayak. >> did you do that yourself? >> i wanted to see the house from the water, something stupid. >> how was it? >> we had more fun. christine and i. [ pop ] >> that was excellent . >> we did it for over an hour. now i'll try paddleboarding. not in the rain today, but tomorrow. i'm going to try the paddle boarding. >> it's great for here. we have been trying the to work that. >> flop. >> it's hard to work. it's grossing out jake, my agent. >> is hoda's deal done yet, jake? chop, chop. jimmy fallon's taken care of, jimmy kimmel. >> we are sorry.
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>> jimmy cricket , everybody's deals are done but hoda woman's. what does he do? >> works his patootie off. >> i'm sure he's upset about the rain and his hair. right, jake? >> the first time i met jake i have to point out it was a monsoon in new york and i was sitting in a restaurant and jake walked in head to toe with suit drenched and he sat in the chair and held the meeting as if everything was totally normal. i loved that. >> i love to tease him. he's a good guy. you're blessed. >> i know. and you are 60. >> hoda. you just said it. >> i'd like to take a brief moment to offer my apologies. >> my favorite one. you know what a shot is, it's all the way down. not that i have ever done one. oh, my gosh, she did it. >> 60's good! oh! [ laughter ]
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>> okay, hoda woman. this is a first for nbc news, by the way. oh, my gosh. do you feel like you're back in delta kappa gamma? >> i was a tri delt. this is a re union show. we have a great show ahead of you. this is a reunion show. it is kids and their parents who haven't seen each other in years. >> it will be heartwarming. who knows what condition hoda will be in by the time we get to that. it's going to be awesome. what are we doing with the biebster? >> justin bieber is having his fair share of issues. he urinated in a mop bucket. which was gross. he spit on fans from a balcony. >> he also spit, didn't he, on president clinton's picture. >> that too and he said he was sorry and the pres tweeted him back. now pictures are emerging. this is of 19-year-old justin bieber naked, only covered by
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his guitar. the pictures were taken in toronto during a canadian thanksgiving celebration in october, 2012. he overslept -- justin did. he heard his family was down in the house awake, so he decided something fun and amusing would be to go down naked to show his grandmother. he sang in his birthday suit with his guitar positioned strategically. >> everybody has somebody in the family who does that. i can't get frank to stop. something compels. you know, this was a year ago october. that's the canadian thanksgiving. that was the beginning of the bad behavior. i think we're going -- he did it for his family. obviously somebody in the family or close friends should not have leaked that. >> right. >> he needs to either find out who in the family isn't being faithful or find new friends which we have talked about for a while. find new friends. and gain a little weight. >> he's too skinny. >> he's a little boy. >> snap him in two. because all of his antics are
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cumulative. >> it's adding up. >> think you go that on top of that on top of that. this is a great mode of transportation. >> unless you are claustrophobic. >> have you heard of the hype loop? >> if you can make it in an mri machine this might be the perfect thing for you. this is a hyper loop that takes you 700 miles an hour from city to city. it's still -- >> the prototype. 700 miles an hour. >> they say go from l.a. to san francisco in the blink of an eye. >> half an hour. they say go from new york to l.a. in 45 minutes. new york to china in two hours. >> you get in the tube, put your luggage in, sit there. >> most people take a xanax first. >> there are no restrooms, but it's fast. you might not have to go. >> can't you at least take care of that before you go. nobody wants the hyper loop because you didn't think it
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through and have to go some place over oshkosh. you need to go. don't that. >> keep in mind you are -- it's all underground. i guess through tunnels under the water. >> if you don't like the lincoln tunnel. >> i couldn't do it. >> it sounds crazy, but there was a day when nobody believed we would fly in the sky or a train could go across the country or helicopters. the little birdie. >> you are right. it did sound very jetsons. anything that can get you somewhere quickly, because part of the pain of traveling is going to the airport -- imagine how quick and easy to hop in the tube and boom. >> unbelievable. never say never. if there is money to be made, somebody will figure out how to do it. >> indeed. the white house photographer has a challenge on his hands. >> how old is he? >> the white house photographer? >> 59, 61 or somewhere in between.
