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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 11, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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right now on today in the bay. horrific crash in the south bay kills two teenagers and leaved two more clinging to dealife. >> plus -- >> i'm afraid to know what she saw, what she experienced. >> emotions run high in southern california as word that the 16-year-old girl that was the subject of an amber alert is found alive. we'll show you when she's expected to reunite with her family. and stopping the strike. the hearing getting under way this morning to keep b.a.r.t. workers from walking off the job, at least for now. today in the bay starts right now.
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good morning to you. looking live at the clouds that are making for a very beautiful sunrise from our camera in san rafael. a lovely start to the day. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with rob mayeda. the clouds pretty when they're pink. when they're gloomy, that's a bummer. >> we have mist with some of the low clouds, which we have been seeing over the last couple mornings. 55 in san francisco, 61 in san jose. winds strongly onshore, still getting into fairfield. pushing low clouds into the delta this morning and the same pattern we saw yesterday morning with fog around the golden coast, sunny skies around santa cruz for the afternoon. for santa cruz, should manage 70s today. 60s doup and down the coast.
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san francisco, a cool afternoon, low 80s in the trivalley, and a slight warming trend ahead as we get to the work week. >> breaking news in the south bay where two teenagers are dead and thirty-two others aree othe for their live s following a horrific crash. that happened near chynoweth and snell avenues. the driver of a car carrying four passengers lost control and crashed into a tree. police say two people were pronounced dead at the scene. three others are now in the hospital this morning in critical condition. all of the victims are male between 17 and 19 years old. >> it's unknon if they were wearing seat belts at this time, but one of the passengers war ejected. >> authorities say the driver may have been speeding and there's also testing under way to determine if alcohol was a factor in the crash.
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>> in two hours, a hearing on governor jerry brown's request to prevent b.a.r.t. workers to begin striking is set to begin in san francisco, and it's the first time the civic center has opened for a hearing on the weekend since 1998. governor brown requested that judge order a 60-day cooling off period to block b.a.r.t.'s two largest unions from walking off the job if there isn't a deal by midnight. the court ultimately does have the power to grant that order. after some 13 hours of negotiations that went late into the night, both sides walked away from the bargaining table just before midnight still with no agreement in place. union officials said they received a comprehensive proposal from the district last night and they're taking time to evaluate it this morning. both sides say they'll be back at the bargaining table at 1:00 this afternoon. >> what i said from the very beginning. we're trying to get a deal. our team, united, have done everything we can to get that
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deal. we're going to continue to do that. >> the two sides are reportedly between $56 million and $62 million apart on a four-year contract. found alive. a harrowing, near week-long search for a missing southern california teenager is finally over. that teenager, hana anderson, is safe. the suspect is dead. this morning, hanna is expected to be reunited with her father. she spent the night recovering and being evaluated by doctors in boise, idaho. >> several miles down this dustyerse dirt road some 40 miles north of cascade, idaho, is where it ended. an fbi agent offered few if any details. >> agents moved in to rescue hanah, the suspect is deceased. >> they were spaulted by air by u.s. marshals fugitive task force officers. dimaggio was shot and killed by
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a member of the fbi hostage rescue team. they were found near morehead lake which is the same area they were seen by horseback riders on wednesday. agents are not giving any details of what happened, a confrontation, any communication, if dimaggio fired at agents. hannah is said to be safe and not injured. >> now that hannah is safe and being evaluate ed at a medical facility, analysts are working with their family to get them the resources they need as they enter the next challenging phase. >> the area is about six miles from where dimaggio's car was discovered and just minutes before the announcement, the blue versa was towed away from the scene. investigators had spent their day combing the car for evidence. some 250 people scoured this unforgiving terrain. >> idaho state police had been stopping and searching every week, camper, and boat that
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traveled in or out of the area. >> i don't care. it's all right. i hope to catch the sucker. >> it's stunning. there's a lot of locals who camp up there and they're well protected, and they're going to protect their family, and if he comes and tries to do something to one of those families, he's going to get what's coming to him. gr for many here, a just ending, though perhaps bittersweet after an emotionally charged week that started in a burning home in befld. >> as grateful as we are that she was recovered safely, we remember the other victims who lost their lives. >> that was arty ohady reporting. we're also hearing from hannah's family, among them, her grandparents who have regained one family member but lost two others. >> now we can take our time to grieve my daughter and my grandson. but we have our granddaughter, and couldn't ask for anything more at this point.
