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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 13, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a stethoscope but she's no nurse. we'll tell you where she was found and why she's no longer in custody today as hospitals across the bay area are now on high alert. a hard hit sends a cal football player to the hospital strapped in a gurney. the big hurdle he just cleared in his recovery overnight next. and our unseasonably cool pattern changes today. you might want to pull out a sweater right now, but dress in layers. a hot afternoon headed our way. i'll let you know what that means for where you live. as traffic tuesday kicks in, especially headed toward the maze, we'll give you a report. a truck driver jerked him over to the side that made him changes lanes. why did the tomatoes cross the road? we have no idea. we can tell you how thousands of pounds of tomatoes wound up splattered all over the street. this is tuesday, august 13th. this is "today in the bay."
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good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning. happy to see you. bay area hospitals on high alert this morning after a woman was caught impersonating a nurse. deputies this morning are still concerned because that woman is now back out on the streets. "today in the bay's" marla tellez joining us live from valley medical center in san jose where that impersonator was caught. marla, investigators this morning, they're worried because she could strike again. >> reporter: you just said it. good morning to you. investigators are still worried because, as you mentioned, she has already been released from custody. here is a look at her. she is 29-year-old crystal cook, arrested here on friday. department says she was wearing scrubs, carrying a stethoscope and a fake medical i.d. when they cussed her. deputies reiterate she does not have any medical training.
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real nurses here caught on to her impersonating scheme and the hospital took immediate action. the sheriff's department said when interviewing cook she never gave a valid reason as to why she did this, but did say she never intended to harm anyone. still patients here are on edge. >> that's pretty scary. >> what if she would have had access to getting ahold of a baby. you know what i'm saying? you just can't trust people these days. >> reporter: a rally medical spokesperson says cook's badge would not allow her to access the hospital's more secure areas, for instance, where babies or drugs are kept. she's facing two misdemeanors and could get a maximum of two years in jail and $15,000 in fines. i have reached out and am waiting to hear back from the santa clara county sheriff's department to see what's next for cook. in my next report i'll explain how facebook helped employees catch on to cook's scam. that's coming up about 6:50. live in san jose, marla tellez,
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"today in the bay." sentencing scheduled today for a former livermore high school teacher who had a sexual relationship with a student. marie johnson pleaded no contest to nine felony charges for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy. prosecutors say johnson who a six-month relationship with that student beginning late in 2010. police say the boy later told the coach about a relationship which led to johnson's arrest in january of last year. she faces up to nine years behind bars. a town hall melting planned for victims behind a massive fire in redwood city. one person died, 20 other people were hurt during the fire and almost 100 people were left homeless. the cause of this fire still remains under investigation. tonight's meeting starts at 7:00 at the fair oaks community center located on middlefield road. new this morning, flames
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ripped through an apartment building in santa rosa overnight forcing eight people from their homes. that fire broke out at the marleau apartments on marchlow road at 1:00 this morning. luckily no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. happening right now at 6:04, hayward city workers have officially gone on strike. they walked off the job at 6:00 a.m. sharp claiming the city is not treating them fairly. today in the bay's bob redell is live in hayward with how this is affecting the community. >> reporter: good morning, jon. sciu local 1021 representing 280 workers have picked up the picket signs and picketing in front of city hall which will be the start of what they say will be a three-day strike. as far as people who live here in hayward, if you're a resident here, how will you feel the impact? city of hayward says they have a contingency in plan to keep
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services running as normal. it involves using managers and cherry picking from a pool of 450 other employees who are not going on strike to backfill those empty slots. as for those in critical jobs like 911 operators and workers with the wastewater treatment plant, the state public employees relations board has told them that they cannot strike, that they must show up for work today because their jobs are so critical to the running of the city. this is after the city complained about what they said would have been an illegal strike if those critical services would have been left exposed. the other workers, the ones behind me picketing include library assistance, animal control officers, admin staffers. both sides have been negotiating for a correct, but negotiations have stalled over pay. the city is arguing a concession is used to cost costs and close a budget deficit, saying it's the same concession that
