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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 12, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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continue to do so into the work. your full forecast is moments away. despite the looks of this, we have a majority of your cash lanes open. we'll watch the changing conditions at the toll plaza and an update on the crash at the upper eastshore freeway. >> we'll help you make it through monday morning with a live look outside, beautiful start to the day, a live look at san jose in the south bay. it's monday, august 12. this is "today in the bay." it is straight up 5:00. good monday morning everybody. thanks for joining us, i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. details continue town fold on a deadly party bus crash on northbound 280 late last night south of the alpine road off-ramp. when police arrived, the bus driver wasn't there. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is there live by the crash scene with new details on the investigation. good morning, marla. >> reporter: laura, good morning. within the last 15 minutes this
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accident scene has been completely cleared from northbound 280. so now all lanes are open. one lane had been shut down since 10:50 last night. that's when chp first got the call for this deadly crash. we'll try to give you a look at the tree involved in this deadly crash. this call came in to 10:52 to chp, a solely vehicle crash. it did involve a party bus. it is a chevy van converted into a party bus. chp officers saying this driver for some reason lost control, veered off and hit this tree right here, slammed into that tree, went down the embankment, about a 20-foot embankment where it landed. the impact is so harsh that the tree sheared off the entire right side of the party bus. the passenger in front was pronounced dead, a 37 or 38-year-old hispanic man out of san francisco. when officers arrived on the
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scene, the driver was nowhere to be found. so the driver did take off, then a short time later a man was found walking along 280 within this area. he had visible injuries and was taking to stanford hospital where he is being treated for minor injuries this morning. the pre assumes, according to chp is that this could very well be the driver of this party bus. this hasn't been confirmed. the pre assumes is this man found wandering along interstate 280 a short time after the crash could very well be the driver of this party bugs. the party bus is registered out of san francisco. it typically seats from 10 to 12 passengers. at the time it just had the driver and a single passenger. we are also being told that it does not appear that alcohol was a factor in this crash, not involved in this crash that. is the latest from here, live in portola valley, marla tellez, "today in the bay." officers on the hunt for a
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hit-and-run driver that ends up killing someone. witnesses say the victim was trying to cross the street on railroad avenue and 17th street after buying tacos. he was almost hit by one car. then he tried to move out of the way and a second car hit him. the driver did stop briefly before driving away. witnesses say they never got out of that car tore check on the person they hit. we could find out today if a body investigators found belongs to a missing oakland woman. the solana county coroner's office has conducted an autopsy on a body found last friday in a rural part of vacaville where investigators were looking for 50-year-old sandra coke who disappeared on august 4th. police are talking to randy alana in connection with her disappearance. they say he's a person of interest in that case. attorney general eric holder in san francisco this morning calling for major changes to the
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criminal justice system. he wants to scale back the use of harsh sentences for certain drug-related crimes. today in the bay's bob redell is live with the reason for this change. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jon. later this morning, attorney general eric holder will address the american bar association. during this speech he's expected to announce a major new policy change on the war on drugs. holder will direct his 94 u.s. attorneys to stop charging people with low-level drug crimes that result in mandatory minimum sentences as long as the of ferns is non-violent and not tied to a gang or drug cartel. instead he'd charge them with less serious offenses that result in less harsh sentences that may put them into a drug treatment program or have them do community service instead. this policy changes comes about as the prison population is exploding. here are some numbers.
