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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 10, 2013 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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meteorologist anthony slaughter. super busy weekend and lots of people getting the kids ready for school, and baseball and -- >> jazz festivals and so much going on here, and a beautiful place to be and with the rest of the country talking about a heat waive. well, we are the envy of the nation with temperatures so comfortable. you can see the marine layer so thin so we will see u plenty of subshine today. if it has been cool for you this week, we will warm up this weeke weekend. we have airport delays to tell you about. one-hour delays on the arriving flights because of the low clouds and the drizzle. the low clouds are not that extensive and the marine layer is shallow. so once we hit 8:00 or 9:00, we will see sunshine in the city by the bay. 76 in san jose, and 88 in santa cruz, so wherever you go the temperatures are going to be comfortable, and we continue with the warming trend towards the beginning of the week. we will have details coming up.
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>> i will say when we were shopping for back to school clothes it was easier because it is cool, but now they won't want to wear any of it. >> it will warm up though. >> yes, thank you, anthony. this morning, san francisco police are investigating two shootings that happened within minutes of each other and within a mile apart. the first shooting happened in the bay viewpoint neighborhood in the corner of palau avenue and ingalls street. a bullet shattered one man's window, and then blocks away more gun fire. a man says he was shot in the upper forearm and was able to drive himself to the hospital. no word if the shootings are related, but police are looking for two suspects this morning. it could be a tragic end in the search for a missing criminal defense investigator from oakland. this morning the family and friends of sandra coke are awaiting word from kcoroner. searchers found a woman in the
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unincorporated part of vaca area. the searchers who searched oakland and vallejo were called off once the body was found. >> it was found in a rural area. i will tell you that it was on the other side of the freeway from here. it was an area that was specific in our search scope that we determined while still in vallejo. >> coke's family says she has been missing since sunday and police have called randy elana a high risk sex offender a suspect in the case. they dated more than 20 years ago, but he was arrested tuesday on a parole violation and held without bail. the alameda coroner's office is wosrk ing to identify the womans remains. new details this morning in the civil lawsuit surrounding the death of 15-year-old audrie pott. the lawyer representing the pott family says they have reached a tentative settlement with two of
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the defendants in the suit. the attorney says an unspecified agreement is being worked out with michael and sheila penwin because it was at their home that the girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by three teen boy last year. pott killed herself after pictures of that sexual assault circulated around the campus and social media after the party. the attorneys for the defendants in the civil case could not be reached for comment. one person remains in critical condition this morning following a triple stabbing in the city's mission district. the police say that the stabbing happened just after 6:00 last night after a fight near the corner of 23rd street and south venice avenue. two of the three victims are expected to survive, but authorities say that one is suffering from life-threatening injuries. they have one suspect in jail this morning and the investigators say that the stabbing is not gang-related but what caused the fight in the first place is still under
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investigation. the man accused of killing a san jose nursing student made his first appearance in court. 23-year-old johnny lozano was officially charged with the murder of kimberly chico. she was in a car in downtown san jose last week when someone shot and killed her. she was an innocent bystander who happened to be in the line of fire. prosecutors say that johnny lozano pulled the trigger. >> this case is an awful tragedy and what happened to this young woman and her friends and family, and our hearts go out to them. >> the officers returned to the scene to gather evidence and reenact the crime, and still trying to figure out what the m motive was, but they say it had nothing to do with chico's friend who was driving the car. a 12-inch knife is what sunnyvale police say that is why they shot and killed a suspect who was charging officers in a tense standoff this week. neighbors in the normally quiet community say that the violence was no surprise. today in the bay's george
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quijano has the story. >> i knew that there would be shots fired and shoot to kill and not injuring him. >> reporter: the neighbor knew that it would not end well when the police were calling for the man to come out of the house for two hours and got no response. >> we pretty much assumed that since he was not going the come out that things would get violent and we surmised that he was trying to do a police suicide and that what happened. >> reporter: what happened is that the man had charged at officers with a 12-inch knife as they were trying the go inside. >> as they did that he charged at the knife point at them, and at that point, they opened fires a he was advancing on them. >> the dps believes that man is the same one who killed him inside of the home. officers later found a woman's body inside one of the officers, and while they won't say how they are related they are husband and wife with a history of arguing.
