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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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how a group of horseback riders described their encounter with a kidnapped teenager and her alleged abductor. starting out nice and mild to kickoff your workweek, but what i can tell you is quickly a return of those hot august nights all across the bay area. i'll let you know how hot it's going to be where you live as we head through the week. >> a little early on for the metering lights of the bay bridge, the backup here and approaching the dublin interchange. we'll talk 580 and the crash coming up. we'll take a live look outside, not bad for a monday morning, easing into your workweek. it's monday, august 12. this is "today in the bay." happy monday morning, everybody. it's 6:00 on the nose. thanks for joining us as always. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, investigators looking into the cause of a deadly party bus crash.
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one person died at the scene. when officers arrived, they say the driver was nowhere to be found. the crash happened late last night on northbound 280 south of alpine road off-ramp. today in the bay's marla tellez live at the scene with an update on that investigation. good morning, marla. . >> reporter: good morning. chp officers are asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to come forward as they try to figure out what went wrong. we're standing right at the alpine road portola valley exit in unincorporated santa clara county. the headlights are heading northbound. the accident happened just down the way. chp officers say that's when the party bus lost control, slammed into a tree and rolled down the embankment. this happened just before 11:00 last night. the crash cleared just over an hour ago. video we have shows the mangled mess that was once the party bus. the right side of the van was sheared off upon impact. the only known passenger on board was pronounced dead at the
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scene. ficials say he was an hispanic man in his late 30s from san francisco. when crews arrived, the driver was nowhere to be found. however, we do have -- we do know a man was found about four hours later in this same area along 280. we have video of him getting treated inside an ambulance. the chp officer tells me he cannot confirm, but this guy is likely the party bus driver. >> at this time is not cooperating. he's not saying anything. he has been transported to stanford to get him checked out in case there are any injuries, or just the fact that he's not saying anything, we've don't know if he has any medical condition. >> reporter: the officer says that man is being treated for minor injuries. chp investigate ergs say the vehicle was a chevy e 3500 converted into a party bus.
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there was no markings on the van. officials say they're not sure of the company name. i asked if this company is a legitimate company out of san francisco, and the officer says it's too early to tell at this point. as for the cause, that is being investigated, of course. but chp officials say it does not appear that alcohol was a factor. live in portola valley, marla tellez, "today in the bay." part of a florida vacation resort has been evacuated after a sinkhole just swallowed up one of the villas. three-story building at the summer bay resort in clermont about ten miles west of disney world. witnesses say the vilding was making popping sounds and windows started to break as it started to break. the building is still sinking this morning. back in the bay area, san jose police trying to figure out exactly what cause add deadly crash killing two teenage boys and injuring three others.
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we have video taken by somebody who lives in that area right after saturday night's crash. police now looking into weather drugs or alcohol may have been involved. that car was repeatedly speeding down chenoweth avenue east of snell when the driver lost control and slammed right into a tree. loved ones say 19-year-old fabian perez and 16-year-old sal fernandez both died in the crash. >> he was funny, always smiling, always joking with me, always a cheerful person, someone that you would want to be around. he was a wonderful person. and for this to happen, it's devastating for sglus police also tell us there were three other teenagers in that car. they all suffered critical injuries, but they are expected to survive. this morning the southern california teenageer at the center of an amber alert that spanned several states has been
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reunited with her father. 16-year-old hannah anderson was res cued in the remote wilderness of idaho. the pair were spotted saturday by a group of horseback riders who say they looked out of place in the back country. neither wearing hiking boots, and they said anderson was wearing pajama bottoms. >> she was -- kind of had a scared look on her face when i first come up the trail. we didn't know if it was from the horses or what. >> the amber alert was on the television. i told the wife, i said that is that girl we seen on the mountain. >> investigators believe dimaggio kidnapped anderson last sunday after killing her mother and brother in san diego county. the kidnapping prompted an amber alert for the entire state of california that was eventually extended into oregon and idaho. >> attorney general eric holder in san francisco this morning calling for major changes to the criminal justice system.'cfk