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since 1980 the u.s. population has grown by a third while the number behind bars has jumped by 800%. in a prepared quote holder says, quote, a vicious cycle of poverty, criminality and incarceration traps too many americans and weakens too many communities. however, many aspects of our criminal justice system may actually exacerbate this problem rather than alleviate it. unquote. bob redell, "today in the bay." a livermore dad accused of murdering his 6-month-old baby will be in court this afternoon. robert daly was arrested after his infant son died from what officers say was non-accidental head trauma. the 26-year-old is now charged with murder and one count of child abuse causing death. this morning san jose police working to find an at-risk
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91-year-old man reported missing yesterday morning. police say oscar noriega who suffers from alzheimer's was last seen at his home in south san jose. he's disappeared before, found in milpitas in the past on at least won occasion. last seen wearing a white t-shirt, khaki pants and black shoes. at this point, no foul play is expected. a fire is burning in the tahoe national forest, 55 miles northeast of sacramento near foresthill. crews say it has crossed a fork in the american river. so far about 800 acres have burned. these photos show heavy smoke visible from a distance. steep terrain causing a lot of trouble for firefighters on this scene. crews expected to have a massive wildfire in southern california contained today. that fire has charred more than
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30 square miles. some communities are still under evasion orders. 26 homes have burned since that fire started on wednesday. ten firefighters and a mountain biker were injured. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. it is 5:07 right now. meteorologist christina loren is back, and we've been enjoying cool temperatures. she says it's time to crank up that heat. >> yeah and that ac as well. good monday morning to you. mondays can be hard. thanks for waking up with us. 57 degrees in livermore, 59 in san jose, a nice day today and we crank that heat. temperatures will return to summertime averages as of today. that means three to five degrees warmer than where we hit yesterday only to warm up even more so as we progress throughout the new week. temperatures are coupled with a little windchill factor. southwest, 22 miles per hour sustained.
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you want to travel cautiously as you head through antioch. the wind will continue to build. the wind will be the strongest at the immediate coast. that means you can open up the windows in your home, give that ac a break maybe for one more day in places like san jose, santa teresa. you might need it in livermore at 86. 83 on the way to gilroy. when does the near triple-digit heat come into the forecast? i'll show you in your seven-day forecast in minutes. first let's check the drive. he's back and in a good mood this morning. >> it's weird. back from vacation, 5:00 and i'm still? a good mood. this is the bay bridge, lighter for the backup and cash lanes. we have an official majority of the cash lanes open. six, seven maybe now are open. the backup starting to receipt. the fast track no slowing getting across into san francisco. you see the maze. not a problem. we have slowing eastbound on ashby, that red section, orange section where it says emeryville. that's typical as the commute
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just gets started there. we have the upper eastshore freeway heading toward highway 4 in hercules, the earlier crash reported there. sounds like the motorcycle driver is off on the shoulder. a deer was hit and killed there. again, the reports of injuries to the motorcycle driver very brief as far as the details, just that the driver is on the shoulder. no problems toward the car keen naj bridge. through antioch where christina called you out, hold on the steering wheel. it's breezy. the governor has stayed things. b.a.r.t. is working. 39 trains running. muni, ac transit, no delays either. back with mass transit updates on the green. the time is 5:09. it's a controversial new plan in new zealand. the country talking about deporting obese people. why immigration says this needs to happen. battling concussions, the
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new technology being used to try to learn how to better protect your kids. it's hyper loop day. elon musk will take a look at how new plans will get you to l.a. in just 30 minutes. ♪
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this has been an issue in football for a long time. a new high-tech helmet could be a game-changer on the field making it safer for all athletes who play the game. this is the head impact tell let me tri or the hit system as it's now known, designed to minimize the rix of concussions. there's about six sensors built into the helmet. it records each and every blow to the brain. those measurements are transmitted to a laptop on the sidelines. a pager then alerts trainers when a hit exceeds a force of 98 gs. >> people say what is 98 gs, probably the equivalent of a 20 to 25-mile-an-hour car accident.