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>> there is an incident where they stuck the head out of the window and thep cops called for her. >> the neighbors knew them as mike and marlene and got to point where some were worried about the couple's welfare. >> i have to say frankly looking back probably a year ago, if these people don't separate something bad is going to happen. somebody is going to be hurt. >> reporter: and now it is difficult to look at the house and not think of what happened. >> no way i can leave or enter my house without looking at this house and thinking about the tragedy. thinking about their families that are left behind, and thinking and the lives that were lost for no apparent reason. >> reporter: george keatiano for "today in the bay." today, law enforcement will hold a buyback program, and they will give $200 for an assault weapon and people can exchange three firearms for each one. and you will have to present a
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utility bill because it is only in oakland. you can stop by between 10:00 this morning and 3:00 this afternoon. if you have questions, call the number on the screen to set up an appointment to also get the questions answered. all weapons by the way must be unloaded to be turned in. it appears that the commuters will be spared the headache of another b.a.r.t. strike at least for now. governor brown says he will use the executive powers to order a cooling off period if b.a.r.t. and the unions don't reach a contract agreement this weekend. the one-week contract extension ordered by the governor last sunday will expire monday morning. san francisco superior court is calling an emergency session tomorrow morning to consider the governor's request. the court ultimately has the power to grant that order. the move will keep b.a.r.t. trains rolling into october even if the union and b.a.r.t. cannot reach the agreement. still ahead "today in the bay,"
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they are one win away from the little league world series and we will show you who is standing in their way between them and williamsport. [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares.
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nature valley protein bars. you are watching "today in the bay." good morning, san francisco. very pretty picture of the start of the day there which is the alcatraz and that fog is moving along nicely. out by this afternoon. >> they are so close to the world series they say they can taste it. the belmont redwood all-stars need one more win to go to williamsport, pennsylvania. last night they beat chandler, arizona team 8-1. the championship showdown is between northern and southern california. belmont will take on the team from chula vista at 6:00 and the win er heads to the little league world series. if you want to watch, fellow fans, you can join a viewing party for the peninsula's team at carl mont high school at
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belmont. and today, still ahead, tips from a celebrity chef. we have a guest from this season's "top masters" who will help us cook up a gourmet dish minus all of the fuss. .
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the bay area is full of people who love to eat and like to cook and claim to be good at it, but even for some foodies, the gr may dishes are intimidating unless you can ask someone who is a food and wine magazine best new chef, deb lewis. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, kris. >> you have restaurants and a cat catering business and wu si gal and you promise not the ruin the top chef masters -- >> yes. >> don't ruin it for me. so you have dishes that are good for the end of summer? >> yes, i do. these are great. and all summer-based recipes with milk in them. you can find them on this is one of my favorites. this is a no-cook, and no turning on the stove and heating
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up the house, because it is a chilled cucumber soup and i like it, because you can make the day before and chill it down and have it that day or the next day. so i start with cucumbers and i have peeled and seeded them. s simple process. i want oshow you how to do that real quick. >> okay. >> basically, i like to peel the cucumber, and what people don't realize is that you take the short strokes and it is a mess and takes a long time, but if you take them long strips off. >> you are not pressing hard. normally, we have to go -- >> no, it is really easy and simple and fast. then what you want to do is to cut off each end. cut the cucumber in half length-wise and then you have all of the seeds. i for this dish like to get the seeds out, because it will get pulpy, and then you take a spoon, an easy tool that everybody has one, ideally. >> nice. >> and scrape out the inside. okay. >> i can do that. >> and then to build the soup, i have bread. >> bread is in the soup.