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firefighters and other other workers made in the past. the union claims the constituent has $50 million it would use to pay the workers to keep their salaries whole instead of using it on projects they claim are not necessary. the union also says besides, we've given up 12% in pay already since 2010. reporting live at hayward city hall, bob redell, today in the bay. at 6:06, workers at the santa clara county courts will vote on a potential three-day strike. the sciu represents about 90,000 court clerks. about half voted last night, the rest will vote today. it is 6:06 right now. time to say good morning once again to meteorologist christina loren and get a forecast of tuesday and what's happening the rest of the week. good morning. >> good morning to you. thaq'ñ summertime heat is back the bay area. i want to start with live pictures first. here we have the beautiful bay bridge which you can clearly see this morning. above the bridge we have low clouds. they will be clearing quickly. a lot of sunshine today around the bay and at the coast where
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we've been socked in with fog just about every morning this month. starting now in share, pratt a pretty start. high mid-level clouds overhead. the sun will start to burn off whatever low cloud cover develops. looking towards a hotter pga afternoon. 57 in livermore, 57 in san jose. look at the 60s in south bay. the kickoff a tuesday, many kids heading back to school tomorrow. we'll take a look at your first day of school forecast in the south bay. 92 degrees. for today, inland, 6 degrees. i'll have the full forecast coming up in just a minute. stick around if you want to see how hot it's going to get. yeah, much hotter than even today. that's on the way in my next report. let's take a look at your drive. mike has a surprises form&g yo this morning. >> yes, tomatoes scattered all over the roadway. this is pedrick road.
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this is over on the side up just off interstate 80. what happened was there was a truck carrying a load of tomatoes heading toward that campbell's plant over there. one driver reports another cut him off], and that they oúpá the other driver would do having cut that person off. that first driver kept driving after all this spill happened. they have to get the cleanup going on. clearly traffic going by the area. also a fender bender reported in the last few minutes in the same area. as you saw, the roadway is open. there's a factory off in the distance. we'll look at the map and show you, just off interstate 880. traffic flows on interstate 880, it was closed until just a few minutes ago. like a smooth, easy drive westbound, starting to pick up the volume and slow the speeds out of richmond and into berkeley. we're watching for that as well as a smooth flow over that upper
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deck as we travel in towards san francisco. we're looking at the build for oakland as well as northbound 880 past the coliseum. there you see we've marked an event, there's a game for the as, but also it will show you around high street. the taillights northbound, repor reports, chp is checking that out a. smooth flow of traffic past the coliseum. as this volume builds, a big concern. so far i've been watching. there has been no swerving on the lights. back to you. thanks a lochlt 6:09 right now. a baseball fan is dead this morning after falling more than 60 feet. this happened in atlanta's turner field. that fan was on an upper level platform when he fell right onto the parking lot.
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this happened during last night's game between the atlanta braves and the philadelphia phillies. police at this point aren't sure if the wet weather or alcohol were factors. a cal football player is being released from the hospital after he was injured during a scrimmage. junior starting safety avery sebastian went down after a hard hit yesterday. for more than 15 minutes he didn't appear to move. he was strapped to gaurn any and taken to highland hospital in oakland. cal says sebastian now has movement in all of his extremities. in a statement released sebastian thanked everyone for positive thoughts and prayers. >> after the big hits, always the scary moments when the player is laying there motionless on the field. 6:10. coming up, a survivor speaks up after being sucked out of her house by a rough mudslide. >> i never really thought of dieing, that i was going to dichlt i just thought, okay, how
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am i going to get out of this. >> we'll tell you how she managed to survive and what she clung to to keep from being dragged all the way down the hill. a mountaintop oasis touring atop an apartment complex. we'll tell you why a mogul's multimillion dollar pet project may soon be torn down.