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>> i don't know how old he is. >> he's snapping photos. >> how many? >> of bo the dog. bo is four years old. >> very cute. >> a portuguese water dog. they took the picture and you could see bo's face. taking a picture of a black dog i know this from mine. is that bo or my dog. >> that is bo. your dog has white. >> so does bo. his tummy is white. >> but on his face. >> i'm trying to take pictures of my dog and everything looks the same. that one looks pretty good. that was with a flash. >> one eye. >> how about that? >> what is that? >> it's him. you can't ever -- he's always in a ball. >> looks like a dead bird in the middle of the highway. >> no. >> i'm sorry. >> we have a big show ahead of us because you're turning 59 plus one. it's time for the big reveal. two lucky ladies of a certain age, we won't mention in front
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of kathie lee have been ambushed. >> we'll check out their amazing new looks right after this. [ female announcer ] you never know what messes you'll run into while dusting. of course there's dust. in addition to dust, you might find a little latte. ♪ and maybe something beastly. mixed in with the dust, you may even find some pixie sneezes. compared to a dry duster, a can of pledge picks up more dust and cleans 100% of messes. pledge multi surface. dusts better. cleans more. s.c. johnson. a family company. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. all right. we are well aware, all of oh us who watch the show all the time that hoda likes to tell a falsehood on occasion. >> what? >> guess what else. we are discovering she's a cheat. all of the shot glasses lined up, some had vodka. others have -- water! >> wawa! what's this one? >> what do you have to say for yourself? >> what's in that one? >> this is the real deal. >> how do you know? >> i smelled it. >> let me smell it. oh, it is. i have a long show. >> where is my sorry thing. apologize to america. >> i would like to apologize -- well, wait. i have a question. when you did the "ellen" show do you remember chugging the grape juice? >> i never said it was wine. right after i said, it's grape juice. >> i don't think so!
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>> that makes me a liar and a cheat, too. >> we have a special edition of the plaza ambush makeover in honor of kathie lee's big birthday. >> how big? >> two women of a certain age every day this weekend. >> and stylist to the stars louis lacari, la, la, la, la. >> i really need to write a new one. >> yes, you do. and jill martin, an author. >> indeed. >> how were the pickings? >> raining again . >> tomorrow it will be beautiful the rest of the week. we found two great ladies and we're super excited. both of them, by the way, teachers. >> first up is diane peterson, 63 years old. >> you said 63. that's the word. i heard sixty three. she recently lost 100 pounds, retired from teaching after 25 year and she wanted a new look
2:19 am
for the new chapter of her life. let's listen to her story. >> >> love this sign. let's get through the bucket list. lose weight. you lost 90 pounds. re tire. buy a camaro and meet kathie lee and hoda. this is on your bucket list to get a makeover. why is this important? >> after buying the camaro, i said i need a change in the way i look driving it. >> you need to look really hot to drive a camaro. are you ready for a toe tall change? >> absolutely. i'm so excited. >> day two, happy 60th, klg. >> you have -- we have to have a drink. >> yeah. we have to do a shot. we said 60! >> i don't know what's happening. she's here with sister-in-law cindy. hey, cindy. keep the blindfold on until we give you the green light. here is diane before. and come on out. here's the new diane.
2:20 am
♪ isn't she lovely [ cheers ] >> wow! >> are you ready? take off the blindfold, cindy. [ gasps ] >> oh, my god! >> amazing. >> are you ready to turn around? all right, diane. spin around. look behind you. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! i don't look the same. >> you look beautiful. >> oh, my goodness. >> look at camera 12. tell us about the hair. >> this proves 60 is young -- if you want to look younger -- >> what did you say? >> okay. >> come on, louis. >> oh, my. >> whoa! okay. 60 -- whatever -- it's working. covering gray. you know, people choose to or not to. if you want to look younger it is the way to go. the hair cut was short. richard janney made it a little
2:21 am
chicer. big difference is the hair color. >> what do you think, cindy? >> amazing. oh oh, my god. >> tell us about the dress. >> i love polka-dots. this is muted especially for fall. this is by maggie london and the bracelet is bauble bar. >> a round of applause. >> our second lady is esther martinez. she's 66 from texas. she's been considering change ing her look. when we ambushed her on the plaza she was taken off guard but decided to take a chance. what a woman. >> esther is flipping out. we'll talk to her husband ignacio. why do you want this for her? >> it's something different that i would never imagine it would happen. >> it did. esther, can you try to put this into words or still speechless? >> speechless.