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>> it will thicken the soup. i use an artisan bread and texture and sour flavor. almonds, all right. and lots of flafvor. >> well, this has protein in them, and sometimes you will have a light soup and not a lot of nutrition. >> well, instead of heavy cream, it is nice light olive oil. so that is the main part of the liquids, but instead of the richness of cream, we will use olive oil. >> and the bread -- >> excellent job. i want to everybody to see the excellent job that she did. >> i claim to be good at it. >> you are. you are. >> okay. >> mint and basaebaseil. >> and why? >> it is great and smells great in the garden and we have it right now. and lemon juice and zest will lighten the soup. and garlic, why? >> well, if it is raw, won't it be too -- >> well, it will bloom, and so
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blooming means that it will get bigger as it holds, but a day or two, not a big deal. so maybe that is a good reason to make it the day before. >> right. absolu absolutely. like a marinade on the meat. >> yes. >> and a little bit of cayenne and salt. why salt? >> because it makes everything better. >> it does. it does. >> don't tell the doctors that. >> a little is okay. and then we have the magic ingredient milk. okay. you go about a cup and a half of milk and the recipes are on we didn't turn on the heat or anything fancy and blend it up. super easy. this is what it looks like. >> great. >> and the other thing with milk, parsley crepes and i have extra parsley and vegetables and good old hush puppies, because of the corn season. >> you put corn in there? >> yes, i do. >> help us toness how you operate so quickly on the "top chef masters." >> it is magic. >> it is insane that you get
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stuff that looks so high quality and beautiful and innovative and we are struggling to get a chicken nugget out of the toaster in the same amount of time. >> it is taking all of the skills that we learned in the restaurant and simplifying them, and being really creative. it is really cooking. >> and what would your advice be to working mother who is maybe like 20 minutes to make dinner if you have two or three tips? >> keep it simple. keep it simple. use real ingredients and real -- and look at this here. there is nothing weird in there, and there is no foreign ingredients or prepared for you already, and all we did though is to put it in the blender. use good quality and keep it really simple and be ready to go. >> so have it on hand. >> right. >> grocery stop is a killer. okay. i will taste it. thank you very much. >> cucumber soup. >> this sounds perfect for a hot day which we are going to have, right, anthony? >> tasty. >> i will get some of that later, too. all for kris.
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this morning we are waking up to the cloudy skies, but the temperatures will warm up to summertime levels as we get into the afternoon hours at least. inland, a little cool at the coast today, and temperatures in the mid-60s, but everybody is expected to see plenty of sunshine and even at the immediate coast so whatever you are doing today, lt lots of su on the way not only with you, but as you are out and about, and remember the spf. and right now the temperatures are cool and uniform across the board because of to low clouds acting as a blanket overnight. 60 in livermore and 61 in sunnyva sunnyvale. and we have airport delays to tell you about in san francisco. one-hour delay on arriving flights due to the low clouds and drizzle. temperatures at 59 degrees, and of course, expected to at least become a little bit better as we are heading to the next couple of hours. by 9:00 this morning the fog will retreat in the south bay and north bay and east bay, but look at this thin sliver of fog
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hanging on tightly. this is from oakland to san mateo to the san bruno gap. towards noon, lots of sunshine for everybody, and stray showers to santa rosa, so if you are headed north in california, you may run into a little bit of a shower. tonight, the fog rolls back in and by 9:00, from livermore and freemont where you are expected to see fog tonight. and that is going to be the stratus kquo, if you will, kris. as we go across the area here, the temperatures in the mid-60s by 2:00 and falling back into the lower 60s by 4:00 as the fog rolls in. if you are headed to the jazz festival in san jose, the temperatures are close to 80 degrees today and warmer tomorrow. so comfortable across the area and really take your pick as far as what weather goes, because you will have it all across the
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board. the coolest conditions at the coast, and 7. in santa cruz and get aufg to the east bay that is the warmest conditions, livermore, 83, and santa theresa you will be 83 as well. tomorrow the temperatures are going to go up by a couple of degrees, and what we are tracking is a prolonged heat wave. not as hot as it was say the 4th of july when we talked about the temperatures in the triple-digit, but we are headed close to 90 monday and tuesday which is the warmest weather this week at least considering how cool it has been all week long, we have only seen the temperatures this week in the mi mid-70, so we arek tag on 10 degrees to what we saw this week, and places like gilroy and livermore could hit 90s this week. and keep in mind with kids going back to school very soon. >> that is right. we are getting there. thank you, anthony. still ahead on "today in the bay," a silent epidemic. >> once it was obvious that it was a medical mystery so to