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at 6:15, here is a look at today's top stories. chp warning area hospitals to watch out for a woman accused of impersonating a nurse. crystal cook was arrested on friday at valley medical center, but she's been released. she was wearing hospital scrubs and carrying a fake id. hayward city workers on strike protesting a pay cut from the city, more than 280 employees expected to strike for a total of three days. the city says it does have a
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contingency plan and critical services will not be affected. >> chp says it's still preparing to staff extra shifts ahead of the bay bridge opening in case they decide to open the new span for labor day. right now the opening is still delayed until december so crews can install a fix for broken steel bolts on the span. moving to business and tech news, harsh words this morning from california's richest man larry ellison. >> the head of oracle says apple will not be the same without founder steve jobs. scott mcgrew, why is that coming up now? >> he made the comments in a pre taped interview with charlie rose. the future of apple has been the subject of a lot of debate. in the interview rose asks ellison what he thinks of apple without jobs, to which ellison replied we've already seen how apple does without jobs, referring back to the time when apple fired jobs and apple
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fairly survived. lots of praise for tesla founder elon musk, showing off pictures of his hyper loop monday afternoon. while there are questions about how practical it is, there is praise for making big plans, the kind that stir the soul to borrow a phrase, especially a time when so much effort on tech is going towards things like social network or filters from your iphones and photographs. compared to california's high-speed rail project, musk says this is something that would be far cheaper. musk's plans call for something less expensive, but again everything we've seen from him is just on paper, at least with high-speed rail, something has been built. musk has proven he can accomplish what he sets out to do. he does plan a mission to mars, by the way, to be complete before california finishes its high speed rail. will that work? stick around. you'll find out. on the markets we're watching tesla this morning, up about 2% in pre trading, apple as well.
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it's been kind of a quiet market, jon and laura, for the last couple weeks really. we did get retail trade information, a little less than expected. we expect another quiet day. >> summertime slows. >> it really is. >> it's been such a hot run. tough to keep up the heat. heat will certainly pick up in the bay area. a nice day today. >> kind of hot. depends on where you live. the microclimates kicking in. the first time we're talking about the 90s all month long so far. you might have to kick on the air conditioner wherever you do live. in the 50s everywhere, 57 in san jose, 51 in gilroy, high pressure cranks up the heat as we head throughout the weekend. you will notice a difference from yesterday, three to five degrees warmer this afternoon. that's going to stand for tomorrow, we'll head into your thursday with warmer than average temperatures. thanks for waking up with us. as you know, temperatures, they
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get hot inland, but get really comfortable at the beach. 6 degrees at 2:00 p.m. in santa cruz, 72 at 4:00 p.m. comfortable conditions out there. chilly for the first part of the day in san francisco. you, too, are only going to get two degrees away from the 70s. as we head through tomorrow, a warmer day shaping up for you in san francisco. so summertime weather has returned, and it's going to stick around all the way throughout the end of the week. then we really crank that heat up sunday into monday and the heat wave continues tuesday, wednesday, thursday of next week. your drive is heating up. let's check on that with mike inouye. >> traffic tuesday. a heavier volume of traffic. as christina is talking about, as schools, especially colleges get back in session a heavier commute around the bay. here you have the bay bridge toll plaza and the backup for the lance as the metering lights are on past grand avenue. already an early start for the cash lanes. we are seeing a little shift in the pattern. we'll look at the maps and talk
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about the area here. the.nb eastshore freeway comint of richmond into berkeley, things are calming down. it's the berkeley curve where we're starting to see the volume build. north 880 for the build as you approach. crash reported mlk junior way at russell. that's north of ashby and west of shaddock. those two major roadways are clear of the incident. this is a surface street issue for berkeley. a smooth flow of traffic. north of high street and the southbound side, we talked about the bump in the road. it was reported actually south of chp clarifying the bump before the high street off-ramp. it sound like it's affecting one of your right lanes. only one person called it in. want to watch everybody else as well. looking at an event, the a's are playing tonight. as we look south heading toward the san mateo bridge, just fine as far as the build.