2:22 am
it's a great adventure to be here and now to get picked it's even greater to be here. >> are you ready for a new wife -- well, a different--looking wife. >> yes. >> he's a smart hubby. he waited on that one. she's here with her husband and sister-in-law teresa. >> and a bunch of people. >> three people that none of us have seen before. let's take one last look at esther before and let's bring out the new esther. yes! ♪ i'm every woman [ cheers ] >> i love that. everybody take off your blindfolds and take a look. >> oh! three of you have never seen you before anyway. turn around and look at yourself, darling. >> oh, my. >> you look hot. >> beautiful. >> this is like no -- >> louis, tell us about it. >> new hair style. notice it's smooth, looks
2:23 am
fresher, younger. softened the hair color. don't be what you are. be what you were. and makeup makes everyone younger, more alive. >> ignacio is crying. you softy. what do you think? >> marry me again! >> maybe we can work that out. what about the outfit? >> i love turquoise, even for fall. it has built-in shapewear. >> fantastic. >> he said "marry me again." >> diane, big round of applause. the big winners of the college counterpart contest after this. easo why do you feel exso tired afterward? instead of refueled and focused, you're foggy and sluggish. it's that 2:30 feeling again. so how do you get your clear, alert feeling back? have a coffee... then another?
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it's time to announce the winners of our college counterparts contest. >> a few weeks ago we asked college friend s who think they are like us to submit a video of
2:28 am
themselves and, boy, did you ever. boy did you ever. >> we received some amazing entries from students all over the country, but unfortunately we had to choose just one pair of friends as our college counterparts. >> who did we choose, hoda woman? >> drum roll, please. these are big. shelby doitsman and christine johnson. >> i love them! >> they met freshman year in peoria, illinois. they are with us via google plus hangout. hey, girls. >> hi, you guys. >> hi! how are you? >> we're good. how are you guys? >> awesome. >> so are we. >> we're like twinsies. before we show you what you have won we want to show people a little bit of your submission. >> okay. >> just like you, we love animals, meet kermit. >> aah!
2:29 am
>> we have our favorite things. >> we love music. ♪ >> we have different passions. >> i'm going to be a teacher! >> i'm going to work in corporate communications. those aren't real glasses. >> detention. >> we make absolute fools of ourselves. >> we love food. >> yeah! >> they are exactly like us. >> love it. >> we hear you call yourselves a frouple. so a couple of friend s. >> we're stealing that. we're going to steal that, kids. we're a frumpy frouple. >> you're beautiful. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> are you ready? pack your days for three days, two nights in san diego.
2:30 am
>> can't we go with them, hody? >> the trip includes round trip airfare, dinner for two at the waterfront restaurant, complimentary parking. the whole thing is furnished by the kona regent. what do you think? >> i'm so excited! >> oh, my gosh. >> stay out of trouble. we don't want to see a mug shot of you down there. >> happy graduation to us. >> congratulations. >> thank you for being part of it. >> sweet kids. >> so young. >> get out the tissues. some emotional reunions and surprises coming up. >> including a mother and daughter who spent four decades apart. that's after your local news and weather.
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2:32 am
♪ i'm going home we're back with more of "today" on this tuesday. a half hour dedicated to reunions. the first one was 40 years in the making. >> we love these stories. a teen mom felt she had no choice but to give her baby girl up for adoption hoping they
2:33 am
would find each other one day. >> kyle michael miller is here with a remarkable reunion story. >> good morning. good to see you. remember to grab tissues for this one. you're about to meet a mother and daughter who spent four decades apart. thanks to modern technology and determination they finally found each other, all thanks to facebook. >> this is your great-grandmother. >> janice is sitting with three of her daughters, including the oldest, maureen, whom she placed up for adoption 41 years ago. >> i'm proud to say my daughter found me after all of these years. it's a miracle. >> as a pregnant high school senior janice believed her daughter would have a better life if a loving family raised her. >> they came in, took her away. i remember looking around the room thinking what are they going to do now? where is my life going? >> maureen grew up 30 miles away as an only child in a happy family.