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>> hannah's grandmother said they hope to meet with the two horseback riders who initially saw the girl to thank them and perhaps give them an award. here at home, family and friends are waiting to learn if a body found in an unincorporated area of vacca villis that of sandra coke of oakland. searchers found her body friday afternoon as they were searching for coke, who has been missing for a week. the alameda county coroner's office said they could release the identification of the body as early as tomorrow. police have identified a person of interest, randy alana, her boyfriend from 20 years ago. he's in custody on an unrelated charge. still ahead on today in the bay, the quest for the world series comes to an abrupt end for a little league team from the bay area. we'll tell you why fans say they'll never forget the incredible run.
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and we're looking live this morning. usually we can see the hillside. this time, we're getting a slight gray. >> activist against the sale of the burerkeley downtown post office gathered today. they chanted on the uc berkeley campus. they say richard blum's commercial real estate company which has been given the exclusive rights to sell off some 70 post offices across the country is after profit at the public's expense. >> right now, the mail volume is about 160 million a year, which is about the same it was in 1988. when i started in 1975, it was lower than that, so it's a myth that the mail volume has gone away. people depend on this service. they're trying to sell this off because it's a historic value with a lot of value in the
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downtown area. >> the postal surface says it's forced to close because of the economy, cuts, and people aren't sending out as much mail as they used to. >> this morning, supporters will hold a rally for santa clara's new library. the group is upset construction was stopped just a few months before it was slated to open. they want a court order freezing millions of dollars in former redevelopment funds the city had set aside for the project. today rally begins 11:00 this morning at the library's construction site, and county leaders will meet to discuss the library's future. >> emotions run high on the san francisco bay. >> a standing ovation. >> they may have lost the race, but they still got a standing ovation. we'll show you why coming up next. and around the bay area this morning, we've got low clouds and drizzle at a few spots this
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morning, jo jose. a full look at the rest of the sunday forecast when we come right back.
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good morning, oakland. take a look at the coliseum and it's a foggy start. the a's probably glad they're in toronto taking on the blue jays. >> a little league team is sure to get a hero's welcome when they return from southern california. the belmont redwood shores team took on a chance to play in the little league world series, but the peninsula team's journey came to an end. they lost 9-0. that score didn't matter to a lot of folks watching back here in the bay area. they said one team doesn't tell the story of an incredible season. >> an amazing ride for these kids. it's been absolutely something they'll never forget as long as they live. >> to me it's a blessing.
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so hopefully we'll get them a nice welcome back when they come back. >> they did great, right? so they'll come home and hopefully they will be happy about how they did. >> italy's luna rosa is moving on to race against the emirates team new zealand in the louis vuitton cup finals. they'll sail against oracle usa in next month's race. >> the prestart of the fourth race in the louis vuitton case semifinal round full of drama with artems racing trying to avoid a loss to loupa rosa. three penalties in all for the swedish team as luna rosa keeps improving, and the emirates team new zealand in the louis vuitton cup finals and hats off for returning to compete and honoring the memory of andrew simpson who died in training in may. very emotional, an outpouring of
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support from fans. >> a full standing ovation for artems racing. they may have lost the race, but they earn the respect of everyone watching as they kracr the line. >> people who have been through something as terrible as we have, it has a very gelling component to it. we became obviously close as a team. one thing is for sure, that allows you to go forward with a lot of confidence as a team. i think that it's going to be incredibly strong in the future, and andrew has been a big part of that. >> nathan no doubt disappointed with the rest of his team, but motivated to return to future america's cup competition. >> i'm proud of everyone on the team for putting in the hours. in the shed every night, making sure the boat is good to go. >> this is not the last we'll hear from them, and as we look
