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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 9, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and that breaking news right now is under way on the east coast. three people are missing, including two children, after a small plane crashes into a couple of homes in connecticut. check out this video from the new haven register. it shows the moments just after the crash that happened about two and a half hours ago. this is in east haven, connecticut. the plane crashed into two homes as it was approaching the new haven airport. the mayor of east haven says the missing include the person on the plane and two children in one of those homes, ages 1 and 13.u7 the city's fire chief says they presume there's going to be a very bad outcome. and i quote. we will continue to keep an eye on that stortjsjjjt and thanks
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being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everyone, we begin vallejo as search crews are back out trying to find a federal investigator from oakland who has been missing since sunday. you are looking live right now that search scene. crew there is using sonar at shab bow lake in sal lan know county. a search under way right now trying to find sandra koch. at this hour, investigators not their search on those fairground it is. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at the command post this morning. christie, a person of interestg& linked to sandra koch is in custody but so far, he is not being named as a suspect in her disappearance. good morning. >> good morning. that's exactly right. you know, and sheriff deputies have been out here on this lake behind six flags for over an hour. they have had a boat out w1rñhe and this is part of a massive search that's been going on all morning, actually started yesterday, to find any sign of sandra koch. meantime, investigators are also
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telling us that they had a chance to speak with that person of interest, a high-risk sex i,a offender, but did not say exactly how that conversation went. solano county sheriff deputies are checking the waters of lake shab bow this is right behind six flags, and they are also looking on the ground today, basically, a three-mile radius that stretches from interstate 880 to 80 and the fair grounds them wouldn't say at all what led them here. sandra koch, a criminal defense investigator from oakland was last seen sunday, she said she was following up on a tip about her missing dog. she was seen sunday with a sex offender, randy allot ta. prior convictions include kidnapping and rape, being held on a parole violation unrelated to this. they say he once dated her briefly about 20 years ago and police are now looking for anyone who may have seen them together. >> only a person of interest because they were known to each other. we also have information that they were seen together sunday evening.
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now, we are talking about august 4th, some time after xd8:30 the were seen together. >> we are looking for any kind of evidencezo7 from the oakland police department, any kind of clothing she play is been wearing, we do have a clothing description. shoes, clothing, anything that looks like it could potentially be a crime scene, you know, anything. anything that could be linked to them. >> reporter: this is actually, ñ the second day of searching. last night about 70 people out here were checking the fairgrounds but told they found nothing significant, oakland police receiving a lot of help from the fbi, alameda county sheriff's department. also, solana county. sandra koch's family released a statement saying they are grateful for all the help they have been given but they have been asked into the to comment any furtherer on the case. live in vallejo, christie smith, nbc area news. >> christie, thank you very
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much. meantime, police in east san jose investigating a shooting just after 4:00 this morning.iw' officers responding to reports of gunfire at the san jose apartments located on cunningham avenue. police did not find anyone shot there but they also add that wounds. that happened a short time later. so far, they have no motive and no arrests have been made. two men are behind bars this morning accused of leading sheriff deputies on a wild chase through the streets of san jose and it all ended with one suspect handcuffed on the roof of a popular restaurant. santa clara county sheriff deputies say they spotted a stolen honda civic near the willow glenn neighborhood around 6:30 last night. the driver sped off leading deputies toward downtown. the stolen car lost control, swerving and crashing into an suv on santa clara street near third street. the passenger was arrested but the driver ran for the nearby --