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speak and nobody could figure out what was wrong with me, i came to stanford. >> and how doctors at stanford are unraveling a medical mystery on the rise in california. general mills cereals 40 are 130 calories or less per serving. just look for the g. boom! that's how nutrition is done, people. [ laughs ] ♪ [ female announcer ] hey ladies. you love it. you've got to have it. cinnamon toast crunch, 'cause that cinnamon and sugar is so irresistible. everybody craves those crazy squares.®
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a silent ep dem sick what the cds is cac is calling the e called valley fever. it is hitting more people than ever before. in the last ten years the number of cases have tripled. experts say that if the trend continues countless people could be exposed. today in the bay's stephanie traunk has the story. >> reporter: sean visits his wife in phoenix every year doing couple stuff. >> we went to a baseball game. >> reporter: but the stanford engineer began to feel something in one of the trips. >> there was intense pressure and it would radiate to my back
7:24 am
and my back would hurt. >> reporter: weeks later the doctor said there was abnormal fluid built up in the abdomen. >> she thought it was an gallbladder concern. >> for a long time we thought it was cancer. i would have had four to six months. >> reporter: and scan after scan and more tests and no answers burk more questions. >> once it was obvious that it was a big medical mystery so to speak and nobody could figure out what was wrong with me, that is when i went to stanford. >> that is when he met infectious disease expert who threw out a possibility that nobody mentioned. >> it is known as cocci or valley fever which is a infection that spreads through the bloodstream and the symptoms vary depending where the spores lodge in the body. >> it can spread widely through the body. >> in the lung, it could mean knew moania, and also a collapsing spinal cord and impact to the brain leading to
7:25 am
meningitis which can be lethal. >> 5% will develop a complication, and some of those turn out to be life threatening. >> the cdc has labeled cocci an epidemic with an average cost of nearly $50,000 per hospital visit. >> we had two patients who came in almost simultaneously, and each of whom spent over 250 days in the hospital. >> cocci has forced the move of 26 inmates from two prisons after inmates were killed at the pleasant valley and avril state prison just 20 miles apart. it does not mean that there is no impact to the person who contracts it, because the organism can live and almost hide inside you and pop up years or maybe decades later. >> it is something that you cannot forget about. >> but roy faced one of the most
7:26 am
dangerous risks of cocci, diagnosis. >> somebody might mistake it as cancer and put them through surgical procedures unnecessary. >> reporter: the disease has been around for a century, but scientific experts know little about it. >> when you get into the cases, you are often into an area that is more art than science, because there are no clear-cut answers. >> reporter: but the numbers are clear about one thing. >> more recently, a dramatic increase in numbers of cases. >> reporter: in california according to the public health department, there were nearly 1,500 reported cases in 2001 at a rate of 4.3. ten years later it more than tripled to more than 5100 a rate of 13.75. >> why we are increasing, again, we don't know, but it is possibly going to relate to the climatic factors. >> in the bay area by county, san mateo had the highest population, and 2.17 cases and followed by alameda, and then in
7:27 am
santa clear ra 1.24, but those numbers could climb with the construction of the high speed rail. >> clearly the population of the central valley will increase especially after the bullet dream. those people will be at risk. >> and anyone who visits. roy is trying to cheap this complication as light as he can. >> i'm down 25 pounds in the process without trying which is not good. >> nbc bay area news. still ahead on "today in the bay" dramatic video out of colorado where the flash floods turned deadly, and we will show you why the worse may still yet to come. the thing is bee,
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i would rather ask questions of people in power rather than speaking on their behalf. that is why you can find larry king right now on r.t. question more. from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. looking live at sunnil and enjoy
7:30 am