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forward to the finals, keep in mind, luna rosa has not yet beaten emirates team in the cup. >> the finals are next friday. hard to dell yet whether or not wind is going to help those boats out, right, rob? a little soon to say. >> this time of year, it's usually fairly predictable in the afternoon if things get warm enough inland, it triggers the sea breeze, and it looks like it's going to be sticking around in the forecast for a while. when the marine layer thickens up, you have low clouds and misty skies across the golden gate bridge. you're seeing mist out towards sennal and to the south bay. right now, 61 in san jose. 55, san francisco. not too chilly this morning with the low clouds acting a bit like a blanket overnight, and you can see the wind speed, southwest at 20 to fairfield. the sea breeze pushing the low clouds inland to the alamont
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pass and in towards fairfield. the humidity level s quite high. and strong pressure overhead, it tends to be less humid inland, but there's the marine air. during the game today, the giant coming up, we're going to be seeing temperatures in the low 60s. a breezy day with partly cloudy skies. west-northwest winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. across the west coast, an area of low pressure to our north. active weather from portland to seattle. thunderstorms thanks to cooler air aloft. moisture out of the south, but the pattern with the trough across the west continues to encourage a very strong sea breeze and onshore winds. you can see no showers here. around lake tahoe, look out for the afternoon. you may see thunderstorms north of mount shasta, maybe north of south lake tahoe. for the bay area, low clouds and sea breeze. retreating back to the coastline as we head towards lunch time, but for areas san francisco
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south down the coast, another cool day. low 60s in the forecast for san francisco. midto upper 60s in oakland, and san jose will see sunshine, but fairly mild for this time of year. and as evening comes, the clouds spill in once again. more of the mornings and afternoon mists, and turning warmer as we head to the middle part of the week. today, 70 in san jose. we should see 80s south of downtown san jose around morgan hill. mid-80s around dublin, over toward hayward. 67 in oakland. 63 in san francisco. mid-70s across the north bay. it will be a fairly mild start to the work week, but tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, we should see warmer temperatures. by argue standards, that's not really hot. upper 80s, close to 90 on wednesday, and then the sea breeze picks up again for the americas cup. you'll see things are going to stay breezy and mild.
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that means the sea breeze will be going, but at times could be strong. watch that hour by hour with those races as we head through the end of the week. >> it could be really unpleasant inlt the stands -- oh, you mean for the racers. >> that, too. >> still ahead, getting personal with a public figure. >> it would be nice if people would stop asking transgender people what they have between their legs. >> one of the bay area's most notable civic leaders opens up about her past as a man. the exclusive interview next.
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this next story isn't an issue of coming out of the closet. it's an ieshue of changing everything in the closet. one of the bay area's most notable civic leaders is open up about her past about the man. we have the exclusive interview with the head of the human rights commission. >> it would be nice if people stopped afging transgender
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people what they had between their legs. people take license to ask somebody, have you had surgery? you want to lean over and say, have you? >> she's blunt. she's successful, and for once in her life, she's finally herself. in a city that produces dynamic leaders and trailblazers of social causes, theresa sparks fits right in. not in her previous life as a man but as a transgender woman. >> i have pictures of myself in my former incarnation with my family. i'm still the dad, you know. my kids still call me dad. my grandkids call me teresa, and i'm not sure whether they can get to the granddad part. but i don't deny who i was. i never have flefnever denied w was because that's who i am. >> who she is a driving force in san francisco, the head of the human rights commission, and former president of the high profile police commission, but like many in the lgbt community,
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she came here for a fresh start. >> it is pretty amazing, very successful business person you were as a man, coached your son's football teams, i believe, smoked cigars. >> harley. >> rode your harley, all the manly things. as you were doing those things, were you confused at the end of the day? >> i think most transgender people believe from the beginning that there's something wrong. something's not right. they don't know what it is. i didn't know what it was. it's something's not right. it's not like i woke up and thought i should have been a girl. thought, something's not right. consider you can think about what it would be if every time, you know, you, raj, getting ready for work, you put on a suit, a tie or no tie, get up dressing up going to dinner, you look in the mirror, and you never look good to you. it's never right. when you look, you never see what you want to see. you don't know what you want to see, but you know that's not it.