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he wants to scale back use of harsh sentences for certain drug-related crimes. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san francisco and has the reasons behind this change. bob, good morning. >> good morning, jon. this will be a major policy change to the war on drugs that u.s. attorney general eric holder will announce during the american bar association's annual meeting taking place later this morning at the moscone west center in downtown sf. holder will be directing his 94 u.s.!&- attorneys throughout t country to stop charging people with low-level drug crimes that result in mandatory minimum sentences and clog our prisons. this would be as long as the offense is non-violent and not tied to a gang or drug cartel. instead sentences to put those people into a drug treatment program or have them do community service. this policy change comes about as the prison population is exploding. since 1980 the u.s. population
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has grown by a third while the number of those behind bars has jumped by 800%. in a prepared quote obtained by the associated press, holder says, quote, a vicious cycle of poverty, criminality and incarceration weakens too many communities. however, many aspects of our criminal justice system may exacerbate this problem rather than alleviate it. reporting live in san francisco, bob redell, "today in the bay." we are following breaking news at 6:07 in solana county where:sgirefighters are on the scene of a four-alarm house fire happening in a neighborhood on poplar road a street two miles north of the vacaville premium outlets this morning. no word on any injuries, but we're keeping an eye on this and we'll bring you new information as soon as we get it. 6:07 right now. christina loren joining us again. once again to check things out
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outside. a good looking monday but going to get hot out there. i was checking out the winds in the vacaville area. that's a wind-prone area. hopefully more information for that very quickly. going to start with this live picture. we also have the fog factor to deal with this morning in san francisco forcing flight delays at this point at one hour. the cool west early air is starting to pump in concord, between 11 and 15 miles per hour sustained, gusting to about 35. low clouds and drizzle likely keeping the delays in place for the next three to four hours. we'll keep you updated. the good news for business travellers. no other flight delays anywhere across the nation. we'll let you know when that changes as well. 56 in livermore, 59 to start the day in beautiful san jose, 61 in sunnyvale. "today in the bay," plenty of low clouds at the coast, up to 57 degrees by about noon in san francisco. you'll probably need your jacket until then. but we'll round out the day at
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64 with ab dunn can't sunshine between the hours of 12:00 and 5:00. major heat headed our way. i'm show you when that comes into the forecast in my next report. first let's check the drive. mike is back after vacation. we're happy about it. thank you for welcoming me back. they've set off all the lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. that happens anyway. it happened just before 6:00. all lanes backed up to about west grand avenue. but the berkeley curve is okay. let me show you the speeds coming into the area. down the eastshore freeway, you're at the speed limit for the most part. slowing westbound through san pablo and richmond into the upper 50s. you know you're okay all the way including the berkeley curve toward the approach. west 24 no delays through the caldecott. 580 is okay through oakland. you have to watch the speeds. 65 is still the limit. 580 over here approaching the dublin interchange, we had a lot of slowing. starting to recover and that may be an indication that the last
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of the vehicles has cleared after a big rig and sedan got into a crash. we had a backup out of livermore, starting to east. also slow west 84 as you approach vallecitos. as i hit refresh, sounds like a stalled vehicle west 580 toward highway 84. right where you see that backup starting to form, it's going to get a little worse until they can clear that from the roadway. >> a look at the drive over toward the bridge. the san mateo bridge moves smoothly. south 880 slows toward 92. a live look show a lot of company. 6:10 right now. survivors of the asiana airlines crash that crashed at sfo starting to get initial compensation with the first payout starting at $10,000. the airline says that money is to cover medical and transportation costs. the 288 passengers that survived the crash are eligible for the payment. but the carrier may be told to tell more after the ntsb
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completes its investigation. three teenagers from china ended up dieing when the boeing 777 struck the seawall at sfo back on july 6th. it is 6:11. coming up, the u.s. postal service comes up with a new way to increase revenue. this one involves alcohol. we'll explain coming up. we also have a major wildfire to tell you about in california. this one almost under control. when crews hope to have it fully contained. that's coming up. we'll hear about the hyper loop. if you don't know what it is, we'll tell you coming up in business and tech.