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a k-9 was able to track his scent to the roof of the restaurant where he was taken into custody. the owner of the civic says he is grateful to get his car back. >> didn't have an expectation, but i had hope and i just thank my higher power that it turned out the way it did. >> the suspect were arres were for driving a stolen vehicle and evading officers. no one was hurt. 23-year-old johnny low zahn november arrested in connection with the killing of 19-year-old san jose student kimberly chico. she was in a car in downtown san jose saturday night when someone shot and kim herd. she was an innocent bystander who happened to be in the line of fire. they are still trying to figure out why the shots were fired in the first place. police say it had nothing to do with chico's friend,ol@o was driving the car. mountain view police have arrested three people in connection with a series of blind date robberies that happened earlier this year. three people were arrested
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yesterday, including one juvenile. police believe the men lured their victims into blind dates and using a supposed female online to make contact with the unsuspecting suitors. the victims were then told to bring cash and meet the woman at a mountain view apartment complex where the suspects allegedly robbed them. police say it's happened at least three times and investigation is continuing. acn@ summer vacation to ha turned deadly for a 41-year-old oakland man. police say sun vo disappeared wednesday afternoon while snorkeling in the waters near the can nah pale villas in maui, reported missing by friends and rescue crews launched an extensive search by both boat and air. crews recovered vo'si!)ñ body e yesterday morning. police say there are no signs of foul play. i guess we can say they are keeping hope alive. b.a.r.t. and union negotiators meeting again today trying to hash out that brand-new contract. the union says if considerable progress is not made some time today, it will then issue a
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48-hour strike notice, meaning workers could walk off the job again on monday morning. now, even if they do issue that strike, notice the governor always has the option to step in and order a 60-day cooling off period and that would keep the trains rolling into october and that would allow some extended negotiation time. of course, nbc bay area, we will be here for and you keep you update old all that's happening in the b.a.r.t. contract talks on air and online. you can do that at if there happens to be a strike on monday morning, we will be here for you. yes, indeed. we will be here a half-hour earlier, we will be on air starting at 4 a.m. san francisco's famous fog made for quite a trip to sfo last night for a virgin america flight. passengers aboard flight 353 were forced to make an unexpe unexpected stop in san jose after the plane almost ran out of fuel. the flight was bound for sfo but fog delays kept them from landing there and the plane
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didn't have enough fuel to circle so it was diverted to mineta san jose where the plane refueled and took off once again for sfo. it landed just after 11 last night. the own others of a redwood city apartment complex that caught fire last month now being taken to court for that incident, along with a brand-new set of claims. the hallmark house affordable housing complex caught fire on july 7th, displacing 97 people and some resident there is now filing suit against the owner of the complex, kdf hallmark lp for lost belongings. the company was also sued in march by two residents who claim they suffered carbon monoxide poison from a clogged wall heater. a judge will get an update on that case's progress some time later today. hundreds of students on the peninsula are taking tests in the middle of summer. no, these are not planned. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in millbrae with why the students are having to retaken a ap test. good morning, bob. >> reporter: well, because of a goof that happened last may when
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this test was administered here at mills high in mill brachl th mills high principal tell us that he is making sure that his staff this time around properly administers the advanced placement exam for english literature going on right now. within the fourth of the four-hour exam taking place. the representatives from the ap exam is overtesting this morning's retest as well. the.kb educational testingq s threw out test results of 286 mill high school students who took 11 ap exams, they took them in may. they threw these out after a student complained about the seating arrangement during that test that it didn't follow college board rules. the school points out they did have good intentions when they sat students the way they did and that there was no evidence of cheating. ever since there's been outcry from students and the district which has taken the ets and college board to court to force them to release and accept the may scores. student says it is not fair they
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are being punished for the administration's mistake. if they fail in court, the only courses is retaking the exams they spent hours for the first time around. >> may end up taking the english lit test so i can probably get out of the class. i work 40 hours a week and i play music, went to camp, so i've really only had a couple days to study. like my chance was to getting the score i need to get out of the class are zero. it is really disappointing that i put in all the time and effort this year around i don't get to see the results for it. >> we are hard-working, good students and this is -- this is not what we worked hard for. this is not what america stands for and is not what i have been learning my entire life. >> that's the reason you are not doing the retakes? >> yes. >> reporter: she is one of many students not retaking this morning's ap english literature exam. the principal tells us only about 35 to 40 students are doing the retest. that's only about a third to half the number that originally