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>> is there a secret life in hotel rooms in other cities and road trip snz. >> you do that. it's kind of a cycle where you do stuff, you put on clothing, you put on women's clothing, you put on whatever, and you just hang out. you know, i remember i used to go to paris and sometimes i would get two hotel rooms. you know, one, i would have a tohel room at the rits and i would entertain business clients and a crappy hotel room where i would keep a separate suitcase. >> is there a therapy, a shock treatment? >> absolutely. i went to a shock treatment. i had electric shock treatment in l.a. in the '80s. i thought, this is going to do it. how could this not do it? i went twice and i thought, i'm not going to put myself through this. this is barbaric. >> you said it was rough with your sons for many years. how is it now? >> it's good. i talk to my youngest son every night. the funny thing is once we got
7:26 am
over the transition and they kind of -- they mourned their father dying, as they saw it, and this new person arriving, they've come to the conclusion, it's really the same person. we talk about the same stuff. we don't talk about, you know, cosmetics and, you know, high heels. >> where are we in san francisco? you're one of the leaders in the city. where do you see it going in the next five years, positive or negative in. >> economically, i think this mayor has done a phenomenal job on economic development. no one could argue with that. we still have very difficult problems. the homeless problems are still very difficult here. we still have discrimination here. but you know, we need to keep focused on that or we're going to lose the whole city. i don't think the leaders today are going to let that happen. i really don't. i have a lot of confidence in the leadership today. >> and that was raj mathai reporting. sparks is a force locally and nationally when it comes to human rights and the transgender movement. still ahead on today in the bay, the event drawing not one
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good morning. looking live at sunrise over san rafael this morning. it's a lovely start to this sunday, and we're sure glad you're with us. i'm chrkris sanchez along with mayeda. the cool temperatures we have been enjoying and that have, you know, been a bummer for you in the weather department, they're going to be going away. >> towards the middle part of the week, we're going to see things warming up. this morning, it looks like the last seven to ten mornings around the bay area with low clouds, drizzle in some spots. sea breeze running strong, southwest at 20 into fairfield and bringing low clouds into the trivalley this morning. as we head towards the afternoon, we get sunshine inland, on the coast of sunshine
7:30 am
perhaps around santa cruz, and we'll see the low clouds filling in as we get to the evening. san francisco to oakland, 70s in san jose. 80s around santa teresa and liverhill. now, by the middle part of the week, maybe getting closer to 90 degrees. a full look at that coming up in a few minutes. >> you get a lot of whining people. >> as long as it's not raining it's not too bad. >> we'll try not to complain too much. all right, thanks, rob. happening now, the so-called silver fire burning in riverside county is 70% contained this morning but not before it burned 30 square miles and destroyed 26 homes. it started on wednesday. ten firefighters have been hurt, and a mountain biker was seriously burned when he was overreturn by the fastmoving flames. evac orders have been lifted for most areas and crews hope to have the fire fully contained by tonight. today, a southern california teenager at the center of an amber alert search will soon be
7:31 am
reunited with her family. 16-year-old hannah anderson was found at a camp site yesterday by search teams combing the remote idaho wilderness. her alleged kidnapper was shot and killed in a confrontation with fbi agent. anderson has been missing since they found her mother and younger brother found dead and burning in dimaggio's home. friday, a horseback rider spotted dimaggio and anderson in idaho. >> of course, it was ant etreex laem emotional day for the family of hannah anderson. family and friends shared laves, hugs, and smiles and lots of tears at her grandparents' home. we have their reaction. >> hannah's grand mother welcomed home with tears, hugs, and cheers from her family. >> it couldn't have been any
7:32 am
better news than the way it ended up for both hannah and jim. >> she got a call from hannah pafs call fred handerson. he was crying and told them to come over. brett told them hannah was alive and safe. james dimaggio was dead. >> no one wants to go through years of jury trials and putting hannah through any of that, so, you know, i wouldn't want to see anyone dead, but it happened. >> earlier in the day, sarah went over to her daughter christina anderson's lakeside apartment to start packing up the family's belongings. >> i opened the door, and he sleeps with us every night, so my husband, move over, because he's moving in. >> she never lost hope. >> as a matter of fact, we had to put the murder of ethan and tina on hold in the back of our minds because we had to totally focus on hannah. period. so now we can take our time to
7:33 am
grieve my daughter and my grandson. >> but you have your granddaughter. >> we have our granddaughter and couldn't ask for anything more at this point. >> and the family says they don't know whether hannah knows that her mother and brurt are gone. >> this morning, investigators in connecticut are still trying to piece together what caused a small plane to crash into a neighborhood where it killed four people. hundreds of people came together to honor the victims of that crash in new haven, connecticut, last night. a pilot and his son were killed when their plane went down in a neighborhood about a half mile away from the airport. two children on the ground were killed as well. the mother of the 1-year-old and 13-year-old was at the vigil, sounded by friends and family. we also know more about the pilot of the plane this morning. he was former microsoft executive bill henningsguard. he was on the last leg of a cross-country trip with his 17-year-old son, looking into