2:34 am
janice finished high school, got married and had more kids but never gave up on finding maureen. >> there was never a time on my birthday when i didn't think about her and wonder, gee, is she thinking about me? >> janice's other daughters always knew about maureen. >> did you ever think you would meet one day? >> it's something i always hoped for. but i honestly never really thought it would actually come true. >> 14 years ago, janice wrote a letter to her daughter and placed it in her file in the adoption agency. she left maureen a short note on the site hoping maureen would find it. maureen went on a document hunt and tracked down her birth certificate from the department of vital statistics. >> when you looked at the birth certificate, what did you think? >> i have my own identity and my mother's name. took it in my hand and immediately started to cry. >> that led her to find both notes from her mother.
2:35 am
on facebook she found her sister jen's page. clicking on photos was like opening an album to the family she'd never seen. in jen's photos she saw another sister, tracy. on tracy's page were photos of younger sister karen. through reading the captions and seeing who was tagged in photos, she found a picture of her birth mother janice. >> i went, oh, my god! that's my mom. >> when you look at each other, you can tell you're related. >> yeah. i was like, yeah, i know that nose. >> the next day maureen called janice at work. >> she went, oh, my god! oh oh, my god! >> after all of these years, it's her. >> 24 hours later, janice reunited with maureen. tracy and karen met her for the first time, too. the only missing piece was another sister, jen. >> were you nervous, excited, scared? >> ecstatic. >> i feel whole again.
2:36 am
>> it means peace of mind and a journey with a new family. >> what is better than that? >> nothing is better than that. >> janice and her daughter maureen are here with us. look at you two. >> beautiful piece you did, kyle. >> really great. >> thank you. >> tell us about the reunion moment when you locked eyes and got to see each other in person. >> i opened the front door to my daughter's house and she was pulling in and i don't think she could park the car correctly. she was so excited. >> jumped right out. >> and flew into each other's arms. >> how did the hug feel to you? the first hug in so many years. >> well, as janice said, i had trouble parking the car. my cousin was with me at the time. i think i told you, kyle, at the time i opened the door and it was like flood waters. >> yeah .
2:37 am
>> it was like walking at first as if you were knee deep in water. >> couldn't feel the ground beneath you. >> yeah. it was like slow motion through the water. my brain kind of clicked and i said, wait a minute, that's my mother. instead of walking,ed to -- you know, feel my legs go and ran toward her. >> then the siblings. the whole family must have been surreal to have sisters you didn't know about. >> and to actually like them, too. [ laughter ] >> even more good news. >> yes, yes. >> finding people on facebook, is that easy? are people doing it all the time? >> more and more people are doing it. what's unique to the story is maureen wasn't even friends with her sisters on facebook. because the accounts were open she was able to see their photos, read captions, see who was tagged and ultimately found janice. >> we're so happy for you guys.
2:38 am
>> we'll have a little bit more with you plus another touching reunion and big surprises. >> oh! i like surprises. >> when we come back. hoda might say a certain number. who knows? >> i don't think so. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yep, everybody knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who? meghan, my coworker. who? seriously? you've met her like three times. who? (sighs) geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. ♪ introducing kellogg's to go. the power of protein and fiber all bottled up in a delicious breakfast shake. get up and go.
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>> we are back with janice and maureen, the mother and daughter who reunited with the help of facebook after 41 years. hey, we're back. >> they were saying during commercial break they discovered they have all kinds of mannerisms and opinions that are the same. they have been waiting for this day to come for a long time. that's later. that's going to lead to what was about to happen. >> you have mannerisms you are noticing amongst each other and your siblings. >> right. >> what kinds of things? >> we both talk a lot with our hands. we're trying to keep it down today. >> very outgoing.