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took this exam back in zghmay. reporting live here in millbrae, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. still to come, students set to head back to school in the next week or two. how thousands of them are now getting the help they need in the south bay. also tell you about why the campbell%) police department mit be importing a brand new look for its patrol car fleet. back in a matter of minutes. palo alto police recently reported the first tesla-on-tesla car crash. how do they do in crashes? we will find out in business and tech. cool start to the friday, temperatures in the 60s and 70s, big bay weekend. the forecast for everything happening armed here when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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get ready, a brand new look could soon be coming to the campbell police department along dkthe department plans to repla its aging fleet of patrol cars
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with the chevy caprice. we got to tell, the switch might take some time to get it done because chevrolet is only building the caprice over in australia. the department cruises around campbell, maybe you have seen them in the crown victorias but those are no longer being built by ford. >> if campbell police droves at the last they would certainly be safe in a crash. >> scott mcgrew, tesla getting five stars? >> a five-star safety rating from the u.s. government and the national highway traffic safety administration in three categories. 15 stars, really. okay. ready to see a bunch of expensive cars meet their end? here you go t first, a front-end crash and then a side crash and a rollover crash, all kinds of tests. this is the first time the government's actually tested the tesla s. you will recall yesterday, we showed you some offset crashes of small cars. that's actually a different group. the insurance institute for highway safety, that seems to be a tougher test, they haven't yet tested the tesla but theé÷ç
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government has. and there you go lots of cars meeting their untimely end. a san francisco internet millionaire will be arraigned this afternoon in county court acres kufsd atta, accused of attacking his girlfriend, accused of 46 felonies. the court complaint says one is assault with a lady weapon, a pillow, false imprisonment as well. we have phone calls in to the man's lawyer and we will be there for his arraignment this afternoon. back to you. >> thank you, scott. the list of candidates to lead the bay area's biggest iscy expected to grow today. so far, seven people have filed statements of intention to run for san jose mayor in the 2014 primary election. that includes current san jose city council members pete constant and vice mayor madison wynn, councilman sam lieu cardioand pg olivario map to file the statements by the end of the day. the deadline is february. big city to big money, us new details about the winners of the $448 million power ball
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jackpot. yes. two new jersey officials say 16 workers from this county garage in toms river purchased one of those three winning tickets. the magic tickets. they will share the lump sum of $58.3 million. that is after taxes. a nice grab there. yesterday, how about this guy, the winner in minnesota, he came forward, you got to love him, paul while. he says for years, his family did nothing but make fun of him for religiously playing the lottery. well, now paul's the one getting all the laughs and all the dough. the holder of the third ticket sold in new jersey has not come forward. thousands of students in the south bay getting much needed help as they get ready to head back to school. sacred heart community in san jose is handing out backpacks to kids in need. the backpacks are stuffed with $60 worth of school supplies, including notebooks, pencils, even a gift card for brand-new shoes. organizers say even though the economy is improving and more
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people are finding work, many families are still barely making ends meet. >> there is employment for people out there but most of them are underemployed at this time. i was talking with a mom that just was squeaking by after may be her rent. then that almost makes school supplies a luxury and that's the wrong message. so the community came together to make sure all the kids have the tools they need to start the school year right. >> well done, sacred heart. this dough this every year. families had to sign up earlier in the summer in orderrq get a backpack. this year, sacred heart is handing out more than 2400 packs. strike up the band, we are here we go. luna rosa taking on sweeped's artemis racing, competing in race number three of the best of seven series. luna rosa already in control. they have won the first two in this head-to-head battle. so, it now needs two more whips to advance to the finals to take on emirates new zealand.