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>> while the ffl hasn't yet signed on, research from the sensors played a major role in the league's decision to move the kickoff line up five yards to help reduce the high-speed collision. >> it's 5:13. a month after filing for bankruptcy, detroit is doing everything it can to make up its $18 billion in liabilities. that means everything is on the table when it comes to selling. we already told you the city is talking to christie's auction house about selling off some of its art. now we're learning the zoo could be up for grabs as well. the 125-acre natural habitat currently holds more than 3,300 animals. other items possibly for sale include the city's water and sewage department and a park in the detroit river which contains the city's aquarium. you probably didn't see it on the calendar. but today is hyper loop day. that's right, modern day thomas edison elon musk revealing plans for a train racing from here to
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l.a. >> plans only. musk says he's not going to build it. rather release sketches sand blueprints, allow anyone to build upon it. that's called open source, no copy right. this san! from our system station in los angeles. one concept of what this thing might be, we do know it's some sort of compressed air tube, not unlike the tubes that banks use at drive-through windows. musk talked a little bit about the hyper loop in last week's public web chat with virgin founder richard branson. but he hasn't set much. if anyone can build a magic set of tubes, it's elon musk. he says he's too strung out with tesla to build it. he built rock et cetera with space x. he's chairman of the board at solar city, for home solar pams. a lackluster week on the
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markets last week. some rally caps, seema mody live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. futures lower as the markets come off a down week with the dow snapping a six-week winning streak. invaefters will get a report on the federal budget and data on retail sales, inflation, manufacturing, housing. the dow falling 72 points on friday to close at 15,426 and the nasdaq losing nine to close at 3,660. a busy week on wall street. back over to you. >> thanks, seema. happy monday. we have reports from all things digital, the new apple announcement. we'll take a look at that coming up. >> we'll look forward to that. thanks. it's 5:15 right now. let's check in again with meteorologist christina loren. you say get ready for the heat. it is coming. >> it is coming. we have gone so long now without any extreme heat in the bay area. don't want it to catch you off guard. after all it's my job to prepare you for the day ahead.
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i can tell you right now winds are certainly going to play a factor in today's forecast. they're picking up right now, creating a bit of a windchill factor. overall gustiest winds on the east end of the bay area. temperatures will climb like this. right now in the 50s and 60s by about noon today. talking a return of the 70s and 80s. 78 in san jose. seven day outlook looks like this, 91 by wednesday, upper 90s by the end of the upcoming weekend. let's check the drive with mike. >> let me show you the map of the south bay. overall things are looking really good. a little yellow popping up, about 5% below your typical speed limit. consider it at the limit. traffic so light, folks are getting used to the morning. so are the sensors. a smooth drive from your northbound commute for all of your south bay freeways. as we move toward the tri-valley, a little slowing for
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west 84, folks bogging down at the interchange with vallecitos. again, a typical pattern. same coming out of the altamont pass. a little build through the dublin interchange. a crash west 580, your commute direction coming toward me at the map, a crash blocking your slow lane involving a big rig. if they can move that quickly to the shoulder, it shouldn't be too much of an issue. waiting for chp to arrive over the next couple minutes. there's another crash involving the castro valley on-ramp to west 580. eastbound you see slowing toward the dublin grade. a typical pattern, castro valley y and your approach to the san mateo bridge moving smoothly. we'll look at the smidgeon the peninsula side. these folks coming westbound in your commute direction off the high-rise and toward foster city, you see an easy drive, even spacing between the cars across the san mateo or the dumbarton bridges. we'll give you a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you see green lights here and
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green lights here, just read light there. one of your cash lanes are closed, all the rest are open. here are the fast track lanes and the earlier back up we saw ought clear from the bay bridge toll plaza. that will change over the next hour, of course. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 5:18. this morning at least 23 fishermen are missing after a powerful typhoon hit the northern philippines. with winds up to 130 miles per hour, the storm damaged homes, toppling trees and power lines. no confirmed deaths, but families say 23 fishermen who were out to sea have not returned home. the weather also stopped ferries and stranded thousands of travellers. immigration authorities coming up with an interesting and unusual solution for solving the country's obesity epidemic, deporting fat people. strange but true, it comes after
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a 50-year-old was declined a work visa in new zealand because of his weight. immigration authorities say it could place stress on the health services in terms of cost. the man appealing the decision saying he has lost more than 60 pounds over the past five years and working very hard at trying to get his blood pressure down. the california spreechl court will decide if school employees should give insulin shots to students if a nurse is not available. parents want voluntarily trained non-nursing staff and faculty to be able to give shots to their children. in the meantime the nurse's union claims that inappropriately administered shots could lead to harm, even tragedy. many parents argue the current law sun workable because of the shortage of school nurses from a lack of funding. >> a new invasive weed has california officials warning this could cost taxpayers
5:20 am
millions of dollars and hurt the state's wide industry. this new weed is being called the stink warts and is threatening to choke out native plant species. it started to appear in vineyards in the sacramento region. those plants, scientists say look like a tumble weed but it isn't the same thing. if it goes unchecked, they say it could end up costing millions of tax dollars as the state tries to clean up the stink wort. >> not a pretty little flower i guess. >> not a pretty name either. prime minister of norway jumps behind the wheel of the cab. why he says he spent the day driving people around. >> looking for tips.