2:43 am
>> you have met two of your sisters but there is one you haven't connected with yet. jen ? >> jen. >> where does she live. >> outside of jacksonville, north carolina. >> so it's just a matter of time then. >> yes. >> should we speed up a little bit? >> let's speed up the timeframe. >> let's bring out jen. >> here you go, girl. >> so nice to meet you. >> hi! >> do you recognize that nose, too? >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> i'm sorry. >> oh, yes. >> we love our show. >> this is the first time, right? >> yes. >> what's it like for you, jen, to see her?
2:44 am
>> i have just always wondered if she was okay. it's surreal. i just -- i'm speechless. >> maureen, you connect with everyone in your family right here and now. >> scotty, ryan and todd are so excited to meet you. that will happen next. my kids and my husband. >> it keeps growing and growing. >> when did you realize you had another sister? >> i was young. when i was old enough to understand, my mom was always up-front about it. >> look how emotional mom is watching her girls together. >> you're a mess! get your act together. have a wonderful day spending it together. >> enjoy yourselves. >> thanks for coming together as a family. >> awesome. >> now a daughter meets her daughter for the first time. >> am i supposed to talk now? >> that's right after this. >> oh, that was great.
2:45 am
good morning, everyone. mark elliot here at the weather channel. the big story is the chance for flooding rains across the south. step one is a stalled out front. today you are going to see that already. mostly south of atlanta. although you could see some storms anywhere along the i-10 co corridor. the cold front moved through. 74 chicago as well as new york. some 60 degree temperatures near the great lakes. you are not really feeling much like mid august at all. now not only as we head to tomorrow do we have a stalled out front. you will start to see influence from the tropics. whether anything is organized or not doesn't matter here. we will still see the gulf of mexico open for business. and a lot of precipitation
2:46 am
coming in to the southeast because of it. cool temperatures in the northeast. rainy and cool in the south. in the west, where we could use more rain to ease the fire fight in southern california in to arizona, there's nothing going on. nothing but heat. a lot of warm temperatures there. that's where high pressure is in control. by friday, we are looking soggy in the southeast. that will continue in to the weekend. it's not friday, it's hard, as well as sunday hoar. saturday 75 in atlanta. 78 washington, d.c. the precipitation will get that far north. sunday is the only game in the country a lot of heavy rain across the southeastern states. we continue our jump in to the new workweek, and we are dealing with tropical moisture. temperatures trying to rebound to the low 80s in the southeast. we work our way in to tuesday, and we are still looking at that rain threat. it will be day after day of rain here across the south. remember, every weekday morning,
2:47 am
we want you to tune in to the weather channel. "wake up with al" starts 5:30 a.m. it's that 2:30 feeling again. soow do you get your clear, alert feeling back? have a coffee... then another? do this instead. take one 5-hour energy. in minutes foggy and sluggish is gone... hello clear and alert. 5-hour energy. take it after lunch. be clear and alert for hours. for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today.
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when she was just 14 years old becca was told the man she thought was her father was actually her stepfather. >> years later she found out her biological father's name and sent a facebook message to someone she believed to be her dad. >> two years passed. finally a reply from her father. they have been talking since june but are about to meet for the first time. we're happy you're with us. you weren't asking questions. you had to reason to. out of the blue your mom tells you at 14. what was your reaction? >> i was really surprised. a little bit shocked, of course. i asked a follow up question wanting to know more and, you know, who it was and she was a little bit guarded with the details. so i just left it alone. i didn't want to push. >> a lot of kids who find out
2:50 am
news like that, as the years go on, this have this desire to figure it out. as you were growing older is that something you said, i've got to find him eventually? >> yeah. obviously in your teen years, to find out that kind of information when you're already like, who am i. what am i doing? >> you were a psychology major in college, sfliegt. >> -- right? >> yeah. that had to give you a pathway to understanding. >> sure. i wanted to figure out the pieces of who i was. >> you get married, have kids and start reaching out. facebook is a huge net. >> amazing. >> you put out a message. you never really heard back for a couple of years, did you? >> right, i didn't. i sent the message in 2011. i didn't hear anything obviously until this last june. what was great about it was when i sent the message and i didn't
2:51 am
get the initial response, it didn't devastate me. >> well, we don't want to waste anymore time. how do you feel about the fact that you will meet him now? >> you have had communication. this is the first face to face. you waited until -- >> come on, girl. >> she's smart. >> let's bring randy out. come on out. >> meet your daughter. ♪ >> i love you. >> i love you, too.