7:34 am
potential colleges. breaking news in the south bay this morning where two teenagers are dead and three others are fighting for their lives following a crash in san jose overnight. the crash happened about a block away from the intersection of chynoweth and snell avenues just before midnight. police say the car with five people inside lost control and crashed into a tree. police say two of the teenagers were pronounced dead at the scene. three others are in the hospital in critical condition this morning. all of the victims are male between the ages of 17 and 19. >> it's unknown if they were wearing seat belts at this time, but one of the passengers was ejected. >> the cause of the crash is under investigate now, but authorities say it looked like speed may have been a factor. testing is also under way to determine if alcohol was involved in the crash as well. a man and a young girl are recovering this morning after a bizarre accident in petaluma. 63-year-old man and 11-year-old girl were riding in a
7:35 am
horse-drawn kaerj yesterday when the horse got spooked and took off full-speed. the man was thrown out of the carriage when the horse veered into a traffic sign. the girl was stuck in the carriage as the horse barreled toward traffic. >> the horse at the least minute started in front of his truck, and the carriage collided with the front end, injuring the 11-year-old in the back-seat. the speed limit out here is 45 miles per hour. if that driver had not been paying attention, the outcome of this collision could have been much worse. >> how scary. the man and the young girl were both taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. by the way, the horse is also expected to be okay. dozens of weapons, including at least two ak-47s and two sawed off shotguns are off the area streets thanks to a buy-back program this weekend. they used uprising partnering with the police department and an anonymous donor to host that
7:36 am
event yesterday. oakland residents were able to turn in guns, no questions asked. they received $100 for a handgun and $200 cash for assault weapons. organizers say there's a spike in gun violence every august, and while the gun buy-back program won't stop the violence, it might help. >> it feels good to see we're getting some guns off the street and they're coming from all over the place, from all different types of people, different age ranges, different backgrounds, but we know every gun out there is a potential threat. >> at last count, 90 guns were turned in. officials will have the final tally tomorrow. okay, looks frightening, but it was only a drill. emergency responders in san leandro wrapped a four-day training camp that included dealing with an active shooter on a school campus. it shows a very realistic scenario they set up using real students. officials say the training
7:37 am
allows them to be more proactive and provide a safe environment for all of the students and community members. >> two of the biggest names in paolitics will be in the bay area. hillary clinton will be in san francisco speaking at the bar association's annual meeting. eric holder will also be speaking tomorrow. this meets focuses on cybersecurity and trafficking. >> another huge day for josh reddick, but was it enough to lift the a's over the blue jays? complete highlights next. wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days!
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when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 12 days! 24 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. and here we are in the south bay. also low clouds over san jose this morning. warmer temperatures toward the middle of the week. >> bell minute's little league team is sure to get a hero's welcome when they return to
7:40 am
redwood, california. they took on a team from chula vista for a chance to play in the little league world series. they lost 9-0, however, the score didn't seem to matter to a lot of folks who were rooting for them back home in the bay area. they say one game does not tell the story of this incredible season. >> it's been an amazing ride for these kids. it's been absolutely something they'll never forget as lauchk as they live. >> to me, it's a blessing. hopefully we'll give them a nice welcome back when they come back. >> now, the kids played in southern california, but hundreds of people gathered here in the bay area at a high school to show their support for their team yesterday. >> from little league, the a's with giants will go for a series win against the orioles. yesterday, marco scutaro got the giants on the board in the sixth with this rbi single, then two batters later, hunter pence comes up huge with the bases loaded. double down the right-field
7:41 am
line. two runs scored, giants hang in to win 3-2. and the outcome not so good for the a's despite another great day from josh reddick. he blasted two more home runs against the blue jays which gives him five bombs in two games, but the a's lose to toronto. they fall out of first place for the first time since july 1st. >> from the diamond to the gridiron, the 49ers held their practice at candlestick park, and this is their last practice there ever. yesterday, at the team's annual fan fest, about 10,000 fans showed up to get an up close experience at the event that also included a kid zone and autograph sessions with the gold rush cheerleaders. >> speaking of the 49ers, running back kendall hunter returned to the practice field yesterday. he was activated from the physically unable to perform list. the third-year back is coming off a season-ending achilles tear last november.
7:42 am
hunter will join a talented backfield that features frank gore and lumichael james. >> still ahead on today in the bay, looking live at the civic center courthouse this morning where a hearing is set to get under way on the governor's request to avertanother strike. coming up, we'll sit down with political analyst larry gerston.