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welcome back now. 6:13. low clouds spanning inland this morning. that bodes well. we're not going to see the heat soar yet. come late week, we're talking about a return of the triple
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digits. >> christina showed you the sunol area. loads touching the hilltops, not a problem for the drivers. same in the san mateo bridge. both of the spots, no problems. we have your morning commute building. we'll show you what's going on toward the dublin interchange. the latest on the crash coming up. at 6:14, let's get you updated on the day's top stories. chp investigating a deadly party bus crash. a bus runs off 280 near alpine road. the driver loses control and hits a tree. a passenger dies at the scene. another person, possibly the driver was found injured, wandering around the area of the crash. the teenager at the center of a west coast amber alert is back with her father this morning. federal agents shot and killed the man accused of kidnapping 16-year-old hannah anderson in idaho over the weekend. james dimaggio is also accused of killing her mother and
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8-year-old brother. b.a.r.t. trains rupp and running despite no labor agreement between the transit agency and its unions. today is the start of the 60-day cooling off period ordered by governor jerry brown. both sides are set to meet later this week. if no deal is reached by the end of the 60-day cooling off period, workers have the right to strike at any time. computers, not people will drive the proposed hyper loop between san francisco -- >> we're a long way from deciding who gets to drive. we haven't seen the plans yet. super inventor elon musk behind tesla will unveil plans later today, really any time now. these are artist sketches from our sister station in los angeles. one possible way that the hyper loop might look and work. musk, seen in last week's web chat, has only said it runs on pressurized air, sort of like the tubes they used at bank
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drive-throughs. musk says he's only releasing plans. he's not going to build the hyper loop or test version because he's too strung out, his words u running tesla. the word is full of millionaires who say they'll do something. musk said he wanted to build a rocket and here it is. he did. he sent three capsules, for goodness sakes, to the international space station. one blogger, and i can't remember who, has a plan. i think it's a good one. when musk reveals the hyper loop, everybody look unimpressed. you you know he has a plan for like a star trek transporter in the closet somewhere. that's what we really want. be like, oh, yeah. >> what else do you have, elon? >> anything else? interesting. >> the thing this guy comes up with. >> he is brilliant. like scott comes out, he actually puts them into motion and they work.
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>> pretty cool. >> always entertained by this guy. it is 6:16. happening right now there's a fire burning in the tahoe national forest area northeast of forest hill. it has now crossed a fork in the american river. it's about 55 miles northeast of sacramento. officials say that fire has burned about 800 acres. these are photos from kcra in sacramento. steep terrain making safety an issue for firefighters. in riverside county, firefighters say they hope to have the massive silver fire fully contained sometime today. that fire has charred more than 30 square miles in the jacinto mountains near palm springs. some communities actually still under evacuation orders. the fire there burned 26 homes since it starred on wednesday. ten firefighters also injured and a mountain biker seriously burned after being overrun by those fast-moving flames.
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the cause of that fire is under investigation. certainly dangerous as the winds return. >> yeah, with the heat and the dry bush. it's amazing they'll have it contained by today. that's great news. >> we had some of our local guys down, local heroes as well. >> we have a return of elevated fire danger. that's coming up at the end of our extended forecast as the heat cranks and the dry offshore breezes pick up. for today, a nice onshore flow, we start the clock on futurecast. this is searching for low clouds and fog. between about 9:00 and 10:00 a.m., we'll see mostly clear conditions with a fair amount of cloud cover hugging the coastline for most of the day. hey, high pressure is taking control. that means the microclimates will be in full swing, not just today. more and more temperature separation between your coastal cities and those inland as we head deeper into the week. that means a return of triple digit heat by the end of the week in the hottest cities across the bay. for dirks 80s and 90s inland, 70s and 80s around the bay.
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a couple of 70s at the coast for today. if you want to hit the beach, i know a lot of kids heading back to school next week. san jose state goes back to school. this might be the last week to get out there. the beach weather is definitely going to improve as we head through the next few days. 86 for livermore, 70 in santa cruz and 78 on the way to los gatos today. here we go. taking you into the end of the week is when the heat really starts to crank. it looks like sunday, monday and tuesday are going to be the warmest with triple-digit-plus heat in the hottest cities across the bay. that's near record warmth. mike, we knew it was coming back. we've been so spoiled for so long. >> i chose to ignore it. talk about heat cranking.5- crank, that's me when it gets hot. looking toward the south bay, not a big deal. northbound 101, slowing into the upper 50s. things calmed down once again. expect that to continue to build toward 630. more slowing here as well as 280