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welcome back everyone. look at that. everybody up@and at 'em this morning. this is a live look at the south
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bay. 101 starting to get crowded. getting a start on the work weak. christina has a look at temperatures, warming up. we'll have that in a bit. football season is here. the 9ers had their first pre season game. as they gather up, they want to help us gear up by rocking team colors. 9ers teaming up to get in the spirit of the season. pepsi recently announced it will be an official sponsor at levi stadium in santa claire rand to celebrate from today through october 5th, 49 gold cans will be placed in pepsi products in northern california. >> cheers to that. >> fan whose find the cans will win team gear, v.i.p. tail gates, behind the scenes tours and a chance to meet the players. >> i would think the stalkers will have first dibs. this is an unusual campaign stop.
5:24 am
norway's prime minister dressed up as a taxi driver to take passengers around oslo. take a look at the youtube video. you can see candid moments when people find out the man behind the wheel is stall len berg. norway's parliamentary election is set for next month. >> a whole new twist on "taxi cab confessions". the newest winner of the pga championship has a special prize to take home with him. jason dufner found a zip lock back with acorns in his car. they were gathered at the oak hill country club where he won the biggest tournament of his career. they left those there so they could take them and plant them at home. she says hopefully one of them will survive and grow up into one of those massive oak trees and remind them of the big man's big victory at the pga.
5:25 am
congratulations. >> little sentimental way to do that, planting the acorns. i think the temperatures by the end of the week it's going to heat up. >> it certainly s. good morning to you, laura and jon. good morning to you at home. let's start with your hour-by-hour forecast for today. temperatures looking good, about 75 degrees inland. 86 degrees at 4:00 p.m. bay side 74 degrees, at the coast, 64 degrees. coming up in a few moments, i'll show you where we are headed towards the end of the week. maybe you haven't had to use your ac so far for the month of august. that will likely change. we have major heat headed our way. first a check of your drive with mike. >> good morning. looking toward oakland, 880 and the coliseum as traffic flows past there, following very smoothly. you see the southbound side with the headlights picking up volume, no slowing past the high street high-rise. the east bay side i'm concerned, west 580, now we see the sides coming down.
5:26 am
details, big rig and sedan involved in the crash. no injuries reported yet. we have the cars stuck in eerth third or forth lane, one of the middle lanes as you approach the critical dublin interchange. the all these folks coming out of the altamont and livermore are heading toward the dublin interchange. that could be a big issue. also building for the north bay, southbound 101 through san rafael. a smooth drive right now. it was racing of the dragons on lake merritt as part of the oakland track gone boat festival. a festival that drew teams from the western united states. the boats colorfully decorated with a dragon's head and tails painted al lung the hull. the dragon's claws are just the
5:27 am
20 paddlers. winners advance to the world championships next year in italy. 5:26. we want to start with former secretary hillary clinton in the bay area today. we'll tell you why coming up. plus a massive sinkhole opening up in florida swallowing part of a vacation villa near disney world. we'll have the latest details coming up next. an opposing player against the giants making allegations of racism against a fan at at&t park. we'll tell you about the incident that has him taking to twitter this morning and what the giants are now doing about it. look at 'em.
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we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles rethink possible. new this morning, chp is investigating a deadly crash involving a party bus on 280 along the peninsula. good morning. i'm marla tellez. we'll tell you what we're learning about the driver who initially took off from the scene. >> good morning. i'm bob redell. we'll take you live to san francisco where the u.s. attorney general is set to announce a major policy change
5:30 am
to the war on drugs. that story coming up. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are nice and comfortable this morning. but it's going to get hot this afternoon in some parts of the bay area. microclimates making a big impact. we'll have your full forecast in moments. i'm following incidents over at the dublin interchange as well as the caldecott tunnel twochlt major commute spots. we'll give you the latest for 580 and 24. >> let's take a live look outside the golden bay bridge. >> the golden bay bridge. >> they told me it was going to be the golden gate. >> i like that. smooth. >> it's not friday. some people do wish it is, but it's monday, folks. a lot of things going on for this monday, august 12th. this is "today in the bay." let me get this straight.