7:43 am
7:44 am
a developing story now where just over an hour from this moment, a hearing on governor brown's request to prevent b.a.r.t. workers from striking come tomorrow morning is set to begin in san francisco. looking live at the civic center courthouse on mcalister street this morning, the courthouse will open for the first time on a weekend for a hearing -- first time in 15 years. governor brown requested that the judge order a 60-day cooling off period to block b.a.r.t.'s two largest unions from walking off the job if there's no deal by midnight. the court ultimately does have the power to grant that order.
7:45 am
after some 13 hours of negotiations last night, both sides walked away from the bargaining table before midnight with no agreement in place. union officials say they did receive a comp hengsive proposal from the district last night and they're taking the time to evaluate it this morning. despite the hearing, both sides say they'll be back at the bargaining table at 1:00 this afternoon. >> what i said from the very beginning, we're trying to get a deal. our team, united, have done everything we can to get that deal. we're going to continue to do that. >> both sides are reportedly between $56 million and $62 million apart on a four-year contract. >> nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us for perspective on the negotiations. the biggest question, will the judge grant the order? >> yes, and emphatically yes. no question about it. the way this happens is the governor can go to the judge, ask him for a hearing, ask him for this continuance because of concerns about public safety.
7:46 am
that's so broad that any judge will say, of course, you're worried about public safety, 400,000 people not able to have their way to work easily. yeah, that's a public safety issue. you've got your 60 days. that question will be answered rather quickly even though the uniyoons might want it otherwise. >> what will be the impact of that? we're going to keep the b.a.r.t. trains running if that order goes through, through october, but what else? >> there's several implications. some are obvious, some not so obvious. the court order keeps the trains running. that's relief for the 400,000 people. no question about that. second, it signifies that the governor is not about to help labor. this issue particularly, they had wanted to strike to increase the pressure on management. and that tool, now, assuming the judge goes along, as we think he will, will put this issue to rest for about 60 days. third, it suggests a major crack, if you will, in the alliance between governor jerry
7:47 am
brown and unions who have been supportive of the governor with hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of votes over the past many years. so you put this all together, and there are many things going on at once here. some obvious, some not so obvious, all of which are important. >> you have to be loyal to your backers. however, you also have to consider the 400,000 people who are stuck. they vote, too. so what are the repercussions of them going against the union? >> there's some diciness, no question about it. jerry brown, of course, is the governor of all californians, not just the unions, not just organized labor or any other group. you know, that may sound corny to a lot of us, but at a time like this, it's very true. at least one public opinion poll recently shows, as a matter of fact, voters siding with management over the unions by a ratio of greater than two to one. you put that data on the books and suddenly it's hard to ignore. and given that steep differential, brown has
7:48 am
calculated, this is just one fight with the public that he doesn't need. >> now, let's talk about the aside, the downside, to the governor calling for this cooling off period. >> you know he's been calculating that. this is a very smart guy. so the upside is clear here. the governor, not only aligning himself with public opinion, which we have talked about, but he offers further interest that he's a centrist, someone trying to find middle ground between the various parties in this and countless other issues. that adds to his credibility as this case, really the only adult in the room. the downside is brown risks alienating a key constituency for him, and that is historically organized labor. we don't want to minimize that because organized labor accounts for about 18% of the workforce in california. much more than the 11% nationwide. still, it seems that brown feels
7:49 am
the risk is worth the reward. even if the union strikes in 60 days, he can, brown can, say i did my best to stop this event. with a host of other public policy issues on the agenda in the coming months, he's probably calculating that he has a lot more to win than to lose. but then there's the other issue here, the unions. and in the shortterm, they'll have the say over the unions, no question about that, but they have to find a new way to draw up a plan to present their case because a lot of the wibd, if you will, has been taken out of their political sails assuming the judge goes along with the governor. >> remind us if you will what goes off in the cooling off period. are there negotiations or both of you to your corner? >> every case is different. in this case, you'll probably see the two cases huddle individually with themselves, what do we do now, what is our strategy? take a few weeks off to refine their approaches and then go
7:50 am
back to the bargaining table. they'll go back fast and furiously. if it's like most 60-day cooling off periods, you'll see a lull for a long time, and the last week before it's over, frenetic bargaining and then the next chapter begins. >> well, if it goes the way you think it's going to go, and why wouldn't it. thank you. >> for a look at what's coming up in week in the world of business, including the latest earnings for some of the biggest retailers, here is tyler mathison. >> it may come as a shock to some of us still in summer vacation mode, but this is back to school shopping weekend. yes, it was made up by team vogue, but 70 malls are participating and offering big deals at some of the country's biggest stores. big retail chains reported that sales rose modestly last month, but most came from promotions at stores like gap, aeropostale, and others. jcpenney will be one to watch.