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we'll turn our map to the south as we look at the commute direction. south 880 is the direction from there's an earlier disabled vehicle on the shoulder heading toward mission boulevard. the very light volume of traffic taken from the caltrans camera a couple minutes ago, south 880 and the loop toward 101. you see the severe loop, that's why we sometimes have issues with larger trucks. looking at 17 across the santa cruz summit, no problems for either direction. we have an event over here, sap center. remember the wwe smack douchbwn tonight. as we look toward san rafael, this is the southbound direction, your commute building coming into novato. once you hit novato, clear through san rafael with the low clouds hovering around the hills. the bridget self, that's clear
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for the bridge. 6:19. we can tell you a total of 16 county garage workers in ocean county, new jersey, will speak out for the first time today ability winning that share of the powerball jackpot. the so-called oceans 16 group made up of nine women and seven men, we have video here of that group, validating that ticket at the lottery office yesterday. got to make sure the ticket is good. they had one of the three winning tickets in last week's $448 million jackpot. after taxes, quick math here, it was a 16-way split. each will get about $3.8 million. congratulations to those guys. today's press conference expected around 11:30 this morning our time. expect a big party there. >> a lot of smiles in that video there. 6:20 right now. meantime a mogul use multimillion dollar rooftop oasis may have to be torn down
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in china. residents have complained for years it's damaging the building's structural integrity and pipe system. the owner has 15 days to tear it down or prove he had the proper permits to build it there. >> that's weird. a bunch of dirt on top of the building. if i have a lot of money, i don't think i'm going to dig into a cave to put on top of a building. coming up, a dangerous drop-off near disney world. we have the new details about that huge sinkhole that sucks an entire building into the ground. a mudslide survivor shares her story. we'll tell you what she grabbed on to to try to save her own house. let's take you outside for a live+ picturesque look as the n slowly starts to break down. a beautiful shot over the city and inspiring you as your week gets rolling on a tuesday. we're back on "today in the bay" right after this break.
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two italian mountain climbers have been found dead in an avalanche in the french alps. the avalanche happened on one of the most popular routes to the summit of mount blanc. firefighters still battling two huge wildfires in idaho and
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mandatory evacuation orders are in effect. possible thunderstorms out therr expected could pose problems for crews battling the fires. both wildfires burning in elmore county in the central part of that state. one fire has already burned 141 square miles of fer rain a few miles to the south. another wildfire is burning 225 square miles. several buildings have been destroyed from the fires. however it's unclear exactly how many. evacuations are under way. firefighters san jose some of the residents are refusing to leave. follow up, hearing from a woman who survived this mudslide, a flash flood in el paso county, colorado. laura hunter was inside her cottage when the rushing water poured into her living room. she says she was sucked under
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water, dragged out of her house and when she resurfaced she spotted a tree. >> so i thought, i'm going to grab that tree and pull myself out. that's whatly what i did. i straddled the tree, pulled myself out, flung myself onto the ridge, the embankment and proceeded to crawl up to higher ground. >> grabbing that tree helped save her life. her leg and foot were broken in that ordeal and her cottage is destroyed. more nature gone bad. a geotechnical team will be at a resort in florida trying to assess the damage after a massive sinkhole opens up and swallows a building at the summer bay resort near disney world in orlando. it collapsed yesterday morning. the resort now says the building is a complete loss. no shocker seeing this video. fire officials say the sinkhole is about 50 feet in diameter. they think it's now getting deeper but they can't tell if it's growing outward.
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this is video shot as the building was actually sucked right into the ground. you can see it there. witnesses say they heard popping noises and windows breaking just before it all collapsed. less than an hour later, one of thoseu÷ buildings completely crumbled. 6:27. much more ahead on "today in the bay." a little boy mald by a pit bull during a play date in the east bay. >> he's like mommy, am i going to die? am i going to die? made me cry. >> tough to look at. tough to hear. we'll tell you what the boy's mother wants to see happen to the dogs that attacked her son. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears.