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it's not friday. >> no, sorry. >> happy monday everybody. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> investigators trying to figure out what caused a deadly party bus crash. one person ends up dieing. when officers got on the scene, the driver was nowhere to be found. this happened on northbound 280 late last night. that is south of the alpine road off-ramp. "today in the bay's" marla tellez is live on scene with all the details surrounding this on going investigation. marla, good morning. >> reporter: jon, good morning. this was a solely vehicle crash involving a party bus that according to chp investigators was based out of san francisco. we have brand new video into our newsroom to show you of the ugly aftermath. in this video you can see crews working to remove the van from the embankment where it crashed. northbound 280 just south of the alpine road portola valley exit. this was about 10:50 last night. chp officials say the driver
5:32 am
lost control, slammed into a tree and fell down about a 20-foot embankment. the right side of the fan was sheared off upon impact. the only presumed passenger sitting in the front right seat was pronounced dead at the scene. the public information officer out here tells me this was an hispanic man, 37 to 38 years old from san francisco. the driver, as jon mentioned, took off from the scene. he was nowhere to be found when emergency crews arrived. we do have video of a man getting treated inside an ambulance. officer art martile says this man was found wandering ar along 280 about four hours later with visible injuries. >> sometime later we found another party off the freeway within the vicinity. that party was transported for minor injuries. at this point we don't know if that person is the driver, a passenger or is even related to
5:33 am
this collision. >> he says chp cannot confirm, but this man could very well be the driver of the party bus. he is being treated for minor injuries. so he is expected to survive. as for the party bus element to this story, officials say the vehicle was a chevy e 3500, similar to what you should be seeing here, converted into a party bus. there were no markings. so they're not sure of the company name. what you're seeing is part of the tree that sheared off that van. the accident cleared just about 45 minutes ago at 4:45 this morning. officials say that alcohol does not appear to be a factor. in the meantime chp is asking anyone who may have been driving
5:34 am
along 280 at the time of the accident, can help chp find out what was going on. marla tellez, "today in the bay." saninging feeling. a sinkhole opened up at summer bay resort in clermont. deputies say the sinkhole cause add three-story villa to partially collapse early this morning. another section of the building is also sinking. the building is evacuated after guests heard popping noises and windows began breaking. >> we use a gee technological firm and do core drillings. these buildings are
5:35 am
approximately 50 years old. accusations of racism during the giant's game. the team says it's looking at surveillance video from yesterday's ball game. orioles center fielder adam jones says a fan threw a banana at him during the ninth inning. jones is african-american. the alleged incident came after he hit a three-run homer in the top of the ninth inning. after the game he sounded off about it, tweeting about the incident saying, quote, i want to thank whatever expletive through that banana in my direction in cf in the last inning. way to show your class you expletive. >> the giants' senior vice president of ball park operations saying there were no in-house radio calls about the incident. the park is reviewing surveillance footage land continue investigating today. it reminds fans, please, no throwing things out on the field that. is grounds for ejection from the ball park. attorney general eric holder is in san francisco this morning to unveil a new plan to deal with overcrowding at federal
5:36 am
prisons. it has to do with changing sentences for drug related crimes. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in san francisco with the overhaul to the criminal justice system. >> reporter: good morning, laura. this would be a major policy change to the war on drugs that u.s. attorney general eric holder will be announcing around 10:00 this morning during the annual meeting of the american bar association taking place at masconi west urging people to stop charging people with low level drug crimes that clog the system as long as they're non-violent and not tied to a drug cartel. instead the government will be charging them with a less serious crime resulting in sentences that would, for instance, put those people into drug treatment programs or have them do community service instead. this policy change comes about as the prison population is explodi exploding. since 1980 the u.s. population, just the regular population has
5:37 am
grown by a third. you compare that to the number of people who have been put in bars over that period of time. that number has jumped by 800%. ? a prepared quote obtained by the associated press, holder says, quote, too many americans go to many prisons for far too long and no good law enforcement reason. we cannot simply prosecutor incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation, unquote. again, the u.s. attorney general speak at the american bar association's annual meeting at 10:00 this morning. later this afternoon will be secretary of state hillary clinton. reporting live in sf, bob redell, "today in the bay." also attending today's conference, former secretary of state hillary clinton is the guest of honor this afternoon where the aba will recognize her for her legal career and help in advancing women lawyers. clinton worked in private practice in arkansas, graduated from yale law. she also worked as a counselor on the house judiciary committee