7:51 am
this is the first quarterly report under the new ceo myron mike alman. he used to run penney before ron johnson ran it. and sales there at jcpenney, as you probably know, plummeted further. investors hope by bringing back the special sales, business will improve. investors will also keep an eye on the fight between share holders and jcpenney's board. there are two readings on inflation this week. not much is expected there in terms of change. also expected, more housing news, which analysts believe will show continued improvement. and fox sports one debuted in 90 million homes. it's positioned to be major ch challenge to espn. get all your business news on cnbc. >> and on nbc bay area, today in the bay starts at 4:30. business and tech news with
7:52 am
scott mcgrew. >> well, still ahead on today in the bay. it is not something you see every day. perhaps ever. cars cruising along mccovey cove. we'll show you why. and right now over in oakland this morning, low clouds, drizzle, and some spots around the bay area this morning, and mild looking sunday forecast. but there is a warm-up in the seven day. we'll look at that when we come back.
7:53 am
7:54 am
and welcome back. this morning we're taking you out to emeryville, to the west, san francisco out there somewhere. you just don't see it with the low clouds and drizzle. falling in many spots, especially around the coast and the peninsula this morning. low clouds inland pushed by a strong sea breeze overnight and that's going to lead to mild temperatures this afternoon. 61 in san jose. 57 in oakland, 55, san francisco. you can see the wind speed still reflecting this onshore push of marine air, not just across the
7:55 am
bay area, but even inland towards sacramento, stockton, and tracy. and those humidity levels fairly high inland. a good sign that the ocean air conditioning has brought us the drizzle in spots this morning and should insure a fiairly mil afternoon, too. if you're heading out to the ballpark, the giants taking on the orioles, numbers in the low 60s. breezy and cool, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour, increasing as we head to 5:00 and 6:00 this evening. satellite radar view is quiet right now, but this is going to change around say 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 in the afternoon. we have this area of low pressure off to the north. that's where most of the action is going to be from portland to seattle, but lake county, and areas lake tahoe northward and shasta north would could see showers, but it's the bay area and clouds that are going to keep things mild if not chilly from the bay to the seashore
7:56 am
today and as we head to tuesday and wednesday, we should see temperatures climbing up. the forecast, you can see the low clouds wet at the golden gate. brief sunshine for the afternoon, and low clouds push back in for tomorrow morning, which means more drizzle and mist to kick things off for the work week. today, highs in the 70s around san jose. 80s south of downtown san jose. 70s around santa cruz. around the trivalley, highs in the low to mid-80s. cooler in castro valley into hayward with low to mid-70s. 60, san francisco to oakland. mid-70s across the north bay. not much change into tomorrow. and then tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, if you're going to hope for warmer weather, these could be the days for you. we'll see the numbers climbing closer to 90 inland in the middle of the week, and then low clouds push back inland and it's starting to look like groundhog day, that movie, with the weather next weekend. low clouds and drizzle again to kick things off, but for fire danger concerns, not a bad thing
7:57 am
to have this much marine air in4r7bd keeping the humidity levels up. >> thank you very much. some parents and students got a little help getting ready for the new school year. the organization momagic handed out 1200 back packs to kids in need at the health care in san francisco yesterday. the backpacks had school supplies and they were also health screenings for kids who were headed to kindergarten on up to their senior year. >> here's something you don't see in mccovey cove every day. yeah, not paddleboards or kayaks, but fiafiats. it was a promotion for the italian automaker and those little cars are built on high powers pernt watercraft. they hung out for a while and then they made their way up. >> we want to thank you for making us a part of your morning this morning and hopefully every weekend morning. and hope you have a great day. more news tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00, and any time of day on
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7:59 am
8:00 am
our key issues and people this week. spying showdown. president obama orders changes to u.s. surveillance programs and faces tough questions about the nsa leaker. >> i don't think mr. snowden was a patriot. >> the debate over the future of u.s. spying programs. mike mccaul, the head of the house homeland security committee. analysis from ted koppel of nbc news and "the washington post's" barton gellman. then presidential orders. strong words from the commander in chief this week about stamping out sexual assault in the military. the pentagon is preparing new rules, but there is an agreement on how to end the crisis. i go one-on-one with one of the lawmakers pushing for change, missouri senator claire mccaskill. the immigration debate. a critical time for reform as


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