the temperatures as they warm up especially going into next week. i'm chris skris sanchez with meteorologist anthony slaughter, and anthony says talking about the clouds, it is the stratus q quo. >> i think that you should take the act on the road. that was clever. >> well, when i get enough sleep i can come up with it like that, and we are actually talking about temperatures cool right now. 59 in san francisco and 60 in oakland and 60 in gilroy, and so the temperatures are uniform across the board which typically happens when you get the stratus in the lower levels and keeps it uniform and acts as the blanket overnight. we have delays happening at san francisco international airport, and up to about an hour on the arriving flights, but not too bad on the leaving flights. so if you are leaving town here this morning, it looks like good to go, but always a good idea to check with the carrier. 78 later today in san jose, and 72 in santa cruz, and 66 in san francisco. and some of the more comfortable positions will be around the
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bay. santa rosa is 75, and the same for san rafael. i want to give a super shoutout to one of the super fans who ran into me at one of the events last week, and she said she is a big fan of ours and actually one of the first restaurants that i had ever gone to moving into san jose, so it was fun to watch into her. >> nice to have her join us this morning. thank you, anthony. more than 500 firefighters are on the front lines continuing the fight against the massive silver fire burning in riverside county. some veterans are calling the fire east of los angeles one of the fastest and the most dangerous they have seen in years. so far the fire has scorched 28 square miles and destroyed 26 homes. officials say it is 40% contained. six people have been injured, including at least one firefighter, and governor jerry brown issued a state of emergency in that county late last night. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> dramatic video out of
7:32 am
colorado this morning where the flash floods this morning have turned deadly. officials say that the body of a man was found in a vehicle off of the highway in colorado springs. you can see the car swept away in a muddy river. three other people were injured in the flooding and reports that one home was swept away. this is near the area that was burned by the waldo canyon fire last year. areas burned by wildfires tend to be vauler inable to flash floods, because the soil does not absorb as much water. more storms are expected through the weekend. this morning federal investigators are at a connecticut neighborhood trying to figure out how many people were killed when a plane crashed into two homes. the small plane fell from the sky yesterday just a few blocks from an airport. "today in the bay's" reporter is at the scene with more details on the investigation. >> reporter: investigators or the are just arriving at the
7:33 am
scene and there are so many questions surrounding the plane crash and pertinent is how many people may have been killed. the officials say that the recovery efforts are the top priority. >> both of the houses are fully destroyed. >> reporter: officials say nothing unusual about the path that the general aviation plan took over charter oak avenue until it went crashing tin two homes leaving extensive damage. the first call came into the 911 dispapers before 11:30 friday morning. >> i was sleeping and then all of the sudden, i woke up to the sound of the fire. >> i looked down there and i seen the smoke and everything, and i said, geez, two houses on fi fire. >> what i saw was that it was inverted with the left wing in one house and the right wing of the other, and i would say that probably about 50% or 60% of it was consumed by fire. >> reporter: officials say it took off from teterboro, new jersey, and they knew it was using an instrument landing approach.
7:34 am
when the ntsb arrived to examine the wrebckage, they realized tht the home was not safe. >> reporter: a mother of a 13-year-old and 13-month-old and 1-year-old were in the house, but they had not escaped. there was visual confirmation of the two victims, but they could not identify them. >> we know that it missed the approach and continued on, and and there were no distress calls and as far as we know everything was operational. >> reporter: the plane op erato was in communication with air traffic controllers until the crash and the path that the plane was taking is a typical route for planes landing at tweed. that plane is registered to a man who is a former microsoft executive. ofishes say they were here to tour colleges on the east coast.
7:35 am
the ntsb will have the official report in a week. back to you. authorities have identified the bodies of a young child found in a burned out home late last night. sheriff's crime lab confirm ed that the remains are that of 8-year-old ethan anderson. he and his mother were found in the home of the suspected killer and kidnapper james dimaggio. they believe that dimaggio kidnapped the older sister hannah and he has been on the run since. police may be closing n because a heavily wooded part of idaho outside of the town of cascade, investigators found dimaggio's versa with the license plates removed. they were led the group by group of horseback riders who spotted the two people who matched the descriptions of dimaggio and the girl. >> they were spotted twice. when they left they had backpacks on. from the accounts we received, they are both appearing to be in good health.