5:38 am
during the watergate investigation. 5:37. let's check in with our secretary of weather and meteorologist christina loren here to fill us in. >> that makes you the president and first lady of news. good morning to you, 55 in napa, 55 in novato. starting at 54 degrees, cool enough for a jacket this morning. 59 here in san jose and 51 degrees in gilroy. so it's going to be a pretty nice day. you'll likely notice the difference. maybe, just maybe you've had to keep all your summer wardrobe hidden in the closet. break it back out. we'll see a warmup this week. by the end of the weekend, a return of the triple digits. we stop the clock at 7:00 a.m. all the areas shaded in blue. we're expecting low cloud cover to kind of linger. then between about 9:00 and 11:00, a lot of clearing. only clouds left over will be in the sonoma, marin county coastline. a nice finish in san francisco,
5:39 am
64 heading your way as a result. 74 in flee month, 83 down in gilroy. i'll let you know when the real heat comes in. your seven-day forecast in my next report. it's 5:39. let's check on the drive on monday morning with mike inouye. >> bringing the cars over towards the bay bridge and the backup again in those cash lanes. all those cash lanes are open. we do have fast track with the advantage, a pretty standard pattern as you're approaching 6:00. it's 5:39. also we have slowing at the upper deck, the incline shows a little build. that's why we have the slowing. 880 showing slowing. the issue toward the caldecott for west 24 out of orinda. this is west 580 toward the dublin interchange. still reports of the big rig incident, moving the vehicles to the shoulder. we need another tow truck. sounds like there's still at least one vehicle in the third lane. this is the backup out of livermore toward dublin interchange. that's slowing, more 84 and west 580 as well. that's a typical build except
5:40 am
for the interchange itself. north 280 at alpine where marla reported the deadly crash, but south at el monte, reports moving to the shoulder. it's 5:40 right now. do you want the good news or bad news? >> the good news is there will be no b.a.r.t. strike for at least 60 days. the bad news is there's also no deal in place. negotiations continue. we'll have that coming up. back with her father. the young woman at the center of a statewide amber alert could soon be reunited with her father. what family members are telling us this morning.
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:42. president obama waking up to another day of his vacation on martha's vineyard. meanwhile in washington president facing new criticisms over his proposals for increased oversight of the nsa and his handling of the country's relationship with russia.
5:43 am
"today in the bay's" danielle lee live on capitol hill with more on the growing tensions following the leaks by edward snowden. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning t. overwhelming message out of washington is that president obama needs to be careful as he tries to strike a balance between restoring the public's trust but also protecting national security. just before the president left for vacation, he said he wanted to add new oversight to the nsa surveillance programs exposed by snowden. this is where he's receiving criticism from republican lawmakers who says the president should be defending the programs they say are lawful and necessary. they argue too much oversight could hurt a key aspect of the program which is the ability to move quickly in times of threats to national security. that is just one aspect of the controversy. now we're also seeing u.s.-russian relationships hurting since snowden received asylum in russia, even though the president canceled a meeting with vladimir putin, some say he
5:44 am
needs to come down harder. all this going on as snowden's father says he has gotten the papers he needs to go to russia to visit his son. he's continued to defend him. live in washington, danielle lee, live in washington, back to you. >> thank you, danielle. the teenager at the center of a west coast amber alert back home with her father this morning. actually=+a family members say could be a few more days before he takes 16-year-old hannah back home to california. she's back with her father today. until then the family taking time to celebrate her safe return while also mourning two family members they lost. >> we had to put the murder of ethan and tina on hold because we had focus on hand in. >> i'm excited for my son who gets to have her at least. he lost his wife and my beautiful, handsome grandson. we've just got to work at
5:45 am
getting closure from now on. >> we're also learning mosh about the tip that let investigators to james dimaggio and hannah anderson in the idaho back woods. a group of horseback riders spotted the two on thursday, noticed something didn't quite fit and then called police. >> kind of had a scared look on her face when i first come up the trail. we didn't know if it was from the horses or what. >> an amber alert was on the television. i told my wife, that is that girl we seen on the mountain. >> one of those riders is a former county sheriff who says he was puzzled by the lack of gear and the fact neither of them was wearing hiking books or rain gear. federal agents hiked 2 1/2 hours through very rugged terrain and then waited until the two were separated before they moved in. dimaggio was shot and killed in that showdown ending a multistate manhunt for the man accused of kidnapping anderson and killing her mother and 8-year-old brother.