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and 87. that's the typical pattern for the south bay. as we look toward the tri-valley, here is the issue. as folks come off the tracy merge, there was a hit-and-run reported just before the 580 by pass. looks like things moved to the 40 minutes from this spot all the way over toward the dublin interchange. average speed just below 30. the bulk of the slowing toward north flynn, this shot from the caltrans camera, the volume really building up westbound. this is taillights away from us. as you move toward that dublin interchange, then isabel and doherty, the two areas of concern. doherty where we had the earlier crash, it looks like most of the activity moved to the shoulder, just a distraction westbound as you approach the critical interchange itself. over here past the isabel interchange, we have reports of a traffic hazard, sounds like a stall, sounds like it's also clearing from the roadway. an additional backup as you approach 84 and on 84 itself as you head towards vallecitos. over toward the rest of the
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area, mass transit looking really good. reminder, b.a.r.t. is in service today. we have the cooling-often period. no problems weekday service for b.a.r.t., wrun any and ac transit. no delays there. we'll show you the traffic flow on the peninsula. the bay bridge toll plaza, nothing unexpected. we do have your baung, almost always have the backup here guys. 6:21. coming up, a toddler found wandering all alone in rhode island, his mother found dead. a court decision that could affect thousands of families with die mabetic children. [ slurps ]
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happy monday morning. how are you feeling starting the workweek? hopefully spectacular. that's the bay bridge, some of the fog clearing as we have the traffic flowing. christina loren talking about temperatures warming up. so be prepared. it is 6:24. a 2-year-old boy in rhode island finally safe with family members this morning and two men in custody after just a brutal double murder. police say little isaiah perez was found wandering the streets all alone yesterday. police had been searching for the little boy since saturday when his mother and another woman were found dead, both at his home. two men have been arrested in the murders and kidnapping. investigators say the little boy was not hurt when they found him
6:25 am
abandoned in that neighborhood. police right now still investigating any kind of motive for the killings. jury deliberations continue today in the trial of whitey bulger. the 83-year-old was arrested@a6 june of 2011 after more than 16 years on the run. he's charged with 32 kounds of racketeering and money laundering along with 19 alleged murders. bulger has pleaded not guilty to all of those charges. in the meantime, the trial of major nadal hasan set to resume after more than 40 witnesses describe how he prepared and scare read out the shooting rampage at ft. hood. hasan who is representing himself sat silently in court except to raise a few objections and question two witnesses. the army psychiatrist is facing charges of premeditated murder for the 2009 shooting rampage that killed 13 people and injured 32 others. if convicted, he will face the
6:26 am
death penalty. the california supreme court deciding today if school employees should give insulin shots to diabetic students if a nurse is not available. parents want voluntarily trained non-nursing staff and faculty to be able to give shots to their children. baugh nurse's union claims inappropriately administered shots could lead to harm and tragedy. a lot of parents argue the current laws are unworkable because of the shortage of school nurses from a lack of funding. it is 6:26. still ahead, president obama taking a little vacation. but it doesn't mean his critics are. what washington inviteders are saying about his handling of the country's relationship with russia in the wake of edward snowden's security leaks. allegations of racism at at&t park. we'll let you know what happened during yesterday's giants game that has an opposing team member crying foul and what the giants are now doing about it. taking a live look outside. speaking of san francisco, can
6:27 am
you make it out with the fog hovering over it? a little clearer we think in the south bay. a little hazy out there for our monday morning. we'll get a turn-around when it comes to next weekend. it's monday, already talking about next weekend. we'll have a look at christina's forecast coming up as well. 6:27 right now. do you see the 10% back in points, plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears. [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley.
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nature at its most delicious.
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tension with russia reaching new heights in the fallout over the nsa leaker edward snowden. the criticism president obama is facing this morning. major flooding in colorado. what happened in the same area last year that's making this year so much worse. a live look at the opening bell out of new york city. who is that? that's yankee's first baseman mark texeira. why? we're not sure why. we know the yankees had a big ninth inning victory bottom of the ninth to beat detroit.