7:36 am
it is unable for us to determine from the witness account whether she was being held against her will. >> they have been missing since sunday when the bodies of her mother and brother were found east of san diego in a burned out home. authorities also revealed that dimaggio recently bought camping equipment. it could be a tragic end in the search of a missing criminal investigator from oakland. this mile an houring the family and friends of sandra coke are waiting for word from the coroner, and this is after a woman's body was found in vacaville. >> we cannot confirm that a body has been located. the body is female. we are talking with official n confirmation on the identity of the wod. >> reporter: oakland police making that announcement after t the search crews spent the day looking for a missing oakland woman sandra coke in several areas in solano county. she has been missing since sunday, and now the police are confirming that the body of a woman was found in a wooded area
7:37 am
near vacaville. >> it was found in a rural eare, and i will tell you that it was on the other side of the freeway from here. and it was an area that was specific in our search scope that we determined while still in vallejo. >> reporter: a police source tells nbc bay area that the cell phone was tracked to solano county, and we have information that the surveillance cameras spotted his car crossing the bridge. another source shows that the camera captured the parolee and the former boyfriend gassing up coke's car and using her atm ca card. >> this is ongoing investigation and evolving, and evolving quickly now. things have been happening and a body has been located. >> reporter: while the coroner works to identify the body, more information is coming out about randy elana who is a high-risk sex offender and acquitted on a murder charge in the '80s charged with killing a man in jail await iing trial.
7:38 am
now he is a person of interest in the disappearance of sandra coke. that was cheryl hurd reporting, and so far, no charges have been reported against him in this particular case. a follow-up to a deadly standoff in the bay. a 12-inch man is what a man was holding when he charged at officers at the end off a tense standoff. the police had called the police and said he had called a person inside of the home, and the officers quickly surrounded the house and two hours later, they were forced to shoot and kill the suspect when he charged at officers with that knife. a woman's body was found in one of the bedrooms. they are not saying what the relationship is between the two people, but the neighbors say they were husband and wife who had a history of arguing and fighting and common to see police at their home. >> i thought that they kind of played off of each other. i didn't think that anything
7:39 am
serious would happen from the cops being called on them, and i thought, regular domestic argument and i thought they should be separated but i never thought it would escalate to the point it got to. >> and neighbors say they have granddaughters but nobody has been to the house since thursday. and police are trying to find this man who used a stun gun to rob the bottle shop on winchester boulevard before bud avenue thursday. the robber is seenleying in an older pontiac grand prix driven by a woman. it had yellow plates with black lettering and last seen northbound on baskum avenue and fruit avenue. helping kids one backpack at a time. the annual event to give the kids a head start for the new year.
7:40 am
ur our company did its fair share of nonprofits and schools. one of the favorite is project hire which is a terrific organization down in the south bay. >> they have been in business since 1978 helping individuals with disabilities find and sustain employment. we have done that through the partnership with businesses and the communities. one of the partners is wells fargo. they have been very successful in helping us to find funding, and helping us to find
7:41 am
volunteers to make our clients successful through financial training. >> what i tell my team is that we have a responsibility as teammates of wells fargo bank as part of the vision and values to help support our communities, and a great way to do that is to be the advocate so that we can help the communities achieve the financial goals. community housing partnership is a great example of something that we have done locally in the bay area. >> our relationship with wells fargo is more than a funder. through the team member engagement, they are on the ground to help us to achieve the mission and goals. they have open policy to listen to us about the needs and how they change organizational ly fr us. wells fargo has partnered with the community housing partnership to help end homelessness here in san francisco. >> to learn more go the s. this rn mobbing more than 1,000 kids will get backpacks stuffed with school supplies in san francisco. the annual event will be held at
7:42 am
the ella huj community center in the western addition neighborhood. there is a free health care for families who participate. families must take part of the fair to receive the backpack. it runs from 10:00 this morning and until 3:00 this afternoon and it is sponsored by the public defenders office. today a new meaning of going green. >> i'm scott budman and a new biotech company taking algae and turning it into skin care products. we will go inside of the lab coming up. and this morning a marine layer across the golden gate is starting to break up. you can see the shadow of the sun on the roadways. we will be back to explain the rest of the weekend weather. "h" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? maybe. rich chocolate chips... i just wanted you to eat more fiber.