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a little boy mauled by a pit bull in the east bay, we'll let you know how he's doing and we'll let you know what his mother wants to see happen to the dog that attacked her son. a live look from the san bruno camera.lg
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right now let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange. a lot of momentum during 2013. scott mcgrew is along to tell us how things have slowed down. he'll have his eyes on the market on this tuesday, august 13. this is "today in the bay." 6 cloek on the nose. a very good morning everybody. happy to see you. i'm jon kelley. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check the markets with business and tech reporter scott mcgrew. >> watching a number of things after stocked ended mixed on monday. we're in the last of the summer vacations. school coming back, just got information on retail sales as we see the floor of the nyse this morning and the open of the
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nasdaq. the dow industrials up about 13 points. we're watching tesla, watching apple this morning. jc penney, that stockholder who has caused so much trouble over atc'ñ jc penney has been talkin about resigning. he just resigned from the board. then speaking of penneys, we're talking with the fbi out of new york city. they have an 8:00 a.m. press conference about penny stocks, they're inexpensive stocks not traded on the nyse. there have been big arrests. we suspect this is pump and dump. you've probably gotten e-mails, hey, this is going to be a hot buy. that's what's going on in the markets this morning. >> all right. developing this morning, thanks for following it. 6:31. christina loren checking back in. what's happening out there? >> this is what's happening. what a beautiful start to the day. you know what else? i want to point out a couple things on this live picture. you can see the san francisco
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bay from our san bruno cam, we're getting quite a bit of clearing. if i step out of the way, you can see the fog clearing, you can see it moving with the naked eye this morning. really cool stuff. let's take you down south to san jose where the kids of san jose unified are headed back to school starting tomorrow. you can see it's a little hazy ÷ here. we're getting into that time of year finally this month where the hot, humid, hazy weather returns. for today, not too bad. 57 degrees in livermore, 57 to start the day in beautiful san jose and 60 in gilroy. "today in the bay" works like this. 92 inland, 80 degrees bay side and 68 degrees at the coast. morgan hill goes back to school tomorrow. we'll take a look at that forecast. if you're in san jose, you've got the little ones around. at noon, 77 degrees. at 4:00 p.m., 84 degrees. a warm start to the cool year
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there. let's check on your drive with mike inouye. >> we know it's kicking in, traffic tuesday. here is san jose where the volume is starting to build. specifically just north of 680, the live shot over the over crossing. but we'll look at the drive speeds. overall, the average drive for north 101 including that spot still around 16 miles per hour. a smooth drive approaching and a smooth drive as you pass 880 traveling north toward the airport as well. 87 startingq,@ñ to build. the volume not a major concern. we'll also show slowing over the next half hour. a nice easy drive as you head down the eastshore freeway, volume kicking in for the second burst we see down the eastshore freeway, speeds starting to come down in towards the 50s through berkeley. the berkeley curve slow approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. a live look outside as well as we see things down through university avenue. we see the volume of traffic
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building. that will continue to build toward the 7:00 hour. a really sad story right here. a young martinez boy mauled by a pit bull will have another surgery today to repair injuries to the right side of his face. 10-year-old hunter kilborne was mauled while visiting friends on sunday. his mother saying hunter and his friends were running up the stairs when two dogs knocked him over and one of the dogs bit him right in the face and the arm. his mother at the time was next door when a neighbor came running over and told her to call 911. >> the neighbor -- the owner of the dog had a towel on his head. i walked over there and grabbed the towel and holding on and he says, mommy, aim going to die? am i going to die? it made me cry. i'm like no,ptñ you're not goino die. you will be fine. >> nothing short of traumatizing all the way around for everyone. hunter was rushed to the uc
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davis trauma center where he had his first surgery sunday night. his mother now says he will need skin grafts and several more jurnlgryes to repair his injuries. see both dogs put down. 6:35. a followup to a story we first brought you yesterday morning, a man in jail connected to the party van crash near the alpine road exit on 280 sunday night. officers arrested 43-year-old jason quinones for felony dui, manslaughter and hit and run. the only passenger in that van died at the scene. oakland police say they could be revealing the identity of a body found in solana county. search crews found the body on friday in vacaville while searching for missing oakland woman sandra coke. the 50-year-old federal investigator disappeared on august 4th. her ex-boyfriend randy alana is considered a person of interest in this disappearance.
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a little girl allegedly killed by her own brother. now their family is speaking out. >> i turned isaiah in. most people don't know that. that was hard enough. >> what they say about their son's not guilty plea and why they accuse their community of turning on them since laila fowler's death. we'll tell you about stolen syringes and a hepatitis c outbreak. we'll let you know about a plea deal for a man accused of infecting dozens of patients.
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the prosecution will start calling e perpt witnesses in the military trial of the soldier accused in the 2009 ft. hood shooting rampage. major nadal hasan is accused of killing 13 people and injuring 30 others. hasan is acting as his own lawyer and has mostly sat quiet, allowing prosecutor to call more than 60 witnesses in four days. his e stand-by defense attorney says he's putting on a defense that guarantees the death penalty. under a plea agreement, david kwiatkowski facing 30 to 40 years behind bars. a deal let's him avoid criminal charges in other states where patients also became sick. kwiatkowski is accused of
6:40 am
injecting himself with the pain killer fentanyl using stolen syringes, then replacing the drug with saline before the tainted syringes were used on patients. 6:40. today democratic candidates for new york city mayor are holding theirs first debate since anthony weiner's latest sexting scandal. less than a month remains until the september 10th primary. weiner was leading the field until he revealed he continued to send sexually explicit online messages to women even after resigning from congress. weiner is now polling fourth. time is 6:40. coming up, a little girl killed allegedly by her own brother. a northern california family speaking out publicly for the first time since leyla fowler's death. on the ground as the s.w.a.t. team moves in. new video showing the intense operation that sent an amber alert victim free in idaho.