6:30 am
texeira out there doing the dinging. that's strong, nice work. we hope the markets will be winning this monday, august 12. this is "today in the bay." it is 6:3. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. just into our newsroom this morning, a major earthquake has rattled the coast of peru. 6.2 magnitude quake hit just before 2:00 a.m. our time about 60 miles off the coast of paita on the northern end of the country. we're waiting for reports of damage this morning and we'll bring them to you. president obama out on vacation the week, but back in washington facing new criticism over his proposals for increased oversight of the nsa and his handling of the country's relationship with russia. danielle lee is live on capitol hill with more on this growing
6:31 am
situation and the tension here that reached a boiling point with the leaks by edward snowden. good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. the overwhelming message out of washington is that president obama needs to be careful as he tries to strike a balance between restoring the public's trust on the one hand, but also protecting national security. just before leaving for vacation president obama said he wanted to increase oversight of the nsa surveillance programs exposed by edward snowden. now he's getting quite a bit of criticism, especially from republican lawmakers.;g they say he should be defending the programs which they say are lawful, necessary and have saved lives. they also worrisome of these é3÷.ru)t the program specifical when it comes to moving quickly during response to these threats. meanwhile, the u.s.-russia relationship has suffered significantly since edward snowden received asylum there. president obama canceled a meeting for next month planned with russian president vladimir
6:32 am
putin. some say the president should be coming down harder on this country. snowden's father has gotten the papers he needs to travel to russia and visit his son. he has continued to defend his son. in the past he has said that he would like to see his son come back to the u.s. he still says that, but now adding the caveat that he only wants him to do so if he believes he can get a fair trial. right now he has very serious concerns about that. reporting live in washington, danielle lee, back to you. >> danielle leon capitol hill, thank you very much. the fbi is investigating this morning trying to figure out what sickened two workers at jfk international airport. the bureau says more tests will be conducted at a lab after a package containing beauty supplies forced a brief shutdown of the airport. yesterday several workers reported feeling ill after opening the package that initially reported positive for bx, one of the most potent
6:33 am
chemicals known to me. it was a false positive. san jose police right now trying to find an at-risk 91-year-old man reported missing yesterday morning. police say oscar noriega who suffers from alzheimer's disease was last seen yesterday. he has disappeared before and been found in milpitas on at least one occasion. last seen wearing a white t-shirt, khaki pants and black shoes. at this hour no foul play is suspected. the giants say they are looking at surveillance footage from yesterday's game after an orioles player claims he was the victim of a racist attack. orioles center fielder adam jones says a fan threw a banana at him in the ninth inning. jones is african-american. the alleged incident came after he hit a three-run homer in the top of the ninth. after the game he tweeted about the incident saying, quote, i want to thank whatever,
6:34 am
expletive, threw that banana toward my direction in center field in the last inning. way to show your class. the giants senior vice president of ball park operations tells the chronicle there were no in-house radio calls about the incident. park officials say throwing things onto the field is grounds for ejection from the park. >> christina loren is back. not going to be cool outside according to this report. >> it's already warming up. maybe, just maybe you've been able to keep that ac off for the entire month of august so far. we knew the heat wave was coming. it looks like it's going to start to kick in as we head into the week into the upcoming weekend. 56 in livermore, 59 in san jose. we have a fog factors out there this morning. in santa rosa we'll find areas you can see. we'll keep checking on visibility all morning long. mike and i are definitely on top of it and could interrupt your
6:35 am
smooth drive to work. 8:00 a.m., we start the clock between now and 8:00, expecting the thickest low clouds extending all the way inland. then between about 9:00 and noon, mostly sunny conditions for most of the bay area with a fair amount of cloud cover hugging the coastline, especially from son know ma and marin. temperatures look comfortable compared to where we're headed. 78 degrees, not too bad in san jose. that goes for los gatos and redwood city as well. 64 on the way to san francisco and 86, getting warm in livermore. your seven-day forecast in my next report. >> stretching for the weekend even though it's monday. an easy drive for 880 southbound right past the fremont truck scales and tesla into the south bay which is not really a problem. we'll focus on the try sarah palin where we have had several issues. we'll look at the map and show you it is westbound.
6:36 am
even though monday, a relatively light drive of traffic. the earlier crash at the dublin interchange looks like it's cleared. i'm leaving it there until i get confirmation between isabel with one stall moving to the no need for the traffic break. they can clear it on their way. west 580,tú another stall repod as folks move to the shoulder there. more slowing from livermore westbound through 580. the castro valley y shows the build. typical slowing south 880 towards the san mateo bridge. a quick look at the berkeley area west 80 underneath university avenue with a smooth drive. the low clouds christina is talking about, not a problem for visibility just yet. we'll track that as it turns to fog in some spots. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:36. still ahead a south american oil refinery up in flames. we'll tell you what's being blamed for the massive fire.
6:37 am
>> first a fire, then a flood. a colorado area blowing one blow after another as a mudslide rips through the streets.
6:38 am
6:39 am
welcome back everyone. taking a live look outside this morning over the north bay, san rafael. at least it's clear from this shot. a foggy start, cloudy start over
6:40 am
most of the bay area today. when will that burn off? we'll check in with christina momentarily. lightning is blamed for a massive fire at an oil refinery in venezuela. investigators say the fire started yesterday during a rainstorm. people who live in the area were forced out of their homes as the thick black smoke rose into the sky. the fire burned for hours, but crews managed to get some help from the heavy rain and they were eventually able to put it out. no reports of injuries so far. the refinery can produce nearly 200,000 barrels of oil in day. right now riveting video, pretty mind blowing. a deadly smud slide in colorado. the four-foot wall of water pummeling the area out there last friday. at least one person died, another one still missing. a total of six homes were completely destroyed. nearly a dozen more severely damaged there. you can see this gushing through the city.