5:46 am
5:45. the fbi is investigating this morning trying to figure out what sickened two worker's at jfk airport. the bureau says more testings will be conducted after a package containing beauty supplies forced a brief shutdown of the airport. yesterday several workers reportedd$ feeling ill after opening the package, initially testing positive for bx, one of the most potent chemical weapons known to man. turned out to be a false positive. investigators say it was actually beauty supplies contain phosphoric acid. >> what's causing the warmup? >> high pressure. putting me under more pressure on monday morning. i'm going to probably be going a lot warmer. i've been studying this heat wave for the past couple weeks, that's why you're going to see a bold 98 degrees by sunday.
5:47 am
and not even being as generous as i could be. the real heat looks like it's going to kick in as we head through sunday, monday and tuesday next week. right when the kids go back to school. i want to put that on your radar possibly can because it has been so nice. it's the kind of weather that really motivates you to get outdoors. today more of the same in san jose. a touch warmer than places like livermore and concord. finally san francisco breaking into the mid 60s. plenty of low 60s to upper 50s for the past few days. winds are making an impact this morning. you can see it coming out of the west. that's going to carry the cool ocean air in for most of the bay area die. by the end of the week, we're talking off-shore flow that negates the marine influence. so that's when we'll start to heat up at 86 degrees on the way to livermore. 83 degrees on the way to gilroy. meanwhile, 64 in san francisco with sunshine coming in, between about noon and 5:00 p.m., you'll see mostly sunny conditions in the city.
5:48 am
tonight, better viewing for the perseid meteor shower. 70-plus meteors per hour. i know laura and mike told me they saw quite a few of the shooting stars on their way to work. summer returns as we head through tuesday, finally hitting the seasonal averages, wednesday into thursday, we keep the heat going and it really cranks by saturday into sunday. mike, you said you saw a couple of the perseids? >> not coming into work this morning, but i have seen the postings and some of the pictures. good stuff. right now i'm just cure yours about the 98. ail things forgiven, christina. south 880 and 17 as traffic builds. no surprise for folks heading through this area. i want to take you both over the issue as we're looking at west 580. the volume builds towards the altamont pass. that is an issue as folks head toward the merge as folks are
5:49 am
getion out of the dublin area and toward the caltrans camera. i'll show you over here as you slow down toward livermore, we have a slower drive. traffic flow over toward the dublin interchange where we have a crash reported. as you get through livermore, most of the vehicles have cleared over at the dublin interchange and waiting for one more to move to the shoulder. we have a nice smooth flow of traffic as well. we'll look at this, southbound 880 past the truck scales, nice easy drive. we have an issue at dixielanding road, sounds like debris in the roadway. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, fast lane moves slowly, cash lanes backing up. in the next ten minutes we'll see the metering lights turn on. silicon valley, computer issues. who figures? >> good luck to that. we'll be with you, spirit and mine. negotiations between b.a.r.t. and its june junes, no shocker
5:50 am
here. there is a silver lining, the trains are still up and running. today is the start of the 60-day cooling off period ordered by jerry brown b.a.r.t. will keep running. talks broke down after a few hours. both sides say they're still about $50 million apart. they'll be meeting sometime again later this week. if no deal is reached by the end of that 60-day cooling off period in october. workers will have the right to strike at any time. this will get you out of bed. san mateo county getting new tsunami sirens at the coast today. [ sirens sounding ] >> crews began to replace the sirens between pacifica and tusk darrow. in the meantime coast side community also be notified of a
5:51 am
tsunami warning through text message, e-mail and emergency broadcast. >> i guess it's good it's ear piercing. >> welcome to monday morning, folks. 5:51 right now. coming up, we'll update you on the peninsula little leaguers playing for a shot at the world series. we'll show you what they did before they left southern california. a stock that goes from single digits to quadruple digits. we'll take a look coming up.