6:41 am
on a lighter note, who are the nicest drivers? researchers at uc berkeley take a look. we'll have the answer and the car brands coming up in business and tech. >> looking forward to that. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is a live look at the first morning in weeks where you can see the sun at the bay over the coast. we have a good looking day shaping up. sunset at 8:04. final night before some kids head back to class. we'll take a look at your back to school forecast. >> low clouds here through san rafael. not a problem for drivers, at the limit south of petaluma. we're talking about to the rest of the bay where we have a good deal of slowing especially approaching the bridges coming up.
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at 6:43, happening now, hayward city workers have officially gone on strike. workers walked off the job within the past hour claiming the city isn't treating them fairly. today in the bay's bob redell live in hayward with how it's affecting the community today. >> reporter: good morning, laura. in spite of the three-day strike that started within the past hour, city hall will be open today. we spoke with the city assistant manager who says service also run as normal. the city has been able to bring in temps and will be allowing on managers to pick up the slack. they say essential services like 911 and water treatment won't be affected as some of those workers were ordered not to strike. police and fire will be normal as well as those workers aren't part of the strike. this strike involving 280 library assistants, animal control officers,íñ admin staff
6:45 am
and others. the city wants workers to give up an additional 5% in pay in addition to the 12% these workers have given up since 2010, something the city says they've asked already of firefighters and other workers. the worker's this morning understand other workers have been asked this. they point out they just don't make as much as those guys. >> starting to feel pretty demoralized and we don't really have value here and they don't appreciate what we do and not prioritizing the workers. we still think they could take care of their workers and get projects done, too, around town. so, yeah, we're striking for three days so they can feel the difference. >> reporter: workers with sciu union local 1021 says they will be on strike for the next three days. this involves roughly 280 workers, perhaps a few less than that. as i was mentioning, the city does say the city will be
6:46 am
running as normal with temporary workers. they've called back some retirees and they've got some of their managers doing double shifts trying to pick up the slack in vacaville. reporting live in the city of hayward, bob redell, "today in the bay." now new video of an unexpected ob stackve on the ro for drivers in solana county. how about that? thousands of tomatoes, thousands ofsn pounds spilled over pedric road in dixon. look at this mess. the truck driver says he swerved to avoid another driver coming into his lane and never made it to the campbell's factory. the road is now back open after all that tomato, ketchup and splat on the road. drivers are warned it could be juice. >> now we have to watch campbell's soup prices to see if they're going to rise. >> could be the aftereffect.
6:47 am
meteorologist christina loren, we're finally going to feel summer? >> feeling very summer like. heat wave kicking into high gear as we head into the upcoming week. hey, this morning, what a beautiful start to the day in san jose. we have very little low cloud cover left over here, and we are clearing quickly in the east bay, even at the immediate coast you're getting breaks of sunshine right off the bat. that's a good indication that it is going to be warmer. but what happens is, when we have those low clouds, they actually serve as a blanket trapping in the warmth the day before. 24-hour temperature change shows you we're about the ÷á÷ to five degrees cooler this morning than this time yesterday. 57 in livermore, 51 in gilroy, 57 in san jose, 57 degrees to start the day in oakland. high pressure is taking control. this is going to bring subtropical moisture our way. you'll probably notice an increase in humidity, hazy skies. as we head throughout the next couple days, we keep the heat going today, return of the 90s.