6:41 am
the mudslide was triggered by more than an inch of rain. it fell on an area burned by last year's waldo canyon fire. investigators say the soil just could not absorb this rain which then caused this water to flow and just take over the city.t@ unbelievable. >> that's pretty bad. take a look at this. a pilot made an emergency landing on a new hampshire interstate. it happened yesterday after he encountered engine trouble. the pilot and his passenger luckily were not hurt. the sij prop pell hear plane was not damaged but the wings will need to be removed to hall it away. >> the pilot there made it happen, small area. good work. 6:41 right now. coming up, we want to tell you about a major change to the criminal justice system. the announcement the u.s. attorney general will make in san francisco this morning. a47 deadly party bush crasn the south bay freeway. investigators trying to figure out if an injured man found hours after the crash is the driver. new announcements coming out of apple this morning and new
6:42 am
deliveries from the u.s. post office. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. at 6:41 you can't see anything in the city by the bay. we have thick fog drifting around round, flight delays to the tune of one hour. >> shear a beautiful view of north 101. traffic stacking up for san jose. we show you the delays for the south bay as well as the continued update for more incidents 580 in the tri-valley. ♪ [ female announcer ] wherever morning brings you,
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new this morning, investigators looking into a deadly party bush crash that happened on a south bay freeway.
6:45 am
when officers arrived they say the driver was nowhere to be found. this happened on northbound 280 late last night. this is just south of the alpine road off-ramp. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live with all the new details for this on going investigation. marla, good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. chp is still trying to figure out exactly what happened, even who was behind the wheel of this party bus when this crash happened. so they're asking everyone to come forward who may have witnessed the crash so that they can put the pieces of this puzzle together. the crash happened behind us, northbound 280. you can see this big rig parked off the side of 280 northbound. this is exactly the vicinity of where the driver lost control just south of alpine road exit. that's where we're standing this morning. take a look at the aftermath. crews working to remove the mangled van from the embankment where it crashed just before 11:00 last night.
6:46 am
chp officials say the driver lost control, slammed into a tree and that's how it ended up down this 20-foot embankment. chp officials say it appears just two people were inside the bus including the driver. the passenger, an hispanic man from san francisco in his late 0s was pronounced dead at the scene. the driveer took off from the scene, but here is where it gets tricky. early this morning crews found a man wandering along 280 along the scene who appeared to be hurt. he was taken to stanford hospital for minor injuries. >> we found a party off the freeway within the i have sin stay. that person was transported to stanford for minor injuries. at this point we don't know if that person is a driver, a passenger or is even related to this collision. >> reporter: that officer there, officer art montiel says chp can't confirm this yet. this man is presumed to be the driver of the party bugs. police say he's not cooperating,
6:47 am
not saying much to investigators. the van was a chevy e 3500 similar to what you see here, converted into a party bus. there were no markings on the van, so police say they aren't sure of the company name. they say it appears to be based out of san francisco. as for the cause, how this driver lost control, officials say it does not appear alcohol was a factor, but they are running toxicology tests. they have to wait, of course, for those results to come back to confirm that alcohol was not a factor. that is the latest from here along 280, marla tellez, "today in the bay." this just into our newsroom. we've been reporting a story all month long. san jose police say they have found the 91-year-old man missing since yesterday morning. police say oscar noriega who suffers from alzheimer's disease, good news, found early this morning on almaden expressway, reported to be in good health and appears to simply have gotten disoriented.