2:52 am
>> we'll be right back. >> oh oh, sit down, sit down. >> oh, my gosh. >> my god, randy. i love randy. >> sometimes there are no words. >> what are you feeling at this moment? >> i waited a long time for that. and i guess i've got to thank god because it was all in his plan for us. it's just the last month and a half, almost two months have been awesome. i think for both of us. i know it has been for me. >> you were taking a break from facebook. you came back. >> i got off because unfortunately i jump in with
2:53 am
both feet when i do things. when i get bored with them a little bit, i quit. >> self-knowledge is a healthy thing. >> what's it like for you finally laying eyes on your dad? >> we look alike. it's great. it's awesome. really awesome. it's weird. not going to lie. >> now you're a grandfather to three beautiful children you haven't met either. >> i can't wait to meet them. >> you went on to have a family. you will plan to get together. don't miss another moment . >> we are talking about it little by little. >> send us the bill. >> you guys, thank you so much for sharing this moment. >> what a great moment. >> thank you very much. >> that's awesome. >> are you hoping to re connect with a long lost relative? >> we have some to get you started but first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
2:55 am
2:56 am
if you have thought about seeking a family member and creating your own reunion it's not just about how to get started but you have to be prepared to get started emotionally. >> philip klein and catherine pearlman join us. you have to follow. that if they hadn't done the work of finding them, that
2:57 am
reunion would not have happened. >> they both seemed ready, didn't they? >> they were both ready. >> that's the most important thing. you have taken the time to assess the situation. your life is in a place where you can accept this. you are not seeking to fill a void but you are ready. >> expectations can be crazy. >> as an investigator we see this a lot. we do this for a living. we find people all over the world. reunite families, loved ones. there are things people need to remember. facebook is a great tool. with facial recognition it's going to get easier. second thing is i found in over 500, 600 we have found in the past ten years that people leave a bunny trail. >> they want to be found. >> they want to be found. it's interesting to see that happen and see them reunite just on facebook alone. it can even go further than.
2:58 am
that siblings that just happened upon each other on-line >> we have heard of that. >> what if one is interested in finding the other but it is not reciprocated? that can be the case. >> before you meet you have to think about all of the possibilities for the relationship. you have what you hope for, your fantasy but realize the other person may not be at that place. it's good to slow down, meet the person where they are ready and take time to build a relationship . >> there can be shame involved in this. >> right. >> maybe family secrets are held. >> a back story. there is always a back story. there is always family dynamics. we always require our clients when they hire us to come in to a counselor such as catherine to get the counseling both before and it's so important afterwards. >> so smart. >> things can break down. >> is facebook the best way? it worked for these guys, but is that the way people are doing it? >> facebook, technology. we have databases now, data mining on cell phones. there is so much data mining. is huge. there are so many tools for investigators.
2:59 am
and licensed investigators have other databases we can use that are ten times better. >> that can be good and bad. with facebook you can find somebody instantly. five minutes later if you have a name, a friend of a friend. sometimes you need the process to -- >> too quick. >> it can be too quickly. you need to slow down, pace yourself even once you have the name and interaction it's good to slow down. >> out of the 500, 600 you have done what is the ratio of those you were thrilled to have a part in? >> i'm thrilled in all of them. it opens doors. it closes some doors and opens new ones but it's healthy all the way around. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> tomorrow, i can't believe we're going from this to -- >> we are talking about "duck dynasty". >> and the robertson family and a man's perspective on dating.
3:00 am
plus the craziest craigslist ads you have ever seen. >> and more ambush makeovers for people over -- ush makeovers for >> 59 and one. >> have a great tuesday booz jeff: please bring out tristin. we are celebrating moms with giuliana rancic! >> we want to be the best example for our son. i googled bill rancic. no shame. jeff: then how two separated sisters made a whole new life together. >> she was willing to give me a child before she would have her own. [cheers and applause] jeff: hello! all right. a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on this show. and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i am hosting a talk show,


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