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70s and 80s along the bay, upper 60s to low 70s along the coast. beautiful conditions in santa cruz, 72 degrees at 4:00 p.m. warmer beach days headed our way in places like san francisco, ocean beach. you're going to get spoiled as we head throughout the end of the week. here is your three-day forecast into the next weekend and beyond. temperatures get hot. for the next three days we're talking about low 9 o 0s, getting a little low break and then saturday and sunday the temperatures climb right back up, monday, tuesday, wednesday looking for oppressive heat. a lot of people not excite about that. at least i can warn you the advance and you can plan to get to the beach. >> looking over here to the south bay we'll start making brake lights that kick on at 680. northbound starts to slow around capital expressway, speeds
6:49 am
coming down just below the limit as you head past the new off-ramps. no problems and no real change over here. we are seeing 87 kicking in from 85 into downtown where we have an event at sap center, a smackdown going on, wwe wrestling it's scripted but still entertaining. a smooth flow of traffic but building on the east bay. a quick check on the peninsula and see how things are for palo alto as well. low clouds hovering around. visibility is fine al lochk the peninsula. watch the coast just for the morning right now. over the san mateo bridge you are seeing some hazy conditions as well. brighter on the hayward side. there's westbound and there's the high-rise again. visibility and flow of traffic fine over here. over to the east bay side -- looking at the tri-valley with typical slowing through livermore.
6:50 am
clear by the dublin interchange. earlier slowing i saw starting to build for pleasanton has cleared the last few minutes. the build is on for the tri-valley, highway x>ñ84. disabled big rig just clearing from westbound 580. that's a little decision strax, znng there. we'll end with this map and the slowing toward the dublin interchange. back to you. thank you very much, mike. 6:50. we have new video of a s.w.a.t. team dropping into the remote wilderness of idaho friday morning searching for missing san diego county teen and her alleged kidnapper. this is the first tactical team on the ground looking for jim dimaggio and hannah anderson. they spent 24 hours securing the area and checking nearby cabins and river banks. just a few hours after the fbi relieved them, they received word hannah was safe and dimaggio was dead. thehw family of an 8-year- girl allegedly killed by her very own brother in san joaquin county is speak out saying their nightmare is far from other.
6:51 am
barney fowler, fiancee and eldest son speaking to our nbc station in sacramento. they're describing the pain of finding leila fowler dead and the added ordeal of seeing her 12-year-old brother arrested for her brother. >> i turned eye yeah in. 7tjá people don't know that. that was hard enough. >> people don't see what happens at night when the kids go to sleep and we have to sit and deal with it. they don't see that we don't eat for days on end and it's one or two hours of sleep a night. it's an absolute nightmare. >> barn any fowler and fiancee insist his 12-year-old sorn is innocent. the dad only turned him in because police were out looking for him. the fowlers say they feel like at this point the community has turned its back on them. 6:51. a man is facing animal cruelty charges after police in
6:52 am
drown down his father's dog in a city pond. investigators say ryan cavanaugh repeatedly pushed the pit bull terrier under the water until it drown. several people witnessed the disturbing act yesterday morning. cavanaugh says he doesn't know why he did it. two officers recovered the dog's remains using a small boat. cavanaugh was already on oh probation for assault with a deadly weapon. bay area hospital on high alert after a woman was caught impersonating a nurse. dechities this morning are still concerned because they believe that woman -- they know that woman is back on the streets. today in the bay's marla tellez live in valley medical center where the impersonator was caught. investigators are worried she could strike again. >> reporter: good morning. crystal cook is her name. her entire scam came to an end on friday. now santa clara county sheriff's deputies are busy reviewing
6:53 am
hospital surveillance video to see just how long she put on this nursing act. the 29-year-old is from the town of felton. when she was caught, cook was wearing scrubs, carrying a stethoscope and carrying a fake medical id. deputies have facebook to thank because it was cook's very own post on her own facebook page that caught the attention of some really valley med nurses. when they read she had been working there since at least june, a hospital spokesperson says red flags went up. it was quickly determined she wasn't an employee at all. cook's second post on facebook was just as erroneous. >> she said she was part of a pediatric heart transplant. we don't do pediatric heart transplants. we send them to stanford. as soon as this was brought to a nurse's attention, protocols were followed, al all right were made and the person was apprehended the very next day. >> cook is now facing two misdemeanors, one for
6:54 am