6:48 am
happy to hear this. >> 6:47. negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its unions stalling once again. similar very lining, though, trains are still up and running this morning. today is the start of the 60-day cooling-off period ordered by governor proun. that means b.a.r.t. will run as scheduled until at least midnight, october 10th. contracted negotiations resumed yesterday but broke down after a few hours. both sides say they're about $50 million apart. they'll meet again later this week. if no deal is reached by the end of the cooling-off period, workers will have the right to strike at any time. the training are full-speed ahead, christina loren is in full speed, working for us very hard. the temperatures starting to rise. you're chasing it all down. >> that's right. right on time, right on time. i told you last week right when the kids go back to school is when we're expecting our next heat wave. go figure. that's going to be the case. as we head throughout this week, gradually warming each day. temperatures pretty comfortable. 58 degrees with flight delays
6:49 am
out of san francisco with thick fog. keep that in mind especially if you're traveling through the hills. also 101 from marin county to sonoma, watch out for thick fog with visibility reduced to about a mile from time to time. temperatures will be pretty comfortable today, mostly around the inner bay. warm in your inland cities. the good news is if you're trying to catch a flight for business, no other flight delays across the nation. of course, i'm with you from until 11:30. you're starting out the day at a comfortable 61 degrees in sunnyvale. you'll live up to your name. high pressure is the reason why. it will gradually build in as we head through the next few days. we'll see quite bait of micro climate separation. 70s and 80s around the bay and 80s and 90s for the inland cities. if you want to hit the beach, better weather there. it's been kind of cool and
6:50 am
cloudy. talking 67 degrees at 2:00 p.m. in santa cruz and 70 in the heat of the day. with less cloud cover tomorrow morning, we'll see a great shot of those perseids, the meteor shower, 70-plus meteors per hour. shooting stars like crazy. you'll get the best view. hopefully tomorrow morning it will be clear enough to show you those on the sky cam. temperatures will be pretty warm today in your inland cities. 86 for livermore, 86 in fairfield and 84 degrees in concord. your seven-day forecast starting to heat up saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday of next week, all looking like near record territory. we'll keep you updated. let's check the drive with mike. >> starting in the south bay things are really kicking in as you might expect. we see the slowing for 101. tullie toward the airport at 87 coming up from capital expressway into downtown. the rest of your routes looking pretty good. you break it down for your average speed and you see the
6:51 am
slowing into the yellow zone is on top of your screen. capital expressway toward the airport, down toward the 45 area, same from northbound 87 from highway 85 toward park avenue. 280 is just fine. keep in mind as you plan your departure from home, a smoother drive for the tri-valley. 680 starts to show slowing in towards sunol. 84 is slow as traffic builds through livermore. west 580 an earlier crash at dublin interchange. that's cleared. two more as you're approaching and pass i by greenville. it sounds lunds everything is off to the shoulder. westbound 580 continues to build for the commute. closer to the maze and the bay bridge toll plaza, pretty smooth drive. ashby avenue, the worst of it. slowing now down into berkeley coming off the richmond bridge and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. slow north through oakland.
6:52 am
we'll talk about mass trants. that's an option to stay off the roadways. no delays for any systems off the peninsula and south bay. a quick look at oakland, north 880, you see the builds at high street into downtown. a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza where all lanes are filled in past west grand avenue, expect slowing off the berkeley curve, folks. back to ;qíñyou. thanks so much. '6:52. attorney general eric holder is in san francisco to deal with a plan to deal with overcrowding in federal prisons. it has to do with changing sentences for drug-related crimes. bob red deaf live with more. >> reporter: good morning. this would be a major policy change to the war on drugs that u.s. attorney general eric holder will announce a few hours from now during the annual meeting ot the american bar association taking place in mass scone knee west. he'll be directing all 94 of his u.s. attorneys to stop charging
6:53 am
people with low-level drug crimes that result in mandatory minimum sentences and end up clogging our systems as long as the offenses are non-violent and not tied to a gang or drug cartel. instead the government will charge them with a less serious crime that will result in sentences that would put those people in, let's say, a drug treatment program or have them do community service as well. this policy change comes about as the prison population is exploding. since 1980 the regular u.s. population has grown by a third while a number of those behind bars has jumped 800%. in a prepared quote obtained by the associated press, holder says, quote, too many americans go to too many prisons for far too long and for no good law enforcement reason. we cannot simply prosecutor incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation. the u.s. attorney general set to speak at the american bar association meeting today in
6:54 am