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>> back at 7:44 with the lye
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camera this morning and you can see what the low marine deck that is hanging on tightly to the east and the south bay is going to continue to stay in place for the next couple of hours. we will see plenty of sunshine as we head to the afternoon hours and looking at the day planner, you can see if you are headed to the area beaches, it is not completely warm this weekend and in fact, we are talking about the temps that are close to 70 degrees. so it is comfortable, but definitely with the ocean breeze, it is going to be feeling cool. and around the bay, oakland and freemont, you are close to 72, and inland, that is the warmest like san jose and livermore, you will be at 80 degrees this afternoon and a little something for everybody. we have a area of low pressure that we been talking about all week long and kept us fogged in, and even some drizzle because of the low pressure spinning off of the coast. you can see it is is lifting north. really this thing has been positioned off of the coast for the last couple of days and now it is lifting north and it will retreat to the gulf of alaska as
7:46 am
we head to the next couple of days which will allow a area of high pressure to build in from the desert southwest. the temperatures will go up because of that. right now, 59 in san francisco, and sunnyvale one of the warmer spots is 61 and santa cruz is 61. if you are joining us, we have one-hour delays on the arriving flights, but on the departing not bad, but we have the cloudy skies with the temperature near 60 degrees. again the fog will be with us at least until noon today and you will notice around 9:00 and places like livermore and concord and you will see the immediate coast of the fog, and once we got to noon, the fog retreats as the warm air starts to build back in, and everybody from santa rosa to gilroy is expected to see sunshine today once we hit the noon hour and this this afternoon and evening, you will notice at 5:00 san francisco and half moon bay, the fog will move to the san bruno gap again and we will return to the stratus look tomorrow. and this afternoon lots of sunshine expected and comfortable wherever you want to head today, because the
7:47 am
temperatures will be nice. 66 in san francisco, and 73 in oakland and concord 81, and fairfield at 82, and the south bay a little bit of something for everybody, 77 in las gatos, and 84 in gilroy this afternoon. the temperatures warm up as we head to sunday and monday and as we get to tuesday and wednesday, that is some of the warmest weather as we get into the middle part of the upcoming week. high pressure is going to take a strong pressure on the area, and we will start the morning with sunny, bright, warm afternoon to finish. unfortunately, i know that we have been talking about this all year long, no rain in sight, although it has been unusual to see the drizzle here in august where we are not typically seeing that, because usually some of the warmest weather that we see, so september and october left and we have temperature spikes the deal with at least usually around that time of the year. so we are not done with summer. don't put away the clothes yet. >> all right. thank you, anthony. maybe the hottest ingredient
7:48 am
in skin care, algae. a silicon valley company is taking algae to turn it into makeup. at $79 a bottle and the question is do they have a hit on their hands? our business and tech reporter reports from the lab. >> reporter: it's a company known for shaking things up with algae, and now silicon valley biotech company solez ym is aiming at the cosmetic market. >> algae are survivors, right? so they are some of the oldest organisms on the planet. >> reporter: working in the lab to develop a greener and more sustainable way to fight back against aging. >> so our product development team has identified out of all of the strains specific ones that are producing compounds that are very good for the skin. >> reporter: all that lab work is paying off. solenz ym known for turning algae into fuel is known for turning cosmetics into big
7:49 am
business and partnering with sepho sephora, and look for the algenist brand with sephora. >> they have a worldwide distribution an incredible client base for the products that we are bringing to the market. >> reporter: it is a big move into the consumer market giving skin care and the giant cosmetics industry a little bit of a high-tech green twist. >> cellular regeneration benefits to the skin, and hydration benefits to the skin, and so you are going to get anti-aging products that actually really work. >> reporter: and it all starts here in the lab strain by strain. in south san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. worth a try. 200,000 people are expected in san francisco this weekend for the city's biggest musical party of the year. and things are getting set up, and we are looking live at one of the stages. it is quiet now, but we will be rocking later. the show kicked off yesterday