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italy and sweden will race today and they will race again tomorrow. of course we got you covered on this one. if you love music, you're gonna love this weekend. first, in the south bay, san jose, the stleebts filled with the sounds of music. 294th annual jazz fest kicks off today it features performers from all branchesbay÷ of jazz, band, r & b to fusion. this year, a dozen indoor and outdoor venues, all within easy walking distance of each other. in san francisco, 200,000 people expected to converge on golden gate park for this weekend's outside lands
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festivalship. a big give three-day music festival kicks off today. a/; the headliner is paul mccartney. if you want to go you are strongly encouraged to take public transportation. >> mccartney very strong, putting down great music since the '60s this guy, i want to get whatever wheat test or flintstone vitamins he can taking. >> maybe you can get backstage. >> if i take you, i could. meteorologist christina loren music to our ears and eyes and skin as well? >> yeah, definitely is. we are getting that moisture we so love in the bay pair ya. yeah, it's friday, happy friday, everybody, 11:19, a live look at san francisco, mostly cloudy conditions here, let's get right to it this morning, a lot to go over, a lot happening in the bay
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area, head through the weekend, 67, livermore, 61, oakland. you're 61, san francisco, just a couple hours away from america's cup, right after the "days of our lives," like sand through the hourglass. it is starting to clear out of the bay area, an absolutely gorgeous day shaping up the second half of the day, knew those clouds are clear. next couple of hours, expecting partly cloudy conditions, 3 to 6, see sunshine. that sun goes down, 8:350. here is what we are talking about, orioles take october giant it is, you can catch that game at ñr7:15 on our sister station. going to be chilly thought, wind out of the west, 52 degrees, chilly for a ballgame, hopefully, see a big giants' win, something you may not know become the perseid meteor shower happens this weekend. saturday, not going to see too much. sunday into monday, get the best viewing, midnight to dawn, best
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viewing hours, 70-plus meteors per hour, the most vivid meteor shower all year long, you don't want tovrn$sráj it when we wake back here on monday, we will be taking a close look, hopefully getting some of those perseids on our sky cam. 78 in livermore, 70, freemont, here it is, guys, warmup i was promising you, 85, sunday, 86, monday. back to you. >> very good. sounds very galactic. >> very good i want to be there, check it out, my eyes to the sky. still to come, an u.n. expected dance, officer pulls over a man who starts shaking his groove thing and you know what, it's all caught on camera. >> get it going, pal.
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you mentioned the music festival, a lot on the city,,c t the other side of the bridge, a lot of traffic around this weekend, because the raiders will be playing their very first preseason ballgame. >> the silver and black take on the cowboys tonight at 7:00. the game is blacked out in the
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bay area, so you have to actually go to to see it with your own eyes. >> check it out. colin kaepernick, he looked good on his short time on the field last night in the first preseason game to the niner, led the team to a field goal in his lone drive. the backup not faring too well, turned the ball over four times. niners end up losing to the denver broncos, 10-6. do not sweat it the practice games are warmups, don't count. tomorrow, the team will hold the fan fest at candlestick park, from noon to four, parking is free. gates open up at 10 a.m. the giants get pitcher ryan vogelsong back tonight, set to rejoin the pitching rotation against the baltimore orioles. you can watch that game right here on nbc bay area. that's at 7:00. still to come, how about this, when off field sobriety test what do you do? you don't get nervous, you just come on fat, so he just bust a move, the kind of moves that couldn't keep him out of jail though.
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move, the kind of moves that
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move, the kind of moves that
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we finish up it is the weekend f you want to shake your things, several places, appropriate places, want to get down, a wedding, nightclub, nbc bay area newsroom. . we are do that all the time what about after being pulled over by police? this promises to make you smile. he was caught dancing during his field sobriety test. initially refused to stop, but then pulled over that's when the show began. gets better. with a much this. he performed field sobriety tests, took him into custody, this is not the funny part though. police say his blood alcohol content was .24, three times the legal limit. >> here he goes. >> nothing to joke aboutúg& the but i have never seen such a thing before. >> i was waiting for him to do a little river dance that would have been sexy. in his mind. >> he thought he was tearing it up. brought that sword to the dance floor. >> yes, and he made national headlines. congratulations, pal. >> thanks. join us tonight at 5:00. have a great weekend, everybody.
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