downtown sf. bob redell, "today in the bay." also attending today's conference, former secretary of state hillary clinton. she's the guest of honor this afternoon where the aba is recognizing her for her legal career and help in advancing women lawyers. clinton worked in a private practice in arkansas and graduated from yale law. she's also worked on aijk counc in the house judiciary committee during the watergate investigation. at 6:54. we have an update to breaking news we've been following in salon know county where a firefighters is on the scene of a four-alarm house fire. it's happening on poplar road. a street two miles north of the vacaville premium outlets. take a look at this. we have live pictures as the fire is zet said to be knocked down. look at the damage that remains. smoking embers. we don't know the extent of the cost of the damage so far. but firefighters still on the scene trying to put out some hot spots. once again this is in solana
6:55 am
county in vacaville not too far from the vacaville premium outlets. a four-alarm house fire. we don't know word of any injuries. but something we're certainly keeping tabs on. i'm just told, literally right now, that no one was hurt. the neighborhood is evacuateda( and the good news is no one was hurt. we'll keep tabs on that for you. the teenager at the center of a west coast amber alert back with her father this morning. family members say it could be a few more days before brett anderson finally has 16-year-old hannah back home to southern california. until then the family taking time to celebrate her safe return while also mourning two family members they lost. >> the murder of ethan and tina on hold n the back of our minds because we had to totally focus on hannah, period. >> i'm excited for my son who gets to have her at least. he lost his wife and my
6:56 am
beautiful, handsome grandson. we've just got to work at getting closure from now on. >> a group of horseback riders spotted hannah anderson and her suspected kidnapper jim dimaggio on saturday in the remote wilderness of idaho. authorities rescued anderson and killed dimaggio in some sort of confrontation. it's believed he kidnapped hannah last sunday after killing her mother and brother, last sunday a week ago i should say. >> 6:56. time for a business and tech check. scott mcgrew says it's getting harder to get excited about this. but apparently apple ready to show off a new iphone. >> maybe you're just not in the market for one. >> iphone 5s this time arnd, laura. we've seen this schedule before, the incremental improvement from number to number with an s on it, 5 to 5s. even nah freed at all things digital says that announcement is coming on the 10th.
6:57 am
looking at september 16 for the slightly better iphone oops. sometime today elon musk says he'll release plans for his hyper loop idea, a pneumatic train of some kind that will whisk you from san francisco to l.a. in 30 minutes. just sketches and blueprints, he says he's too busy to build it. these are artist renditions of what it might look like. the postmaster general talking with cnbc this morning defending his proposal to allow mail carriers to deliver beer and wine. that's against the rules now, only for the u.s. mail. you can do it with fedex or ups. the postmaster says mail delivery of craft beers and wines could generate millions. i was doing research into this, you can't even use a box that says some sort of alcohol product on it or what have you. they'll make you cross it out. they don't want anything in the mail like that. >> you have to be careful, too,
6:58 am
highly flammable if they have a problem. >> i didn't think of that. depending on the proof, absolutely. >> thank you very much. 6:57. a final check with christina loren on what's happening outside. >> mostly cloudy conditions to start the week. good morning to you. temperatures right now are pretty comfortable, in the upper 50s, by noon today plenty of mid 70s inland, rounding out the day at 86 degrees. a warmer day inland. if you missed your seven-day outlook, don't worry about it. we'll have it for you every 15 minutes throughout the "today" show. one more check of the drive with mike. >> northbound 101 toward the airport we see speeds drop down into the 50s. north 87 as well. now seeing the build from 280 from downtown toward 280. a quick look at the golden gate bridge as we look at the fog across the span. some slowing from the north bay. back to you. >> it's 6:58. officers investigating a deadly crash on northbound 280. this happened overnight. a party bus loses control south
6:59 am
of alpine road, hits a tree and goes right down an embankment. the passenger on board died. police could not find the driver but about four hours later a man was found along 280. he could be that driver, doesn't look like alcohol was a factor in this crash. governor brown appealing to the u.s. supreme court asking it to halt the release of prison inmates. in 2011 the court upheld a lower court decision requiring the state to reduce the inmate population. judges did not take into account california's previous drop in prison population. the appeal will likely fail. a rough day for a resort near disney world. right now under investigation, evacuation order after a massive sinkhole opens up and swallows part of this building here. firefighters on scene say it does not appear to be growing. but they are keeping a close eye on that. we're happyjfg to report that
7:00 am
nobody was hurt. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back at 6:25 with a live local news update. >> have a great day. we will see you tomorrow. good morning, breaking news, good morning. breaking news, a sinkhole swallows part of a resort near disneyworld overnight as officials worry it's only just the beginning. we'll be live at the scene. reunited, 16-year-old hannah anderson back with her father this morning after the dramatic end to her kidnapping ordeal. this morning, new details on her rescue. a tearful tribute. lea michele makes her first public appearance since the death of her boyfriend, corey monteith. >> he was very special to me and also to the world. >> her emotional message to their fans today, monday, august >> announcer: from nbc news,


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