7:50 am
with headliners sir paul mccartney, and tonight, nine inch nails will take the stage and tomorrow night the headliner is red hot chili peppers. it should be a weekend in the city. and great america is getting a head start on halloween. they are having a job fair for hunts and maizes. they need more than 400 actors to dress up in scary costumes and the new hires will at the end a boot camp next week to learn how the scare the park visitors. if you are interested stop by great america from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and there is another job fair next weekend as well. don't scare me. and ryan vogelsong returns to the mound for the giants after being sidelined with a broken hand for two months. we will show you how he did coming up. so... [ gasps ]
7:51 am
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[ male announcer ] fiber one. fiber beyond recognition. try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars. >> and looking live this morning
7:53 am
at the coliseum, and football got underway with the raiders and the cowboys in the preseason opener. we pick it up in the second quarter, the cowboys going for the short field goal, but branch comes up with the block and great special defense teams by the raiders. third quarter, bringing in the rookies, and matt mcgloin to bryce butler for the 30-yard touchdown and the raiders win it 19-17. and of course, the 49ers opened up the preseason thursday losing to the broncos b today the team will hold the annual fan fest at candlestick park from noon to 4:00 this afternoon. the fans will get to see the team practice and play games and hear music, and the parking is free by the way, and the gates open at 10:00 this morning, but the tickets to the event are sold out. well, they are so close to the world series, they could taste it. the belmont redwood shore all-stars need one more win to clinch the ticket to the world
7:54 am
series in williamsport, pennsylvania. last night they beat chandler, arizona, 8-1, and this sets up a showdown of southern and northern california. they will take on the team from chula vista tonight at 6. :00 and the winner of that game will go to the world series. there is a viewing party and fund-raising event at the high school in belmont. >> now from the little leaguers to the big leaguers, and ryan vogelsong who took the mound for the first time after breaking his hand two months ago. he threw well giving up two runs in six innings against the orioles last night. the bolt tom ninth, the giants down 2-1, and hunter pence comes through with the game-tying single to center. we go the extra innings, and it all falls apart for the giants. top of the tenth, khris davis doubles, and the giants lose to the orioles 5-2. the a's are taking on the blue jays in toronto.
7:55 am
it was all about josh reddick. reddick hit three home runs and had five rbis. the a's go on the win 14-6, snapping their three-game losing streak. america's cup sailing action continues on the san francisco bay today, and italy's luna rossa can clench a spot in the louis vuitton against the swiss artemis team. the win lner will go on the fac team oracle in the america's cup next month. we will have complete highlights of the action on bay area news coming up at 5:00 and 6:00. still ahead on "today in the bay" we will introduce you the bootsy who says she has aless isson for all of us [ female announcer ] new nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares.
7:56 am
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was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. . this morning we have our friends from pets in need and volunteer lisa simmons is here with bootsy who has a lesson in
7:58 am
forgiveness. >> absolutely. when we rescued bootsy, she is 3 years old and we have her current on everything and totally ready to go. we discovered that she was walking strangely and holding her little right leg up. when the vets checked her out and we had an orthopedic vet check her out but at some point in her young life somebody must have jerked her up by the leg and broke it up in the shoulder area, and it was never treated. but i have to tell you that you would think that going through that, she would be shy of people, but she loves people. >> she is the least active chihuahua we have seen. bootsy, i hope you find a good home and find that most people are kind. thank you, lisa. if you want to find out about bootsy or other pets in need go the pets in thank you for making us a part of your morning. we have more local news coming
7:59 am
up tonight, and we want to leave you with pictures and the set up at the park that will include nine inch nails tonight. the thing is bee, i got my mom wrapped around my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him. was easy. surprise... uh, ha ha ha. ♪
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