impersonating a county employee, the second for possessing a vicity shows id card, faces a maximum of two years in jail and $15,000 in fines. cook is no longer in custody. she is a free woman as of now. that is why bay area hospitals are being told to be on high alert. if you see;yb cook on any hosp grounds throughout the bay area, your best bet is to contact authorities right aye way. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." officials in contra costa county will discuss what went wrong with the county emergency alert situation zis stem that sent an evacuation message to residents who weren't in any danger. there was a gas leak in alamo last month, but the alert went out to some people outside the affected area. the text message told people to evacuate immediately but did not say why. today the county board of supervisors will hear a report from the sheriff's department on the incident and what caused the glitch. a local school district
6:55 am
talking about changing its testing policies after a security breach during star testing earlier this year. amador valley high in the pleasanton school district says it may require students to turn in cell phones before taking tests next year. the school was one of 246 flagged statewide for security breaches during star testing. the pleasanton weekly reporting a student snapped a photo of another student taking the test and then posted it on social media. after investigating, the state determined no cheating was involved, and the student was told to take that photo down. you may remember last week we told you the state was taking a close look at 16 schools for possible cheating including san francisco's lowell high school. lowell now facing possible state investigation. 6:55. new signs this morning the opening of the new bay bridge may not be delayed after all. the "contra costa times" reports the chp is still signing up extra officers to staff overtime shifts planned for the end of
6:56 am
this month when crews were supposed to shut down the bridge  i-80 with the new span. chp says it wants to beñ prepard in case the original construction timeline is restored. last month the toll bridge oversight committee announced it would delay the bridge opening until at least decembero install new steel parts where bolts snapped earlier this year. the original opening day was going to be labor day weekend. in the meantime, for all of our viewing enjoyment, the lights on the new eastern span will be turned on tonight. the lights are being installed on the roadway and the span's main suspension cable. the lights, for the record, will go on tonight after 8:00 p.m. want to check in with scott mcgrew and get a look at the markets, how we're faring. good morning to2sg you. as we've seen the last of the summer vacation, last couple of days on the markets have been very light in trading. seeing the same thing today not a lot of movement.
6:57 am
meanwhile, researchers at cal berkeley say they've determined people who drive nice cars don't drive nicely. scientists watched drivers' behavior at various intersections including crosswalks and recorded who did what and what kind of car they drove. "the new york times" this morning says scientists determined people who drive beaters are much nicer than people who drive expensive cars, particularly the car you were just seeing. in fact, twosoi brands of cars, according to cal researchers, jon and laura, the worst behavior, they were bmw as the prius. go figure. i figured prius people might be nice. >> what if you switch your driving habits because of an expanding family. used to be a mean bmg driver and now -- >> those vance are nice. >> thanks. >> i don't know about you guys.b i've seen equal opportunity
6:58 am
nasty drivers in beaters and beautiful cars. >> especially when the heat is up, they say. >> road rage. it's universal. >> we'll have hotter temperatures today. cool it out there, folks. want to check in with christina. >> good morning to you. temperatures right now are pretty comfortable f. you have outdoor plans you want to take care of, try to get it done early as the 90s return. 9 at noon inland, up to 92 degrees in the heat of the day. first time for the 90s inland all month long. 80 degrees bay side at the coast. 68 degrees headed your way. he's always driving nice because, hey, he's got a reason to, mike inouye. you don't want anyone taking a picture of you. >> because i have a beater. that's why. it's hard to keep a nice interior with kids. north 101 very slow at 680. slow from capital expressway through the area towards 880.
6:59 am
we'll show you dry speeds. the top of your screen coming down into the upper 50s. the rest of the approaches are okay. a live look through oakland where we're showing you northbound it's just fine. southbound, the volume is here. watch the bump on the road south at high street. be careful. 6:59. a final check of the day's top stories. a martinez boy in the hospital this morning recovering after being mauled by a pit bull. hunter kilborne was attacked by a pit bull, biting his face andz arm. his mother says he'll need several surgeries to repair the damage. more than 280 employees expected to strike nor three days. the city says it does have a contingency plan in place and critical services will3h-÷ not affected. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back with a live local
7:00 am
news update at 7:25 and every half hour after that. >> have a great day. enjoy the warmer weather. good morning. fatal fall. a fan plunges 6 stories during a rain delay at an atlanta braves game. investigation now underway into what went wrong. we're live at the scene. >> spilling the beans, did anthony weiner's comments about his wife confirm a democratic secret. >> do you know what the role in hilary's 2016 campaign will be? >> i do. >> more of the candid new interview. and sinking feeling. new video of the massive sinkhole near disneyworld amid growing concerns it could get bigger today, tuesda


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