5:52 am
5:53 am
no, they didn't actually advance to the little league world series, but these guys coming home to a hero's welcome, had a great run but they lost to chula vista in the finals just before advancing 9-0. kids, of course, always having a good time. they played great and looked great out there. these pictures posted on facebook. this is after the groundskeeper
5:54 am
let them on the field to skroop up some of the dirt to keep as a memento of their journey. then in kind of a cool coincidence, the team posting this picture at the corner of belmont and little league drive, just down the road from little league headquarters in san bernardino. >> winners to us, boy, come on home. 5:54. you remember priceline, the name your own price featuring william shatner. their stocks should quadruple this week? >> close to $1,000 a share. this is a total roller coaster ride for those who are investors. the dot com boom and bust. this week $969 a share. at its worse, $6. it was higher, $974 back in 1999. most companies don't want their
5:55 am
stock priced at $100 because it makes it harder for investors to buy. so they'll split the stock. lately we've seen a lot at high prices without the split. the average share price on the s&p 500 is $70. anna freed at all things digital reports that apple will announce something, presumably a new phone on september 10th. if past patterns are any indication, it will be a slightly better and faster iphone 5. where apple has been winning in the race against samsung isn't in innovation, but in the courts in the patent office. over the weekend the international trade commission, part of the american government despite the name, ordered the ban on the sale of some samsung products. you recall the itc ordered a ban on some apple products only to have the white house step in and reverse the ban. no word from the white house as to whether it plans to step in
5:56 am
to help samsung. >> one to watch. thank you. 5:55. we're also watching the weather for you. that means christina loren hard at work in the weather department. what's happening outside? >> last time i checked, jon and laura, temperatures are nice and comfortable out there. we'll drop off for one more hour. the coldest part of the day is right around sunrise. keep that in mind. that happens at about 6:30 this morning. 86 in livermore, 74 for fremont and 64 on the way to san francisco. big-time warmth headed our way. hey, maybe this is your last week with the kids before they go back to school. we'll take a look at the best beach conditions for today and beyond. let's check the drive with mike. >> a good drive for the san mateo bridge, west toward the high-rise, and we see a smooth flow of traffic. we see the low clouds along the peninsula. no clouds for drivers. you can see the high-rise heading to the peninsula side. the map will show an issue for southbound 880. dixielanding road at the
5:57 am
on-ramp. as we look at the approach toward the dublin interchange, west 580, we have the crash involving the big rig. we see the backup out of livermore toward pleasanton, back to you. >> time is 5:57. still ahead, asiana airlines announcing what it plans to give to the victims of last month's deadly crash at sfo. we continue to get new details about a deadly crash on the peninsula overnight. a party bus careens off the road. marla tellez talking to officers with the latest details next. we'll let you know what police are saying after two south bay teenagers are killed and three others injured during a weekend crash. [ male announcer ] what is performance?
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5:59 am
0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile? [ engine revs ] or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving. to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters. the best or nothing. that is what drives us. a fun night out goes horribly wrong. how a party bus ended up passing off a south bay freeway, killing one person. >> and they didn't fit.
6:00 am
how a group of horseback riders described their encounter with a kidnapped teenager and her alleged abductor. starting out nice and mild to kickoff your workweek, but what i can tell you is quickly a return of those hot august nights all across the bay area. i'll let you know how hot it's going to be where you live as we head through the week. >> a little early on for the metering lights of the bay bridge, the backup here and approaching the dublin interchange. we'll talk 580 and the crash coming up. we'll take a live look outside, not bad for a monday morning, easing into your workweek. it's monday, august 12. this is "today in the bay." happy monday morning, everybody. it's 6:00 on the nose. thanks for joining us as always. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. new this morning, investigators looking into the cause of a


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